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Positive lfh123
(1 review)
On Sep 26, 2009, lfh123 Toronto,
Canada wrote:

I have placed two orders with Flora Exotica. Both times, I ordered tea (Camellia sinensis) plants. On both occasions, the plants arrived within 2 business days of ordering, and in perfect condition. The plants themselves appeared healthy and vigorous, despite being tumbled about in the mail. Perry answered questions promptly and also provided useful advice on how to care for the plants. I would not hesitate to order from him again and I highly recommend his store to anyone looking for exotic plants.

Positive CatherineTan
(1 review)
On Sep 23, 2009, CatherineTan Murrieta, CA wrote:

Ordered 2 houseplants from them just couple of weeks ago. Transaction was smooth & plants arrived here in S. California, in very good condition within 3 business days. Perry was also very helpful with regards to my queries on growing the exotics, days after the whole transaction was completed. Will definitely buy from them again.

Negative PeggyFriday
(2 reviews)
On Aug 14, 2009, PeggyFriday t,
Canada wrote:

I ordered a plant and a package of seeds from this company. It took a lot longer for my plant to arrive than I had anticipated. I even emailed in advance to check for availabilty as the website directed. I was told it was in stock, but after I ordered I was told (after emailing several times to find out the status of my order) that the plant was in fact not in stock and I'd have to wait a few weeks. The plant, when I finally got it, was in good condition and I'm happy with it. The seeds were not included in the shipment, though. I emailed them a couple of times and told them so, and asked them to send the seeds. It's been two months, and so far no reply and no seeds.

On Aug 14, 2009, Flora Exotica responded with:

"On Sep 7, 2009 4:56 PM, Flora Exotica responded with:


Please send us some info (like your email ID or transaction ID or your full name) so we can investigate. Maybe your emails did not reach us, or our reply did not get through your spam filter ! Thanks."

Positive quincy66
(2 reviews)
On Aug 7, 2009, quincy66 North Adams, MA wrote:

I recently purchased two dwarf Trees, and I am VERY HAPPY with my experience with this Company.
Fast shipping, Healthy looking trees, and always responded to my e-mail questions.
Will do business with them again

Positive balthazor
(1 review)
On Jun 25, 2009, balthazor Tampa, FL wrote:

After decades of avid gardening and purchases, I was happily surprised by the service I received from Flora Exotica.
I have ordered many plants via the mail in the past and was prepared for the mediocre greenery I had been used to receiving.
Not in this case, there was exceptional communication and product. The plants are more substantial and healthier than I could have imagined.
I was alerted when the plants would arrive, received them on time, and am proud to say they are adjusting to thier new "digs" quite nicely.
I will not hesitate to order from this company again.

Positive RunReilly
(1 review)
On Jun 25, 2009, RunReilly Fairfield, CT wrote:

First of all, this was the only place i could actually find the tree i was looking for after hours of searching (*note - I am an research analyst for a living.. and a good searcher). The communication was great, the price was great, and the shipping was surprisingly fast. Very good vendor!

Positive ninjapoof523
(1 review)
On Jun 25, 2009, ninjapoof523 Midlothian, VA wrote:

First off, this was my first time dealing with FloraExotica. Like some others, I had some communication problems after I'd sent payment for the items I'd chosen which made me very anxious. My order was shipped about a month late, but arrived quickly after it was actually shipped and arrived in great condition. For those of you that have paid for items and are waiting for them, don't worry, they will eventually arrive, and most likely, be in good shape. I hope this serves to reassure some who are waiting for purchases to arrive, wondering if they've been swindled. Your order will arrive, though, you may want to send a few reminders. For exotic plants, I will most likely frequent FloraExotica again.

Negative tranneke
(1 review)
On Jun 18, 2009, tranneke Toronto,
Canada wrote:

I ordered seeds including miracle berry seeds on April 4th. After many emails to Perry (some he ignored and some he responded to with empty promises). I got some of my seeds on May 5th and still have not received my miracle berries. He responded quickly to my emails before I placed the order, but once he had my money he no longer bothered. It's been 2 1/2 months and I'm still waiting. Very frustrating dealing with him.

