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Positive mirpeg
(2 reviews)
On Sep 11, 2012, mirpeg Lansdowne, PA wrote:

I was so happy to find inexpensive trees for my sizeable project by using Dave's Garden resources. My Evergreen Nursery order of 44 junipers, spartan, moonglow and skyrocket were delivered in a timely manner and were well packaged and beautiful.
All trees were slightly larger than I expected and look lush and healthy. I transplanted them immediately into roomy pots until they go into the ground which will be shortly. I would order from Evergreen Nursery again in a flash - great experience.

On Sep 11, 2012, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On Sep 11, 2012 5:37 PM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

Thank you for your business - and for taking the time to let us know that you were pleased with your order from our nursery!! I hope that you enjoy them for years to come.

Don't hesitate to give me a yell if there's anything else I can help you with in the future.

Darren Valentine - Evergreen Nursery"

Positive Pinetucky
(47 reviews)
On Jun 27, 2012, Pinetucky Swainsboro, GA (Zone 8b) wrote:

This has been a wonderful transaction. I ordered three mini crape myrtles and received an order confirmation immediately after placing the order online. The next day I received shipping notification. Today, two days after placing the order, the plants arrived. They were packed perfectly - no loss of soil, no broken branches, rootballs still moist. The plants are the size expected, well-branched, and appear to be very healthy. It's a happy day!

On Jun 27, 2012, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On Jun 27, 2012 7:42 PM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

Hi Pinetucky! Very glad to hear that the Crape Myrtles made it to you with no problems. I'm sure that they were very happy to see you too!! Hope you enjoy them for years to come - feel free to send us some pics on down the road, ok?

Happy 4th ( early, lol )
Darren - Evergreen Nursery"

Positive Cearbhaill
(17 reviews)
On Jun 4, 2012, Cearbhaill Russell, KY (Zone 6b) wrote:

Posted on June 19, 2011, updated June 4, 2012
Posted on August 4, 2008, updated June 19, 2011
I did everything wrong when I ordered 44 conifers from Evergreen Nursery.

I ordered for shipment during the hottest week of the entire year, I specified a different shipping date, and then had the nerve to email and ammend my order after having sent it. I really did not know what to expect for a $5-10 conifer, but as they had a few of the more hard to find varieties of some things I wanted in stock I took a chance.

I was extremely happy when I opened those boxes. Not one brown branch or broken stem in the lot of them. The sizes were about what I expected with a few being larger than I expected. Each and every plant of the 44 I purchased were exceedingly happy and clearly very well grown- they were just screaming with good health. I really have never seen such happy little plants- it made quite an impression on me as they are literally lush and have obviously never wanted for anything!

They were very well packaged- tied into place and easy to unpack. I do wish they had been individually labeled as it was a bit of a puzzle to match numbers of plants to names on the invoice, but I got them sorted out in short order and into the ground they went. I have no doubt that they will grace my property for years- the roots were healthy and they are all off to a fine start.

I will definitely be ordering again!

On June 19th, 2011, Cearbhaill added the following:

Two more orders received from Evergreen Nursery this spring and they were all as happy as the last time.
I absolutely love this place!
On June 4th, 2012, Cearbhaill added the following:

Another year and another couple of orders from Darren at Evergreen Nursery. This time I had one tiny broken plant which Darren cheerfully replaced with no questions asked.
They clearly understand how to make customers happy so that we continue to order from them.
Evergreen Nursery is and will continue to be my go to vendor for young conifers- I love them!
Order with confidence.
On Jun 4, 2012, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On Jun 19, 2011 4:05 PM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

Thank you so much for your continued business - glad to hear that everything is doing well for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime if there is anything I can do for you in the future.

Darren - Evergreen Nursery"

Positive sunshimmer
(4 reviews)
On May 15, 2012, sunshimmer Shamokin, PA (Zone 6b) wrote:

I recently ordered 4 nandina firepower plants and 3 Nandina heavenly bamboo bushes from Evergreen Nursery. They were shipped very quickly and arrived in a few days after ordering. I opened the box to find some very beautiful, large, and healthy plants. Unfortunately, the UPS driver stood the box up on end and two of the Heavenly bamboo were severely damaged even though Evergreen Nursery had packed and tied the plants so carefully. I sent them an email and Darren offered to replace the 2 damaged plants. They sent them out very quickly and they arrived the following week. Again, I opened the box to find 2 very large beautiful healthy plants. They replaced the original plants with 2 of the same size and quality plants like I had ordered. I will definitely be ordering from Evergreen Nursery again and referring a few friends as well. Great healthy plants in good sizes and excellent customer service. Just the kind of company I was looking for.

