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7 neutrals
20 negatives


Negative loveya
(1 review)
On Jun 14, 2017, loveya Lake of the Woods, IL wrote:

Does anyone know Zak's last name? My experience was just confusion about where the order was going and then a strange charge on my credit card statement.

Negative brock6389
(1 review)
On Sep 15, 2016, brock6389 Lakewood, NY wrote:

Posted on July 13, 2016, updated September 15, 2016
Posted on July 5, 2016, updated July 13, 2016
I placed an order on line September 2015. Credit card was charged, but I was told that it was too late to ship plants to my area, and that the order would be held until May. In spite of multiple emails this spring (and responses from them), May came and went without any shipment. Over the last month, company has failed to answer any emails and phone calls (3 each).

As they have responded to previous emails, I refuse to accept the excuse of some mysterious technical glitch. An answering machine shouldn\\\'t be too hard to check. It seems like a company with serious communication/staffing issues. If they are interested in doing a sizeable on line business, they should be staffed/equipped to handle their responsibilities.

Unfortunately am being forced to go through a dispute with my credit card company as a result of their inattention.

On July 13th, 2016, brock6389 added the following:

7/12/16 Pond Megastore returned my $ after I posted this review, without my credit card co. being involved. I had another purchase (Lotus plants) this spring that went fine, and Zac responded timely to an email inquiry when I thought I might have a problem with the plants (turned out they were ok). Provided you order when they are able to handle the orders, things might work out fine with PM. If they can\'t fill your order, however, I advise asking for a refund rather than accepting \"we\'ll ship it later.\"
On September 15th, 2016, brock6389 added the following:

So that you know the kind of company that you may be dealing with:

During a prolonged confusing ordeal over my refund, involving a "temporary credit refund" from my bank while investigating my claim against PM, and also a check sent from PM (thus my receiving two refunds, but it never being made clear from my bank to whom I owed the duplicate refund), I have gotten repeated nasty emails from the vendor with a very threatening tone. Admittedly, it has been a frustrating ordeal dealing with my bank and getting clear instructions as to how to proceed, but PM has been totally adversarial and refuses to help or deal professionally with me. For example, this is a copy of his last email to me:




Hopefully his dealings with you will be more professional than he has been with me.
Negative jstraj
(1 review)
On Mar 3, 2016, jstraj Charlotte, NC wrote:

Similar to others, I too placed a decent sized order and was charged immediately, even though product wasn't to ship for another 6 weeks.

I had a very difficult time getting a response to my second e-mail request which included an earlier ship date request, and so I called and had a bad experience with the owner Zac. Evidently, he feels that it is OK not to respond to emails because..."they are on winter hours, have 2 employees, were away at a conference and just got back" Ever heard of an out of office message??? Are we supposed to know your schedule??? Zac finally wrote me back to confirm my refund and provided this beauty of a quote..."Best of luck getting a competitor who responds to any email or even provides phone numbers most of the time. With minimal winter crew in the office we address each issue right away. Up to you if you think each request needs a confirmation." What planet are living on??? My second request was never answered and in fact he said..."I thought it was a duplicate request so ignored it"

Bottom line is the customer service is terrible and Zac was rude and arrogant. I will be taking my business elsewhere and hope all of you will come with me.

On Mar 3, 2016, Pond Megastore responded with:

"On Mar 3, 2016 5:47 PM, Pond Megastore responded with:

Hello Jesse,
Please be complete honest about your order and experience. You placed an order just the other day.
1st you emailed and asked to change a phone number you entered online incorrectly. In less than 1 hour we replied it would be changed on the order.
2nd you emailed again and mentioned the phone number again as well as moving your ship date to March 28th. I responded the phone number was addressed in the previous reply. I did move the ship date to March 28th.
3rd. You emailed us last week or over the weekend while we were at the water garden expo in Shawnee Oklahoma. We do try and return all calls and emails even when gone. When you called just now reeatedly after hours we did answer and you had an attitude with me from the beginning only stating your first name as if that would help me with any information. You were mad about a whole list of things from the website charging you right away on a delayed order, you said you did not care to read the terms of sale you agreed to about credit cards Not being stored for security purposes and you were very angry I did not confirm the change in ship date though all other items I addressed for you in the emails in less than an hour I would hope you could assume I had taken vare of that for you without confirmation bu email. This was not a large order sir this was a few plants. I am glad you are building the largest pond in Charlottee NC in coming years and whoever you give the business too I hope they serve you better and answer emails within the hour and the phone after hours even during winter months. Thank you for a 4 day run around. Great luck to you and your perfection. You may be a perfectionist on communication and treating people like dirt but you were pretty much a jerk to us on the phone with a litney of idea on how to tell you when half the office staff is out of town for 4 days and your issue was addressed as you wished though you communicated in messages where we thought you were still asking about your phone number.


