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Positive ralphwilson
(3 reviews)
On Apr 29, 2016, ralphwilson Dallas, TX wrote:

Happy with my mower, good value and quality.

Positive dirt_digger
(2 reviews)
On Jun 20, 2014, dirt_digger Longwood, FL (Zone 9b) wrote:

I bought the Neuton CE5 in October of 2009 and I am still pleased with my mower. True, my yard is very small, but I was paying $15 a cut to a service which cut my St. Augustine turf too low, often ran over my plants by mistake, and was spreading weed seeds from the other yards they cut into my yard. I find the mower has enough torque to mulch leathery oak and magnolia leaves and twigs easily. I just replaced the battery -- just short of 5 years. I went to the local Batteries Plus store, and while I waited they took apart the Neuton battery case and replaced the innards for $89.98 plus tax giving me a one year warranty and 14 day return policy, plus it was immediately ready to mow without need to put on the charger. My favorite things about the mower -- first, it is so quiet, and, second, so light weight.

Positive Cphelps
(1 review)
On May 25, 2014, Cphelps Midlothian, TX wrote:

I bought the Neuton 6 about 5 years ago or so. Because of the size of my yard, nearly an acre, I bought an extra battery as well. Since then the only thing I've done is bought a $15 replacement blade, and up until this season have gotten pretty much a full charge on both batteries (one battery has basically died, the other is still going strong). I know the nature of batteries, they don't like heat and no matter what they will deplete over time. I keep my batteries stored inside my bedroom and try to remember to throw them on the charger occasionally during winter. As for performance, I knew that by going to battery i would lose some power, but I have to say Im pleasantly surprised at how much this guy can do. I have cut grass that is nearly a foot tall and have tackled large weeds (3ft tall) and small branches. I know Im not suppose to wait more than a week between mowings, but I'm bad and often wait till it gets too long. You are not suppose to do that with a battery powered electric mower, but he's still going strong. And wether it's electric or my old gas mower, i know you are not suppose to cut wet grass. It will cut, but because of the nature of wet grass, it often gets stuck together and clogs the blade well. Because of this i always mow on days when the grass is dry, which in Texas is not that hard. This year i will finally have to replace a battery, which is pretty darn good. I'm glad i don't have to deal with smelly gas tanks that bulge out in summer heat, or spark plugs, or oil, or any of the other annoying gas related maintenance issues. I believe the money i spent on the Neuton definitely bests all the gas, oil, etc i had to pay for my old mower. I know it definitely paid for itself in shear mobility, convenience, and ease of use. I'm never going back to gas.

Positive chamst11
(1 review)
On May 21, 2014, chamst11 Kensington, CT wrote:

I have just purchased the CE5, second hand, but in new condition. It was used for one swipe of grass, all attachments still unopened. I bought this after months of research for the main reason is cutting grass on a new hill that is a result of an addition onto my house. The hill is about 5 feet high, 45 degrees at about 25 feet then blends to level. Of course a gas would not work, and battery was way to go. I choose this one, (used was by chance, was buying anyway) because of it's light weight, and construction. I wanted only plastic, this one is Polypropylene. Battery is like a small tractor battery but all in all it is light. I just cut my hill, where nothing else worked. I an pushing at an angle, holding corner of handle, me back and away so I cannot get in a trap. Rocks and divots from the new ground, so this is not easy on the mower. The handle is firm enough, and I cannot see how this will break. I then cut the new grass as my rider or gas push would be to heavy on new top soil. Cut through some very high bunches of new grass, all I hear is the cutting and whirl of the blade. Pushing is just to easy, even on the hill. I also got with this the premier package, so I tried the trimmer attachment. This is just too easy. I have 2 batteries, and will follow close their instructions. Charging inside, dry and 65 degree basement. After an hour, I went through a rigorous test, and cannot find yet a real CON to speak of. The only one I can think of, will probably be the battery. Of course, with 2 batteries, alternating them, I am sure to get at least 4 seasons. If I have to buy 2 more after that, the convenience and any cost savings on oil, gas, plugs, filters etc. is worth my while. I am going to be hard to convince to go back to gas, and it has nothing to do with environment. A+ on this mower.

Positive andrelafrance
(1 review)
On Jun 29, 2013, andrelafrance Champlain, NY wrote:


I own two Neuton 6 mower for more than 4 years now. One of the 4 battery that I have went dead after two, all the other, so far so good.

Most of the comment is about the battery life. Most of the people don't know how to maintain battery and that is the reason why they fail after one year. The only responsible person is the owner of the battery in most of the cases. The should go on this web site to get some tips: //

To break the handle, it take a big torque and when I say a big torque, it not going to break going around trees.

Other than that, that a good mower and BTW, you don't cut grass when it is wet, no one recommend that, you cut when it is hot and dry and the best time is around 2 o'clock.

Finally, maintain the sharpness of the blade, your battery life will last longer. Neuton propose on is web site an excellent sharpener.

When I trim my willow tree, lilac and other soft wood (less than one inches, most of the branches can be mulch with this mower.

That's it

Positive plantaholic2
(15 reviews)
On Jun 14, 2013, plantaholic2 N Middlesex County, MA (Zone 5a) wrote:

This is my 5th season and still loving it. Bought it in 2009. The original battery that came with it (I bought it at a brick and mortar dealer) was not good at the beginning of the 2nd season. But Neuton replaced it under warranty. That replacement battery has been rock solid and still in use. Even though I usually spread out my mowing over 2 days, I can mow my complete ~8000sf lawn at once and still stay in the green zone on the meter.

