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Neutral PNRead
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On May 24, 2016, PNRead Minneapolis, MN wrote:

Overall, I've been pleased with the reliability and performance of the Neuton C-5.1 mower. The one exception is the trimmer/edger attachment that I purchased as part of the "accessory package" when I first bought the mower. Last summer, the trimmer snapped in two when I hit an uneven spot as I was trimming along my deck. I contacted DR Power for a replacement and was told that one would only be available as part of the "accessory package" but they were out of stock for the rest of 2015 and I should check back early 2016. When I contacted them again in March 2016, I was told the trimmer was still "seasonally discontinued" and no information was available on its future availability. I'm quite disappointed that DR Power seems to be backing away from their support of the C-5 model in favor of the C-6. That change seems to me to have started shortly after DR Power's acquisition of Country Home Products (from whom I originally purchased my mower). DR Power's apparent lack of commitment to supporting their inherited customer base with replacement parts and accessories is unfortunate. When the time comes to replace my current Neuton C-5.1, I doubt I'll be buying a anything from DR Power.

Neutral voiletdog
(1 review)
On Apr 23, 2016, voiletdog Houston, TX wrote:

My trimmer for the CE5 has broken & for the life on me i can't find anywhere to buy one! Any direction would be appreciated or any potential sellers of the trimmer out there I would love the opportunity to purchase it from you [email protected]

Neutral lawndon
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On Jul 19, 2014, lawndon Catonsville, MD wrote:

I am trying to repair a Newton mower. The motor has bad brushes. Newton does not sell just the brushes; you have to purchase the complete motor. Does anyone know where to purchase just the brushes. The motor is $100 from Newton. The brushes should be $10 or less. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Neutral Ayette6
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On Apr 7, 2012, Ayette6 Brookville, OH wrote:

I have had my 5.1 for a couple of years. I purchased it used. I used it every week but last week it stopped working. I assumed it was the battery. I measured 21 volts on the battery.

You can easily rebuild the battery for less than $50. Remove the front cover of the battery and pull out the (2) 12 volt batteries. The label on the side is a WP10-12se battery. look them up on line.

I took the mower apart. It is very cheap to build, I am surprised the mowers are so expensive. If anyone has had a similar problem please let me know how you fixed it.

Neutral drichard58
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On Sep 23, 2011, drichard58 Houston, TX (Zone 9b) wrote:

Like some others have said, I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with my Neuton. I am on my second one in 12 years (I got rid of the first one, a 14" cut, only because I wanted the wider cut). My dad still uses it to cut inside the ditch in front of his house because it's too steep for a gas mower. (BTW - I thought you were always supposed to cut across a slope, never up & down. If so, why would this one be so difficult to push?)

In some ways I think the older model was better (back before Neuton was part of DR?). It seemed to be built of better quality materials.

However, the new one does cut a larger swath, and, as noted by others, I did have some issues with inconsistant cutting (leaving long blades of grass uncut). I found that keeping the blade extremely sharp, cutting when the grass was dry, and cutting often (which may mean more than once a week here in Houston), it did well.

I like the way the newer mower's trimmer functioned better than the earlier model and, yes, the batteries do wear out but Batteries Plus had the cells for much less than I could order a new battery and only took 10 minutes to replace. When I sat and thought about
1. How I had to struggle getting my gas mower started
2. Cutting the grass with the heavy clunker wore me out (self-propelled and I don't get along. It always stops working for me)
3. Having to take it in for a "tune-up" almost every spring
4. Seemed to always be out of gas in the gas can when I needed to cut the gras

I realized that this mower is not so bad.

I have had very good customer service from Neuton. When I had a broken front wheel (my son liked to see how hard he could ram it against the house), they sent a new wheel - no charge, no questions, even though it was nearly 4 years old.

Lately, the new mower (now about 5 years old) has been having problems. The handle (made of not-so-high-quality plastic) has cracked in multiple places and a replacement handle is a little more than I really want to spend.

If asked 5 years ago, I would have definitely recommended buying one. Now I think there may be others out there that are just as good.

