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Positive ChrisAndBeth
(1 review)
On Apr 9, 2021, ChrisAndBeth Jenks, OK wrote:

We really can't say enough good about this company. We have ordered roses online from several different places as our hobby has grown due to the pandemic. Of these orders, we purchased several of them from Jackson and Perkins in the fall, and a few did not make it through the Oklahoma winter.

Their customer service was top notch, and they got us very healthy replacements in the mail right away. We are so happy with our experience. Out of all the rose sellers we have worked with, they offered the best experience in both customer service, and healthy plants.

Positive chrisv20
(1 review)
On Oct 11, 2019, chrisv20 Hesperia, CA wrote:

I was a little apprehensive about ordering roses through jackson and perkins due to all the negative reviews I've read about them. I'm not really sure if most of the reviews are fake or not however I am happy to report that the 2 floribunda roses I ordered arrived healthy and well packaged after 7 days in transit. Thank you guys!

On Oct 11, 2019, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Oct 14, 2019 9:35 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

We appreciate you taking the time to let us know how pleased you are with your order/product. Thank you! Your opinion is valued and we, of course, welcome feedback. It's customers like you who act as a reminder of why we do what we do and the importance of supplying only top-quality products as well as to offer the best service possible. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Angela Davenport
Retail Communications Supervisor
J&P Park Acquisitions, Inc.
Park Seed, Wayside Gardens, Jackson & Perkins
[email protected]

Positive mkelley
(1 review)
On Sep 29, 2019, mkelley Berwyn Heights, MD (Zone 7a) wrote:

Ordered 2 types of potted roses in 2 qt containers: 'Sun Sprinkles' Miniature Rose and 'Hot Tamale' Miniature Rose. Order was received 5 days later. Plants were packedt very well and are very healthy. Foliage is about 12" tall, well pruned, with some blooms showing. Pleased enough that I've placed another order for additional plants.

On Sep 29, 2019, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Sep 30, 2019 10:07 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

We appreciate you taking the time to post on Dave’s Garden about how pleased you are with your order/product. Thank you! Your opinion is valued and we, of course, welcome feedback. It's customers like you who act as a reminder of why we do what we do and the importance of supplying only top quality products as well as to offer the best service possible. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]"

Positive Superteeth
(1 review)
On Mar 28, 2019, Superteeth Elgin, TX wrote:

Posted on March 25, 2019, updated March 28, 2019
I ordered 10 bare-root roses from Jackson and Perkins on in the second week of March 2019. I received them on March 21st, 2019.

I sent an e-mail to them as follows the day after receipt, being unsure of the quality of the plants I received:

"Hello. I have never ordered bare-root roses from Jackson and Perkins before, and I expected all the bare-root roses to be Grade 1 roses. I only had 3 that I would consider Grade 1 roses. The other 7 were weak, with thin canes and a small root system (of which three of them had broken main roots). I would not be surprised if these roses died, even with proper care. I expected more from Jackson and Perkins. Why did I receive 7 weak plants and only 3 Grade 1 plants? I paid a lot of money on these roses, and expected better. Please advise. Thanks."

No response.

I sent another e-mail to them today, early in the day, as follows:

"Hello. I am contacting you again regarding the order number referenced. I received no response regarding my disappointment with this order. Not to mention that the bare-root roses were already breaking dormancy when I received them, and I know it's not a good idea to buy bare-root roses that are breaking dormancy before they should. It's poor customer service if no one responds to my concerns regarding this order."

As mentioned in the second e-mail, most of the bare-root roses were already breaking dormancy in the box when I received them. That's a huge no-no for buying bare-root roses. I'm not really sure why, but that's what I've read on a lot of gardening sites.

Still no response. I spent nearly $250 for these roses. It's ridiculous that I can't even get a response from Jackson and Perkins regarding my concerns. This isn't even poor customer service, it's a complete LACK of customer service. I really should have listened to all the bad reviews here. Don't make my mistake, there's a reason that there are so many bad reviews here.

On March 28th, 2019, Superteeth changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

So I got in touch with Angela Davenport from Jackson and Perkins, and she did right by me by issuing a merchandise credit for the roses I thought weren't going to survive. She also addressed my issues promptly, and explained that Jackson and Perkins has a high volume of orders and other things to deal with during Spring, which explains the slow response time. I appreciate the way that she handled my issue.
On Mar 28, 2019, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Mar 25, 2019 6:08 PM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

Please accept our apology, during the peak of Spring season our emails do get many days behind due to the sheer volume we receive on a daily bases, it is best to always call for those important issues. I would like to assist in bringing a solution to your issues. Please email me your name, address, and order number so that I may help you with this situation. Please mention this post in your email.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]"

Positive sojoyful
(5 reviews)
On Oct 23, 2018, sojoyful Merrimack, NH wrote:

On October 14, I ordered a climbing rose and a hosta as part of a clearance sale. They arrived in the afternoon on October 19 in excellent condition. I planted them on October 20 and they are doing fine three days later, despite cold nights. I live in Zone 5B New Hampshire. Very happy with this transaction.

Positive dacoitdan
(11 reviews)
On Apr 26, 2018, dacoitdan Lanexa, VA wrote:

My first time ordering from this company. I ordered a bareroot "Zephirine Drouhin" climbing rose and some "Karma" dahlias. I was delightfully surprised when they shipped the rose ahead of time so I could get it in the ground for increased root development before the hot weather shows up. The rose was a very healthy specimen that had been packed well. A month and a half later they sent the dahlias. No extra shipping charges. I wish all mail order plant vendors did things this way. The rose is flourishing with about eight inches of new growth and the dahlia tubers were the first to break ground of all the ones I planted from several different vendors. I will order from them again.

