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Negative rjthrelkeld
(1 review)
On May 21, 2018, rjthrelkeld Bethesda, MD (Zone 6b) wrote:

In spring of 2017 I ordered three Mandarin Lights azaleas, whose color is supposed to be orange. They flowered for the first time this year and they were not orange but purple, exactly what I do NOT want. I sent them an email with photos of the shrub and invoice showing the discrepancy but they have not responded. I wouldn't advise someone to order any plant for which flower color is important. Very poor customer relations!!

Negative RedClay007
(15 reviews)
On May 7, 2017, RedClay007 Richmond, VA (Zone 7a) wrote:

I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't receive any of the plants that I ordered since others have commented on how well their plants looked. In summary, I made an order online, but never received it. After leaving them a voicemail and sending two emails without ever getting a reply, I canceled my order. They were very prompt in issuing a refund, which surprised me since they never called or emailed me back. I'm puzzled by the whole experience. They should definitely work on communication with customers!

Negative jmmLikesRoses
(1 review)
On Oct 10, 2016, jmmLikesRoses Limerick, ME wrote:

I have called and emailed this company with no response. My order arrived (beautifully packaged) with three Arborvitae, and one other plant. I had ordered 4 Arborvitae. The 3 Arborvitae that arrived are in beautiful condition and seem fine where planted. The other plant looks like it's dying. I asked about how I can get the one Arborvitae that did not arrive. I had made a list of more plants that I had wanted to order (after this order arrived satisfactorily which it didn't) but I will NOT be placing that order! Also, their shipping cost doubles the cost of the plants and seems exorbitant especially in comparison to other companies. A reviewer mentioned Lowe's, and I will definitely be checking them out. Meanwhile, I want my missing Arborvitae, and cannot recommend this company to friends until/unless they fix this.

On Oct 10, 2016, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On Oct 10, 2016 6:12 PM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

I'm very sorry to see that you have decided to post a negative review concerning your recent order. The plants you received are indeed the 4 Arborvitae that were ordered - the Rheingold Arborvitae has a different foliage structure than most typical Arborvitae do ( called juvenile foliage )........especially when smaller / younger. As the plant matures, it will take on some of the more fanlike foliage that most folks are used to seeing when it comes to Arborvitae. But that process is gradual, and takes several years to happen. The Rheingold Arborvitae is also very prone to shedding of older foliage on the lower & inner portions of the plant - especially in fall. All Arborvitae ( as well as many other evergreen species ) go through similar shedding processes at this time of year - the amount, and severity will vary depending upon a number of different factors. Exact variety, weather patterns, soil composition, sun exposure, stress, all play as factors in how much, or when any Arborvitae will display foliage shedding.
I have included a link here that I would hope you would take a moment to read - explains in more detail exactly what I am referring to in regards to foliage shedding on Arborvitae. I have went ahead & issued you a full refund for the cost of the Rheingold Arborvitae that was shipped to you......but do hope that you will give it time to settle in, and see that it is quite normal & healthy as the other plants that you received.were. I could send you another one....but it will have the same type of foliage as the one you received. That's just how they are at this time of year.
The e-mail that I received was sent on Friday, and I apologize for not replying over the weekend. I have a family, and typically do not get around to most e-mails over the weekend as I try to spend my time with my family. I had just settled in to start replying to e-mails this evening ( Monday ), when I noticed your negative post / feedback. Seems a bit harsh considering the lack of time I was given to respond, or explain / remedy any concerns that you may have had. Once again, I apologize.....but certainly feel that the negative review was not deserved at all in this case.
Please take a moment to read the following article regarding shedding of foliage on evergreens. Hope it helps to give some insight as to what you are seeing. Thank you.

Darren Valentine - Evergreen Nursery

Negative emilyrogers4
(1 review)
On Sep 25, 2016, emilyrogers4 Middlesboro, KY wrote:

I placed an order on 07/04/2016. My Order#: 27928 arrived rather promptly and all the plants were well packaged and healthy. I followed the instructions for planting these plants and planted them all within a few days of arrival. I ordered some azaleas, day lilies, and blue star junipers. After planting these plants, everything seemed to be going well and they were flourishing. A few days after planting, I started noticed that the junipers were turning brown. I contacted Evergreen Nursery on July 30 via email to tell them what was going on and ask if they had any advice to offer on how to care for the junipers and prevent them from dying completely. I did not hear back from them.