Negative Ambernash1229
(1 review)
On Jun 18, 2009, Ambernash1229 Stonewall, LA wrote:

May 22, 2009, I purchased a Miracle Berry plant from this company. It was suppose to be a big plant, which was described as follows:
* Big plant in 8 or 10 inch pot,
10 inch to 2 ft high, ready to bear fruits:

The plant I received was a 6 inch tall plant in a 8 inch pot. It was very sparsely, had few leaves, no blooms, no fruit, and nearly dead. The leaves were brown, it only took 3 days to ship from the company( I do not believe that kind of damage can occur over a 3 day period).

The Site also said ready to bear fruit. This plant is no where close to even having blooms, much less bear fruit. The product sent to me, was not even comparible to the description displayed on the website.

I payed $80.00 USD plus $30.00 shipping for a plant that was not what was displayed on their website, (pictures of the plants beside the plant sizes have now been removed from the plant tab on the website.)

I will not use this company again.

Positive playamarine
(1 review)
On Jun 14, 2009, playamarine Salinas,
Puerto Rico wrote:

My shipment to Puerto Rico arrived very fast and the 6 oleander plants were in perfect shape. Thanks a bunch for the care you put into shipping and such beautiful plants.

Positive bdrochester
(1 review)
On May 27, 2009, bdrochester Rochester, NY wrote:

As of now I am neutral, I have sent 3 e-mails, left 3 voice messages, and called Perry's cell phone only to find that it was full and I couldn't leave a message.

I placed an order on May 13th and have not heard a thing from my e-mails and messages. I have not received any confirmation except that my payment was accepted. On the web site it stated that everything was in stock but, for some reason nothing has been received and it has been 2 weeks now. Depending on what happens I will be moving the neutral to a positive or negative. I ordered a large miracle fruit plant ($80) and a pack of ten miracle fruit tabs ($15). The reason for this is because my father-in-law is going thru chemo and I read that these berries/tabs help take away the metallic taste and make eating more pleasant for cancer patients.

On May 28th, 2009, bdrochester added the following:

Just an update once I got home yesterday Perry e-mailed me back stating:

Hi Barry,

We are busy preparing for an event at the Montreal Botanical Garden. Your order is scheduled for shipping June 08.


Once I get a confirmation of shipment and receive the plant I believe this post will be brought up to a positive and I will be more than happy to purchase more items from Perry.

On June 10th, 2009, bdrochester changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

Received the plant today, good packaging and it was healthy. Wasn’t too happy with how long it took but, that will not stop me from ordering from here again.
Positive galbert01
(1 review)
On May 10, 2009, galbert01 London,
Canada wrote:

I ordered a mango plant, vanilla orchid, miracle fruit plant, and a cinnamon tree. All plants were well packaged and in great condition upon arrival.
I am very pleased with these plants and will certainly be shopping at Flora Exotica again!

Thanks Perry!

Positive Suzecav
(1 review)
On Apr 22, 2009, Suzecav Hyde Park, NY wrote:

I looked high and low for both local and online nurseries which sold and understood how to maintain a "Bodhi" tree (Ficus Religiosa) and would provide healthy specimens for both tall, indoor trees and for making bonsai. I was ready to call it impossible when I found Perry at Flora Exotica. Not only did they have specimens in both sizes, but Perry was patient giving me a lot of his time while educating me as this ficus is not the easiest of which to make bonsai, but do grow indoors (as I have found recently) quite well. They shipped me extremely healthy and generous sized large specimens (which are thriving in my shrine room; I am Buddhist if you had not guessed ) and some very promising small ones to work to make bonsai from as this strain is easier to raise from smaler specimens to work on bonsai so that the leaves do not get too big first. I cannot say enough nice things about how great was it to work with Perry!

As well, my next venture may be to attempt to make a lotus plant indoors (can be done!) and they do have specimens but I was discouraged from buying the finished product (which was a better revenue generator for them) as I was told that if I worked with my own tubers and did it myself I was more likely to be successful.

I would not hesitate to buy anything from Flora Exotica again!

Regards to all,

Susan Schlenger

Positive mexx_edm
(1 review)
On Apr 21, 2009, mexx_edm Edmonton,
Canada wrote:

Good services from Flora Exotica. I ordered couple plants from Perry with many questions regarding about pricing and shipping. I got all of my questions answered promptly. The trees arrived in very great conditions and healthy even though they were a week in Canada Post hands.