Negative sode0093
(1 review)
On Jun 5, 2015, sode0093 Delano, MN wrote:

I live in MN, and we have harsh winters. I also have a small pond and wanted a water lily. I contacted PondMegastore several times last summer to discuss planting, care, and wintering of a water lily. Purchasing was a good process (spent lots of time explaining), but this spring when my lily did not come up everything went south.

They are attempting to put the blame on me that I did not overwinter the plant properly. I was directed from them to let it freeze solid in the bottom of my pond (pond is shallow, and I told them this). Due to their lack of ability to give me the correct information, they are trying to now tell me that hardy water lilies aren't hardy in my application - directly conflicting with their earlier guidance. We have tried calling and discussing, and were yanked around a bit. Posted on their facebook page, where Zac was extremely rude to my wife and accusing her of unspeakables. During our complaint with the BBB (they gave us faulty information which lead to my purchase, will not take accountability, nor apologize), Zac again shows his true colors through his rudeness and complete lack of customer service professionalism.

As other users have stated - I'd rather fill my pond in than have anything to do with Pond Megastore again. Yes, their selection looks nice, my plant arrived in good shape. BUT, if you have an issue at all, good luck! Zac is the boss, and his ineptitude at dealing with customers is appalling. NEVER BUY HERE!!

On Jun 5, 2015, Pond Megastore responded with:

"On Mar 2, 2016 8:02 PM, Pond Megastore responded with:

This is an old review however it deserves a response. Our customer service reps, or owners do not take abuse on the phone. Getting to the issue, which was resolved early with the husband. Hardy Perennial Lilies should not be planted in shallow ponds in zone 3 or 4. The was ordered in August and not established. The husband at first called and was nice agreeing it was planted improperly 8 months prior and AGREED to pay just the cost of the replacement lily ($12) not the full retail price as a replacement. The wife however came back later very upset there was no year guarantee on plants no matter what a customer does to them (like plant something in a shallow pool not at proper depth and very late into the year as it likely did not establish a good new root system). The wife was irate on the phone and I told her the $12 replacement her husband agreed to 8 months after the purchase was beyond what was agreed in the terms of sale. We promise only alive healthy plants on arrival - no further for just this reason that we cannot replace every plant when customers wont read the free planting instructions. (Both video online before purchase and written copy with the plants). We do not need to extend a guarantee and wont probably choose to when you have time to yell at us but not read directions. When you treat us like that we are not obligated to take abuse on the phone and that is what I told you. "

Negative rshuster
(1 review)
On Mar 15, 2015, rshuster Palm Harbor, FL wrote:

ordered (10) Golden Botswana (Large Leaf Gold Sensitive) a week or so ago for $4.49/ea. plus $11.95 for shipping (little high considering it was USPS) and came in a small box poorly packaged. I only received 9, emailed the company and got no response. Never will deal with them again, plus Zac has a serious attitude issue.

On Mar 15, 2015, Pond Megastore responded with:

"On Mar 2, 2016 8:07 PM, Pond Megastore responded with:

Note upon learning of this review we did make sure to correct this and sent more Botswana Wonder making sure it arrived well. "

Negative haraldl
(1 review)
On Jun 3, 2012, haraldl Grimes, IA wrote:

Three different tropical water lilies were ordered. Arrived in a timely manner but appeared to be somewhat "weak/soft" when unpacked. Planted immediately as per website instructions. Two decayed completely after several days, waited for a new sprout - nothing. Contacted company and received immediate reply from Zac (owner?). " planted wrong. NO - planted per video! A week has gone by, the last lily is gone. 6 emails back and forth with each offering an excuse as to why it isn't their problem. Never an offer to replace. Wish I had seen this review site before.

I would NEVER do business with this company again. It isn't worth the time nor frustration with someone who doesn't understand customer service. There are many other vendors who want and appreciate your business.

On Jun 3, 2012, Pond Megastore responded with:

"On Jun 3, 2012 8:46 PM, Pond Megastore responded with:


Our terms and conditions state if anything arrives in less than satisfactory condition please email us or contact us within 24 hrs (not weeks later). I offered to help extend our guarantee anyway if you could email some photos of the lilies now but you decided not to simply stating nothing is there. That of course is further from our policy but I did then offer you replacement plants at out cost of the plants.