My first year, I did mow on the next to the highest height setting. That did seem to use more juice and I would hit yellow frequently (or it was a not-so-good battery). I now mow on the highest setting and the battery is extremely happy with that change - always green zone. Even in the spring when the grass is growing like crazy and super super long all the time, it's fine. And it is better for the grass to be mowed higher and it looks better a little higher.

In the winter (New England), I bring the battery indoors and charge it for a couple of hours on the first of the month (ez to remember that way).

I love that it is gas-free and girl-friendly. I used to pay professionals to mow my lawn and when times got tight, this was the perfect choice for me! I like that I can pick just the right day to mow and not on the pro's weekly schedule.

Positive stryke23x
(1 review)
On Jun 8, 2013, stryke23x Green Bay, WI wrote:

I picked up one of these used for $150. It is a 6.2, purchased in 2008. It has the 2 original batteries which both are still in good shape. These are 36V lead acid batteries. I mowed the lawn, switching the battery half way through to be safe. After mowing, both batteries still measured over 38V. Plenty of charge still left.

Most of the people commenting about poor battery life are likely discharging the batteries too deeply. With any lead acid battery, the battery life depends on how deep you cycle the batteries. A lead acid battery should NEVER be discharged below 50% or the battery will be damaged. If you are running into the bottom of the yellow or into the red on your meter, you're running the battery too low. As the level goes low, sulfation begins on the plates. This will prevent the battery from accepting a full charge. The longer the battery is allowed to remain in this low charge state, the more the sulfate builds up on the plates. Storing the battery without a full charge will ruin the battery quickly leading to the conditions people describe. It is the same as car batteries. With proper charging a battery can last for years. Leaving your headlights on to fully drain the battery only once or twice will kill that battery.

One thing you can do is get a desulfating charger. Battery Minders makes 24v and 36v chargers that will keep a maintenance charge on your batteries when they aren't in use. They use a special signal to help desulfate batteries that have been cycled too deeply. I use one on my 36V forklift battery. It is a massive 1200aH battery. It would formerly charge to 40V but drop to under 33V overnight and drop to under 25V within a week. It was badly sulfated and wouldn't accept a charge. We had to keep it on the charger for a few hours right before using it to unload a truck. It took several weeks but the 2.7A 36V battery minders charge did wonders for restoring this battery. Once fully charged it will now stay above 36V for weeks once the charger is pulled off. I will also be making a simple cable so I can use it with the 36V battery from the Neuton 6.2. The 36V charger is 2.7amp, which is a little high for a single 10aH battery. You want to charge at about 10-15% of the overall capacity. Putting the two 10aH batteries in parallel to the 2.7aH charger is nearly perfect. Keeping them on the float charge throughout the off season will assure they last for years to come.

That all said, I do like the way the Neuton cuts also. It is ideal for my kids to mow the lawn. It is light, a little quieter than most gas powered motors and no gas smell. I do like the option to put the trimmer on the front. It again works well for the kids as they can roll around the trimmer vs carrying one. It's easier for them and no worry about getting feet hit with the trimmer at all.

The only thing I don't like is the cut height setting. I set it at 4 and that is about as short as I want to cut my grass. I don't see the settings for 1-3 having much use. I'd like to see the 4 setting be in the middle instead of the tallest option. The setting for 4 works though as long as the grass doesn't get too tall and it is cut regularly.

So far I am very happy with the results.

Positive hillgrass
(1 review)
On May 12, 2013, hillgrass Dundalk, MD wrote:

I have the Neuton 4.1 with the edger/trimmer. I've owned the mower for about ten years and I'm still on the first battery. I did, however, have to replace the edger/trimmer about five years ago because it basically fell apart. I also had to replace the charger twice. I figure these replacements have added an extra $100 to my overall cost. I've also had a couple screws come loose over the years which I've replaced. So yes, the extremely light build is a definite plus in terms of maneuverability, but it may lead to certain quality concerns. Then again, my neighbor was so impressed with the recharging idea, that he went out and purchase a Worx unit, which seemed solidly built, but he ceased using it because the thing was so heavy. Also, I'm curious what the upkeep and gas/oil/filters/maintenance are on gas jobbers? Not sure because I've never owned one. I live in a row home with a 15' x 40' plot out back and 15' x 20' plot in front. The Neuton's always done the trick for me. I give the lawn a couple of passes to catch any stray blades and clippings, as well as a quick trim and edge, and the lawn looks spiffy by the time I'm finished in a short time. I'd say it's mowing capabilities aren't quite as good as a traditional gas-powered unit and the trimmer isn't quite as good as a traditional hand-held (though as an edger it's terrific), but for average needs such as mine, it's been a good partner through the many years. One major plus is that I have a set of sideways stairs I need to maneuver up and down to and from the basement between the foundation and a retaining wall and I'm able to carry this unit (with the battery removed) at very awkward angles no problem. Someday, when this thing eventually kicks the bucket, I'm tempted to upgrade to a 6 series (I think they're at 6.4 at this writing).

Positive PWK
(1 review)
On Dec 1, 2012, PWK Larchmont, NY wrote:

I love my Neuton 5.2 mower because it has made me self reliant. Mine is over four years old as are my two original batteries. The one time it wouldn't start I called Neuton and they were extremely helpful. All mine needed was a little cleaning and tightening under the hood. I also have and love their trimmer and hedge clipper. Instead of having to depend on my husband and his heavy, oily equipment, I can do all the yard work myself. Wonderful!

