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Positive Arkklon
(1 review)
On May 20, 2008, Arkklon 00667,
Puerto Rico wrote:

I make an order like 2 years ago and everything was great they send the letter telling me when the chicks will ship and I was very exited!!! Only that 6 chicks died on the way to Puerto Rico. This time I place an order but didn't recived any letter or e-mail and 3 weeks later I send an e-mail and they responed very quickly.I send the e-mail on wensday they send the letter on Thrusday I recived the letter on monday and the chicks shipped on wensday and they arrived on friday. It only took one week to recived my 16 chicks after the e-mail I send! All of them ALIVE!!!! I only gave them water with a little of sugar and they drank the water like crazy and start to run all over on the brooder I place them! I was so relief and happy to see them running very happy! A few hours later I gave them some chick starter and they began to eat immediately. They are very happy and healthy right now. I recommend them.

Positive kazzra
(1 review)
On May 14, 2008, kazzra Sandyville, WV wrote:

I ordered 15 Ameraucana pullets from Cackle Hatchery via the internet. I called the next day to ask if they would add 2 cockerels to my order, which they did. They also gave me a shipping and receiving date while I was on the phone. I received a letter in the mail with the same information, as well.

The chicks arrived on the proper date, all healthy, drinking and eating in no time. Only 1 had a slight amount of pasting. They included 1 extra chick, for a total of 18. They are now 6 weeks old and doing very well.

The only problem I had was trying to reach them by phone. It took a couple hours of trying, before I got past a busy signal. Other than that, everything was perfect. I would definitely order from them again.

Negative poultrymom
(1 review)
On May 13, 2008, poultrymom Boyceville, WI wrote:

I placed my order for some heritage breed turkeys on April 19,2008 and it has now been almost 2 weeks NOT COUNTING WEEKENDS! I have NOT received a confirmation email or a phone call or my birds. I do have a order number from when I placed the order. I have also called numerous times as it states on their sight to "refrain from calling until 10 business days have passed",but the line is always busy even at non- business hours HMMMMM? I wonder. I know they must be extremely busy, but to leave their customers in the dark is just bad business,also I cannot cancel my order because they will charge a fee for restocking because that could have been sold to another customer!? I am not very happy with this experience hopefully I will hear something about my turkeys so I can get the turkeys I ordered and take my business to another place that may appreciate it .

Neutral rollyson8867
(2 reviews)
On May 11, 2008, rollyson8867 Justice, WV wrote:

does anyone no if they have show quality silver spangled hamburgs.

Negative RMaxll
(1 review)
On May 1, 2008, RMaxll Bolivar, MO wrote:


One month ago I placed my order for some pullets. I asked when I could pick them up and was told May 1. The girl behind the counter had stated that I should either email or call ahead of time to be certain that my order arrived. For the past week I called every day five to six time a day and only got the busy signal. I also sent to emails during the past week to which I received no response. This morning (the morning of the First) I called five times before leaving. The one time I did get through all I heard was "Hello" followed by the person immediately hanging up the phone.
So I drove the two hours to Lebanon to pick up my order. At first the girl behind the counter said that I had misunderstood her and that my order was not to arrive until May 28. I pointed to me receipt and show her where she had written one month before that my order would arrive May 1. She then tried to say that I should have called first. When I explained the number of phone calls that I had made along with the two emails she finally admitted that they had forgotten to place my order. All she was willing to do was refund my money as she didn't think that they could possibly fill my order.
I have had four previous experiences with Cackles that though they weren't pleasing they were at least acceptable. This was the first time I had actually visited their facility. The girl behind the counter was walking around with a dead pullet in her hand, and the rest of the staff was sitting around eating donuts not answering the phone. Had I actually been able to see their facility online I would have questioned making a purchase with them. The local feed store that sells Leghorns is more sterile than Cackles showroom.
Thank you.
Ruth Maxwell

Positive chicks016
(1 review)
On Apr 19, 2008, chicks016 Winder, GA wrote:

I got my chicks yesterday and I am very very satisfied with them. This is my first time ordering chicks through the internet and It's been a great experience! I got the chicks right on the day they said I would get them. The packaging was great! The chicks are really beautiful and are full of little chirps! I called with questions and the people at cackle hatchery were very nice and helpful. I asked them to mark the birds so I would know which was which (since I got three different breeds of chicks)and they were marked very well! I was going to order from McMurry but their limit was 25 chicks and I didn't need that many so I was very pleased with 15! Thanks Cackle Hatchery for the great experience and will give you my buisness in the future.