Neutral outsidedowntown
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On Sep 4, 2009, outsidedowntown Gainesville, GA wrote:

I was going to buy a new electric mower and decided to question a neighbor a few houses down who I knew owned a 2004 Neuton EM 4.1, basically the same model as the CE 5 except the new 2009 CE 5 is more streamlined. It turns out he hated his Neuton and he really hated that had spent so much money on what he felt was a worthless junk machine. Before I could even ask he wanted to know if I'd buy his Neuton for $50.00. Maybe just enough cash to get him plastered so he could try to forget he'd spent $418.95 for the Neuton! The little Neuton looked like new, was always stored inside, and he'd only used it a few times because he said the batteries wouldn't stay charged well and it's cut was sloppy. The catch was that he could not find the battery charger and both batteries may need to be replaced. Seeing how expensive the batteries cost I almost didn't take him up on his offer. But I could not resist and purchased the used Neuton EM 4.1. The battery charger was not too expensive around $20 with shipping. I charged the batteries up and was able to cut all of my lawn (75' X 40' lot) with the mulching kit installed. The mower is very light and pushing the mower is a breeze. My lawn is mostly flat but this mower is so light it rolls very well over dips and hills. The wheels are easily all adjusted in one simple action. The safety feature handle can get tiresome to squeeze. The mulching kit and bagger works OK but they use up more precious battery power. I really don't like the rear grass discharge but you can cut more because it uses less battery power. It's almost like Neuton forgot about the discharge chute and added the rear discharge at the last minute and did a bad job on the design. Neuton proudly exclaim "The clipping are discharged to the rear so you don't blow clippings onto your driveway or planting beds". What about my shoes and pants Neuton? The rear discharge throws clippings right out on your shoes and pants until the power starts to fade. Also, the clippings build up on the rear of the deck and you must constantly stop and clean them off and then you have a big pile of clippings in one spot. The new mowers have rear side discharge but I have had John Deere gas mowers with this same poor design and it still stinks. I'm sure the Neuton's with rear side discharge can't move enough air to keep the clippings from choking up the chute. And you must clean the underside and all extra parts off after every use. If grass gets built up under the mower then you can just forget cutting anything. Some grass cuts better then others and you have thick grass then don't buy a Neuton it won't do the job required. Neuton customer service is terrible. Especially if you criticize the mowers. If you do that it really makes them angry. They should read these post and listen to all the customers so they can design a real "Green" machine. I'm disappointed in Neuton mowers but I'd really be sick if I'd spent more then $50.00 for this mower. For $50.00 plus $20.00 for the charger I got what I paid for. I wanted to love my Neuton mower but it's more a "Love Hate" relationship. I will eventually buy a Solaris or Epic cordless electric mower. Before you buy a new Neuton mower borrow one first or buy a used one.

Neutral pashwood
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On Jul 6, 2009, pashwood Cedar Falls, IA wrote:

I bought the CE 6.2 and it has driven me crazy at times. Its major flaws are poor mulching which has been mentioned by others. No one else I read mentioned how much grass sticks to the bottom of the mower. At times there is so much it slows the mower and clumps start to fall on the lawn. (This happens whether I mulch or bag. And I am not mowing wet grass.) I scoop it out multiple times.

I bought a second battery so I can do my entire lawn (if it isn't too long). I like having a rechargable compared to the electric antique I had. When it functions it is great.

Last week I had to replace an end cap on the rod that adjusted the back axle. The height of mowing so too low and I had to puzzle through the innards to figure out what the problem was.

Right now it doesn't work because the safety key connector came unsoldered. I tried to solder it back but it only lasted one mowing. I spent an hour on the phone waiting today and I never was served. So we will see when my email is answered and a new circuit board is sent (I hope).

I was hoping this company would have good service but apparently they spend most of their money on advertising. Consumer Reports preferred the Black & Decker rechargable but I wanted to support what I thought was a "green" company.

