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Negative penpen
(2 reviews)
On Aug 20, 2017, penpen North Tonawanda, NY (Zone 6a) wrote:

I purchased Lucifer Crocosmia corms in May but didn't received the order for nearly a month and the corms I received were Emberglow and not Lucifer. Even tho it wasn't what I ordered I planted them because it was too late to get them anywhere else. It is now the third week of August and one corm has just sprouted 3 days ago. I have one garden bed that is completely empty this year because of them sending the wrong corms and sending them too late to be of any use to me.

Negative aprilabe
(1 review)
On Apr 11, 2017, aprilabe Tallahassee, FL wrote:

ANOTHER TOTALLY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER. This place should not be allowed to operate, and QVC is ruining their reputation allowing this rip-off to go on. I ordered the 4 piece citronella geranium on 3/18/17. They arrived 5 days later. They looked dead, but I planted the scraggly sticks anyway according to instructions and tried babying them. Nothing. So I did what the warranty said to get a replacement. I was told I could not have a replacement until NEXT SPRING because the planting season is from March until June. Is this not April??? Is this not between March and June?????? I do not know if I will be alive next year. I do not know if I will be living at the same address. I do know chances are I will have forgotten about this by next Spring, which is probably what this ripoff company is hoping. Terrible company.

On Apr 11, 2017, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

"On Apr 12, 2017 12:05 PM, Roberta\'s Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta\'s Inc.) responded with:

I am very sorry you were told these Geraniums could not be replaced this season. Our customer service representative was incorrect as we are able to replace the Geraniums yet this spring. We ship our spring flowers from March through early June each year. We will be happy to enter a replacement order and get it shipped to you quickly. I will just need the order number to locate it in our system. Again, I am sorry the original plants did not work out very well for you and I look forward to working with you to ensure you receive a nice replacement collection.

Thank you and please contact us, so we can issue a complimentary replacement order. "

Negative axess2016
(3 reviews)
On Apr 9, 2017, axess2016 Ashuelot, NH wrote:

Another year, another set of shows with Roberta's lying to people on QVC. Don't order anything via QVC from these people. You end up with the stock that isn't good enough to sell on their website for the higher prices. EVERYTHING I have ever ordered (except the Hens & Chicks) died quickly. They arrived sickly and didn't have the strength to come back to life. I have ordered plants from mail order before from places like Michigan Bulb, Spring Hill, Bluestone Perennials, and GH Wild and rarely had a problem with any dead plants arriving. And when something didn't work, they dealt with it immediately. These people send you another dead, or dying, plant for the dead, or dying, plant you got in the first place. I got sick of it. I ordered Lupines for my elderly mother because she loves them. They arrived nearly dead and died soon after even though we babied them and did everything possible to try to revive them. I ordered their "over the top" Dahlias and they were a disappointment as well. Out of the 8 I ordered, only 1 bloomed! I also ordered 4 for a 97 year old friend of my mother's and NONE even grew even though she babied them and she is an excellent gardener. NEVER will I order from these people again. Everything arrives dead or near-dead. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! Even Burgess is better than these people when it comes to dead vs. alive on arrival! And that's saying something!

On Apr 9, 2017, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

"On Apr 12, 2017 12:15 PM, Roberta\'s Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta\'s Inc.) responded with:

I am very sorry you have had a bad experience with Roberta's Gardens and our plants. We work hard and strive to provide all our customers with the very healthiest plants we possibly can. We do honor all our orders with a warranty in the form of replacement plants. It sounds like you just did not have a very positive experience with Roberta's Gardens and I am sorry for this. Thank you for giving Roberta's a try and I hope you will once again give Roberta's a another try in the future. Best of luck with all your gardening this spring!"

Negative lily17
(1 review)
On Jul 19, 2014, lily17 Athol, MA wrote:

I placed an order for an eight piece live forever sempervivum(2 each of 4 kinds) with Roberta's through QVC. I received my order in May 2013. Some looked beter than others but I planted them all anyway. By spring of 2014 I had only two remaining. I went online on 4/10 and filled out a plant replacement form and received a nice respponse saying they would replace my plants. I checked online to see if they were still selling this collection because I ordered it for two of the kinds in this set, I was in luck, they were in stock. I called on 5/16 and was told that my plants had shipped and I should receive them next week. On 5/31 I submitted a complaint to the beter business bureau. I finally received my plants with a snarky letter apologizing for having to do some substitutions, but that was their right as per their guarantee. I received 6 of the most common plant and two of another common breed, none of the kind that I ordered the group for. I wouldn't order from this company again EVER!

