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Neutral Hobbyplanter
(3 reviews)
On Jul 5, 2018, Hobbyplanter Kendall, WA wrote:

I have some plants that are doing well and others not so well.
They need to pay closer attention to how they graft trees, I am seeing trees that are grafted crooked or off to the side, these will forever need to be braced or supported. Trees should be grafted through the center of the root stock and perfectly vertical.
I also notice they are removing or censoring reviews of their products, they request customer feedback but they do not want honest negative feedback, even my good reviews are not kept. My questions get deleted too.

A little honesty in their advertisements wouldn't hurt either, they say will fruit first year or whatever but these trees (particularly those with heavy fruit) will not be able to bear the weight of any fruit for at least 2-3 years after planting, they arrive with little or no heavy branches. They do not bother to mention this fact, for naive customers this is an important point to make known.
Do not trust their assertions of tree size, the diameter is actually supposed to be measured 2-3 feet above the base of the tree, not at the base of the graft. They are not the only ones who use this method but it is incorrect.
They are prioritizing height over cane size.

On Jul 5, 2018, Fast Growing Trees (formerly Empress Tree Nurseries, Paulownia Supply & responded with:

"On Jul 6, 2018 7:39 AM, Fast-Growing-Trees (formerly Empress Tree Nurseries, Paulownia Supply & responded with:

Hi Hobbyplanter-

Thank you so much for the feedback. We are sorry to hear that some of your plants are not doing well. If you could email our customer care manager Jackie at [email protected] she will be able to review your order and try to help get any issues you are having resolved. Reviews are not removed but are monitored by a third party to ensure there is no information in the review that is personal of the customers. Please let our manager know as well if you are missing a review so we can get that resolved as well.

It is never our intention to deceive our customers with our advertisements and we appreciate your suggestions and they will be passed along to our marketing team. Please reach out to Jackie so she can help get all of your concerns addressed and hopefully turn around your experience with us.

Neutral meixue
(4 reviews)
On Jul 8, 2014, meixue Alameda, CA wrote:

Posted on June 13, 2014, updated July 8, 2014
I ordered 3 plants on June 8th. I received two of the trees today June 13, Friday.

I'm a bit dissapointed in the sizes of the plants that I received.

1) The miracle fruit is in a 3 gallon pot and only 23 inches tall. Not very bushy, It was on sale for $50. However still, I thought the plant should have been bushier and more well established at the hefty $50 price tag. If I had paid the original $100 (99.95) price for this plant then I would be irate!

2) Camelia Sinensis (tea plant) in 1 gallon pot: I paid $27.48 for this plant. This tree arrived sickly and is a horrible shape. It is bent to the left on a crooked stem. It is very sparse and not full at all. It is 17 inches tall. If I had paid the original $54.95 for this plant I would again be very very upset.

3) I am still awating the arrival of the Hardy Chicago fig tree from them. I am expecting the worst already based on my current experience with the two plants that I have already received.

June 13: I contacted the seller through their website today and am awaiting their response.

I am hoping for an appropriate resolution to the poor quality and size of these plants. I will see if i can attach a picture of the Camelia Sinensis (tea tree) for this posting but it doesn't look like that is an option. If anyone wants to see a picture of the plant I received email me and I'll send it to you.

On July 8th, 2014, meixue changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I did receive an email as well as a call from someone at FGT's after I emailed them with my concerns.

- The company was willing to rectify the situation immediately. I appreciated that someone actually called me to follow up on the issue. Although I did not call them back they still immediately followed up with a resolution email.

I requested that they follow up with their Nursery staff to assure that the issues I encountered are mitigated in the future by other buyers/customers.

On Jul 8, 2014, Fast Growing Trees (formerly Empress Tree Nurseries, Paulownia Supply & responded with:

"On Jul 1, 2014 9:51 AM, Empress Tree Nurseries (aka Fast Growing Trees, Paulownia Supply & responded with:

The customer service manager reached out to the customer in reference to her concerns regarding her order. We believe we came to a fair resolution with the customer in regards to her concerns and the customer seems satisfied and appreciative of our actions. "

Neutral CAGirl
(1 review)
On Jun 17, 2013, CAGirl Novato, CA wrote:

Posted on April 29, 2013, updated June 17, 2013
I placed an order as a Memorial Gift and received email confirmation that the tree was shipped last Monday. Checking with the recipient, the tree was not received. I emailed twice and called several times but no one would respond. This morning I finally got through to someone who now informs me that the tree I want is on backorder and they have NO IDEA when it will be available! REALLY??!!! No one could call or email me to let me know this? On top of it all, I then contacted Brighter Blooms and they DO have the trees (not 4' but still) and would ship it out asap. I asked, specifically, if this company was related in any way to "Fast Growing" and was told NO. So.... I have cancelled that order as well. A LIE ON TOP OF HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Do Not order anything from this company unless you are prepared to stay on top of them and micro-manage your order. Even then, it does not seem that you will receiv a truthful answer.

On June 17th, 2013, CAGirl changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

The company has contacted me regarding their poor customer service and have provided me with a refund. This did not alleviate my wasted time but they get points for following up, at last.
Neutral TreeScam
(1 review)
On Dec 20, 2010, TreeScam Prospect Heights, IL wrote:

Posted on December 19, 2010, updated December 20, 2010
Posted on December 17, 2010, updated December 19, 2010
Sorry to say, but the websites and the company run by the Zboch family:

among others are fraud. They do totally false advertising (they promise a tree 5 feet tall and you get a 2 feet branch etc.). They are the most dishonest company I've ever dealt with; if you have a complaint they just ignore it and continue scamming other unsuspected customers at the same time.

I've described my whole experience here: // My first goal is to get my money back; but if I don't I will have to move heavens to make sure this company is closed down.

On December 19th, 2010, TreeScam added the following:

The link below appears not to work, here it is again:
On December 20th, 2010, TreeScam changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Update: On Dec 20 the merchant has issued a 75% credit in the amount of $2,529.75 as described in their TOS (rating changed from Negative to Neutral). For now we still lost 25% of the paid amount + the shipment cost to return the plants but that's what one can expect when something doesn't go as one could have expected when buying trees online.

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