At first, I chose to ship the plants with Expedited Shipping. Later on, I realized that I need plants sooner. I asked Perry to ship the plants with XPressPost through Canada Post (2 business days). However, dump Canada Post didn't ship after 4 business days (plus 2 weekend days). Perry did open a trace and he refunded my XPressPost shipping money after he had gotten back from Canada Post.

Positive jolagirl14
(1 review)
On Aug 29, 2008, jolagirl14 Winnipeg,
Canada wrote:

I searched on the internet for a Canadian company that could ship lemon trees and Flora Exotica was mentioned numerous times- quite highly regarded. So, I ordered a Meyer Lemon and a Calamansi tree, both in 10-inch pots. They arrived propmptly, packaged so well that the fruits that were already growing on the plants did not even fall off. They seem to be very healthy plants and I received detailed care instructions on how to keep them healthy. Perry responded to my many questions very quickly and the answers he gave me provided me with the exact information that I needed. Perry offers very unique products and I am very excited to order from his company, Flora Exotica, in the future. I would recommend this company to all. Order without hesitation. Thank you Perry!

Positive kauricat
(1 review)
On Aug 28, 2008, kauricat Halifax, Nova Scotia,
Canada wrote:

I have now purchased twice from Flora Exotica. I was very hesitant the first time, but the plants arrived, undamaged and have been growing ever since. The second order has just arrived and the plants all look very healthy and vigorous. I also received notes on how to look after the plants - they are somewhat unusual exotic plants, so I was very grateful for the hints. Perry Nguyen has been quick to respond to questions and very helpful.

Positive runaway956
(1 review)
On Aug 27, 2008, runaway956 Calgary,
Canada wrote:

Very fast and efficient service. All of my inquiries were answered very quickly by Perry, My plant arrived exactly when I was told and it arrived in perfect condition. I will not hesitate to order again from this company.

Neutral jujubetexas
(7 reviews)
On Jul 24, 2008, jujubetexas San Marcos, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:

I purchased some seeds on 6/13/08 and paid by Paypal. The order went thru but I didnt hear from him via email or phone so I called a few days later and confirmed the order with Perry. About 24 days went by and I still did not get my order. I called him and he said he had not shipped my order because he had to dry some of the seeds. That seemed to be a long time to dry seeds but I was okay with it. He then told me he would ship out my order that week or the next week even though it was ready now. Well, it is now 07/23/08, 40 days since my order and still no seeds. I emailed him a few days ago asking for some information. He did not email or phone me back. The funny thing is that I even told him I was ordering thru him because he had a decent rating on Dave's Garden. This guy doesnt seem to be malicious. I think he is just very apathetic. I will probably get my seeds some day but I wont order from him again.
Good luck

On July 30th, 2008, jujubetexas added the following:

I have still never received a phone call or email from this company since I placed my order. Even after they read this posting they never contacted me period. I never received order. I will just accept that I lost my money.
On July 30th, 2008, jujubetexas added the following:

I just checked my email and he sent me an email last night before I placed my previous comment. He said the package shipped on the 9th but I spoke to him on the 10th and he said it had not shipped yet. He said that if I dont get something by the 1st of August, he will send a replacement.

On August 5th, 2008, jujubetexas added the following:

It is August 5th and I havent received the package yet. I emailed him to let him know.
On August 15th, 2008, jujubetexas changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I received my package and although I feel that their communication skills were lacking, I am bumping them up to Neutral.
On August 18th, 2008, jujubetexas added the following:

I just received the replacement package from Perry. I dont believe in getting stuff for free so I paid him for it.
On Jul 24, 2008, Flora Exotica responded with:


On Jul 29, 2008 11:32 PM, Flora Exotica added:


We were away on vacation last week, and could not reply to your Email or return your phone call.

Your order was sent July 09.

The order was delayed because of the Egyptian Walking Onion bulbs. It takes time to dry the bulbs so that they don't get rotten during shipping.


