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Negative Rhensrude
(1 review)
On Mar 27, 2014, Rhensrude Everett, WA wrote:

My husband and I have purchased items from the store. Our last purchase was three grow lights in early March 2012. We have had positive experiences with their store personnel. I had not checked any reviews of Charley's until the last few weeks when I experienced similar customer service problems as other reviewers.

My husband noticed one of the lights stopped working by the end of my growing season last summer. He figured the ballast had gone out. He tested the tubes in another fixture and found two were out and two still worked.
I talked to a staff person at the Charley's booth at the NW Flower and Garden Show. She suggested I call the store. I called the store 2/18 to see if the fixture was still under warranty. The woman I spoke to didn't have an answer. She would need to check with someone else who would check with the vendor.

I made calls on 2/21, 3/1, 3/8, 3/17, 3/20 and 3/25. It took two weeks to find out if I could get a new fixture. They did check with the company and finally confirmed they would honor the five year warranty. Charley's would need to place the order. The person I spoke with said the company had taken over another company. She said they had had problems getting answers from the company. After some more back and forth, they said they would order the fixture (I was surprised they didn't have it in stock). They placed the order in early March (I think March 4). I called 3/8 to get an idea of when it would be shipped. I got a call back on 3/10. I was told they wouldn't have it until the end of the week or early next week.

I called 3/17. They said they had no word yet. I asked if they could check when it was shipped. I was surprised they didn't have any tracking information. I called 3/20. The person I spoke to said she thought it was in transit from CA. I called 3/25 and lo and behold, they said it was in. I told them I would pick it up on 3/26 and would bring the old fixture. When I got there, I was asked why the fixture didn't have the light tubes. I had explained on the phone early on that two were out and the other two were put in another fixture where two had gone out.

These fixtures are available through Amazon. If we need to replace one again, I'll order through Amazon where we get express shipping and notification where the order is and precisely when it will be delivered.

I think Charley's needs to take a good look at their customer service procedures. I was disappointed in how slow it took to get any answers. I wasn't satisfied that they blamed everything on the vendor. We live an hour south of Charley's. We won't waste our time and gas to deal with them again.

On Mar 27, 2014, Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Supply responded with:

"On Apr 14, 2014 9:44 PM, Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Supply responded with:

Yes we remember helping you get your light fixture replaced. Please keep in mind that we are a small American business competing with multi-national large corporations out there. We have to follow all the guidelines to make sure our vendors honor the warranties they extend to their products and our customers. In your particular situation, one company had been acquired by another company --- would they honor the original warranty? Would the warranty be voided because we don't have all the lights with the fixture we are returning? These questions need to be answered to avoid a problem, we just need to jump though all the hoops that are required. We apologize that replacing your fixture took longer than was anticipated and if you felt we didn't have all the answers in a timely manner, but we have to be careful when dealing with outside companies and we also have to be accurate, it is a give and take process. We're glad your fixture was finally replaced, we know your plants were relieved. We appreciate your business and hope that you will consider doing business with us again in the future. - Charley's Greenhouse

Negative baileyhermit
(2 reviews)
On Feb 8, 2014, baileyhermit Pine, CO wrote:

Ordered a heat saver fan from Charlies (hang from ceiling to help disperse the heat downward towards benched) Total price with shipping was $106.90.

Shipment arrived promptly, and box was undamaged.

Took fan out to inspect, and plugged it in. The speed of the fan was not a constant speed, and something sounded off. Let it run for over an hour...still defective. Enclosed unit, no switches, just plug or unplug it...

Called the company and explained to person that fan did not run right. She actually said "Well, can you just go ahead and use it?"

REALLY? I asked for a call tag to send the product back, and she said she had to check with her manager...and that they never had a request like this before.

Patiently waited about 3 or 4 days and never heard anything. Called again, spoke to the same person, and she said she had sent an email to her manager, but someone was out sick, and they were preparing for the spring show etc etc... I told her I needed this fan as I had several hundred transplants that were out or going out into the greenhouse. Said she would send another email to her manager.

