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Negative whag
(1 review)
On Sep 23, 2009, whag De Forest, WI wrote:

Despite the warning on the site that "we're swamped" and the assurance in smaller print that many orders are shipped promptly, I placed an order for two small engine parts on 9/6/09.
An e-mail order acknowledgement came that day carrying the admonishment that calling to inquire about the status of my order within seven business days would delay the order.
On 9/14/09, my credit card was charged for the order.
On 9/16/09 I e-mailed Outdoor Distributors' (OD) customer service and asked about the status of my order. I received no response.
On 9/22/09, I called OD's toll-free number and was told that everyone was "at lunch" and to call back in an hour. The time was 1:30 PM CDT at their location.
On 9/23/09, I called OD again at 10:00 AM. After speaking briefly to three people and being put on hold three times, I finally reached someone who told me that one of the two items was on back order and was expected to arrive at their facility in "at least a week". I requested that the order be cancelled and that my credit card be credited back for the amount of the order. After another short hold, I was told that this had been done.
I had been on the phone for about 22 minutes.

Negative slk230red
(1 review)
On Sep 22, 2009, slk230red Tampa, FL wrote:

I thought I found a good deal on a carburetor for my Sears leaf blower, so I ordered one from them on 8/10/09. I called before ordering to make sure the part was in stock and I was told that it was.
I called a week later and was told that the part was on back order. Called the next week and was told that they're not sure when it would be in.
I called again on 9/2/09 and still no confirmation on the part so I told them to cancel my order. Called back on 9/10/09 to complain that my account was not credited and was told that it takes a while. I then called my credit card company and they credited my account immediately.
I did a google search for the part in my area and found a distributor nearby, ordered the part from them the afternnoon of 9/10/09 and they called me early am on 9/15/09 and said the part was in.

I felt that I gave Outdoor Distributors a fair opportunity to earn my business, but they are not delivering parts in a timely manner. I thought that they were friendly on the phone, but not aware of what is going on with their business. I also emailed them several times but never got a reply.

Negative AandEsMom
(1 review)
On Sep 21, 2009, AandEsMom Monroe, NC wrote:

8/1/2009 I ordered Snapper parts - 3 mower blades, 1 clutch switch, 1 seat switch. My lawn was half mowed when it broke. Finding parts quickly was extremely important. Got a confirmation email my parts would arrive in 7 working days.

After 10 working days, and lots of grass growing in between, I called only to be put on hold for at least 15 minutes, only to be told that the parts had to be backordered from Snapper. When could I expect them then I asked? I don't know was the answer.

Desperate, I kept the order open.

8/18/09, my credit card gets charged for the parts.

9/19/09 still no parts.

9/19/09 called the number to cancel my order. Was told there was a storm in the area and the computers were down and I needed to call back later.

Still dealing with these people and they are not kind and courteous or even apologetic in the least. Would NEVER use them again.

Negative boon_dog
(1 review)
On Sep 20, 2009, boon_dog Cranbrook,
Canada wrote:

Ordered on Aug 4th 2009, order confirmed and payed. Called Aug 19th and put on hold for a long time fianally told only 1 part was in and rest would be shipped the following week. Have tried to email 3 more times with no response. It is now Sept 19th and will try to get my money back through Pay-pal.

Negative mikekmary
(1 review)
On Sep 18, 2009, mikekmary Hampshire, IL wrote:

I ordered a manual for a Poulan riding mower in May and as time went by I called twice and was advised that order was pending. It was August and mowing season was coming to an end but I figured I would order parts as the manual was very old and probably hard to find. I was advised back order was canceled but received no credit. (I was able to order manual from Sears and got it in a week). The parts I ordered I saw online would be delivered in a week but a special note said 14 to 20 days. I still did not receive parts and had to dispute charge based on the information I found on your site. I should have read your reviews beforehand. I was able to find parts with Mowtownusa and should have them in a week.

Negative amyrgang
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On Sep 9, 2009, amyrgang Hampshire, IL wrote:

I would not EVER use this company again.
Aug 9th - placed order for $63ish, got confirmation email.
Aug 10th - got email saying order had shipped
Aug 25th - still had not gotten anything. Called company, was put on hold IMMEDIATELY. After 10 mins on hold, the phone automatically rang again. Someone picked it up and hung up. Called again, on hold for 10 mins again, phone rang 33 times with no answer. Hung up. Called again. DEMANDED not to be put on hold...was told that I had to wait in line for calls to be answered....I reponded that I had been waiting for 33 rings. Was put on hold. Someone actually felt like doing their job and took me off hold after 4 minutes. "Lou Lou" was really rude, like her answering the phone was doing me a huge favor. She said the email that I had gotten saying the order was shipped didn't really mean it was shipped, and that they hadn't yet even gotten the parts that they were (presumably) going to ship to me. I said to forget it and to cancel the order IMMEDIATELY (I wasn't taking any of that "we'll ship it soon" crap!). Lou Lou said it would take 10 business days to issue a refund. It's two weeks later now, and I just opened a PayPal dispute to get the money back. I think their plan is to delay the customer for over 45 days, because then you can't open a dispute with PayPal and they'd just keep the money (so watch out for that!!!)....all in all a crappy company.

