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Negative Silveraurora
(1 review)
On Mar 29, 2016, Silveraurora wrote:

I have been ordering roses from J&P for nearly 30 years now. I placed my order for 2 Outrageous and one Aromatherapy in January this year. After placing my order, I emailed them to ask them to ship in March, foregoing any guarantees, so that I could start them in the greenhouse right away (as I live in Alaska and my roses are kept in cold storage for the winters at great expense). I've been trying to get more of the Outrageous for 3 years now, always sod out early. So excited that I got my order in early! Today I get an email that says they've shipped the Aromatherapy, that's all. I called them right away. Nope, don't have any Outrageous, can't tell you why. Ok, don't you let people know that the order they placed 3 months ago and you said you had the item and now don't? I'm sorry ma'am. I said I'm not paying shipping by air to Alaska with an additional up charge of $20 for 1 plant. I would like a refund please - sorry, we can't do that until it returns to the warehouse and THEN process your refund within a few weeks. I said no, you are not getting my money for a month. This is almost a 'bait and switch' - we'll sell you 10 roses but when it comes down to it, we don't have them so will send you the 3 we now have left in stock. So no help out of customer service! I called my credit card company and they are putting a hold on payment and they agreed this is an unfair business practice. I can not believe that Jackson and Perkins has gotten this bad thanks to Parks Seeds ownership! I ordered in JANUARY, and they can't even send me an out of stock notice? What happened to the grand rootstock we used to get? And here you go Angela with J&P, #WEBJP1654500, there's the order number. I see your the one stuck with replying to all of the negative complaints.

On Mar 29, 2016, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Mar 29, 2016 11:30 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

I am so sorry to learn of your disappoint and inconvenience caused. Actually what happened with the Outrageous roses this year was a quality issue and our growers let us know just recently that he would not be able to send us the roses as expected this season. These last minute notifications can really cause a lot of inconveniences for our customer mainly and for us. I apologize that you were not notified of the cancellation of Outrageous on your order in early March. If you truly do not want the Aromatherapy rose just let me know when the package is refused and I will go ahead and do your refund. UPS has it scheduled for delivery tomorrow, 3-30-16. Again I am so very sorry that we have disappointed you and that we failed to contact you about the cancellation.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

Negative sophiebun
(1 review)
On Mar 24, 2016, sophiebun Oakland, CA wrote:

Jackson& Perkin's own horticulturalist helped me to pick out my rose that I purchased on their website. I spoke to the horticulturalist 3 times and asked questions about roses for the zone where I lived, my lighting, and if the rose could grow in a container. THEY RECOMMENDED THIS ROSE TO ME. Now that it is dead, they refuse to honor their warranty:

Thank you so much for contacting us here at Jackson and Perkins! We value our customers’ comments and questions highly, and we appreciate hearing from you.

I apologize but this rose was ordered outside of your zone therefore no adjustments can be made.

Again, thank you for writing to us. If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. To help us serve you better, please use the Reply button to respond so that all previous communications will be included. Thank you for gardening with Jackson and Perkins!

Jackson and Perkins Customer Contact Team
2 Floral Avenue
Hodges, South Carolina 29653
Telephone: 800-292-4769
Fax: 800-242-0329
email: [email protected]

I'm done with this horrible company with dead plants, zero integrity, and useless customer service. Ordering from them was a major faux pas. I wish I could have a do over, and I'd order elsewhere.

On Mar 24, 2016, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Mar 25, 2016 11:32 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

I would like to assist in bringing a solution to your issues. I am going to look into the issue, if the Horticulturist recommended the rose you, we will make an adjustment for you. Please email me your name, address, and order number so that I may help you with this situation.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

Negative ntrani
(1 review)
On Feb 25, 2016, ntrani Long Beach, CA wrote:

I am deeply disappointed with the recent communication and purchase of hybrid tea roses from J&P. When I had recently bought my home it came with a tagged J&P rose (called pink and white). I could not find any information so I emailed them for more information about the rose and their reply was 'we have recently lost all of our archived information on our roses' (basically) we can not help you at all. Really? Aren't you in the breeding business- I would hope your breeding history would be a little more important than just -oops it's gone. My next negative encounter came when I purchased hybrid tea roses. In total I had ordered 16 roses and 10 arrived in the first shipment. The grafting was poorly done (at best) and it was difficult to cut back the numerous canes (one rose had 10 canes) to create the desired open vase shape for growth. Canes were split at the tops-it looked like someone had cut them with a butter knife and ripped the tops off. Horrible! I called, reported what I saw and cancelled the other 6 roses in my order and decided to make the best out of what I had. Now, 8 of the 10 roses I have have cankers on the canes and I've had to cut them back even more. All I can hope now is that my other roses will not be infected. I will NEVER buy from J&P again which I write with a heavy heart as they used to supply great plants. I hope these reviews are really taken seriously! J&P, from my experience and recent reviews here, it sounds like you really need to get your act together!

On Feb 25, 2016, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Feb 26, 2016 10:54 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

I am sorry I was unable to contact you directly, without your personal information I cannot locate you in our files. I would like to assist in bringing a solution to your issues. Please email me directly, your name, address, and order number so that I may help you with this situation.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

Negative AnimalGarden
(1 review)
On Feb 3, 2016, AnimalGarden Salt Lake City, UT wrote:

I ordered a rose from Jackson and Perkins as a Christmas Gift to ourselves. I am an experienced gardener and I have ordered online from other nurseries with great success. With all of my winter-placed orders, I have received my plants at the end of March or early April since I live in Zone 5. I received an email on February 1 stating that my rose had been shipped. I was aghast. It has regularly been below zero and they were sending me a rose when we would still have another 6-8 weeks of hard frosts? I can't even dig in the ground right now! I let them know this and they advised me to pot the plant or to keep it wrapped in wet paper towels for the next 6-8 weeks. This is ridiculous! I need to do extra work because they shipped something too early? When I checked their website it said that Zone 5 plants would ship March 21. I couldn't understand why they would have shipped this on Feb. 1. The answer came when I checked their Hardiness Zones which listed my city as a Zone 7. I have absolutely no clue how the USDA map can claim this (it says that our lowest winter temperatures are 0-10 degrees, it is presently -6 degrees and this is not at all unusual - I have lived here my entire life). I sent them information from our local botanical garden which explicitly says that our northern region is between zones 4-6, and with our particular city in a zone 5. Not only are we not a zone 7, we are not even close to it! Looking at the shipping dates of other places I have ordered from - they delay Zone 7 shipments until the end of March. I cannot believe they would be this inept. I wonder if this is a ploy so that they do not have to deal with refunding people for plants as they only seem to have a warranty for so short period after shipment.