So I emailed the company saying I was dissatisfied, and promptly got a response back with a call tag and a note saying that they would repair the fan (WHAT???) or send a replacement.

What kind of business would sell a defective fan, repair it, then send it back. Why not just send a new one?

Sent the fan back today with request just to refund my money.

I realize things happen, but who in their right mind would pay over $100.00 for a fan (which for the quality is way overpriced and not worth it), have to send it back, and hoping it will be repaired properly?

Yikes, not too impressed : ( with the quality, the service or their policies.

On Feb 8, 2014, Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Supply responded with:

"On Apr 14, 2014 4:26 PM, Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Supply responded with:

Please accept our apologies for your bad experience this go around at Charley's Greenhouse. As a small business, we ask our staff to take on many duties, unfortunately, not all staff members are as versatile in all aspects of customer service as others. It becomes especially noticeable when our staff is dispersed due to garden show staffing. As is our normal policy, we always pay to have defective products returned to us. Since Charley's is also a manufacturer, it is not unusual for us to assemble, repair, or create products. The Heat Saver Fan is a product that we assemble from scratch here in our workshop, so switching out a defective part, such as the complete fan motor, would not be uncommon, as the housing would not be affected and is new. We paid the return shipping for the Heat Saver Fan and we have honored the customer's wishes to simply cancel the order and credit her card."

Negative mbabco
(1 review)
On Dec 30, 2009, mbabco wrote:

Roughly two years ago I purchased a Prewired Portable Heater Thermostat from Charley's. It was manufactured with their name on it. About 11 months later (warranty was 1 year) I came into the greenhouse and although the thermostat was set to 60 and the temperature was 75, the heater was on full blast. I returned it to Charley's and some time later they (reluctantly, it seemed to me) sent us a new thermostat (they said it worked when they checked it). Another 11 months later and the replacement thermostat started acting erratic -- same scenario, turning the heater on when the temperature was 15 degrees above the thermostat setting. This time Charley's refused to do anything: when you buy a product and it's replaced, the original warranty is not extended so the replacement thermostat essentially had no warranty by the time I received it. When I shopped around I found a product that appears similar in every way for $20 bucks (about 30%) cheaper. So Charley's sold me an overpriced product with their name on it that twice failed within a year and the second time they declined to do anything about it. Because of this I twice had a couple thousand dollars worth of orchids in a greenhouse in November without an adequate thermostat while a replacement was sent or obtained. My impression: an overpriced company that puts their name on a poorly-made product and then decline to stand behind that product.

Negative snipertay
(1 review)
On May 18, 2009, snipertay Sedalia, CO wrote:

Read all the reviews & laughed; I got the same letter from them. HMM.
So last year I ordered bubble wrap insulation; pricey; but obviously not your UPS packaging wrap. Hung it up; needed more; so I placed an order for 2 more rolls. OH, and they WAY over charge you on shipping! Instead of honoring your business; they penalize you for it. I paid $49.00 to have 2 rolls of bubble wrap shipped ground- actual weight 15lbs. Weight on sticker: 83 lbs..???? And I placed my order on the 5th; they said it didn't enter their system until the 9th?? How old is their computer. Won't use them again!

Negative knpeterson
(4 reviews)
On Mar 6, 2009, knpeterson Waynesville, MO wrote:

I do not think I will ever order from Charley's again. This was my first and last time. I wish I would have found this website before I ordered, I would not have wasted my time with them. I ordered a small/lightweight order on 3/2/09 (Monday) and their website said that orders would be sent out in two bus. days after the order or 3 or 4 if it is the busy season. When Friday came around and no email of order shipment I called. I talked to a very catty customer rep who tartly told me that I had placed my order on Wednesday 3/04/09. I explained that no I did not I placed it on the 2nd and my confirmation email proves it. She then in a very tart tone again informed me that just because I ordered on Monday does not mean that my order was really placed then. My order was actually placed two days later. Funny, anytime I ordered from any other supplier, my order was placed at the time I placed it. I was not aware that my order was placed two days later and now it will not ship out until Tuesday (maybe). More than a week after I ordered it. The whole reason I ordered it from them was because of the quick shipping!!! I told the rep that I probably would not have ordered from them had I know this is what was going to happen and she said "Maybe you shouldn't have!"
I have noticed in this companies replies to bad feedback that they take no ownership in any of the problems. They seem to have horrible customer service and if I am nice to a customer rep, I expect the same from them. Not the case here. There is more to a company than what they sell and Charley's Greenhouse just doesn't have much going for them in the customer service department. I don't know, maybe they hire all the throwbacks from telemarketing companies or just people who suffer from narcissism.

On March 27th, 2009, knpeterson changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

I am changing my feedback from Neutral to NEGATIVE! What I stated about Charley's customer service is far more true than even I believed!! After my orginal posting I received this email from the head of customer service at Charley's.

Dear KN Peterson,

I am sorry to have to contact you this way, but I am unable to locate your information in our system without having more information. I would like to start by saying that I am theOperations Manager at Charley's and am responsible for the customer service staff.

I would really like the opportunity to discuss this matter with you, should you be willing to give me a call. I understand your unhappiness, and would like to get some more information from you. I would really appreciate hearing from you on this matter.

I am sorry for your experience with our company,

Sherry Klander
Operations Manager
Charley's Greenhouse and Garden
(360) 395-3021
[email protected]

* I was impressed and suprised! I really thought I might have been wrong until I tried to contact her. I tried to call a couple of times and never could reach her so I left her a message on her voice mail and then I sent her an email as well. I was very pleasent and wanted to resolve this as well. I NEVER HEARD BACK FROM HER AGAIN AFTER SHE REQUESTED THAT I CONTACT HER...AND I DID, IN TWO DIFFERENT FORMS!! I hope that Charley's doesn't pay very well. At least then you could use the excuse "You get what you pay for."
Negative caballosresort
(1 review)
On Jan 30, 2009, caballosresort wrote:

I purchased a greenhouse from Charley’s Greenhouse and it collapsed after 5 months. I was shocked at the poor quality of the greenhouse for the price, but still hired a retired engineer and two people who work at the resort to set it up because I like things done properly. It collapsed in 5 months. It took over a month of constant calling and emailing to get a response to the problem. However, when I bought it, they quickly took my money. You can check out my greenhouse at Over the last 23 years we have had greenhouses from several sources in 3 western states without any problems at all until this one.

On February 2nd, 2009, caballosresort added the following:

This greenhouse was assembled in June of 2008. It was properly anchored in the same way we anchored all our greenhouses. The problem from the start was the ridiculous way the panels are attached. The “glazing clips” were constantly working loose. Since there is only the most archaic ventilation system, if the vents are closed and the glazing clips fail, then too much pressure builds in the greenhouse. Eventually it will collapse.
On February 2nd, 2009, caballosresort added the following:

Our Costco greenhouse (see website) is located in the same place, is 4 years old now and we have had no problems with it at all.
On Jan 30, 2009, Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Supply responded with:

"On Jan 31, 2009 7:53 PM, Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Supply responded with:

The Facts:

This greenhouse was purchased in August of 2007

Had the greenhouse been properly anchored, it may have been able to withstand the high winds.

No greenhouse is immune to extreme weather.

Charley's strongly recommends at the time of purchase that the greenhouse be added to your homeowners insurance."

Negative toddottgardener
(7 reviews)
On Sep 25, 2008, toddottgardener Grand Rapids, MI wrote:

i emailed them three times in 7 days with a simple question about polycarbonate for my greenhouse. no answer. not very good customer service.

On Sep 25, 2008, Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Supply responded with:


On Oct 16, 2008 1:16 PM, Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Supply added:

Dear Valued Charley's Customer,

While we strive for nothing less than excellent customer service, sometimes things happen and we fail to do that. Our Customer Service Department sent you an e-mail, which I have shown below, in an effort to contact you. Since we have still had no response I am posting it, so that we may be able to contact you thru Daves Garden. Please know that we would like nothing more than to resolve this issue.

