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Negative stormcloud
(21 reviews)
On Jun 2, 2012, stormcloud Yonkers, NY wrote:

I placed several orders with this company in 2012. The last order which was for 2 rose bushes and 2 flower pots.
They arrived several weeks ago. I soaked and then planted the 2 bare root rose bushes...still no sign of life.
As for the pots...well the two are so stuck together that we have tried everything and it is impossible to get them apart. 3 times I have called J&P and after much ooh and ahhing I was assured they would order immediate replacments for me to be sent right out. NOTHING HAS ARRIVED.
Further e mails have not gotten a response.
This company has become a horror and I am a long time customer who will never buy there again.

Negative KeelysMom
(1 review)
On May 24, 2012, KeelysMom Beaverton, OR wrote:

Posted on May 22, 2012, updated May 24, 2012
Here's is my letter to them which I've NEVER heard back. Still haven't received the flowers...nor my refund. I will NEVER order from them again...and I WAS a long time and loyal customer.

Dear Jackson and Perkins Customer Service,

I’m not sure where to even begin. Overall, let’s just say my experience with your company over the past week has been more than disappointing.

I ordered flowers to be delivered to my mother in law and mother for Mother’s Day. Here are the issues I encountered since placing the order:

• It took me at least one hour to place the order with the customer service rep b/c you were upgrading to a new system. I had to recite my address, my recipients address, my billing information at least three different times.
• When I received my confirmation via email, the addresses were incorrect. I called to confirm that they did have the correct information and they did in fact have the correct information (supposedly).
• I was sent an order number via email. Your “order status” link on your confirmation email takes you to a page that says is disabled. Also, there is no order status link on your website. My order never showed up under “my account” either so there is no record of my order.
• You offered “Free 2 day express shipping” meaning my order should have been there by the Wednesday before Mother’s Day. I needed the order to be there no later than Friday and your CS agent assured me it would be there well before Friday.
• Not only did the orders not arrive by Friday, they didn’t even arrive before Mother’s Day!
• I called this morning (Monday) to cancel my order b/c at this point, I’m going to find another vendor who is more reliable to send mother’s day gifts to my mother’s AFTER mother’s day.
• You were unable to cancel my order b/c they were already in route to my recipients.
• The lady I talked to confirmed the shipping addresses for me and OF COURSE they were incorrect. One was going to my mom with the wrong name on the address. The other is shipping to me!!! I do not want these flowers they were not meant for me. But you are unable to cancel the order.
• At this point the ONLY thing I want to pay for are the flowers that are being sent to Northville, MI b/c they will arrive. I WILL NOT pay for shipping for either of these orders and I WILL NOT PAY for the flowers that are coming to me. I would be happy to return them but I WILL NOT pay for return shipping.

On May 24th, 2012, KeelysMom added the following:

May 24- Well they finally arrived to my mom today. Addressed to the wrong person and they flowers were DEAD. Good job J&P. I absolutely will NEVER use you again.
Negative LovesRoses2
(1 review)
On May 20, 2012, LovesRoses2 Newport, OR wrote:

I ordered 5 roses from J&P on Dec. 1st, 2011. They were suppose to be delivered sometime in March. Around the 1st of April I was told that the plants they received were not up to their quality, so it would take more time, as they had rejected those that they had received. They thought it would take another couple of weeks, and I would have them. I called again mid April and was told that two of them would be delivered the day I called (and they were). But, one of the two was not one I ordered, instead a bare root rose that I didn't want. The one I wanted was no longer available, but I received no phone call or e-mail about it. They just picked something else and sent it. AND were going to still charge me! I don't order bare root roses because I'm not a good enough gardener to keep them alive. Anyway, I was finally told, a couple of weeks later, after talking to them AGAIN, that I would get a credit for the rose they no longer carry. In the meantime, so they said, I could expect my other three roses by mid May. Today is the 20th, and nothing else has arrived. Checked my order status, and it doesn't work. Never, ever, again!

Negative CoryBroker
(3 reviews)
On May 15, 2012, CoryBroker Milwaukee, WI wrote:

MY EMAIL to J&P...

Attn: Customer Service @ Jackson & Perkins--

Back in January 2012, I ordered 12 Fragrant Lavender Simplicity Hedge Roses. They were supposed to ship to arrive at the beginning of April. They didn't. I kept checking the Jackson & Perkins website, and the status was never updated. I got absolutely NO communication from Jackson & Perkins via email or telephone, so I called when they hadn't arrived by the middle of April.

The Jackson & Perkins representative checked on my order and said that "Jackson & Perkins hadn't received the roses I ordered from the grower, and would only ship them if they met Jackson & Perkins' standards." I asked when that might be, and I was told to look for my roses at the end of April. I kept checking the website, and I see now that the ORDER STATUS button has been removed.

Well folks, it's now May 16th and I've heard NOTHING from Jackson & Perkins. So, regrettably I'd like to CANCEL my order (number 820572, reference above). I am deeply disappointed with your company. I ignored negative reviews on Dave's Garden and other sites that indicated that Jackson & Perkins is not the company it once was, and I placed my order anyway. I spoke to a Jackson & Perkins rep to select just the right roses. It is far too late to plant them at this point. Since I didn't order elsewhere, I'll just have to wait until the next planting season to try one of your competitors. And after reading countless negative reviews (four of them VERY recent) on Dave's Garden, AND given your lack of follow through, I'm not willing to take a chance on getting dead or tiny plants.

