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Negative jebarton
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On May 6, 2017, jebarton Amelia Court House, VA wrote:

In 2010 and 2013 I ordered from Murry Mcmurry. I ordered Brown Egg layers. I did not loose a single chick from these orders. I ordered 25 Brown egg layers and 15 Bantams, straight run, clean legs this spring. Of the Brown egg layers I lost 2. I called for advise, the people who answered were very helpful. I did not ask for a refund, I was upset because I lost the peeps. The week of May 1 I received the bantam order. They sent 21. 2 were dead. Within 24 hours I had lost 7 more. It has been 3 days since I received the peeps, I have 4 left alive, but hold no hope that they will survive. I am very disappointed to say the least. When I called them on day 2 they gave me a full... refund, but charged me for shipping me sick peeps! This will be the last order I will ever place with them. And it is not really the money, but watching these babies die one by one... They are in the living room, with a heat lamp... monitored constantly... On a side note, I ordered the 'starter kit', lol, the lamp housing came smashed, and the bulb lasted less than a week. And No... I did not report that to them, but... beware.. not sure what has changed, but .. it has...

Negative loubro
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On Jun 2, 2015, loubro Chesterfield, VA wrote:

Pre-ordered from Murray McMurray back in February and just received my order yesterday morning. Ten of the 24 died. They did add six extra chicks (not sure what breed), which is a plus. I ordered mostly bantams, rare breeds. I will say that their customer service is awesome as far as refunding, but I am so disappointed and really wanted those breeds. They will not reship since it does not meet their minimum shipping requirements. This was my first time ordering from this company and definitely my last.

Negative DaniBird
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On Aug 28, 2014, DaniBird wrote:

I know there are many risks to ordering hatching eggs over the Internet, but I am very suspicious of McMurray.
I ordered ten chicken eggs and received twelve. They were poorly packaged and three were broken. Not only were they broken, but they were completely smashed. Curiously, there was absolutely no damage to the box. Of the nine eggs that weren't destroyed, two were cracked, and all had detached or broken air cells. I also noticed that they were all extremely porous, which draws my attention because it is said that they examine all of their eggs at the hatchery.
Though I figured they might be savable and put clear nail polish on the cracked ones. I then let them sit at sixty degrees with the fat ends up for seventeen hours. I never touched them without washing my hands in hot water. After they were done sitting, I boiled a foam egg carton to kill any germs, let it cool, and set the eggs inside it within the incubator, which was already set to to 99.4 degrees with 45 percent humidity. Using hospital gloves, I turned them once on the first day, then proceeded to turn them five times per day. It is now day eight, none of the eggs have developed at all, and I've found that two had been scrambled. I always give them until day ten, but I can already tell that no babies are coming out of these eggs.
Frankly, I've had much better results from duck eggs that I ordered off of eBay.

Negative vayapues
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On Jul 1, 2013, vayapues Salt Lake City, UT wrote:

This is the first time that I have ordered from this company, though I have purchased other farm animals online, and had them shipped from various other organizations.

I ordered 45 individual chicks. 30 white breasted chickens, and 15 layer hens. I was counting on these birds for this year's final production totals on my homestead.

I ordered in early March, but they did not ship until late June. resulting that my turkeys would not be ready until December (rather than Thanksgiving). Oh well! I thought to myself that I would just sell them as Christmas birds instead of the more lucrative Thanksgiving bird.

Within two days, 44 of the 45 birds were dead. They were in a clean pen, they had plenty of chick starter and fresh water, they temperature was controlled. I have raised these animals for years, I know how to handle chicks.

I called them, and they were very friendly. They offered to send me another shipment of chickens. They informed me that they did not have any more turkeys to send me, and so they refunded the full cost.

The second shipment of chickens all arrived dead.

I called, and they refunded the cost of the chickens. I am left with one turkey this year, and NO fresh layer hens. Finding chicks this late in the season is really not possible.

This company does have excellent customer service. They were responsive and helpful. However, at least in my case, the quality of their birds was terrible.

I appreciate their customer service, but I will not deal with them again. I am out all my profit this year, as a result of trusting them.

Negative Lstein
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On Jun 11, 2013, Lstein Gladstone, ND wrote:

Posted on April 16, 2013, updated June 11, 2013
Posted on March 19, 2013, updated April 16, 2013
Posted on March 14, 2013, updated March 19, 2013
I will definitely be ordering from this hatchery again for my future orders. Currently my batch of chicks, which are mostly layers, top hats, and feather footed, are 3 days old and are a group of little piglets that like to sit on fingers. I did lose a couple during shipment, and it was mostly due to weather I believe, we had some cold temps and high winds(going to force myself to wait the extra couple weeks next year). I notified McMurray of my losses within the 48 hour deadline, and although they were sorry about the loss, they refunded my account no problem. I did my order online and was very pleased with how user friendly their site is. I have another order of broilers coming and have no second thoughts on using this hatchery. Great customer service and great chicks! Will update as chicks get older.