Sherry Klander
Operations Manager
Charley's Greenhouse and Garden

Dear Todd,

I replied to your first e-mail on September 22nd and your last e-mail on October 2nd. I don't know what may have happended to the other two e-mails. Did you receive either e-mail that I sent? I have copied the e-mails below for your information. Since we are having trouble reaching you by e-mail, would you please contact me at 1-800-322-4707?

Growing Regards,
Emmy (Mary Ellen) Hage
Charley's Greenhouse and Garden Supply

On Oct 16, 2008 1:16 PM, Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Supply added:

Dear Valued Charley's Customer,

While we strive for nothing less than excellent customer service, sometimes things happen and we fail to do that. Our Customer Service Department sent you an e-mail, which I have shown below, in an effort to contact you. Since we have still had no response I am posting it, so that we may be able to contact you thru Daves Garden. Please know that we would like nothing more than to resolve this issue.

Sherry Klander
Operations Manager
Charley's Greenhouse and Garden

Dear Todd,

I replied to your first e-mail on September 22nd and your last e-mail on October 2nd. I don't know what may have happended to the other two e-mails. Did you receive either e-mail that I sent? I have copied the e-mails below for your information. Since we are having trouble reaching you by e-mail, would you please contact me at 1-800-322-4707?

Growing Regards,
Emmy (Mary Ellen) Hage
Charley's Greenhouse and Garden Supply


Negative lplaut
(1 review)
On Apr 19, 2008, lplaut Lummi Island, WA wrote:

If you're looking for inept customer service, poor quality goods, and high prices, then by all means shop Charley's. If, however, you'd rather spend your time and money gardening than trying to get refunds or responses when equipment doesn't work, I'd highly recommend that you look somewhere else! I've wasted countless hours and lost literally thousands of dollars due to a greenhouse that my husband purchased for me at Charley's. I would echo some of the other comments here in terms of Charley's tendency to send the wrong manual or wrong pieces when "fixing" a problem. Stay away from these folks, and you'll sleep better at night!

Negative cop327
(1 review)
On Jan 2, 2008, cop327 Fulton, MO wrote:

Ordered a greenhouse they sent the wrong instructions also sent some wrong parts/pieces. They did not return many phone calls we had to recall them. Stated they would pass the info on to the appropriate person never got a call back from either. I would never buy anything from these people. Their customer service was horrible.

Negative OrchidFan2
(1 review)
On Aug 8, 2007, OrchidFan2 Tampa, FL wrote:

Went to their website to find an item - it was listed "on sale" mailed a check to them. They called and said product amount was on check was wrong and that item was not "on sale". Told company representative that when I last looked on their website it was "on sale". They didn't say a word - offered no explanation but sent my check back to me upon request. So basically they do not honor the price that was advertised.

This website lists no details regarding sale items such as time limits/expiration on sale items, or any terms of provisions whatsoever. Appeared to me like the ole "bait and switch" tactic which is unprofessional and bush league. This company is not a customer-satisfaction based company. Would highly recommend that people avoid this company. For a sum of $5 they lost a potential customer and potential referrals.

Negative snakemtn
(1 review)
On Jul 4, 2007, snakemtn Vergennes, VT wrote:

Overpriced merchandise, EXTREMELY slow order fulfillment, and TERRIBLE customer service make a perfect trifecta. There are lots of better options out there from companies that really want to earn their customer's trust and respect. Don't waste your time (and money) with these inept people.

Negative GregoryMayfield
(2 reviews)
On May 16, 2007, GregoryMayfield Pleasant Hill, CA wrote:

I found Charley's Greenhouse having very poor customer follow through and service over all. I ordered a evaporative cooler and a shade cloth for my greenhouse. It took many phone calls and emails within two months to get them to tell me when my products were going to be shipped and tracking numbers information. Customer service staff wouldn't call me back after leaving messages for them. Emails weren't also returned. My evaporative cooler was delivered damaged and still haven't worked them problem out. And the cooler didn't look like the one in their website. If you order from them have a paper trail concerning the order and when they say they will deliver the products.

