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Negative kevinadams
(1 review)
On Jan 27, 2010, kevinadams Glendale, AZ wrote:

I placed an order with Jackson and Perkins on Thanksgiving Day to have a Christmas tree sent to my 75 year old mother. And that is where this nightmare begins. My credit card was charged that very day of placing the order. Two weeks later, the incorrect tree was delivered in a broken pot. My mother called immediately and was told she would have a replacement in three days. I called that same evening and was told the same story by a different customer service rep. A week later I called to let them know the tree was late. I was told it would be there in another week. That very same day, I received a promotional email telling me the tree was half price. I called to ask that half of my purchase price be refunded. The answer was "Of course, and Happy Holidays." We are now at Dec. 11th, two days before my mother's annual Christmas party. No tree, No refund. I call - again. (Yes, I do have a job and these calls were very inconvienent. I have logged 6.35 hours of phone time with this company, most of it on hold listening to the chirping birds.) I was told the tree was late (really?) and that when it arrived to keep the tree and that my full purchase amount would be credited back to my account. My 75 year old mother leaves her house in a snowstorm to get a replacement arragement for her party. I'm in AZ with no way to help. I seriously thought that placing my order on Thanksgiving would ensure she had a tree.
Anyway - back to my credit card. One statement comes - no refund. Two statements later - no refund. I sent an email to the company on Jan. 25th asking to be contacted with an update. Today, Jan. 27th - two full months after being charged for an order - I was told that my refund would take an additional 30 business days. I was also told that their company had no one employed who could write a letter of apology to my mother.
I called my credit card company. The credit card company explained that the merchant could either run the purchase through their machine as a refund and I would get immediate credit, or call in the credit and they would issue immediate credit. I called Jackson and Perkins back again to tell them this, alas I was told they were all out to lunch. That is the first honest thing I have been told. Do not rely on past experiences with this company. I ordered often in the past - NEVER AGAIN.

Negative elkwc36
(24 reviews)
On Jan 4, 2010, elkwc36 Elkhart, KS wrote:

Posted on March 1, 2007, updated January 4, 2010
I have ordered from them several times but no more. The last few times have all been bad experiences. I wanted certain roses and would state no substitutions. They would send substitutions every time. The last time I called it in and asked about availability. And still didn't get the roses I wanted. And they were of bad quality. So called customer service and was told I would have to send them back and pay for shipping which I did. The ones that I did get right is like several others on here the majority died. I have had much better luck with some other rose growers. Would recommend you shop around before buying from them.

On May 13th, 2009, elkwc36 added the following:

I have asked repeatedly over several years to be removed from their email and mailing list. I've been assured several times I'm off but then here comes more. Either poor bookkeepers or total liars. I would highly suggest a person shops elsewhere. I have now removed all of their roses.
On January 4th, 2010, elkwc36 added the following:

I have gave up calling them about removing my name from their mailing list. I just walk from the mailbox tot he dumpster and toss it. Let them spend the postage but I won't read it.
Negative NancyRM
(1 review)
On Jan 3, 2010, NancyRM Minnetonka, MN wrote:

I don't understand why companies do not "get" that a little customer service goes a long way! At first I was just annoyed that the Christmas Amaryllis I ordered turned out to be a Big Old Partridge Pot of Moss with nary a green sprout, but the thing that made me really angry was JP's response when I emailed them about it. After explaining that I expected them to be a little farther along (I didn't expect flowers), I got a reply explaining that they can;t mail plants in bloom and that I could send it back on my dime. Ok, now I am perturbed so I sent a reply saying I didn't expect them to have blooms, but perhaps actually "see" a bud or have hopes of a flower would be nice. I get a canned email back that sings and dances and does an email commercial for JP! No real response, no offer to compensate, not even, "gee we're so sorry you were disappointed". I had also ordered a small decorated fir tree which proceeded to drop all it's needles regardless of the gallons of water I applied and blew the lights soon after -- which is probably a good thing considering the tree is dry enough to be flammable! The one nice thing I did get was a birch wreath which I think was OK because there was no single living component on it!
So, if anyone is looking for a nice pot of green moss in a holiday pot or a little tree that makes Charlie Brown's look like O Tannenbaum, I will certainly send it to you. On your dime, of course.

Negative starla7869
(1 review)
On Nov 17, 2009, starla7869 Cumming, GA wrote:

I just emailed the Better Business Bureau on this company. I have never dealt with as much incompetence as I did with J&P. To make a long story short, my order that was supposed to take 2 weeks took a month, and every time I called to see where it was, I was told something different. The last time it was "the shipping department ran out of packing materials". Whatever. I placed two separate orders, they shipped the one and the second one, I was told "they couldn't ship it due to issues with the crop", which was quite funny as I just received the same exact rose for another order. I was told that on a Monday, the previous Friday when I inquired about it, I was told it was on the packing floor and would be shipped soon. 3 days later, the crop is bad??? Whatever. It was a gift for my mother, I guess I will be getting her something else. I will never order from those people again. Mismanagement and liars is all they are. I recommend everyone stay away from this company. You are taking your chances when you order from them.

Negative PeggyOregon
(4 reviews)
On Oct 17, 2009, PeggyOregon Florence, OR wrote:

Posted on October 10, 2009, updated October 17, 2009
I ordered 2 sets or rose trees from J&P back in April or May. Two Knockouts & two Double Delights. The Knockouts did great, but the Double Delights never even tried to grow - I think they sent me dead ones or something. I complained starting in late May or early June & asked for my money back on the DD's. E-mail after e-mail assured me that I would receive a credit on my card for the $40. At first they said it took 30 days, then they said they put a rush on it, blah-blah-blah. It's late September & still no credit. I think I've been screwed out of $40 by these folks.

