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Positive Inglage
(2 reviews)
On Jul 1, 2008, Inglage La Crosse, WI (Zone 5a) wrote:

I ordered two Sweet Bay Tree plants, a chocolate mint plant and a Pineapple Sage plant from Companion plants and was quite impressed. The plants were securely packed, bounced back very quickly, had well established root systems and are taking off in their pots as we speak. The company was timely in getting their plants shipped and I will order from them again. I really enjoyed the "Thank you" scribbled on the the invoice. It made me smile.

Positive artemiss
(12 reviews)
On May 14, 2008, artemiss Toledo, OH (Zone 5b) wrote:

I was VERY impressed with the selection of hard-to-find plants offered by this vendor...and the prices were reasonable for everything.
The plant size was better than many others I have received via mail this year, and everything looks fantastic.
I will definitely purchase from them again.

Positive Kate_C
(6 reviews)
On May 9, 2008, Kate_C Woburn, MA wrote:

I received my hops yesterday. One was in a small pot, the other in a 4" pot. Both plants look healthy and robust. I would order from these folks again. They have a great selection of difficult-to-find herbs and plants, the customer service is above-and-beyond the call of duty and the plants are healthy.

I look forward to my home-grown home-brew this fall!

Positive Hemhostaholic
(28 reviews)
On Mar 20, 2008, Hemhostaholic Scranton, PA (Zone 5b) wrote:

I am/was a first time customer of Companion Plants. The particular plant that I was looking for is/was the Bed of Nails Plant (Solanum quitonense-Naranjilla). This was the only vendor that I could find that actually sold this plant, and wasn't selling just seeds of this plant.
I ordered on 3/13, and received the order today, 3/19. The plants were packaged with extreme care. There was no loose dirt within the shipping box. The plants look amazingly healthy, and I can not believe the root system on both of these plants...truly amazing!
If anyone on there is looking for some unusual annuals, perennials, herbs, etc, I would highly recommend Companion Plants!
I will be a repeat customer!

Positive doccat5
(3 reviews)
On Jan 5, 2008, doccat5 Fredericksburg, VA (Zone 7b) wrote:

I ordered Milk Weed seed for a Butterfly garden. The service was quick, packaging the highest quality. And prices were a lot less compared to several other sites I looked at. I'm very satisfied and will order from these folks again.

Positive FL_Ginger
(3 reviews)
On Sep 10, 2007, FL_Ginger Saint Petersburg, FL (Zone 9b) wrote:

Good customer service. I hope to order again from this company.

Negative agricolarum
(2 reviews)
On Sep 4, 2007, agricolarum San Francisco, CA wrote:

I received plant materials of a quality which I deem unacceptable. Basically, I was sent a number of very spindly seedlings, two of which were nearly undiscernible, puny and mashed into the soil as they were, rather than the healthy, robust plants which I had expected to receive and have read about in other postings about this site. I contacted the vendor at once to advise him of my refusal of acceptance, after taking photos of the seedlings in their shipping box. He said that he understood why I had had the reaction I had but felt that they would do well in time. He also said he would credit the charges back on my card. While I appreciated the prompt and fair response to my complaint, i.e. no charge for unacceptable merchandise, I do not think providing grossly inferior merchandise is acceptable. And, if you yourself are aware that a customer might object to the plant quality provided, why send it in the first place? Or at least give fair warning and an opportunity to pass. So I would have to say: deserves F for plant quality, A for responsiveness to customer complaint. If I had wanted seedlings, I'd have ordered seeds, at a greatly reduced price!

Positive BlackDogKurt
(26 reviews)
On Aug 22, 2007, BlackDogKurt Seymour, CT wrote:

I ordered a single plant from Companion Plants last week that I was unable to find in stock locally. Within a day, I received a personal e-mail asking me when I wanted my order delivered. The plant was delivered precisely when it was promised and it was well-packed, moist, and in healthy condition. I will definitely order more items from Companion Plants in the future.

Positive go2glenn
(5 reviews)
On Jul 13, 2007, go2glenn Suwanee, GA (Zone 7a) wrote:

Fast service, great packaging, and large, healthy plants. I received an e-mail from this company the day the plants were shipped and the owner/representative was available for follow-up if needed. A very positive experience.

Positive carolyn_haack
(11 reviews)
On Jul 8, 2007, carolyn_haack Saint Petersburg, FL wrote:

Purchased 2 henbane plants through them, and received 3 healthy plants that are thriving.

Pleased as punch with their service.

Positive bemidjigreen
(11 reviews)
On Jun 3, 2007, bemidjigreen Blackduck, MN wrote:

I ordered several plants from Companion Nursery: 2 lavendula stoechas (spanish lavender) and 7 sanguinaria canadensis (bloodroot). Without prompting, they held onto my order for a while figuring it was too cold up here in northern Minnesota to plant anything out. Since spring got going quickly up here, I emailed and asked them to ship out the plants. They did immediately--I received the plants no less than 4 days after my email.

The plants were healthy, of good size and very well packed. The prices were reasonable as was the expense for shipping. The only disappointment I have with this company is not being able to order more from my wish lists through them because they carry only medicinal plants.