Positive diat0mshells
(2 reviews)
On Jun 30, 2017, diat0mshells Portland, OR wrote:

This was my first year ordering from this company. I am new to mail order companies. I have ordered from quite a few now and have had some negative and some positive experiences. This company has been positive so far. I had ordered a bareroot rose from Jackson and Perkins near the end of the season in May, and earlier in the season, I had ordered a container rose that was on sale at the time. Only 10 dollars! The container rose was small but I was already expecting that. It was small but perfectly healthy besides a few yellow leaves from shipping that have since turned green again. It is now growing really well. The bareroot rose arrived with many buds, and while the canes looked purple and brown initially, they have since changed to green and the buds have leafed out with shiney green leaves and are very healthy looking. They also sent me a free bareroot rose that I wasn't expecting, but was pleasantly surprised because it went well with the color scheme of my garden. Nicely done! The free rose is already putting out a small rose bud and has only been potted up for a month! I will be ordering more roses for fall planting and hope all will be just as well and good as my first experience has. I am surprised at all the negative reviews, but have again, had myself a positive one and so will continue to purchase from them.

Positive bluebuster77
(26 reviews)
On May 10, 2017, bluebuster77 Belmont, CA wrote:

Posted on February 27, 2015, updated May 10, 2017
Posted on December 30, 2014, updated February 27, 2015
Posted on March 17, 2014, updated December 30, 2014
Posted on January 7, 2014, updated March 17, 2014
Posted on June 11, 2013, updated January 7, 2014
Posted on May 6, 2013, updated June 10, 2013
Posted on April 3, 2013, updated May 6, 2013
Posted on March 27, 2013, updated April 3, 2013
Posted on March 17, 2013, updated March 27, 2013
Posted on February 4, 2013, updated March 17, 2013
Posted on January 29, 2013, updated February 4, 2013
I'm not regret or very happy. Thanks for all the truth and honest feedbacks, but I'm kind of person who believe if I see it. Now what I saw... it is SMALL :( low grade bare root roses that you purchase from Lowe's and Home Depot will be laugh-out-loud, because new J&P roses are super small (I saw one comment said "world smallest roses ever") CORRECT! They mentioned that their roses are one year old bare roots but prices are not so cheap. I even confused with larger own root roses or low grade canadian bare roots, don't expect fat plump grated union on them. Just few sticks pop up over root stock. Overall very small BABY bare root roses. I love J&P roses bread by Zary and Warriner, so add them as collection. Hope I get luck in this purchase and pray for my bare root roses are leaves out and bloom. GOD help me!!! However I do like the shipping, first bare root roses order arrived in this season except local purchased. Good enough communication, roses are properly labeled, packaged, moisten and I like the roots better than canes.

On February 4th, 2013, bluebuster77 changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

Found dead canes with brown center from one good looking rose they shipped. Center was mushy and can squeeze between two fingers. Prune and removed those canes, smallest bare roots bacame XXXS bare roots. Never again!
On March 17th, 2013, bluebuster77 added the following:

Growths are slowly and weakly. I don't think those bare roots are top quality at all. I rather loose my money for what I purchsed rather than complaint and getting store credit to buy again next year, never ending drama. They don't afraid to loose good customer by just doing one time deal, so why not remove this bad company from my supplier list.
On March 27th, 2013, bluebuster77 added the following:

Do not order from them. Really! bare roots are still in same condtion with unmature leaves showing crisp and dried. Spent alot of effort o caring their small tiny bare roots while others are lush and ready to bloom. Super disappointed, if you order from them you will have same feeling as I described.
On April 3rd, 2013, bluebuster77 added the following:

All three J&P roses are surely die with brown canes, only 10% green color on entire bare root while others bushes are ready to bloom. Big No No!
On May 6th, 2013, bluebuster77 added the following:

People willing to buy from them again and again, this company will love to accept your donation. Other gardeners, I advice you that DON'T TRY buying from this company, so let this company bankrupt agan and leave from this business. They ignore all report and complaint regarding of their dead roses. How can I tell this company is professional?
On June 10th, 2013, bluebuster77 added the following:

Hmm I will never gave up my extended negative feedback to this lier. No response my email regarding of their useless low quality die roses. I knew there is no guarantee on refund anyway. I will keep sending this hate message to all gardeners to avoid this company. No regret!
On January 7th, 2014, bluebuster77 added the following:

Don't even think about to purchase any plants or garden supply from this NEW J&P. You will receive partially dead plants and prepare funeral for you lovely plants and roses. Do not confused with beautiful advertisement with huge colorful roses, your dream will be over short period of time. Rather support local nursery and purchase from trusted gardens. I don't want you to loose your money!
On March 17th, 2014, bluebuster77 added the following:

Conclusion is DO NOT BUY roses from new Jackson and Perkins. Not only roses are poor quality but also people who doing this business are low quality as well. Dishonest and no refund for their garbage roses.
On December 30th, 2014, bluebuster77 added the following:

Some people bought roses from this company last 5-10 years ago and still think positive about their current quality. Keep update yourself, everything is changed. If you believe still want to buy from them, this company will thanks you for selling you dead roses.
On February 27th, 2015, bluebuster77 added the following:

Nah.. unless people give them positive feedbacks higher than negative, I will trust this company. Not talk about quality of their garbage roses, just mention about no refund nor replace for all my roses died within a month. This is the way they make money...Shame!!!! I will never dealing with company not follow good business practice.
On May 10th, 2017, bluebuster77 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I cannot believe myself giving positive feedback to Jackson and Perkins. Once I ordered in 2013 all 4 roses from my order are dead and hate to buy from them again, never ever. We are in California still can find some J&P varieties from retail growers, however, I want to try buying some J&P exclusive roses, their prices are reasonable and offered generous discount. This year I ordered one after another total of 4 orders, came out great result. All 4 orders shipped within few days and received within 10 days. Properly package, no broken canes, brown or dry out. Overall Quality of bareroot is healthy and excellent, one or two from my 4 orders are not top notch but leaves out and rooted. I'm happy with all my orders and exciting for their huge improvement.
On May 10, 2017, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Mar 3, 2015 10:56 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

We have reviewed your posting on Dave's Garden Watchdog website. We want to resolve the problem but are unable to locate your order with the partial email address provided by the site. Please forward your order number or complete billing address (including zip code), and any other pertinent information to assist you. We want to help.

Angela D
Park Seed Sale Associate
[email protected]"

Positive b_schr
(12 reviews)
On Apr 28, 2017, b_schr Wayne, NE (Zone 4b) wrote:

I have been ordering from J & P for many many years. I knew they had been purchased/merged with Wayside Gardens when I ordered this year. I also knew Wayside Gardens had some problems reported here in watch dog. I see also here that Jackson & Perkins has gotten a lot of negative reviews. But I decided based on past experience that I'd order anyway. I received a very good, well packed Denver's Dream. Very well bushed and vigorous.

Positive friedaflute
(2 reviews)
On Apr 18, 2017, friedaflute Bellevue, WA wrote:

My overall experience with Jackson and Perkins is very positive. There roses are generally very healthy. Their customer service are very responsive and easy to deal with. I was able to get replacement quickly. Great company!

I live in Zone 8, Seattle area. General note is to order roses in March and early April (in Zone 8) to ensure the bare root roses are in the best condition. Water and organic fertilizer are bare root roses' best friend.

In March 2016, I ordered 6 John F Kennedy bare root roses and 6 St. Patrick bare root roses from Jackson and Perkins. From order to delivery, it took about 2 weeks. They usually ship roses in the beginning of the week so that the roses will not sit in a UPS warehouse for too long. When the roses arrived, most were very healthy. A few of them had white mold, therefore, I called customer service and they replaced the moldy roses immediately.

Before planting the roses, I soaked them in water with epsom salt and vitamin B for ~12 hrs. Immediately before planting, I used a sharp pair of clean garden shears to trim ~0.5 inches off the roots. I amended the soil with blood meal, bone meal, alfalfa meal, cotton seed meal, steer manure, banana peels, a small amount of epsom salt, and a sprinkle of rooting hormone. After planting, I deeply watered the roses for an hour with soaker hoses.

Subsequently, I water the roses deeply every 3 days with soaker hoses for a month. The roses started to have healthy green leaves in 3-4 weeks. About 1.5 months after planting when true leaves are in abundance, I applied slow releasing organic fertilizer. At this point, I water only when necessary (~once a week, deeply with soaker hose for an hour). Additionally, I applied liquid fertilizer every other week during peak growing season.

My roses did great and I got beautiful flowers during the first summer. In late August, I stopped fertilizing and by September, I left the roses alone for the fall and winter.

This Feb 2017, I trimmed my roses and fertilized them when there were an abundance of true leaves. The roses are all healthy and strong. I am expecting some fantastic blooms this year!

Additionally, I ordered >20 roses for to start another rose garden this year (2017).

On a side note, I took a chance and bought 16 tree roses on clearance in late May 2016. Due to the fact that it was way too late in the season for bare root roses, only 8 of them sprouted green leaves. I called customer service within 2 months of the order and got refunded for the 8 dead roses. The 8 surviving tree roses are doing fine this year, although not as healthy as the ones I ordered in early spring.

Positive RebeccaLynn
(22 reviews)
On Apr 6, 2017, RebeccaLynn Winston Salem, NC (Zone 7a) wrote:

Last week I placed my first order with Jackson & Perkins. I ordered three bareroot Walking on Sunshine floribunda roses. Earlier his week I received an email that my plants had shipped, and today I received them. The roots of each plant were wrapped with damp brown paper with plastic wrap holding everything in place. The plants look fine. I will keep them damp and plant them day after tomorrow, following the instructions sent.

Positive alittlet
(2 reviews)
On Mar 14, 2017, alittlet Hyattsville, MD wrote:

Posted on January 11, 2011, updated March 14, 2017
I'm having a hard time understanding all the negative reviews - I've been a customer of J&P forever and never had a bad experience. I've ordered upwards of 50 roses from them (and I do recommend their roses; that's what they specialize in - I've only ordered a few of their other plants) and when I get a bad one, they replace it and usually quite quickly. Yes, sometimes they are out of stock and sometimes, if you want that specific rose it can't be replace until the following year. It happens - it's not their fault; usually if you order at the beginning of the season you'll have no problems. You do need to follow their directions though - the times I have had problems with roses I've ordered I can usually point to something I've done (not planting quickly enough, not planting according to the directions, planting too late in the season etc etc). When that hasn't been the case; I call and explain, they are sympathetic and replace. I have never, not once - had an unsatisfactory response from customer service.

In fact, I would argue that customer service has always been their strong point, at least with respect to my experience. The few times I've branched out to other mail order catalogs I've been burned - I'm going back to ordering solely from J&P this year.