Positive WisJim
(2 reviews)
On Sep 3, 2012, WisJim Menomonie, WI wrote:

We have a 6.2 model that replaced our 20 year old Toro battery powered mower that we use for trimming around the property. I like the built in string trimmer on the Neuton as it allows me to do most of the close trimming without getting another tool out of the shed. Our main mower is a 1970s vintage GE ElecTrak garden tractor and we prefer to use electrically operated tools when possible as we can charge them from our solar electric system so fuel is almost free. I have had NO problems with the Neuton, it mows as much as I care to mow with a charged battery. I am considering buying a "smarter" battery charger/maintainer which should significantly extend the battery life by charging fully but not over charging the battery. A Soneil or similar charger should do the job.

Positive jimmym
(1 review)
On Aug 31, 2012, jimmym Westminster, VT wrote:

Posted on August 12, 2010, updated August 31, 2012
Posted on August 11, 2010, updated August 12, 2010
This is my third summer with a Neuton 5.1. The narrow cut took some getting used to, but the extra walking is good for me anyway. I have just under 10,000 sq ft of lawn; that takes a little over two hours with the stops to empty the bag, etc, and I estimate that it's about a 3-mile walk. I keep a wheel barrow close by to empty the bag quickly and then it all goes into the compost bin. Two batteries are usually plenty... if I've let it go too long then I either have to raise the height or do it in two days; but letting it go too long is bad for the lawn in any case so I try not to.
My trimmer/edger attachment broke during the warranty period. I notified the company by email and they ordered a replacement sent without requiring a return... no questions asked.
A battery connection proved to be unreliable but it was past the warranty... they told me what likely was wrong and how to have it fixed in a local repair shop. I like that.
In summary, I love the fact that it costs me about ten cents worth of eletricity to mow the lawn, I am not polluting when I do it, I no longer struggle with gas engines that operate reliably for a very short life, and while it's about as loud as a shop vac it's far quieter than any gas mower. I've read a number of negative reviews, but my experience has been very positive. My next mower will be a Neuton 6.x and I'll pass the 5.1 on to someone else because I espect it to last for years.

On August 12th, 2010, jimmym added the following:

Follow-up to post on Aug 11: (1) new trimmer arrived today (24 hours; I'm only about 150 miles away but that's still pretty darned good). (2) I looked at the suggested battery problem and diagnosed & fixed it myself in about 15 minutes. All good.
On August 31st, 2012, jimmym added the following:

If you've read this far down, you must be seriously comparing reviews. I see the frustration in the negative reviews, but my experience has been the opposite. If you have a hay field or very rough terrain, it just might not be for you. And if you expect miracles, you'll be disappointed. But it's now August 31, 2012, and 5 years on I'm still using the same Neuton 5.1. I have not had a great experience with the string trimmer, but it works, and my oldest battery (the one that I repaired) doesn't take a full charge. But everything else is good and it keeps on chugging far more reliably than any of the umpteen gas mowers I've owned. Far cheaper to own & operate than a gas mower, and I don't miss spending a half-hour trying to start a balky gas engine on a hot day. I am having problems with the mower/trimmer switch so maybe it's time to really get a new model; but learned today that they are sold out for 2012! I think this one will still be running next year.
Positive maryafrederickc
(1 review)
On Aug 3, 2012, maryafrederickc wrote:

I've owned a Neuton CE6 for 6 years, mowing 4000 square feet of Bermuda grass at least twice a week April into October. When purchasing the mower (by mail) I also bought a spare battery and a charger. There's always a battery on charge. The mower gets very hard use and I recently replaced the rear wheel bearings (literally a snap). I've experienced no other problems. I'm very pleased and I'd purchase it again.

Positive Anemul
(1 review)
On Jun 13, 2012, Anemul Waco, TX wrote:

The most awesome mower I have ever had , it cuts fine , I have two battery's but hey you need at least two for cutting a nice size yard . One of the battery's went bad and they sent me a brand new one for free , I had to buy a new one this summer but my bad for not keeping the maintenance up on the battery's over the winter , I plan on buying a trickle charger . I have had this mower for 3 summers now counting this one . If this one ever wears out I will probably buy another one , it just depends on what is available locally . I cut the yard once a week and my grass gets pretty high during that time , but it cuts like a champ . Don't really know if I've saved money or not but it helps the environment and I don't have to inhale exhaust fumes or have oil and gas leak out on to the soil and my hands stay relatively clean . Have never had a problem with their customer service , it has been great for the entire time I have dealt with them .

Positive lfl
(1 review)
On Apr 17, 2012, lfl PORT MURRAY, NJ wrote:

Just wondering about that battery rebuild. I've had mine since I bought the mower over five years ago. I've read about rebuilding in a few places but the "screws" holding on the cover do not seem to be screws - not thread to be able to remove them. Has anyone else run into this?

Positive CindyInTX
(1 review)
On Apr 4, 2012, CindyInTX Austin, TX wrote:

We traded in our gas mower for a Neuton 5.3 battery-powered mower and have been very pleased with its ease of assembly, ease of use, nice cut. Powerful enough to tackle St. Augustine grass.

We also have a reel mower, which we think provides the prettiest cut, and alternate between the two. Depends on how hot it is, and how much of a workout I'm wanting!

We'd had no problems for over 2 years with the Neuton, and just recently had an intermittent problem with failure to start, despite charged battery and green lights. When I called, customer service answered promptly, & walked me through checking the switch. The customer service agent said he'd send a new switch, although I told him I thought one of the green wires connecting to the switch looked like the soldering had come loose or the insulation on the wire had separated.