On Jul 19, 2014, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

"On Jul 21, 2014 11:46 AM, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

Although Roberta's regrets to have to substitute on varieties within a collection, we are fully permitted to do so with our guarantee and we actually state this on the provided warranty you received with your order. In this case we replaced the full set and provided you with a new, complimentary order of 8 Hens and Chicks. We apologize for the fact that there were only two separate varieties within the order. We strive to provide every customer with the exact varieties they had originally ordered, but unfortunately we were out of stock and we wanted to get you the complimentary replacement order of Sempervivums to you yet this season. Thank you for your understanding in this situation and allowing Roberta's Gardens to replace these plants for you.

Thank you,

Customer Service
Roberta's Gardens"

Negative Kalohemom
(1 review)
On May 31, 2014, Kalohemom Hyde Park, VT wrote:

Ordered Roberta's 10-pc Happy Trails Tropical Mix on April 23, 2014, through QVC and received an order confirmation. Received an email on May 31, 2014, from QVC telling me these were on backorder. Called QVC and there is nothing they can do as Roberta's does not have the plants to fulfill the orders.
I checked Roberta's web site and they show they have had these same plants on sale but are now sold out. Never mind I ordered them at higher price and before they ever put them on sale on their site. Not sure why it took over a month to figure out that they did not have the plants to fulfill orders or why they were put on sale on their website when they did not have enough plats to fulfill orders.
I ordered other plants from them that will be going back. Hopefully they can put them on sale on their web site to get rid of them. I just can not do business with a company like this.

On May 31, 2014, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

"On Jun 2, 2014 8:56 AM, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

Roberta's marks our direct website as out of stock as quickly as we gain knowledge that a particular plant is no longer available. I apologize if there was a couple days lapse from the time QVC told you the item was no longer available and from the time our staff marked the item as out of stock on our website. To our knowledge this particular plant was never on sale. Now we do offer a discount with multiple sets purchased on the same item and maybe this is what you noticed with regards to the price being on sale? Please accept our apologies for the frustration incurred in this situation.

Thank you

Roberta's Customer Service"

Negative Auntbeagee
(1 review)
On Apr 7, 2014, Auntbeagee Hesperia, CA wrote:

This complaint is directed towards the product shown vs the product received. As to the viability of the plant I seriously doubt I will be impressed as the plants that just arrived this evening look almost dead. The picture shown on the QVC program were of beautiful Hollyhocks after several months growth but what I was to receive would be seedlings that were pictured as vibrant green and very healthy looking, however what I actually received were six very wilted, quite yellow plants. I took humor in reading on the care instructions to remove any yellow or brown leafs that may have occurred in transit (if I did this I would be the proud owner of 6 green sticks). My regret is that I cannot post pictures of the actual product I received, it would more than explain my disappointment. I will contact Roberta's tomorrow afternoon, when I return from my daily appointments and look forward to positive resolution.

On Apr 7, 2014, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

"On Apr 8, 2014 8:40 AM, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

Here at Robertas we never have a discrepancy taking care of a problem that you may have encountered during the shipping process and we will get this resolved for you and get you out new plants. We do apologize for this mishap."

Negative Emmcaramirez7
(1 review)
On Mar 26, 2014, Emmcaramirez7 Poinciana, FL wrote:

I first heard of Roberta's through QVC in 4-2011 while looking to diversify my garden a bit -- I was astounded at the beauty of their Peonies. I just had to have them in my garden. So I ordered two sets of Fragrant Double Bi-Color Peonies in 4-3-2011 - paid $75 for them.

I received them on time and I just couldn't wait to put them in the ground. I followed their directions to the letter. Unfortunately, they never came up. Since the instructions said they don't like their roots disturbed -- I left them in the ground praying they'd come up. Not so much as leaf. :-(

I called them and was told they would reship them when the season came because I waited too long to call them -- I never received the replacements or a follow-up. I didn't have the patience to nag them again for the plants or a reimbursement. I was disappointed and out of $75. I vowed to never buy from their nursery again.

And then I saw them on QVC again a few weeks ago... I guess I wasn't as mad as I was in 2011 because I optimistically ordered $100 worth of plants: the Giant Lacie Begonia, the Tuberose and Dahlias. Those darn tuberose plants convinced me!!! LOL

While I am waiting for my plants with great optimism -- in the back of my heard I am hoping I didn't get suckered a second time.

I hope you come through for me this time Roberta because there will definitely not be a third time.

On Mar 26, 2014, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

"On Apr 2, 2014 7:44 AM, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

An e-mail was sent to this customer on our behalf on the day this was posted unfortunately we have not heard back from her.

We would like to work with her in order to get this cleared up and work with her on her discontent."