Also, remember that they have distinct seasons so their roses aren't available year round. You must pay attention to those dates and once ordering is open, if you really want something, order it then as they can and do run out of really popular roses.

I guess what I would say is - bottom line you're talking about plants. I know some companies say "100% growth guaranteed" and all that - but let's face it, these are living things. Sometimes some plants don't grow, or are damaged or diseased. It could happen in shipping, it could be something you did or it could've been a weak plant from day one. I don't mind getting a dud here and there so long as a company is responsive and J&P has always been responsive. I also appreciate (now having dealt with other companies) their shipping materials. Large boxes, expertly packed. It makes a difference.

On March 14th, 2017, alittlet added the following:

I've previously shared a positive review, and i just wanted to update it and continue to report that I have positive experiences with them. Yes, they have gone through a bit of a rough spot, but I do feel like they are coming back. I recently moved (someone else will now enjoy my old 50+ bush rose garden, sigh) and decided I wanted to restart my rose gardening at the new place. Ordered several bushes; got an email that bad conditions meant a delay in my order. Understood, this year is a wacky weather year. When it dragged on longer than I wanted, I called customer service and inquire as to status. I begged her to split apart my order - container roses (the source of the delay) could wait but the bareroots need to get into the ground, and she agreed, no argument. Super easy, super helpful, now those roses will be expedited and the rest will come when they come. I think there are a few challenges with some of the negative reviews. First, not everyone understands what a bareroot rose looks like when it arrives. Not pretty. They still grow, 90% of the time. When they don't, if you know what you're doing, you can tell pretty quick. Whenever I've called, I've had no problems getting replacements because I don't wait longer than 90 days. Either they thrive or they don't, but if you're not familiar with bareroots, don't order them (although inevitably they WILL be healthier in the long run than the container plants). Containers are a bit of a different story, it can take longer to determine whether it will thrive. But at the end of the day, it's a plant. I'm a great rose gardener, but I'm a serial orchid murderer, even when I do EVERYTHING according to the book. Gardening is NOT a sure thing. Sometimes plants don't grow despite your best efforts. Sometimes they grow even when you've NOT given it your best effort (I have an orange tree I've treated hideously and yet it still grows....I don't know why). Give J&P a try, I really do think they are still the best out there in terms of mail service roses.
Positive rossbynum
(1 review)
On Mar 1, 2017, rossbynum Houston, TX wrote:

Last year I ordered 5 bareroot roses from Jackson & Perkins. They were ordered a little late for Houston, but once in the ground, all 5 quickly took off. One seemed a little puny, but this year it's going 100%. These 5 roses were also some of the most successful in my garden. I also had an interaction with their customer service, and the response with timely and courteous.

I ordered 4 more this year and I'm waiting on their arrival.

I know it seems J&P had suffered some after their bankruptcy, but they seem to be coming back to quality service and plants. As an avid rose grower, I want to support them as they are essentially the only other US rose grower hybridizing and introducing new varieties. Their success is essential to my success in the garden. Give them a try!

Positive quitaque
(4 reviews)
On Feb 12, 2017, quitaque Avondale, LA wrote:

Posted on February 12, 2017, updated February 12, 2017
Posted on January 24, 2012, updated February 12, 2017
I order 2-3 bareroot bushes from J&P every year. Immediately after the old J&P went bankrupt, I had some problems with orders from the new J&P - roses arrived improperly packed, excessively dry, etc. However, J&P's new management did a reasonably good job of straightening out the problems.

This year, I ordered two bushes and they have just arrived promptly and in good condition (moist and healthy in appearance). However, only one of the two bushes is what I would consider # 1 grade. I would consider the second bush as # 2 grade. Specifically, the second bush has only two canes. Both canes appear strong and healthy. However, three canes are the minimum acceptable for a # 1 grade. Also, both root systems appear a bit smaller and less developed than the root systems of roses from "old" J&P. My impression is that these roses are a year younger than the roses I used to receive from "old" J&P and, again, there's the problem of paying for a # 1 grade rose and getting a # 2 grade rose.

Still, they'll probably do fine once planted. So I will order from J&P in future, especially as some varieties are available only from J&P. However, I will no longer use J&P as my exclusive supplier. Instead, when a rose I want is available from other sources, I'm going to try a couple of other sources to see if the quality is higher or the prices are lower.

On February 12th, 2017, quitaque added the following:

On February 12th, 2017, quitaque added the following:

The J&P roses sent in 2012 thrived. The one that looked small and not # 1 grew just fine, indistinguishable from other roses.

I have ordered from J&P twice since the original post (in 2015 and again this year).

Both times, the roses were first quality roses which arrived in excellent condition and thrived.

I think J&P is returning to its former glory. I'm happy to see this.

Positive DonnaMack
(64 reviews)
On Sep 10, 2016, DonnaMack Elgin, IL (Zone 5a) wrote:

I must state, with some surprise, that I have now had two great experiences with Jackson and Perkins. I have been growing roses for many years, but until last year had never ordered from Jackson and Perkins.

I had been sent a rose by Park Seed (a related company) that was shipped, and therefore planted, at the wrong time, and it died. Angela, the customer service individual on this thread, promised a replacement because the rose had a one year guarantee. The replacement came from Jackson and Perkins, and it, the replacement, Zephirine Droughin was sensational. It has done beautifully in my yard, and I am very grateful to Angela for executing so wonderfully her company's pledge.