On October 10th, 2009, PeggyOregon added the following:

It's now October & despite several e-mails from Jackson & Perkins promising me a refund - & putting a "rush" on my refund - I still haven't received one. I even asked if I could have a credit with their company instead (seeing as how they don't know how to give refunds) & they said it was too late as my refund was in progress.
I filed a complaint with the BBB. I would urge others to do the same. Whether or not it will do any good -- there is strength in numbers.
On October 17th, 2009, PeggyOregon added the following:

My complaint with the BBB worked. I got my refund within a week.
Negative iwto
(4 reviews)
On Sep 20, 2009, iwto Southern Oregon, OR (Zone 8a) wrote:

I ordered 1 Bonfire Euphorbia and 12 Rosemary Irene plants on 8/14/08. The shipping status online was always "Shipping soon." 11/19/08 I emailed to find out when delivery was expected; on 11/20/08 J&P replied that the items were not mature enough to be shipped and were back ordered to Spring 2009. An update with that info. from J&P before Novermber would have been very helpful! Late Feb. 2009 I bought a few of the Rosemary Irenes elsewhere to get my project started, and that order arrived w/in 3 weeks of placing the order. 3/6/09 I again emailed J&P re status and asked for a refund if they were still unable to provide the plants. They gave me a refund. The plants Rosemary Irenes again appeared in their catalogue that spring, but I didn't bite this time.

Negative jojomood
(14 reviews)
On Aug 4, 2009, jojomood Saint Joseph, MO wrote:

I have been a J&P customer for their roses for many years. Most of the time I have been quite happy with my roses but the last couple of years my mind has been changed somewhat. The quality of the roses is very sporadic. Some come in looking very good while others will look very shoddy in quality.
This past Spring they pulled a fast one on me.
I always order and enjoy growing the Hybrid Tea Test Rose Panel. In a couple of years if I hae one that doesn't break dormancyand dies they always replace it promptly. However this year the "Sedona" rose that is part of the test group never broke dormancy and died very quickly. I notified them within 30 days of recieveing the rose asking them to replace it so I could have the entire panel to evaluate. However they replied to me that they didn't have any more "Sedona" roses in stock. Now I didn't fall off the pumpkin wagon yesterday!! This Sedona rose is supposed to be the J&P 2010 Rose Of The Year so I know that for that to happen they must have thousands of this rose in stock not only for the Test Panel but to fill orders later on, including this Fall as they are offering it in containers for Fall shipment. All they wanted to do was refund the $9.99 that the test rose cost me instead of replacing it so that I would be forced to go ahead and purchase the roses at their $19.99 price they are charging for it bareroot or potted. What a cheap bunch of b------- they are trying to pull this over on me. They are afraid to honor their commitment to provide healthy roses that will thrive and possibly lose $10 in the process. I think that is poor customer service at it's most blatant.
Also, I have tried to grow their Wildfire orange HT rose about three or four time with no luck. The bareroot plants they send me of this rose just will no grow for some reason.
Lastly, I think that this habit of changing roses names to try and get more sales is confusing and dishonest at best since they don't tell you up front they are simply renaming a rose, not offering a completely different/new variety. I am citing the Cesar Chavez rose being changed to Beloved and the Princess Diana HT rose being changed to I think Elegant Lady this year. Several customers have ordered the "new" rose not knowing they were already growing it just under a different name. That is totally shamefull and misleading of them.
I think my days of orderng J&P roses is about at it's end. If I want one of their roses bad enough I will just purchase it from my local nursery so I know exactly what I am getting and can select it from the stock they send to my nursery here in town. And another thing that irks me with J&P is that they really tout how civic minded and good they are by offering their "Roses With a Cause" where part of the cost of the rose is donated to charity like they are really bending over and taking a loss on them for a good cause or something. But, if you look closely, these particular roses are always priced $2 or $3 higher than all the other roses so they aren't losing a nickel. All that contribution is coming directly from customers pockets and they aren't paying a red cent the charities or causes they are going to out of their own pocket at all.
How stupid do they think we all are??
Lastly, for the price they charge and the exhorbitant shipping charges they bill you for, their quality of roses and the customer service you get are just not worth what you are getting from them.
It is too bad that do all these underhanded low down dirty things nowadays, but it is all showing up in the Negative reviews that you see here.
Shame on you J&P.
John Moody

Negative bambiatthelake
(8 reviews)
On Jul 30, 2009, bambiatthelake Streetman, TX wrote:

I ordered five Cinco De Mayo roses this year. The roses are supposed to bloom in different colors, shades of coral, lavender, purple, smoke. All I have ever had is orange, I keep waiting for the right colors to show up. I have seen this rose in garden centers the expected colors. I just got off the phone with them, they have received other complaints. They said this rose takes "a while to mature" and besides it's too late to do anything about it (i.e. tough luck, no customer service). I suspect they get their roses mixed up, because the other ones I ordered are not blooming the right colors either. Years ago I ordered from them and was happy, but now--what a disaster. I should have listened to the extensive negative comments from others.

Negative schuylerjoy
(1 review)
On Jun 9, 2009, schuylerjoy Topeka, KS wrote:

I have bought from J&P before and have usually been satisfied but this last purchase will probably be my last. I had some unpleasant treatment from their customer service reps over the phone as we tried to work out the use of some gift cards that were 2 years old. Then upon receiving my order I found that although my total put me in the $32 shipping category , they charged me $46. I've been emailing their customer service number with no reply. I heard J&P was bought out and I can tell they are no longer run the same. I'll be loooking elsewhere for my roses.