Neutral terrintrace
(1 review)
On Apr 7, 2008, terrintrace Milton, FL wrote:

i ordered 15 biddies and their ship date was febuary 27th out of 15 ,4 were dead on arrival and i ended up losing all but 5, but when i called they let me pick a reship date and they reshipped the whole order plus 2. this time only 1 died and when they arrived i didn't even have to teach them how to drink or eat!! i think if the weather is extremely cold they should automatically ship on a warmer date to ensure the health of the babies! i guess it was an overall learning experience. but if i order more through the mail they will be in warmer weather!!

Positive Iheardawho
(1 review)
On Apr 4, 2008, Iheardawho Eufaula, AL wrote:

I just received my first order of chicks this morning from Cackle Hatchery. Can I say how pleased I am? The chicks were very lively and were peeping like crazy. They all seem extremely healthy. Every one in the bunch survived the 2 day trip without problem. They are all eating and drinking and venting properly. I have not seen any problems with pasting up.

I ordered 5 Buff Orpington, 5 Cinnamon Queen, 10 Rhode Island Red, 5 Black Australorp and 5 Barred Rock (they sent 6 of these)--all pullets for eggs. There were also 15 Cornish Rock (they sent 16 of those). I was sent a reciept via mail with the shipping date, April 2nd. I actually thought this would be the delivery date, but it was the actual shipping date. I had to call about it since I was a first timer and didn't quite understand, but they were very gracious and patient.

I do wish they would have sent me a catalog! And I will definitely be ordering from this next year if my experience continues in this manner. I will try to update in the next couple months when the Cornish Rocks are invited to dinner and later, when the egg layers treat us to breakfast. :)

Positive Gunner63
(1 review)
On Apr 4, 2008, Gunner63 Ithaca, MI wrote:

I ordered 25 Speckled Sussex straight run. Today I (4/4/08) I receieved 26 straight run chicks Speckled Sussex.. All healthy and no problems in shipping here to Michigan. Overall I am generally pleased with this order. I will be ordering from them again.

Negative cdenny21
(2 reviews)
On Mar 4, 2008, cdenny21 San Antonio, TX wrote:

I will never order from Cackle hatchery again. Last year I ordered a batch of 25 pullets and what I received was far from that.

I ordered a mixed batch of pullets and got what looked like their top hat special which consisted of mainly Sultan cockerels and mixed Polish.

They actually had the nerve to tell me they were going to charge me more when I called and told them what I had received because there were 10 extra chicks!!! They did not offer any creative solution except to finally say I could keep the useless chicks that I had received and we "could just call it even". What do you do with chicks that have already survived the trip? They would die if they were sent back without food and water. They said I could send them back, but I told them I would not let them die because they messed up.

What a waste of time and money. I will not order from Cackle ever again. I ended up giving away a years worth of chickens to a 4H student that I met through the feed store who was looking for Sultans and Polish .

I ended up ordering a fine batch of Pullets from McMurray after this traumatic experience.

Positive screbel
(1 review)
On Feb 20, 2008, screbel Belton, SC wrote:

I have ordered a couple hundred chicks from cackle every other year and have always got great service. they always send a receipt with ship date for chicks and if there was a problem I get a phone call from cackel. I never recieve any emails period. I mark ship date on my calender and sure enough 2 days later post office calls about 7 am come get your chics. I usally only lose 2 or three chicks from shiping stress and never more than 6 out of a hundred or so. the cackle surprise is a great bargin. I have got ducks, poults and geese from time to time. also the happy cackle is a good deal if you just like something different . waiting on about 3 or 400 now, heavy pullets, OE games, batams and 2 suprises. I will order more before the spring its just a great hobby and one can make a dollar or two just for fun. I will always keep the cackle site on my computer becauses there are a lot of breeds to check out.
Have a great day, don't you wish everyone could be born a Southerner. SC Rebel

On March 5th, 2008, screbel added the following:

Just got my first round of Batam assort and cackle surprise. about 100 chicks arrived alert and chirping. Looks like I got at least 10 different breeds in both assortments that I know right off and 2 ducks to boot. I know there are a couple of polish, sultans and cochins in the batams and surprise. I have 3 more batches coming Fri. All I can say is I ordered heavy pullet assortment year before last and I got 98% pullets and have always got a very good slection on all my assortments.