Also we do note not to plant lilies with gravel around the base as this is not the best for tropical lilies to send up new growth, its not how they grow in nature so the planting directions were not followed from your first email. Very sorry but I have been in contact with you propmtly for days trying to help you but without seeing the plants you cannot simply demand more lilies weeks later."

Negative Tarpley1938
(1 review)
On Sep 22, 2011, Tarpley1938 TARPLEY, TX wrote:

I made a recent purchase of several lilies and several water plants from this company. After several weeks I requested a confirmation on shipping or arrival date, never got a reply. They came u s postal service on a Saturday & all was beautiful except for one lily it was thrashed a bit and we planted all same day.. After due time the scraggaly lily would not sprout and after a request to Pond Megastore for return instructions they said there was only a 24 hr window to report a damaged plant. I am fortunate to have known and worked for Dr. Clyde Ikins at Lakeside Gardens and most water lily gardeners know it sometimes take several days for a plant to show growth. How would you know a tuber was not alive in 24 hours.
Heres the email.

Hi Rickey,

If a plant comes in damaged we do need to know that within 24hrs of arrival per our replacement policy. I can offer you 1/2 off another lily but the replaement date has pastby about 5 weeks.

Please let me know what you would like to do.

Thank you,
Zac - Pond Megastore

On Sep 22, 2011, Pond Megastore responded with:

"On Sep 22, 2011 8:55 PM, Pond Megastore responded with:

Hi again Ricky,
Thank you for saying all the other plants but 1 arrived beautiful. As stated in multiple pages online our policy the 'terms and conditions of sale' in the online order checkout,

[PLEASE inform us within 24 hours of getting live plants if anything arrives in less than perfect shape.] You could have just said if this tuber that is not in as good a shape as the others won't grow it needs replaced.

You agreed to this by advancing past the 'terms and conditions of sale', and placing that order online. Now 5 weeks after getting the plants you are claiming one arrived in less than good shape. There is no replacement plant offer if the first time we hear from you is 40 days after delivery and that is stated online.

I did off you 1/2 off another waterlily.

This package was delivered Aug 17th and all that is required is you had let us know by Monday August 19th. Today is September 22nd and I responded to that email within minutes this evening.

Proceeding in 'Terms and Conditions' in the checkout is a contract, and by not contacting us you broke that contract agreement. I still offered you a discount on a replacement of that lily which I did not have to do.

On Sep 23, 2011 5:32 AM, Pond Megastore added:

Upon checking the usps delivery record,

Please note you said you got this package from the PO boxyou had this shipped to on a Saturday. According to the delivery confirmation we shipped this box on Monday Aug15th at 1:24PM and it arrived just less than 2 days later on Wednesday 10:36AM. Could you have let it sit in the PO Box until Saturday? usps Tracking number 9101 0105 2129 7188 6701 03"

Negative dgsyhaw
(1 review)
On Nov 30, 2010, dgsyhaw Carrollton, TX wrote:

BE PREPARED FOR PROBLEMS. I ordered plants April 25, 2010 and one arrived dead. I opened the package immediately when it arrived. On the phone, they said they would send a replacement. It never arrived and I called again a week later. They said it was too hot for replacement. On May 27, they emailed me that they issued a credit to my credit card...NEVER HAPPENED (I checked my account). I spent the summer trying to obtain this credit without success. I called and left voice mails (no answer), resent my email documentation (no reply), sent documentation by US mail (no reply), and sent email to them through this website (no reply). This is my first experience being bilked by an online vendor. I agree with the other negative reviews and would never believe anything this company told me. They will be ramping up for business again in Spring 2011 when they may answer the phone again so BUYER BEWARE. The persons I interacted with when they bothered was Zac and Marcela.

Negative Hillbilly_Gran
(23 reviews)
On Jul 17, 2010, Hillbilly_Gran Jasper, AR (Zone 7a) wrote:

Posted on July 15, 2010, updated July 17, 2010
I placed an order with Pond Megastore for several items. After several weeks I contacted them requesting a shipping date since the plants I ordered are annuals in my zone. I received no response. I then contacted them and requested a refund, again no response. I currently have a claim for a refund pending with Paypal. They were asked to respond to Paypal by today. As of a few minutes ago, they have not responded to the Paypal claim.