Negative Nana25
(1 review)
On Jun 14, 2013, Nana25 Mason, OH wrote:

I am extremely delinquent in posting this feedback. Three years ago I purchased a 10 piece calla lily bulb set and a 6 piece hardy agapanthus from Roberta's on QVC. I should have returned them immediately! They were nowhere near the way they were presented. VERY small bulbs in both cases. In fact, one of the calla lilies was the size of a marble! Non the less, I planted them. Two (2) calla lilies came up and 2 agapanthus came up. After 3 years, I'm still waiting for blooms. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

On Jun 14, 2013, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

"On Jun 24, 2013 1:41 PM, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

Three years for a follow-up on a purchase of plants? I sure hope the plants did not receive this type of care? None the less, I apologize for the plants not growing and becoming established like you anticipated. Typically, no blooms indicates a lack of sunlight or perhaps the plants could use a well-balanced fertilizing program. The Calla Lilies prefer partial sun as too much direct sunlight can burn the leaves, and the Agapanthus Lilies do well in full to partial sun. Roberta's is always willing to work with its customers to provide plant replacements for the plants that died or failed to sprout. I hope you are able to make some changes in order to encourage your lilies to bloom.

Thank you,

Customer Service
Roberta's Unique Gardens
800-428-9726 "

Negative Eveningsong
(1 review)
On May 30, 2013, Eveningsong Port Saint John, FL wrote:

I ordered the 24-pc. Sub-Zero Gladiolas from QVC in Feb. of this year and because I live in Florida I was able to plant some of them in a pot immediately after they arrived. The blooms on the ones in the pot that I planted started to have a bloom shoot on them and the one is over 3 ft. tall and the other is around 14" high and both are leggy and I have had to stake the largest one and hope for the best. These are not supposed to be so long and look nothing like the one's shown on QVC or the pictures that came with the bulbs!

I called QVC today and they gave me a full refund and I contacted the Company through this site and I am waiting on a reply. I would not have bought these at all if I had known they would turn out like this. I have others growing in the front of my yard and I am hoping they do not turn out so leggy and need staking like this one did. I planted them a week later then the one in the pot. I will not be buying from Roberta's again even with the full refund it isn't worth the time and effort.

On May 30, 2013, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

"On May 31, 2013 12:54 PM, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

This particular variety of Hardy Gladioli grows to a mature height of 12-18 inches. While being winter hardy they are a smaller growing variety and should not require staking. I apologize for one of the stalks or bulbs growing beyond the specified height and requiring some extra staking. I am glad you have been taken care of for this purchase as Roberta's would have been glad to work with you for a complimentary replacement. Thank you for your recent order and enjoy your Gladioli bulbs.


Negative tinkerbelle22
(2 reviews)
On Feb 21, 2013, tinkerbelle22 Swedesboro, NJ wrote:

So far I have not had a good experience with Roberta's oriental total pole, April 2012 my sister ordered 2 oriental totem poles from QVC, one of the plants was for me, her plant bloomed and mine did not. It arrive in April and I waited until May to started the process and did follow the instructions. The thing never bloomed, all I have is a piece of a log to show for my efforts and money, due to the 3 month warranty it was not returned (I didn't figure out that it was dead on arrival before the warranty expired). I thought it was a fluke or I had done something wrong until I saw another post that someone else had the same problem with the oriental totem pole. QVC needs to fix this issue with Roberta's.

On Feb 21, 2013, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

"On Feb 22, 2013 2:06 PM, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

We sincerely apologize that you feel that you have not had a good experience with Robertas Gardens based on the totem pole plant. However it is not a winter hardy plant and it does only carry a 90-day warranty. Although we would like to extend a complimentary replacement to you at your request just give us a call here at Robertas. We do urge you however to start the pole right away after receiving it and not wait.

Robertas Customer Service"

Negative BenjaminBunny
(2 reviews)
On Jan 22, 2013, BenjaminBunny Allentown, PA wrote:

I bought Begonia bulbs from Roberta's through QVC. I planted them in a container, placed them in partial shade as directed, but they never grew.

On Jan 22, 2013, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

"On Jan 23, 2013 8:00 AM, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

I understand your frustration with the Begonia tubers not growing and thriving like you expected. I apologize for them not meeting your expectations. They prefer partial sun and they only need to be covered with approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch of regular potting or garden soil. Typically they thrive and do well as container plants. These do have a one year warranty from the time of shipment. We would be happy to provide you with a new complete order of the Jumbo Begonia tubers or perhaps another collection of your liking. Simply contact our customer service and we will be happy to take care of you.