Gregory Mayfield
Pleasant Hill, CA

On June 14th, 2007, GregoryMayfield added the following:

June 14th. 2007 After Posting feedback. I received a call from the very person in Charley's Greenhouse customer service that I had problems with. Telling me that "Maybe I shouldn't shop at Charley's Greenhouse if I had so many problems". This person was very unprofessional and instead of taking the comments and building a better relationship with a customer. She went the other way. If you purchase items, document your purchases and delivery dates you may need them later on. And if you post any negative comments you may also get a "shop somewhere else" call of your own from Charley's Greenhouse.
On May 16, 2007, Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Supply responded with:

"In response to Mrs. Mayfield:

HOW TO BE A GOOD CUSTOMER: We realized that most folks have never been trained to be a good customer, so we decided to offer a few pointers. First of all, become an educated customer by reading the catalog instructions carefully (if you are reading this, it's a good sign). When calling, please be patient. While you are the most important person at that moment, there are many more of you than there are of us, either on the other line, or standing at our office door.

Whether on the phone or in person, it is important to be nice. Nice customers get amazingly better results than those with a different attitude. We hire only nice people, and we want only nice customers. If you are a *mean person*, we will be glad to provide you with a list of companies that deserve your business.

Our company uses a thought process called logic. Logic dictates that if you order products and forget to open them for a couple of months, don't ask us to send free replacements. If your products are fine when they arrive, and are later eaten by a vicious monster, die from drought, or look like a fire hydrant to your dog...don't ask for quote Trek's Spock, "It is illogical."

We understand that folks change their problem. The changing of one's mind at the last minute inevitably causes snafus on the receiving end. Please, if you change your mind, do so far enough in advance that we can accommodate your change. Too many last minute shipping changes have resulted in unwanted mixups, not to mention a Valium dispenser in our shipping department!

Thank you, *barrowed from Plant Delights Nursury, INC Thank you for such a wonderful Creed that certian people should live by."

Negative mtntrtl
(1 review)
On Nov 8, 2006, mtntrtl Portland, ME wrote:

I ordered some beneficial insects from Charleys, a company I had done decent business with before. I paid for 2day shipping for an expensive (to me) order of bugs. On the same day, I placed a similar order for different bugs from another retailer. The other retailer (GreenMethods I believe) shipped them to me and they arriaved in great shape two days later. The order from Charleys did not arrive for nine days!!!!! I worked from home for 5 business days waiting for the bugs, by day 9, I had to go out of town. The bugs finally arrived and inspite of the two day shipping, they were dead. Charleys has been very rude, told me it was my fault I was not waiting at home (even though I waited for 5 days!!!!). They are refusing to send more bugs or to credit my account. I am out a good amount of money and they are being very rude on the phone and blaming me!

I had done business with them before and while the products were great, they took much longer to ship supplies than anyone else I had ordered from (up to a month). I never expected that This trend would hold on living material. Apparantly, once you order live stuff from Charleys, you have to take a month off work to wait for the order.

Negative lmtsher
(13 reviews)
On Jul 11, 2006, lmtsher Saint Paul, MN wrote:

I placed an order for a small amount of shade cloth on 6/13. As of 7/11, I still have neither received the shipment, nor an explanation as to why it is not here. I consider this unacceptable service.

Negative GeorgeW
(1 review)
On Mar 27, 2003, GeorgeW wrote:

Ordered a greenhouse and never called before delivery, it just showed up, damaged. It took another 10 days to get replacement parts and they were not taped on top. I was told the tape would be sent and I would receive it the next day and I called 3 days later, was told they just shipped it. All they can say is "they are sorry". They do not bend over backwards for customer service problems. They do not value customers. I will shop elsewhere.

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