On Feb 3, 2016, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Feb 3, 2016 1:20 PM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

We have reviewed your posting on Dave's Garden Watchdog website. We want to resolve the problem but are unable to locate your order with the information provided by the site. Please forward your order number or complete billing address (including zip code), and any other pertinent information to assist you. I will be more than happy to issue you a replacement to ship at the proper planting time for your region. We apologize for this early shipment and want to help resolve this for you. We at Jackson and Perkins would like to make your experience better

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

Negative Marjid
(1 review)
On Jan 12, 2016, Marjid Millsboro, DE wrote:

In 2015, ordered Midas touch rose. Arrived, planted, it died. I am experienced gardener.
Called and was sent replacement but it wasn't easy getting getting them to send it. Had to call several times. Replacement was black with white fussy mold all over it.

Have send email and even wrote letter to director of customer service and have gotten no response.

Was very disappointed given good prior experiences but now I know why. Is not the same company.

Having similar issue with wayside and also no response. Since they are really the same company, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Have bought TONS of stuff from both in the past. I will be calling both to have them stop sending me catalogs.

On Jan 12, 2016, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Jan 12, 2016 4:33 PM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

I am sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with our service. I would like to help with your situation. Would you please provide me with your name, address, order # , and I will gladly work with you toward some sort of resolution in this situation.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

Negative artseegirl
(1 review)
On Oct 14, 2015, artseegirl Redondo Beach, CA wrote:

Wow, am I disappointed. I should have read the reviews here instead of relying on their "reputation" and my past experience years ago.

I ordered three rose specimens and two honeysuckles. SIX weeks later, I received my plants. Or should I say dead, diseased nightmares? The roses have black spot and ROSE MOSAIC!!! This from a company that prides themselves on mosaic-free specimens! The honeysuckles have die-back and have been eaten by bugs. I checked the packaging and there were no critters in there at all so J & P had the gall to ship them to me in this condition!!!! And, when I called to request a refund, they made me send pictures (not a problem, I sent eight) to confirm my observations. So much for "we'll make you happy no questions asked." Right.
Do yourself a favor and order elsewhere, my sad little plants are going right to the trash.

On Oct 14, 2015, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Oct 14, 2015 11:47 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

I am sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with our service. I would like to help with your situation. Would you please provide me with your name, address, order # , and I will gladly work with you toward some sort of resolution in this situation.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

Negative rusty1643
(1 review)
On Sep 19, 2015, rusty1643 Erwin, TN (Zone 6a) wrote:

I also have stopped ordering from J&P. When they were based in Oregon the quality was far superior than now. The last roses I received from them several years ago were of poor quality and arrived almost dead. I never even bothered to send them back or ask for a refund. They have gone downhill and I will not ever order from them again!

On Sep 19, 2015, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Sep 21, 2015 8:55 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

We would like to assist in bringing a solution to your issues. Please email us with your name, address, and order number so that we may help you with this situation. We at Jackson and Perkins would like to make your experience better. I would like to review your account so that I may bring a better resolution to your issue.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

Negative Kyrakaos
(1 review)
On Sep 8, 2015, Kyrakaos Pflugerville, TX wrote:

Posted on September 8, 2015, updated September 8, 2015
Please DO NOT order from this company. Their product is inferior and they will overcharge you. I order 3 rose bushes ("Our Lady of Guadalupe", "Wildfire" & "Gemini") as well as a few other plants. I followed the instructions they sent with the plants. All plants had sufficient sunlight, drainage, soil, fertilizer, water, etc... The entire order failed with the exception of the Guadalupe rose bush which was planted in the same flower bed as the other rooted out rose bushes. The Gemini and the wildfire did not even leaf out. They were dead upon arrival. When I attempted to contact them on this issue, they stated that the product was not properly cared for so they couldn't issue a credit, send healthy roses/flowers, or refund 80% of purchase price knowing that one of the rose bushes was healthy and was cared for in the exact same manner as the others that were dead upon arrival. They were not listening to my concerns or paid any attention to what I said. It was all my fault. Their customer service is poor. They will shift blame at all costs to avoid loosing money to their business when in fact they will loose more business and money by treating their customers unfairly. Very unsatisfied and disappointed with this company.

On September 8th, 2015, Kyrakaos added the following:

In addition, as you can see from the recent negative reviews all over the internet, this company is going downhill fast. Either their suppliers are giving them poor quality product over the past few years or they are not caring for their investment properly as they accused me of doing to the dead bare-rooted rose bushes they shipped to me. I wish that I had done more research on this company before ordering from them. They seriously need to hire qualified professionals to care for their product or switch vendors. If they would respond and address the negative inquiries and concerns before the customer took their concerns and frustration to forums and reviews online, they wouldn't get so many poor reviews online. Maybe invest more in their product, hire qualified certified horticulturists, change vendors, and invest more in customer service (follow up calls/emails), etc...they might be able to improve their company over time. This is just a joke.
On Sep 8, 2015, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Sep 10, 2015 4:41 PM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

I am sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with our service. Please accept our apology. Jackson and Perkins does its best to ensure all plants and products arrive in excellent condition. Our professional horticulturist are here to offer gardening advice and to answer your gardening questions. We ask that if a plant or product arrives damaged or dead to please contact us as soon as possible. If we are notified of any issues or concerns within the guarantee period we would be happy to resolve the issue. Our guarantee states: "If any product was damaged in shipping, please contact us immediately.
To ensure that each living product has adequate opportunity to perform, we've established the following guidelines for reporting other problems:
•Roses, bulbs, perennials, trees, and shrubs: ◦For plants received in Spring, contact us by June 30th of the year received
◦For plants received in Fall, contact us by June 30th of the year after receipt." We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Chandra M
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]


Negative MaryDessent
(1 review)
On Sep 2, 2015, MaryDessent Independence, MO wrote:

I bought 2 Mr. Lincoln rose bushes from Jackson & Perkins. Both were planted as per instructions provided. One is alive and growing, though has yet to bloom. The other is dead and has never sprouted anything. I called Jackson & Perkins and was told there was nothing they could do as the warranty expired 2 days ago. This plant was dead when it arrived. I will never buy another thing from Jackson & Perkins, nor any of my friends who are thinking of buying plants from them.