Doesn't it seem odd that all the (very few) relatively recent positive posts come from Alabama, where this place is located? INTERESTING.

Negative ydfoley
(1 review)
On Sep 2, 2009, ydfoley wrote:

I ordered a pulley for an MTD lawn tractor. The charge for the part hit my account immediately. I called ten days later to find out the status of my order. The confirmation email plainly states "Call 1-877-70-PARTS if Order not received in 7 WORKING days.
and we will check the status for you." I called on August 19th - exactly one week after the charge hit my credit card. I was told that the order was being processed and in the staging area to be shipped. It is now two weeks later and still, no part. I called today and was put on hold. after nearly 8 minutes on hold, I hung up and called back. The person answering the phone said "Hold Please." at which point I stated that I had already held for 8 minutes. She promptly corrected me and told me that I was only on hold for 7 minutes and 48 seconds. At this point, I am very irritated and ask to speak to the manager. She tells me that she is the manager and I will have to hold for ten minutes. When someone finally comes on the line, he informs me that they don't even have the part and have no idea when they will receive it. When I ask about the previous call, he doesn't know what I am talking about. When I ask for the order to be cancelled, he says it will be at least 10 days to get my credit.
When I ask to speak to the manager a lady gets on the line. I tell her the story of my experience today and she tells me that she never spoke to me. At this point, its obvious that I am getting the run around, so I ask to speak to whoever is in charge of Outdoor Distributors. Surprise Surprise, no one is there.
I have to wonder if this is a scam to be able to charge your credit card for parts and then hold them money, using it to pay bills or for personal reasons, then shipping the product when the complaints are too much. I have just gone on line and researched the number of complaints against this company, and quiet a number of them say the exact same thing. It does not seem honest. Nor does it seem to be the way a company holding an "A" with the BBB should deal with customers.

Negative ldbc
(1 review)
On Sep 1, 2009, ldbc Billerica, MA wrote:

On 7/22/09 I ordered some parts for a Briggs & Stratton tractor engine.
On 7/23 my credit card was charged $79 for the full order.
On 7/27 I sent an email inquiring about the order status and never received a reply.
On 8/4 I called and was told parts were on back order.
On 8/11 I called and was told parts were on allocation from B&S and should be in any day.
On 8/17 I called and was told parts still on back order. I cancelled the order and was told I would receive a credit card refund in 5-10 business days. I ordered the parts direct from Briggs & Stratton that day and 4 days later they arrived at my house.
As of 9/1 I hadn't received my refund yet so I called my credit card co. to dispute the charge. Meanwhile Outdoor Distributors has held the money for almost 6 weeks for an order which they never even shipped.

Negative Order_problem
(1 review)
On Aug 27, 2009, Order_problem Elizabeth City, NC wrote:

PLEASE do yourself a favor and avoid the same problem I experienced when doing business with Outdoor Distributors ( The money you think you will save was in my opinion not worth the aggravation you may encounter.

On July 29, 2009 I placed an order online with Outdoor Distributors (also known as Landscape Power) for $87 worth of Craftsman lawn tractor parts and received an automated email acknowledgement shortly after.

On August 9, an email I sent to check on my overdue order was unanswered.

On August 11, I called Outdoor Distributors and after a lengthy hold-time, was told a part was on backorder. No information on which part was backordered or when it would arrive.

On August 14, my credit card was charged by Outdoor Distributors.

On August 18, I called again and, after a lengthy hold-time, was misinformed that my part was due to arrive on August 20 and that my order would be sent out immediately upon its arrival.

On August 24, an email I sent to confirm that the order had shipped was unanswered.

On August 26, I called again and, after a 20 minute hold time, was told that Outdoor Distributors “switched suppliers” and my part would arrive in 2-3 days. That is odd since on August 18 I was told that the part would be in August 20. I cancelled the order and am pursuing reversal of credit card charges.

Summary: Based on my experience with Outdoor Distributors regarding ignored emails, misinformation by representatives, credit card charges prior to shipping and lengthy call hold-times, Outdoor Distributors are not worth the aggravation in relationship to the amount of money saved over "retail".

On September 9th, 2009, Order_problem added the following:

As of September 9, Outdoor Distributors ignored my verbal and emailed request on August 26 to post a credit for unsent merchandise and significant delays. I was told a credit would appear in 7 business days.

I already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the State of Alabama Attorney General's Office.

If you have been mistreated by Outdoor Distributors, please take a minute and file complaints with the BBB and Alabama Attorney General's Office to help others avoid these problems.