On May 15, 2012, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On May 15, 2012 7:03 PM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

Hi there - thank you so much for the kind remarks. I'm very glad that I was able to take care of you, and truly hope that you enjoy your Nandinas for years to come!!"

Positive hanoverman
(2 reviews)
On Apr 26, 2012, hanoverman Hanover, MD (Zone 7a) wrote:

First time buyer who will definitely order again. Good price. Nice plants - larger than expected. Excellent packaging. Thanks!!

On Apr 26, 2012, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On Apr 26, 2012 5:07 PM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

Hi there!! Glad to hear that everything arrived to you in good shape, and that you're pleased with your Nandinas.

I also really appreciate you taking the time to post your comments regarding your first shopping experience with our nursery. Hopefully we can help you again in the near future with your planting needs. Happy Planting!!

Darren - Evergreen Nursery"

Positive sudzy
(2 reviews)
On Apr 4, 2012, sudzy Athens, IL wrote:

Very satisfied first time customer! The three conifers that I ordered arrived picture perfect, and quite fast. They were well packaged. My only complaint would be the shipping rate, but that probably is not in the companys controll. I'm sure that I will order more from this company in the future. Thanks Evergreen Nursery.

On Apr 4, 2012, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On Apr 5, 2012 8:10 AM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

Hi there!! Glad to hear that everything arrived to you in good shape, and especially glad to hear that you are pleased with your first order from our nursery. I do hope that we can help you with your planting needs again in the future.
I do wish that shipping costs would come down some too but, you are correct, that is more or less out of our control, lol. UPS ( or any other courier, for that matter ) keep inching up their rates.....with the fuel cost being their main "reason".
Thanks again for your business - it is truly appreciated.

Darren - Evergreen Nursery"

Positive JonnyB
(6 reviews)
On Mar 1, 2012, JonnyB East Taunton, MA wrote:

This was a first time order and Darren emailed a few times to make sure that I wanted the order this early and got the plants I wanted. The plants arrived today in excellent condition and beautiful plants. I will be checking Evergreen first for any future orders.

On Mar 1, 2012, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On Mar 1, 2012 8:29 PM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

Hey there - glad to hear that everything arrived to you in good shape!! Just let me know if there's anything else I can help you with on down the road. Feel free to send me some pics as they grow, ok??

Darren - Evergreen Nursery"

Positive Citro
(12 reviews)
On Feb 18, 2012, Citro Eden, MD wrote:

I have been ordering from this company for 5 or 6 years now. My evergreens are always securely packed and in great condition upon arrival. The Carolina Sapphires I received from them this week were about a foot taller than expected, and the most beautiful silver-blue.
So far I have bought Green Giants, Crape myrtles, and 15 cypress. They are all thriving! Awesome company.

On Feb 18, 2012, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On Feb 18, 2012 9:15 PM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

Glad everything made it to you in good shape again - told ya I would pick out some beauties for you, lol. Glad you were pleased with them. I'm sure everything will settle in to their new home just've done a good job with everything so far. Happy planting!!!

Darren Valentine - Evergreen Nursery"

Positive olyshed
(1 review)
On Dec 23, 2011, olyshed Bell Hill, WA wrote:

Very professional and yet personal service. Requested that my order be received prior to Christmas so we could plant prior to departing on trip-I wasn't optimistic that this could happen- but they did! The order was shipped promptly and packaged beautifully! Love this company and will use them for future orders.

On Dec 23, 2011, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On Dec 23, 2011 7:24 PM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

Thank you very much guys!! Glad we could get it done for you in time. Don't hesitate to contact me at anytime if I can be of any help to you in the future.


Darren - Evergreen Nursery"

Positive LilyLover_UT
(20 reviews)
On Dec 12, 2011, LilyLover_UT Ogden, UT (Zone 5b) wrote:

Evergreen Nursery has a wonderful selection of plants -- and not just evergreens, although they have plenty of those! They also carry roses and other deciduous shrubs, ornamental grasses, and daylilies.

The prices are very reasonable, and the website is easy to navigate and full of helpful information and interesting descriptions. This is a family-owned nursery. The owners care a lot about their business, paying particular attention to customer satisfaction. E-mails are answered quickly and politely. I highly recommend this company.

On Dec 12, 2011, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On Dec 23, 2011 7:27 PM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

Thanks for the kind remarks LilyLover - hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season. Just let me know if I can be of any help to you at all in the future.