Thank you,

CS Representative
Roberta's Unique Gardens

Negative cranker
(1 review)
On Jun 3, 2012, cranker Lackawanna, NY wrote:

Posted on June 1, 2012, updated June 3, 2012
I purchased a Passion Flower from QVC and when it was shipped it was two twigs. They took and grew maybe 2 feet the first year with no flowers and then died over the winter. When I called they replaced them and told me what to do in the fall so they would come up in the spring. I followed their directions and covered the plants with burlap and again they died, I think Robertas should redo their list of climates for planting or not sell the plants to specific regions. I called to see if they would give me a different plant and basically told me I was out of luck. I would never deal with this company again, to me they de-fraud the customer with their claims that their flowers will grow in my specific region. I also think QVC who carries their line of products should think twice about it also because it gives them a negative review.

On June 3rd, 2012, cranker added the following:

I just wanted to add that when I purchased this vine that the company showed it would grow in my area; if it wouldn't grow in my area:
A. Why would I have purchased it!!
B. Why would they ship a plant that they know won't make it through winter in that specific climate.
The information they provided me on this specific plant when I purchased it from QVC was false and to this day I believe they should provide me with a refund or a plant that would grow in my area. I would think twice about dealing with this company in the future based on the lies when selling their goods.
On Jun 3, 2012, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

"On Jun 1, 2012 1:43 PM, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

The Blue Crown Passion flower is a climbing vine which flowers in the second season like all beginner vines. It is hardy in zones 6-9 and this is clearly stated on the full color growing guide attached in your order. It can withstand temperatures down to 0 degrees in the ground. Temperatures falling below this would be a severe threat to destroy the passion flower vine. You reside in NY and are listed in zone 5B. Your average winter low temperature falls well below 0 degrees; therefore, the Passion flower would not be able to survive the winter in your area. We fulfilled our guarantee and provided you with a replacement order on the Passion flower. Perhaps a more suitable and more winter hardy climber could have been substituted on the replacement order. If you ever have any questions about plants before ordering, feel free to talk with one of our many master gardeners on staff to assist you.

Thank you,

Customer Service Manager
Roberta's Unique Gardens

Negative AtlDave
(3 reviews)
On May 27, 2012, AtlDave Atlanta,
United States wrote:

Called 6/6/11 and spoke to Judy. Two Phillipine Jasmine plants died. She said they would be shipped April 2012. Still wating for said palnts.

Negative Maddieline
(3 reviews)
On May 16, 2012, Maddieline Grayling, MI wrote:

Ordered the calla lilies and they arrived but they are so small and tiny,not like the large bulb promised that was going to give me large beautiful plants. Summers run short in Northern Michigan so I would have no time to try a second time for larger bulbs. I returned them very disappointed. The brothers had shown a large bulb in their presentation and led me to believe that is what I would receive.

Negative sueme2gt1
(1 review)
On Feb 23, 2012, sueme2gt1 Fremont Hills, MO wrote:

I sent two emails concerning the Totem Pole plant I bought. I got it last April or May. Followed the instructions. It sets in a pot planted, all these months and has not sprouted a leaf bud anywhere's on the pole. I can't seem to find out why from them. Any info would be appreciated.

On Feb 23, 2012, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

"On Mar 29, 2012 9:31 AM, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

Upon receiving notification that Roberta's Unique Gardens had received a complaint, we reached out to this customer to offer some advice on getting the Oriental Totem Pole to sprout and grow. After concluding the Totem Pole was dead or not going to grow, Roberta's immediately extended a a replacement order for 1 Oriental Totem Pole. This item was originally shipped with a warranty attached for 90 days, but Roberta's is going ahead and extending a replacament at no charge although the item is beyond the stated 90 day warranty. We explained to the customer that this item will be shipped to her approximately April 2, 2012.

We also repeatedly asked her who and what email did she send her questions to in order to eliminate this happening in the future. She never could provide old emails or an email address that she sent these emails to. Our main concern was making sure this customer was completely satisfied with her purchase. Secondly, we wanted to eliminate emails being unfulfilled as in this case and unfortunately we did not receive any assistance in clearing this up.


Roberta's Mgmt


Negative loves2garden1
(1 review)
On Jul 1, 2011, loves2garden1 Madeira, OH wrote:

I watched the 2 gentlemen on the QVC program with much interest. I thought what lovely Calla Lily's...I had to have them, so I ordered them right away.
I received my order and planted them right off...I couldn't wait to see these lovely flowers.
Was I EVER DISAPPOINTED! Out of 8 bulbs 2 did not bloom at all. Out of the remaining 6...5 were a deep dark purple..all the same color and one was pink and white. The plants were scrawny and spindly looking with one flower on each of the plants that actually bloomed.
I was under the impression I was to get 8 different colors as advertised on QVC, but I sure didn't. I contacted QVC about this and they were extremely nice but couldn't do anything in the way of replacing the plants. I was told I had to contact Roberta's I did. I e-mailed them, told them what was happening and asked if they would replace the plants. They told me they "had to consider it" and that was over a month ago...I have heard nothing what so ever from Roberta's.
I was very willing to wait until next year even to get the replacements but since Roberta's could not even respond with anything other than, "They are considering it." I just decided they are not worth it. I feel as a customer I have been taken advantage of by Roberta's. That they have false advertising of their plants...these lily's were NOT what was shown on QVC at all! I can not believe Roberta's was so inconsiderate to a customer. I will never buy Roberta's ever again. And apparently I am not the only one with this problem..check out Roberta's feed back on their Calla Lily sets on QVC...many more were just as disappointed as I was. I got back to QVC on how I was treated by Roberta's and they very kindly refunded my money! Thank you QVC you are fantastic. Shame on you Roberta's for not caring about your customers! I have thrown the poor quality bulbs away!

Negative djj1948
(1 review)
On Apr 14, 2011, djj1948 Douglas, GA wrote:

A few weeks ago I ordered several plants one being a 4 pack of lavender. When they arrived, 3 were totally dead and the 4th had only a sprig of green on it. The next day, that was gone. QVC replaced them. They arrived in fair condition and so far only one has died. Roberta's on the other hand
sent only 3 even though I explained the above condition to them. When those three arrived, they were completely dead....absolutely no sign of life whatsoever. I am glad they sent them on because I now know what kind of company they are so I immediately cancelled all the other products I had on back order.

Negative homesteadgirl
(5 reviews)
On Feb 8, 2011, homesteadgirl middle TN, TN wrote:

I have had problems with Roberta's replacing plants. The only way I could resolve it was to contact the BBB and then I was contacted by Roberta's. They promised I would receive replacement plants this spring. I will wait and see, as my BBB complaint is still open. If more people would go to the BBB, maybe they would do a better job honoring their warranties. They sure make it seem great on QVC.

Negative plantmaven
(1 review)
On Jul 10, 2010, plantmaven East Sahuarita, AZ wrote:

Posted on June 10, 2010, updated July 10, 2010
Last year I purchased some mini Calla's thru QVC from Roberta's. I think there were 20 all together. I planted them in large pots and 7 did not come up. I called Roberta's and was assured that they would replace them within a week or two. Several weeks passed and when I did not receive the bulbs I called them again. I was told that they no longer had any in stock and would send me them this year. I called them approximately a month ago and they had the info on record and said that they would send them out to me shortly. I never got them. I cannot reach them by phone as their operators are always busy and no-one ever picks up the line. I held on for over 45 minutes. The e-mail address is no good. I am so frustrated and I am writing this so that hopefully this company will get a clue that they are losing potential business. Perhaps they do not care. Their business ethics are are terrible. It's a bad way to do business. I have tried to contact them several times and I always get the "operator busy" message. I'm totally disgusted with this company.

On July 10th, 2010, plantmaven added the following:

In all fairness I am adding to this comment. I finally received the Calla replacements. It took several more calls and lots of holding on but Hooray for me....I held on and held on and finally got through.
YES..I got what I was supposed to.
NO...I would never deal with this company again. I need to keep my sanity intact!!!
Negative Lavenderfields
(1 review)
On Jul 4, 2010, Lavenderfields Canton, MI wrote:

Last year (2009), I ordered through QVC, 4 Lavender plants. When they arrived 2 were dead and within about a week the other 2 were also dead. I called QVC and they told me they were out of the item and I should call Robertas. Well good luck getting ahold of them. Phones do not get answered and the E-mails do not go through. When I did reach them I was told that they were out of the plants but would send them this year (2010). I called them in the early spring of this year to make sure I got the plants and was told that I was on the list and would be the first to receive my Lavender. I waited and waited. After a few more phone calls, I was told it was on its way. The plants arrived on Friday July 2 and all four are dead. The plants were only about two inches tall if that. This is not how they were shown on QVC and the gentleman I spoke with at Robertas told me the plants this year were going to be from a different place than last year and were going to be beautiful. Grey and lifeless is not beautiful. I had also ordered some other Lavender this year from them and the six piece set arrived with two of them dead and the rest followed. At least this time I got a refund from QVC. I will never order anything from Robertas again. A friend of mine, who like me can grow anything, also ordered the Lavender set and had the same problem.