Negative lperkins
(1 review)
On Jun 8, 2009, lperkins Macon, GA wrote:

Sent 5/8/09 to J&P in response to their emails

As I said below, I did speak on the phone to Shaundra in your customer service this afternoon, she is issuing a merchandise credit for the Dreamweavers, but this does not solve my problem of needing some thornless climbing roses to plant now before I leave for vacation. I would like for you to forward this email to your folks at Jackson and Perkins who set this policy for substitutions so they can think about changing the policy. It does not make sense to have a company that bases its market niche on providing named roses to the public and then substituting another rose with different attributes without checking this out with the customer. I am very disappointed with your company.

Lynn Perkins
JP CustServ wrote:
Dear Lynn,

Jackson and Perkins Order #391156

Thank you so much for contacting us here at Jackson and Perkins! We value our customers’ comments and questions highly, and we appreciate hearing from you.

I am sorry that you are unhappy with your substitutions, We try to provide some plant if the one your preferred is unavailable. If you are unhappy with the substitutions we can give merchandise credit for the cost of the roses if you would like that.

Again, thank you for writing to us. If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. To help us serve you better, please use the Reply button to respond so that all previous communications will be included. Thank you for gardening with Jackson and Perkins!

Jackson and Perkins Customer Contact Team
2 Floral Avenue
Hodges, South Carolina 29653
Telephone: 800-292-4769
Fax: 800-242-0329
email: [email protected]

From: [email protected] [[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, June 08, 2009 2:32 PM
To: JP CustServ
Subject: Feedback Form for JacksonAndPerkins

Name: Lynn Perkins
Email: [email protected]
Store: JacksonAndPerkins
Order #: 391156
Subject: Customer Service
Topic: Product information
Message: 'I have just received 6 Dreamweaver Roses in substitution for 6 Zephirine Droughin. I specifically ordered Zephirine Droughin because it is a thornless antique climbing rose that tolerates poor soil, has a raspberry scent and thrives in dappled light. None of these attributes are listed in the description of Dreamweaver. I do not understand why you would choose to substitute such a different rose without sending me an email or giving me a call to check and see if this would meet my needs.
I placed this order a month ago (May 13th) and have been sending emails trying to find out when these roses would ship since I am going out of town this week. I never received a reply to my email to your customer service on May 26 regarding my order and when it would ship. This is the first time I tried to order online from Jackson & Perkins, and I must say I am very disappointed in the way you have handled this order. I did speak on the phone to Shaundra in your customer service this afternoon, she is issuing a merchandise credit for the Dreamweavers, but this does not solve my problem of needing some thornless climbing roses to plant now before I leave for vacation. I would like for you to forward this email to your folks at Jackson and Perkins who set this policy for substitutions so they can think about changing the policy. It does not make sense to have a company that bases its market niche on providing named roses to the public and then substituting another rose with different attributes without checking this out with the customer. I am very disappointed with your company.

Lynn Perkins

Negative kellytravels2000
(2 reviews)
On Jun 5, 2009, kellytravels2000 Parksville,
Canada wrote:

I just called Jackson and Perkins today (June, 5, 2009), to ask where I might find a list of local retailers in Canada within reasonable proximity to where I live.

The sales rep who answered my call from head office (this was the official number the actual Jackson and Perkins webpage provided) was a total dead loss.

I explained to her that the rose I was specifically persuing was a tried and true Jackson and Perkins best seller and had won many awards and accolades in years previous.

I repeated the name to her--VOLUMPTOUS--three times.
She told me to try Costco (...yeah right, like Costo has a direct line to their seasonal department for such queries--sheesh!) or, she said that I may call Home Depot. I asked her to please confirm that either of these locales actually carries the VOLUMPTOUS rose.

She disapears for awhile whilst I'm on hold and them comes back with a clear 'no' ...
NO vendour in canada carries this rose for retail a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e.
(Like Canada is this remote arctic tundra that only grows icicles and commies).

We all know this Jackson and Perkins phone rep's info has to be total crap... but it actually gets better. This Jackson and Perkins phone rep then tells me "That an entirely different ROSE PRODUCER like **david austin, etc'** will also have this rose for sale..."

Lol--I'm almost on the floor with laughter at this point.

I remind her that **Volumptuous** is a Jackson and Perkins registered trademark and patented so that NO other rose producers can create or sell it by law.

She continued chewing her gum, 'maam-ing' me over the phone and that was pretty much the end of it.

Holy cow--is that company ever in deep doo doo if that is the best head office can supply for official company business.

Good luck Jackson and Perkins...
(Good luck indeed).

Negative cozio
(1 review)
On May 18, 2009, cozio Lake Oswego, OR wrote:

My brother and his wife gave me as a holiday gift of a large pot of Jackson & Perkins seasonal amaryllis, as they have for several years. I have enjoyed them in the past. They never sprouted this year, despite the same careful windowsill attention as always. Customer service was particular unhelpful, telling me the warranty is 30 days (on amaryllis bulbs!?) and offering no replacement or credit whatsoever. I have told my brother to save his money in the future. Those bulb gift pots are not inexpensive. This company's service and quality has changed for the worse, in my opinion.

Negative mmphillips
(1 review)
On May 12, 2009, mmphillips Duluth, GA wrote:

Last year my daughters bought me 12 rose bushes for Mother's Day. We went through a change in personnel because the company was bought out, they 'lost the order', and finally after sending them the receipt and copy of confirmation order, they sent me the rose bushes. We then found out that they charged her card twice and that took several weeks to straighten out. The order did not come in on time, 4 rose bushes died (after the 60 day period) 4 were struggling and finally grew spindly stalks (also after the waiting period) and still struggling. Midnight Ebb and 3 other rose bushes are now showing prominent Dr. Huey (deep red)
traits in their flowers. I will never buy their roses again. I had been a faithful customer from 1991 till 2007. I order from David Austin now - a little more money but the foliage look healthy and robust.