I got the switch a week later, but it didn't fix the problem.

When I called back, they told me they'd already sent a new handlebar. Evidently, the customer service agent thought twice about that switch problem, decided it was the wiring in the handlebar, and sent that out as well.

The handlebars arrived the next day & fixed the problem.

So, I have had nothing but a positive experience with my Neuton 5.3 & the company has backed its product 100%.

Positive kkcecilia
(1 review)
On Apr 2, 2012, kkcecilia Richfield, MN wrote:

I bought the smaller Neuton mower a little less than 4 years ago. It has worked very well and I had been very happy with it. Last fall it developed a few problems with the plastic casing cracking. I didn't think too much about it until this spring when I went to find my paperwork to call the company about getting it fixed. I realized that it was still under warranty and when I called and explained the problem they were EXTREMELY helpful and were willing to send me a new mower. Their customer service was excellent and I can't say enough about what a positive experience that this has been. Customer service like this is rare these days.

Positive TomSCalif714
(1 review)
On Oct 19, 2011, TomSCalif714 Fullerton, CA wrote:

My neighbor purchased a Neuton 5.2 about 3 years ago
after 2 years he hired a gardner and parked the mower.
in the backyard in the Southern California weather.

I saw it and asked if I could purchase the mower. He said,
yes and brought it over, he purchased a new battery and put it in the mower, but had not charged it for a year prior to
parking it in the backyard. After setting a year the battery cut my entire
yard" without charging the battery" !!!

Later charged the battery and the mower works great!
A good charge and sharp blade and is the key!

I like charging lights to know when the battery is charging and
when the charge is comlplete, further more battery tender
shuts off automaticly.

Positive electrofred
(1 review)
On Oct 10, 2011, electrofred Rochester, MN wrote:

After reading some of the negatives about the mower and company, I need to share this reply to an e-mail sent this morning after my handle cracked.

From: [email protected]
To: Subject: RE: Handlebar Housing (LTK52706051251X)
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 17:46:49 -0400

Subject: Handlebar Housing Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting us.
I assume the plastic parts are broken. The individual parts for the handlebar are not available. The upper handlebar is only available as a complete unit. I have placed an order for a new set of handlebars for you under the extended warranty. They will ship UPS ground to your home address.
If you have more questions or require further technical assistance, please call our Technical Support Department directly TOLL FREE 1(800) 376-9637, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, or Saturday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Time.

We can also be reached at this email address or thru Live Chat on our website during regular business hours.
Jim O

That is pretty hard to beat for customer service. I have had no other problems and don't miss the smell of gas, oil or cost of tune ups. Sorry it hasn't been that good for everyone.

Positive jim_in_texas
(1 review)
On Jul 16, 2011, jim_in_texas New Braunfels, TX wrote:

Just brought home my Neutron5.2 from the resale store. Battery was dead, and didn't take a charge after about 5 hours (nothing, not even a click when put into the mower).

I took the black battery cover off, and found one of the spade lug terminals on one of the batteries was loose, and was not making a connection. I squeezed it slightly with some pliars, and put it back on the battery- Voila! new life for this battery. Of course it still needs more charge, but making this fix saved me from having to buy another battery (for now).

Please be cautious, as the battery can put out a lot of current if you short out the terminals. Only take off one terminal at a time, and make sure the wire doesn't drop onto the other wires or battery terminals, but if you are the least bit handy, you might be able to breathe new life into your otherwise dead Neutron.

Positive ODOD
(1 review)
On May 11, 2011, ODOD Woodland Hills, CA wrote:

I have an old 4.1 which I have had for about 10 years now.
Still using the original battery, blade and everything. I had gotten the trimmer/edger attachment a while back and while it works, I would not recommend it. Too bulky and it no longer stays locked into place. I use a bungee cord to keep the contacts in place.

Other than that, it was the best $100 I ever spent... got it in a trade when the Air Board out here was offering to turn in your old gas mower for one of these.

I can't speak for the others, but I really love mine.

Positive PaulBM
(1 review)
On Apr 7, 2011, PaulBM Somerset,
Bermuda wrote:

I have a DR Whisper Lite (predecessor to the Neuton). Despite the mower being 12 years old, the company still has, and is willing to sell, spare parts. I replaced the battery pack and blade a few years ago. The mower quit working last week, and after an email exchange with Karen, in customer service, I found that the motor control board was badly corroded, due to high humidity and lots of salt spray on the grass in my coastal location. The new control board was shipped promptly and easy to install. (Only tool required was a screwdriver). I am looking forward to many more years of excellent service.

Positive Wrightman900
(1 review)
On Sep 13, 2010, Wrightman900 Cheshire, CT wrote:

Posted on August 8, 2010, updated September 13, 2010
I have owned a Neuton mower for over 5 years. Recently i have had problems with my batteries. I bought two at the beginning of ownership and they are now unusable. I bought another about 4 weeks ago and now that one will not charge.
With all my problems, I regret buying this mower. It seemed like a good idea but the cost on buying the batteries make it too expensive to operate. Customer service is bad and not responsive. It is always the customer's fault that the mower is not working properly. I will either buy a gas mower or another electric mower but never from this company.