On August 16, I sent another email with images attached of the plants. Again, I was asking for advice on how to care for the plants to prevent them from dying. I also wanted to point out that they have the Blue Star Juniper advertised as being a worry free shrub when it comes to insects, etc. This is FALSE. It is susceptible to root blight, limb blight, spider mites, and other insects. I don't know what happened to the junipers. They were transplanted, watered on a routine basis to help them get established, etc. like the other plants in my yard. All other plants purchased in this order and other plants purchased from Lowe's that were planted at the same time and in the same area as the junipers are currently doing great. The junipers just slowly began turning brown limb by limb until they died.

For the most part, the quality of the plants I received was great. This negative review is for the blue star juniper shrubs, their overall health and untimely demise, and the fact that Evergreen Nursery is impossible to make contact with. They do not respond to their preferred method of contact which is email. You cannot run a business, ignore customer concerns over your product, and expect to get good reviews. I'll just pay a little more and purchase my plants from Lowe's from now on. They offer a one year guarantee on their plants!!!!

Negative Gardenere
(1 review)
On Jul 9, 2016, Gardenere Manchester, NH wrote:

Posted on July 8, 2016, updated July 9, 2016
My experience with Evergreen Nursery was extremely NEGATIVE!

I received wrong plants, not the plants that I ordered.

I made multiple attempts to contact Evergreen Nursery including:
- making several phone calls and leaving message and asking to give me a call back.
- sending multiple emails providing my order # and my customer ID and asking about their policy in case if they shipped wrong plants.

I never received any reply to my phone calls or emails.

Buyers, please be aware! Please read their \'Terms and Policies\' -You\'ll be surprised how is every statement there is written to protect Evergreen Nursery and there is nothing said about how a Buyer is protected in case if Evergreen Nursery makes a mistake and ships wrong plants. There is only one statement that is kind of related to my problem, e.g: \" We will NEVER knowingly ship plants which are of questionable health, or not true to type. We want you to be satisfied with your purchasing experience with us, and will do our best to work out any problems ( rare as they may be ) to everyones\' satisfaction.\"

I consider wrong plans that have been shipped to me as \"problems\", however Evergreen Nursery completely ignored their mistake and never responded to my multiple attempts to contact them.

At this point there is nothing I can do ... there is an old-old fairy tale, where a character, who was being robbed used to say \'take my goods and my misfortune along with\'... At this point there is nothing I can do, however, I can share my experience to warn potential Buyers.

Buyers, please be aware while dealing with Evergreen Nursery! There are so many others reliable on-line nurseries, don\'t waste your money with Evergreen Nursery at // !

P.S. If needed;I have all the info available to proof my NEGATIVE feedback: copy of the original order, copies of my emails, photographs of wrong plants that are shipped to me in place of plants I ordered.

On July 9th, 2016, Gardenere added the following:

7/9/2016 @ 7:25 pm - ​In respond to Darren' s post.

No Darren, you have​ not​ addressed​ my​ concerns​.​
Description of the​ Shirobana​ ​plant posted on your site states: 'Clusters of flower ​​blooms are formed in multiple colors all on one shrub. White blooms are combined with several different shades of pink........anywhere from a dark pink to a very, very light pastel​'. There is no mentioning that a young plant will display only light pink blooms...and it may take a while before it goes multi-color. So, information on you web is quite misleading and lacking information​.​

Regarding giving you a feedback after the 7 days waiting period: In modern communications​ ​technology,​ ​there is a simple​ ​feature of effective communications, which is "OUT of the office" reply that can be used on answering service as well as emails. Getting your​ "OUT of the office"​ on my first attempt to contact your would be ​very ​helpful. I contacted you for the first time on July 1, I was following up​ via emails and calls​ all wee​k with no success, and finally I used my last option - posted feedback on July​ ​8.​
On Jul 9, 2016, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On Jul 8, 2016 8:40 PM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

I can assure you that the plants that were shipped to you are indeed Shirobana Spirea, as we grow no other variety of Spirea that it could possible have been confused with here at the nursery. The closest other Spirea variety we offer would be Froebelli, and it is grown & located in a totally different parcel of our nursery grounds than the Shirobana, and grows much faster, and with a different growth habit.