Darren - Evergreen Nursery"

Negative evergreensucks
(1 review)
On Nov 19, 2011, evergreensucks somerset,
United States wrote:

The plants were 10% of the size that I had originally ordered.
They were turning yellow when I received them. Would NEVER buy from them again. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY.

On Nov 19, 2011, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On Nov 19, 2011 8:44 PM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

I am not exactly sure what "evergreensucks" is referring to in their posting here, as we have not shipped ANY product at all to a town called Somerset ( in any state ) since May of this year.......and that particular customer has ordered multiple times since ( Somerset, KY ).

Not sure if this is a case of mistaken identity, and meant to be directed towards a different Evergreen Nursery, but we have received absolutely no complaints or feedback via e-mail, phone, or otherwise from this claimed to be customer.....or any other customer in several months.

If a customer is ever unhappy with any product that we were to ship, we always do the absolute utmost to resolve the problem, and make sure that the customer is happy with their shopping experience with our nursery.

On Dec 12, 2011 10:58 AM, Evergreen Nursery added:

As of today 12/12/2011, we have received no reply from this member as to just what they claim to have ordered, or an invoice number, or quantity ordered.........despite our sending them a d-mail inquiry for additional information regarding this supposed transaction.

DG administrators have also attempted to contact the member attempt to validate any information regarding this customer, and any transaction with our nursery. No response to their inquiries either.

This particular member / post obviously is bogus & completely fabricated."

Positive sun1869
(1 review)
On Jul 31, 2011, sun1869 Virginia Beach,
United States wrote:

Over the years, I have bought plants from nearly every online vendor out there---well a lot of them, and I can say that you will always be happy with these growers. I read the other statements from customers, and I must say that I have had the same wonderful experiences with Evergreen Nursery---the plants are healthy--and much bigger then I expect (because everyone else's are that much smaller!!)

Good Job guys---way to show and represent TN Pride and good quality buisness ethics!!

On Jul 31, 2011, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On Jul 31, 2011 8:33 AM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

Thanks for your business - and for your kind remarks!! I do hope that you enjoy your new arrivals for years to come.

We really do try to treat our customers as WE would want to be treated if we were doing the shopping, lol. Just seems to make sense to us. Once again - THANKS - please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime if I can be of any further help to you in the future. Happy Planting!!!"

Positive dave12122
(76 reviews)
On Jul 1, 2011, dave12122 East Haddam, CT wrote:

I've placed two orders with Evergreen Nursery this Spring, both for 2-3 Crape Myrtles. The orders were shipped immediately, and arrived in a timely fashion. The plants were healthy yet rootbound, and were smaller than the listed size on their website. However, the prices are so reasonable there is little reason to get Crape Myrtles anywhere else. The plants from the 1st order are just starting to grow (my area had a cool, wet Spring), and I am not sure if any of the specimens will bloom later in the Summer. Time will tell...

Positive skhamby
(3 reviews)
On Apr 20, 2011, skhamby Lancing, TN wrote:

I recently ordered 6 dwarf boxwoods from this company. Not only did I receive my order in a very timely manner, but the well-devloped plants arrived healthy and happy. The customer service was excellent in all respects. I cannot say enough good things about my experience. Highly recommended!

Positive fulloffaith
(2 reviews)
On Mar 30, 2011, fulloffaith Ogden, UT wrote:

Have ordered from Evergreen for several years now. I could not be happier with the quality of the plants (they are always larger than I expected and in perfect health), shipping (love how the plants are removed from pots, excess soil removed, and wrapped in plastic - they transplant beautifully and get going way fast and since they are lighter shipping prices are low), service, and prices. Web site is unequaled, easy to navigate, really great info (way more and better than is usually supplied), and any questions one may have are answered promptly by someone with plenty of experience, so you don't have to ask again.

Evergreen's exceptional quality of size 1 and 2 plants and prices gives me the ability to try many different plants that are not even available here where I live in the dry West (Utah) to see how they grow here. I have always been delighted!

I could not speak more highly of Evergreen or recommend them more highly!!!

Positive Hotsinpiller
(1 review)
On Sep 22, 2010, Hotsinpiller Blacklick, OH wrote:

Received my plants today - Spartan Juniper, Sarah's Favorite Crape Myrtle, and Nandina Domestica. All great looking healthy plants. VERY well packaged. Will be ordering from this company again!

Positive VirginiaLee2009
(5 reviews)
On Sep 6, 2010, VirginiaLee2009 Riner, VA wrote:

This company had something I hadn't found many other places, a "White Chocolate" crape myrtle. It was shipped almost immediately after I ordered it, and in excellent condition. It was the size I expected. The packaging method was exceptional. The only way I can think of that it could be destroyed would be to put it in front of a steamroller! This company is definitely one to remember for repeat business.