On Sep 2, 2015, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Sep 2, 2015 12:23 PM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

I am sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with our service and that one of your Mr. Lincoln roses failed to survive. Please email me your order number or complete billing address (including zip code), and any other pertinent information to assist you. We at Jackson and Perkins would like to make your experience better. I would like to review your account so that I may bring a better resolution and/or understanding to your issue.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

Negative LoneSomeGeorge
(1 review)
On Aug 23, 2015, LoneSomeGeorge Bettendorf, IA wrote:

Posted on July 31, 2015, updated August 23, 2015
The bare-root rose I received from Jackson and Perkins (order number WEBJP1344936, ITEM NUMBER 45779) had broken dormancy with nearly two inches of new growth on all the canes and had obvious severe root rot as evidenced by extensive peeling of the outer root covering, revealing white deposits, and by three or more inches of brown, dead centers. There was a large lump of clay on the roots, suggesting that it was grown in clay, which may explain the extensive root rot. After immediately contracting them about my concerns, providing photographs, I planted it as directed by Jackson and Perkins and gave appropriate care, but it was dead within three weeks. In their first e-mail, they completely ignored my claim of a root fungus and suggested that I determine if the rose was a live by scratching a cane to see if there was green tissue. Next, I suggested having root tissue examined by a lab at Iowa State University, but Jackson and Perkins did not agree. Finally, they offered me store credit for the price of the rose without including shipping and handling.

This was not a satisfactory solution because I certainly did not want another of their roses and so I would have to buy something I did not want and pay shipping and handling costs. They sent me a rose that was obviously infected with a fungus, which could have infected my other roses, debated with me about the problems with it, and then made me pay for the shipping and handling of the diseased rose. This was far from satisfactory customer service. In contrast, Reagan Nursery gave me a full cash refund, including shipping and handling, for a rose with a damaged cane.

I plan on sending this e-mail to several state rose societies in the hope of helping others avoid frustrations with Jackson and Perkins.

On August 23rd, 2015, LoneSomeGeorge added the following:

After the July posting, Jackson and Perkins refunded the total cost of the rose bush, including shipping and handling, thereby satisfactorily responding to my complaint.
On Aug 23, 2015, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Aug 1, 2015 8:11 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

I am writing regarding the feedback on your late Spring shipment of the Fragrant Cloud rose. We are so sorry that your rose arrived in poor condition, our normal Guarantee policy is to adjust orders with credits to be redeemed on future orders. However due to the nature of your concerns, I have made the adjustment to void your credit and refund the Visa card used to make the purchase in full, including shipping. It has been and always will be our policy to promptly resolve any issues with our products or services. Again we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

Negative OldPumpkin
(7 reviews)
On Jul 10, 2015, OldPumpkin North Smithfield, RI wrote:

I ordered 2 roses in February and they were delivered here on the border of zones 5 and 6 with 3 feet of snow on the ground. I followed the directions of wrapping the roots in wet newspapers but they never showed any life until june. they still look runtlike and no sign of blooms .

On Jul 10, 2015, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Jul 13, 2015 8:23 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

We have reviewed your posting on Dave's Garden Watchdog website. We want to help with this problem but are unable to locate your order with the information provided by the site. Please forward your order number or complete billing address (including zip code), and any other pertinent information to the address below. Once received we will review your records for possible adjustments.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

Negative Calirosehime
(1 review)
On Jul 10, 2015, Calirosehime San Jacinto, CA wrote:

Purchased 8 toses earlier this year. This was my first purchase and I made the purchase because I have several in my yard from my husbands deceased grandmother. 8 roses that spanned over 2 orders. All the roses are dead but 1. We followed the instructions and care guide, they are planted where other Jp roses are growing and where only 1 of the new ones survived. I contacted the company to advise my concerns. When i proceeded to follow up about the previous contact I was given the tun around and ultimately denied any warranty being stated that there was no record of my contact and that it is now past the deadline I was unaware of. $180 worth of dead roses in my yard they refuse to honor simply because the employee I spoke to failed to document that I had contacted them prior to the deadline. Very dissatisfied with this outcome and outraged. You make your contacts, make further then find out of deadline and get told you're out $180 because their employee failed to follow procedure. Not right at all.

On Jul 10, 2015, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Jul 13, 2015 8:31 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

We have reviewed your posting on Dave's Garden Watchdog website. We want to help with this problem but are unable to locate your order with the information provided by the site. Please forward your order number or complete billing address (including zip code), and any other pertinent information to the address below. Once received I will review your records and make the appropriate adjustments.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

Negative vlo55
(1 review)
On Jun 4, 2015, vlo55 Minot, ND wrote:

NEVER NEVER NEVER again will I ever order from Jackson Perkins again and I warn you all too! I ordered 2 tree roses from them and they came looking bad. But since I have had tree roses every year I though I could baby these back to health. No such luck so I called before the June 30 th deadline and you know what I was told.....they are not for my zone. I am a zone 4 and these are for a zone 5 and above....what the heck???? I just got them they were NOT over wintered and I have grown these for years....although not for 3 years from JP...I got them at my local nursery barefoot. They were not available this year so I gave JP another try....boy was I wrong. This is just unacceptable...... 3 weeks and they are dead and it is because of my growing zone.....this company is a joke if this is the way they stand behind their guarantee....