On September 13th, 2010, Wrightman900 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

We received the new battery charger and now i am happy again.
The new charger charges the battery faster and has the light indicator to show that the battery is charged. I would recommend this mower to all now.
Positive captiveinfla
(1 review)
On Aug 7, 2010, captiveinfla West Palm Beach, FL wrote:

We bought a 2 yr old used Neuton C6. We looooooooooove it. Can't tell you enough how "pleasing" it is to go out and mow with no gas fumes nor having to fill it with gas, no excessive noise, no cord, no pain in the arm, literally, to start it and no spraying it with fluid to start it. So easy to use and adjustable handle lets my hubby and I switch for our convenience in a second. We can mow our front and back lawn usually all at once, unless we let it go too long and then only the front and half of the back - but that is not often. We sometimes switch off and mow the front one day and the back the next day. Our whole yard (front and back) is about 13,500 sq ft. We researched for many days all different mowers. A friend suggested we buy his mom's because he and she liked it but she is getting old and hired a lawn service. We got a great deal on it used. Just ordered a spare blade and am going to buy a spare battery soon. The first day we cut our front lawn with it all the neighbors came over. We are the envy of the neighborhood, and expect to see more around soon. Again I must say we looooooooove it.

Positive st_bernard
(1 review)
On Aug 7, 2010, st_bernard St_Bernard de Lacolle,
Canada wrote:

I read all negative input and I can tell that they are not supported by my personal experience with my two 6.3. I can say that: no one, in the right mind should cut grass when wet. Grass must be cut when it is sunny, everyone who are serious about grass cutting know that basic fact.

Yes, the discharge could be improve but it do the job in a regular condition. Mulching is perfect, no complain about it. For those who have problem with the battery, may I invite you to read owner manual instruction or go read about those battery here: // Those kind of battery need a certain level of maintenance. Another fact, it not take 24 our to recharge, it take only 16 or less . First of all, it is virtually impossible that a battery died after 10 minutes of use unless their is a manufacturer defect. In my personal experience, the battery last between 40 to 60 minutes, all depend of the grass height.

The secret, with all mower, electric or gas is the sharpness of the blade. Try to cut meat with a bad knife!!!. For the sharpner, provide by Neuton, if use as indicated, it work perfectly and did a great job.

I buy my two units in june of 2009 and I cut over 60 000 square foots of grass each week, it do a great exercise (no gym to pay or enrol) and my grass is cut to perfection. So, I will say as Toyota advertise mentions, Ask someone who own one their opinion.

You can buy one and if you don't like it, you just have to return it, there is no risk. I don't understand why those negative opinion never return their unit.

About service of Neuton, It is not thru. I receive my unit with one damage wheel, it was replace under warranty. I file another claim for the mulching plug this week and they replace it. I can say that the service is according my expectation. If some find the price prohibitive why they buy it at the first place, no one twist their arm before. A company is can ask a price that they find reasonable, it up to the consumer to agree or not. It a question of pure financial logic. A consumer, usually base is opinion about the price of a good when he compare similar product. If you decide to buy a Dyson Vacuum (overprice if you compare), a the price they ask, it is your own decision, don't blame the manufacturer, blame yourself but just yourself.

Positive oldCTgardener
(3 reviews)
On Jun 14, 2010, oldCTgardener Glastonbury, CT wrote:

We tried a friend's Neuton (their second, they moved to the larger size) and liked it so bought our own, last summer. We have been happy with it. Having had two gas models that were gender specific (would not start if a women pulled the cord) it is a delight to go to the garage and start the Neuton instantly and be finished with our small lawn before we would have had the mower started if it had been a gasoline model.

Positive goatkisses
(1 review)
On Jun 5, 2010, goatkisses Naples, NY wrote:

Just used my new Neuton C5 mower today for the first time. It performed splendidly! My old gas mower had broken a month ago and the little Neuton powered through thick, wet grass. I set it on highest setting and took my time because this just wasn't a fair trial for the mower but it did very well.

After the now shorter lawn dries I will re-mow it at a lower length. The mower is easy to handle, starts instantly, is lightweight and very easy to clean. I have nerve damage in my arms and can handle it easily. Not having to pull on a gas mower to start it is a huge, huge deal for me.

This mower exceeds my expectations. I have a large DR Field Mower from the partner company and have found this to be a superb product as well.

I've never had any problems with customer service and they were very clear when I phoned to go over what my mowing needs were and whether a Neuton would be the one for me.

Positive rutri01
(1 review)
On May 20, 2010, rutri01 Bethpage, NY wrote:

Just got my Neuton 5.2 mower on Monday (5/17). Just used it this morning in dew wet grass. I have a small yard (.20 acre) and the mower cut the full yard with no problem and handled the wet grass well.

Even the back side where it was my first mowing there this season. The grass was 6 or 7 inches tall. I had to go throught a little slower but it cut through with no problems.

My back yard is bumpy from our large dog so it made cutting the lawn with a push mower very tough. Even my gas mower (not self propelled) was hard because of its weight. The Neuton being light easily rolled over this part of my lawn without any trouble.

Very glad with its first test. If the battery and mower perform like this consistently, I will be very happy.

The only negative is the 14 inch cutting lenght but I preferred this because i wanted a lighter mower that I can store in the rafter of my garage over the winter. Something that i couldn't do with my gas mower because of weight and oil/gas spillage.

I picked this mower because I read a lot of positive reviews, its light, and maintenance free. Being quieter and no fumes are another big plus.