Negative JMSWilson
(1 review)
On May 10, 2009, JMSWilson East Tennessee 6b/7a, TN wrote:

Ordered several own-root "Beloved" roses, and
a collection of English roses, most of which were
own root, also. But all Beloved looked like they were
grafted, with a big "lump" were a graft would be.
Sure enough, the other own-root roses survived the
winter, while only ONE out of six Beloved survived.
Called customer service, but of course did not get
anywhere. Don't trust this company.

Negative mleroy777
(1 review)
On Apr 27, 2009, mleroy777 Harrison Township, MI wrote:

Last year for Mothers Day 2008, Purchased a Don Juan and Dream Weaver Rose. One survived over the winter. Like most companies, I took my receipt and was ready to call Jackson Perkins to request replacement. But when I loooked at their guarantee...I saw they only comitt to 60 days. My advice is to NOT purchase roses directly from Jackson Perkins. There are many companies that guarantee plants for life or at least one year. Jackson Perkins does neither.

Negative KylieB
(3 reviews)
On Apr 23, 2009, KylieB Quitman, AR wrote:

The quality of Jackson & Perkins roses is very POOR. I own over 100 rose bushes and have probably lost more than that in their roses. I am now ordering my roses from David Austin Roses. They aren't too big on replacing their roses either however they do much better than the JP roses. My local nursery carried JP roses for years, not anymore! These roses don't perform well at all. Don't waste your money!

Negative tina_b
(2 reviews)
On Apr 21, 2009, tina_b Topeka, KS wrote:

Onewish1 knows my story exactly. See the email chain below:

I couldn't help but send this reply:

Are you aware of what your customer service is doing to your reputation? You might want to check this out.

Please forward this email to upper management.

[[email protected]]

Today there were 41 negative feedbacks this year. Make that 42.

Last year I had a year to evaluate the performance of the roses. But, since I had hoped they would grow and not die, I didn't contact you within 60 days, since I had a year! That was the guarantee when I placed the order.

Unbelievable. I was so excited to order the legendary Jackson and Perkins roses. Evidently, you are still legendary, but for something completely different.

Don't worry about me gardening with Jackson and Perkins again...

From: [email protected]
To: me
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 14:53:19 -0400
Subject: RE: Thank you for your order from Jackson and Perkins

Dear ----

Jackson and Perkins Order # -----

Thank you so much for contacting us here at Jackson and Perkins! We value our customers’ comments and questions highly, and we appreciate hearing from you.

Unfortunately we cannot replace these roses, Our guarantee is only 60 days and these are to far from the guarantee cut off to be replaced. If you see your rose are not performing well please notify us as soon as possible and we can notate your order and extend the guarantee in order to see if maybe the roses will make it.

Again, thank you for writing to us. If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. To help us serve you better, please use the Reply button to respond so that all previous communications will be included. Thank you for gardening with Jackson and Perkins!

Jackson and Perkins Customer Contact Team
2 Floral Avenue
Hodges, South Carolina 29653
Telephone: 800-292-4769
Fax: 800-242-0329
email: [email protected]

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From: Me
Sent: Saturday, April 18, 2009 12:22 PM
To: JP CustServ
Subject: FW: Thank you for your order from Jackson and Perkins

Last year I placed an order for the roses described below. The order was lost and was not shipped until well after optimal planting time. I tried to nurse the roses to health, and thought that they might make it through the winter. As the owner of approximately 50 roses, I had high hopes for these roses.

To date, it appears that only two of the roses survived. At the time of my order, it was my understanding that the roses were guaranteed for one year. Now it appears your guarantee has changed.

Will you still honor the guarantee from one year ago and replace these roses? I will ship the roses that failed to live back to you for proof.

(The total of my order was 134.47)

Just goes to show, only order as much as you are willing to lose. (sounds like a gamble - wow I guess it is)

Negative onewish1
(25 reviews)
On Apr 18, 2009, onewish1 Denville, NJ (Zone 6b) wrote:

Last year I ordered two roses, Disneyland and Mardi Gras bare root. They lost my order and then sent them to me late in the season. I saw one of the grafts were pretty high, I covered them with mulch to try and protect it over the winter.

This spring rolls around I am doing clean up outside and realize the roses are dead. The grafts were made too high and they rotted in the ground.

I get in touch with JP to see if they are going to make good on this purchase... yet... they are not... responded with "bare root roses are only guaranteed for 60 days".... WOW are you kidding lets send something dormant to someone TOO LATE IN THE SEASON after we loose the order.... and only give a 60 day guarantee so there is no chance that we have to replace the dead plants we send...

DO NOT BUY FROM JP.... Terrible waste of money

Negative kyle72
(3 reviews)
On Apr 14, 2009, kyle72 Cumberland, MD wrote:

I have had a terrible experience with this company!I ordered plants last May and never did receive them !I have called about them and have been told they are on back order ! I called a couple weeks ago and they told me they would be shipping soon ! I called today and was told they no longer carry the items and they have been discontinued ! I can not believe they would keep peoples money tied up like this and string them along over a year !

Negative CandL
(6 reviews)
On Mar 25, 2009, CandL Reynoldsburg, OH wrote:

I've been a long time customer of Jackson and Perkins, purchasing my first rose from them many years ago. Three years ago, I would have given them a positive and glowing recommendation. After my experience last year however, I just can't do that. I purchased 5 roses. None of these roses were the performers the company advertised. One of them died after their guarantee expired. April in Paris, their 2008 rose of the year was a 2 ft. high bush with very small blooms all season. It was planted beside a three year old J and P rose that in the first year shot up to 4 feet with the 4 inch blooms they advertised. Customer service was rude and refused to work with me. In the past I would have gotten all new roses to replace the poor performers. None of these roses made it through the winter. I'm not an amateur rose grower, having grown roses with my mother since I was a teenager. I do believe however, that their quality has severely diminished. I have 5 more roses ordered and they are scheduled to be shipped out far too early to plant roses in zone 5. I am very sad to say that this will be my last purchase with Jackson and Perkins. I recently purchased three roses from Heirloom Roses. Being on the market for a new rose company, I hope this one is as good as the reviews here say.