On Jun 4, 2015, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Jun 5, 2015 8:52 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

We are sorry to learn of your disappointment with our service. Please accept our apology.We are so sorry that your tree roses failed to survive. Although you just planted these this season, our Guarantee does state: "Please understand that we cannot accept responsibility for the results of extreme weather, neglect, unforeseeable acts of nature, or ignoring our hardiness zone recommendation." Ordering outside of the recommended zone voids the warranty on the plants and no adjustments can be made. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]


Negative EGD0324
(1 review)
On May 4, 2015, EGD0324 Poolesville, MD wrote:

Posted on May 4, 2015, updated May 4, 2015
My first experience with this company in 2013 was quite good. Great bareroot product, shipped timely, and nice healthy thick canes. Sadly it all went downhill. Re: Order numbers: WEB003874996 and WEBJP1229524. The first listed order was placed in spring 2014. The bareroot roses I ordered (4 of them) arrived with little root and small, spindly canes. Out of 2 Mardi Gras and 2 Honey Perfume floribunda roses, only 1 floribunda (honey perfume) made it. I contacted customer service and was told that the product warranty expired on July 30, 2014. These roses didn't even last a year and no offer for replacement or adjustment. The second order, placed this spring, was also disappointing. I ordered 1 grand prize floribunda and 2 outrageous floribundas bareroot. Again, the product I received was ridiculously puny with little root and small canes. For the money I spent I expected a quality product. After another disappointing year and terrible customer service, I will no longer purchase from this company.

On May 4th, 2015, EGD0324 added the following:

After an email with the service rep Angela, it was clear that this company does not stand behind their product. Roses are only guaranteed until June 30. The problem was not getting the plant established (even though they were quite small), the problem was the root quality. If you sell a quality product, it should be able to live a year. No offer of adjustment or replacement. I have cancelled my current order and will never order from this company again. Based on the reviews I've seen, it looks I'm not the only one!
On May 4, 2015, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On May 4, 2015 11:14 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

We are so sorry to learn that you were disappointed with our guarantee policy and the quality of the roses last year and this year. If you will email me directly I will be happy to assist you.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

Negative Arizona12
(1 review)
On May 2, 2015, Arizona12 wrote:

Posted on May 2, 2015, updated May 2, 2015
Posted on May 1, 2015, updated May 2, 2015
Posted on April 14, 2015, updated May 1, 2015
Purchased 4 roses, lost one. They told me an "adjustment" would be made to my account rather than a replacement, which is what I asked for. When I inquired recently via email I explained that my hearing doesn't permit me to use the phone, and they replied that I should call. So I did, and was unable to use the service as I couldn't understand the verbal ques so didn't know which button to push, etc. Very frustrating. I have emailed again explaining the problem and received no response. I have just emailed them again telling them I am leaving negative feedback about my experience with them, and that I am noticing that more than half of the feedback online is negative. I don't expect a reply. Will not shop there again. A shame, really, it was so easy to resolve. Either replace the rose while they have them in stock, or refund my money.

On May 1st, 2015, Arizona12 added the following:

On April 16 Angela Davenport emailed me to resolve our situation, and stated that even though the warranty was expired, she would send me a new rose. (the warranty expired because when I originally wanted a replacement there were none left and my account was to be adjusted, and I understood that I would be able to get the rose the following season. Evidently not.

It is now May 1st after the close of business. I have heard nothing more from Ms Davenport nor have I seen a rose. So....? I would think 2 weeks would be adequate time for something to be done?

I repeat that it's a shame, really. They have the largest selection, great roses and other plants, and it should be a pleasure to do business with them, instead of wanting to pound my head on the wall.
On May 2nd, 2015, Arizona12 added the following:

Oh, please, Ms Davenport, I just re-read the email I sent you on April 15, including the original order #, the original invoice # AND my address. Must I re-send this, as well? So it can be misplaced, lost because this is the busy season, or, whatever else? Each time we correspond, my information is sucked into this vast void, and lost forever? Please, save the canned apology, all right? I'm tired of this dance. Thank you, but no thank you. Your lack of follow through is exactly what I have made this negative remark about, customer service is sorely lacking. The roses are beautiful. The selection is large. Customer service, to coin an old, over used phrase, "sucks".
On May 2nd, 2015, Arizona12 added the following:

P.S. I forgot to say.....keep the rose. We are finished here... thank you for your time. My future online rose purchases will be carefully researched to make certain I'm in no way dealing with Jackson and Perkins or it's affiliates . Please, don't respond. We really are finished here.
On May 2, 2015, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Apr 15, 2015 9:11 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

I would like to assist in bringing a solution to your issues. I am sorry I was unable to contact you directly, I do not have any of your order information. Please send me your full name, address, and order reference number so that I may review your records and make the appropriate adjustments. I apologize that you have failed to receive a response to our recent inquiry, as this is a very busy time of year and our email team is running behind on email inquiries. Please email me your information, I will be more than happy to assist you.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

On May 2, 2015 11:50 AM, Jackson & Perkins added:

I apologize that I have been unable to assist you, but I failed to receive an email as requested with your order information. I'll be more than happy to assist you, please email me your order information so I may resolve this issue for you.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

On May 2, 2015 1:10 PM, Jackson & Perkins added:

Please accept my apology, researching my email folders I did locate your email you had sent to me. I was looking for an email with Arizona12 in it when clearly it was in your name. This is my error and I am so sorry. However I did make the replacement for the Hot Cocoa rose and sent you an email confirming on 4/16. I will email you directly with the replacement order details. Again I apologize that I have disappointed you.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]


Negative rodcrosser
(1 review)
On Mar 26, 2015, rodcrosser Abilene, TX wrote:

Posted on March 22, 2015, updated March 26, 2015
There phone clerk took my charge card several months ago over the phone to purchase in March with my knowledge double bloomed white iceberg roses. I called two days ago to begin the initiation of a purchase. 3/20/15

On March 26th, 2015, rodcrosser added the following:

I got an e-mail on the 23rd of March from [email protected] He offered a full refund Full refund means Full including my shipping charge of 100.00 They got the roses back today that I had to send back at my expense of 100.00 due to an error they made. I was told on the 23rd by Gerard or Gerald a sales rep and as he said a customer service rep that they were issuing me a full refund including the shipping charge with his apologies and empathy. I told him at that point I believed what he was telling me. Today the 26th Gerard is now telling me he is not refunding my shipping charge because it is a 3rd party. I ask to speak to the fraud department. mumble and fumble. If it looks like fraud smells like fraud feels like fraud it is. There is the BBB legal recourse and of course social media communication to end this. If I had refused this order which common sense told me to do and I did not because I wanted to find an invoice or a shipping label with this order and there was not any. there would not be a question of shipping charges. apparently from reading the negative reviews this company has reorganized on several occasions? if that is the case anyone would be out of their mind to purchase again from this company. I send my e-mail to [email protected]. I will keep you informed of the outcome.
On Mar 26, 2015, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

"On Mar 23, 2015 11:10 AM, Jackson & Perkins responded with:

I am so sorry I was unable to contact you directly because I do not have any of your information. I would like to assist in bringing a solution to your issues. Please email me with your name, address, so that I may help you with this situation. I will be more than happy to issue you a refund for this order. I look forward to working with you to resolve this matter.

Angela D
Jackson and Perkins Sale Associate
[email protected]

Negative Petuniarabbit
(5 reviews)
On Aug 13, 2014, Petuniarabbit Scottsdale, AZ wrote:

I have been growing roses in my garden for over 10 years. I'm not a newbie. I have purchased from Jackson Perkins in the past -2005. Those roses did wonderfully. My recent experience had soured my opinion of their product and their customer service.
Four barefoot roses were purchased in late spring. All were planted exactly according to their instructions. All struggled with weak growth. Three died within two months. Only one is still living and it has taken an extraordinary amount of tending to keep it. I contacted Jackson Perkins and was promptly advised the guarantee was only valid for spring-meaning no guarantee considering the late date I ordered. Incidentally, two more bare root roses from an inexpensive mail order catalogue were planted at the same time in the same area and are flourishing. Of course, they have a 1 year guarantee.
Buyer Beware:
Jackson Perkins sells a product they do not stand behind.
Jackson Perkins sells an inferior product, IMHO.
Jackson Perkins is on the higher side of pricing.
With all the reputable rose companies to spend your cash on, I discourage throwing money away with Jackson Perkins.

Negative jennwv11
(6 reviews)
On Jun 18, 2014, jennwv11 FALLING WATERS, WV wrote:

Posted on June 16, 2014, updated June 18, 2014
Posted on June 13, 2014, updated June 16, 2014
My husband ordered 4 floribunda roses and a 24" tree rose from Jackson & Perkins for me for Mother's Day. About two weeks ago, my dark cherry rose bloomed but I realized they sent me the wrong kind of rose. I called their customer service and they gave me a refund after I sent a picture via email to the horticulturist showing proof. As of this afternoon, all 4 of the floribundas and my 24'' tree rose has a disease on the leaves. Even the free rose they sent me has a disease( yellowing of leaves and black spots). I don't think they sprayed/inspected them before shipping them out. They all have weird looking red leaves growing that also has weak canes. I called their customer service and I am waiting for their reply now. Do not order from them..they are waste of time and money. I am so disappointed and mad. My family will never order from Jackson & Perkins, Wayside Gardens, and Park Seed Co. ever again!!!

On June 16th, 2014, jennwv11 added the following:

The customer service lady from J & P emailed me this morning letting me know that they are giving me a merchandise credit. I emailed her back asking for a refund of my money plus I want the shipping and handling charges refunded also. I let them know that I don't intend on purchasing from J & P ever again. She replied back saying merchandise credit is what they are offering and they will not issue refund S & H charges because the charges are applied by 3rd party.. Unbelievable! I took a close up picture of the rose (red leaves and weird thorns on canes) to 2 of my local nurseries. I told them that couple of the 2 qt. roses had these symtoms when I got them out of the box. The nursery employees told me it was Rosette's Disease and that there is no cure. Also that J & P probably didn't inspect them before sending them out like they are supposed to. Do not buy from this company!!!
On June 18th, 2014, jennwv11 added the following:

The customer service lady gave me a merchandise credit code for the 3 floribunda roses but she still has not provided me with mcc for the 24' tree rose (about $35). I have sent off an email to [email protected] on the 16th requesting for the code so I can check out when I order my replacement roses but I stilll have not gotten a response. Wow!! I will tell all my neighbors who love gardening about my horrible experience with this company.
Negative CosmosandCleome
(3 reviews)
On May 16, 2014, CosmosandCleome Bethany, PA wrote:

In the past two years, I've placed three orders with Jackson and Perkins, and have been more disappointed than pleased with most of my plants. Their shipping has not been prompt, and by the time I received one fall order, the weather was already really cold, and the plants and bare root roses really did not have enough time to get a foothold before winter. Compared to another company I have dealt with, J&P's container plants arrived quite small and almost sickly looking. I have never had any luck getting their bare root plants to grow. I do not plan to order from Jackson and Perkins again.

Negative jayslater123
(3 reviews)
On May 16, 2014, jayslater123 Baltimore, MD wrote:

I have ordered several times from J & P in the past 12 months. Mostly rose bushes and was always pleased.

I ordered 3 more potted quarts of roses a week ago and received my order in less than a week. I planted the bushes immediately on this past Wednesday. It is now Friday and I have noticed severe yellowing of the bottom 1/2 of each plant's leaves and much drop off. I checked for mites and found a severe infestation in all 3 of the plants.

I wrote a nice note to J & P and attached 4 close up pictures of the leaves. I received a reply very quickly offering me a suggestion of making up a soap solution to spray the roses.

Not good.

When I spend my money on expensive plants and expensive shipping I don't expect to be told to spray their plants for mites 2 days after receiving them.

I guess J & P doesn't care about their customers and has now surely lost another one!