Positive TexasButterfly
(1 review)
On May 19, 2010, TexasButterfly Bastrop, TX wrote:

I bought a Neuton 6.2 mower 5 yrs ago and used it to mow a 1/3 of an acre. I moved to 2 acres and I still mow about 1/3 acre of fenced area. This is in Texas where mowing is needed for all but 2-3 months out of a year. I haven't had any problems mowing. Not on wet grass or tall grass. I conditioned the batteries like with any battery operated product, I own. This is important, if you don't fully charge then run down the batteries from jump street they aren't going to work correctly, just like any other rechargeable battery. I bought the trimmer attachment but I do not recommend it. I still after 5 yrs haven't figured out how its useful. I also wouldn't suggest an extra battery just buy one. I could mow an acre with mine with out it going dead & thats just one battery. It runs for hours even when I've forgotten to plug it in. I mow once a week, so even after I run this mower for over an hour then let it sit for a week uncharged, I am able to turn around and do it again with out any mowing problems! I've mowed different types of grass with this mower too. In the city I had lush green grass, that I'd let get over grown but could still mow down even wet. Out here in the country I have more tough weeds than grass. More like mowing a pasture. Still no problems with the mower. I do keep the deck height all the way up to leave the grass long. I don't mow a wet over grown lawn every time I mow but its happened when I've been busy the yards grown 2 weeks instead of one. Then I've gone out early and mowed dew covered grass but I haven't had any problems. I had a neighbor in the city I lived in that had the smaller Neuton he loved his. I didn't talk to him about his before I bought mine (I didn't know he had one) but he saw mine and said he wished he had bought the larger mower. This neighbor also has one of the Neutron garden carts and loves it. I'm now looking to buying one. I was interested in the cordless weed trimmer too. The battery is 18 volt and is only suppose to last 20min. Its only 5lbs and $88 other brands are 8lbs for $140 and run for 30-45min. My husbands looking for that extra run time & I am looking at weight. I'm petite so 3lbs gets heavy quick. Any one have have an opinion on these items? I would recommend a Neutron 6.2 to any one looking for a battery mower but it is much heavier than the smaller model. For a petite woman its not so much easier to mow with then another mower thats self propelled. It is nicer for us ladies to use because most of us don't want to handle gas and oil or even know how to change a spark plug & we down want to throw our backs out pulling a cord. I've never had a dead battery even when I forgotten to charge the battery 1-2 weeks sitting.

Positive Qwizwizard
(2 reviews)
On Jan 24, 2010, Qwizwizard wrote:

I bought the cordless Neuton CE 5.2 two seasons ago to replace my gas guzzling, oil burning, smoke choking, and eardrum splitting John Deere. The Neuton couldn't be easier and cheaper to operate....about 10 cents per charging. No more need to go to the gas station to fill gas cans, no more storing gas cans in my garage, no more changing oil and preparation for storage over the winter. The convenient rear bagger is very easy to empty.

I have a third of an acre (average size lot in a sub-division) and ONE battery charge does the entire lawn...let me repeat, costing me about 10 cents. Simply take the battery off the charger and drop it in the battery chamber of the Neuton mower. Hit the switch and you have enough CLEAN power to do the job. This mower is so easy to use and easy to push, that my wife even volunteers to mow the lawn. Ours is the 14-inch blade, but if you want to make fewer "passes" you can get the 19" blade model.

Shortly after my purchase of the mower, I purchased the Edger/Trimmer attachment. Best idea yet. Does a great job on not only straight edging, but goes around curves equally as well. I no longer have to wear earplugs when trimming, and lug around a separate appliance for edging and trimming. This edger attaches directly to the mower. No more backaches carrying those heavy trimmers around.

The reason I bought the Neuton CE 5.2 is to reduce noise, pollution and the cost of mowing my lawn. As it turns out, it also makes mowing MUCH easier.

I definitely recommend the Neuton CE 5.2 = 5 Star Rating!!

Positive lofftusclan
(1 review)
On Oct 20, 2009, lofftusclan Arcadia, CA wrote:

The neuton battery mower is outstanding. Have had it for 4 or 5 years. Got it through a county offer for the environment. Trade in your gas mower and pay $100 and the mower is yours. I'm not an environmentalist however the mower is quiet, no more paying for gas or tuneups. I just recently replaced the blade and bought an extra battery. The discharge is straight back and the only negative thing is that the grass tends to back up in the small discharge space and the catcher which could be bigger. I love the unit and would never go back to a gas powered machine. My next door neighbor has one and he introduced me to the county offer. I'm going to suggest to my son in law that he get one. My daughter couldn't believe how quiet it was.

Positive veecap
(1 review)
On Oct 8, 2009, veecap Grants Pass, OR wrote:

I am a male, 67 years old and have used reel, power mowers, self propelled and up to rider mowers. This spring I ordered the Neuton 6.3. I have never been happier with a mower in my life! The cut is as even as a flat top hair cut. True, it leaves some clippings (I use the mulcher), but they are easily removed with a blower. The Neuton is very easy to use. I ordered a second battery, which I really didn't need (my fault). I have never had one single problem with my mower or even had to refer to the handbook, except when I easily assembled it. My neighbor is envious. The people having problems are probably cutting high grass on low settings. Doesn't work well with any mowers. Good job on developing this baby!!! Thanks.

