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Negative Petie2
(1 review)
On Jun 9, 2010, Petie2 wrote:

Company changed battery storage/charging instructions without notifying owners. Now they won't replace the dead battery. No one at the company seems to be intertested in even responding to the complaint or issue.

Positive goatkisses
(1 review)
On Jun 5, 2010, goatkisses Naples, NY wrote:

Just used my new Neuton C5 mower today for the first time. It performed splendidly! My old gas mower had broken a month ago and the little Neuton powered through thick, wet grass. I set it on highest setting and took my time because this just wasn't a fair trial for the mower but it did very well.

After the now shorter lawn dries I will re-mow it at a lower length. The mower is easy to handle, starts instantly, is lightweight and very easy to clean. I have nerve damage in my arms and can handle it easily. Not having to pull on a gas mower to start it is a huge, huge deal for me.

This mower exceeds my expectations. I have a large DR Field Mower from the partner company and have found this to be a superb product as well.

I've never had any problems with customer service and they were very clear when I phoned to go over what my mowing needs were and whether a Neuton would be the one for me.

Positive rutri01
(1 review)
On May 20, 2010, rutri01 Bethpage, NY wrote:

Just got my Neuton 5.2 mower on Monday (5/17). Just used it this morning in dew wet grass. I have a small yard (.20 acre) and the mower cut the full yard with no problem and handled the wet grass well.

Even the back side where it was my first mowing there this season. The grass was 6 or 7 inches tall. I had to go throught a little slower but it cut through with no problems.

My back yard is bumpy from our large dog so it made cutting the lawn with a push mower very tough. Even my gas mower (not self propelled) was hard because of its weight. The Neuton being light easily rolled over this part of my lawn without any trouble.

Very glad with its first test. If the battery and mower perform like this consistently, I will be very happy.

The only negative is the 14 inch cutting lenght but I preferred this because i wanted a lighter mower that I can store in the rafter of my garage over the winter. Something that i couldn't do with my gas mower because of weight and oil/gas spillage.

I picked this mower because I read a lot of positive reviews, its light, and maintenance free. Being quieter and no fumes are another big plus.

Positive TexasButterfly
(1 review)
On May 19, 2010, TexasButterfly Bastrop, TX wrote:

I bought a Neuton 6.2 mower 5 yrs ago and used it to mow a 1/3 of an acre. I moved to 2 acres and I still mow about 1/3 acre of fenced area. This is in Texas where mowing is needed for all but 2-3 months out of a year. I haven't had any problems mowing. Not on wet grass or tall grass. I conditioned the batteries like with any battery operated product, I own. This is important, if you don't fully charge then run down the batteries from jump street they aren't going to work correctly, just like any other rechargeable battery. I bought the trimmer attachment but I do not recommend it. I still after 5 yrs haven't figured out how its useful. I also wouldn't suggest an extra battery just buy one. I could mow an acre with mine with out it going dead & thats just one battery. It runs for hours even when I've forgotten to plug it in. I mow once a week, so even after I run this mower for over an hour then let it sit for a week uncharged, I am able to turn around and do it again with out any mowing problems! I've mowed different types of grass with this mower too. In the city I had lush green grass, that I'd let get over grown but could still mow down even wet. Out here in the country I have more tough weeds than grass. More like mowing a pasture. Still no problems with the mower. I do keep the deck height all the way up to leave the grass long. I don't mow a wet over grown lawn every time I mow but its happened when I've been busy the yards grown 2 weeks instead of one. Then I've gone out early and mowed dew covered grass but I haven't had any problems. I had a neighbor in the city I lived in that had the smaller Neuton he loved his. I didn't talk to him about his before I bought mine (I didn't know he had one) but he saw mine and said he wished he had bought the larger mower. This neighbor also has one of the Neutron garden carts and loves it. I'm now looking to buying one. I was interested in the cordless weed trimmer too. The battery is 18 volt and is only suppose to last 20min. Its only 5lbs and $88 other brands are 8lbs for $140 and run for 30-45min. My husbands looking for that extra run time & I am looking at weight. I'm petite so 3lbs gets heavy quick. Any one have have an opinion on these items? I would recommend a Neutron 6.2 to any one looking for a battery mower but it is much heavier than the smaller model. For a petite woman its not so much easier to mow with then another mower thats self propelled. It is nicer for us ladies to use because most of us don't want to handle gas and oil or even know how to change a spark plug & we down want to throw our backs out pulling a cord. I've never had a dead battery even when I forgotten to charge the battery 1-2 weeks sitting.

Negative CityWorker
(1 review)
On Mar 7, 2010, CityWorker Van Nuys, CA wrote:

I work for the city electric company so when they offered the battery powered neuton for $100 w/trade-in I took the deal... Yes the mower is quiet and fairly light but it mows poorly(uneven, clumps and does not always actually cut) ... I have a small yard(40' x 30')and although it can easily mow on one charge, it is useless on anything over a couple of inches in height... In addition, it just clogs and stalls on damp or wet grass... The battery has lasted about 27 months but is starting to fade... It only lasts for about 2/3 of my lawn now... You have to be sure and clean the grass out of the blade area every time you mow... I looked on-line for a new battery and they cost over $100...I could not find a $90 battery that other posts quoted... Since I only paid $100 and traded in an old broken down gas mower, I don't feel I got ripped off... However, I would never recommend anyone buy a neuton for full price... Good luck!

Positive Qwizwizard
(2 reviews)
On Jan 24, 2010, Qwizwizard wrote:

I bought the cordless Neuton CE 5.2 two seasons ago to replace my gas guzzling, oil burning, smoke choking, and eardrum splitting John Deere. The Neuton couldn't be easier and cheaper to operate....about 10 cents per charging. No more need to go to the gas station to fill gas cans, no more storing gas cans in my garage, no more changing oil and preparation for storage over the winter. The convenient rear bagger is very easy to empty.

I have a third of an acre (average size lot in a sub-division) and ONE battery charge does the entire lawn...let me repeat, costing me about 10 cents. Simply take the battery off the charger and drop it in the battery chamber of the Neuton mower. Hit the switch and you have enough CLEAN power to do the job. This mower is so easy to use and easy to push, that my wife even volunteers to mow the lawn. Ours is the 14-inch blade, but if you want to make fewer "passes" you can get the 19" blade model.

Shortly after my purchase of the mower, I purchased the Edger/Trimmer attachment. Best idea yet. Does a great job on not only straight edging, but goes around curves equally as well. I no longer have to wear earplugs when trimming, and lug around a separate appliance for edging and trimming. This edger attaches directly to the mower. No more backaches carrying those heavy trimmers around.

The reason I bought the Neuton CE 5.2 is to reduce noise, pollution and the cost of mowing my lawn. As it turns out, it also makes mowing MUCH easier.