Negative Bo426
(1 review)
On May 9, 2014, Bo426 Henderson, NC wrote:

On April 15, 2013 I ordered a RIO SAMBA rose bush because I could not find it locally. I planted it in a bed with 9 rose bushes I had bought from LOWES. As of today, May 9, 2014, the RIO SAMBA is DEAD and the 9 rose bushes from LOWES are full of buds and blooming. The RIO SAMBA never did well, it seemed to struggle last season. Today I called JP, and they said it was only guaranteed for 2 months. I live in Carolina, so shock in shipping was not a problem. I will NOT buy from JP ever again. Lowes has a FULL YEAR guarantee, plus it is local. I've learned my lesson.

Negative hdmitchel
(1 review)
On May 8, 2014, hdmitchel Virginia Beach, VA wrote:

I had been a fan/customer of Jackson Perkins roses for the past 10 years either buying them directly from a local nursery, or ordering them on line. Using a gift certificate from my daughter, I ordered a total of ten roses, paid $248.50 on February 27th, 2014. Roses arrived on March 5th, 2014 as bare root product. Little did I know that the company had changed ownership, and was now headquartered in the Carolinas.
The order contained 10 roses in varying stages of maturity. Some of the canes were 1/2 inch thick, some barely 1/4 inch thick...which initially caused some concern. After about two weeks, when I didn't see any signs of life from some of the roses, I called into the company; was told to wait another couple of weeks. In April, I called again because some of the roses appeared dead after a signs of life whatsoever; was told to give them another couple weeks; to apply Epsom salts, cut off the black spots, apply Elmer's glue or nail polish to the exposed canes, etc. I had to take photos of the roses for their horticulturist to see if they warranted replacement. So, I took photos of all ten of the roses, sent them in. J&P decided from the photos, that two of the roses definitely needed to be replaced, which they did. The replacement product was less than the quality that I expected, and that I was used to from J&P. So, back and forth on the phone with them, with them requesting more photos of the four other roses that are dead and need replacement. Long story short, of the ten roses that I ordered, only 4 of those roses have leafed out and are hanging in there. From the photos that I sent them, they are now deciding if they are going to refund my money, which is a little over $100.00.
Their customer service now is a hit or miss...some of the representatives that I speak with are real friendly and helpful...some others are not. I always get a different person. The person that I sent the original photos to...those photos could not be retrieved or reviewed by any one else when that person was out on 'emergency'.
The company has changed. If you are looking for the original quality, friendliness, helpful, great product that we once got...FORGET IT. I never experienced this with the original J&P...because their product was always in top notch condition/form. I never had to call them to complain or anything like that. Whenever you did call in, you got a friendly, responsive customer service person.
Go spend your money somewhere else. Even the local nurseries, where I could once get the J&P roses...have ceased to carry them. The replacements that they send you do not have the circular metal tag that the roses once had, and please believe me...the roses that they send are a far cry from the roses of 'yesteryear'. I am sorry for the experience, but they are going to refund my money or I will take them to court for not honoring their guarantee.

Negative cymrse64
(1 review)
On Apr 10, 2014, cymrse64 Bayview-Montalvin, CA wrote:

I ordered a Brigadoon rose bush in December 2013 from them. The bare root season starts here in December. They waited until February 2014 to send me my plant. When it arrived there were two very small stocks on the plant. One of the two stocks was also broken at the base. Upon further examination of the plant, there was also a hole in the bark below the graft. The hole was from something that burred through the plant. The two stocks were also shriveled up. There was also mold growth on the root stock, and it looked like the plant was sitting around somewhere in an environment outside of soil that promoted mold growth. I was not happy so I called them to report the problem immediately. They said the plants they sell are number 1 roses, and come from California. I told them number 1 roses are supposed to have three to five canes, and theirs only had two. They said they would send me another rose. The second rose arrived, and only had two canes. I planted the rose, and it has not grown or put out any buds. Now it is the middle of April, and the two stocks are also shriveled up and look dead. There has been sufficient moisture, and the second plant has not grown. I looked at the second plant again today, and now realize it too is dead and will not grow. I pulled the plant from the soil, and there was no new growth on the rootstock, and there was also a hole in the bark of the bush below the graft. This plant too looks like something had bored through the center of the bush, and has also killed the bush. Do not order from this company. The quality of their plants is poor, and you do not get a number 1 rose as they tell you. I am just going to have to eat this loss. Calling Jackson & Perkins again is a waste of time for me. If you order from them they will send you dead plants. I also have ordered from Park Seed Company, and Wayside Gardens. Now I find out these other two companies are also part of Jackson & Perkins. I won't be ordering from Park Seed Company, and Wayside Gardens anymore either.

The bare roses I bought at The Home Depot, and Lowes are growing and doing much better than the one from Jackson & Perkins. This company also waits to send the bare root rose bushes you order until the end of the bare root season or after the season is over. That's what they did to me. I order in December, and they wait until February to mail me my plant. My order in December should have been sent out in December since it was planting time in my area. They also tell me the roses are from California. I also live in California, and they should know what planting time is for bare root plants in the same state.

Negative 1joel
(2 reviews)
On Mar 16, 2014, 1joel Alameda, CA wrote:

As bad as it could get.
Priced 2x the competition
Tree rose size 1/2 to 1/3 the other company tree roses
Root stock look like it came from a concentration camp
Stock itself badly scared all around , poor care .
Canopy below mediocre one had 5 branches other simply dried out .
Season has been ideal to store and ship roses .
The one I bought at local nursery Regan Nursery Fremont CA have a fabulous head at 1/2 the price , before Ordering from JP read carefully other review , I did not , Sadly they were my supplier of choice , the leave by the name delivering below standard quality at over premium prices , they are a shadow of what was once a great company,
After seeing what they send , they really don't care .
My experience with roses 50 years .
I can supply photos

Negative zebhead47
(1 review)
On Dec 23, 2013, zebhead47 Bermuda Run, NC wrote:

Sell plants they don't have then mislead customers regarding order. Order Christmas Cactus on 12/5 as Christmas present. After a week of no indication order had shipped was told they were "sold out" but would have more the next day and it would ship then. On 12/17 get email along with tracking number that plant had shipped on 12/16, but when you checked tracking status indicated it was ready to ship but was never picked up. On 12/20 I checked again and was told the plant would be delivered on 12/22. On 12/22 checked again and was told plant should have arrived on 12/18, but it was lost in transit and they didn't have anymore. Either J&P has no clue what they are doing or they intentionally mislead customers...stupid or dishonest, you pick.