Neutral Mowguy
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On Jun 13, 2009, Mowguy Evanston, IL wrote:

I purchased my Neuton in June 2008. It worked fine for the first season. Come Spring 2009, it didn't work. Customer service asked me if kept it charged all winter, to which, I replied that I did. CS tells me that I should not have followed their directions; rather, I should have kept it uncharged and then recharge it 24 to 48 hours prior to using it. They tell me to take the battery to Radio Shack to check it's charge. I do. The charge is 27.7, which is OK. CS then suspects that it is the circuit board. They send me another one, I install it, it still doesn't work. CS sends me a new handle bar, I install it, and it works... for now. About a month and a half has elapsed and, in the meantime, I'm using my old mower.

The cut on the Neuton is not very even. Rows of uncut grass remain after I mowed it. My electric Honda mower makes a much nicer cut. The Neuton is easy to use and convenient, for those more concerned with ease rather than a good even cut. Customer service was nice enough; although if the product was more reliable, I wouldn't have to use their customer service.

The jury is still out on this mower. I suggest you hold on to your old mower after you purchase this thing, you might need it. Next year, if I have to go through this hassle again, you could look for mine on Ebay.

Neutral joseablee
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On Apr 23, 2009, joseablee Palm Springs, CA wrote:

If anybody ask me if the Neuton mower mowes like a lawn mower or a like a toy, I would tell them like a toy. It just cannot cut perfectly and the wide wheels smothers tracks allover the lawn. I was foolish to trade my gas mower for this thing, I used it once and never used it since. I ended up buying another gas mower which I am very happy with. The price of the gas mower was cheap enough and efficient enough to do more than the Neuton ever could and more. I would never recommend anybody to buy this mower. Ask any professional gardener why they don't use them? If anybody mowes for a living, you'll understand why Neuton is not made for cutting lawns.

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Neutral dantoms
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On Apr 21, 2009, dantoms Rochdale, MA wrote:

I had a Neuton mower for about 3 months, I used it only a few times. I hate the battery charger, you have to take the thing out to charge it and place it back in. Why did they just made the battery like the Remington has it, inside. The big drawbacks with the Neuton is, it is cheapy made. I give it a D+ in quality and C- in engineering and an F for outsourcing Chinese labor for American products. For the price I paid for this Neuton, I could of bought 4 electric mowers without replacing batteries. If anybody says these cordless mowers are about saving the evironment, think again, you have to make more batteries which causes also more harmful CO2 & plastics that effects the evironment from making more of something for nothing. Right now, I am selling this Neuton mower on Ebay, if anybody wants it, it's listed because Neuton won't return my money back.

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Neutral davisjunior
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On Apr 19, 2009, davisjunior Los Angeles, CA wrote:

I ordered this Neuton mover and was not impressed with it. Slow and cuts uneven but more so, it is very very weak on the grass. Not what it says from the company, they say it cuts anything but I tried it and not so. I tested it and it did not handle the grass I was trying to cut.

Craftsman for the second year was rated #1 by Consumer Report for the best cordless mover for 2009 and Neuton was among the worse rated. Remington also tested higher
but I agree, cords are stronger than battery and last forever.
I also agree with the Tawian thing, I wasn't pleased with Neuton produced in Japan when they are USA based. So I don't recommend the Neuton, Craftsman and Remington are fare better.

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Neutral sirwilliam
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On Mar 27, 2009, sirwilliam Los Angeles, CA wrote:

I bought a Neuton and I will tell you, it was terrible. Mowes aweful and the battery time is lousy. I thought when I was buying this thing it was made in Vermont but no, made in Tawian. On top of that they have lousy customer service, only Monday through Friday eastern standard time from 8 to 5, closed on weekends.

I took the mower and said give me my money back, they asked I pay the return shipping for $60.00 and I was not pleased. I decided to try the Remington mower and was pleased with the dual option for cord or no cord feature. Neuton bogs down, I mean really bogs down and sometimes the engine would stop because it couldn't hande the grass. I mean my gas mower really was the best thing I had, an American made Craftsman that never failed me in 25 years and still runs wonderful. They Neuton is a crappy plastic mower and it sounds like one too. The Remington was much better and could handle all grass but if it can't, you can throw the cord on it runs at 120 volts. Neuton only has 24 volts but on the battery option the Remington has 60 volts on battery.