Attorney General's Office website: //

Better Business Bureau website: (search Outdoor Distributor and AL to find their record).
Positive MowMaster
(1 review)
On Aug 25, 2009, MowMaster Alabaster, AL wrote:

I recently placed an order for my lawn mower blades and odds and ends. I spoke with Brittney and she was very friendly and eager to help. She found everything I needed and had my order ready in no time. Within the week, I had my order and I couldn't be happier! Thank you Outdoor Distributors for great service!

I plan to call them again when I need something for my mower! I have recommended them to all my friends.

Negative thomasgoffe
(1 review)
On Aug 25, 2009, thomasgoffe Selma, NC wrote:

I made one order from Outdoor Distributors, and although it took a long time to have it filled, I had no complaints, until now.

On August 4, 2009 I placed a credit card order online with Outdoor Distributors for 4 parts totaling $58.00. According to their website, customers were advised not to check on the status of their order until after 10 working days had passed as this could delay the processing of the order.

On August 18, 2009, I called their customer service line (1-877-707-2787) to check on the status. This was 11 working days after I’d placed my order. I was told that their computer had been down for a couple of days and that the order could not be processed from their warehouse. I was assured by their customer service representative that my order would be filled no later than Friday, August 21 and shipped on Monday, August 24. I was told that I would receive a shipping confirmation via e-mail with a tracking number on the 24th.

On August 21, 2009 Outdoor Distributors billed the credit card for the cost of the order.

On August 24, 2009 the information pertaining to my order had not been provided as promised by the Outdoor Distributors customer service representative.

On August 25, 2009 I called their customer service number again to determine the status of my order and to find out why the order confirmation and tracking number had not been provided to me as promised. At this time, the story explaining the delay changed. I was told by the Outdoor Distributors customer service representative that the part had not yet been shipped by their distributor and that Outdoor Distributors should receive it “in a few days.” Once Outdoor Distributors received it they would in turn ship them to me.

After 22 days of waiting, I’ve been told 2 different stories, have received no parts and am out of patience. I immediately cancelled the order and requested a full refund to the credit card.

Had I been wiser, I would have checked with the Better Business Bureau and various customer satisfaction websites prior to placing my order. Had I done so, I would have noted the numerous complaints and would have not done business with this company. I am writing this so that others will know of my experience with Outdoor Distributors prior to doing business with them.

Negative lighthouse58
(1 review)
On Aug 25, 2009, lighthouse58 Richview, IL wrote:

I placed an order for a mower part with Outdoor Distributors on July 18th, 2009. I canceled my order on August 10th, 2009 because I still had not received it. I was told three times that my order was delayed because some server was down and my part would reach them on Thursday of that week. Then it would be shipped to me. I was told this 3 weeks in a row. That Thursday never came. I was told that I would have my money refunded in 5 days when I canceled on August 10th.When I called back in 5 days, because I had not received it I was told it takes 10 days for a refund. On August 24th (10 days now)I called again and I was told it takes about 15 days to get a refund (see a pattern here). It only took 2 days for them to take the money from me. I have not got my money back yet . I will not do business with them again.
I am also going to file a claim with the BBB and the Attorney Generals office in Alabama

Positive rolltide63
(1 review)
On Aug 9, 2009, rolltide63 Tuscaloosa, AL wrote:

i ordered a set of three blades, all new tires and a new belt and a for my cub cadet mower. i saved around $40 as compared to other internet sites. i ordered my parts monday afternoon and had them on at my house by thursday morning and was finally able to mow the lawn and get the wife off of my case!

Negative bruiser1
(1 review)
On Jul 14, 2009, bruiser1 Camarillo, CA wrote:

On April 6, 2009 I ordered a solid state module for my lawn tractor. This part did not fit. I called Outdoor Distributors and was told to ship it back at my expense. I did. I am still waiting for a response from them. I am out $53 for the part and $12 shipping and $6 return shipping. I did not damage this part in any way. I shipped it back in like new condition in the origional box with all the proper paperwork. They are "NOT" customer friendly.

Neutral stancanada
(1 review)
On Jul 14, 2009, stancanada Huntsville,
Canada wrote:

On June 9th 2009 I ordered via internet approximately $80 (shipping included) worth of parts for my MTD lawn tractor. A pto plate, two pulleys, a spring and a drive belt. On June 11th my visa card was charged. I waited a couple of weeks and then tried calling them. Waited on hold for 20 minutes and hung up. I sent an e-mail to the customer service. Got a reply with a tracking number that didn't work here in Canada saying that the parts were shipped. I sent a couple of more e-mails with the same result. After a month passed and reading some of these reviews I thought I had been taken for my money. I ordered the parts locally for three times as much as Outdoor Distributors had charged. On July 13th my parts arrived by mail post marked July 2nd. A full three weeks from the time my visa was charged. I will now hope that I can cancel the parts I ordered here. I did get my parts for a good price, but waited over a month to get them. That's why I am giving a neutral rating.