As a result of getting a rose from Jackson and Perkins, I have been receiving their catalogs. I was unable to resist the climbing rose Florentina Arborose, a scented climber with stunning double red flowers. It is available nowhere else that I can see, so I crossed my fingers.

Well, it just arrive and it is absolutely wonderful. It is a containerized own root rose. I have ordered at least 20 containerized roses from several wonderful companies, and I would rate this as amongst the top 5%.

So I will almost certainly give them future business.

Positive carolyn82
(1 review)
On Nov 23, 2015, carolyn82 Mars, PA wrote:

Not sure why there are so many negative reviews! My blueberry bushes arrived as promised, and in great shape. I was doubtful when I saw the boxes they arrived in, but was amazed at what I found inside. Even with shipping, these bushes were less than half the price of what I paid earlier this year at my local nursery, and they look just as nice and full as the photos online. Much better experience than with some other established catalogue companies, where my "bush" or "tree" ends up being some questionable looking stick. I got real bushes from J&P and for a fraction of the price locally. I'll be ordering again.

Positive gottfriedg
(4 reviews)
On Jun 2, 2015, gottfriedg Dickinson, ND wrote:

I've ordered from Jackson & Perkins for two years in a row. I love roses, but I find that my local sellers don't pay enough attention to getting the roses that match our planting zone. So far, I've ordered 11 roses and a number of other plants from J&P. Last year's roses made it through a crazy winter -- a lot of freezing and thawing. I've been thrilled with the plants both in terms of growth and in terms of the degree to which they fit the detailed descriptions J&P provides. (I really appreciate those descriptions. They're almost as helpful as zone information.) The other plants -- delphinium, fern, bleeding hearts, lily of the valley, and hosta -- are doing well, too. I'll continue to order from J&P -- as long as I have space in my garden. ;)

Positive jillinaustin
(2 reviews)
On May 11, 2015, jillinaustin Austin, TX wrote:

Posted on April 28, 2015, updated May 11, 2015
This email account bounces: [email protected]. The "Info" account doesn't receive a response.

Jackson and Perkins Order #WEBJP1239144

I am so disappointed with J&P. I thought they were a high-quality organization but their customer service requires improvement.

This rose has been in the ground since 2/15/15 and doesn't have a single leaf or bud on it. I am trying to get a replacement or refund to no avail.

On May 11th, 2015, jillinaustin changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Angela seems to be the only person at J&P who can actually get anything done. I suggest patience with her since she is dealing with so many issues.

We negotiated a replacement for the hybrid tea I had ordered earlier this spring that failed to thrive. A Hot Cocoa FB was sent as the replacement and it looked great out of the box!
On May 11, 2015, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Apr 28, 2015 2:31 PM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

I would like to assist in bringing a solution to your issues, researching and reviewing I found the email address of [email protected] is no longer an active address. I did however locate your email in our Info inbox, I apologize you have yet to receive and response. During the peak season it can take several days to get a response due to the volume of emails we receive daily. However I will be more than happy to assist you in replacing your Beloved Rose, please email me directly at [email protected]

. Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]


Positive bobbi_s
(21 reviews)
On Apr 22, 2015, bobbi_s Richland, WA (Zone 7a) wrote:

After all the negative reviews of Jackson & Perkins who are part of Park Seed Company, I ordered one rose. I have ordered roses from Jackson & Perkins in the past, and have been very pleased with the results. I have since moved to a different residence, and decided to have some roses at my new place. I ordered Cabana, a hybrid tea rose. They shipped the Cabana hybrid tea rose, and also gave me a free Clouds of Glory Hybrid Tea rose as well. The roses were packaged very nicely. They arrived in good shape, having grown. They are bare rooted, and I am very pleased with the order. I do not understand all the "bad" reviews, and I would highly recommend this company to all who want good plants. They have a variety, and unique plants from Park Seed, which I have ordered in the past too. I will definitely be ordering again! :)

On Apr 22, 2015, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Apr 23, 2015 8:12 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

We appreciate you taking the time to post on Dave’s Garden about how pleased you are with your order/product. Thank you! Your opinion is valued and we, of course, welcome feedback. It's customers like you who act as a reminder of why we do what we do and the importance of supplying only top quality products as well as to offer the best service possible. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]


Positive MTYost
(1 review)
On Feb 18, 2015, MTYost Mountain View, CA wrote:

Had similar problems in 2014 as many others who have commented. Ordered 8 roses that arrived with 2 canes somewhat green. Long story short... Finally got a credit which I decided to try again this year after their rep said that they were aware of the problems and they had been addressed. The roses arrived in great shape with sturdy canes with multiple buds which 2 weeks later have begun to sprout. OK, the Double Delight canes were a little thin, but that was typical years ago. Cannot overstate how pleased I am.
BTW, last year was Parkseed's first attempt to ship bareroot roses according to their rep. If so, they have really come a long way.

Positive cyborg
(2 reviews)
On Oct 24, 2014, cyborg Lansing, MI wrote:

I purchased roses in the past from Jackson & Perkins and was happy I did. Sorry to see the negative reviews, I will still purchase from them.

Positive MsCoon
(2 reviews)
On Apr 8, 2014, MsCoon Tyler, TX (Zone 8a) wrote:

I am pleased to say that I am very happy with my order. I ordered 5 Floribunda Roses. 3 potted and 2 bare root. All arrived healthy and hydrated. Shipping was prompt and the roses were packaged nicely. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Positive bonsaids
(1 review)
On May 25, 2013, bonsaids Sugar Land, TX wrote:

I purchased two bareroot Scentimental Roses from JP on May 2013. I don't understand all the negative reviews that people are giving them. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I received them in a timely manner, carefully packaged with good planting instructions.