I think if anybody has a thought about buying a lawn mower, buy American made if you can. Second, buy something that doesn't need replacing. If the Neuton dies or battery does in 5 years you have to buy another one. If the Remington battery dies also in 5 years, you have the cord that will last forever. If you want to save the environment, then buy an electric mower than. It's cheaper and never needs any replacing. If you want power and long distance, gas is still the cheapest and best option there is.

But Neuton mowers, no way! I hated the design and how it handled. I wouldn't recommend it but think about the Remington mower if you want something better.

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Neutral BobAnderson
(1 review)
On Jul 9, 2008, BobAnderson Aguilar, CO wrote:

I noticed my Neuton has a weak cutting ability to handle tall grass. It starts up fine but it is quite weak on tall grass; in fact it isn't very tall if you look at the grass. I called Neuton as they didn't inform me before I purchased the mower that it cannot handle tall grass. If the battery last 45 minutes on tall grass I would say it will last about 30 minutes and it dies right after. Thoroughly disappointed in the unit and their customer service staff. I asked to return the unit back but they said they would not pay for the shipping nor did they have a second solution to resolve the issue with me. It would be easier if they had a store so I could drive it in and show them how bad it cuts grass but I canít do that. I will put a Youtube video together and show people how poorly the mower works as I donít recommend it for tall grass.

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Neutral Sunnydavis
(1 review)
On Jul 8, 2008, Sunnydavis Amarillo, TX wrote:

I got my Neuton through the mower exchange and after the first mow; I wish I never traded my gas mower in. Sure the Neuton cuts but not close to a gas mower. Once I owned the Neuton, I started looking for another gas mower but also other cordless mowers. I shopped and read good reviews on Craftsman's cordless mower and the Remington cordless mower; both succeeded better than the Neuton than excepted. I think on a personal best Craftsman looks and feels like a real lawn mower where the Remington offers more power and the cord if you need it. Neuton is too light and is about 100% plastic other than the mental blade also being made in Taiwan, didn't impress me much either.

What I didn't like about the Neuton mover was their customer service, no store locations, also them not being open long hours. Craftsman is everywhere, so I can trust on it if anything goes wrong with it. I also thought Black & Decker was near or close to the Craftsman but also it was rated the highest in consumer reports. Neuton has some negatives such as the battery; you have to take it out to charge it, not so fun. On a full charge, it will last about 45 minutes, less than what they say, also you have to charge it each time for 10 hours even if you only used it for 10 minutes. It will not handle tall grass very well or does the bag hold enough grass or does it roll smoothly.

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It is the policy of the Watchdog that users cannot leave multiple feedbacks under different usernames in order to manipulate a company's rating. The rating of this comment - written by the same user who posed as "davisjunior", "dantoms", "BobAnderson" and "joesjoes" - has been changed from negative to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
Neutral hawkohio
(1 review)
On Jul 1, 2008, hawkohio Dublin, OH wrote:

I have been trying very hard to purchase a new Neuton mower. The salesman did a great job of selling me on all of the benefits and working through all of the detail. Unfortunately that was the end of the good experience with this company. Their customer service department is among the worst I have ever dealt with. I received a series of excuses from a succession of people about why my mower had not been sent nearly a week after the UPS tracking site showed that it was ready for pick up. I got everything from that UPS headquarters were under water to the Iowa floods to the fires in California were causing a delay in shipping from Vermont to Ohio. Finally after over a hour of fighting through their system I got through to the Customer Service Manager who admiitted to me that they had a hold on all shipments of the 6.2 model because too many of them were arriving damaged due to poor packaging. Of course sales did not have this information as they did not need to know according to the CS Manager. Through it all they never seemed to know what I ordered and where it was being shipped from. You see, they ship most of them from Oregon since they are made in China. That's another little thing they try to hide from you.

And don't try to talk to someone in the management area. Customer service will NOT forward you and the corporate number is unlisted. (It is 802-877-1200 and the President is Joe Perrotto on extension 1108) But he doesn't return calls either.

The customer service manager promised to call me yesterday afternoon to let me know if they are finally ready to ship my mower. He did not call so I tried this morning. Of course he is not in and no one else knows anything about whether they are shipping mowers yet.

