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Neutral mcsnail
(7 reviews)
On Oct 17, 2017, mcsnail Chicago, IL wrote:

Posted on October 16, 2017, updated October 17, 2017
I really feel odd writing a negative review of Easy to Grow Bulbs and I very much hope that I will be able to change it to positive soon and that I won’t have to seek out another vendor. I’ve happily shopped with them for a long time. I’ve also recommended them to A LOT of people—who asked where I got the spectacular blooming plants that I always brought as Christmas and hostess gifts or that made my apartment so welcoming in the long Chicago winter. Shipping was always prompt and accurate. Occasionally an amaryllis would bloom red when I ordered pink—but all I had to do was send a picture of the flower-along with my invoice and an even better pink bulb would be in the mail with a friendly note. I understand that there have been some horrendous natural disasters lately. The hurricanes in Texas, the wildfires in their own state. Yet, the most recent e-mail that I got from Easy to Grow Bulbs wasn’t a report of disaster and a plea for understanding on the part of their customers—but a promotion for the sale of Fall bulbs.

I ordered around $130 worth of bulbs and some live plants on August 29. I received an e-mail that explained that some live plants would ship immediately, Fall planted bulbs would ship in mid-September, and amaryllises would ship in mid-October. Very soon afterwards I received the tillandsia I had ordered—healthy and well packaged plants. I told a friend to hold off on buying Fall planting bulbs—and I would give her a portion of the ones I ordered when I came to visit in October. On Oct. 2 I e-mailed the company and inquired about my order. I got a prompt e-mail from Rachael with a shipping confirmation and tracking number. All seemed well. However, on October 13 I clicked on the tracking number and was informed that my bulbs had been received in WAILUKU, HI on October 6. I, unfortunately, live in Chicago. I immediately sent an e-mail and received an automatic reply stating that they “are currently experiencing exceptionally high volume of emails and phone calls” and to expect a reply “typically within 24 hours”. I initially thought that the company must be experiencing something unprecedented and terrible. Massive failure of their computer system? However, in the Garden Watchdog postings I see signs that service has been rather dramatically degenerating in the last year or so. I’ve been married to a small business man for 20 years and understand something about the difficulties that can plague small businesses—how easily one person’s illness or a small mistake can turn into a crisis. Still, I have been waiting for a response considerably longer than 24 hours. I think that it is important to respond promptly to customers who have received poor service with something other than an automatic reply—even if it’s just a personal assurance that their problem is acknowledged and will be addressed.

On October 17th, 2017, mcsnail changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I got a call from Rachael. Evidently, I was given someone else's tracking number--even though my order had not shipped. I was promised that my bulbs would ship now (a month after the stated shipping time). I like the company, the people, and the products--but I wonder if they have taken on more business than they are equipped for. During the time that I was waiting for a response about their mistake--and my $100 + order that seemed to have fallen into a black hole--I received 3 promotional e-mails from them--advertising new products and soliciting more business. It was a little annoying.
Neutral Shane_Wilson09
(1 review)
On Apr 16, 2017, Shane_Wilson09 Waxahachie, TX wrote:

I am a beginning gardener. I bought ~$100 in bulbs from Easytogrowbulbs in two orders. Orders were shipped fairly fast.

Quality: So far so good. Crocosmia, Guernsey, Crinum, Peacock Orchid, Dwarf Glads all have 90-100% sprouting. Only 1 Oxblood has a sprout, but they are supposed to be dormant during summer so thats ok. The Rain Lilys are not coming up very well. I planted them along a large bed edge and have ~10/60 up so far.

Price: I wished i had looked around because this company is not very competitive. The week after i got my order i bought a bag of 28 Peacock Orchid from Lowes for $6.95. Compare that to 10 for $5.95 that i bought from ETGB. The bulbs from Lowes had a few smaller bulbs but still had 18-20 the size of ETGB. Glads were cheaper at Lowes as well.

Neutral no_regrets
(7 reviews)
On Feb 24, 2017, no_regrets San Diego, CA wrote:

Posted on March 17, 2008, updated February 24, 2017
As a resident of North/inland San Diego, it\'s not always easy to know which bulbs will grow in my climate. I ran across and thought, \"perfect, someone who\'s local!\"

I\'ve placed 3 orders to date with this company and have always been happy. Their bulbs are definitely bigger than anything you could ever find in a big box store, and the prices you pay are low considering what you get. Place an order of $50 or more and they\'ll even throw in an adventure pack to appeal to your risk-taking side. Shipping is very affordable -- especially in this day and age when you can easily pay more on shipping than an order -- and everything always arrives in good condition with instructions.

There was one time when my order didn\'t ship when I expected and my email was answered very promptly with an explanation on the delay, and the box arrived without fail within a few weeks. I\'ve only ordered bulbs so far, but just placed an order for some potted reblooming iris and have nothing but high expectations.