Positive AyUpPetal
(12 reviews)
On May 3, 2007, AyUpPetal West Mifflin, PA (Zone 6b) wrote:

It seemed like I had just placed my order and there it was at my front door! The plants are lovely and healthy, were well wrapped with moist newspaper to keep the soil moist. Their selection is outstanding- I finally got the hops plant I've been wanting for years! I will definitely be back for more as my new herb garden grows.

Positive adadia
(29 reviews)
On Apr 24, 2007, adadia Glenmoore, PA (Zone 6b) wrote:

I ordered plants, seeds, and rhizomes from Companion Plants this spring, and I am very pleased - the seeds germinated quickly, the potted plants are healthy and well-rooted, and the rhizomes and roots have all sprouted within days of planting. I'm still waiting for a few backordered herbs, and I hope they are as high quality as the plants I've already received. Companion Plants is, in my opinion, one of the best sources for unusual herbs; I'll definitely be ordering more!

Positive Shellsfarm
(4 reviews)
On Apr 7, 2007, Shellsfarm Grass Valley, CA (Zone 8b) wrote:

I ordered seven Sanguinaria Canadensis plants from Companion, and the whole process was very fast. Placed my order on Monday and they were here on Friday. The plants look fine and were packed appropriately. For the hard to find plant, I will look to Companion first. Thanks to Peter and his helpers!

Positive curriedrice
(6 reviews)
On Jan 23, 2007, curriedrice El Sobrante, CA wrote:

Great people, great plants. I would advise calling them, I think they've had problems with their email system. In any case, I did place a order for an number of hard to find plants. I could not believe they had them - even better they all arrved nice and healthy! Thanks!

On August 25th, 2008, curriedrice added the following:

Good service as always, not to mentions great plants. Ordered to curry leaf trees (Murraya koenigii), arrived in good condition and looked really healthy.
Positive pamela_isley
(3 reviews)
On Dec 19, 2006, pamela_isley Nashville, TN wrote:

Plants are carefully wrapped and packaged, seeds are well-packaged with planting notes. Excellent customer service and advice.

Positive VTR4EVR
(2 reviews)
On Apr 19, 2006, VTR4EVR Reading, PA wrote:

My order of Variegated Society Garlic arrived today-very fresh, well packed. First time with this company-I'm going back for more!!

Positive Campfiredan
(8 reviews)
On Apr 7, 2006, Campfiredan Alachua, FL (Zone 8b) wrote:

Wonderful selection of hard to find usefull plants and seeds. The ones I ordered got here in Florida amazingly promptly and in very good condition. A couple plants were dormant but the company contacted me before shipping and gave me the option of holding off if that is what I prefered (but since Florida is warmer than Ohio we went with the immediate shipping). Packing and service were excellent. Also very helpful ethnobotanical information on the website catalog. Thanks Companion Plants folks!

Positive Gabrielle
(28 reviews)
On Jan 18, 2006, Gabrielle (Zone 5a) wrote:

I ordered seeds and bare root plants from Companion Plants. The roots did well - all survived with no problem. The seeds, although many were given, had poor germination rates. Many of the ones I ordered needed stratification, which I gave them. I tried them in several ways after the first batch did not germinate well, including planting in pots and leaving out over the winter. I think (hope) they would have replaced the seeds had I contacted them, but I wanted to give the seeds every chance, and that took over the amount of time they cover them. I would buy plants from them again, but would be hesitant about seeds.

On January 23rd, 2006, Gabrielle changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

The day after posting the previous comment about seeds from Companion Plants, I was contacted and offered replacements for all of the seeds that didnít come up. Four days later the replacements arrived. In my opinion, this goes above and beyond the call of duty, and because of such excellent customer service, I am changing my rating to a positive. Thank you very much, Companion Plants.
Positive renwings
(8 reviews)
On Nov 2, 2005, renwings Sultan, WA (Zone 8a) wrote:

I ordered Ephedra viridis. Prices and shipping were fair. Arrived in a timely manner with lots of information.

Positive grikdog
(5 reviews)
On Aug 17, 2005, grikdog St. Paul, MN (Zone 4a) wrote:

I ordered Elletaria cardamom and Varigated Cuban Oregano. Both arrived well packed and in fine condition.

I will order again from them in the future.

Positive 1alh1
(10 reviews)
On May 3, 2005, 1alh1 Sidney, OH (Zone 6a) wrote:

Companion Plants has a huge selection of hard-to-find herb and medicinal plants, perennials, and rootstock. They shipped my first order in 2-1/2 inch pots, and everything arrived in great condition with soil moist and leaves green. Knowledgeable telephone assistance was available when I needed additional information. I wish their online catalogue had photos, but they cross reference common and botanical plant names for easy "Googling." I'm already planning future orders from this company.

Positive MitchF
(22 reviews)
On May 3, 2005, MitchF Lindsay, OK (Zone 7a) wrote:

Wonderful packing, wonderful plants, great prices.. Loved it.