Negative doudmart
(1 review)
On Jul 13, 2009, doudmart Prince George,
Canada wrote:

On June 10 th. I placed an order for some transaxle parts for my lawnmower. Allowed lots of travel time as I live in Canada. On June 29 th. with no parts and no correspondence from Outdoor Distributors, I sent an e-mail requesting the status of my order. Still no word by July 1st. so I phoned long distance to their customer service, took three attempts to get through as I disconnected twice after being on hold for over 10 minutes. Finally spoke to someone and was informed that the company they get their hydrostatic Transaxle parts from had a system crash and were behind with their orders but he would check. After waiting for some time ( long distance of course ) while he tried to get through to the supplier and couldn't, said he would keep trying and if there was any further delay he would definitely let me know within the next two days. If I didn't hear from him then the parts were already in transit and should be here the following week. July 13th. No phone call, no e-mail and no parts.( more long distance phone calls ) I finally got through after being put on hold again twice and was informed they were waiting for some parts so they could ship my order. By this time I realized what a big mistake I made dealing with this Company so I told her to cancel the order. I was then informed it would take five to ten days to return my $117.92 to Paypal, that they got within 10 minutes, over a month ago. I will NEVER EVER deal with this company again.

Negative avb1229
(1 review)
On Jun 30, 2009, avb1229 Souderton, PA wrote:

Totally Negative. Do Not do business with these people.
Everything your read about them is true. They take your money the same day you place your order. I ordered parts back in April ($140.00 worth) and still have not received them. I called two weeks ago and said, just cancel my order. Still no credit on my bank statement and it's been 12 days. I've called over 100 times and still am put on hold, I've asked to speak with the manager, and whoever answers the phone, says they are the manager. I've asked to speak to the Owner, and he's never available. I've asked to speak with accounts payable/receivable and they don't exist. I too, contacted AL District Attorneys Office and filed a complaint on line. Everyone who has been burned by this "phony" company should do the same.

Negative hotdog60
(1 review)
On Jun 30, 2009, hotdog60 wrote:

On 16 Jun 09, I place an order for 2 spooled replacement cartridges for a Ryobi Model 704r gas powered string trimmer for the amount of 26.49.
On 17 Jun 09, I noted that amount had been debited from my credit card.
Also noted that no confirmation of shipping was sent out. I was told that my order should arrive within 7 business days. Okay, this is what I expected.

On 24 Jun 09, I sent an email requesting info about this order. I did not receive in the 7 working days. I very directly request a response. I receive no response. I tried calling and was put on hold. Gave it up.

On 27 Jun 09, I emailed a 2nd request for a response. I was very upset by this time. Today is the 29 Jun 09 and still have heard nothing.
This I know, I paid 26.49 for merchandise in good faith. I have not received the merchandise, nor do I know the status of it. Also I do no care to have the merchandise delivered even if it is in stock. This company is a joke. Customer service is non existent. They do not keep their word.


Only wish I had checked out this prior to placing the order.

Negative redsunset44
(1 review)
On Jun 26, 2009, redsunset44 Gambier, OH wrote:

On June 16, 2009 I ordered metal edged trimmer blades for my Stihl weedeater. My credit card was billed immediately. I received my order on June 26. According to the Stens catalog, the blades are sold in packages of three. I ordered 12 packages, (36 blades) using the Stens part number 390-170. Instead of receiving 12 packages, I received 12 blades. Customer service insisted the price was per blade and admonished me for ordering online and not calling and clarifying the cost per blade before placing my order. I did call twice before placing my order online, but was placed on hold both times in excess of 15 minutes. Like a dummy, I went ahead and ordered online. Had the price online been for a package of three, as expected, it would have been in line with the price I pay retail locally for a package of three. ($3.31 online vs. $5.95 retail). I have received a return authorization number and will see to it tomorrow. Now I'm out $24 shipping, a credit card charge until the items are received back by them and still no blades. I would recommend that you DO NOT DO BUSINESS with Outdoor Distributors!

Negative steve_in_tn
(1 review)
On Jun 26, 2009, steve_in_tn Kingsport, TN wrote:

On June 7 2009, I placed an online order with Outdoor Distributors via the Internet for some parts for my Tecumseh lawn mower engine. My credit card was debited almost immediately. On June 24, I had not received my order, so I sent an email using the link on the Outdoor Distributors website, requesting the status of my order. I have never received a reply. Today (June 26), I called them at 205-669-2500. While I was on hold, I found numerous online complaints about this company and their very poor customer service record. After being on hold for about 25 minutes, I was told by Outdoor Distributors that they could not find my order, and they wanted a call back number. The online complaints that I found indicated that many people have had this experience, so I requested a refund. I was told that would take 5-10 business days, which is absurd given the fact it took them only a few hours to process a charge to my credit card. I submitted a complaint to the Alabama Attorney General's office. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH OUTDOOR DISTRIBUTORS!!!