Oh I wish you were in the Land of Cotton!!
On March 13th, 2008, screbel added the following:

Where old times ain't soon forgotten!!

Got my other 3 batches in last fri all looking good look like a very good variety of chics in the surprise and 2 more ducks. temps droped to 20% 2 nights lost a few batams, oh well thats farming. the rest are doing well and eating like little piglets. I have no complanints with other hatcheries. I have ordered from McMurry, Martinins/crowe poultry with great sucess. But Cackle has the best slection and price on assortments. Have a great day I know I will its going to be 70% out side. Look away look away look away Dixie land!!!
Positive mochix
(1 review)
On Jan 31, 2008, mochix Kirbyville, MO wrote:

This will be my 5th time ordering from Cackle Hatchery. They are friendly, informative and helpful. Would go no where else!!.......Can't wait to get the new peeps!!

Positive flyingrooster
(1 review)
On Jun 20, 2007, flyingrooster Cowgill, MO wrote:

I have ordered from this company in the past with great success. I ordered 15 white silkies and 12 Dominiques last week . Again I can not say enough good things about this company, even our mailman was impressed with the size of their shipping box, he informed me he has seen the other companys boxes a lot smaller, and dead chicks. Cackle delivers when promised and healthy live chicks. They do send extras. I have only lost one chick. I would order from them again next year if I want to expand my flock even farther. The dominiques are very tame and friendly at just a few days old.

Positive brookhill
(1 review)
On May 27, 2007, brookhill Orting, WA wrote:

I just ordered turkeys from them. I previously ordered two batches of 30 chicks each.

They arrived on time, they were all alive and we lost only one from each batch after they arrived [but in one case they shipped an extra of that breed - perhaps thinking they are not as hearty so they'd give an extra.

I LOVE the fact that one does not have to order all the same breed.

I look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis and am pleased to have this opportunity to provide feedback about them.

Positive jab91864
(7 reviews)
On May 23, 2007, jab91864 Northern Michigan, MI (Zone 5a) wrote:

I ordered 9 turkeys, 3 ducks, and 5 chicks from Cackle. This was my first time ordering from them and I would use their services again.
I did have 1- dead duckling on arrival but all the others have been healthy and are doing well.

Positive freeprkr
(1 review)
On May 2, 2007, freeprkr Grand Forks, ND wrote:

I ordered 125 chicks, 4 goslings, and 6 ducks from Cackle. They were suppose to be at the post office on a Wed. morning, but did not show up. I called Cackle and they were able to tell me they shipped complete. After tracking them down through the post office I found out that the USPS had left them at the nearest large city.

It was frustrating and I was worried about the delay, but the chicks, goslings, and ducks were all doing GREAT! I chose some of the larger mix and match packages that Cackle offers and asked if for a couple specific breeds. It worked out FANTASTIC. On a whim, I ordered the waterfowl special and it turns out that some of the ducks sent to me are from Cackle's "rare breed" section.

I did a lot of comparision shopping before I ordered and found that Cackle was the most resonably priced. I will order from them again and would recommend them as well.

(2 reviews)
On May 2, 2007, JKILCREASE Farmerville, LA wrote:

I got my baby chicks this morning all was alive and full of energy. Will order again!!!!!

Positive jeanettebr
(1 review)
On May 1, 2007, jeanettebr Galena, MO wrote:

We ordered pullets from Cackle Hatchery a couple years ago and they arrived on time and healthy! I was very happy to find that all of the babies were pullets...not a rooster in the bunch! These babies did wonderfully and began laying us eggs that Fall and continued to produce eggs at a surprising rate (25 pullets = an average of 20-24 eggs a day the first year!)
Last year we made the mistake of getting our new batch of chicks from our local hardware store during their "chick days". Out of the 12 pullets we bought we ended up with TWO roosters...ack! The chicks were healthy but haven't laid eggs as well as those we bought from Cackle.
I am online today ordering our yearly batch of chicks from Cackle...we aren't taking our chances again!
Thanks Cackle for your timely service and wonderful chicks.
The Bruffetts

On May 4th, 2007, jeanettebr added the following:

I ordered 25 heavy pullets mixed breed on May 1. I got a phone call on May 2 saying my chicks had shipped and would arrive the very next day!
My phone rang early on May 3 was the post office and they had my pullets! We picked them up and brought them home and they were VERY healthy and active....and as a bonus instead of the 25 I ordered there were 28! Today is the 4th and they are doing wonderfully. Eating and drinking well and chirping away...thanks Cackle for another great order! (and about the negative comment left by a customer...I have ordered from Cackle Hatchery 2 times and neither time did they give me a ship date online...both times they have called when they had shipped my order.)
Positive elegantminx
(4 reviews)
On Jan 8, 2007, elegantminx Eastpoint, FL wrote:

I have ordered from this company numerous times. I use to raise birds for sale to 4-h and local community affairs and the birds were always complimented on. The service was outstanding and very friendly. My postal carrier ( who had never delivered birds before ) was very impressed with the packing and the lively little cheeps. So far i have ordered chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese from them and I'm very confident that this years order of gamebirds will be just as great.
Amber Mellor
P.O. Box 1108
Florida 32328

Positive dingydoo
(8 reviews)
On Jul 21, 2006, dingydoo Theresa, NY wrote:

Just marvelous! I ordered my 15 baby chicks about a month in advance over the phone from Cackle hatchery. I was treated very courteously and respectfully by their staff everytime I called (2x once to confirm my order).

Today I received my 15 chicks, plus one extra. All arrived alive and very vigorous. The chicks are healthy with very good conformation. They made one long trip from Missouri to Upstate New York near the Canadian Border! I'm very pleased with Cackle and my lovely little bundles of joy so far.

Out of all the online and other hatcheries, Cackle's correct sexing guarantee was much higher than any other. Plus, if you're a backyard urban chicken person as I am, their 15 chick minimum order was very helpful and ultimately was my main reason to order from them. Now, I will reorder from them next spring when I purchase Cuckoo Marans and Welsummers for my grandmother.

I will update once my chicks mature. I ordered all pullets, so I will see if Cackle's sexing is as good as their guarantee states 95% accurate (compared to most other hatcheries 90% accurate guarantees).

Overall, from the alertness and vigor of my chicks I'd recommend Cackle Hatchery to anyone.

On February 2nd, 2007, dingydoo added the following:

Well, it's now 2/2/2007 and my chicks from Cackle are now full grown chickens! I'm still VERY HAPPY with Cackle hatchery. My hens are beautiful and very friendly, especially the Dominique hens and the Buff Orpingtons. If you do order from Cackle, I recommend the Dominique chicks 100%. They are so friendly and are excellent layers. It has been -20 F here this month and they lay everyday. I'm getting several double yolk eggs from one of my Buff Orp hens, they look more like goose eggs! The sexing was very accurate from Cackle too. Very satisfied. If I had more land I would order from them again.
On May 21st, 2007, dingydoo added the following:

Just wanted to drop in and say my sweet little Dominique hens and other hens I ordered from Cackle are still doing wonderfully. I recommend them to everyone.
Negative jduncan
(1 review)
On Apr 21, 2006, jduncan Kevil, KY wrote:

I ordered 100 pullets on 4/12/06. I received an e-mail stating that they would be shipped on 4/19/06 and I should receive them on 4/21/06. I called the office on the morning of 4/21/06 because I didn't get my chicks. I was then told that they would not ship till 4/24/06. I received an e-mail later the same day--apparently they use post-it notes to notify employees of ship dates, and mine got lost. So, i will not get my chicks until 4/26/06. What upset me the most was the girl I spoke to on the phone who said that their company does not send ship dates over the internet. I felt like she was calling me a liar. Once I get my chicks, I will never order from this company again.

Positive country4ever
(3 reviews)
On Jan 21, 2006, country4ever Lebanon, IN (Zone 5a) wrote:

2 years ago I ordered 15 pullets from Cackle hatchery. They all arrived alive and I received 2 freebies. They accidentally sent too many of one breed, and none of another, but they did reimburse me for those. All 17 ended up being hens, which I think is very unusual. Most people who order all pullets usually get several cockerals in there. I was very pleased with the health of all my chicks. I would order from them again

Positive herblady3
(1 review)
On Jan 10, 2006, herblady3 Bridgeton, MO wrote:

I have ordered live baby chicks from them 4 times chicks were in perfect condtion no deaths orders were received when promised and was treated with complete respect while placing my orders I will continue to order from them.

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