Negative Sherrona
(2 reviews)
On Jun 7, 2010, Sherrona Watkinsville, GA wrote:

Ordered their Trophy Daylily Collection, six plants total in March 2010. One set (2) was Mildred Mitchel which was supposed to be Lavender with Blue Eye Edge, well Mildred bloomed but it wasn't the lavender I was expecting instead I got a solid yellow which looks like the Stella D'oro. I called QVC and complained and told them that if I had wanted solid yellow I would have gone to Home Depot or Lowe's and purchased the Stella D'oro. They apologized and gave me refund. What is wrong w/ this company and it has so many unhappy people.

Negative gtravinsky
(1 review)
On May 23, 2010, gtravinsky Bridgewater, NJ wrote:

Very disappointed!!! I was going to order some for my new house when I move in next month......but not so sure now.

Last year, I ordered peony plants from QVC as anniversary present for my sister and brother-in-law, thinking this type of gifts will keep on giving year after year.

I was visiting them yesterday, and saw some beautiful peonies on their patio, so I said, " Are those the peonies I sent you? They look beautiful! But they are supposed to be plate-size!' My brother-in-law embarassingly informed me that the plants I sent died; the peonies on the patio were from the local florists; they didn't have the heart to tell me because they were present from me, and since I brought up the subject....He was not too thrilled with the plants they received in the mail first of all; and then none of them survived the year.

I'm not sure what happened, those peonies sure looked beautiful and lively on QVC. I hope Roberta Flowers will replace these plants; otherwise, it's a tough lesson for me to learn, I won't be ordering Roberta plants for presents from now on to save myself and the recipients embarrassment!

Negative scootoo1
(1 review)
On May 18, 2010, scootoo1 White Hall,
United States wrote:

Last year I purchased Rainbow Calla Lilies on QVC. They grew but were not rainbow, red and yellow. They are coming up this year but, they looked so spindly. This year I bought 6 pink plume grasses, supposedly the only native U.S. ornamental grass. It is now almost 3 months since I received these pitiful looking plants in the mail. I babied them indoors until I could put them out. They never looked strong and now I have 5 brown and 1 brown streaked with a little green ornamental grasses in my garden. I am waiting to see what QVC and Roberta's Inc do. Has anyone else gotten these grasses and did they grow?

On May 18, 2010, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

"On Jul 21, 2011 8:43 AM, Roberta's Inc. responded with:

Here at Robertas gardens we apologize for the disappointment and quality of plants that you feel you received. Our Customer service team will always be more than happy to provide you quality service and correct any issues that may arise. As for the ornamental grasses that you received we here at Robertas do not carry any type of ornamental grasses and I am sure QVC would be more than happy to let you know where you purchased them from. Again we would like to extend our apologies and hope you will accept it. Feel free to contact us to help rectify any problem you may have at 1-800-428-9726."

Negative star67
(1 review)
On May 6, 2010, star67 Loves Park, IL wrote:

I also bought lillies from Robertas from QVC, they were not marked as they should of been, I have had them in the ground for 2 yrs, they don't multiply you'll get a stalk but no flowers, I no longer buy plants from QVC. You can never get customer service @ robertas and it strikes me a bit strange that the only place you can get Robertas is on QVC that I know about, I stumbled upon this web site by accident, and was suprised how many people that had bad results with Robertas. and that QVC keeps them coming back each year, The only recourse I can think of is that everyone who is unhappy with Robertas is to send a letter to the president of QVC at their corporate offices telling him your not going to continue to shop with them, and let him know you refused to be taken by a company with bad products, lousy coustomer service. bet if everyone with a problem writes in things will change, QVC is there to also make money, and don't believe they would be willing to give up a lot of customers in favor of 1 vendor.

Negative tlp101159
(2 reviews)
On Apr 1, 2010, tlp101159 Cherry Hill, NJ wrote:

Last yr I purchased two sets of Roberta's Biltmore Hollyhocks from QVC. I waited all summer for them to sprout nothing. I actually forgot about this purchase until today when I was in the garage and found the brochure that was sent out with the product. I take some responsibility I should have contacted QVC to complain and ask for a refund/repalcement I just never did. However you would think that out of 8 Hollyhocks that were planted I would have had at least one sprout. They were not inexpensive either. Any just wanted to let everyone know not to buy Roberta's Biltmore Hollyhocks.

On Apr 1, 2010, Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.) responded with:

"On Jul 22, 2011 9:12 AM, Roberta's Inc. responded with:

We here at Robertas apologize for the hollyhocks not performing for you. We would have graciously replaced these for you having known there was a problem with them as we do cover any plants that do not grow for you under our warranty. We also are always available to answer any questions that may arise here at Robertas if you are having a plant question so we can try to help you to resolve the performance of the plant. You can contact us at 1-800-428-9726. Again we apologize for any inconvenience to you."