Some of my bulbs have been chomped by gophers, but of those that haven\'t, everything is growing beautifully. An all-white bed I planted last fall with calla lilies, anemone, and Leucojum is now going insane. I have never had such success with any planting before.

On February 24th, 2017, no_regrets changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

I am a very faithful customer of Easy to Grow Bulbs, and place an order of ~$100 at least twice a year. Over time, I've noticed their prices have gone up, the quality of their products has declined slightly, and shipping costs are no longer competitive. I understand the cost of shipping is beyond their control, but somehow, it seems that there are many other bulb companies out there who are managing somehow. Longfield, for example, offers free shipping with a $50 order (even though their product prices are a bit higher). Easy to Grow Bulbs offers free shipping with a $125+ order, and I remember it used to be less. I used to be bowled over by the diversity and quality of Easy to Grow Bulbs, but not so much anymore; it is still very good, vastly better than the big box stores, but just not as great as it used to be. Sometimes the bulbs arrive a little old, already sprouting and sometimes mushy; the bearded iris rhizomes used to be the size of softballs, with 3+ fans, and are now more like a piece of ginger root. And the prices are up. Not by a ton, but between the combination of the more mediocre product, higher prices, and shipping rates, I've found myself diversifying a bit more when it comes to my bulb purchases.
Neutral mwieder
(15 reviews)
On Jun 28, 2016, mwieder Beachwood, OH wrote:

Ordered over $100 worth of bulbs from them.
The bulbs themselves were OK. The Glads, Ginger and Dahlias were great, only about half of the Caladiums sprouted and the cannas were a disaster. I could tell upon receipt the cannas were no good - they had shipped tony bulbs that had no chance to survive the transport. They said they don't have any replacements available so now I have to wait a year for them, which is very disappointing.

The "bonus bulbs" they sent were a waste - they mixed together two different kinds of tiny "bulbs" in the same package and it couldn't be determined which was which to know what I was planting out. The amount they sent was half of a package they usually sell for $10. Don't expect anything useful with the bonus.

Neutral RandyLahey
(1 review)
On May 25, 2015, RandyLahey Cleveland, OH wrote:

First time customer of Easy To Grow. I decided to pick up some Australia cannas from them since they are one of the few vendors who have them and are very reputable. I picked up 12 bulbs and one bareroot hardy geranium. The bulbs were what I expected and looked nice and healthy. I was able to rototill and plant them the day after arrival. At just over a month later, only 5 of the 12 have sprouted. The geranium has yet to show any signs of life either. I had ordered more of the same type of canna from Longfield about a week after I received my bulbs from Easy and 13 out of 15 of those bulbs have sprouted now. The 2 that haven't sprouted yet had damaged stems from removing them from packaging. The speed at which my newer set of bulbs came up has me concerned that the rest of the bulbs from Easy that haven't sprouted will not. Overall, I'm fairly disappointed, but I'll give it more time before a final review

Neutral Fatbun
(4 reviews)
On Jul 5, 2013, Fatbun East Richmond Heights, CA wrote:

I ordered amaryllis bulbs from ETGB for the first time this spring and the shipping was very quick with excellent packaging. The sale price was very good at $5-6/bulb and the bulbs arrived healthy looking. I was rather pleased with the purchase. Well, the free bulb pack, I think liatris (?), was too dried up to grow though since none showed any sign of life after planting.

One thing I wasn't sure too much about was the appearance of a white fungus or something that dessicated the outer layers and kept eating in. It's not the usual mushy rot from overwatering as I kept these bulbs rather dry with ample sunlight and air circulation. I had to clean and cut out several layers and sterilize with bleach to save the bulbs. They seem to be okay for now, but their sizes definitely decreased. This happened to Chico, Lima, Cherry Crush, Siren, Sophisticate (all neighboring bulbs from ETGB) and spread to my Dancing Queen and Evergreen. Anyway, I'm not pointing the finger at anyone, because I do not know all the circumstances that might contribute to this problem and it seems that the company got good reviews from many others. I'm just a bit disappointed that it happened a couple weeks after I got the bulbs. So I guess the experience was a bit above neutral.

Neutral biggfurrydogz
(4 reviews)
On Oct 6, 2012, biggfurrydogz Auburn,
United States wrote:

This would be Negative had it not been for the quality of the merchandise.

I ordered Miss Muffet Caladium bulbs, an upright Elephant Ear Bulb and a live Clivia plant.
I must say that the Clivia was a nice surprise for the price.
The Miss Muffet Bulbs were a good size and very healthy.
The upright Elephant Ear was healthy but smaller than expected.