Negative 51068
(1 review)
On Jun 25, 2009, 51068 Lancaster, OH wrote:

I placed an order online with this company on 6/10/09. My checking account was immediately charged. I waited the 7 working days for the order to arrive. It didn't so I called the company and told it was backordered (sound familiar?) and it might come in the following week. When I called the following week, the CSR said it wasn't in and couldn't say when it would be in. I cancelled the order and when I looked for the refund in my account, it wasn't there so I called again and was given a run around to the effect that it would take 5-to 7days to put the money back into my account. I told them I would contact my bank to dispute the charge. In the meantime, I filed a complaint online with the AL State Attorney General's consumer protection division. It appears the company may be using other people's money without having to pay any interest. Another interesting side note. The owners and employees are listed on their website. Two of those I talked with, one I was told was the Manager, are not listed on the website. I definitely would not recommend doing business with Outdoor Distributors.

Negative cjswift
(1 review)
On Jun 25, 2009, cjswift Syracuse, IN wrote:

Ordered Parts on May 31, 2009. Finally after many phone calls they say on June 25th that my order has just been shipped..... We will see..... Very poor customer service. I will never order from them again. I was one of the lucky ones, if I do get this order.
They charge your credit card the same day you order, they do not send you any emails if the parts are on backorder, you have to keep calling , and calling to get any answers ....and then they put you on hold for 10mins. VERY BAD COMPANY....STAY AWAY

Negative JAYBELL16
(1 review)
On Jun 23, 2009, JAYBELL16 Mogadore, OH wrote:

Ordered and paid for parts on 5-01-2009 still waiting on 2 other parts that should have came with the first part . after many calls still cannot get the other 2 parts i pd for , after each call attempt they tell me their supervisor will call with details . after almost 2 mths past still no parts or phone calls or emails . next step the BBB. If your thinking of ordering from these people ,THINK TWICE ,BUYER BEWARE

Negative DC1
(1 review)
On Jun 17, 2009, DC1 Fort Collins, CO wrote:

I should have done some homework on these people before I placed the order for some replacement parts for my Tecumseh lawnmower engine. I followed the instructions in the order confirmation e-mail, giving them "7 working days" to receive my parts. After nine business days and no parts, I tried calling their toll-free number, and got repeated busy signals or endless ringing. Same with the direct line. An e-mail got me no response. Later I decided to try the phone again, and after a few attempts someone answered and immediately put me on hold. As the minutes ticked by, I twice heard someone pick up my line and say coarsely, "Thanks for holding, you're next." Then half-way through saying "I'd like to check on my order... " I heard the hold music return. Finally, after being on hold for 20 minutes, I was able to speak to someone and have them check on my order. Came to find out it was out of stock, they were waiting to get it from their "other warehouse", and it hadn't even shipped yet. Since I had seen the very same parts available from other online retailers, I asked to cancel the order and get a refund. They said the refund would be processed on my credit card within one week... a delay I think unreasonable, but I'll just have to keep a close eye on it.

In an age where technology enables a superior level of communication and order-status feedback with customers, and where retailers distinguish themselves less by pricing and more by good customer service, this is one of the worst companies I have encountered in a long time. I doubt it will be long before they dry up and blow away.

Negative Kelko
(1 review)
On Jun 3, 2009, Kelko Eureka, CA wrote:

I ordered a part for my lawnmower in April. I received the customary email notification that my order had been received and I could expect delivery within 7 business days. It specifically states not to contact them before the 7 business days or it will delay the order. Since I'm in a remote area, I gave them an extra week for delivery. The charge was posted to my credit card account on May 1. I tried emailing them to let them know that it was well past the 7 days and did not receive a reply. By mid May I tried contacting the company by phone several times and only received a "could you hold please" response and then no one ever came back on the line. By May 20 I decided I would wait on the line as long as necessary (which was about 10 minutes). I explained why I was calling and then was put on hold for another 2-3 minutes while she looked up my order, I guess, or tried to think of an excuse to give me. I was then told that the part had been received by them, but the packaging was damaged so they had to reorder another part which should arrive within a week (of course, they never informed me about this). I explained how I had been trying to get through to them and all she said was "they've been very busy the past week." After another week, I tried calling again and was surprised that a person actually answered the call. I told her I had my order number and wanted to cancel my order since it had been over a month. She asked me to hold and I told her I didn't want to be put on hold again. She then "very rudely" tells me that I had 9 callers ahead of me and that I would be put on the bottom of the list and answered in the order the calls came in. She did not give me a chance to respond; only hit a button and I was placed on hold again. I plan to dispute the charge with my credit card company and have it charged back to them. I sent them another email about their lousy customer service and how they state on their website something like "all internet orders will be handled by a real person and that you will be treated as a real customer, not just an order number; they bust their humps to give great customer service." I beg to differ. They are the rudest people I have ever encountered for customer service. I will never order from them again!