Positive optex22
(1 review)
On May 11, 2008, optex22 Calgary,
Canada wrote:

I have a Meyer Lemon Citrus tree that's doing very well (indoor under Metal Halide lights in the winter and outdoors during the summer). I wanted another brand of lemon tree but couldn't convince the folks at my local greenhouse to order it in for me. There are several US based Citrus growers but they tend to shy away from shipping to Canada as there's a ton of paper work and border bureaucracy to deal with. I did a search on the web for Canadian Citrus and found a web link to the Montreal based Flora Exotica. I was a bit apprehensive about ordering a Citrus tree from an online garden site but any concerns I had were put to rest after I spoke with the owner, Perry Nguyen. I found him to be knowledgeable and trustworthy so I ordered a Eureka Lemon (for myself), a Meyer Lemon (for a co-worker), and a Satsuma Manderine (for another co-worker). Perry shipped the trees out on Monday and I got them in the mail on Friday. I couldn't believe how healthy and green the trees were with several fruits and blossoms to boot. And the packaging was superb. I'm planning on ordering a Washington or Robertson navel orange tree from him sometime before fall. Thank-you Perry for answering all of my e-mails and for your great customer service!

Positive pmjwedwards
(1 review)
On Apr 25, 2008, pmjwedwards Ottawa,
Canada wrote:

I recently ordered a Hoya compacta 'Hindu Rope' in 8-inch hanging basket from Flora Exotica. I was apprehensive for two reasons: first, the plant was for my mother so didn't want to disappoint her; and second I was unsure about shipping such a plant via the mail from Montreal to New Brunswick with concern of how it would arrive. I got a call form my mother on her birthday and she was overjoyed at the plant and she was amazed it had arrived in near perfect condition, all the blooms intact. It would appear that the company knows how to ship plants so that they arrive. Now my mother knows this place is reliable, I am sure she'll be after more plants!

Positive jackeric
(1 review)
On Nov 26, 2007, jackeric Montreal,
Canada wrote:

I was looking for exotic flower-trees to replace my ficus and other non-blooming in-house trees. I was afraid to be stuck with growing seeds or to find a producer but so far away that the cost would be prohibitive. After browsing on the net, I was very surprised to find a producer right in my city, Montreal, Canada. After few exchanges of e-mails and calls, I got there to take my 4 plants. They were pest-free, leaves were perfect showing a good history of care. Instructions for repotting were adequate.

So for all of you in freezing deep-cold Canada, remember that we have Perry here in Montreal growing exotic plants for us !

I already reserved a couple of plants from the newest plants in spring.

Positive NorCalDave
(1 review)
On Oct 20, 2007, NorCalDave Sebastopol, CA wrote:

This was my first time ever ordering a live plant (tree) over the internet. I was a little unsure how someone would ship two trees from Canada to California. After talking with Perry at Flora Exotica my worriers were put to ease. I ordered two Michilea Champaca trees. The package arrived one day early, when I saw the box I thought this is interesting. I opened it right away and inside were two well developed trees about three feet long with many branches,leaves and a flower bud on one of the trees. The trees were tied with twine,taped,packed with wadded newspaper and well restrained with no damage not even a missing leaf!
I am very happy with my purchase and am already planning my next order with Perry at Flora Exotica.
Thanks again Perry!

Positive Phillipa
(1 review)
On Oct 18, 2007, Phillipa Kissimmee, FL wrote:

WOW!! I was very excited to find Fora Exotica site on line. My experience was great with Perry. I orderded the plants and was shocked to have them arrived so early and in such great conditions considering I am in Florida.
I will definately be buying more plants from them very soon.
Perry was a gem to work with and you can tell he knows what he's talking about. I am a very satisfied customer and can't wait to eat the fruits from my trees.

Positive yarame
(1 review)
On Oct 4, 2007, yarame Lunenburg,
Canada wrote:

Last week I found this company , this week I have everything I ordered
in very good condition, shipping was very fast, well packaged,
overall I am very satisfied and I am sure I will order more from this company,
Thank you Perry

Positive DianeHendren
(1 review)
On Sep 20, 2007, DianeHendren Ottawa,
Canada wrote:

On a trip to the western Caribbean it became my mission to find an outstandingly beautiful tree/shrub on the islands called the Flamboyant Tree or Royal Poinciana. Determined to take on the challenge of growing the Flamboyant in "non-tropical" Ottawa, my internet search took me to Flora Exotica, and to Perry who delivered to me promptly, and in excellent condition, two starter Flamboyant trees as I requested, which are flourishing in my house. Nice to know that I can easily find any plant with one quick e-mail to Perry at Flora Exotica.