Negative jb_cooter
(1 review)
On Mar 14, 2009, jb_cooter Spartanburg, SC (Zone 7a) wrote:

I have ordered outdoor plants from J&P several times & have had only good experiences.

On the other hand, I recently ordered two different indoor plants ("flowering gifts"). These items arrived ~3-4 months after I placed the order which, as they were intended as gifts, I found highly unsatisfactory. When the items finally arrived, they appeared to be in good shape and I was pleased. However, both plants died within 1-2 weeks. I corresponded with J&P via email and was essentially told "That's too bad, but you're not getting replacements or a refund." Despite my earlier (only) positive experiences with J&P, I would not buy from them again based upon my experience with their "customer service" department.

Negative mountainviolet
(1 review)
On Feb 6, 2009, mountainviolet Nipomo, CA wrote:

It was my first time ordering from them. I thought they were a high quality company. I bought 6 groundcover roses from them in June of 2008 on sale. I called about three months later to check on them as their online order check was not working at the time. They told me the roses might(!!!) ship in december. I called them in the early part of december to check again. This time they no longer had a record of my order number, could not figure out why I hadn't gotten my roses a couple weeks after I had ordered them, and had no idea when they might be shipped. They told me at that point that there was a problem with the order (duh?). They said they couldn't help me, and I should have canceled my order then. It took me till today to cancel, as it has been 8 months and I can no longer justify giving my money to this awful of a company. I will never, EVER order from them again and I wrote an email to them today telling them so.

Negative pegjane
(2 reviews)
On Jan 22, 2009, pegjane Camillus, NY wrote:

This company has bad products and is very expensive. Once you order from them beware! because they put your name and address on a mailing list (even though I told them not to!) and I must of received a hundred gardening catalogs from every company out there on planet. Also Jackson & Perkins keeps mailing me catalogs even though I call them over and over telling them to stop sending them. I'll receive 3 J&P catalogs (same ones) in one week. Ridiculous. I moved and they still tracked me down. I had ordered from them many years ago and still was getting catalogs. I moved again so let's hope they don't find me this time ha ha.

Negative Sunbird
(1 review)
On Jan 21, 2009, Sunbird Concord, NC wrote:

Someone sent me a miniature rose plant early December. When it arrived, the soil in the pot was SOAKED, so I took it out of the decorative foil and actually wrung out the soil in the plastic pot. I watched it carefully and in 2 days it had lost all its leaves and was in terrible shape. I e-mailed J&P and they said, well, we will send a credit to the sender, I said, please just send me another plant which they did very quickly I might add. However the 2nd plant arrived in the same condition, even worse actually as most of the leaves were off the plant. I e-mailed them AGAIN and have never heard back from them and the sender did not receive a credit. I took the plan out of the pot and there were hardly ANY roots on that miniature rose, in fact, it looked like 4 cuttings with small immature roots. Terrible plants.

Negative sram0425
(1 review)
On Dec 2, 2008, sram0425 Houston, TX wrote:

Good day ... just sent J&P this e-mail via their customer service department:

Hello sir

I was about to place an order for some gifts .. myself first, of course - $40 items for my front door. Then, upon checkout, got this message:

Standard Shipping For This Order: $12.95
Additional Shipping For This Order: $5.00
Gas Surcharge: $3.00
*Does not include extra charges for expedited shipping

I will not pay for an item and have the shipping more than 1/2 the cost of the item ...


What is wrong with them?!?!?! Do they not read the news and value customers??? I have been a faithful customer of them for years .. even built my rose garden thanks to them!!!!
I have stopped using them for about 1 years due to them changing their return policy. Found another mail order company that will replace their product, even if it dies on you!!! Talk about GREAT customer service !!!!!

Negative kkyoung
(1 review)
On Nov 10, 2008, kkyoung Arlington, VA wrote:

Like others on this web-site, I previously had good experiences with Jackson and Perkins, but not this year. I ordered two Shima Nishiki tree peonies and a camella tree.
The tree peonies were a significant part of my garden design. I kept waiting for my order and finally called their customer service. They told me that these items were cancelled or (the camella) postponed until spring. they claimed that they sent me an e-mail, which I never got. Then the service representative said that my computer firewall must be blocking it out. I told her that I had e-mails from numerous other gardening companies with no problem. I tried to order Shima Nishiki peony from other growers, but it is too late for this year. I know it is best to plant these in the fall--common garden knowledge, but their representative told me that spring is just as good, arguing with me about my computer, planting times, very rudely. I was quite upset with the lame excuses that they gave me. What has happened to this company? I have a very negative feeling about them now.
I hope that I am not stuck taking these plants in the Spring, because I would rather purchase them from someone else.
Unfortunately the company has changed in a negative way.