Negative SteveInNC
(1 review)
On May 29, 2009, SteveInNC Charlotte, NC wrote:

I ordered several parts from OUTDOORDISTRIBUTORS.COM on Sun 5/17/2009 because their prices would save me about $12 dealer direct. I received an e-mail the same day stating stating that my parts should arrive within 7 WORKING days. On Tue the charges posted to my credit card on 5/19/2009 - legally you can not charge a credit card for an online order until it ships to the customer so I assumed they had shipped my items. On Thur 5/28 I tried to call them several times to find out about my order. They kept answering the phone saying "would you please hold" and then they put me on hold before I could even answer. After 10 minutes of holding I hung up and tried on Friday. On 5/29 when I spoke to them they told me that they were really busy and hadn't had a chance to ship my order and that it would probably go out next week. I told them to cancel my order because it would be another 7 working days before they arrive. DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY - THE SAVINGS IS NOT WORTH THE WAIT.

Negative rixjeep
(1 review)
On May 29, 2009, rixjeep Acworth, GA wrote:

I contacted Outdoor Distributors concerning replacement parts for a Poulan Chainsaw and was told the parts were in stock. I placed the order online and paid via AMEX. I received an email stating the order was received and the order would be processed and shipped "ASAP". The message said to allow 7 working days. After 8 business days passed I emailed the provided customer service address. No response. I called and never got a response. I emailed again and asked them for either a tracking number or confirmation that they were canceling my order. Again, no response. I am going to proceed with a dispute via AMEX and ensure they are forced to refund the money they received without having filled the order. Very bad business to deal with. Do your homework. Do a Google search on "Outdoor Distributors Complaints" and see the huge number of hits you will receive. Horrible operation. BEWARE!!!!

Negative nassau65
(1 review)
On May 27, 2009, nassau65 Smiths Grove, KY wrote:

I read the negative reviews on this company, and decided to give them a chance anyways because of their low price on belts. Well the old saying still stands-You get what you pay for! Off of their website, i cross-referenced their part numbers with the Dixon mower belt numbers i needed. I called and spoke with a girl there and verified that the part numbers i was ordering, were in fact the replacement numbers for the Dixon belts. She confirmed and i placed the order. After about 6 days (my yard is nearly knee-high at this point), the box shows up with the wrong belts in it. They are not even close. My belts are approx 5 -6 ft long. The belts i recieved are 2 ft long at best. I sent them emails (they have yet to answer them). I called three times this morning, and got put on hold for about ten minutes each time. Finally i called a fourth time and told the girl not to put me on hold because i was busy and needed to speak with someone now. She said well you should've held on longer, because the calls are answered in the order they are received-now you will be put at the bottom of the list again. I told her that if she put me on hold again for the fourth time, that i would simply refuse the charges on my Visa, and they could do whatever they wanted about picking the belts up. She said "you'll do no such thing"-and put me on hold. I will never again order anything from them even if i have to pay double for them somewhere else. Very unproffesional, very rude.
Im done with them and i would suggest that if you're thinking of placing an order with them-DONT.

Negative tziems
(1 review)
On May 26, 2009, tziems Toledo, OH wrote:

I would strongly recommend NOT using Outdoor Distributors to anyone seeking replacement mower parts. I could have saved myself alot of headache if I would have checked Dave's Garden comment section (and other Internet review boards) before ordering from them in the first place - alot of honest information, almost identical to what I've now experienced. I place an order on April 24th and am told the order will ship in 7 business days. Early may I call back, not only have they not shipped the parts, but they were not ordered from their warehouse to be shipped. I decide to cancel the order and ask for a credit to be placed back on my Visa card. After MULTIPLE attempts in speaking with MULTIPLE people, inluding Wanda, Steve, LuLu, and others (In a calm and understanding manner), I have been lied to and still have not received the credit back on my card. After being told today (LuLu) that the credit was issued on May 13th but could take two weeks to process (at the card company), I call the bank and they state they have never received the credit information "supposedly" sent from OD, and that the credit should always appear within 3 to 5 days of issuance.

Also, Everytime you call their number, you are immediately placed on hold for a minimum of 6 minutes, and are forced to listen to blaring music, and many times are returned to hold without an option when/if someone does pickup.

Many of the folks who pickup the phone are somewhat rude and seem to have an attitude that they are doing me a favor by speaking with me.

I highy recommend ordering parts from another company (or better yet, buying locally where you can) - it is NOT worth the hassle dealing with these people.

Negative BR549A
(1 review)
On May 14, 2009, BR549A Westby, WI wrote:

I ordered some parts for my tiller and paid for them with pay pal. 5 -7 days later I was emailed that the $1.98 part was on back order . I told them to cancel that part of the order and they refunded the $1.98 back to my paypal acct. 8 days later they emailed that the other part was no longer available I had had enough and told them to cancel the entire order and refund the payment to my pay pal account. they said that it would be done that day. I emailed them 3 times at 3 day intervals that I had not recieved the refund -- No response
I callled and the representative said that her supervisor would do it that day. I told them that if it wasnt done that day I would open a dispute with pay pal. I opened the dispute at 5:01 and it was refunded the next day.. Outdoor distributors is OFF my list of vendors.. I will NEVER use them or refer other to use them. Take my advice DONT USE them

Negative resmith
(1 review)
On Mar 6, 2009, resmith Olympia, WA wrote:

I ordered a crankshaft for a Tecunseh 8HP chipper engine. When the shaft arrived it was obviously used and covered with surface rust. The output shaft was heavily painted. After I installed it the shaft broke on the first pull of the starter. Examination of the break showed it had been broken before and welded then painted over to conceal the repair. I sent them a description and picture and have not recieved a reply as yet. (I'll be suprised if they respond to my request for a replacement). Reading other reports on this outfit this sounds like the norm for them.