I definitely recommend the Neuton CE 5.2 = 5 Star Rating!!

Negative Alex3
(1 review)
On Dec 8, 2009, Alex3 Chemainus, BC,
Canada wrote:

Inspite of detailed research I made a major error buying this machine (CE 5.2)
The key clips were constantly working loose such that there was overheating in the connector and the key would cut off power. They told me my fix was what was recommended - open up the key loops with pliers!. A year later when I complained again they sent me a new circuit board. Nothing else.
One of the 2 batteries I bought with it died within 4 months of use.
The thing, contrary to many testimonials will not cut wet grass without plugging in either mulch or bag mode and will die in wet grass very quickly.
I am not cutting a large lawn - maybe 1200 sq.ft and one battery often is not adequate to do the job.
I like the height adjustment.
I like the 45 lb (15lb of battery) for the small slopes I have to cut. It is manuverable and easy to turn.
The cut is only 14 in. but I knew that going in as part of the weight saving.
The thing does not live up to its billing. Given the opportunity to do this again I would decline to do so.

Positive lofftusclan
(1 review)
On Oct 20, 2009, lofftusclan Arcadia, CA wrote:

The neuton battery mower is outstanding. Have had it for 4 or 5 years. Got it through a county offer for the environment. Trade in your gas mower and pay $100 and the mower is yours. I'm not an environmentalist however the mower is quiet, no more paying for gas or tuneups. I just recently replaced the blade and bought an extra battery. The discharge is straight back and the only negative thing is that the grass tends to back up in the small discharge space and the catcher which could be bigger. I love the unit and would never go back to a gas powered machine. My next door neighbor has one and he introduced me to the county offer. I'm going to suggest to my son in law that he get one. My daughter couldn't believe how quiet it was.

Negative timschroepfer
(1 review)
On Oct 18, 2009, timschroepfer Burbank, CA wrote:

I hate to say it, but after a year and $500 I am ready to send my Neuton to the scrap pile. The machine is not built well. It is heavy and made from plastic. It take a ton of effort to push up hill - I have a slight incline in my front yard and I am under 30 and it is a pain to push up my front yard. It does not roll well to say the least. The design of the undercarriage does not facilitate clippings flowing into the bag well at all. I get huge piles of clippings caught under the mower. I have to stop, reach in the mover and pull them out 2 or 3 times per section of my yard. The battery has lasted ok. I had one die, which Neuton replaced pretty quickly. My replacement has worked better, but the power is just not enough to take care of my lawn. I have about 1000 sqft of grass. I am now looking for other electric mowers and possibly a gas machine.

Positive veecap
(1 review)
On Oct 8, 2009, veecap Grants Pass, OR wrote:

I am a male, 67 years old and have used reel, power mowers, self propelled and up to rider mowers. This spring I ordered the Neuton 6.3. I have never been happier with a mower in my life! The cut is as even as a flat top hair cut. True, it leaves some clippings (I use the mulcher), but they are easily removed with a blower. The Neuton is very easy to use. I ordered a second battery, which I really didn't need (my fault). I have never had one single problem with my mower or even had to refer to the handbook, except when I easily assembled it. My neighbor is envious. The people having problems are probably cutting high grass on low settings. Doesn't work well with any mowers. Good job on developing this baby!!! Thanks.

Negative InCalifornia
(1 review)
On Oct 4, 2009, InCalifornia Fresno, CA wrote:

As our city offered an incentive to purchase Neuton cordless mowers, I was very excited to take this opportunity to obtain an environmentally friendlier piece of equipment. In only 3 uses, the mower stopped working. After I had exhausted all troubleshooting options mentioned in the manual, I finally contacted the company. On the first day the representative promised to e-mail me the list of their partner/certified repair shops in town. That did not happen. I had to call again the following day, wait for about 15 min to actually talk to anyone. This time they suggested to take the battery in for testing to "Batteries plus". That took me about an hour. The battery was fine.

I called the company again. This time a different representative stayed on line while she e-mailed me the list of shops. I live in a city of 500 000, and there was not a single repair shop on their list located in my city!!! The closest shop was 45 min drive away. I refused to waist my time even more and they agreed to ship me a new mower. It was supposed to arrive in 3 days. Needless to say, it took 5.

Upon opening the box, to my utter shock, I discovered they had sent me A USED MOWER OF A WRONG MODEL !!!! UNBELIEVABLE! I called the company again. They were apologetic about their mistake and agreed to ship a new replacement. They said it would take 2 days for me to receive it. It's been a week and I'm still waiting. However, they did send a UPS driver to pick up the old units without making any prior arrangements with me. Of course, as I do have a job, I was not at home in the middle of the day when the UPS driver stopped by... Also, as I already had recycled the package the first mower came in, I had explained to the customer service representative that I would be able to send the mower back AFTER the new one has arrived. Only then would I have appropriate packaging materials to wrap the mower safely. And not to waist any more of my time, I would like to be able to send both mowers (the faulty original one and the wrong model used one they sent me as a replacement) at the same time as I would need to be at home when the UPS comes.

Well, I suppose I will be making another phone call tomorrow... All together this ordeal has already taken at least 6 hours of my time. And I have to continue borrowing my friend's mower to keep the yard taken care of.

While I like the idea of using environmentally friendly products offered by smaller companies, the level of incompetence on the part of Neuton will definitely make me think twice before purchasing another item from an unknown manufacturer. Had I purchased a mower at one of the big-box stores, I'm sure there would be no problems in exchanging the faulty piece of equipment. Very unfortunate...

Positive firsttwelve
(2 reviews)
On Sep 11, 2009, firsttwelve South Bend, IN (Zone 5a) wrote:

I couldn't be more pleased with my Neuton mower. Fortunately, it was purchased second hand for a very reasonable price. I use the mower at my place of business and mow at least once a week. Total mow area: almost an acre. Time mower works: each and every for full length of time needed, sometimes hours. Mows tall grass, thick grass and very big weeds effortlessly. Very light to push and no problem keeping safety handles engaged. Extremely quiet and super easy to use. I am not a young woman and I adore not having to pull-start a mower. The fact that it uses no gas or oil is a blessing. I have used it all summer and have not had to contact manufacturer or customer service; hope I never have to (sounds like a nightmare!) I have had absolutely no problems with the mower and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Neutral outsidedowntown
(1 review)
On Sep 4, 2009, outsidedowntown Gainesville, GA wrote:

I was going to buy a new electric mower and decided to question a neighbor a few houses down who I knew owned a 2004 Neuton EM 4.1, basically the same model as the CE 5 except the new 2009 CE 5 is more streamlined. It turns out he hated his Neuton and he really hated that had spent so much money on what he felt was a worthless junk machine. Before I could even ask he wanted to know if I'd buy his Neuton for $50.00. Maybe just enough cash to get him plastered so he could try to forget he'd spent $418.95 for the Neuton! The little Neuton looked like new, was always stored inside, and he'd only used it a few times because he said the batteries wouldn't stay charged well and it's cut was sloppy. The catch was that he could not find the battery charger and both batteries may need to be replaced. Seeing how expensive the batteries cost I almost didn't take him up on his offer. But I could not resist and purchased the used Neuton EM 4.1. The battery charger was not too expensive around $20 with shipping. I charged the batteries up and was able to cut all of my lawn (75' X 40' lot) with the mulching kit installed. The mower is very light and pushing the mower is a breeze. My lawn is mostly flat but this mower is so light it rolls very well over dips and hills. The wheels are easily all adjusted in one simple action. The safety feature handle can get tiresome to squeeze. The mulching kit and bagger works OK but they use up more precious battery power. I really don't like the rear grass discharge but you can cut more because it uses less battery power. It's almost like Neuton forgot about the discharge chute and added the rear discharge at the last minute and did a bad job on the design. Neuton proudly exclaim "The clipping are discharged to the rear so you don't blow clippings onto your driveway or planting beds". What about my shoes and pants Neuton? The rear discharge throws clippings right out on your shoes and pants until the power starts to fade. Also, the clippings build up on the rear of the deck and you must constantly stop and clean them off and then you have a big pile of clippings in one spot. The new mowers have rear side discharge but I have had John Deere gas mowers with this same poor design and it still stinks. I'm sure the Neuton's with rear side discharge can't move enough air to keep the clippings from choking up the chute. And you must clean the underside and all extra parts off after every use. If grass gets built up under the mower then you can just forget cutting anything. Some grass cuts better then others and you have thick grass then don't buy a Neuton it won't do the job required. Neuton customer service is terrible. Especially if you criticize the mowers. If you do that it really makes them angry. They should read these post and listen to all the customers so they can design a real "Green" machine. I'm disappointed in Neuton mowers but I'd really be sick if I'd spent more then $50.00 for this mower. For $50.00 plus $20.00 for the charger I got what I paid for. I wanted to love my Neuton mower but it's more a "Love Hate" relationship. I will eventually buy a Solaris or Epic cordless electric mower. Before you buy a new Neuton mower borrow one first or buy a used one.

Negative VietnamVet
(1 review)
On Sep 2, 2009, VietnamVet Radford, VA wrote:

I purchased the 6.3 mower. Entire experience has been negative as follows:

1) BATTERY: insufficient for my yard and only lasts about 40 minutes. Recharge takes a full 24 hours.
2) MOWER: wheels are too small, made of hard plastic; wheel parts fall off; blade shreds the grass, not cuts it; grass clumps in the undercarriage regardless of whether it is mulched, bagged, or discharged; blade slips and does not stay tight as it should once installed.
3) GRASS DISCHARGE: horrible design. The plastic device is large, goes on the back, gets in the way, comes loose. Terrible design.
4) BAGGER: The plastic bottom of the bag arcs. Cut grass does not enter the bag easily. Because the bottom arcs, grass falls out when the bag is removed.
5) MULCHER: The grass, wet or dry, clumps.
6) PRICE: Overpriced
7) BLADE SHARPENER: Worthless.
8) CUSTOMER SERVICE: Satisfactory; however, during a "sale" as advertised in a mailed flyer, I sent 2 email to inquire about the "reconditioned" mowers and no one responded. When I called, there was a long wait time and the Company had no more "reconditioned" mowers. I bought a new one. Big, big mistake!
7) PERFORMANCE: Sucks. Big disappointment.

Overall, I regret having purchased this product. A postage-stamp size (tiny), flat yard is about all this machine can handle. It is NOT easy to push. There are 4 height-cutting settings, 1= lowest, 4= highest. For my yard, forget 1 and 2 as the battery power is insufficient to cut the grass and the power winds down in about 15 minutes at these settings. Setting 3 is best but the battery winds down in 40 minutes. The blade will continue to turn but too slowly to cut the grass therefore, the advertised 60 minutes of power is misleading. Setting 4 cuts only the very top of the grass. Unfortunately, I threw the box away so I'm stuck with this $500 dinosaur. Soon I will purchase a 6.5 horsepower gas/oil mower. The $510 I spent with Neuton could have purchased quite a lot of gasoline.

Negative wlj
(11 reviews)
On Aug 18, 2009, wlj Rochester, MN wrote:

I bought a Neuton for all the right environmental reasons --- the reasons are still great, BUT this machine was a BIG mistake!
I hate to say it but, if I had done my homework a little better before purchasing this Neuton mower, I wouldn't have spent the last hour calling customer service and getting no where, AND now be over here complaining about it.
The first thing I found out is what a previous customer has already stated on this board, and that is;
"Customer service is DEFINATELY not 24/7 and two, they are ABSOLUTELY not willing to pay for shipping.".

The problems with this machine:
1) It rolls like a log -- a very hard to push log. I am serious when I say it can (almost) put you into cardiac arrest just trying to push it up a slight incline on your lawn. This makes absoluely no sence because the machine is supose to be light weight and a free rolling unit.

2) It does not shoot the lawn clippings into the bag when you PAUSE the MOWER. (i.e., stop walking -- machine is running -- turn machine to mow the next row). The problem is worse when you stop the mower (stop the blade). ANY, and I do mean ANY, clippings that were heading in the direction of the bag will NEVER get there --- even if you start the machine in the samse spot and roll back over them -- just forget it!

3) The video shows a senior strolling along pushing the machine with ease. I can say that -- beyond a shadow of ANY doubt --- this video is a complete CROCK of s***! Unless you have a very short, flat lawn -- and plan to cut the grass when you only have to take off 1/4 of an inch, there is no way you are going to comfortably push this machine anywhere.
In other words --- all you elderly out there reading this had better hit the muscle-enhancing drugs or you're S.O.L.!

There were some good points about the machine:
Enviromnmentally friendly --
No gas polution on the grass (or air) --
Moderately quiet --

To sum it up:
Its a log to push;
Customer service is "0" help:
You will loose money when you try to return the machine (for me that will be $70).


If you have a postage stamp lawn, buy a Solarus.
If you have a big lawn, get one of the small riding electric mowers out there. They are good,but spendy.

Positive kcviolet
(1 review)
On Jul 17, 2009, kcviolet Kansas City, MO wrote:

This is my second season with the Neuton 5.3. I haven't had the problems others did, but from the descriptions I think it might have something to do with the fact that I read all the instructions. People stop when I'm mowing and comment on the low noise level. I have a steep terrace and it is much easier to mow with this light mower. You're going to have a problem if you have grass over six inches tall. It's a light mower for small yards! I love that I don't have to call my husband to carry and start the mower. I charge the battery right after using for 24 hours as instructed, One week later, I drop the battery in and mow my lawn again. The charge lasts longer than an hour for me. I have arthritis in my hands and wrists and I have no problem squeezing the handle or holding it down. I would like it to be made in America by American workers, but this technology has been around a long time and no American company has jumped on the bandwagon yet. Ecological products have a hard time getting started in this country for some reason, but I'm not going to go back to polluting just because someone >cough... oil companies...cough< doesn't want these things to become popular.