I counted a total of 10 HEALTHY canes on each plant. They already had about 7-15 buds growing from the canes.

I planted them on 5-18-13 and by 5-25-13 are already full of leaves with even more buds popping out (counted atleast 21 buds on each plant).

Please don't give up on JP! I think they have fixed some of their problems and the roses are GOOD, STRONG, and HEALTHY growers.

I will try to keep you updated on the progress of my Scentimental Roses.

Positive SherryNE
(1 review)
On Apr 12, 2013, SherryNE Lincoln, NE wrote:

I had ordered from Jackson and Perkins years before, and was always happy. I read the reviews on this site and was a bit nervous, but they had the varieties I wanted. so I ordered one bare root rose (Tuscan Sun) and a groundcover rose, Yellow Ribbons.
The ordering process was easy, the plants were shipped ontime, and when I got them, they look amazing. The Tuscan Sun is hale and hearty, with 5 good thick canes, already budded out, and long, strong, well developed roots. The groundcover rose is fully leafed out, looks nice and healthy. Both were packaged extremely well, so that the roots were moist on the bare root and the leaves well protected on the Yellow Ribbons. Could not be more pleased. Will buy again, and again.

Positive dumbobaby
(2 reviews)
On Oct 23, 2012, dumbobaby Barnhill, OH wrote:

I have ordered a total of 9 rose bushes (in 2 separate orders) from J&P. All but one has arrived. All arrived in pots, packed very well. (Which was a good thing, as the shipping company beat the heck out of one of the boxes...yet there was no damage to the plants). Plant sizes were much better than I anticipated & even had blooms on them upon arrival.
On the occasions I contacted customer support via email they responded within 24-48 hours with acceptable answers. They even called me on the phone when they started processing my order as there was an issue with my credit card. When returning their call, they were helpful & pleasant. My only "complaint" was that I had to contact them to find out status of orders & updates rather than them initiating the contact.
I found this site after I'd bought all my plants this year & was surprised at the negative feedback. Perhaps they've changed the way they do some things after having problems....whatever it is, I'm completely happy with J&P.
Spring will prove the true test of these roses of course but at this point I'm incredibly satisfied with what I've purchased & will highly likely buy from them again.

Positive SideTrack
(1 review)
On Oct 16, 2012, SideTrack Marietta, GA wrote:

My experience with Jackson and Perkins, has been a very positive one. I placed my order online, earlier in the spring for a duo miniature rose pot which has a combination of white and pink mini-roses in one pot, 3 hybrid tea's, Ebb Tide, Radiant Perfume, Flawless Salmon and a Sunshine Dwarf Blueberry bush. At that time, there was also an offer which included 10 Stella de Oro Daylilies, free with my order. I like anything free!

My order was not placed early enough for part of the shipment to be shipped at that time, but I was notified that I would receive my roses, blueberry bush and daylily bulbs in the fall. Since we were already having such high temperatures in my area at that time, it suited me just fine.

My mini-rose pot arrived promptly and they were packed very well. Padded and wrapped, so that the plants wouldn't get broken in shipment, and they didn't. So far, I was pleased with the service and my plants. They are a lovely addition to my back deck, and after several months of endless mini-blooms, I can happily say my mini-roses are thriving and I have enjoyed them all summer long.

My husband and I usually take a fall trip to enjoy the changing leaves, and knowing I should be receiving my fall shipment of roses, and blueberry bush, I decided to call Jackson and Perkins to see if they could tell me when I might receive my order. I spoke with a very nice young lady, and I'm sorry I didn't get her name because she was very pleasant to speak with, who advised me that my order was already on its way! Awesome! My main concern was that they would arrive while we were away and die on my porch!

The very next day my plants arrived! My 3 hybrid tea's, blueberry bush and my free daylily bulbs! Although I was a little surprised at the size of my roses, because the "old" Jackson and Perkins would always ship bare root and their plants looked to be quite a bit more mature, the roses I received looked healthy, arrived in excellent shape, packed moist and protected, as well was the blueberry bush.

When I checked my roses before planting them, they all had healthy roots growing throughout the pot and had new growth on the stems. The leaves were green and healthy, the stems in good shape and not broken. I gave them a couple of days to recoup from shipment and then planted them in my own soil mix that my Dad taught me to use. Today, after several weeks, my roses look healthy and have lots of new growth on them. They are doing great! My blueberry bush has new growth, and the daylilies are planted, but I suppose I won't see them until spring!
My order is complete and I'm happy with the plants and the service that I received.

I'm sorry we lost the "old" Jackson and Perkins. My Dad was an avid rose grower into his late 70's, and gave me the last Jackson and Perkins order he ever placed with them many, many years ago, which is how I became a rose lover myself. I still have a few of those roses growing today. They were test roses and unfortunately, I don't know their names. But over the years I've ordered from Jackson and Perkins, and always had great success with their product. Today, I can say that I don't have any complaints with the plants I received or the person I spoke with. My order was filled promptly and efficiently and I was spoken to with respect.
If I knew how to include a photo with this review, I would gladly show you the new additions to my rose collection.