Negative moonshadow1418
(1 review)
On Nov 7, 2008, moonshadow1418 Saint Louis, MO wrote:

As a long time customer of Jackson & Perkins - I have decided to no longer purchase anything from this company! I placed an order with the company for spring bulbs in late summer for 2 packages of Tahiti bulbs, 2 orders of crocus and a package of mixed color hyacinths. I received no emails on possible delivery dates, but was charged extra for shipping..The lst box contained only 1 pkg of tahiti bulbs. No prior notice of delivery and with an invoice stating the 2nd pkg of tahiti was no longer available and other things were on backorder. The 2nd box arrived in mid October while I was out of town. Once again no notice of the shipping date and the box sat on my porch for a week for all to see. This shipment contained 2 pkgs of crocus and supposedly the hyacinths, which were not there. I called a customer service and complained about the shipment and the fact I could have been robbed thanks to their actions. He said I should have notified them I wouldn't be in town! I told him it was a family emergency and calling Jackson Perkins wasn't my first concern. The rep said he would send the missing bulbs and take $10 off the shipping. Now it's 2 days after the election and no bulbs. I called customer service again - got at least 2 different reps and one supervisor and all seemed confused about the order and said I had been given a credit for the missing bulbs. I told them it was amazing they could send me emails about sales constantly but not one email about shipping dates or the cancelled order. The only response I received were lame apologies. Never again.

Negative WaterCan2
(21 reviews)
On Nov 1, 2008, WaterCan2 Eastern Long Island, NY (Zone 7a) wrote:

I have been a customer of Jackson & Perkins for over 10 yrs. This year something has changed...

I ordered 3 roses earlier this year around February and requested a shipping date in mid April, The roses arrived 2 weeks later still in February, with my yard still rock hard from winter. I overwintered them in my garage as best I could and finally planted them when the ground was workable, - I lost 2 of the 3 roses.

A couple of months ago this summer I ordered a Peony Shima Nishinki and a Camellia Nuccio Pearl with plenty of time to plant them before frost set it in the Fall. I received a Peony Crazy Daisy and a free Clematis instead yesterday, with Fall well under way.

I garden in my own yard, I am not a 'wholesale landscaper'. I spend hours upon hours researching and choosing the plants that I want in my garden before I order them and spend my hard earned cash. I am dismayed and offended by the clause I have just noted in their 'guarantee' that allows them to substitute a plant of similar or equal value at THEIR discretion. All of the other companies I deal with give you the option of a substute or a refund.

* Not to mention the $3 gas surcharge they are now adding on their shipments, even though gas prices constantly fluctuate and are the lowest I have seen them since early last year!

I've decided not to patronize this company any longer. They are no longer the Jackson & Perkins that I know. 'That' company no longer exists. Their badly timed shipping habits and new policies have disappointed me for the last time.

Negative rosegirl33
(4 reviews)
On Oct 23, 2008, rosegirl33 Cornelius, NC wrote:

It is very much a shame that JP was taken over by Park/Wayside. The difference was immediately noticeable. I ordered well over 50 roses from JP in 2007 and 95% of them are now doing beautifully. I was totally delighted by the consistent quality of the plants I received and never had cause to contact them about an order. The moment Park took over, and I didn't know, I received the saddest most cankered shipment of roses I'd seen. Having had a horrible experience with Wayside (weeks to refund money on an order never received). I dreaded the outcome of my contact to their customer service. To their credit, I received replacements for the roses I identified as cankered and dead, plus some extras for my trouble. I still had quality issues in that several of the free roses died (and we're talking 5 free roses), but I don't consider that much of a loss. I can't decide if I should order with them again because i think its shady to charge a credit card before the order ships. No other internet based company does this and neither should JP.

On March 12th, 2009, rosegirl33 changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

I'm changing my rating to negative because absoutely everything I received from J&P last year I had to pull out of the ground today because they are all dead, virused and rotten. It appears to me that they are using diseased grafting stock. I can only hope that my other roses are not infected. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

I'm replacing this dead stuff with a Chamblee's order since everyone loves them.
Negative TexAggie1
(1 review)
On Oct 3, 2008, TexAggie1 Seoul (USAG Yongsan),
South Korea wrote:

Without going into too much detail, it goes like this. I am stationed overseas and internet purchases are a real blessing. Last Christmas I decided to "treat" my mother, mother-in-law and grand-mother-in-law and ourselves to some Jackson-Perkins hospitality.

For ourselves, since we hurry home for a couple of weeks and have to return overseas, we ordered a "Colorful Birdhouse Decorate Tree" to avoid the issues of setting up a tree and all that entails... The tree arrived the week AFTER Christmas, and promtly died after carefully transplanting to a special location out of doors as detailed.

For my mother, we ordered 12-month bulb club deal... which typically has either arrived late, not at all, or the plants have not survived. Out of 10 months now, only 3 have met our expectations. Follow-ups have been a nightmare for my 83-year old mom, as I am overseas and out of easy communications.

For Mother-in-law in a nursing home, ordered a fragrant white bulb garden. Arrived on time and as expected.

For Grand-mother-in-law - also in a nursing home - ordered a "Fragrant Lavender Wreath"... She had delivered a seed wreath with fake bird that shed all over her nursing home. Wrong item, wrong place, wrong time. She is on the 6th floor...

For OTHER Mother-in-law, ordered a fragrant white bulb garden. Arrived on time and as expected.

So, out of 17 ordered items, only 5 have met expectations. My mother (not the most patient soul at 83) calls them regularly to follow up on bad plants, undelivered plants, replacement plants that never arrive,e tc... Too Bad!! Makes me look bad too!! I've been told J-P recently moved from Oregon to S.C. - but so far as I'm concerned, I will never, ever buy anything from them again.

Negative krista_co123
(5 reviews)
On Sep 22, 2008, krista_co123 Littleton, CO wrote:

Jan'08 - I was very disappointed with the plants that I received from JP. I was completely redoing the landscaping in my yard and ordered about $2500 in roses and perennials, under the impression they were a quality company.

I requested plants to arrive in phases so I would have time to get them all in the ground. The first complaint (minor) is about their website - it didn't allow me to change the order dates if I was ordering a group of 3 or package set - I wasn't trying to break up the set to different dates, I just simply didn't want it to arrive on the default date. Ended up having to call in order and spend about 2 hours on phone with sales rep to get everything set. Then their website didn't allow me to track beyond the first half or so of the line items.