Negative targetone
(1 review)
On Jul 16, 2009, targetone Monterey Park, CA wrote:

If I done my homework before purchasing a Neuton mower, I wouldn't be on here complaining about it. First as many have said their customer service is not 24/7 and two, they are not as open or free willing to pay for shipping or anything to send free parts if they are defective; in fact I found them rather difficult to deal with.

I am sort of an American who likes to buy American things; this is one of those things that I didn't look at the labels closer than I thought. Vermont is only the call center, not where they are manufactured from, rather they come from Taiwan. Even though they are nicely packed, it is a box that is 90% plastic. The major disappointment is the plastic body but also the plastic shell. Rocks or wood sticks easy damage the inside and the blade is quite thin to handle rough grass or tall weeds. I have no idea why they didn't make a dual option to run a 120 volt electric charge for tall grass and then switch to battery to 24 volts for light grass? Whatever the concept was, the engineering is for small lawns only. I viewed on Youtube about the CEO mowing tall weeds in a Vermont field somewhere but don't always believe what you see. I tried the same thing and it is not what is appears too due. When I asked if I could returned the mower to the gas exchange, they throw out my old gas mower immediately and Neuton is not willing to except a refund on the mower either, certainly not what I expected after having decent test run. So my recommendation is, donít buy one if you have doubts or if you want something that is going to do the job, go for something American made or at least some return policy to take it back.

Neutral pashwood
(1 review)
On Jul 6, 2009, pashwood Cedar Falls, IA wrote:

I bought the CE 6.2 and it has driven me crazy at times. Its major flaws are poor mulching which has been mentioned by others. No one else I read mentioned how much grass sticks to the bottom of the mower. At times there is so much it slows the mower and clumps start to fall on the lawn. (This happens whether I mulch or bag. And I am not mowing wet grass.) I scoop it out multiple times.

I bought a second battery so I can do my entire lawn (if it isn't too long). I like having a rechargable compared to the electric antique I had. When it functions it is great.

Last week I had to replace an end cap on the rod that adjusted the back axle. The height of mowing so too low and I had to puzzle through the innards to figure out what the problem was.

Right now it doesn't work because the safety key connector came unsoldered. I tried to solder it back but it only lasted one mowing. I spent an hour on the phone waiting today and I never was served. So we will see when my email is answered and a new circuit board is sent (I hope).

I was hoping this company would have good service but apparently they spend most of their money on advertising. Consumer Reports preferred the Black & Decker rechargable but I wanted to support what I thought was a "green" company.

Negative jorr1948
(1 review)
On Jul 5, 2009, jorr1948 Fresno, CA wrote:

Customer service is the main factor in this negative rating.

I traded in a perfectly good, working 21" Sears gas mower through the clean air program. I got the Neuton CE 5.3 (14") for a discounted price. I had high expectations, and got a good dose of virtue.

I mowed the yard once after charging the battery for 72+ hours. The Bermuda grass was high because it had not been mowed for a while. I had no problems mowing front and back of a small residential yard. There were lots of Mohawks-lines of grass that were missed on each pass. I attributed this to learning where the mower cut. However, it wasn't easy to guess right out of the box.

It took a little longer to cut the grass, but I expected that. However, if one overlaps as little as 4", the 21" mower cuts a 17" swatch. The 14" mower cuts only 10". This is a big difference. I was swayed by cost not to get the 19" mower. I think I made a mistake.

In two weeks I needed to mow again. The mower would not function. There is no customer service on Sunday, so I could not find any solutions. This is very irritating. I also had to attend to the difference between Pacific and Eastern time, which severely limited my ability to reach support. I think a company that pretends to sell to a nation-wide market should have an equally robust support.

When I did get to the support person, the diagnosis was a faulty switch. The replacement was back-ordered. As an interim measure, I was told to pop out the switch and exchange the leads for the attachment and the mower. This got me to the second cut.

The second cut had fewer lines of uncut grass. I guess I was learning where to aim the mower. This time, I had inserted the mulching plug. I can't say that the mulching was great. Maybe just adequate. The gas mower did a lot better with less effort.

A couple of weeks later was time to mow again. The replacement switch had arrived, so I exchanged the old with the new. Nothing worked! The power indicator light did not even shine. I tried moving the wires, but nothing worked. I looked in the operating instructions book for a wiring diagram. Nothing. I wen on-line to see if there were a special users manual. Nothing. I called-support was closed for the Independence Day holiday. It is Sunday-no support on Sunday. I have a vacation day Monday, and will leave town for nearly 2 weeks on Tuesday.

For the price I paid (even discounted) I expected the machine to work flawlessly for the rest of its life. I also expected responsive customer service when I needed it. I do not know why there is no support on Sunday. It seems obvious to me that many of us do yard work on week ends, and will find problems then. Getting stuck for another week with an expensive door stop is simply unacceptable. It is also unacceptable in the internet environment not to have a detailed diagram of ALL of the mower's parts. Then an intelligent person could conduct an analysis and try to solve a problem when support was unavailable.

Another peeve. The more expensive and larger mower has a built in volt meter. This is missing on the smaller machine. The total cost of this item has to be low. It is unconscionable that this useful gauge is missing. All owners should receive this as part of their warranty, and all future machines should have it at the time of purchase.

The machine is quiet! It is a lot quieter than the gas mower. It is somewhat quieter than a corded electric I had before. It is just powerful enough to mow the grass. I had day-lilly trimmings in a pile. My gas mower chopped them into small compostable bits with little effort. The battery mower stalled and popped the reset button. It also took many passes to reduce the pile to nearly nothing. It did not manage to lift and chop many of the stems, so I had to pick them up by hand.

I think the main advantage of this mower is virtue. I still have that. I am helping to save the air in the San Joaquin Valley. I think I will be able to get my yard mowed, though I don't know when. And I don't know how well.

Negative vrocket
(1 review)
On Jun 19, 2009, vrocket Upland, CA wrote:

The mower is a good concept, but falls very short as being good. The mulching blade does not mulch very well. I contacted the company and told them it was poorly designed compared to my Honda mulcher mower. Still try to use because I like the idea enviromently. The battery does NOT last 5 years as advertised. Mine has been lucky to last 2 years. I keep charged when not being used. Called company about battery not lasting as advertised. Their answer was "BUY a New battery". They really didn't care are not very good at customer service. The price for new battery is $90. Very costly mower if you have to replace battery every 2 years. I would NOT buy again.