I don't know what is going on at Jackson & Perkins, or your parent company Park Seed. But I'd suggest you pull your act together. I should have listened to the negative reviews. Your company apparently lacks communication, integrity, and ships substandard product. And from what the reviews indicate, you ship dead plants and then only offer "future credit" on plants that you never seem to have in stock. Other reviewers explain that you don't honor delivery dates, ship gifts to the wrong address rather than the gift recipient, and well basically just can't manage to get anything right. No thanks!

Please confirm that my order has been cancelled. Show me that you can AT LEAST DO THAT! Then take me off your mailing list.

Cory Triolo

Negative GreenThumbToo
(3 reviews)
On May 13, 2012, GreenThumbToo Sierra Vista, AZ wrote:

Posted on May 13, 2012, updated May 13, 2012
The first week in April, my sister ordered 3 knockout roses from J&P as an early birthday present for me. My birthday isn't until August, but she wanted me to have the roses in time for planting. I received the roses in horrible condition!

Not only that, I had ordered a mini rose for my mom to be delivered on Mother's Day. I ordered them in plenty of time and to take advantage of the "Free Express Shipping Upgrade" they had when I ordered the gift. I did not get the "Free Express Shipping" it was a scam!

I just received an email, telling me that my mom won't be receiving her gift, for today, Mother's Day, but she'll be getting her gift on Wednesday! I ordered her gift two weeks ago! (Even ordering from "Pro Flowers" a day or so before Mother's Day, my mom always got her flowers for the actual day! Not so with J&P!!!!)

The roses my sister ordered for me, came all brown and black. One of the roses had a little green on it, but after following their instructions, we planted them. hoping that one would grow. Today, all the roses are black. No green, at all! Plus, one had come broken and was a very little plant. No wonder they were on sale, J&P was trying to get rid of their old stock, they couldn't sell!

I had immediately contacted them, this past week, to tell them the roses came dead and broken. I also asked about my gift to my mom, since I hadn't received any shipping notice.

They just emailed me and told me that I can't get replacement roses, even though it says so on all the paperwork that came with the roses, on their website & catalogs! They said all they can do was credit my sister's credit card. I was trying to avoid telling my sister, thinking I'd get the replacements and she would still think she did a nice thing for me. But no! J&P would not send replacements! So I had to tell my sister and to tell her to be sure she got credit for her purchase. How much do you want to bet, she will have a hassle trying to get her credit card credited?

Now I have three big holes in one of my beds, amongst my other roses. It is getting too late to plant here. If my sister decides to order roses from another place, I won't get roses until the fall. Isn't that nice?

I highly recommend everyone to stay away from Jackson & Perkins, who are no longer a reputable company, since being bought out. Their service and roses are horrible!

If you want beautiful flowers/plants go to Lowe's Home Center. We bought beautiful roses, healthy and with new growth on them. They are now growing like leaps and bounds, with beautiful roses blooming. Those roses put J&P's dead roses to shame.

I am beginning to think that perhaps ordering flowers, online is no longer an option for me. This is a shame, since I am home bound and now must depend on someone else to pick out and buy flowers for me. Last year someone did buy flowers for me, but they weren't ones I would have bought for my gardens. However, the kind thoughts count.

Jackson & Perkins, shame on you. SHAME ON YOU!

On May 13th, 2012, GreenThumbToo added the following:

Update: After reading the recent comments, I am afraid my sister won't get credit on her card. She's going to end up getting a credit towards future purchases! In other words, she has just given J&P money, throwing it away as if she threw into her lit fireplace.

My caregiver/fiance' ordered me seeds for a corkscrew vine from Park Seed. We received the seeds and I followed the instructions on how to plant them. (Even followed some of the instructions other members here suggested, with some of the seeds). I did not know they are part of the J&P company. Now I worry that I just threw money away too! Will keep you updated on Park Seed Company seeds as well.
Negative trainbrain0204
(3 reviews)
On May 11, 2012, trainbrain0204 New Miami, OH wrote:

I ordered from them for the first time in March. I ordered two climbing roses. I received an email stating they had received my order. They ship to my region starting in March. I routinely checked my order only to see that it had not shipped yet. Now I can't even check online as the order status button has been removed. I sent two emails to two different addresses with no reply. So, today I called the company. They stated that my roses are back ordered and would be shipping at the end of this month. I never received word of this before and now it's too late to order most roses. I asked that they cancel my order and to send an email stating that it had been canceled. Guess what? No email! Horrible customer service! Worst I have ever come across with mail order. I will never order form them again! One and done!