The second complaint (major) was the condition of the 50 bare root roses that arrived. They were simply layered in a plastic bag, inside a big box. No cushioning or air bags to protect them from bumping around. No packing materials to keep them moist. There were broken branches and tags that had fallen off plants so that I didn't know what some were. I was pretty horrified that approx $1200 worth of roses would have been shipped so carelessly. And at least half of them were not even grade 1 or 1.5 roses. Most had only 1 or 2 good canes on them.

The third complaint (also major) were the condition of the perennials when they arrived. The alstromeria was completely dried out and dead. Numerous other plants arrived MOLDY and had to be thrown out immediately. Many never started growing and had to be ripped out. I started asking for replacements and rec'd them, but most were in the same condition and I just gave up. As of September, I probably only have a handful of their perennials still in my garden.

The 4th complaint was the back-ordering and sending of inappropriate replacement plants. I had placed my order in January of 2008, why on earth would anything in my order have been on back-order? It wasn't like they didn't have 4 or 5 mos notice, yet the plants were still listed on the website and being sold. In one case I had ordered 2 orange azaleas that were to reach 6ft width and height and were to be anchor points in my new front garden. They sent me three pink 1ft azaleas in lieu, without contacting me to see if that was an acceptable substitution. Not even close. I did fight that one and got refunded.

I swore I would not order perennials from these folks ever again and would be cautious on ordering roses - break up the dates to ensure they were shipped in smaller quantities. I didn't realize they were owned by the same company as Wayside Gardens and don't you know, am having the same problem with WG. Shame on me for not doing my homework.

Negative TRS60586
(1 review)
On Sep 5, 2008, TRS60586 Plainfield, IL wrote:

This spring I planted the five pink Simplicity bare root roses that I ordered from J&P. These replaced the few plants that did not make it through the winter in my Simplicity hedge I have been growing for many years. Over this time I have occasionally ordered one or a few bare root Simplicity roses to fill in as needed.

None of the newly planted roses thrived. Three of them never even broke dormancy though the canes remain green to this day. The other two plants eventually produced a few small leaves late in the spring then no further growth, and finally both shriveled and the canes turned brown during the past month. I requested that I be sent replacements, either the potted Simplicity that J&P is now offering for fall planting, or bare root plants next spring.

J&P gave the standard reply that roses are only guaranteed for 60 days, that I would be able to tell if a plant is going to establish within 6 weeks of planting, and that plant loss after this period of time is typically due to plant care or growing conditions.

I then emailed J&P back stating that since the bare root rose canes remained green through the 60 day warranty period I assumed that they were still alive and just expending their energy establishing new roots rather than producing above ground growth. I also informed them that the bare root plants were planted within a day of arrival, that my entire row of Simplicity roses receives regular watering from my underground irrigation system along with feeding, disease and pest control from both myself and a commercial lawn/tree/shrub care company.

I made my case that if only one or a couple plants failed then I would chalk it up to the occasional gardening failure we all suffer, but since none of the five grew and I could not think of any reason why these plants would not thrive where previously planted bare root Simplicity roses have, and continue to thrive, that I felt I was due replacements.

I told them that I understood the J & P guarantee policy, but as a long time, repeat customer I feel an exception should be made for this "untypical" situation and asked the Customer Contact Team member I was communicating with that if they were not authorized to make such an exception, to please advance my request up to a level where such an authority exists. I also asked for insight from their horticulturists as to why these rose canes would remain green (alive) but dormant throughout the spring and summer.

Their reply was basically a repeat of the original one:

"I'm sorry to learn that you disagree with the guarantee as stated in our print catalog and on our web site. Your plants were shipped on 4/2/08 and the guarantee was for 60 days from delivery. We want all of your gardening efforts to be successful and are always happy to make any needed adjustments during the guarantee period. I'm sure that you will understand that we are not able to make replacements after the guarantee has expired. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

Well J&P, this customer that has made several purchases from you over the past 16 years will no longer be a customer of yours.

Negative CHARLOTTE12
(1 review)
On Sep 3, 2008, CHARLOTTE12 wrote:

On May 5, 2008 I ordered a gardenia in a cache pot for 70.90 to be delivered for a 75th birthday on May 15, 2008. I was immediately billed. However the plant was never sent. I received a notice along with a paid statement that the date was changed to June 5th. Of course that was not satisfactory. I called to find out why I wasn't notified before my delivery request and was informed about the merger. Long story short , I cancelled order was told I would get a refund. That did not happen. I called back 30 days later was told again I would receive a refund. Again that didn't happen. I then found out that the gift was delivered during the middle of July, however, it did not survive. Again I called and was assured that I would get a check within 30 days. That was a big no. I then filed a complaint with the attornery general's office in South Carolina and emailed a copy to the company. Guess what I got a refund posted to my credit card within 3 days. I just received a confirmation from The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs stating that they would look into my complaint. So for you out there who are getting no where dealing with this company check out and then let the company know. hope this helps. When push comes to shove you got to be prepared to take it to the mat......

Negative chutchut
(1 review)
On Aug 27, 2008, chutchut Lafayette, CO wrote:

hello all. i have always thought that j&p was a high quality establishment, but that changed when i actually ordered from them. i saw that they had a great sale going on and ordered 4 sets of collection of roses. when i received the roses, i immediately set them in the ground.i like to think that i'm a fairly decent gardener as i am working on becoming a master gardener. within weeks i had nice growth on half of the plants and nothing on the rest. i called them about the roses and they replaced the ones that did not get established. well, the roses came and again i set them in the ground. imagine my disappointment when only 5 roses out of 13 actually grew. now, the ones that did grow are doing beautifully. i called them again but was told that they would not replace the plants. period. i was told that i would receive a call from them but as yet am still waiting to hear from them. so disappointing after the waiting for the plants to grow. their customer service is so lacking. buyers beware. not as up and up as they claim

Negative Katiecav
(1 review)
On Aug 22, 2008, Katiecav Seattle, WA wrote:


Please review and reslove the situation below as soon as possible.