Positive wgasastef
(1 review)
On Jun 17, 2009, wgasastef Bishop, CA wrote:

I bought this mower at a yard sale about 4 years ago and it has been working just great for me. I have no idea how long the previous owner had it so I'm not sure how old it is. I'm in zone 7 so my winters can get pretty cold and my mower has never missed a beat in the spring when it's time to mow. I take the battery out and store it in the house all winter then sometime early spring I charge it up for 24 hours and off I go. I even mow my neighbors lawn with it as well. I would highly recommend this mower to anyone. It's light and durable and very quiet.

Neutral Mowguy
(1 review)
On Jun 13, 2009, Mowguy Evanston, IL wrote:

I purchased my Neuton in June 2008. It worked fine for the first season. Come Spring 2009, it didn't work. Customer service asked me if kept it charged all winter, to which, I replied that I did. CS tells me that I should not have followed their directions; rather, I should have kept it uncharged and then recharge it 24 to 48 hours prior to using it. They tell me to take the battery to Radio Shack to check it's charge. I do. The charge is 27.7, which is OK. CS then suspects that it is the circuit board. They send me another one, I install it, it still doesn't work. CS sends me a new handle bar, I install it, and it works... for now. About a month and a half has elapsed and, in the meantime, I'm using my old mower.

The cut on the Neuton is not very even. Rows of uncut grass remain after I mowed it. My electric Honda mower makes a much nicer cut. The Neuton is easy to use and convenient, for those more concerned with ease rather than a good even cut. Customer service was nice enough; although if the product was more reliable, I wouldn't have to use their customer service.

The jury is still out on this mower. I suggest you hold on to your old mower after you purchase this thing, you might need it. Next year, if I have to go through this hassle again, you could look for mine on Ebay.

Negative chulaorchids
(1 review)
On Jun 2, 2009, chulaorchids Lebanon, OR wrote:

Purchased the mower and was impressed, mowed maybe four times in 2008 and put it away for winter. Removed both batteries, I had purchased a spare, and used the one charger by switching back and forth all winter. Come spring, 2009, nothing working. Called company and they said charger must be bad, check it with something or other which I don't have or have the inclination to get. Bought a new charger, actually they agreed to replace one and I bought another. Hooked them up and neither charges either battery,, I'm done. I'm not gonna mess around with this thing any more. I bought two more for two daughters before mine acted up, we will see how theirs work out. I would like to turn green, but I'm going back to my ride on John Deere thank you. It has Never failed to start, it may be noisy, and it may use gas, but it does a great job without arguing, always! They are not ready to be selling these I think, needs more reliability.

Negative meli333
(1 review)
On May 30, 2009, meli333 Columbus, OH wrote:

I've had the Neuton CE 5 for about 2 years. This spring it would not start and the battery charger plug was corroded. I called techinical support but the customer service was terrible and the time on hold extensive. (Each time I had to call the time on hold was at least 30 minutes, usually much more). The employee was rude and wanted me to call back the next day since it was close to closing time. Instead I called the dealer and had them order it for me. This did not fix the problem, so I called techinical service. They told me I needed a new part which they sent to me. This part was not even for my mower. I called technical support again and they said I needed a new key but it was back ordered. After waiting over a week for this, I got this from the dealer as well. This did not work either. I called technical support again and they told me the warranty had expired two weeks ago. (I have been spending over a month trying to get the right part). They said they didn't know what was wrong with it, and I would have to take it to the dealer to have it fixed. Then they thought it might need a new battery. At this point I've decided to buy a new mower instead of putting more money into this one buying yet another wrong part. I liked this mower initially, but the customer service/technical support is extremely poor.

Negative Jim_C
(1 review)
On May 29, 2009, Jim_C Utica, NY wrote:

I purchased a Neuton CE 6.2 (the larger of the two models) in March 2009. In the first 20 minutes of use (several weeks later) one of the nuts & bolts holding the handle to the frame fell off. I was able to find the nut, but not the bolt. I jury-rigged the handle with another nut & bolt and called the company for a replacement bolt -- the OEM parts are metric (not easy to find locally) and my jury-rigged fix protruded too far, so I wanted to have the correct part installed. Many of the parts listed in the owners manual did not have part #'s it took one of their parts tech support people a while to identify the part -- which was out-of-stock but due in by the end of the week. A couple weeks later I called again and discovered the part had come in a few days earlier and would be shipped to me in a few days. A replacement bolt arrived (they call it a screw rivet) -- sadly it was the wrong size part. I called again -- this time they promised to sent the RIGHT part. I reminded them that it could NOT be sent by UPS -- U.S. Mail would work, but UPS would NOT work. They agreed to send it via USPS (U.S. Mail). A few weeks later I called AGAIN because the bolt had not arrived. They had sent it by UPS -- and as I had previously told them that would not work -- they agreed to re-send it by U.S. Mail. I am waiting to see if it arrives. I should comment that EVERY time I called I spent AT LEAST 5 minutes "on hold" -- usually 10 minutes or more -- I hung up 3 times after being on hold for 15 minutes. Unfortunately the customer service and parts and shipping problems are only minor difficulties.

The mower is quieter than a gas mower -- and as an electric motor starts with the simple sliding of a switch and holding of the handle it starts very easily. There ends the positive aspects.

I should note I never mowed until at least 36 hours after the last rain (usually 48 hours or more) and that I always waited until late afternoon to mow my lawn so it would be as dry as possible -- by late afternoon the morning dew would be totally gone and the grass was as dry as it would ever get in humid upstate NY.