Negative pghscigirl
(1 review)
On Apr 29, 2012, pghscigirl Pittsburgh, PA wrote:

Heartbreaking. J&P used to be wonderful source for roses. One of my favorite roses came from the "old" company at the end of shipping season and despite the lateness and heat did great. Last summer I ordered a Chicago Peace and it never arrived. I contacted J&P and they said they had trouble with them and would hold it til spring. Ok. So I ordered 3 bare roots for spring and they arrived without email notice. The good news was I wasn't away but they arrived without any packing material around roots and were dry. I soaked roots and planted right away but called to complain. I asked about last years Chicago Peace and was told it would be shipped in April. Its the end of April, 2 of the 3 roses survived, and no Chicago Peace. So I called and asked for money back on 3rd bareroot, told them not to bother with CP and please take me off mailing list. The receptionist was nice. :-)

Negative Imrankhalid
(1 review)
On Apr 23, 2012, Imrankhalid Staten Island, NY (Zone 7a) wrote:

I had the worst experience with J&P. I placed an order for Mr. Lincoln rose. They placed it on backorder and told me it is not available last year. It will be shipped in coming spring. When spring came, they canceled it without even telling me. When I called, I was told the quality was not good so we canceled it. I waited for about full 1 year!! :(
I would strongly suggest to THINK TWICE if you want to get roses from this company.

Negative diPomi
(4 reviews)
On Mar 29, 2012, diPomi VALLEY VILLAGE, CA wrote:

Have ordered a number of Roses from J & P over the years and always gotten decent bareroots, but last fall I succumbed to a free shipping sale.
NB that their customer service by EMail is generally non-responsive, if you want service call them.
First problem, I wasn't informed that the live plants I ordered weren't shipping till spring - that news was delivered to me when I called several weeks later to find out why my order hadn't shipped yet. The 'roses' arrived this month, tiny, leafless and slimey - two DOA, the third succumbing within days. One of the DOAs was 'Frankly Scarlet', on a broken quarter-inch diameter stem was a 3/8th" diameter bud union and two dead 4" long 1/8th" diameter branches - beating the smallest budded rose I've ever seen in commerce by a factor of ten.
Do not order live plants from this bunch!
When I called for replacements, my plants were 'unavailable' and bareroots were substituted for them - if they are great I may upgrade my review to neutral because the CS rep. was professional and well spoken, which I appreciate.
I had ordered bareroots separately, and they were OK, though one was undersized.

Negative Slafhowb
(1 review)
On Mar 10, 2012, Slafhowb Wilmington, DE (Zone 7a) wrote:

The world's smallest plants ever!

Two lilacs and one hydrangea, each in a 2 cup container, each no more than three inches tall. Price per plant $15-16 per.

I bought here with a gift certificate, otherwise, the whole thing would be going straight back. I would note the value as ridiculously poor, but that is a gross overstatement.

Negative wtahelptech
(1 review)
On Mar 8, 2012, wtahelptech Trenton, NJ wrote:

DON"T ORDER FROM THEM ! Half of the roses I ordered last spring arrived as dead sticks -some had no trace of a root anywhere on them !
I was told they would issue credit and reordered to be shipped when to plant in the fall. in January recieved notice that the varities I ordered are not available and issed a credit - calle dand and asked for a full refund and told they only issue credit for future purchases.

Don't waste your time expecting to get something from them !!!

Negative biotechGA
(1 review)
On Feb 20, 2012, biotechGA Atlanta, GA wrote:

i have had multiple bad experiences with this company. most are due to ordering rose bushes and then hearing nothing back for weeks. the quality of rose bushes is good but the reality is that they are awful at customer service and just don't get it. i've had orders cancelled and mishandled perhaps 4-5 times.

so despite the fact that they have beautiful roses, i've moved on to another company.

Negative vgshea
(1 review)
On Dec 21, 2011, vgshea Sunnyvale, CA (Zone 9b) wrote:

I had the same experience as dontforget2laug -- ordered a gift to be sent to a relative, but it was sent to me instead. In fact, it happened twice! The first time, I thought I must have made a mistake, so I ordered another gift and double-checked at checkout to make sure it was directed to my relatives. Again, the gift arrived at my house. Telephone customer service says it was my error and refuses to reship the gift. I've sent e-mail and will see if I get a helpful response, but most likely I will not be ordering from J&P again.

Negative dontforget2laug
(1 review)
On Dec 16, 2011, dontforget2laug Pelham, MA wrote:

Ordered from them two years running. They seemed ok. This year, confirmation did not come through with ship to address only my name. I missed it. I didn't get any other email. So, they were sent to me instead of the person I intended to send it to. They won't help. Say its my fault. Only company confirmation I've gotten this year that hasn't shown billing and shipping address. Heck I know I looked up the address because I don't know it and I only sent it to one person. From the previous 2 years I get 2 of each overpriced catalog. Now I'll get three and the roses shoddy roses to boot. Never again.

Negative nrgdncr
(1 review)
On Jul 22, 2011, nrgdncr Sandy, OR wrote:

I am so unhappy. My daughters gave me a Jackson Perkins gift certificate for Mother's Day. They know how I love JP roses. I used to grow test roses for them when I lived in Salem Oregon. I ordered two rose plants by e-mail the last day available to order roses for spring, according to their website. When they arrived the plants including roots were dry and brittle, any small growth areas were also totally dry. I immediately called "customer service". It didn't take long to realize I was not talking with a gardening professional. I was told to continue to follow planting intructions and I had 30 days to file for a refund of my money. Despite TLC, nothing grew. I called "customer service" again for a refund and was told I could not get one, there was no guarantee on their plants after shipping time in April. When I asked other questions, including information included with shipping for refunds I was just lead in circles all coming back to no refund or credit. When I asked to talked to a supervisor I was told there was not one available, no I did not want to wait to have one to call back. When I asked for their legal department I was told they did not have one. I will not do business with them again. They are no longer the Oregon company they used to be. So sad. The end of an era of great roses here in Portland, City of Roses.