Positive streggie
(1 review)
On Sep 18, 2007, streggie Ridgetown,
Canada wrote:

This order was shipped on a Monday so that it wouldn't spend the weekend in the box.
I was very pleased with the plants I ordered and received. If these are small cuttings at least 12 in. & plants several sections of leaves, large ones must be brutes.
Most helpful and cooperative.

Positive santamaria
(1 review)
On Aug 27, 2007, santamaria Brampton,
Canada wrote:

I am extremely pleased with the quality of service and plants.
I ordered Flamboyant, Gold Cassia and Jacaranda Mimisifolia plants from the website and I received availability and order confirmation with a shipping date promptly. Perry also sent a follow-up e-mail saying "Hope the plants arrived safely" which shows that he cares about his products and customers.
The Products were shipped out as promised and arrived the next day (earlier than expected). All the plants were in excellent condition, very healthy, well-rooted and were well packaged.
I am impressed with the selection and the wide variety of hard-to-find tropical plants available at Flora Exotica and most of these products are not available in local nursiers (in the GTA).
The greatest thing is this company is located in Canada.

Positive Vrinda
(1 review)
On Aug 16, 2007, Vrinda Ottawa,
Canada wrote:

Very happy to have this vendor here in Canada! He has a wide range of rare tropical plants and if he doesn't have one, he will try to get it for you. Plants I received are in beautiful shape and you can tell that he knows what he is doing and that he likes doing it. The shipment was very quick and paypal transactions are secure since you never divulge your credit card number or bank account to any vendor and all communication is encrypted.
What can I say, I am ordering some more!

On August 24th, 2007, Vrinda added the following:

I have so far purchased 7 plants from Perry. All are in great condition and the shipping is very quick and reliable. He also takes his time to give advise on how to care for them when I asked about their adaptability. I will definitely buy from him in the future.
Positive ceedub
(2 reviews)
On Aug 7, 2007, ceedub Whitby, ON (Zone 5b) wrote:

I've dealt with Perry several times in the past coule of years, and always receive plants or cuttings by mail that are very healthy, and very well packaged. The last order I made was a large basket of hoya compacta that I had him send to my mother. The plant was received in wonderful shape, had open flowers on it, and will bloom again soon. Perry also helped me out with a problem recently that I won't go into detail about, but he used tact and discretion and the problem was solved in a very beneficial way to both of us. I will continue to deal with Perry as long as I have a green thumb!

Positive tweet1953
(1 review)
On Jul 14, 2007, tweet1953 Elizabeth City, NC wrote:

I am very pleased with my plants from Flora Exotica. I purchased a clivia miniata (Kaffir Lily), a antigonon (Rose Montana Vine), and a strelitzia reginae (Bird of Paradise). The plants were in a roomy box but the containers were taped down so they would not move. Each container was wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent the soil from falling out. The plants were very healthy - no brown or wilted leaves. The plants arrived on the day I would told they would arrive. They were mailed on a Monday and arrived on a Friday - including going through customs. I would purchase plants from this company again.

Positive spaceperson2002
(1 review)
On Jul 12, 2007, spaceperson2002 Ottawa,
Canada wrote:

I ordered 50 sensitive plants that I need for an important science experiment I am doing over the summer. I could not find any adult sensitive plants in the city where I live and found this company on the internet. Perry was very helpful and quick in answering my many questions via e-mail. All of the plants arrived in excellent condition after they were picked by my uncle in Montreal. Perry also sent very detailed instructions on how to care for the plants via e-mail. In addition, Perry answered an extensive list of questions I had related to the age and conditions the plants were kept under (eg. how many hours of sunlight they received a day, the soil composition etc...). This information will be very valuable for my laboratory write up. In all, I had a very good experience with Flora Exotica.

Negative passifloracrazy
(1 review)
On Jul 10, 2007, passifloracrazy Ottawa,
Canada wrote:

I ordered two plants from this company in January. The plants eventually arrived here in Ottawa in June by expedited mail. The tibouchina looked as though it was freshly dug and put into a pot. The mimosa was small and thin. Both plants were poorly packaged and had fallen out their pots and were crushed. The tibouchina is dead. There were no other packaging materials in the box. I asked for a replacement, but was told that they do not replace plants or refund the money but that I could place a new order. WARNING. Be careful when mail ordering from this company. He does not appear to stand by his plants or his shipping methods.