The battery charge does not last nearly as long as the manufacturer claims. Although my lawn covers just barely over 1/4 acre and noticeably less than 1/3 acre -- the battery charge is only sufficient to mow EITHER my front lawn OR my back lawn -- not nearly enough charge to mow BOTH. Using the trimmer accessory takes a third charge cycle. Lack of adequate power is a serious problem. The mower theoretically allows clipping heights of 1" or 2" or 3" or 4" -- easily adjusted by moving a lever. My CE 6.2 mower is only capable of mowing my lawn at the 4" height. I mowed my lawn at 4" height using the mulching option for the first couple times then tried lowering it to the 3" height. Just 2 days after being mowed at the 4" height, I tried mowing at the 3" height, using the mulching option -- the FULLY CHARGED battery lasted less than 30 minutes and I only got about 1/3 of my front lawn mowed -- and instead of mulching -- it left clumps of grass in long rows. The next day I cut the remaining 2/3 of my front lawn at the 4" height using the bagging option, and over the next week I mowed my entire lawn at the 4" height using the bagging option. Mowing at the 4" height with the bagger is inconvenient because the bag is small and needs to be emptied every 15 minutes. I assumed that using the bagging option would keep most of the cut grass off the lawn which should help with the transition of lowering it to the 3" height. After the entire yard had been mowed at the 4" height with the bagging option, I tried mowing at the 3" height with the bagging option. Sadly, even that did not work. Mowing at the 3" height the bag gets filled in about 8 or 9 minutes -- if not emptied right away, the mower begins to leave big clumps of cut grass in it's wake. Empting the bag every 8 or 9 minutes really makes the mowing job take a LONG, LONG time -- while the bag installs in about 30 seconds, removing it (because of a poor design) takes a minute or two, carrying the bag to a barrel to dump it, returning to the mower, reinstalling the bag and starting again adds about 5 or 6 minute interruption. The frequent emptying of the bag turns a 1-hour mowing task into an hour 45 minutes. I only did my front lawn this way once -- 4 days later I tried mulching at the 3" height -- the large clumps of grass began rolling out from under the mower after about 5 minutes of use. So, the ONLY height that the CE 6.2 can mow my lawn is the maximum setting: 4". When I discussed the poor power/charge problem with a tech support supervisor at Neuton, he said perhaps I had not allowed the battery to charge long enough. My owners' manual says "a full charge takes at least eight (8) hours , and may take up to twenty-four (24) hours." I told them that I since the manual also says the battery can be left in charge mode for up to 6 months without harm, I just leave it charging when not in use -- so it usually had 24 to 48 hours to charge between uses anyway. The supervisor said the battery should really be charged for 48 to 72 hours after each use ... but leaving it on the charger much longer would bake & destroy the battery ... the manuals were being re-written. The supervisor said perhaps my charge/power problems could be caused by a faulty charger -- they are apparently delicate and if it was dropped or jarred in shipping it might not be putting out enough volts to really fully charge my battery -- he suggested I hook up my multi-meter to see if it was actually putting out at least 44 volts -- now I have to get a multi-meter.

-- poorly assembled -- parts should not fall off in less than 20 minutes of use.
-- poor quality control -- charger is delicate and often inadequate.
-- lousy owners' manual -- incomplete & incorrect information.
-- poor customer service, long, long "hold" times, sending wrong parts, shipping by wrong carrier.
-- inadequate power to cut normal grass lawns except at 4" height - using either the mulcher or the bagger
-- marketing exaggerated capabilities saying the CE 6.2 could cut a 1/3 acre lawn on one charge -- it might be adequate for a 1/6 acre or 1/5 acre lawn. It MIGHT be okay for a 1/4 to 1/3 acre lawn in a very DRY climate with dry brittle grass or perhaps some thin, short dry grass that would not challenge the under-powered motor.

Negative taymar
(1 review)
On May 26, 2009, taymar South Bend, IN wrote:

We purchased the 5.2, 14" Neuton mower over four years ago and was very happy with its performance except the extra time required to cut our yard compared to the 21" gas mower. I was especially impressed with the trimming it did around the side walks and curbing. We were so satified with this mower that we purchased the complete mower kit for our daughter and son-in-law for their new home. When the larger 6.2, 19" model was introduced we immediately purchased it and sold our smaller model.
The 6.2 model has been a terrible disappointment compared to the 5.2 model for these reasons:
- Leaves grass clumps instead of mulching the grass
to be buried into the lawn requiring us to go over the
the area to hide the cut grass
- The trimmer do not cut a nice clean line along the
sidewalk and curb as the mower's wheels (on side of
trimmer) tend to roll over the debris just cut and up
on lawn itself, making the trimmer uneven, crooked,
not nearly the controlled trim we had with the smaller
mower. Also, this trimmer throws dirt and grass in
one's face since you have to operate from this side
in the attempt to get the best possible edging.
We really wish we had kept the smaller mower as
we are very disappointed in this larger model.

Positive NevoGamer
(1 review)
On May 21, 2009, NevoGamer Columbus, OH wrote:

This is my initial impression based on using the Neuton 6.3 mower for the first time.

My wife and I have been using reel mowers since starting a family 20+ years ago. With our reel mower in need of replacing this spring, we looked at cordless mowers. After reading reviews on various sites, I ordered the Neuton 6.3 directly from the company.

The mower arrived in 6 business days. It was easy to unpack and assemble. I charged the battery for 48 hours and mowed our grass last night.

Our lot is 60' x 130' (including our house). This would be an average-sized city lot here in Central Ohio, USA.

Our backyard was high (6-7") due to recent rain followed by sunny days. I was very pleased with the job the Neuton did on my backyard. I used the mulcher plug (which was factory installed) since our city no longer picks up yard waste (sigh). I saw very little clumping of grass, and only had a couple of strips that I had to revisit.

The mower's noise level was higher than I expected, but better than a gas mower. To me, the noise level was the same as a next-door neighbor mowing his yard with a gas mower.

I used the trimmer attachment and found it to work pretty well. There are still some areas that I'll have to hand trim (where fence, house and A/C unit meet), but it was nice being able to edge along our sidewalk and trim around trees and fences w/o getting out my corded electric trimmer.

Battery charge was barely in the yellow when I finished the entire yard. Clean up was a breeze (I used a broom to sweep the grass clippings off the top cover and wheels).

Overall, I am quite pleased at this point. Here are my pros and cons:

- Easy to push, even for this 50 year old guy
- Looks cool
- Demonstrated ability to mow long, thick grass w/o bogging down
- Engineered really well. I like how top cover reveals a place to store a couple of wrenches that come with the mower. Yeah it's plastic, but I think the plastic materials are necessary to keep the weight manageable.
- It works as advertised...

- The handle.

You have to squeeze a bar on the handle towards you to engage the blade. Releasing the bar stops the blade immediately, which is a nice safety feature.

However, releasing tension on your grip will cause the motor to start to cut out. The manual warns that frequent stopping and starting the mower will cause the motor to overheat, and recommends leaving the mower off for at least 5 seconds before restarting it.

I can't help but think that having the power start to cut out and then turn on again is hard on the electric motor.

To me, the handle needs a lock in the on position. I would liken it to cruise control on a car.

The car manufacturers don't prevent you from using cruise control in stop and go city traffic. You don't use it because you would probably have an accident.

Well, if I'm mowing with kids and/or pets in the yard, I may not want to use the handle lock. But when the yard is clear, I think I should have that option.

Finally, I developed a blister at the base of my right thumb from squeezing the bar. I will most likely resort to wearing an old pair of fingerless bike gloves the next time I mow. These were a favorite accessory of mine when using our reel mower.

- Trimmer line feed
The trimmer said to refer to the mower manual for instructions, but I couldn't find them in the mower manual. To advance the trimmer line, you have to press a white switch on the reel and pull the line out. This is awkward.