Negative lobo1975
(1 review)
On Nov 22, 2009, lobo1975 Dana Point, CA wrote:

I bought 12 Angel Trumpet's not one of them survived! I am considered to have a green thumb. I love my flowers and plants, am generally considered the neighborhood gardening lady! I was so disgusted, as 8 of them were gifts to my mom and best friend. I will never buy from QVC or Roberta's garden again!!

Negative vahine
(1 review)
On Jun 22, 2009, vahine Torrance, CA wrote:

I wish I had positive feedback for Roberta's, but I do not. Every plumeria cutting I purchased has died. And I have plumeria's that flourish except from Roberta's. My tuberose died. My raspberry, blueberry, and lillies looked dead on arrival. I too have had problems speaking with their customer service. My begonia bulbs were rotten as well. Roberta's really needs to re-evaluate there business, as well as QVC for carrying their products in the future!!!!! Very diappointed to say the least!!!

Negative mammy2
(1 review)
On Jun 10, 2009, mammy2 Oakdale, LA wrote:

I ordered peony trees, they died. I ordered a 21 daylily collection half of those died. Have tried several times to contact someone for help on replacements. I think they have left town as I have had no luck by phone or e-mail. Looks like I will have to swallow this one. Know this I will NEVER order from Roberta's again nor will anyone else I know.
Martha Holloway

Negative gerryfran3
(1 review)
On Jun 3, 2009, gerryfran3 Madera, PA wrote:

I purchased my plants from QVC, and one of them came dead, and the others are not doing very much at all. I have tried to contact Robertas by phone, only to receive a busy signal everytime I try. I emailed them, and they won't respond. I am disappointed. The plants looked so beautiful on QVC

Negative chipper3
(1 review)
On May 29, 2009, chipper3 Baltimore, MD wrote:

I purchased Roberta's 4 piece Extended Bloom Clematis Collection in 2008, got no growth and requested new plants for 2009. To date have not received them, QVC won't do anything and the phone line for Roberta's is constantly busy. Therefore, I am out of the plants and my money and it seems no recourse at this time. Very disappointed with Roberta's.

Negative oldiehawn
(1 review)
On May 27, 2009, oldiehawn Hudson, MA wrote:

I order the Roberta's 4 Piece Biltmore Hollyhock Collection thru QVC on April 4th and received them within a week. I planted them the following Saturday, about 6 weeks ago. 3 weeks went by and nothing happened, I email them and they said they take 4 to 5 weeks to sprout. I waited and still nothing for any of them. I had also planted some from another vendor (which were less expensive) and those are already 5 inches tall.

I sent 2 emails and heard nothing back. I called today and after getting a busy signal a number of times I reached a CS rep. She indicated that they could send a replacement in a few weeks. I asked if that was too late to plant them and she said “yes”!!! Are you kidding me!!! She then indicated I could wait until next year. I asked for my money back and was told that they don’t refund money, they will only give replacements. I was then informed that QVC offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Not giving up I asked if the plants take up to 5 weeks to sprout then the guarantee up before you know the plants are no good. The answer to that was “that’s right”. I was done!

I called QVC, I told them about my experience and of all the bad reviews I had read about the company and they are refunding my money!

Thank you QVC for stepping up and doing the right thing!

Negative babyface
(1 review)
On May 7, 2009, babyface Los Angeles, CA wrote:

I ordered Day Lillies and Calla Lillies from Roberta's thru QVC - the quality of the bulbs when they arrived were beyond sad. I planted them anyway -- fed them Robert's Flower Food and kept them watered -- they are all dead now. Have requested a refund from QVC.

Negative MadamePapillon
(1 review)
On Apr 10, 2009, MadamePapillon Fayetteville, GA (Zone 7b) wrote:

I watch QVC alot and have seen Robertas alot. (Wish I had read this forum before I ordered) Ordered TuttiFruitt Yarrow plants 1 of each and Scarlet HOneysuckle -2.l The Yarrow plants were upside down, out of the pots. One of the varieties, Strawberry Seduction looked like it had been whacked off...3 very small "leaves"...the Apricot delight looks ok..will see....The Scarlet honeysuckle came 2 days ago, again upside down in box and out of pots..Altho it had 6 or 7 vines per pot, Several of the vines were broken. I researched this one before I bought, and it seems to be very hopefully , it will do fine.

Not sure, thought that I will order from either QVC or Robertas again...too many other on line nurseries/stores on Daves w/ much better ratings...

will do better research next time before i pull out my credit card.

fayetteville, ga

Negative pburcie
(1 review)
On Apr 9, 2009, pburcie Azle, TX wrote:

I am still waiting on replacements from last year. I spent over $200 bucks. Wont do that again. Roberta's does not stand behind their claim. Was hard just to get someome on the phone. Alot of what I ordered last year from qvc that is supposed to be replaced.. is sold out for this year. Just give me my money back.

