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Negative DavesGarden0302
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On Jan 17, 2012, DavesGarden0302 State College, PA wrote:

Negative because of High Shipping cost. Looked like a good company, nice selection, and non profit -- but it turns out they have High shipping costs. Tried a nice size order (around $50). When shipping costs were shown they amounted to an additional $1.20 per packet or 22% of order. If it was a very small order that might make sense because of fixed cost for envelop and printing. No individual items was more then 1 oz. I calculate Total order around 6 - 8 oz so first class postage around $2.50 plus cost of envelop and printing... I thought there must have been a mistake, contacted them and was informed they include the cost of the packaging person (handling) in the shipping cost,and it takes one person 45 minutes to fill a ten packet order, which means they must be paying that person by the piece otherwise the employee would be paid regardless and cost would be a cost of doing business as a mail order company....Its a shame this coompany feels then must do this but I am glad most seed companies dont do this