On July 1st, 2008, hawkohio changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Update: The President himself called me back. He was willing to listen and do what was needed to make things right. It is too bad that it hasn't trickled down better. He has the correct customer first attitude that I would have expected. I will come back one more time after I actually have my mower and see if we can raise this to a positive.
Neutral joesjoes
(1 review)
On Jun 17, 2008, joesjoes Grover Beach, CA wrote:

Neuton is not Americaís #1 Selling Battery-Powered Mower! It also is not American too if it is made in Taiwan. Remington, Black & Decker and Craftsman by far better cordless mowers.

Hereís what I have to say about my Neuton experience; I wasn't impressed with the Neuton mower as I feel it was very poorly made design and is not better than the other competitors cordless mowers such as Craftsman, Black & Decker, Remington and etc. The Neuton to me was very weak on tall grass where my other mower a Remington can handle everything with its 60 volt battery without the cord or with cord. What I experienced from Remington was they answered the phone for me at 4am in the morning when I was looking for a better cordless mower which they answered here in USA (not in India) asking my questions 24 hours a day. I ordered it, I received it less than 2 days, they paid for the shipping and they sent me extra wheels, bolts and washers. When it arrived, I still had the Neuton, so I compared the 2 together in a test; the Remington blew the doors off the Neuton by far. I charged both mowers on a full charge, then ran both of them side by side for as long as they could go (taping the handles together so I could see which was longer), the Neuton ran about 52 minutes, the Remington lasted about 118 minutes. I charged the Neuton in one hour after my first test and did the same with the Remington; the Neuton ran for about 5 to 6 minutes, the Remington ran for 18 minutes. The Remington can fully charge almost in 4 to 5 hours, the Neuton needs 8 to 10 hours but Neuton requires taking out the battery, the Remington, just plug it in (and even mow & charge at the same time) and you can leave it there as long as you want without any issue (for months as the charger shuts itself off after a full charge).

The other issue is the Neuton handles are not very strong, they feel like a beach toy, the Remington, Black & Decker & Craftsman handles are solid steel or feel more metal like than the Neuton does, this means when you have to turn it or lift it for mowing corners, you need strong durable handles. Neuton feels really weak as they flex too much. The idea of a cordless mower is to have the same strength and durability like a gas mower as the cordless are lighter but to have the same close professional cut and feel like a real mower. Neuton feels really less than a lawn mower when compared to a Remington, Black & Decker, and Craftsman. I felt the Neuton is like a trimmer more than a lawn mower because it was so light, floppy handles and an uneven cut.

Customer service, Neuton is not open 24 hours, in fact it is only Monday through Friday Eastern Time only, Remington is 7 days a week. Black & Decker, Craftsman have 24 hour customer service but Monday through Saturday, closed Sundays. Remington, Black & Decker, and Craftsman were also rated higher in May 2008 Consumer Report magazine and was far better than the Neuton. Neuton was the second to the bottom of the list, Black & Decker is the first cordless mower invented and also was the best rated, second best is Craftsman but Remington is the strongest most powerful cordless & corded mower on the market and also it is the easiest to use. Neuton canít cut as well next to Remington, Black & Decker, and Craftsman but I really like the Remington the best simply because the power, length of the battery, faster charging time, solid handles, more speed options, the design and by far better customer service.

Also what I like about Remington, Black & Decker, and Craftsman too is they are USA made mowers, Neuton is made in Taiwan. Wages in Taiwan are about $.25 to $.55 cents an hour compared to the US; which is $6.00 to $8.00 dollars an hour in the United States. What amazes me, Neuton is based in Vermont but their mowers are made in Taiwan but their prices are the same price as Remington, Black & Decker, and Craftsman anyway, so they are using cheap labor versing US made mowers when they have a more expensive overhead on paying more on minimum wages in the US but they sell the mowers about the same price or cheaper than a Neuton but the Remington, Black & Decker, and Craftsman are better mowers anyway.

