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Negative fruitvegandnuts
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On Sep 7, 2012, fruitvegandnuts wrote:

Posted on May 31, 2012, updated September 7, 2012
Posted on May 23, 2012, updated May 31, 2012
Customer Service/Relations has definite room for improvement. (negative)
Product Raised garden boxes seems generally good (positive).

Customer Service Details:
1. Promising a delivery date that was not met.
2. Claiming the order was going to be shipped on the day following my inquiry about delivery when the raw material was not even acquired.
3. Not notifying me that my order could not be satisfied because the raw material was not available.
4. Promising a second delivery date that was not met.
5. Telling me the order had been shipped when it has not
6. Telling me I was incorrect about a mistake in the order when I was indeed correct as later verified by the man that actually fabricates the product.
7. Indicating that I might be not telling the truth " it is difficult to know where the truth lies."
8. Interrupting and abruptly ending a conversation with me
9. Incorrectly stating that the boxes were able to be built when they were not " it is good you have your raised beds put together."
10. Mis-stating product information "there are no holes in the 2ft piece top rails, only in the 8ft top rails pieces" There were holes and slots in the eleven other pieces including the 5 other 2ft pieces and there were supposed to be in that piece.
11. Claiming user error when I had already successfully put together two of the three boxes.
12. Depriving me the ability to make alternative arrangement by not being upfront. Had I known they could not satisfy my order when they first found out they could not get the raw materials, I would have looked for another vendor.
13. Misstating why I want compensation "because they are white instead of hunter green". The reason I feel I deserve compensation is because I was deliberately and intentionally misled when I was provided information known by them to be false. I also feel the manner I was treated afterward also could have been with much more humility, honesty, and respect.
14. Implying I only want the order at cost when in fact I gave another option which increased the likelihood of a future sale. "As I understand it, you want the raised beds at cost"
I did suggest that they give me a refund of 50% of the profit on this order and 50% of the profit on some future order, but at this point they have not shown interest in this as an alternative to just refunding me the profit on this order.

To be fair the company did offer a 10% refund which if the issue was one of an innocent mistake, I would have thought it to be a generous offer of goodwill. However, since the actions of the company were not above board in my opinion and since they deprived me of what I wanted (green not white) and when I wanted it, I do not think it is fair since the company is still making a good deal on the order. I have not seen that credit hit my credit card account yet.

The company did also offer to allow me to pack everything up and ship it back to them for I assume a full refund. But at that point with my plants waiting to be planted having arrived when the box was supposed to have been delivered some 4 weeks prior, this was not really an option.

They have never admitted they have done anything wrong here nor have they apologized for what they have done or how they have treated me.

Detail comments on the product.
I ordered three garden boxes of custom size.
I wanted green. After the product had been due to be delivered, I found out they did not have the raw material, I switched to white. When I finally received the boxes some four weeks late, the boxes went together easily. I would say put together easily in 30 minutes and with the top rail within another 30 minutes. The hardest part was that the top rail did not align easily with the lower box. It seems that one or the other was not true with square corners or the size of one or the other was slightly off. However, with a little jiggling and patience every went together. The boxes look nice. Unfortunately, one of the boxes could not be put together because the pre-drilled slots and holes were missing on one piece. I understand that mistakes happen. I know I have made my share. In this case, the company fabricator was great. He owned the mistake. Indicated that he wanted to make things right and offered to ship an 8ft replacement part right out to me. I expect that part to arrive this week and am optimistic that will allow the last box to be assembled. I only wish the customer service/relations arm worked the same way.

Would I give this company my future business again?
(I will be in the market for more garden boxes that is for sure.)
Possibly, it depends upon two things
a) How/if they resolve the customer service/relations issue
b) The offerings of their competitors at the time of ordering
This experience has not thus far inspired much customer loyalty or left a good tasted in my mouth.

I rated this company neutral because I leave it to the reader to decide what is important.
1) If only the product is important, this company seems to make a good product.
2) If customer service/relations are important, one may want to look for another company to deal with

On May 31st, 2012, fruitvegandnuts changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

I very much regret this. I don't like giving any company including Durable Plastic Design (Orcaboard) a negative rating. But to be fair to everyone else, I feel I have to. I have tried repeatedly for several weeks to get the Durable Plastic Design (Orcaboard) customer service issues resolved equitably. I was looking for just three things:
1. For Durable Plastic Design (Orcaboard) to admit that knowingly telling a customer false information about the product and the availability and shipping of a product is wrong.
2. For Durable Plastic Design (Orcaboard) to apologize for such a mistake
3. For Durable Plastic Design (Orcaboard) to compensate me such that the company did not profit on their mistake. (and they did profit as had they been honest I would have been able to consider going elsewhere to get what I was looking for)
In short, I wanted the Durable Plastic Design (Orcaboard) to follow the proverbial Golden Rule when dealing with its customers. I know other companies that do.

I got none of the three things I was looking for from Durable Plastic Design (Orcaboard) . Durable Plastic Design (Orcaboard) did not even deliver on the approximate 10% token refund they had offered.

Durable Plastic Design (Orcaboard) have apparently decided to not be interested in discussing it any further (not responding to my last three emails).

Durable Plastic Design (Orcaboard) has delivered no apology, no compensation, and no rationalization or explanation for their treatment of me.

Although I like their product thus far, I will need to revisit their competitors one of which I had used in the past.

If Durable Plastic Design (Orcaboard) does decide to revisit this and remedy this situation, I will be happy to consider to update these comments and change their rating.

On September 7th, 2012, fruitvegandnuts added the following:

I opened a complaint with the BBB for Durable Plastics Design at the beginning of June. As of today, the BBB closed the complaint without resolution. The company was completely unwilling to acknowledge that they did anything wrong and instead sought to say that the problems were with me. Most disappointed.

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