Positive firsttwelve
(2 reviews)
On Sep 11, 2009, firsttwelve South Bend, IN (Zone 5a) wrote:

I couldn't be more pleased with my Neuton mower. Fortunately, it was purchased second hand for a very reasonable price. I use the mower at my place of business and mow at least once a week. Total mow area: almost an acre. Time mower works: each and every for full length of time needed, sometimes hours. Mows tall grass, thick grass and very big weeds effortlessly. Very light to push and no problem keeping safety handles engaged. Extremely quiet and super easy to use. I am not a young woman and I adore not having to pull-start a mower. The fact that it uses no gas or oil is a blessing. I have used it all summer and have not had to contact manufacturer or customer service; hope I never have to (sounds like a nightmare!) I have had absolutely no problems with the mower and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Positive kcviolet
(1 review)
On Jul 17, 2009, kcviolet Kansas City, MO wrote:

This is my second season with the Neuton 5.3. I haven't had the problems others did, but from the descriptions I think it might have something to do with the fact that I read all the instructions. People stop when I'm mowing and comment on the low noise level. I have a steep terrace and it is much easier to mow with this light mower. You're going to have a problem if you have grass over six inches tall. It's a light mower for small yards! I love that I don't have to call my husband to carry and start the mower. I charge the battery right after using for 24 hours as instructed, One week later, I drop the battery in and mow my lawn again. The charge lasts longer than an hour for me. I have arthritis in my hands and wrists and I have no problem squeezing the handle or holding it down. I would like it to be made in America by American workers, but this technology has been around a long time and no American company has jumped on the bandwagon yet. Ecological products have a hard time getting started in this country for some reason, but I'm not going to go back to polluting just because someone >cough... oil companies...cough< doesn't want these things to become popular.

Positive wgasastef
(1 review)
On Jun 17, 2009, wgasastef Bishop, CA wrote:

I bought this mower at a yard sale about 4 years ago and it has been working just great for me. I have no idea how long the previous owner had it so I'm not sure how old it is. I'm in zone 7 so my winters can get pretty cold and my mower has never missed a beat in the spring when it's time to mow. I take the battery out and store it in the house all winter then sometime early spring I charge it up for 24 hours and off I go. I even mow my neighbors lawn with it as well. I would highly recommend this mower to anyone. It's light and durable and very quiet.

Positive NevoGamer
(1 review)
On May 21, 2009, NevoGamer Columbus, OH wrote:

This is my initial impression based on using the Neuton 6.3 mower for the first time.

My wife and I have been using reel mowers since starting a family 20+ years ago. With our reel mower in need of replacing this spring, we looked at cordless mowers. After reading reviews on various sites, I ordered the Neuton 6.3 directly from the company.

The mower arrived in 6 business days. It was easy to unpack and assemble. I charged the battery for 48 hours and mowed our grass last night.

Our lot is 60' x 130' (including our house). This would be an average-sized city lot here in Central Ohio, USA.

Our backyard was high (6-7") due to recent rain followed by sunny days. I was very pleased with the job the Neuton did on my backyard. I used the mulcher plug (which was factory installed) since our city no longer picks up yard waste (sigh). I saw very little clumping of grass, and only had a couple of strips that I had to revisit.

The mower's noise level was higher than I expected, but better than a gas mower. To me, the noise level was the same as a next-door neighbor mowing his yard with a gas mower.

I used the trimmer attachment and found it to work pretty well. There are still some areas that I'll have to hand trim (where fence, house and A/C unit meet), but it was nice being able to edge along our sidewalk and trim around trees and fences w/o getting out my corded electric trimmer.

Battery charge was barely in the yellow when I finished the entire yard. Clean up was a breeze (I used a broom to sweep the grass clippings off the top cover and wheels).

Overall, I am quite pleased at this point. Here are my pros and cons:

- Easy to push, even for this 50 year old guy
- Looks cool
- Demonstrated ability to mow long, thick grass w/o bogging down
- Engineered really well. I like how top cover reveals a place to store a couple of wrenches that come with the mower. Yeah it's plastic, but I think the plastic materials are necessary to keep the weight manageable.
- It works as advertised...

- The handle.

You have to squeeze a bar on the handle towards you to engage the blade. Releasing the bar stops the blade immediately, which is a nice safety feature.

However, releasing tension on your grip will cause the motor to start to cut out. The manual warns that frequent stopping and starting the mower will cause the motor to overheat, and recommends leaving the mower off for at least 5 seconds before restarting it.

I can't help but think that having the power start to cut out and then turn on again is hard on the electric motor.

To me, the handle needs a lock in the on position. I would liken it to cruise control on a car.

The car manufacturers don't prevent you from using cruise control in stop and go city traffic. You don't use it because you would probably have an accident.

Well, if I'm mowing with kids and/or pets in the yard, I may not want to use the handle lock. But when the yard is clear, I think I should have that option.

Finally, I developed a blister at the base of my right thumb from squeezing the bar. I will most likely resort to wearing an old pair of fingerless bike gloves the next time I mow. These were a favorite accessory of mine when using our reel mower.

- Trimmer line feed
The trimmer said to refer to the mower manual for instructions, but I couldn't find them in the mower manual. To advance the trimmer line, you have to press a white switch on the reel and pull the line out. This is awkward.

Positive denverdustin
(1 review)
On May 14, 2009, denverdustin Denver, CO wrote:

Purchased a Neuton CE5 as part of a Rocky Mountain Air Quality exchange program. I gave them my old gas mower and received the Neuton for $140, which to me is a great price.

First the negative side. I surrendered a 22inch cut for a 14inch cut, so it takes longer to cut.

The blade does not reach as close to the front, back and sides as the gas mower, so more trimming is necessary.

The mower comes with a side discharge chute, which was ill thought out and poorly engineered. With it on, you can't back up, go over uneven ground or turn the mower by pushing the handle down and swiveling the front. If you do the thing just falls off. You have to lift the back, and move that around which is kind of awkward.