I also noticed that Black & Decker was the first company who invented the cordless mower, they also were the first who started the gas mower exchange program too but Neuton has used their philosophy taking their version idea as if it was theyíre idea instead of Black & Deckerís. I read several forum sites and noticed Black & Decker goes way back on history on the gas exchange programs before Neuton did. I also noticed that Remington, Black & Decker, Earthwise and Craftsman also do exchange programs together not based on only one exchange product mower, they allow each other to have people try them out at the gas mower exchanges by giving people a choice to pick and choose but Neuton is trying to only sell itself, not with other cordless mower products at these exchanges, that isnít fair and says it isnít all about being green, is it?

Also Neuton doesnít admit nor do they tell you that their mowers can cut everything, they donít (they say 60 to 45 minutes). You have to buy the product first to decide if you donít like it or not and if you donít like it, you have to pay the shipping fee to return it, sure you get 6 months to use it but that they donít tell you its limitations or compared to from gas or even electric. Remington, Black & Decker, and Craftsman donít charge you a dime if you donít like their mowers, so they offer a better guarantee than Neuton does as they charge you to return it. Remington also offers free parts on several things on their mowers without a charge and also they listen to their customers too. They improve there service and their products by any complaints reported sending feedback to their engineers by making things better. Sure this is common but Neuton is only a 2 model mower company; Remington, Black & Decker, and Craftsman are bigger and more reliable companies making all sorts of products besides mowers.

Even though I agree with Neuton, going green is important but gas mowers still have a place in the market just like Hybrid cars, there are gas efficient mowers too. We canít count those gas mowers out, many of these gas mower companies are USA made mowers which doesnít help good old USA if you bash them out completely by swapping products made in China & Taiwan instead. When it comes to mowing, cordless mowers are not the best, Remington, Black & Decker, and Craftsman will admit that their customers that battery mowers canít cut all their needs but Neuton, doesnít always tell you that. If anything were second best to the power of gas mowers, itís electric. No cordless mower can beat 120 or 220 volts. Electric mowers have been around for years (90 years), so if going green were the answer and saving money, cords beat the batteries any day. If you go cordless you have to replace batteries, electrics you donít, thatís means corded are more green than battery because batteries wear out as you need to be dispose them & which also requires more manufacturing making more batteries. So if you want to use the Remington mower and your battery needs replacing, you can run on the cord as long as you like as batteries are expensive where you may never need a battery again. Also some people may not use very much gas anyway, so if you divide $100.00 for a 5 year battery, depending how much gas you need, gas may be just as efficient as a battery mower. Letís say you spend about $10.00 a year filling your gas mower which if you mow about every 2 to 3 weeks lets say 1,000 square feet or less than 3,000 square feet, your gas mower would be cheaper to own. If you own a 1980ís gas mower but it still runs, you have to spend $300.00 to $400.00 on a battery mower and also replacing the battery in 2 to 5 years, you ending spending way more money for nothing. So spending more money than you would like as if gas is bad for the environment, so is manufacturing new mowers as it requires more fuel to make batteries & cordless mowers than gas mowers anyway. If people donít need to replace them, it is also bad for the environment making more cordless mowers too. There are a lot of people who may use their gas mower seldom and may not need battery mowers anyway. What exchanges do is they make people spend money to exchange something they really may not need to exchange for or may not save the environment as environmentalist predict. How does Neuton know how much people use their gas mowers to pollute the environment? It is only an estimation, so trading or buying a battery mower may not equal its use to manufacturing more mowers to add to the problem by making more unnecessary mowers polluting the environment even more, that is a fact. Selling green and going green is a marketing tactic, so I donít believe everyone should go buy a battery mower. Oil leaks or etc is a hair of the issue than using oil to manufacture machinery to produce more mowers by the thousands even the hundreds is actually worse. Personally cutting grass is less healthy than letting grass grow if the environment is an issue, same with like cutting trees, we donít need to cut trees if we can save our old furniture and continue using it than cutting tree to make more furniture; same fact.