Positive HenBar
(1 review)
On Apr 27, 2005, HenBar Uniondale, NY (Zone 7a) wrote:

Ordered two Stevia plants, arrived quickly (10 days), they sent me an email asking when I wanted them delivered. The plants are in excellent condition. I will definitely be buying more from this company.

Positive BassetMom
(10 reviews)
On Apr 6, 2005, BassetMom Lomita, CA (Zone 10a) wrote:

Ordered my plants this weekend and was asked when I wanted them in a personal email. Since I can keep the more tender ones in the greenhouse, I asked for them now. It's Tuesday and they're here!

I have ordered from several different companies this year and purchased from local nurseries for years. I have NEVER received better looking, healthier plants than the ones I unboxed today. Beautifully packaged and all soil still damp... not a single branch broken or brown leaf. All the lemons are fragrant and lush. The stevia are fresh and green. The cardamom are so healthy they could be divided now! I am thrilled with their service, their packaging and most importantly... their plants. I will return for more!

Positive redbelly
(1 review)
On Mar 2, 2005, redbelly Denver, CO (Zone 5b) wrote:

Plants arrived in beautiful condition and were shipped when I requested (I was asked when I wanted them shipped). I was also a little skeptical of the huge selection but well I got what I ordered so guess I'll have to park my skepticism. Will certainly order from them again.

Positive slubberdegulion
(33 reviews)
On Feb 16, 2005, slubberdegulion Roanoke, VA (Zone 7a) wrote:

My own fault, I ordered now for Spring and feel shocky, having received them now. Very (very!) fast delivery and well packed and they look as they should...dormant, which is nice (warm greenhouse plants would not be a welcome sight). I admit to having felt skeptical at their extensive collection of plants, but I did receive what I wanted. Most of these will be tucked into their new homes, one will be placed in the fridge until it gets a little warmer out. Having missed Richter's (great selection, very similar to Companion) because they simply can't get plants to me before the weather gets too hot, I will definately be coming back to Companion Plants for more.

Positive patwood
(20 reviews)
On May 27, 2004, patwood Lake Hopatcong, NJ wrote:

Have ordered from this company three or four times now; Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Mayapple, and, this year, Wild Ginger. Everything has done well, and some of the Jacks I ordered a few years ago are now quite huge.

Positive gwendylena
(26 reviews)
On Aug 27, 2003, gwendylena La Salle, MI wrote:

I just received my first ever order today. It included seeds, bareroot plants and potted plants. Everything looks healthy. I really enjoyed looking through their website to see what I could find. It doesn't have pictures but does have pretty good descriptions. They have a very large selection of herbs and also native plants. I was particularly happy to see that they sell several types of scented geraniums, a favorite of mine. Alas, too late to get them for this year, but there's always next spring!!!! I will definately do business with this company again because the plants arrived quickly and in good shape and they have such a great selection.

On June 21st, 2004, gwendylena added the following:

I am surprised that there are not more positive ratings for this nursury. Everything that I ordered last year is doing great. I ordered some scented geraniums this summer and they arrived in perfect shape. Once again I highly recommend this company and will continue to do business with them for a long time.
On March 20th, 2009, gwendylena added the following:

They have an interesting selection of plants. I've ordered from them every year for the past five years and have always been happy with my order.
Positive troy
(3 reviews)
On Jun 28, 2003, troy Hanover, PA (Zone 6a) wrote:

bought plants from him at the local herb fest. nice plants resonable price, the plants were in good shape. and he was very helpful with growth and propogation methods for the plants i bought

Positive Kitsune
(7 reviews)
On May 12, 2003, Kitsune wrote:

I have visited this nursery many times, and they have the largest selection of herbs that I have ever encountered anywhere. The number of varieties of basil they offer is staggering, and all of the plants are healthy and vigorous.

If I didn't love visiting them so much and lived close enough to do so, I would feel completely comfortable ordering from them.

Positive christineknott
(2 reviews)
On Jun 1, 2002, christineknott Fayetteville, NC (Zone 8a) wrote:

I have ordered from this company for two years. The plants are ALWAYS perfect, grow well. One absolute positive from this company is the personalized care - I had follow up emails asking if my items arrived and if they were satisfactory. Now, that's unusual for a company!!! Excellent.

Positive revjoelle
(1 review)
On May 14, 2002, revjoelle wrote:

I've ordered plants from them two years in a row - the chocolate mint I ordered last year came back again this year. Plants arrive promptly and in good shape.

Positive pamreynolds
(1 review)
On Jul 1, 2001, pamreynolds wrote:

I've been very pleased with this company. Last year I ordered several Symphytum Grandiflorum (grow in dry shade) and they came well packed and flourished. I ordered more this year. Then ordered several lavenders in very hot Chicago weather. They had the good sense to hold up my order until the weather cooled down. Again, everything looked good and was carefully packed. They don't have photos of the plants on-line, but have a great variety if you know what you're looking for.

Neutral judystalus
(1 review)
On May 1, 2001, judystalus wrote:

I received three plants from this company today and they were infested with white flies. I had to immediately discard the plants to avoid infecting my plants. [Update one week between later] They specialize in herbs and have a very wide selection. Since I last posted to you they did refund my money for all the plants very quickly.

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