On Jul 10, 2007, Flora Exotica responded with:


On Jul 10, 2007 11:13 PM, Flora Exotica added:

Dear passifloracrazy,

Please verify your record to see if you actually ordered these plants from us. We did not receive any Email asking for replacement for a Tibouchina and a Mimosa plant.

If you can find any proof that these are our plants (previous Emails, tracking number sent by Canada Post, ...), please let us know to verify and to rectify the situation.


On Aug 3, 2007 11:02 AM, Flora Exotica added:

It has been 3 weeks and there was no reply from the customer to confirm where he/she ordered these plants from. We are posotive that these plants were not from us for these reasons:

1. We did not ship any Tibouchina and Mimosa to Ottawa in June. We even went back to our records in May and April.
2. We did not receive any Email or D-mail asking for replacement for a Tibouchina and a Mimosa plant.
3. The customer's statement "The tibouchina looked as though it was freshly dug and put into a pot" probably refers to a vendor out West. In our location (Eastern Canada), Tibouchina plants are not hardy enough to plant in the ground.

I have sent an Email to Dave to find a way to prevent these faulty comments in future. "

Positive jashoya
(1 review)
On Jun 30, 2007, jashoya peace river,
Canada wrote:

I would like to give my experience to other Canadian's especially those that are looking for those exotic plants that you would not find in your local plant shops...I have been dealing with Perry at Flora Excotica for three years now...I live in Northern Alberta...I just received a shipment of plants this week...plants that I specially ordered in March...the plants came via expedite parcels...they came in exactly 1 week...the plants were well packaged and in excellent many of the plants that I have ordered from Perry are plants that I have seen on the U.S. plant site but impossible to get shipped here to Canada...Flora Excotica has so much to offer and if you don't see it on their Perry and he will get right back to you and let you know if he can get it for you or not...I have used Pay Pal for payment very easy and safe...once Perry has received payment, he is very quick in getting plants shipped...with our climate he ships when safe to do so...I highly recommend this company and Perry for their great service...and I will continue to order plants from them...Thanks Perry..Keep up the good work....Gladys

On September 7th, 2009, jashoya added the following:

On September 10th, 2009, jashoya added the following:

I want to comment on my experience with Flora Exotica. I have been ordering plants from this company since 2005. I can't say enough about this company and the excellent service I have received. To have a Canadian company that has an excellent selection of exotic plants is very rare. They also have a very large selection of hoya varieties. Perry, is very easy to work with and willing to bring in special requests if possible. I have friends that are interested in exotic plants and I have referred them to this company. My plants arrive in excellent condition and are well packaged. They travel all the way from Quebec to my home in Northern B.C. via expediate post. Thanks Perry and Flora Exotica for your service and all your plant advise. And I will continue doing service with you in the future. Sincerely, Gladys
Positive Staigl
(1 review)
On Jun 19, 2007, Staigl Saint Louis, MO wrote:

Contacted Flora Exotica (12/06) about the availability of a 2' ficus religiosa (Bodhi Tree). Informed though in stock, shipment would be delayed until warmer weather.

This was my first venture into ordering a plant online. Having loaded trucks for a major carrier in the past, I am aware of the potential for rough handling. Nevertheless, I dearly wanted this plant and rolled the dice. I need not have worried. The packing of my 2 foot tree was adequate. After traveling 1,300 miles, over 4 days, my Bo Tree arrived safe, healthy, and as scheduled.

Perry has been quick to respond to email inquiries; always courteous and helpful. As pleasant and trouble-free as this transaction went, I would not hesitate to order again from Flora Exotica.

Positive jpoapst
(1 review)
On Dec 29, 2006, jpoapst Kemptville,
Canada wrote:

Extremely positive experience- called to order a Bodhi Tree, was advised on stock immediately and in a very helpful manner soon had an order in place- order was received in a few days, ,well protected and identified- the 5' tree is great, was well packaged and on receipt received a follow-up email advising on care. One question received a clear and detailed response. I am thoroughly impressed with both the product and the service received.