However let me make my statement and say that the Neuton mower is not the best cordless mower product on the market (there are plusís & negatives in all products) and it is not helping the US economy with outsourcing Japanese labor for US jobs nor is it really saving the environment if people are spending unnecessary money to produce more mowers if they are not needed; that creates more green house gases and air pollution. When you manufacture new mowers, you also pollute the environment by making them for unnecessary reasons as stated above. Sure the issue of going green is good but also saving US jobs to manufacture mowers here instead of Taiwan and making mowers with options without making more batteries or reasons to spend more money 3 to 5 years later, then making different mowers later on the market to sell something else. Again another marketing tactic to make money versing the real need to save the environment from pollution. I will admit, all companies want to make money by making more products by upgrading or changing ideas which also means buying again later when they donít need to. You know the saying if it isnít broken donít fix it? That is so true!

So my point is, Neuton will be a better product if you have ideas to make a product that doesnít require changing, upgrading or purchasing something later if it doesnít need to. Sell it once, let it last the customer 20 to 30 years without manufacturing more and make it in the United States where your company is located. If I owned an electric Lawn Boy mower and it was 30 years old or even a gas mower which if I use it less than 4 to 10 times a year, still works, not all people should be sold on going green if it not really necessary for everybody. Keep the old mower then, donít try to sell them something if they donít need it. If people buy and buy things they donít need it, that is just as bad for the environment than trying to save it by doing something else.

Lastly to Tom Hughes from Neuton, start making your mowers in the United States, get out of Taiwan and help Americans by making your product here in this country, sell your product with a USA made label idea. That will sell your company with a good intention for pride in America but also make a product that doesnít need any replacing or more manufacturing for the years to come. Make a corded mower or even a hybrid gas mower or a hydrogen mower which uses water instead of battery acid and also work with other USA made cordless mower companies so people have a choice to pick what they want.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors...

It is the policy of the Watchdog that users cannot leave multiple feedbacks under different usernames in order to manipulate a company's rating. The rating of this comment - written by the same user who posed as "sunnydavis", "davisjunior", "dantoms" and "BobAnderson" - has been changed from negative to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
On July 22nd, 2008, joesjoes changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

I am leaving my statement negative as I am not any other user or wrote anything accept my comment only. I stand firm on my rating as negative until Neuton changes their act and refunds my money back as they haven't.
Neutral jimlake2
(1 review)
On May 4, 2007, jimlake2 Vestal, NY wrote:

I bought the Neuton mower in 2004 in the interest of "being green." There are some attractive features - quiet operation and very easy to start. However, they are significantly outweighed by the negative. The cutting path is miniscule and because the blade is not as wide as the mower, if you follow your wheel tracks you will leave a portion of your grass uncut. Due to this poor design you also can not do any close trimming with this mower.

You really don't realize how narrow a 14 inch cutting path is until you actually use the mower. A small gas powered mower has a cutting width of 21 or 22 inches. Therefore, it is going to take you at least 30 percent more time to mow your lawn, assuming the mowers have similar power, just due to the smaller cutting path. However, the Neuton does not have sufficient power to cut a thick, healthy lawn moving at a normal walk speed, so you have to walk slowly or mow the lawn twice. I found that mowing the lawn twice in a cross hatch pattern was the only way I could get my lawn to look the way I wanted it.

A lawn that I could mow in twenty minutes with a conventional gas mower takes about an hour with my Neuton, and then I have to do additional hand trimming, which would normally not be required.

After the first year, my Neuton would not start and I had to replace a part, which DR Power Equipment did ship to me for free. After two years of ownership, when I started cutting my lawn this year the battery, which I have religiously kept charged as recommended, had such little life it would only run for 30 minutes. The replacement cost of a new battery every two years exceeds what it cost me in gas to run a conventional mower, which did a dramatically better job in less than half the time. I wish this was a better product because the idea is great, but unfortunately, I can not recommend it based on my experience.

On September 17th, 2007, jimlake2 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I have almost another full season of mowing under my belt with the new battery I purchased. The new battery seems to be considerably more powerful and hold a longer charge than the previous battery, eliminating some of my criticisms above.

I have also been using a regular gas powered mower to cut another lawn. Based on that experience I am much more appreciative of the quiet operation; simple, single lever, deck height changes; and low maintence of the Neuton (no gas, no oil, no spark plug, no tune ups). My comments about the narrow cutting path remain, but this would not represent as much of a problem on a smaller lot.

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