I placed an order on 5/12/2008 including the 2 day “express” delivery charge.

I called customer service on 6/19/2008. I explained that the product was supposed to have been back ordered until 6/4/2008, and had still not arrived. I will note it was NOT clear that the item would be backordered when I place the order initially. The customer service representative, explained that she could not guarantee when it would be delivered because it appeared to still be back ordered. I decided to cancel the order. The rep reported that I should not have been charged for the purchase - customers are charged once a prodcut had been delivered.

I realized the next day that I was charged for the product even though it was not delivered. However, before I could call to have the amount credited back to my account the product was delivered on 6/23/2008. I decided to drop the matter.

I then realized on the week of July 21st, that I had been charged a second time for the product. I called that week and requested a refund. I was told that it should be about a week for that credit to process. To be CLEAR…I was charged twice for a product that was delivered SO late that I attempted to cancel it!!!!

On August 14th I realized that the credit still had not been processed. (about 3 weeks) I called and spoke to customer service. She explained that it usually takes “30” business days to process a credit. I explained my ordeal and indicated I had been promised otherwise. She agreed to put a “rush” on my request and that it would be no more than 5 business days that a credit would appear on my account.

5 business days later, on August 21st, I called and the customer service representative indicated that there was no evidence that I had been credited. My bank account also did not show any credit.

I ordered this product on May 12th. It is now AUGUST 21st and I am STILL trying to resolve issues with my order. Nothing I have attempted to do has worked. The order did not come as promised (even by the back order date), my attempt to cancel my order failed, I have been charged twice for the same product, and I have been unable to get my money back!


Negative vdbmab
(1 review)
On Aug 13, 2008, vdbmab La Mesa, CA wrote:

Buyer beware. I placed an large internet order for on March 20. My credit card was charged the day of the order. Although most plants showed availablilty, they were not received in a timely manner. I had to follow up multiple times to see when plants would ship (was able to look at the order on-line). The company then updated their web-site so I could no longer look up orders prior to the update.
As it turned out, the company cancelled part of the order (6 plants). 2 plants came dorment and never sprouted. When I tried to follow up regarding a refund, I was told that I needed to supply a breakdown of the refund amount due.
I faxed a request, along with a spreadsheet, on 7/18. I left a message to again follow up with no return call. Today is 8/13 and no refund has been received. They are now telling me that it will come soon but only for the plants not shipped (no shipping/handling). I plan to write a letter to the company and do NOT plan to do business with them EVER again. I am very dissatisfied.

Negative horti_gal
(1 review)
On Aug 8, 2008, horti_gal Frisco, TX wrote:

The most unprofessional and rude people i have ever come across in my life. The customer service rep yelled at me for enquiring about my refund i requested upon cancellation of my internet oder. Here's the story.. I had placed an online order last month (July 17). Since they were not ready to ship until end of Sept, I decided to cancel my order on (Aug 4). Today Aug 8, I called 'em asking about my refund. I was told it takes ATLEAST 30 days for them to process refunds. Strange as it may sound, when you place your order your credit card is charged the same day (i my case on July 18) and when you ask for refund it takes 30 days! when questioned - why so? the lady started yelling saying that she is not the one who handles that department. Okay, may i speak to the person that does. She screams back saying No you may not. I repeatedly kept requesting her to lower her tone and connect me to her supervisor but instead she hangs up on me. This is how rude it can get with Jackson and Perkins... I wish I knew about this site before. I wish I knew they were sold to some lousy company called Park seeds. I have been their customer since 2003 I dont think i will ever go back to them for their business. Beware they are rude, liars, scammers, cheaters!

Negative yardleygardener
(1 review)
On Jul 28, 2008, yardleygardener Morrisville, PA wrote:

On May 15 this year I placed an order for a shrub rose collection, all bare root roses. I was told they would be shipped by June 12. That date came and went, I called and was told they would be shipped around July 5. The roses never came. I called and inquired when they might be coming. Customer Service told me that they would be shipped in Aug. or Sept. I asked to speak to the horticulturalist, who assured me they would NOT be shipping these roses in Aug. or Sept., because they can't be planted then. Customer Service said they would have a Supervisor call me, but that has never happened. Nor have they responded to my email inquiry. So I finally cancelled the order and will not deal with them anymore.

Negative janegael
(2 reviews)
On Jul 10, 2008, janegael New Haven, CT wrote:

On June 6, 2008 I ordered a "deal" where I would buy a Don Juan rose and get a Dreamweaver free. I was assured the roses were in stock and my order would be shipped directly.

It is now July 10th. After four phone calls where I was told I absolutely could NOT cancel my order, I was told they were no longer shipping roses this season and my roses would be shipped next spring! I still was unable to cancel my order. I remained free to refuse my order and J&P would refund my money...undoubtedly with the same speed that they shipped these roses. Like the other 3 phone calls I was told that there was no supervisor or anyone higher I could speak to as orders can't be canceled once they are "on the shipping floor." My order was "on the shipping floor" since the second week in June!

I have filed a formal complaint with their local Better Business Bureau and am requesting that they finally cancel my order once and for all. Jackson & Perkins has been sold to a company that also owns the questionable Wayside Gardens and Park Seed. It has become sadly apparent that they are no longer a reputable company to do business with.

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