Negative rlcpd
(1 review)
On Jul 7, 2011, rlcpd Beaverton, OR wrote:

Posted on June 17, 2009, updated July 7, 2011
I live in Oregon and J/P has had an exlempar reputation here, until the change in ownership. Their products were
the supreme to buy and customer service was top-notch.
No more. I ordered Tuscan Sun roses a few years ago and did not like them, personal preference. I ordered --buy 3, get
3 free- Laura Bush roses (also an 'orange') and planted them
in the same line up as the Tuscan Sun. When they
bloomed, they were EXACTLY the same as the Tuscan
Sun roses! I notified J/ in the South...and NOT in
Medford, OR....and with a curse email stated they would
replace all six. They did. And this first year bloom
and foliage is still exactly the same as 'Tuscan Sun'. !

I notice that they no longer carry either of these roses.
I am suspect that they have lost track of their roses
and don't know themselves which one is which.

In the past, at least here in Oregon, any kind of product
from J/P was considered a high-end gift to give
someone. NO more. sad...


On July 7th, 2011, rlcpd added the following:

Again, folks here need to realize that the J/P after 2007
is NOT the same J/P of old.
It is most unfortunate that they sold the name in the
bankruptcy because unknowing buyers are sucked
in to thinking things are the same...they aren't.

Oregonians were fortunate to have this company...
prior to 2007...just down the freeway.
Specimens were healthy and vigorous growers
and customer service was a dream.

NO MORE! I no longer even consider roses with
the J/P label because they really ''aren't'' J/P
roses, they just are using the name for a far, far
different product.

Negative rickyrosebud
(1 review)
On Jun 11, 2011, rickyrosebud Clinton Township, MI wrote:

This is my first purchase directly from Jackson Perkins online, I have grown Roses for over 30 years. I would say that my purchase of a new Laura Bush rose bush was one of the worst specimens I have ever seen. I have bought many rose bushes throughout the years at gardening centers, and if I had a chance to see this one before buying I would have kept walking. I was a little sad to hear JP was not doing good as a company, and I always believed they had some great plants until now. I have contacted customer service for a new plant or refund, but of course they are not open on the weekend, we shall see how this gos.

Negative greeneyedlady72
(1 review)
On Jun 2, 2011, greeneyedlady72 Flower Mound, TX wrote:

I had always heard that Jackson & Perkins roses were the best, so when we moved back to Texas I wanted to start a rose garden. I ordered 6 roses in early March, and they arrived very dry. I thought the roots would be in a plastic bag to keep them moist, but I was wrong. I got them soaking immediately, and we planted them the next day. Five of the roses are doing fairly well - two are blooming - but one rose has not done anything. My complaint is that I contacted customer service by email twice before getting a generic email reply that they are "so busy" that it might take 5 working days to get back to me. It has been more than that, so I called today. I had to wait on hold for quite a while before my call was answered. I was told that the rose that needs to be replaced is out of stock AND that it is too hot to send a bare root rose now anyway. I asked if he could give some sort of rain check so that I could get the rose at a later date for the same price. He said no. I wish that I had found this site and had done some research before I ordered from them. I get the refund, but I don't get a refund on my shipping cost. I should have bought locally and saved myself the time I wasted on the phone, email, etc.

Negative tatiani21
(1 review)
On Feb 1, 2011, tatiani21 Castleton On Hudson, NY wrote:

I placed an order for a rose bush and an herb garden. I specifically picked my date for arrival as it was a gift. I had to call twice and the second call was the day before it was to be delivered! The rose bush they said would not be delivered till Feb or March. No where did it state that on their site. In emailing back and forth with customer service I was appalled at the lack of customer service! They more or less said they did not see that there was a problem. They have not replied at all to my last email. I did tell them I would not be ordering from them ever again. I will use my local garden store.

Negative reeve1
(55 reviews)
On Jan 19, 2011, reeve1 Plano, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:

Posted on August 7, 2010, updated January 19, 2011
Wow, I came here to post my negative response and can't believe that the posts here are EXACTLY the same as mine? My mother is 82 and she loves roses. She isn't going to have many more years to enjoy them. I sent her a rose bush. It arrived dead, they don't have a replacement, and I've got to wait 8 months to get another one? This used to be a good and reputable company. I have purchased numerous items over the past 30 years. However, about 3-4 years ago ownership changed and now they are totally disorganized, the plant quality is in the toilet, and as many pointed out, they just don't seem to care. Something is very wrong when this many people experience the same quality and customer service issues over and over. Most companies are in touch enough with their community to know about Dave's Garden and respond to posts here. These people are clueless. Please, go somewhere else.

On January 19th, 2011, reeve1 added the following:

I tried to contact them again this past week about the dead rose order for my mother last year and the girl I spoke with started getting rude and argued with me for 10 minutes that I had not placed any orders with them since 2008, until she finally found all my orders. Of course, she offered no apology and maintained an attitude that was unprovoked by me. They just continue to operate in a mode of cluelessness, with the pretense that everything is your fault, and an attitude that they could care less.

