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Positive larlienda
(35 reviews)
On Nov 8, 2007, larlienda Strasburg, VA (Zone 6b) wrote:

I just received my order from Carroll Gardens and couldn't be more pleased. I ordered prior to seeing their rating and i'm glad i did. My luck could be because i am not that far away, regardless i received large healthy plants at a good price and inexpensive shipping.

thanks, lynda

Positive foofranay
(3 reviews)
On Jul 1, 2007, foofranay Birmingham, MI wrote:

I placed an order for two hybrid teas on July 25th. They arrived July 28th in a huge box, very nicely packaged. The plants are gorgeous too! A nice older plants with thick stems and roots. There is no sign of any problem with them at all.

I was surprised though to have this box on my front porch... I never got a shipping email or ETD. I had to quickly tear out a shrub to get the plants in.. but I'm not really complaining -

I have ordered roses from Chamblee's also and THEY had sent puney little things that I have had to baby all summer.. then two of them are not going to make it... I will defiantly be buying from Carroll Gardens if I need more roses!

Positive Fredericksburg
(3 reviews)
On May 27, 2007, Fredericksburg Fredericksburg, VA wrote:

I ordered a double bloodroot from Carroll Gardens in the middle of May. After visiting their place - which was fairly rundown, but crammed full of amazing plants - and reading these posts, I was a little apprehensive, especially when the bloodroot didn't arrive quickly. But I'm happy to report that it showed up last Thursday, about two weeks after I placed the order, beautifully packaged in an enormous box stuffed with shredded newspaper, the plant itself wrapped with white paper and a hand-written tag. While I was at the nursery, I picked up some gorgeous dark purple nicotiana as well as some wild ginger, epimedium and rhododendron, all of which look happy and healthy. I continue to love their newsletter and will happily try them again by mail.

Positive kkirschbaum
(27 reviews)
On Aug 18, 2006, kkirschbaum Yonkers, NY (Zone 6b) wrote:

I recently ordered a caryopteris x clandonensis 'First Choice' and a polygonum aubertii (silver lace) vine. These weren't shipped until last week, when the recent heat wave had subsided. I was very pleased when the plants arrived. They were very well packed and appeared not to have suffered any damage in transit. I was really happy at how large the caropteris was. It is a full size plant, and it came complete with buds that have since begun to open. I held off posting here, though, because the accompanying vine looked a bit iffy. 3 out of 4 of its growing tips were browned, and its leaves were droopy. However, I knew this plant is supposed to be tough as nails, and two weeks later I am pleased to note that it has new side shoots. The tip that was not browned is actually in flower already. While it hasn't yet covered the unsighlty chain link fence it's supposed to camouflage, I feel confident that it eventually should live up to its reputation given what I feared was an unpromising start. All in all, I would rate Carroll Gardens (which is also the name of my Brooklyn neighborhood) an A, and I will likely order from them again.

Positive hobonat
(1 review)
On Jul 9, 2006, hobonat Ocean, NJ (Zone 7a) wrote:

I have been ordering from Carroll Gardens for several years. While shipping times and customer service has been spotty, the quality and variety of plants offered is unmatched at any other mail order company. This spring I ordered Apricot Sparkles daylilies from two companies. One sent tiny bareroot plants that failed to grow. Carroll Gardens sent HUGE clumps that bloomed in weeks and could have been divided right away for even more plants.

Positive carolrees
(28 reviews)
On Jun 4, 2006, carolrees Arlington, VA (Zone 7a) wrote:

I ordered 0n 3/15/06 2 Goldflame Honeysuckles and on 4/3/06 1 Forever & Ever Double Pink Hydrangea which they had on sale. All arrived in great condition and were large with lots of follage. I have ordered in the past from Carroll Gardens and never had a problem with them. I will say that sometimes they don't ship that quickly. However, the items always arrived in good condition and were large with lots of follage. I would definitely order from them again.

On June 9th, 2006, carolrees added the following:

On 6/8/06 I just received 2 John Clayton Honeysuckles that I had ordered previously. They were huge - around 3 feet high - well leaved and with a large dirt mound. I am very pleased with them.
Positive rsmallen
(7 reviews)
On May 18, 2006, rsmallen Northampton, PA wrote:

I ordered from Carroll Gardens several years ago and was delighted. After Hortico let me down on the rose order I turned to Spring Valley and Carroll Gardens.