On July 17th, 2010, Hillbilly_Gran added the following:

They never replied to the Paypal dispute and Paypal refunded my money. Save yourself a headache and shop for pond plants elsewhere.
Negative Kd41184
(1 review)
On Jul 11, 2010, Kd41184 Matthews, NC wrote:

Wish I had visited this site prior to ordering, then I would have known better as most of this feedback for them is poor. I ordered plants from them and one arrived rotted out and on the brink of dead. I contacted them, and came to find out later it was the owner zac who was corresponding with me. Not only was he unwilling to replace a less than $10 plant, he rudely insisted it must have been my care that had killed the plant, even though my other 2 were taken care of in the exact same manner and were thriving. After numerous emails and requests to make this right, he stopped responding and ignored my request for a phone call completely. I would NEVER recommend anyone order from them, they do not service their customers and clearly do not want repeat business.

On Jul 11, 2010, Pond Megastore responded with:

"On Jul 11, 2010 4:58 PM, Pond Megastore responded with:

As we talked about: If you recieved anything in less than perfect condition all you have to do is contact us within 24 hours of getting the plants WHICH YOU DID NOT FOLLOW which is why there is no refund. You agreed to this term by moving forward in the ordering proces.

Kirstin you ordered blody dock, 3 of them growing in water and told me you planted them indoors.

As we discussed at length bloody dock can be grown easily outside of water (pond conditions) but these plants are not easily adjusted in doing so.

We sent you 3 good plants 2 of which you state are fine and you DID NOT follow Terms and Conditions of the sale and report any damage or death of the plant within 24 hrs of getting them. You want to claim its a dumb agreement you are unwilling to follow.

We have this warranty just for customers like you who decide to do things like plant these plants incorrectly. You state you bought 40 of these same plants at lowes in the garden area. Those one of course are not acclimated to growing in water 24/7 and those are the bloody dock you should be planting outside of a bog or pond.

If you want plants for your house or yard do not buy aquatically acclimated plants.

As we talked about: If you recieved anything in less than perfect condition all you have to do is contact us within 24 hours of getting the plants which you did not follow which is why there is no refund. You agreed to this term by moving forward in the ordering proces. "

Negative hunter110
(1 review)
On May 2, 2010, hunter110 Winston Salem, NC wrote:

I placed an order and paid for express shipping. The company charged my credit card immediately, but it was 2 weeks later that I received the package. I had signed up for email notification and no email was received telling me the package was sent. When I got the box it had four very small plants in it, (not looking at all like the picture on the web site) no instructions, no invoice showing what I bought just the plants in a wet paper tool in a baggie. I would not recommend this company.

On May 2, 2010, Pond Megastore responded with:

"On May 2, 2010 11:25 AM, Pond Megastore responded with:

Hi Hunter110, I am only finding 1 order of plants to winston salem, if you can provide me with an order number I can better help you. The 1 order I see is only for snowflakes, a floating pond plant that does not require planting.

We do not offer express shipping on plants, Priority Mail is the only option. Fish, Snails, and Tadpoles are the only overnight shipping we do.

Our shipping and planting instructions are at the TOP RIGHT corner of every page on our website. They are listed here so that customers can read about planting before they decide to order as some customers do not want to put plants in soil in the pond. If you could provide me a order number I could see if this order was the one with just snowflakes in it which require no planting/optional planting. Thank you."

Negative tradesman522000
(1 review)
On Aug 30, 2009, tradesman522000 Berkeley Springs, WV wrote:

Ordered some Frogbit plants and when they arrived they were a batch of dead rotten plants. Pond Megastore blames it on the post office and the post office says it's not their fault. Pond Megastore refuses to ship replacement plants and is fighting my dispute of the credit card charge. Pond Megastore does not answer their phone and does not return phone calls. DO NOT ORDER FROM POND MEGASTORE.

Negative 123gar
(1 review)
On Jun 23, 2009, 123gar Collierville, TN wrote:

I ordered plants in March 09, 3 weeks later I e-mailed them they said they would ship in 2 weeks depending on the weather. 5 weeks later I e-mailed them again they said they shipped 2 weeks earlier no shipping confirmation or anything. To make a long story short they blamed the post office. I've lived here for 12 years and have never lost a package, anyway I lost the 100 dollars I payed these people.I WOULD BACKFILL MY POND WITH SAND BEFORE I WOULD BUY PLANTS FROM THESE PEOPLE

Negative MAVIS1
(1 review)
On May 29, 2009, MAVIS1 Huntley, MT wrote:

I placed my order on May 1, 2009 and my credit card was
immediately charged. I received a confirmation right away, never received my plants. After several emails and phone calls I finally received a call back telling me that because I live in zone 4 my plants would not be shipped until the week of 5/18/09. It is now 5/29/2009 and I have still not received my plants. I have called again and emailed, neither have been responded to.