Now to the Negative customer service........
I was shocked at some of their responses to my email informing them of my concerns.
My order was delayed with no notification to me.....
Their response-"you didn't read your email maybe it's in your spam folder"
What they do not realize is the email I used forces ALL emails to appear in the inbox and if the system thinks one is spam it clearly marks it SPAM but lists it in my INBOX. So......they told me I did not read their email when in reality they did NOT send it.
When I questioned them regarding the long wait in shipping their response was....." shipping from southern California to New York – all the way across the country, and diagonally at that just does take as long as it takes."
This is such a LAME response. I have shipped and received items for many years and that is simply a POOR excuse for their delays. If I had said that to buyers I would be out of business!!
And, when I questioned the size of the Upright Elephant Ear they said....."These are measured in circumference, as described in our Frequently asked questions section. Is this the way you are measuring it? HELLO, I have been gardening for over forty years, I know how to size a bulb!!!!

The entire email was one poor excuse after another and pointed to me as being at fault not them. Sorry that's just unprofessional and no way to treat a customer!

Neutral bloom79
(3 reviews)
On May 10, 2012, bloom79 Arlington, MA wrote:

Posted on April 17, 2012, updated May 10, 2012
Posted on April 16, 2012, updated April 17, 2012
Placed, received and planted my order from them along with everything else while starting my new garden. Everything else was came up but not one of their bulbs - 100% mortality. This was in Nov 09 it's now Spring 12 and still nothing. I see everyone's yard with beautiful bulbs and I am tempted to order some again but I'm still not very comfortable buying bulbs online. A chipmunk left a squill and that's the only bulb growing in my yard! (I did not order any squills). I did NOT contact them about the bad batch of bulbs so I take part of the blame - perhaps they may have replaced them.

On April 17th, 2012, bloom79 added the following:

I made a mistake when I stated all the plants did not sprout, the peonies did sprout and are very nice.
The tulips, crocus and oxalis did not sprout. Hence I am leaving this negative.
On May 10th, 2012, bloom79 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Updating to Neutral as Jill from Easy to Grow Bulbs got in touch with me. She has promised to credit the bulbs that did not sprout. Will update review once the bulbs arrive and do well.

Neutral Chesterfield
(3 reviews)
On Mar 11, 2009, Chesterfield Duxbury, MA wrote:

I ordered dahlia tubers and glad bulbs from the company this winter. The glad bulbs arrived in great shape, along with a free packet of gift bulbs that were also in great condition.

The dahlia tubers, which they send as clumps, were falling apart. Most of the tubers were falling off the main stem or attached by a couple of strings from what had once been a more solid connections. Most were about to fall off. They look nothing like the clumps that I save for myself or that are available at Home Depot and Lowes. Still, there was enough there so that they tubers would probably be all right. But, since I had read on this site that the company did not respond well if complaints were not made right away, I sent them a note to let them know that the tubers were falling apart.

Readers can judge for themselves whether this information is helpful. I found it somewhat condescending and in some cases questionable. For example, if tubers by themselves ALWAYS produce new plants, then why do people try so hard to include an eye from the stem when dividing up clumps? I came away from the distinct impression that the company was using its supposed expertise to try to mask and evade responsibility for the delivery of a substandard product.

All this said, there appears to be enough left of the product after all the falling tubers are removed to starts some plants. If not, at least I let them know, as required, within the seven days required.

Note from the company:
I am SO glad you were able to bring them right indoors! Good job!

No need to worry about the dahlias -- but I am very glad you brought
it to my attention! This way I can address your concerns. Dahlia tubers,
as we ship them, look like several slender sweet potatoes tied together at
one end. This is just what dahlia tubers do. Where they are "tied" or
joined together is always going to be somewhat dry and a bit brittle after
harvest. The tubers multiply in this fashion, under ground, and it turns
out to be a very good defense mechanism. If a critter eats one of the
tubers, the plant doesn't suffer because there are so many remaining. Or,
if they are stepped on by a donkey or something, they easily break apart at
the point where they are joined, without the individual tubers being

Each separate tuber, the thing that looks like a slender, dark sweet
potato, would, on its own, grow a complete, flowering dahlia plant. In the
future, when your dahlias have grown immense, this is the way you will want
to divide them. Many companies do divide them, and send just the individual
pieces as separate dahlias tubers. We do not do so, and I recommend that
you not break up the rest of yours at this point simply because the group of
tubers will create a larger plant more quickly than the individual pieces
would alone. But they will all grow and flower.

Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Gardening!

Neutral SnoopyPuppy
(6 reviews)
On Apr 25, 2006, SnoopyPuppy Arlington, TX wrote:

I ordered 3 bags of Ranunculus Rainbow Mix (order number 3513) on July, 2005. Compared to those sold at Lowes, HD, or other online stores, Easytogrowbulbs' Ranunculus bulbs were big, but in all fairness, they were not 7+ cm (or 2.7+ inches) as advertised. The customer service was impeccable. I received my order within 3 days. It was very hot in Texas during the summer. So Easytogrowbulbs advised me storing the bulbs in a cool place. I followed their advice. I planted the bulbs in the second week of Jan, 2006. It is now the end of April, 2006. Of the 30 bulbs I planted, only 9 of them grew and are now blooming. So, I am kind of disappointed. That is the only reason that keeps me from returning to Easytogrowbulbs. I am very impressed with their services, but not with their products.

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