I placed my order May 15. Asked when they would arrive hoping it would be soon so my landscapers would work not sit. They told me it would be two or three weeks till they shipped. I whined a bit but realized with the lateness of the season and the order date I could scarcely expect more.

Today I read the reviews on here, was surprised and more than a bit nervous and jerky. A few moments ago (May 18) UPS arrived with a giant box. From Carroll Gardens.

All 5 of my ordered roses are in it. All are hefty, healthy beefy root systems with plenty of hefty branches. All of them are leafing out and have new growth. A few tender tips are bent/broken from shipping but the condition of the plants overall is EXCELLENT (and I am picky...oh so picky).

Would i order from Carroll Gardens again? Absolutely!

Positive Leeway
(1 review)
On Jan 7, 2006, Leeway Mequon, WI wrote:

My first experience with Carroll Gardens was very positive. I ordered double knockout roses and 'yes' they did come very late. That was understandable due to the soggy wet spring and cold weather we were having. When they finally arrived in sweltering heat, the box was clearly marked "delivered to wrong address" and the plants were close to dead. I called and told them I was soaking them in water but I had little hope. Carroll Gardens told me to plant them and if they did not leaf out to call back. I did call back and they replaced the ones that died with beautiful fresh stock at no charge. I will be happy to deal with them again.

Positive 75751
(40 reviews)
On Mar 31, 2005, 75751 Fort Mill, SC (Zone 7b) wrote:

I ordered two roses from Carroll Gardens. However, the
company sent the wrong order. I contacted the company
and within 2 days the correct order was at my front door.
My roses look great and I am looking forward to planting
them. I appreciate the manner in which Carroll Gardens handled this
problem. I would order again with this company.


On May 15th, 2005, 75751 added the following:

I placed a second order for 1 blushing knockout and
receieved it this past week. It was at my front door withiin
a week that I ordered the rose. It is healthy and has some leafing out on the rose when it was received.
Positive flowerfields
(1 review)
On Mar 18, 2005, flowerfields Ithaca, NY wrote:

I ordered Endless Summer Hydrangeas from Carroll Gardens a couple of years ago. They were healthy, hardy, and have performed exactly as Carroll Gardens said they would. I've also ordered roses from this nursery with excellent results. I would certainly recommend Carroll Gardens for the types of plants I've ordered.

Positive flower_fairy
(8 reviews)
On Jan 17, 2005, flower_fairy North Reading, MA wrote:

I ordered three Endless Summer Hydrangeas in spring 2004. My phone experience was pleasant, the plants arrived promptly, looking great, and have settled in nicely!

Positive lmelling
(13 reviews)
On Nov 20, 2004, lmelling Ithaca, NY (Zone 5b) wrote:

I purchased 2 hydrangea from Carroll Gardens in fall 2002. Both came on time and were healthy but quite small. The All Summer Beauty hydrangea (zone 4) did not bloom in 2003, which was disappointing, but was fantastic in 2004. The Glowing Embers hydrangea (zone 5) had one tiny bloom on it when it arrived and was planted. That's the last I've seen of blooms from that one. Why it failed to grow well must be our winters as opposed to anything Carroll gardens did, however, I wish they had suggested that perhaps that particular hydrangea might have been marginal in our area.

Although I'm giving them a positive rating, I've found another hydrangea grower that I like much better because he provides advice if he feels one will be marginal for me.

Positive amys
(3 reviews)
On May 27, 2004, amys Lincoln, RI wrote:

I sent an Endless Summer hydrangea to my mom for Mother's Day. She reports that it already has lots of buds--more than mine does, which I paid more for, and bought locally at a terrific nursery. The plant is apparently thriving, and shipping time was reasonable. The plant arrived in good shape, accompanied by extensive planting and care instructions.

Positive jonmd
(1 review)
On Jul 29, 2003, jonmd wrote:

I've had very good experiences with this nursery. I recently ordered some Endless Summer hydrangea and the plants are beatiful.

Their website has a phenomenal selection on it and that plus my good experiences are the reason they are the first nursery I think of whenever I'm looking for something new to add to my garden or yard.

They also have a free newsletter you can sign up for which is INCREDIBLE! If nothing else go check out the site and sign up for the free newsletter!