Negative tracywello
(1 review)
On May 16, 2009, tracywello Fort Collins Colorado,
United States wrote:

My story with the Neutron mower went differently. The blade fell off after 3 months of use, still in rather new condition the blade underneath me came right off without any warning sign. Just cutting normal grass was inches away from cutting my foot. If I wasnít wearing my sandals, I would have lost some toes. The blade is very cheap and rather thin compared to a real gas push mower; probably because it is running on battery as they need a light weight blade to save on energy. This is ridiculous when you know how much these mowers cost a problem like this happens. Without the blade the mower is in incredibly noisy and it can only be fixed by welding the blade back on but personally, I donít like the idea of a welded blade on a mower. It could fall off again but I am sort of stuck with this thing as it cost too much to buy a gas mower which I should of bought instead.

Positive denverdustin
(1 review)
On May 14, 2009, denverdustin Denver, CO wrote:

Purchased a Neuton CE5 as part of a Rocky Mountain Air Quality exchange program. I gave them my old gas mower and received the Neuton for $140, which to me is a great price.

First the negative side. I surrendered a 22inch cut for a 14inch cut, so it takes longer to cut.

The blade does not reach as close to the front, back and sides as the gas mower, so more trimming is necessary.

The mower comes with a side discharge chute, which was ill thought out and poorly engineered. With it on, you can't back up, go over uneven ground or turn the mower by pushing the handle down and swiveling the front. If you do the thing just falls off. You have to lift the back, and move that around which is kind of awkward.

The chute is now in the recycle bin. However, I found it was not needed. The mulch plug works just fine, and if the blade area fills up with too much wet grass to mulch it just drops the surplus out the bottom.

Please wear gloves while cutting, the rubber handle is rather rough and I got a very nasty blister between my thumb and forefinger in the first half hour's use.

Second, the neutral aspect to me is the cost. They say the batteries last about 5 years, and although I have yet to fully discharge a battery, (I cut the front one day, and the back the next, charging overnight.) I have purchased a second, just to be sure I can completely finish my yard in one day.

A battery is about $90, so two is about $180 every five years. That money can buy a lot of gas, and air filters, and oil, and spark plugs, so from a cost stand point that's a wash.

Now for the positive.

Somebody complained on this site about the plastic construction. The mower is built of heavy duty plastic. Kind of like kid's "big wheels" and playground equipment, which from my experience is virtually indestructable. Heck, my car bumpers are plastic, and Boeing is about to lauch a plastic airplane, so what's the big deal?

Cleaning is a whizz. My old mulching gas mower, I could tilt back a little and try to hose out the bottom, trying not to spill gas or oil, and the metal housing could pack cut grass into every little nook and cranny. With the Neuton, I finish cutting, take out the battery, lean the mower almost vertical against a tree and hose off the bottom, and with the plastic construction, there are no nooks and crannies.

Starting out is so much easier than the gas mower, put in the battery and go. No more checking the oil, filling the gas tank, and cleaning the air filter. That is quite a time saver.

Although the mower is not silent, it is much quieter than a gas mower.

With a gas mower, if you have to stop to move something, you have to shut it off, and pull to restart. With the Neuton starting and stopping is just a switch away. While repositioning the mower, I now stop it, and start when ready, where as the gas mower was kept running whenever possible, to avoid the pulling the cord to restart. Shutting the Neuton off when not cutting, saves the charge.

I have now cut the front and back (about a 1/4 acre) twice. Denver has had quite a bit of rain in that time, the grass is growing very quickly and needed cutting before it could dry out. The Neuton had no problem cutting high wet grass, and like I mentioned if I would try to cut and mulch too much, the mower would just drop out the surplus, which I would later go back over and the mower would mulch it just fine. The mower never bogged down during the whole time.

Finally, I have always felt a bit guilty about using a two-stroke gas mower, knowing how polluting it was to the environment. So having an electric mower, and doing my part, makes the Neuton a very positive experience.

Positive dhostsin
(1 review)
On May 10, 2009, dhostsin Houston, TX wrote:

I have now used my Neuton 6.2 a total of 9 times. So far, I'd have to say that my experience is good. It isn't as "quiet" or as "light" as the company claims but overall my experience has been good.

The battery life is what I expected. In the early Spring my grass requires more frequent mowing otherwise the Neuton would not have the power to effectively cut it. The thicker grass robs power during the cycle, shortens the life of the battery and the mower doesn't mulch as well. The mulching issue I experienced even with my good gas mower. If I mow frequently enough the mower performs well and the battery life is just enough for my entire lawn.

The trimmer attachment I have to admit is a disappointment. No matter how high I set the mower setting, the timmer attachment scalps the lawn in front of the mower - it seems to cut much lower than the blade on the mower. I haven't mastered using the trimmer as an edger as the mower is much to difficult to handle as an edger.

The construction is cheap and lightweight. On the other hand, I wasn't expecting a steel or even aluminum mowing deck or heavy wheels like a conventional gas mower. For my small yard the mower performs well for me and performs as I expected it would.

My neighbor has a Black & Decker and while I think the B&D has more solid construction, the performance in the mowers is equivalent for our application. On my decision to by an electric mower I was struggling between the Neuton and the B&D. After my experience with the Neuton, I would buy the B&D only on the basis of the better construction and for the option of local service - I tend to keep my mowers for a long time. So far, neither local service or the cheaper construction have been an issue on my Neuton. Only after several years will I know if my decision to go with the Neuton over the B&D was a mistake or not - stay tuned.

Positive jay55129
(1 review)
On May 8, 2009, jay55129 Saint Paul, MN wrote:

So far, so good. After research and reviews, including this site, I ordered the CE 6.3. It shipped in a few days and arrived via UPS in about a week. I charged the battery for about 36 hours and mowed my 1/3 acre lot for the first time tonight. The mower cut my 3" tall grass down to 2" height (setting 3) with no problem. The mower was quiet and light and easy to maneuver as advertised. Both of my adjacent neighbors visited to ask about the mower. My one neighbor thought I was pushing a fertilizer spreader until he noticed my mowed lawn. It's that quiet! My iPod volume was set at half the volume I needed when using my gas mower. That was one reason I bought the electric. I finished my 1/3 acre in 1 hour and the battery meter was just starting to dip into the yellow. So far, I am very satisfied!

Negative johnnymc
(1 review)
On May 5, 2009, johnnymc Grover Beach, CA wrote:

Not impressed with this Neuton mover after I discovered it's weak battery time. Charged the battery for 12 hours on a new battery and it lasted about 35 minutes. On the manual it says it can handle any type of green grass but it doesn't give much information on types of grass. I fired the thing up and gave it light and tall grass. In some areas it handled grass fine and other areas it felt like it couldn't handle it at all. Personally the thing sounds like a cordless drill which is really is what it is, is a big battery drill but for grass. The price cost me $360.00 which was too much in my opinion for a mower. I asked my neighbor if he wanted to trade it for has newer gas mower including a few extra bucks with it. Overall the thing was packaged fine but poor customer service.