Positive plantmover
(2 reviews)
On Aug 21, 2010, plantmover Hampton Roads, VA (Zone 7b) wrote:

This is the third time I've ordered from Evergreen and with each order, they've met and/or exceeded my expectations. A great company to do business with!

Positive grollcat
(6 reviews)
On Aug 7, 2010, grollcat Virginia Beach, VA wrote:

Purchased a few crape myrtle varieties from them in July. Trees shipped quickly and arrived well packed and very healthy. Will definitely order from Evergreen in the future.

Positive homelate
(1 review)
On May 27, 2010, homelate New Oxford, PA wrote:

Probably the best mail order plant experience I've ever had. Great value for the money and the quality and vigor of the plants (boxwoods) is just remarkable. I am a very satisfied 1st-time customer!

Positive InsaniD
(9 reviews)
On Apr 25, 2010, InsaniD Columbia, MO wrote:

Wow. What to say? Darren, the owner of Evergreen, is awesome. Very quick to answer emails and very friendly and knowledgeable to boot. I ordered 7 shrubs a couple of months ago, with Mid April shipping. My order arrived the other day and I was really impressed with the packing method which had the shrubs attached to the box itself with wire ties so no matter which position the box was in, the shrubs couldn't shift. The plants seem to be healthy and ready to go, with one possible exception (too soon to tell), but with this companies 60 day guarantee, I feel confident that if this shrub fails (or any of them), Darren will take care of me. We will be ordering again and again and again...
I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for great shrubs at great prices.

Thanks Darren!

Positive sandpoms
(12 reviews)
On Apr 10, 2010, sandpoms Holmen, WI wrote:

Ordered 5 Junipers. I was asked when I wanted to get them. I received them quickly, as requested, and they arrived professionally packaged and in perfect condition. It was nice that I was sent a tracking number to know exactly when they would be here. Healthy and nicely sized plants.

Positive gowron
(38 reviews)
On Mar 31, 2010, gowron Athens, GA wrote:

Excellent quality and good size plants at very reasonable prices. Fast shipping and excellent website. I can only wish that they had a larger selection of conifers, but what they do offer is excellent. I will be returning for more.

Positive vossner
(114 reviews)
On Mar 31, 2010, vossner Richmond, TX (Zone 9a) wrote:

I am so pleased w/ the plants I got from this company. I thought they were reasonably priced, properly packed and promptly shipped. Highly recommend.

Positive audreymarmot
(6 reviews)
On Mar 26, 2010, audreymarmot Annapolis,
United States (Zone 7a) wrote:

I bought several hemlock, mugho pines, and groundcover conifers. They came quickly, were nicely packed, and well-rooted, with the soil attached, not bare root like other mail order evergreens. The hemlocks were already 3' tall, and the groundcover conifers were also quite large. The mugho pines were surprisingly thin, they each look like a pine tree branch that's been rooted. I've never seen such a young mugho, but the root system is dense and I am very happy with the prices. I would highly recommend this company.

Positive hollenc
(1 review)
On Mar 25, 2010, hollenc Swarthmore, PA wrote:

Received my plants promptly. They were packaged wonderfully (stable in box). The plants were fresh and healthy and consistent in size and shape (which was what I wanted). I would definitely recommend this vendor. The price was great too. I so appreciate good companies!! Thank you :)

Positive libraryman
(5 reviews)
On Jun 4, 2009, libraryman Maryville, TN wrote:

I have ordered 2 times from Evergreen and both times, I received beautiful, healthy, and LARGE plants! Plants were always delivered when expected. The trees that I ordered the first time are thriving--I'm sure the second order will do the same. Outstanding!!!

Positive relay612
(1 review)
On May 10, 2009, relay612 Rochester, MN (Zone 4b) wrote:

Ordered & received 52 boxwoods. Delivered as promised on time and with great packaging. All plants were healthy, well protected and with plenty of soil with the roots. I would purchase again from this nursery.

Positive ellev
(1 review)
On May 6, 2009, ellev Mansfield, PA wrote:

I purchased 6 Thuja Green Giant (size 2). The plants were shipped in time and arrived in good condition. They looked healthy although I was a little dissapointed by the size of the trees (between 14-18 inches) and the trunck (was small and fragile) but it is just my personal opinion (I bought the same trees but much bigger, more beautiful and cheaper from ebay so shop around and look at the feedback or reviews). The trees look very healthy and have normal roots for their size. I hope they will do fine and I will update the review in Fall.