The Shirobana Spirea does indeed have blooms in a couple of different colors & shades and, in time, you will see what I am referring to. These plants that you ordered are nowhere near mature shrubs, and are producing nowhere near the number of blooms they soon will in years to come. Each flower head is one solid color, and as the shrub matures, and you have more flower heads to compare, you will clearly see some flower heads that will be darker & lighter shades of well as see some white ones show up from time to time. You will not see all three colors on the same flower head - that's not how Spirea works. Each entire flower head / bloom at the end of the branch is one, solid color. Pink is by far the most common - so you will most likely see more of them, especially at first. Then you will start to see lighter or darker shades of pink, then followed by white flower heads as well as the shrubs age & mature.

I must admit, the fact that you have already decided to give our nursery a negative rating on Dave's Garden is kind of unfair & rather disturbing. The reason you have not heard anything from me until now is the fact that we were on vacation for the week of 6/27 - 7/4?? We are a family run nursery with no outside employees, and we take the week of 4th of July as our vacation EVERY do millions of other Americans. Maybe that fact or possibility never crossed your mind, I can't say for sure.....only you would know the answer to that question. We were gone at my son's Little League Baseball State Championship Tournament, which ended on 7/4, after which we watched fireworks and returned home & to the nursery. And I have pictures & evidence which I can send & post for you to see if you would like to see as proof. Upon returning from our vacation, I had nearly 150 e-mails to go through & reply to. And, so I am now replying to yours. Which I must also mention that neither of your two e-mails I received had any photos / pictures of the plants you are inquiring about.

I hope I have addressed your concerns effectively, and explained clearly enough for you that what you are seeing in the Shirobana Spirea plants that you received is quite normal for young shrubs of their age & size. You ordered Shirobana Spirea plants, and that's exactly what you received from us.

Have a nice weekend,

Darren Valentine - Evergreen Nursery"

Negative grgantt
(4 reviews)
On Oct 19, 2013, grgantt West Columbia, TX (Zone 9a) wrote:

I ordered six daylilies from Evergreen. They indicated that their method of shipment with the rootball intact was superior to shipping bare root daylilies. The plants were received in a timely manner and as described, but the plants were very small with under developed root systems compared to daylilies I ordered from other suppliers. As a consequence, only 4 of the 6 survived.

Negative evergreensucks
(1 review)
On Nov 19, 2011, evergreensucks somerset,
United States wrote:

The plants were 10% of the size that I had originally ordered.
They were turning yellow when I received them. Would NEVER buy from them again. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY.

On Nov 19, 2011, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

"On Nov 19, 2011 8:44 PM, Evergreen Nursery responded with:

I am not exactly sure what "evergreensucks" is referring to in their posting here, as we have not shipped ANY product at all to a town called Somerset ( in any state ) since May of this year.......and that particular customer has ordered multiple times since ( Somerset, KY ).

Not sure if this is a case of mistaken identity, and meant to be directed towards a different Evergreen Nursery, but we have received absolutely no complaints or feedback via e-mail, phone, or otherwise from this claimed to be customer.....or any other customer in several months.

If a customer is ever unhappy with any product that we were to ship, we always do the absolute utmost to resolve the problem, and make sure that the customer is happy with their shopping experience with our nursery.

On Dec 12, 2011 10:58 AM, Evergreen Nursery added:

As of today 12/12/2011, we have received no reply from this member as to just what they claim to have ordered, or an invoice number, or quantity ordered.........despite our sending them a d-mail inquiry for additional information regarding this supposed transaction.

DG administrators have also attempted to contact the member attempt to validate any information regarding this customer, and any transaction with our nursery. No response to their inquiries either.

This particular member / post obviously is bogus & completely fabricated."

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