Negative littleguy2
(3 reviews)
On May 15, 2013, littleguy2 Oakbrook Terrace,
United States wrote:

Ordered 5 roses for just under $100. Being on their Rose testing board many years ago i expected top quality roses. 3 bushes were of acceptable quality and two looked like 1 year old plant for which I still paid premium precises. One bush showed no signs of life. I called customer service and the lady said "go out and scratch the stem to see if its green." Having a greenhouse for the past 40 years I think I know when a plant is dead. OK so I go out and scratch the bark and surprise surprise it's brown. Call back and get a different lady on the phone. "well Honey we don't have any more of that rose in stock but I'll send you a potted rose that is similar." After waiting for about two weeks I called again and the person who answered said there was no record of my calls and no replacement was sent out. OK what do you have left? She said she would send a replacement. Got it today and it's a 1 to 1/12 year old plant. If you are going to sell poor quality plants at least let the customer know and charge less. From now on I"ll pick better roses bushes from a big box or grocery store.

Negative roselover1
(1 review)
On Apr 27, 2013, roselover1 Citrus Heights, CA wrote:

I have bought from Jackson and Perkins since the 1980's. I had always received top quality. I should have read the reviews first. I was speechless when I received my roses and lilacs. I cannot tell you what might live at this point. I spent about $170. First of all I paid about $30 in shipping and it took about two weeks to get my order. When I called Jackson and Perkins, they could have cared less. Do not under any circumstances buy from this company. The days of getting good roses from them is over. I ordered the rest of my roses from Heirloom and when you compare the two side by side, there is no comparison.

Negative ROSLADY
(1 review)
On Apr 22, 2013, ROSLADY wrote:

I have ordered from Jackson and Perkins for over 20 years!
I had over 150 rose bushes at my old house... ALL FROM J&P.
I watch the PH of the soil/use Organic Material/Epsom Salts/Dead Fish....
Alternately PLANTED them J&P NEXT WALMART...

Negative grasseschi
(1 review)
On Apr 3, 2013, grasseschi Tulare, CA (Zone 9a) wrote:

Just recieved 5 roses and 1 hydrangea. The quality of the roses was abysmal. Small, damaged, poorly packed. I have been buying J & P roses for years and had beautiful quality. I guess, now that J & P is part of the Wayside/Park family, the quality will never be the same.

I live in CA. Bareroot season is Jan & Feb. Roses just came yesterday, April 2. Should have been 4/1, April Fool's Day.

What a disappointment.

Negative monniemon
(10 reviews)
On Mar 1, 2013, monniemon Lansdale, PA wrote:

Posted on April 16, 2010, updated March 1, 2013
Posted on April 16, 2010, updated April 16, 2010
Posted on October 15, 2009, updated April 16, 2010
Posted on July 26, 2009, updated October 15, 2009
I have ordered most of my roses from Jackson Perkins(approx 20 are J&P). My last received order was in june 2009, i ordered bareroot Sombreuil and a wildfire. The plants came in a timely manner and they were wonderful specimens. They are blooming wonderfully. I did have a problem with Bishops Castle which was ordered in May. I gave J&P a call and they replaced it straight away. My lastest email to them was about my Lady Bird J, which had died, they didnot have a bareroot LBJ to replace it, so they sent me merchandise credit for the replacement. I have just ordered 4 more container roses from them, since the others i ordered last season is doing so well, I will let you know how this order goes. But so far I have gotten nothing short of great customer service and wonderful roses from J&P,and will continue to use them for my garden needs.


On October 15th, 2009, monniemon added the following:

My Janet hybrid tea rose and the Lady Bird Johnson rose died, they were my purchase in April 2009. I contacted J&P, I was told the bareroots were not available, i would get the credit. The credit never came, so I contacted them again, and they sent me the potted Lady Bird J (which cost more), and sent a slip stating shipment of the Janet Hybrid Tea in April. update on the last potted plant order, The Heirloom rose was damanged shipping the others were perfect. I called, and they replaced the Heirloom immediately. J&P has 4stars for me. They have been professional and as their roses have grown wonderfully for me. Aprox. 50% of my garden is J&P roses and I have over 68. Sometimes it is not J&P fault roses die or donot grow, things happen, Grubbs attackes, or other problems, so roses donot do well in certain zones. I have some roses sent a lot smaller than others but they are still healthly..
On April 16th, 2010, monniemon added the following:

update on the Janet Hybrid Tea Rose that was not available Oct/2009. J&P did exactly as they said they would, the ending of March 2010 a replacement Janet arrived at my door. The plant was wonderful, very large, approx. 6 canes, an excellent bareroot. I ground it, and it has taken off wonderfully. With all the negative comments J&P is getting i figured they would have forgotten about my replacement plant, but they didnot.

I think it is unfortunate that this company has had to go into bankruptcy,they have always been professional with me and have always sent me grade A roses, these roses have thrived in my garden. I have ordered from many good garden nurseries and i still come back to J&P and shall continue as long as there is a company. MY HATS OFF TO THEM!!!!
On April 16th, 2010, monniemon added the following:

correction there were not 6 canes on my Janet Hybrid Tea, Janet has 9 canes on it, thats outstanding!!!
On March 1st, 2013, monniemon changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

august of 2010 i ordered a Welcome Home Hybrid tea from J&P, they said it would be shipped late september, it never arrived, i email them, they said it had to be postponed and i would receive it the next spring (2011), well, spring came and went, i emailed, they gave the same excuse and said you will have it by the summer(potted plant), i was fine with that. Summer passed by, i emailed, no answer, i called, they gave the same excuse and said by fall, needless to say, fall came and went, when i emailed, again EXCUSES, i cancelled the rose, i got no apologies, no offer of a replace for free, nothing, i know the company changed hands, i guess the new owners care nothing for their customers. i have since stopped all orders to J&P, it was a great company, now it has turned bad
Negative kdewey6804
(1 review)
On Nov 18, 2012, kdewey6804 Pittsburgh,
United States wrote:

I reviewed a product on Jackson & Perkins and gave it a negative review for quality and expediency. I posted it 3 times and it never showed up so I called customer support. I gave then all of the information re: my contact info and they said technical support would contact me. They never did. I called them twice. I posted the review again -this time twice. It again never showed up. So I would not trust anything on the site in terms of reviews and never order anything I needed in some short period of time.