I'm still in shock when I call them now, because I'm sure some will agree that they were a premiere supplier of roses and quality plants and they were the epitome of great customer service and customer care. Now, they are the perfect example of how not to operate a business. Their plants are poor quality, they don't deliver most of what you order, the people on the phones are frequently rude and seemingly uncaring, and there is an apparent lack of good records, which I'm sure is why they are failing. This is such a shame. Maybe if they didn't purposely try to run customers away they might have a chance to recover and get back on their feet. Some of us would like to see them be successful again, but not when you are insulted and treated poorly on the phone when calling for support. A good start might be for someone from J&P management to show that they care enough to actually respond to some of these posts.
Negative Witchie1
(1 review)
On Sep 3, 2010, Witchie1 Glenwood Springs, CO wrote:

I ordered a gift certificate for my sister in April. She placed her order, waited excitedly for her delivery, and then contacted the company when nothing arrived. She was informed that her plants could not ship until the Fall, at which point she requested that the order be cancelled and that a refund be issued. On July 13th Kristy with Jackson and Perkins agreed to cancel the order, refund my credit card for the gift certificate, and remove us from all future mailing lists. Well today is September 3rd and I still have not received a refund.

Negative kathyskats
(1 review)
On Aug 31, 2010, kathyskats Carson, CA wrote:

I ordered a Double Delight rose bush in March of 2010. It didn't arrive when they said it would. It was a birthday gift so I was anxious about it. I emailed customer service and was told it was back ordered. Okay, but this happened several times. Finally I called and was told it wasn't available and they had cancelled my order. They said that my credit card would be credited and that I was lucky I ordered when I did because some people wouldn't even be getting their money back because of the bankruptcy. Well it's now the end of August and my credit card has still not been credited. This is a real shame because my mother always said JP roses where the best, and all of my rose bushes are JP roses. I wanted to give a friend one and this happened. I am very disappointed with this company. For many, many years they were the best roses around.

Negative clpgirl
(46 reviews)
On Aug 17, 2010, clpgirl Chippewa Lake, OH (Zone 5b) wrote:

Posted on February 17, 2010, updated August 17, 2010
Just wanted to add that I planted my first rose bed with J&P twenty-five years ago, and they were wonderful.

However, in 2007-8, I ordered Christmas delivery plants from them, one for a relative who was having her last Christmas. I order in late OCT. to make sure the little tree ($79 EACH-this was important to me) was in stock. I also ordered two other 'exclusive' little decorated trees-not as expensieve but very cute. EVERY SINGLE ONE was delivered four days before Christmas, as a POINSETTIA plant, worth about 12.00. As you can imagine, I came unglued and they did refund the entire transaction price, though I still feel very badly about the little tree, as it was my aunt's last Christmas. (They could have cared less.)

For some reason (look of the catalog?), I also ordered for 2008 EARLY,, and had near the same experience-one deluxe bulb garden replaced by 6 'freesias'? which were only foliage, and two more early ordered trees replaced by poinsettias NOT worth
$50+ dollars. This time the rep told me that I ordered too late-Oct 15? and told me they had the right, given by whom I don't know, to sub at Christmas.

I was done with them then, but reading the posting today, triggered me to share my experiences. Please, please don't place any expectatins of delivery OR quality if you order from this company. You would do better to bury your $ in a planter and send it to the person you are gifting.

I would hope no one else would have to feel the way I did after those transactions. They just DON'T CARE anymore.........and it's really too bad.

On August 17th, 2010, clpgirl added the following:

I was very disappointed tonight to check the J&P web-site, out of curiouslity, and find NO roses available, or even listed.

What a sad ending to what used to be a lovely resource.
Negative abbirder
(1 review)
On Aug 17, 2010, abbirder Edmonton,
Canada wrote:

Negative txrose50
(1 review)
On Aug 16, 2010, txrose50 El Paso, NM wrote:

I ordered a rose from J&P at the end of May. My previous experience with J&P was outstanding: healthy plants, good warranty, great selection. This time the rose came in very dried out and dead looking. I hydrated, planted it the same way I did all my other bareroot roses and a couple of weeks later it still looked dead. I contacted J&P and they suggested that I water for a few more weeks to see if it would come out of dormancy. By July 13, it was obvious it was dead so I emailed J&P and asked for a replacement. They were then out of roses for the season and indicated they could credit my account. I asked for a credit card refund which they said would take 30 days to process (and no refund on shipping). I checked on the refund status at the end of July and they confirmed that it would be credited by Aug 13th. On Aug. 13th there was still no credit. I waited until the 16th to email them and told them I was now disputing the charge with my credit card company. They sent back an email telling me that due the high volume of traffic it would take another 7 business days to process my refund as a "rush" transaction. I called my credit card company and they told me that if 30 days had passed with no credit, they were empowered to just contact J&P's bank and reverse the charge. They were also sending J&P a notification letter to that effect. So, the moral of the story is that if J&P is giving you the runaround there are three steps to take:

1) Document your J&P conversations in email vs. the phone. It will be easier to provide the credit card company with supporting paperwork if they ask for it.
2) Be prepared to wait a full 30 days for your refund.
3) On day 31 your credit card company can get your refund whether J&P authorizes it or not. As the customer service rep at my card company told me, "that is what we are here for."