On April 9th, 2009, pburcie added the following:

Maybe we could all get together and file a class action suit!!!!! I feel totally duped by this company too. Cant bleev qvc keeps them
Negative 17decker
(5 reviews)
On Mar 4, 2009, 17decker Grand Junction, CO wrote:

HUMMM . . .
I ordered several plants through QVC from Roberta's, raspberries & tree peonies and basicly what I got were sticks that never grew any leaves. I have emailed requesting new plants and they are to arive the planting time for 2009. We'll have to wait and see if they have improved or continued to send plants that arive in poor condition.
On the other hand I have recently ordered plants from Sooner Plant Farms and the plants I received exceeded my expectations by far. If you have had troubles with QVC and what they sell give Sooner Plant Farm a try.

Negative PinkOrchid
(1 review)
On Feb 3, 2009, PinkOrchid Leesburg, FL wrote:

I have been gardening for many years. I do gardening for a living, so I like to think I know a little about it. A few years ago I purchased a set of 4 plumeria stalks from the local fair. after 2 months they shriveled and died, so I called for a replacment and 2 YEARS later I finally received 1 (yes 1) replacment. So I paid $25 for 1 plumeria. Now 4 years later the thing is 6 to 7 feet tall and I have gotten 1 (yes 1) flower on the stupid thing. But it's still alive so I keep looking at my stick in a pot and hope for the best. So when I saw that QVC was selling Roberta's I figured I would give them a chance since QVC would stand by my purchase (or so I thought). I bought the 6 piece tri colored rasperry collection and the 10 piece super sunset begonia's. The plants didn't look too good when I got them, but I figured I would give them a chance. I ended up with 2 raspberries and 2 begonia. All very sickly. So I called for replacments and to my surprise they shipped me out replacments immediatly! Well they arrived. They looked like last years rejects and worse then the first batch I got. But I planted them anyway and now out of 12 raspberries and 20 begonia's I have 4 raspberries that look like death and 2 begonia's that look worse. It took me 3 phone calls to get thru to Rogberta's. I left 2 messages and NOT a phone call back and finally got thru on the 3rd call. I spoke to Debbie. Explained to her that I would like a refund or a credit to purchase something else. She got kinda rude and kept saying she can't give a refund or a credit but I could select something else in place of the dead stuff. (Well DUH! isn't that a credit?) Then I was told I could only get certain things in replacment. Nothing new only old stuff. So, now I have to go to the site, make a list of what Could replace these and then SEE if it is acceptable. AND HOPE IT DOESN"T TAKE 2 YEARS TO GET HERE!

Negative squirley
(2 reviews)
On Jul 31, 2008, squirley Southeast, NC wrote:

After several attempts to contact Roberta's, I got the e-mail address of Keven Wallen and e-mailed him. He let me know his customer service would take care of any further problems I had. I finally got my asparagus after a long period of time. They came dead and brittal. Also hollow in the roots. Paper bag they were in was in very bad array. I planted them anyway. They never came up. The roots were too far gone when I received them. Very disappointed with Roberta's. Makes QVC also look bad with a vender like Roberta's.

Negative crcgarden
(1 review)
On Jul 14, 2008, crcgarden Cumming, GA wrote:

This spring I began replacing the plantings in my yard that the deer and rabbits had destroyed in the first years since I moved into my new home. I decided to try perenials so that over the winter there would be less to worry about deer destruction. I am a long time QVC watcher and decided to try plants offered thru them. Roberta's had many offerings that looked very beautiful and many were described as deer resistant. The majority of the plants arrived in Georgia OK. My peonies are growing, the begonias are blooming as are the daylilies. So overall the plants themselves are not the issue - it is the customer service. This is my first time growing lilies. Some are doing magnificiently. Others however are not. I sent an email 3 weeks ago and have never gotten a response. I have tried many times to get thru on the phones and only once succeeded. The message I left has never been returned. QVC reps are not gardening experts and should be able to rely on their vendor to answer customers' need for information. I have spent hours on the web educating my self about lilies, but do not feel I can ask for help from other companies when I have not purchased from them. The quote from the pamphlet says "Partnering with QVC, we share a common vision that puts the customer at the top of the list!" My experience has not shown that to be true.

Negative HostaLily
(5 reviews)
On Jul 13, 2008, HostaLily Florence, SC (Zone 8a) wrote:

I cannot add anything else to the negative reviews, but my own experience. It has not been good.

I have ordered over the last couple of years from QVC, and NOTHING has grown for me, and I am not a novice gardener.

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