Positive vtmomof3
(2 reviews)
On Apr 23, 2009, vtmomof3 wrote:

I want to say that I love my newton lawn mower. I can't compare it to a gas mower, since I have never used one. We have had it for 3 years and have had no problems with it. I like the fact that I can listen to music or still hear my children while I am mowing my grass.You do not bother your neighbors when you are mowing your lawn since it is not that loud. I never have to worry about running out of or spilling any gas and as long as you are always charging the battary the battary life is fine. Yes it is small and might not have the power that a gas mower has but I would not trade it for all the gas mowers in the world.

Neutral joseablee
(1 review)
On Apr 23, 2009, joseablee Palm Springs, CA wrote:

If anybody ask me if the Neuton mower mowes like a lawn mower or a like a toy, I would tell them like a toy. It just cannot cut perfectly and the wide wheels smothers tracks allover the lawn. I was foolish to trade my gas mower for this thing, I used it once and never used it since. I ended up buying another gas mower which I am very happy with. The price of the gas mower was cheap enough and efficient enough to do more than the Neuton ever could and more. I would never recommend anybody to buy this mower. Ask any professional gardener why they don't use them? If anybody mowes for a living, you'll understand why Neuton is not made for cutting lawns.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors...

It is the policy of the Watchdog that users cannot leave multiple feedbacks under different usernames in order to manipulate a company's rating. The rating of this comment - written by the same user who posed as "sirwilliam" - has been changed from negative to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
Neutral dantoms
(1 review)
On Apr 21, 2009, dantoms Rochdale, MA wrote:

I had a Neuton mower for about 3 months, I used it only a few times. I hate the battery charger, you have to take the thing out to charge it and place it back in. Why did they just made the battery like the Remington has it, inside. The big drawbacks with the Neuton is, it is cheapy made. I give it a D+ in quality and C- in engineering and an F for outsourcing Chinese labor for American products. For the price I paid for this Neuton, I could of bought 4 electric mowers without replacing batteries. If anybody says these cordless mowers are about saving the evironment, think again, you have to make more batteries which causes also more harmful CO2 & plastics that effects the evironment from making more of something for nothing. Right now, I am selling this Neuton mower on Ebay, if anybody wants it, it's listed because Neuton won't return my money back.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors...

It is the policy of the Watchdog that users cannot leave multiple feedbacks under different usernames in order to manipulate a company's rating. The rating of this comment - written by the same user who posed as "sunnydavis", "davisjunior", "BobAnderson" and "joesjoes" - has been changed from negative to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
Positive billyandlee
(1 review)
On Apr 20, 2009, billyandlee Chapel Hill, NC wrote:

Have had my neuton 14" mower for 5.5 years. It starts immediately, cuts well and is easy to handle. No gas, oil, spark plugs, yanking-to-start, or frequent servicing. I've had at least three neighbors ask what kind of mower I had that made no noise! They've since bought neuton mowers. My recommendation is to buy two batteries, so that one is always fully charged. I addition, I have since bought a neuton chain saw. For light work on my property (I don't saw down redwoods) it is an excellent tool. Even my wife likes too use it! Neuton rates high with me.

Positive glaslady
(1 review)
On Apr 20, 2009, glaslady Haverhill, MA wrote:

I've used my neuton 5 for about 10 years now, on a 1/2 acre lot. it takes 2 batteries to do the half acre, in part because I don't mow as often as I probably should. after some initial bumps with a charger that got fried during a power outage, It's been smooth sailing, as long as I wait for the dew to evaporate off the grass. wet grass does clog mulching area, but it also did on my gas powered mower - and I don't have the hassle of yanking a chain, or worrying about gas-oil spillage when unclogging the blade area with the neuton. my neighbor works nights-sleeps days and the neuton is so quiet, I can mow while he's sleeping without waking him. the 5 has a narrower bed than the models currently being marketed, but I've found this to be a good mower for me to use. It can take on 'scrub ' brush cutting , as long as you go slow..and handles the thicker grass over the septic leaching fields as well as the old gas mower did. I'd recommend that anyone planning on using it for more than a smallish front yard, invest in a second charger and battery. the batteries have been good for about 5 years, so the overall investment isn't that high.

Neutral davisjunior
(1 review)
On Apr 19, 2009, davisjunior Los Angeles, CA wrote:

I ordered this Neuton mover and was not impressed with it. Slow and cuts uneven but more so, it is very very weak on the grass. Not what it says from the company, they say it cuts anything but I tried it and not so. I tested it and it did not handle the grass I was trying to cut.

Craftsman for the second year was rated #1 by Consumer Report for the best cordless mover for 2009 and Neuton was among the worse rated. Remington also tested higher
but I agree, cords are stronger than battery and last forever.
I also agree with the Tawian thing, I wasn't pleased with Neuton produced in Japan when they are USA based. So I don't recommend the Neuton, Craftsman and Remington are fare better.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors...

It is the policy of the Watchdog that users cannot leave multiple feedbacks under different usernames in order to manipulate a company's rating. The rating of this comment - written by the same user who posed as "sunnydavis", "dantoms", "BobAnderson" and "joesjoes" - has been changed from negative to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
Neutral sirwilliam
(1 review)
On Mar 27, 2009, sirwilliam Los Angeles, CA wrote:

I bought a Neuton and I will tell you, it was terrible. Mowes aweful and the battery time is lousy. I thought when I was buying this thing it was made in Vermont but no, made in Tawian. On top of that they have lousy customer service, only Monday through Friday eastern standard time from 8 to 5, closed on weekends.

I took the mower and said give me my money back, they asked I pay the return shipping for $60.00 and I was not pleased. I decided to try the Remington mower and was pleased with the dual option for cord or no cord feature. Neuton bogs down, I mean really bogs down and sometimes the engine would stop because it couldn't hande the grass. I mean my gas mower really was the best thing I had, an American made Craftsman that never failed me in 25 years and still runs wonderful. They Neuton is a crappy plastic mower and it sounds like one too. The Remington was much better and could handle all grass but if it can't, you can throw the cord on it runs at 120 volts. Neuton only has 24 volts but on the battery option the Remington has 60 volts on battery.

I think if anybody has a thought about buying a lawn mower, buy American made if you can. Second, buy something that doesn't need replacing. If the Neuton dies or battery does in 5 years you have to buy another one. If the Remington battery dies also in 5 years, you have the cord that will last forever. If you want to save the environment, then buy an electric mower than. It's cheaper and never needs any replacing. If you want power and long distance, gas is still the cheapest and best option there is.

But Neuton mowers, no way! I hated the design and how it handled. I wouldn't recommend it but think about the Remington mower if you want something better.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors...

It is the policy of the Watchdog that users cannot leave multiple feedbacks under different usernames in order to manipulate a company's rating. The rating of this comment - written by the same user who posed as "joseablee" - has been changed from negative to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.

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