Negative XCIEE
(1 review)
On Jan 30, 2009, XCIEE Magnolia, TX wrote:

Ordered parts to overhaul my garden tractor and engine in early fall. Used their online parts guide to identify parts needed, one of which was a crankshaft for $147.69. My orders totaled about $500.

The crankshaft turned out to be the wrong shaft diameter (in spite of the fact their guide said it was the right part). OK, things happen, called the parts desk. Told them of the issue, got an RMA to return the crank and placed an order for what was supposed to be the correct crank. Got an email a few days later saying part was now backordered but should ship within 10-15 days.

Meanwhile, I return the other crank and wait... and wait... and wait... After three weeks without notification, they charge my credit card for the part that they don't have and haven't shipped (very unusual business practice). Now after 3 full months and multiple calls to them, still no part and I haven't gotten the credit for for my returned item either!

Called today to follow-up on my credit and was told it had been processed. I then told them I was not willing to wait any longer for the replacement part (both Briggs & Stratton and Sears Parts Direct had it in stock). Then they told me that because I was canceling my replacement order I was only going to receive a partial refund on the returned part because the were now going to assess a restocking fee (keep in mind that this is the refund that they told me they had already processed and their own system had showed this to be the correct part). So they are charging me a fee after they have held over $300 of my money for more that 3 months.

Now I guess I'll have to wait some more to see if I actually receive either of the two credits that are due to me before I complain to my credit card company. I will not do business again with such a shady outfit and will advise others not to do business with them as well.

Negative hozer1
(1 review)
On Jan 25, 2009, hozer1 Merrimack, NH wrote:

I would suggest you look elsewhere on the Internet for lawn & graden items. Outdoor Distributors has very obnoxious & rude customer service and my experience with them was clearly a breach of contract.
I ordered parts from their website. The price on the website was $35.00 for the parts plus shipping totaled $47.00. They emailed an order acknowledgement for $47.00 and immediately billed my credit card for $47.00. After 3 1/2 weeks I called to see where the parts were. They said the 'new' price was $98.00. I was told that they did not have to honor the price on the order acknowledgement and it did not matter that they had charged my credit card 3 1/2 weeks ago. I either had to pay $98.00 or they would not ship the parts.They also claimed that they called me (they didn't) and sent an email. When I asked them to resend the email she screamed 'I'm cancelling the order' and hung up. They never did credit my credit card so I have to dispute the charge.

Positive dggma
(1 review)
On Jan 19, 2009, dggma Saco, ME wrote:

Overall, my experience was good with Outdoor Distributors. I saved about $25-$30 (over the next closest internet source) on the auger/impeller shaft/gearbox assembly that I needed for my MTD snow thrower. There was a mix-up the day after I placed the order. I received an email that my item was backordered and it would take 10-15 days to receive it even though when I ordered I was told it was in stock. Displeased with this sudden change, I emailed the company back. Three days later, I received an email stating I received the original email in error and that my item had been shipped. I received the item 7 days after ordering. It was the correct part and now my snow thrower is like new again!

Negative michigank9
(1 review)
On Aug 4, 2008, michigank9 Newberry, MI wrote:

I am disputing the charge from Outdoor Distributors of 7031 Highway 47 , Shelby Alabama 35143 . On July 11th 2008 I ordered a replacement transaxle from them. During the conversation with the initial phone parts person I gave her the actual part # off of the current axle on my lawn tractor. That part # is 618-0034. I also told her that I had heard their may be replacement # for that axle but I did not know what it was. She told me that it was superseded to new part # of 753-0556. I told her that the axle was for a White Riding Lawn mower with 4 wheel steering. She said that this part should fir. I said lets order it. The order was taken and I was informed it would be dropped shipped to me.

The part arrived on the day I was leaving on vacation and didn’t inspect it until I got back on July 30th. After opening the box and placing it up to the existing axle on the riding lawn mower, there was a noticeable difference in the part. I compared the part # on the box and saw it was what the parts person said I needed. I then looked at the actual part that was in the box and noticed that the part # that was stamped into it was 618-0163. Which was different than the box and different than the old part that was on the lawnmower.