Positive jaimelemon
(7 reviews)
On May 29, 2012, jaimelemon St. Louis, MO (Zone 6a) wrote:

I ordered 2 bareroot roses that were very on sale (due to time of year, I'm assuming). Order was placed last Monday evening, they arrived on my doorstep Friday afternoon. They seemed to be packed securely, although with no pots to contend with it shouldn't have been very difficult. I will say that the wording of the website was peculiar, and I didn't know if I was ordering bareroot or not. I emailed to find out and never received a response. When I called to see when they would be shipping my plants out, the woman told me they were scheduled to be delivered the next day.
The moral of the story: I had a pleasant experience shopping with them. If you need assistance from them, DO NOT EMAIL, just pick up the phone and call them.
I hope they are able to pull through this customer service nightmare because they have always sold very high quality products and I would hate to see them go by the wayside.

Positive awb_1
(9 reviews)
On Feb 24, 2012, awb_1 Pahrump, NV wrote:

Received two bare root roses (Peace and Mardi Gras). Both plants were in top condition.

Positive ztmh2
(2 reviews)
On Feb 21, 2012, ztmh2 Cut Off, LA wrote:

Posted on February 20, 2012, updated February 21, 2012
Ordered 3 Shockwave roses and found out I had to go out of town for a couple of weeks. I spoke to Elaine (I think) and she got with her manager to have the shipment rushed. I received the roses 2 days later and they were of excellent quality and still moist. Couldn't have asked for better service.

On February 21st, 2012, ztmh2 added the following:

Just remembered the name of the person I was dealing with. Her name was Samantha. She was a great help and she surely is an asset toward getting J&P back on track.
Positive mpmarisa
(1 review)
On Jun 11, 2011, mpmarisa Hialeah, FL wrote:

Posted on February 10, 2011, updated June 11, 2011
Posted on August 14, 2010, updated February 10, 2011
The postings I have read here have deeply saddened me. My mother purchased roses from J&P in the 60's and were so gorgeous that I promised myself if I ever had a garden they would be my main source of roses. I had a rose garden in the 70's and they were my main source at the time. I made a mistake on the initial delivery and they all died, only to have J&P immediately send me a second shipment for no addtional charge which my neighbors & I enjoyed for many years until we sold the house.

40 years forward, I am going to purchase a home soon and was so looking forward to place my rose order with them to once again enjoy my rose garden and it is bittersweet to find this site before even contemplating ordering from them this time around.

I cannot afford to mis-spend my $$ so am grateful for the info posted here. What a shame it is owned not by the former proprietors and that they have wreaked havoc with what once was a very reputable company.

If anyone can give me suggestions where I can buy my roses, I would be very grateful.


On February 10th, 2011, mpmarisa added the following:

Fast forward....I am in my new home and trying to find some of the roses issued by J&P many years ago only to hear from dedicated rosarians that due to J&P's recent bankruptcy, some of the companies who grew their roses have stopped production altogether and some of the roses that were in J&P's care are in peril of disappearing altogether. Apparently J&P has gone thru several incidents of bankruptcy crisis, but this time it's become serious.
On June 11th, 2011, mpmarisa changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

Update: This past week J&P had a real good deal going on for their season's "left over" roses I presume. They are having these great deals on Tuesdays. This one even included free shipping. I called the day after the sale asking if they would give me the free shipping and some roses selling for about 8.00 on the sale page. I thought what could I lose at those prices and when the lady told me the price it came out to 5.00 each so ordered a 3rd one with free shipping. I did tell her my hesitancy to order due to all the bad publicity I have seen here (did not tell her where I saw it) and she told me many people are displeased due to they purchasing the company and are not allowing the one year guarantee as J&P used to do but that the roses are good quality and possibly the persons planting them may be at fault for some of (not all) the problems. I ordered Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush and Aromatherapy. Total 15.00. That equals one purchased at Home Depot. They came not 5 to 7 days later but in about 3 working days. The bare roots look good. They were soaked in water for about 6 hours and planted. They did come with dry sprouts, but look at the time I have purchased them & I live in Miami. The lady told me to shade them until they had some new sprouts due to the intensity of the heat down here. One week later they are showing new sprouts and the canes are looking healthy with the exception of Laura Bush having a bit too many dried out canes although it did not arrive that way. I have gone ahead and cut those down and there is one main cane that is showing signs of life. I think that they will be doing fine in my garden. J&P is willing to stand behind their roses even though it is not the J&P of before. They have even kept the old records J&P sent them of their previous customers and can look up old orders if you want to buy something you had in the past contingent it is on their computer records. Paper purchases of the 70's and before are non-existent. I am willing to give them another chance. Maybe others should try and do the same. Not sure I am going to go by what is written here as I don't know what the true story of the hating is all about. They treated me well, explained what is going on and even though it is way beyond the reasonable time of planting here, they are starting to thrive.......Will keep you updated of what happens with them in a few weeks.
Positive kymcmillon
(3 reviews)
On May 10, 2011, kymcmillon Cleveland, OH wrote:

Posted on August 16, 2010, updated May 10, 2011
Posted on April 15, 2010, updated August 16, 2010
I bought 6 Roses from JP and I am surprised on all the negative comments of this company. I have to tell you that I ordered my roses and then read all the negative comments but, I like to see things out on my own. I was right to follow my own mind because I received my roses and they arrived when they were suppose to, and on top of that, they were BIG and very, very healthy. Some of the leaves fell off but leaves grow back and they are. I ordered 3 more roses and a tree rose and I am waiting for my delivery so I can finish planting. I expect them soon and I know that when they arrive, once again the roses will be in great, healthy shape. I know that all nurseries are not perfect and I will continue to order from JP in the future.