Positive kdpoorvin
(1 review)
On Mar 17, 2003, kdpoorvin wrote:

I had been ordering from Caroll Gardens for over 15 years with no complaints. Then, about 5 years ago, I began experiencing continual problems. The most annoying one was that plants were not shipped at the requested time, but much later. In 2000, I requested a mid-April delivery date, but by mid-June I still had not received my plants. When I called the nursery, I was assured that they would be shipped "shortly". After waiting in vain for 2 more weeks, I finally called back and cancelled my order in frustration. I had somewhat better luck the following 2 years, but only after stating emphatically on the order form that if the order could not be shipped when requested, it should be cancelled. The orders were still late. Another problem was that many requested items were out of stock. When items WERE sent, they were often the wrong ones. A 'White-on-White' liriope was all green. A scarlet oak turned out to be a red oak. Instead of a 'Fireworks' oenothera I received a 'Fireworks' goldenrod. I don't ever plan to order from this nursery again.

On April 20th, 2004, kdpoorvin changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Meanwhile, a year later. After receiving very useful, informative email newsletters from Carroll Gardens over the past year, I decided to try ordering from them again after all, hoping they'd 'gotten their act together'. I'm very pleased to report that they apparently have. Either that, or new people are running the show.I ordered a 'Blushing Knockout' shrub rose (a hot new rose)on April 10th and received the plant a week later! Three hostas I ordered were likewise received in a very timely fashion. Granted, the hostas were a little on the small size, but were in decent shape and well wrapped for shipping. So I plan to proceed with 'cautious optimism' on future orders.
Positive judyk
(3 reviews)
On May 1, 2002, judyk W Hartford, CT wrote:

I have ordered by mail and by will-call from this nursery. Both are satisfactory. Catalog costs $3 (refunded with your order) and isn't published every year, but it in itself is a resource, with definitive descriptions of the plants and their preferences. Perennials lead in the catalog, with woodies, vines, roses, etc. respectably represented. Excellent selection! Few photos (you'll have to rely on books, other catalogs, and of course, the descriptions). I have had good luck with the plants that I have gotten from them. Bare-root shipments have taken well, but I really prefer the will-call method since you can specify getting them in pots.

Positive jrkulak
(1 review)
On Jul 1, 2000, jrkulak wrote:

My experience with this firm has been limited but positive. My reliance on their catalog is absolute! The information is complete and fairly candid for a vendor. When looking at other catalogs, I always refer back to Carroll Gardens' catalog for size, spacing, soil and light requirements, etc. The bare-root orders I've received have done well -- in one case, a bare-root Goldflame honeysuckle had, by the end of the season, outgrown a container-grown one purchased at local nursery and planted five weeks earlier. One year I placed a clematis order in February but had failed to indicate an arrival date, expecting April delivery. When I called in June to inquire why I hadn't yet received the plants, I was told that absence of a requested date meant that they would ship when they had a chance. June/July is just too late for bare-root clematis planting in Connecticut where I live, so I cancelled. This year I placed a will-call (containerized) order because I was visiting in Maryland and now, four months later, I am still pleased with the shrubs from that purchase.

Positive lynndouglas
(8 reviews)
On Feb 1, 2000, lynndouglas wrote:

I first ordered from them about 15 years ago and was very pleased. If I recall, I believe I ordered Astilbes. They were huge and in great condition. Since then, I have moved several times and always started a new garden. Over the years the plant sizes have shrunk and they have always had back-order problems. I still find them to be a reliable source of the unusual.

Positive tomyoke
(1 review)
On Feb 1, 1997, tomyoke wrote:

I have placed good sized orders($100 to $200) with Carroll Gardens every year for the past 6 or so. My reasons are those given by previous writers. Wide selection, good descriptions, and good prices. On the whole I have been pleased. The plants have been healthy without exception, and reasonably large. I have received mislabeled plants on a couple of occasions, and back ordered plants have been disagreeably common. The problem there is that Carroll Gardens' inventory is still not computerized, so that the person taking the order does not know what is in stock. I have gotten in the habit of asking the order taker to either go check the inventory, or give me a call back if the plants are out of stock. This has worked pretty well.Recently, I have ordered a good many roses (maybe 30), and have been particularly pleased with these bare root plants. The roses are the heaviest I have received from any source, and have always done well. Though Carroll Gardens is not perfect by any means, their wide selection and decent prices bring me back year after year.

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