I agree with the people who have posted comments that J&P has changed. I'm sorry to see that because in my opinion they were one of the best nurseries around. I've grown their roses for years and won awards with them at the local rose shows. But, after this, I will definitely be shopping elsewhere.

Negative malex9
(1 review)
On Aug 3, 2010, malex9 Atlanta, GA wrote:

Yes, J&P USED to be good, but not anymore. I orded 100's of dollars of plants through them in early April. The two rose plants I actually received from them were diseased. They never sent the others because THEY NEVER TOLD ME THEY WERE BACK-ORDERED UNTIL LATE AUGUST. Of course they took my money for them, though. I cancelled the rest of my order in late April before they had a chance to fleece me again. Little did I know they would refuse to give me my money back for my cancelled order, and refuse, and refuse, and refuse. I had to contact the FTC, the BBB, and the South Carolina Dept of Revenue before they actually issued a refund. All that BS for a little over a hundred bucks, what a waste of time. If Jackson and Perkins screws you out of money, don't waste your time asking for it back. All they'll tell you is the same BS, "we're so sorry, your money's on it's way. we're so sorry, your money's on it's way. etc..." And then of course it will never show up. It's all BS, file complaints and charges against them while you still can. That's the ONLY way to get your money back from these A-holes.

Negative DidiParks
(1 review)
On Jul 28, 2010, DidiParks Norwalk, CT wrote:

These people are terrible. Never buy from them unless you are in the mood for maximum aggravation. I ordered a bare root rose and it took them forever to fill the order. Every time I called to check on it I was given an answer that was different from the previous call. Even the manager's were totally misinformed and could have cared less. Finally the plant arrives and it is damaged. I inform them of this - no apology or replacement. I wait and wait for it to show some sign of life, as they tell me to do, but it never does. Finally they concede it is damaged but now it is too late for them to provide me with a replacement. Then, to add insult to injury, they are taking their sweet time about refunding me my money. I have called repeatedly over the last 30 days - still no credit and, again, I get a different story every time I call. They were a great company until Park Seed bought them. Now they have no concept of cusotmer service and I will never purchase anything from them again.

Negative dlinds20
(1 review)
On Jul 27, 2010, dlinds20 Shelby, NC wrote:

I wish that I had read this site before I ordered 5 rose bushes from this company this spring. Of the 5 that I purchased, 3 are dead and the other 2 are "iffy".
When I contacted the company for help in keeping the dying plants alive, I was told to water them! Duh!
I was going from the experience of my great grandmother in the '50"s. She had beautiful roses and would have nothing but Jackson Perkins roses with their lifetime guarantee. I foolishly thought that it was the same company after all this time.
However this was not the case. I was lucky that I reported the loss of two of the bushes on June 30-the last day of their guarantee and was given a choice of credit or refund. I told them if they could guarantee that the same rose would be available in the spring, I wanted a credit. I wanted 4 matching bushes for the front of my house. Otherwise I wanted a refund. I was immediatley informed that my credit card would be credited within 7 days. After a week I emailed them that I had not recived the credit. I was told in 2 other emails that it would be rushed. Finally, I was informed that since I received the product, it would be 30 business days before I received the credit. It is now the 27th of July and I have received nothing.
I now believe that this company is an overpriced, shoddy company that is living on its past laurels, and will never deal with them again and will discourage everyone I know from buying from them.l

Negative RosaR
(1 review)
On Jul 17, 2010, RosaR East Hartford, CT wrote:

Purchased J&P for a couple of years but, the roses don't last that long. Some of them are almost dried when you get them. J&P ships them via mail. It is interesting, they get the money before shipping but, the product isn't ship for a couple of months. Some other companies will only charge you when the product is ship. Regarding their quality and Customer Service, I have to give this company a 0 from 1-10. I called this morning and after I got tired of the lack of manners from the customer service, before I disconnected the called, I heard the CS said "Hey listen." I feel next time I decide to buy roses, I will definitively will buy it from QVC. Their return policy and the CS is better than J&P.

Negative woods787
(4 reviews)
On Jun 9, 2010, woods787 East Aurora, NY (Zone 5a) wrote:

I no longer do business with J&P. I love tea roses and always ordered from them since they had a good warranty on the plants. I ordered 5 tea roses, they came bare rooted as always, followed the directions of soaking and then planted them. Two of roses died, so I contacted J&P to have them replaced under their warranty. I was told my roses were past the 60 day warranty and I wouldn't get any replacements for the 2 that died. 60 days???
That was the end of my doing business with them. For the prices they ask for their plants, changing to a 60 day warranty just isn't right.

Negative Sharonwilbur
(1 review)
On May 10, 2010, Sharonwilbur New Hartford, CT wrote:

I ordered roses on March 28th, they charged my credit card on April 1, May 5 I called the company because I had not gotten my roses, was told that they were out "on the floor" getting ready to be shipped. Customer service person could not get me a supervisor, and I am told now that it will take 30 "business days" to get a refund. After reading above, I'll bet I'll have to charge it back, which my bank will do, but since they say they'll refund, I have to wait 30 days (not business days) to charge it back. Both quality and service have deteriorated greatly since I started doing business with them years ago. Not recommended.