Positive StellysPapa
(26 reviews)
On May 4, 2009, StellysPapa Dothan, AL (Zone 8a) wrote:

EvergreenPlantNursery owned by Darren Valentine has to be the absolute BEST of any nursery I have ever dealt with. The plants are always in excellent condition, the packaging and shippment methods are superior. Staff and customer support are excellent. E-mails are answered within a reasonable length of time. The cost of plants are very reasonable. I give this nursery an all around A plus.

Positive Blackbelt_Lizzy
(29 reviews)
On Apr 27, 2009, Blackbelt_Lizzy La Grange Park, IL wrote:

This morning eight Chamaecyparis evergreens of 4 different varieties arrived. They were very well packed and undamaged during shipping. All are green, healthy and the exact size stated on the website. For the price these are a great value. I wish I had found this site earlier because much of their stock is now sold out. I'll remember this company and get an earlier start next spring.

Positive newcarla
(2 reviews)
On Apr 17, 2009, newcarla Oneida, TN wrote:

I ordered three Arborvitae-Green Giants in march of 2009, received them just a few weeks later and they are beautiful, as green as they can be and very healthy. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Positive AKirkFarm
(1 review)
On Mar 22, 2009, AKirkFarm Monroeville, NJ wrote:

On March 13, 2009 I purchased 38 evergreen plants and had them shipped to me in NJ. This was new for me and I knew nothing about the company. The website is outstanding, and after emailing the company I was very comfortable. They emailed me every time I had a question and were most helpful. The plants arrived in two days according to their schedule by UPS. The plants were beautifully packed each separately in a plastic bag with excellent root balls. The plants looked healthy and strong. The directions for care and planting were provided with the plants and are extremely detailed. Prices were excellent also. I will always use this company for future purchases. AK

Positive Got_Lost
(4 reviews)
On Feb 6, 2009, Got_Lost Thomasville, GA wrote:

I have placed two orders with this company. Both times everything went perfectly. First order consisted of 14 - Juniper - Variegated Procumbens. Second order consisted of 3 - Thujopsis dolobrata 'Variegata'. Both times plants arrived very well packaged and healthy. Shipped quickly. Size were as advertised or bigger. Email confirmations and shipping info sent promptly. Prior to placing second order I had written to get clarification. Response to my email inquiry was extremely quick.

Very good company. I would not hesitate to purchase from these people again.

Positive PamelaQ
(22 reviews)
On Jan 30, 2009, PamelaQ Navarre, FL (Zone 8b) wrote:

I ordered 7 - Arborvitae - Green Splendor. They arrived the very next day and looked very fresh and healthy. I immediately planted them. I am very pleased with Evergreen Nursery and I highly recommend them.

Positive chermansen
(1 review)
On Nov 14, 2008, chermansen Sterling, VA wrote:

I ordered 10 nandina domestica plants on a Monday and received them in Virginia by Thursday of the same week. This is the fastest I have ever received plants through the mail.

I ordered 4 nandina domestica from another vendor this past spring. The other vendor was sold out this fall, so I used Evergreen Nursery for the first time. Evergreen Nursery sent plants that were cheaper, larger, and healthier. Usually this late in the season, mail order plants tend to look like "leftovers." I was pleasantly suprised to get first rate plants after ordering in mid-November. I've already place another order.

Positive Chewster
(3 reviews)
On Oct 23, 2008, Chewster Three Rivers, MI wrote:

Fast shipping, great communication and plants were very green and healthy. Very satisfied. Will order from them again.

Positive tepesridge
(10 reviews)
On Oct 9, 2008, tepesridge Catoosa, OK wrote:

I am extremely happy with the plants I just received from Evergreen Nursery. The plants were exceptionally well packed (and it was so very nice not to get a box full of styrofoam). The plants are very healthy and very big for the price. IN the past, the plants I'd get from other nurseries for the same price would be very small and puny- these are big, well branched, stocky plants. I will DEFINITELY purchase from Evergreen again and again.

Positive amisheliot
(4 reviews)
On Jul 4, 2008, amisheliot Lima, OH wrote:

I received my first shipment from Evergreen Nursery a few days ago. I opened the package that night, and set the trees out, but didn't have time to plant that night. The plants were very nice quality, and a very decent size. I was able to pot them up the next afternoon and get them into my nursery, and was thrilled with the root balls on the trees. I will definitely be ordering from this company again, and will recommend them to people as well. I can't wait to get the trees into the ground next spring.

Thank you Evergreen Nursery.

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