Positive MsAmaryllidacea
(1 review)
On Nov 28, 2006, MsAmaryllidacea Ottawa,
Canada wrote:

I have only good things to say about ordering my Clivia miniata plant from Flora Exotica. Perry quickly answered all my email questions before purchase and my Clivia arrived 2 days after ordering. I was able to track it's progress through Canada Post on the web. Packaging was simple but effective and it arrived safe and sound. It is a beautiful healthy looking plant and came with the flower buds just opening. A wonderful burst of colour, and more buds are coming up. I have wanted a Clivia for years; it's a plant my mother kept on the windowsill throughout my childhood in England, and that same plant is still going strong 50+ years later. I have only seen one other for sale in the Ottawa area in a florist's shop. It was $65 plus tax. Thinking that no-one would buy it for that price, I went back months later when it wasn't in flower hoping to get a deal, but no! It was still $65.00! So imagine my delight when I found Flora Exotica sells them for a much more reasonable price, and more economical with less hassle than ordering from an American mail order company. My hope is that they will be able to expand their selection in the future, so I can buy more varieties. I am totally hooked on this plant and would recommend it to anyone looking for something truly exotic, unusual, a real showstopper with it's gorgeous orange/red flowers and glossy dark green strap leaves. By all accounts it is easy to grow in the house, likes shade, a plant loved by Victorians, therefore with a history of being grown in darkish Victorian households. far as I know, it's only available at Flora Exotica. I would recommend this plant and this company to anyone who loves beautiful, unusual plants.

Positive kasim
(1 review)
On Oct 28, 2006, kasim N.S.,
Canada wrote:

I would just like to express my thanks to Perry and Flora Exotica. I e-mailed Perry for information, placed my order and received my plants, all within one week. Perry promptly replied to my e-mails, was helpful and patient in my final decision and my Hoyas arrived nicely packed and in excellent condition. I'd also like to add that the plants were well established, were well rooted and very clean. I would encourage anyone looking for the 'unusual' to not hesitate in ordering from Flora Exotica, they are one of the best in Canada, in my opinion. Thanks Perry. Karen

Positive teesa
(6 reviews)
On Oct 19, 2006, teesa Conneaut, OH (Zone 6a) wrote:

I ordered a Night Blooming Cereus, and a Lotus Mrs. Perry Slocum, please excuse my spelling I didn't keep order form. I'm from U.S. and was slightly worried because I thought customs would be nosey. They were. The box was obviously opened and poorly resealed. It was also completely flatened when it got here. However, the quality of packaging was perfect for the plants. They looked fine and I was surprised considering the shape of the box. The Lotus was not just one small banana looking thing but two, and althought one of the "tubers" growing tip was broken off ( I blame customs), the other was in great shape. A nice fat looking thing. I planted it in some really stinky wet compost muck from the recycling center and it went crazy. It sent leaf buds out within days and by August I was on my forth amazing bloom, they just kept coming, it is Oct. now and I can't express how happy I was with this plant. Everyone asked about it. Thanks Perry. I also had the best experience with the Cereus. It was well rooted when it arrived in a 3 or 4 inch pot, I'm serious about the well rooting. Not what I'm used to. I actually let out a hoot when I pulled it out of the pot and saw how well it looked. It promptly started to grow and is very large now, I am waiting for flower buds, and getting ready to repot it for the second time. A very worthwhile experience all around. I would definately order again with zero hesitation. The plants did better than stuff I get locally. I'll stop gushing now. I did have a problem receiving e-mail. I think it is because of the way I have my security set up. So adjust your settings and don't give up if you don't hear back from them. This place is worth it.

Positive siepie
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On Oct 16, 2006, siepie BC,
Canada wrote:

I ordered seeds for:
- Averrhoa carambola
- Passionflora edulis
- Lycium barbarum
- Punica granatum 'Nana'
- longan (dragon eye)
- Annona squamosa

All of my annona germinated, most of my Lycium germinated (But I received significantly more seeds than I ordered so I ended up with more plants then I expected!) all of my punica germanated, unfortunately my longan and carambola seeds tried to germinate but became fungus infected (too much water, oops. my thumb is not very green yet) I am still waiting for the passionflora but its only been in the ground for two weeks so far.

my experience with flora exotica has been great, especially compared to other seed companies. When I asked for his opinion on ordering theobroma cacao plants I got an honest answer! Delivery was quick and the instructions worked. I am looking forward to more orders with this company.

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