Must use Pony Express instead of FedEx as method of shipment.

Very disappointed. I have contacted my credit card company and have put a hold on the payment.


On July 2nd, 2009, MAVIS1 added the following:

Update! I finally received my plants, but before I got them via US postal, Pay Pal charged Pond Megastore back, I immediately received a call from Pond Megastore, up until this time they completely ignored my emails and phone calls. They wanted to recharge my credit card, I told them at that time, that if I was satisfied with the plants I would contact my credit card company and have payment reissued. At that time I told the customer service that there were 2 of the plants that I did not think were going to live, I was instructed to email pictures of the plants, and they would be replaced. I emailed the pictures on 6/19/09, as of today I have not received the replacement plants, and I have not heard from them again. I will never, ever buy from this company again.
On August 14th, 2009, MAVIS1 added the following:

Still have not received replacement parts, supposedly they
shipped. On 8/3/09 I emailed Pondmegastore for a tracking #, the tracking # that they responded with is invalid, I have
emailed them for a correct tracking # and they have not
responded. Poor, poor customer service.
Negative omeallymd
(1 review)
On May 27, 2009, omeallymd Milwaukee, WI wrote:

I had ordered some water hyacinth in late April. By the end of the1st week in May I had not received them, nor any word of explanation. I e-mailed their customer service, who replied that they had not been sent because I live in zone 4. I told them I live in zone 5b, and would like my plants ASAP. No reply, no plants. Two more e-mails: no reply, no plants. When they finally arrived, they were small, sickly pale, with the roots falling off. They all soon died. I emailed the company (again): no reply! DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!

Negative flgweedo
(2 reviews)
On May 8, 2009, flgweedo Ocala, FL wrote:

Placed an order on 4/3/09 and still have not received it. Originally placed the order through Treasure Island Aquatics because it was a "local" FL company. Much to my surprise, when the order was processed, it went through Pondmegastore. Had I know that I would never have placed the order in the first place! I have sent at least 6 emails about the status of my order, especially becuase money was debited from my Paypal account on 4/6/09. My last 2 email were requests to cancel my order. I did receive one response from "Zac" who said my order should arrive between 4/20-4/27. I finally called both Pondmegastore and Treasure Island Aquatics today and was not able to speak to anyone as I got an answering machine at both places. I did leave my phone # but doubt I will ever hear back from them, similar to the experiences of other customers who have also had negative experiences with them. I guess my only recourse will be to contact the Better Business Bureau in both Ohio and Florida.

Negative jimncindy1
(1 review)
On Jul 17, 2008, jimncindy1 Joelton, TN wrote:

I had ordered 30 trap door snails for my pond on May 30, 08, paying $48.75. When they arrived the following week 7 of them floated. Not knowing anything about the snails I called the Pond Mega Store and was told they were dead and to send an email explaining what happened and that the snails would be replaced. An email was sent the next day. This was the first week in June. Im still waiting for the snails to arrive!
I have not heard a word on the replacement snails. I have called multiple times, leaving multiple voice messages, and have sent several emails with not one response. I happened to call again a few weeks ago and sounded like I caught the owner walking out the door. He said he would have the snails mailed out monday. Hmmm......I wonder which monday he meant? Still have not seen them!!!! It's been over 7 weeks. This is extremely POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!
I absolutely hate it when companies take your money for products and services and then have nothing to do with you when you have a problem or complaint. I will not be recommending this store/web site to anyone.
Cynthia Johnson
Joelton, Tennessee

Negative hpdmaker
(2 reviews)
On Jun 15, 2008, hpdmaker Fayetteville, GA wrote:


Negative flatsfisher
(1 review)
On May 24, 2006, flatsfisher Eastham, MA wrote:

I placed a large order with this company May 8th 06'. Order was allegedly shipped several days later, although conflicting info was given to me about the carrier USPO or Fedex.

Its now 2 weeks later and I hav'nt rec'd order nor will Pondmegastore answer either the phone or my numerous e-mails..........caveat emptor.

One thing they are prompt with is charging your credit card acct. that was done the same day as the order.

Chas Wahl Jr

Negative ShaunaDavis
(1 review)
On Nov 4, 2005, ShaunaDavis Bloomington, IN wrote:

order was placed on 9/12/05 and my credit card was billed. I am still attempting to receive my order and am unsuccessful at reaching a customer service representative.

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