Negative sherry_butcher
(4 reviews)
On May 7, 2010, sherry_butcher Colorado Springs, CO wrote:

In early January I ordered a special rose to be sent for Mother's Day for someone whose son is very ill and wanted to do this for his mom. It was immediately billed, but still not shipped. When I called to follow up a rude, curt and uncaring customer service person (and I use the term very loosely!) told me the order could not be canceled as it was being pulled. This means they have had his money for five months and now during a very difficult Mother's Day his mom won't have the special gift he wanted her to have to remember him. Absolutely no excuse. Even when this was explained she said equivalently "to bad" and would issue no credit, no rush shipping, nothing.

On an additional note, last month I ordered $250. in perennials and roses that were allegedly to be here for Mother's Day. The website states they begin shipping to my zone the end of March. No problem right? And by the way the guarantee on the bare root roses is only until the end of June! Well, they have not been shipped as of today, Friday May 7th, but supposedly they also are being pulled and the order cannot be canceled. Of course, they billed the entire amount to my credit card immediately. Again, no offer of shipping even part of the order rush so that I have the Mother's Day gifts I ordered and paid for, same flip, arrogant and disrespectful attitude from customer service.

PLEASE FOLKS DO YOURSELF A FAVOR: If you can CANCEL your order or dispute your credit card for not having received the items. The quality in the last two years is nothing special and VERY significantly less than they were originally known for, just a high price and high shipping costs with VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! AND DON"T TAKE A MERCHANDISE CREDIT-IT DOESN"T LOOK LIKE THEY WILL BE AROUND THAT LONG! SAVE YOURSELF!!!! IT IS TO LATE FOR ME AND OUR MOMS AND GRANDMOTHERS-BUT HONOR OUR LOSS BY SAVING YOURSELF-RUN QUICKLY AND FAR FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!! GARDENERS UNITE!

Negative artcats1
(3 reviews)
On May 1, 2010, artcats1 Salt Lake City, UT wrote:

Last night I set my mind to order a few roses from J&P. Years ago I had bought some of their roses from my local nursery and I was very happy with the results so I did not check DG. I called in the order. I spent about 15 minutes on the phone with the rep- giving her my information first. Then once she had everything I told her what I wanted and the collection was sold out. So then I worked with her for about another 10 minutes to find out what they did have- much more expensive than the scent collection in the catalog- but I thought well- it is done. Then at the very end of the order she told me by the way the order would be on back order not to ship at the earliest in three weeks. I canceled the entire order because bareroot has to go in here before it gets hot- always a trick of timing. As a side note last year I ordered many climbers and one bush from Dave Austin. They came promptly and they all rooted well and are coming out beautifully this year.

Negative ctychix
(1 review)
On Apr 30, 2010, ctychix Livermore, CA wrote:

I ordered bare root roses, however when they had not shipped after a long wait, I called and cancelled the order. I was told I would receive a credit back to my credit card however after a month when it did not post, I called and was advised the company is in bankruptcy. Since they have filed chapter 11 I was advised they will not issue me a credit. Since they will soon be out of business I guess it is redundant to state I would never purchase from them again. Don't purchase from them.

Negative Bobbette
(7 reviews)
On Apr 30, 2010, Bobbette Las Vegas, NV wrote:

Posted on April 10, 2010, updated April 30, 2010
I wish I had read the watchdog before ordering roses from this company. They gave me a status # to check my order.

After waiting too long for my order to ship, I called customer service to cancel the order and was told that my order was not shipped, but I could NOT cancel it. Instead, I would have to wait to receive my order, send it back....and only when they received it, would my credit card be refunded.

I asked if there was any way for her to tell me when my order would go out. Her answer: no. I have been checking the order status since I called--it says my order STILL has not been shipped--I live in Zone 9. I will NEVER order again from Jackson & Perkins!

On April 30th, 2010, Bobbette added the following:

My order has STILL not been shipped--worst company I've ever tried to order from!
Negative mrbuescher
(2 reviews)
On Apr 17, 2010, mrbuescher Greenfield, IN (Zone 5a) wrote:

I ordered 2 rose trees and a set of 4 rose hedges in Jun 2009. I ordered them on clearance. They gave me an order number in the email confirmation I was sent and a link to check the status of my order. I checked the status of my order at least once a week initially and then decided after having read their shipping policy that they must be waiting until spring to ship my roses as I had ordered them outside of the shipping dates for my zone (I missed the shipping date for my zone by 1 day). I sent a reply email including the confirmation email I had received in June 2009. I didn't receive a reply from them and after 2 weeks I called them today (April 2010) to find out what was going on with my order. I was initially told J&P cancelled my order and I had a company credit of $80. Customer service rep asked if I wanted them to credit my credit card. I said yes. Then I started thinking about it and called back because I felt this was ridiculous that they hadn't informed me of their cancellation of my order and why did I have to call to get my money refunded. I requested to speak with a supervisor when I called back. The supervisor informed me that they had credited my credit card back in December 2009. I asked why I hadn't received any notification of the cancellation of my order. She said that fell in a different department and that I should have understood the credit to my credit card was notification of the cancellation. I then told her that 6 months before a notification of cancellation also was not acceptable. She took my information and stated she would send it on to someone who could do something about it. I then resent an email including the confirmation I had received in June 2009 and asked again why I had not been informed of the cancellation. Then I was told they had informed me the day after my order was placed and also again the following day and that they had already informed me of this when they said they had received me inquiry previously. I have no record of any other emails from them. They have the products I ordered in stock on their website again this spring but are not willing to honor the sale pricing I ordered them at and therefore I believe this is the reason my order was "cancelled" by them. I could reorder from them at twice price that I had originally ordered but who knows if I would even get the roses again or if they would mysteriously cancel my order again and wait 6 months to return my money.