The chute is now in the recycle bin. However, I found it was not needed. The mulch plug works just fine, and if the blade area fills up with too much wet grass to mulch it just drops the surplus out the bottom.

Please wear gloves while cutting, the rubber handle is rather rough and I got a very nasty blister between my thumb and forefinger in the first half hour's use.

Second, the neutral aspect to me is the cost. They say the batteries last about 5 years, and although I have yet to fully discharge a battery, (I cut the front one day, and the back the next, charging overnight.) I have purchased a second, just to be sure I can completely finish my yard in one day.

A battery is about $90, so two is about $180 every five years. That money can buy a lot of gas, and air filters, and oil, and spark plugs, so from a cost stand point that's a wash.

Now for the positive.

Somebody complained on this site about the plastic construction. The mower is built of heavy duty plastic. Kind of like kid's "big wheels" and playground equipment, which from my experience is virtually indestructable. Heck, my car bumpers are plastic, and Boeing is about to lauch a plastic airplane, so what's the big deal?

Cleaning is a whizz. My old mulching gas mower, I could tilt back a little and try to hose out the bottom, trying not to spill gas or oil, and the metal housing could pack cut grass into every little nook and cranny. With the Neuton, I finish cutting, take out the battery, lean the mower almost vertical against a tree and hose off the bottom, and with the plastic construction, there are no nooks and crannies.

Starting out is so much easier than the gas mower, put in the battery and go. No more checking the oil, filling the gas tank, and cleaning the air filter. That is quite a time saver.

Although the mower is not silent, it is much quieter than a gas mower.

With a gas mower, if you have to stop to move something, you have to shut it off, and pull to restart. With the Neuton starting and stopping is just a switch away. While repositioning the mower, I now stop it, and start when ready, where as the gas mower was kept running whenever possible, to avoid the pulling the cord to restart. Shutting the Neuton off when not cutting, saves the charge.

I have now cut the front and back (about a 1/4 acre) twice. Denver has had quite a bit of rain in that time, the grass is growing very quickly and needed cutting before it could dry out. The Neuton had no problem cutting high wet grass, and like I mentioned if I would try to cut and mulch too much, the mower would just drop out the surplus, which I would later go back over and the mower would mulch it just fine. The mower never bogged down during the whole time.

Finally, I have always felt a bit guilty about using a two-stroke gas mower, knowing how polluting it was to the environment. So having an electric mower, and doing my part, makes the Neuton a very positive experience.

Positive dhostsin
(1 review)
On May 10, 2009, dhostsin Houston, TX wrote:

I have now used my Neuton 6.2 a total of 9 times. So far, I'd have to say that my experience is good. It isn't as "quiet" or as "light" as the company claims but overall my experience has been good.

The battery life is what I expected. In the early Spring my grass requires more frequent mowing otherwise the Neuton would not have the power to effectively cut it. The thicker grass robs power during the cycle, shortens the life of the battery and the mower doesn't mulch as well. The mulching issue I experienced even with my good gas mower. If I mow frequently enough the mower performs well and the battery life is just enough for my entire lawn.

The trimmer attachment I have to admit is a disappointment. No matter how high I set the mower setting, the timmer attachment scalps the lawn in front of the mower - it seems to cut much lower than the blade on the mower. I haven't mastered using the trimmer as an edger as the mower is much to difficult to handle as an edger.

The construction is cheap and lightweight. On the other hand, I wasn't expecting a steel or even aluminum mowing deck or heavy wheels like a conventional gas mower. For my small yard the mower performs well for me and performs as I expected it would.

My neighbor has a Black & Decker and while I think the B&D has more solid construction, the performance in the mowers is equivalent for our application. On my decision to by an electric mower I was struggling between the Neuton and the B&D. After my experience with the Neuton, I would buy the B&D only on the basis of the better construction and for the option of local service - I tend to keep my mowers for a long time. So far, neither local service or the cheaper construction have been an issue on my Neuton. Only after several years will I know if my decision to go with the Neuton over the B&D was a mistake or not - stay tuned.

Positive jay55129
(1 review)
On May 8, 2009, jay55129 Saint Paul, MN wrote:

So far, so good. After research and reviews, including this site, I ordered the CE 6.3. It shipped in a few days and arrived via UPS in about a week. I charged the battery for about 36 hours and mowed my 1/3 acre lot for the first time tonight. The mower cut my 3" tall grass down to 2" height (setting 3) with no problem. The mower was quiet and light and easy to maneuver as advertised. Both of my adjacent neighbors visited to ask about the mower. My one neighbor thought I was pushing a fertilizer spreader until he noticed my mowed lawn. It's that quiet! My iPod volume was set at half the volume I needed when using my gas mower. That was one reason I bought the electric. I finished my 1/3 acre in 1 hour and the battery meter was just starting to dip into the yellow. So far, I am very satisfied!

Positive vtmomof3
(2 reviews)
On Apr 23, 2009, vtmomof3 wrote:

I want to say that I love my newton lawn mower. I can't compare it to a gas mower, since I have never used one. We have had it for 3 years and have had no problems with it. I like the fact that I can listen to music or still hear my children while I am mowing my grass.You do not bother your neighbors when you are mowing your lawn since it is not that loud. I never have to worry about running out of or spilling any gas and as long as you are always charging the battary the battary life is fine. Yes it is small and might not have the power that a gas mower has but I would not trade it for all the gas mowers in the world.

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