Negative mekb2012
(1 review)
On Oct 24, 2012, mekb2012 Kerrville, TX wrote:

Jackson & Perkins’s guarantee is essentially useless. I purchased two roses that came from backorder late in the May. Neither survived the hot TX summer and when I inquired about replacements, I was told that I missed the guarantee deadline of August 31st. I have no idea how I was supposed to know that deadline but at that time, the roses were still barely surviving so they wouldn’t have honored their guarantee anyway. I believe that the J&P guarantee is set up to be virtually worthless because there is a very small window dividing the time between when you can determine if the rose is, in fact, thriving and when it is clear that it is not. I believe that their guarantee is deliberately structured to limit replacements in spite of the big banner on their site that says”. Your Satisfaction is Always Guaranteed”. It is quite the opposite.

Negative zippo33
(1 review)
On Sep 11, 2012, zippo33 Hodges, AL wrote:

This may have been a good company at one time but now it is terrible, awful.
I ordered flowers for my elderly aunts birthday and did not receive feedback of any kind.
When I called for help the customer service could not have been worse. Did not or could not tell me if or when the flowers would be shipped. Acted as though I was interrupting their time.
They never arrived on my aunts birthday. She called me about a week after her day and asked if I had sent flowers because there was no card or any type if sender information.
I would avoid this company like the plague.
Negative to the maximum degree.

Negative tsaviano
(1 review)
On Sep 8, 2012, tsaviano Hicksville, NY wrote:

Jackson and Perkins may sell nice products but pray you don’t have a problem. Their rose guarantee is only about a month or two and not enough time to see much growth from dormancy. I spent over $100 on 5 roses and when they arrived were just twigs as described. I followed all instructions to the t. There was no neglect here. I called today since the growing season is at its end to inform Jackson
and Perkins that 3 of my roses never bloomed or took off. The other two which were in a row with the other took off nicely. Their reply was that I had to inform them by June 30th. The roses didn’t even touch soil till mid-april and escaped dormancy around mid to end of May. certainly not enough time to bloom. Home depot and nurseries guarantee their perrenial products for a year. I called today. Within the same growing season and the call center rep was nasty and unhelpful. I will never buy from here again and will pass on the word to others. If you want something unique with a guarantee go to your local nursery. They will treat you with respect.

Negative ironore
(1 review)
On Aug 30, 2012, ironore Florence, OR wrote:

Jackson & Perkins owes me $18.95, for 4 months +, for a dead rose bush they sent me. I have called them 14 times demanding a refund,,,,they always promise me that is "in the works". I've asked to talk to supervisors but they are never available and never return my calls. Although I've been a long time customer of theirs, I wouldn't order a dandelion from them and have told all of my friends about the way I have been treated.

Negative SPesotski
(1 review)
On Aug 7, 2012, SPesotski Brookhaven, PA wrote:

I'm so sad to report that our recent experience has been negative after years of satisfaction. Last fall we ordered a group of sale roses and after several weeks received a letter saying the roses did not meet their standards and our order would be filled in the spring. When no spring order arrived, I called and spoke to a very nice lady who was sorry to tell me that our order had been cancelled. We still receive catalogs of beautiful roses, but won't be ordering from them any more.

Negative carolboyd
(1 review)
On Jul 9, 2012, carolboyd Albuquerque, NM wrote:

I am very disappointed in Jackson and Perkins. I ordered 2 roses this spring (in early May). They arrived fairly promptly and I planted them according to the directions within a couple of days. It's been about 7 weeks and nothing's happened - no leaves. I sent a message to the company the end of last week and their answer was "sorry, your guarantee is over". According to their website, we are supposed to notify them by June 30 if there are problems - I notified them on July 7. Ok, I was 7 days late, but give me a break. I expected a whole lot more from them. I won't be ordering from them anymore.

Negative Citro
(12 reviews)
On Jul 8, 2012, Citro Eden, MD wrote:

Posted on June 27, 2012, updated July 8, 2012
Posted on February 25, 2012, updated June 27, 2012
Ordered roses last summer for fall planting. Order never came. Emailed company with order number, they responded after my 3rd email about 3 months later. The roses I had ordered were not available. Sure would have been nice to have been told this in the fall, I could have gone elsewhere.

On June 27th, 2012, Citro changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I thought I'd give J&P another go after seeing their end of season sale. The bareroot roses had wonderfully developed root system and thick stems. My only problem was the packer put the plastic wrap at the bottom of the box, not around the roots to keep them moist. I soaked them and planted the next day. I lost 2 out of 6. I wrote the company and was issued a refund and they sent a nice email.
I'm rooting (no pun intended!) for J&P, they have always had such wonderful and reasonably priced roses. I will order more this fall.
On July 8th, 2012, Citro changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

Still waiting for my refund and all emails to them have been returned as undeliverable. I was really hoping they were turning the company around, don't waste your money. Go to Edmunds roses instead. Such a shame.
Negative tom_pixel
(6 reviews)
On Jul 3, 2012, tom_pixel Asheville, NC wrote:

I ordered several roses in the fall of 2011 , one for my daughter to plant as a memorial for loss of her mother . 2012 came and I kept checking status of the order - months passed and no updates on the order status . It was way up in the Spring , so decided to call and talk to a real person. I was told there had been a crop failure and would not be receiving the order . Well, why in heck was I not Notified ? Since No one has the courtesy to advise me on the order status , I asked to be removed from all mailings .. ...te

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