Negative netguy
(2 reviews)
On Apr 6, 2010, netguy Pearland, TX wrote:

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! I placed an order in January and they charged my credit card over $200. The items were suppose to ship in 2 weeks but the items never came. 30 days later I contacted customer services and was told the product was not available and they would cancel my order and issue a refund to my credit card. I never received the refund. Today I received an email saying they have filed for Bankruptcy and I would only get merchandise credit which must be used immediately. Since they cannot provide anything I want I have lost $200 by doing busniess with this company.

Negative VirginiaGardner
(1 review)
On Mar 31, 2010, VirginiaGardner Charlottesville, VA wrote:

Called Customer Service to discuss my non-blooming amaryllis which I ordered at Christmas. Instructions with the plant say that buds will appear in 6-8 weeks. Only one out of 4 appeared in 8 weeks. CS told me today that there is a 30 day guarantee. SO what if the bulbs don't bloom for 6-8 weeks. CS was totally uninterested in trying to compensate me -- a long standing Holiday customer -- for any part of the $56 basket of non-blooming amaryllis. I was told that sometimes they don't bloom at all. I just have a bunch of green leaves.

I told CS to remove my name from the catalog list and that I would never order from them again. They seemed to not care at all. I'm sure I consumed more in time with three levels of CS reps than a $55 store credit would have cost them.

Negative Danomorr
(1 review)
On Feb 16, 2010, Danomorr Saint Charles, MO wrote:

I purchased a12 Month Flowering Bulb Club membership for my grandmother from Jackson & Perkins for Christmas 2008. I had purchased a similar item from another company the year prior (Christmas 2007), but it was only for 6 months, the blooming bulbs were beautiful and my grandmother (who lives in a nursing home) loved all the attention as neighbor residents frequently checked in on their progress and marveled at them. With this new found delight, I searched and found JP had a 12 month offer, so I ordered it up on 12-3-2008 for a total charge of $479.94 and had the orders delivered to myself so I could deliver them properly (unpacked and in person). The first bulb basket was good (not fabulous), the second set fizzled and while it produced some green stalks, never bloomed, the Feb and Mar installments were a complete bust - bulbs were DOA. I called and spoke to their C/S after the Mar order and explained the poor results and was told that their bulb crop was wiped out and that they would ship similarly priced live flower arrangement "of similar value" in replacement. I'm a reasonable guy, so I agreed. The first replacement got here on April 8 and it was nothing more than a $4 pot with a $3 flower in it, road weary and wilted to boot. May 6, the second replacement arrived, it was in worse shape yet, so I called and told them to cancel the order and refund the balance. Literally, Lowes or Home Depot sell far better better stock than what I was getting at a fraction of the cost - remember, I paid roughly $40 per shipment. So for what should equal close to $240, I received 1 OK bulb basket, 1 mortally ill, but still green (no blooms) bulb basket, 2 DOA bulb baskets and 2 potted flowers that were of poor quality and near death.

Now for the refund...
Mind you, a credit card company will only pursue a vendor for 90 days from date of purchase, so as far as Visa was concerned, this was between JP and me - buyers beware of this. When my June credit card statement arrived, I saw that JP had not refunded my $239.94 and I also received yet another anemic potted plant. I called again: mucho hold time, a C/S person named Jamey said that that plant had already been shipped prior to my call (evidently 3 weeks in transit is normal?) and that they would stop the balance and get the now 5 remain orders refunded. 7/30/90 the 4th anemic potted flower shows up, 2nd since I canceled the order. Miraculously, I get Jamey back on the phone and explained that I really did not want potted flowers, I had ordered bulb baskets and what they were sending was not ordered or desired. He said that he would be sure they stopped the shipments and said he would refund $30 !!! I assume he had something else on his mind, so I made sure I had his attention and explained that 8 shipments of s--t weren't worth $449.94. If I assume that every shipment was worth 1/12th of the total price, they still owed me $159.98, though I believe I was being severely short changed at that. On Aug 21, $30 appeared as a refund on my card. More fussing and waiting on hold and more blank expressions from the C/S folks at JP and finally, I relented and succumbed to these folks getting the better of me. On Dec 4, 2009 - one year after my original purchase, I received and additional $129.99 refund on my card.

In conclusion, I received 1 bulb basket that flowered, 1 that was green but never bloomed, 2 that were DOA, 4 anemic and highly over priced potted flowers, untold stress and wasted time on the phone with JP C/S and one disappointed grandma for $319.96. Needless to say, I'll never do business with these folks again. Shop around, there are many companies that do this kind of work and deliver fabulous specimens, but only for 6 months - those familiar with the business know why so I'll not bother explaining. As you can see, the 12 month version was a costly disaster and the nature of the beast puts a limit at about 6 months on any of these type bulb baskets. JP should have never made the offer and they could have been a lot more apologetic, in the form of at least a store credit if nothing else, due to the pathetic nature of the items received. Quite simply, they had my money and didn't care if I was satisfied or not.

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