I then called the following day ( July 31st ) and spoke to another parts person and explained the situation. She stated that this was the 3rd call of wrong parts this day so far and was frustrated. She took all of the part #’s and asked me to hold so she could talk to a supervisor. She came back on the line and said someone would contact me within 24 hours> I asked what would happen and Natalie stated that they just had to figure out how to credit me as this was a drop ship order from the factory. I said ok I will wait to hear from you. Friday August 1st came and went with no call from outdoor distributors.

On Monday August 4th at approx 10:45 I tried calling “ Outdoor Distributors” and requested to speak with Natalie. I was put on hold for approx 5-6 minutes and several people came on the line and asked if they could help and asked my name and I stated I was holding for Natalie. She never picked up. I then hung up and hit * 67 and called back at approx 11:00 am. The person who answered the phone asked who was calling and said please wait, they then came back on the line and said she would call me back. Natalie then called my work at approx 11:05 am, and left a message for me to call her.

I called her back at approx 11:08 am, and she said her manager authorized a return but there would be a 15 % restock fee. I was puzzled and asked would I have to pay shipping as well ? Natalie said her manager Wanda said yes I would. I said “ Do you think that’s fair that I ordered part # 618-0034 and was shipped the wrong part and that there was a difference of what was on the box and the actual part in the box ? “ She then stated that “ we do not normally take back transaxles at all “ I stated “ I was never informed of this for one, and two there is a wrong part in the wrong box”.

Natalie also stated during this conversation that” the girl who took your initial order was NEW and Blonde and didn’t know what she was doing and looked up the wrong superseded # “

She gave me a return Authorization # of 360620-R-WB . I stated I don’t think this is fair and am considering disputing this with my credit card company. She then said hang on and came back online and stated “ Wanda says if you are going to do that then we wont take it back at all “ I then hung up the phone and started the Dispute Process. I also have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Too bad cause I thought I found a great company to get parts from.....

Time for them to get a New Customer " Service Dept "

The comments above are my opinion only and based on my recent business dealings with " Outdoor Distributors".

Google them and Look at the Better Business Bureau.

Negative catndog
(1 review)
On Jul 9, 2008, catndog Aiken, SC wrote:

Zero customer service after the sale. When we discovered the part we ordered would not fit our mower it took lots of nagging to get a return authorization. We paid for return shipping & were willing to eat the restocking fee. Now that they have the item back they're disputing whether everything was returned and are refusing to issue a credit. Their employee, Wanda, stated "we're not giving you anything" and hung up. Stay away!

Neutral grasswacker
(1 review)
On Nov 15, 2007, grasswacker Needham, MA wrote:

I called Outdoor Distributors and spoke with Wanda. She was very friendly and helpful. She helped me find parts that I was unable to find anywhere else. She actually took time and researched my information and didn't just fart me off like all the other companies did. And she had my parts to me in a timely manner! I have sent all of my friends to this company due to the friendly customer service!

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors...

It is the stated policy of the Watchdog that companies can NOT pose as customers to inflate their own rating. This review was posted from the same IP address as the company representative. The rating was changed from positive to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
On Nov 15, 2007, Outdoor Distributors responded with:


On Nov 15, 2007 8:41 AM, Outdoor Distributors added:

These comments are from actual customers that did not want to subscribe to Daves email list."

Neutral fredhawley
(1 review)
On Nov 14, 2007, fredhawley Flint, MI wrote:

I just received an order that was actually a couple of days faster than i thought it would be and it was exactly what i needed. And one of the customer service reps, Carolyne, actually called and told me about a price DECREASE. Carolyne was very knowledgeable and helpful. They are also environmentaly friendly by using recycled newspaper. AND I absolutely loved their southern accent. I would deffinitely reccomend Outdoor Distributors to everybody!!!!

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors...

It is the stated policy of the Watchdog that companies can NOT pose as customers to inflate their own rating. This review was posted from the same IP address as the company representative. The rating was changed from positive to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
On Nov 14, 2007, Outdoor Distributors responded with:


On Nov 15, 2007 8:43 AM, Outdoor Distributors added:

These comments are from actual customers that did not want to subscribe to Daves email list.


Negative peu0001
(1 review)
On Nov 4, 2007, peu0001 Houston, TX wrote:

Due to an error in a parts crossover table I received a pair of wrong items as part of a larger shipment from this firm. I contacted customer support to inform them of the error and request an RMA and replacements for the incorrect items. It was literally impossible to detect the error as their site carried no images of these items and the typical cryptic descriptors make it difficult to catch such problems.

To make a long story short, the correct items shipped, as a complete replacement order at full shipping charge (22% of the total order cost), and also included a fraudulent and unwanted "insurance" fee (UPS shipments carry $100 worth of insurance for free for each and every shipment). So far there is no sign of a refund for the returned items, and I am sadly expecting a punishment (restocking) fee to apply as well.

In short, while these guys appear to have a lower cost for parts, you may want to consider doing business with a more reputable firm. Sadly, this isn't the first time I have learned this lesson, but I guess these guys surprised me, somehow I had expected better from them.

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