On August 16th, 2010, kymcmillon added the following:

I thought that I would give an update on my rose experience with roses I ordered from Jackson and Perkins. Back in March of this year I received my 6 roses and a rose tree and they were planted in April; we'll this is August and I must say that all of my roses have grown to be almost 4 ft tall and about the same wide and still are healthy. I don't understand why my roses from Jackson and Perkins turned out to be beautiful, strong and healthy and others aren't having much luck, I just water, fertilize ( I add epsom salt, banana peels to the soil), remove all dead leaves and branches, prune and so far my roses have grown to be beautiful. I will continue to order more rose (in the container) from Jackson and Perkins next year.
On May 10th, 2011, kymcmillon added the following:

I'd thought that I would give an update. All of my Roses that I received from Jackson and perkins last year are growing beautifully and all of them survived the winter. This year I ordered 2 more Tree Roses because the Tree Rose that I received last year grew beautifully and I had to have more. There was a problem with one of their tree roses that I received which wasn't their fault I contacted Jackson and Perkins and I had no problem receiving a replacement in a timely manner, so their customer service was very concerned and helpful. The Tree Roses are growing fast. I will continue to order from Jackson and Perkins in the future and I'm sorry other customers are still having problems, but give them a chance and you won't regret it.
Positive sunsign5
(21 reviews)
On May 6, 2011, sunsign5 Ipswich, MA wrote:

I got a potted moondance rose. A bit small for the price but it's growing nicely in my garden. Could have better customer service but overall pleased with my purchase.

Positive SerenaSYH
(4 reviews)
On Apr 4, 2011, SerenaSYH Overland Park-Kansas City, KS wrote:

Posted on July 28, 2010, updated April 4, 2011
It makes me very, very sad to read these latest schlew of negative reviews. I think what happened was when J&P was forced to file bankruptcy, they have been completely unable to take care of their customers--the company falling apart in terms of the financial disaster of 2010. Believe me, J&P used to not be this way! Before the economic disaster of 2010, J&P was one of the most responsible great companies. Every rose was fantastic, delivery was fantastic. I am a huge fan of their tree roses...So a huge positive for what once was....I think the employees are just demoralized-job loss, no pay, everyone scattering to the winds. It is such a sad thing...I just hope 2011 they will be able to pick up a buyer to rescue them.

On April 4th, 2011, SerenaSYH added the following:

I thought I'd recheck by here, thinking that there should be far more positive comments since things should be stable now. Here is my update. I am continuing to order my tree roses from J&P and I still feel that they are reliable. The packaging is good, the rose canes look fine, and I expect the plants to do super well for 2011. I have also always been thrilled with their hybridized roses. Own-root Aromatherapy sends prolific strong basals and "saplings", it is a strong rebloomer; Gemini was the most exhibition-like hybrid tea, such classical beauty and high spirals plus I lucked out too in getting a sport-fragranced Gemini :), this year I'm ordering another hybrid of theirs, Crescendo. All roses came in vital and ready to grow!
Positive IrisZ7
(3 reviews)
On Mar 11, 2011, IrisZ7 Ellicott City, MD wrote:

I ordered a Fleur de lis trellis support during the 20% off promotion about a week ago and received the product this week. The parts packet only had 2 of the 3 bolts needed (minor inconvenience), but the tellis support was very well made and just what I ordered. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Positive CreativeCountry
(1 review)
On Mar 10, 2011, CreativeCountry Petersburg, IN wrote:

I am a bit sad to see all of these negative comments about this company. I have been growing roses for many years and have had nothing but good results from J&P. One of the very best roses in my garden is a Yellow one called "Countrytime" I planted in 2008. It is very disease resistant and beyond beautiful. I purchased 7 roses this year bareroot. They came in beautiful condition, healthy and well packed. Everything was labeled well and safely packed and dated. I ended up with 7 roses for under $70 using the sale packages. I am very excited to see how they do in my garden and you can visit me online at my site to see current photos when they bloom

Brooke Kroeger

Positive tovatrace
(1 review)
On Aug 28, 2010, tovatrace Fort Lauderdale, FL wrote:

Jackson & Perkins started in 1872, and in 1963 they were sold to Harry & David. In 2007 H&D sold them to Park Seed. Park Seed began in 1868.
Jackson & Perkins and Park Seed filed chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this past April 2010. They have been struggling since 2009 due to the downturn in our economy.

I am saddened not to see any Roses for purchase, however, I have always had excellent experience with both companies. Even though selections and inventory reduced over the past year, my family is committed to use opportunities to patronize these companies.

These companies' history are inspiring and they are part of the American dream. I pray they succeed and prosper again.

Positive palecd
(1 review)
On Jul 2, 2010, palecd Willoughby, OH wrote:

I ordered over a dozen roses from Jackson & Perkins this year, half container and half bare root. I have never ordered roses from them before. They all came in good shape and are all growing with most already flowering, including one of the last ones that I got in late May. They're beautiful. I would order from J & P again without hesitation.

Positive LucasCatChow
(26 reviews)
On Apr 24, 2010, LucasCatChow Tulsa, OK wrote:

Although I've mail ordered roses from many sources over the years I've never ordered from J&P direct, so this was my first experience. I ordered one rose, an own root potted Floribunda named Monkey Business. It arrived in a timely manner was packed very well and was a nice large rose considering it's an own root. Certainly much bigger then some other mail order rose companies send. All in all it was a good experience and I hope they settle their financial difficulties and are there for me in the future.

Positive kittyjoy
(2 reviews)
On Mar 9, 2010, kittyjoy Norwood, NC wrote:

I have ordered roses from them 3 times. I only had one die. I called them and they not only replaced it for free, they sent me a complimentary rose of another name. I will order all my roses from them.

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