On March 19th, 2013, Lstein added the following:

I am happy to say that my little balls of fluff, now a week old, have turned into even larger piggies that entertain themselves by flapping their wings (those that have some feathers) and racing around the brooder. I am so pleased with how good their doing compared to the batch i got from another hatchery. I have 115 more chicks, mostly broilers, coming in a few weeks and have no douts that I will be just as pleased.
On April 16th, 2013, Lstein added the following:

I received my 2nd order from McMurray this week and can gladly say they are still #1 in my books. After spending the whole weekend worrying that there would be disaster, with the large amount of snow we received here in the Midwest and interstate being closed, they all arrived healthy and active (very active, I could hardly keep them in the box when I took of the lid, almost had to reconsider giving them sugar water). They were very impatient little guys when taking them out one by one to give them their first sip, which was interrupted by having to chase down the escapees!
I had originally ordered 100 broilers, but “chickened” out and had it reduced to 50 which McMurray had no problem changing for me. All in all out of the 65 chicks I ordered in this batch I received 69! 52 broilers (2 extra, yay!) An additional white crested black polish cockerel, plus my free rare and exotic chick which appears to be either a barred rock or cuckoo maraan. (Crossing my fingers for a cuckoo maraan pullet!)
Thumbs up to the postal service too! For both orders the driver had the box of chicks sitting in the passenger seat with him. The ladies in the office were also great, offering to take them home for the day knowing that I may be snowed in. Trying to get them to give them up was a different story!
I can’t wait for next year’s order which will definitely be from Murray McMurray!

On June 11th, 2013, Lstein changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

Feeling pretty embarased for giving out so much praise for this hatchery. With my chickens now almost 3 months old, its clear I recieved a bunch of crossbred mutts. Light Brahmas with black everywhere, Black Australorps with white speckles on their chest, new hampshire reds with black spots everywhere, white crested black polish with black feathers in their crest, and the list goes on and on. After having paid top dollar for these birds, one would have thought that you would get better quality. I suggest anyone looking into getting chickens, to find a breeder that raises the breed you’re looking for. Because what mcmurray has in their nice fancy catalog is nowhere close to what you will get.
Negative daddezangel
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On Jun 6, 2013, daddezangel Maxwell, NM wrote:

I ordered 15 ornamental pullets. And 2 cochin roos. My experiance was horrible. On arrival 1 chick was dead. They sent me 6 polish breeds in the ornamental mix. Out of them i so far have 1 survivor. They sent me a golden penciled hamburg as my rare gift. It died as of day 2. In less then a week 7 died and i have two nearing death as we speak. As a mother of 5 , this is hard for my kids to see , as well for myself. Im so scared they my have some disease, That i have the sick ones separated from the well chicks although out of 18 chicks only 9 are still head far. I contacted MM twice the first time they gave me a refund for the first two who died. I contacted them again they gave me another refund for 4 more. I was never offered a reshipment of HEALTHY chicks. The shipping alone is very costly! I can honestly say im very upset about this whole ordeal and worried about my adult hens , praying they dont catch some disease from these poor sick chicks. I also keep them ALL very clean . And iam no rookie ive had mail order chicks off and for 15 years. This is my first time and last using MM. I did have them in my laundry room. But i did move them out to our mother-inlaw house. I have cocktails and a newborn child so out of fear i moved my poor little sick chicks. As of today i only have 9 happy chicks........but things can change it seems i lose one everyday =( Beware buyers........ P.S. i have always used Chickens for backyard or local ranch store......never had a death with them .Being able to choose 1 chick out different breeds just is not worth the pain. For my family or these poor chickies. Guess ill stick with what i know. Good healthy raising fellow farmers =)

Negative CHJ1
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On Mar 15, 2013, CHJ1 Mount Horeb, WI wrote:

In June of 2012 I ordered 3 goslings from McMurray Hatchery. I paid the extra shipping to accomodate the small number purchased. I ordered 2 female Embden Geese and 1 male African. The African turned out to be a bit tempermental so we gave him to our neighbor. As of this Spring, 2013, I find that I have only one female goose and the other a gander. They have built a nest and the eggs are fertile. Furthermore, they have many many gray feathers which seems suspectful to me as they are almost a year old. I not only didn't receive two females, but I question whether or not I received some sort of crossbreed?
Secondly, I ordered the Commercial Egg Layer bargain in July of 2012. In addition to this, I ordered a pair of Red Leghorn pullets and Buff Minorca pullets. The chicks were housed in immaculate surroundings and we kept them comfortable despite the summer heat. To my surprise, 13 of the White Leghorns dropped dead after having seizures, at approximately 5 weeks of age. I reported to McMurray, who responded with the "you better call your vet" response. I challenge them, as a chicken fanatic, that they perhaps sent me diseased birds? The Minorca and Red Leghorn were unscathed by the mystery illness, but the Leghorns were dropping like flies. These birds are to be very vigorous and disease tolerant. I lost a lot of time and money on that group. I will never buy their White Leghorns again!!!
Thirdly, I gave McMurray another chance October 2012. I ordered Ancona, Black Minorca, and Delaware. I knew at one month of age that I had received two cockerals of the Delaware. I immediately sent them an email only to receive a response that, "perhaps they are too young and I am mistaken"..Let me tell you that it is now March and no mistake about it. Additionally, the Black Minorca is to be a tall stately bird with depth, composition, and height. Mine are wimpy, wiry, 5# hens. Where are they getting these birds? The last time I ordered a Black Minorca from them she was tall, graceful, and had a look more toward the standard.

In conclusion, I question why I have recieved so many lackluster birds and whomever is sexing the poultry may need to take a little more time perfecting their craft. I am ordering all of my chicks from Sandhill Preservation this year. They have the genetics with their Minorcas that will make me proud to have my daughter show them at the county fair. They also seem to have more concern for quality over quantity.

Lastly, I want to say to McMurray that not all of us are novices to chicken farming. You may be able to pull this crap with the new age chicken farmers, but not with this old boy!!

Negative ottobb
(3 reviews)
On Feb 12, 2012, ottobb Rapid City, MI wrote:

We ordered a mixed batch of chickens for delivery in June of 2011. They arrived in good order, with the exception of one that was dead and one that was badly deformed. The chick had one eye which was definitely not functional, as well as a very badly crossed beak, that rendered eating impossible. My kids felt sorry for it as all it did was bump into the walls of the brooder box and cheep helplessly. I tried in vain to feed it with a syringe, but a few days later it died. Obviously animals are born with defects, but why ship one to a customer? My wife e-mailed Murray to express our displeasure, but we never heard back from them. Therefore, we will probably order from another hatchery next time.

Negative 816April
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On Jun 20, 2011, 816April Kansas City, MO wrote:

Posted on June 9, 2011, updated June 20, 2011
I ordered the "rarest of rare assortment". I wanted to try something new. I realized that I may get 50% roosters, but I ended up with only 5 hens, out of 27! I thought they were being nice by throwing in 2 extra chicks. I assume they wanted to get rid of a couple more roosters. Also, they gave me 6 of one kind, the Red Cornish, which are basically meat birds, who eat all your food and don't lay well. All the really rare ones on their list, I didn't get. And the ones that are rare, I only received one each, roosters. I emailed them, they didn't respond. The lesson in this: Don't fall for the variety packs or anything straight run, unless you want a barn full of roosters, that fight all day, pick on your hens, and you can't even give away. Thanks for nothing McMurray Hatchery!!!

On June 20th, 2011, 816April added the following:

Found out today that Murray McMurray claims a common game chicken is a Modern BB Red Game chicken. How do I know? Well I have 4 of them they sent me. The Modern BB Game stands tall with long legs. The ones they sent me are of regular body shape.
***I want to mention to those who love MMM, good for you. But don't bad mouth those of us who have been mistreated and cheated by them. If you buy a car and you love it, then your friend buys the same car and it is a lemon, does your friend deserve to be called a naysayer, etc. for being unhappy with the car they purchased? Please allow all their own opinions, as we allow you yours.
Negative artathart
(2 reviews)
On Apr 18, 2011, artathart Hagerstown, MD wrote:

Posted on March 25, 2011, updated April 18, 2011
Posted on March 16, 2011, updated March 25, 2011
I ordered a rarest of the rare assortment from Murray McMurray last week and I got my baby chicks yesterday. I was surprised how small they were since the baby chicks I had gotten a coupel days earlier at TSC were much bigger. Either way when they arrived there was initially one death. One of my Buff Silkies. As the day went on I lost 5 more and as today went on I have now lost a total of 10. When I was up to 7 I called and asked for them to be replaced since they do have a 48 guarantee. When I called in, The lady was not willing to repalce my birds. Their gurantee states I can either have a refund or replacement of birds. I wanted my birds replaced since I had so many losses. She said no less than 25 birds can be shipped. I said, so the only way you will repalce my birds is if they all die? I asked to speak to a manager. She came back ont he line a few mins later and said her manager told her to send me 25 new rare assortment. I do not need 25 though I might with how fast they are dropping. So after some mild complaints and speaking with a manager, I am getting new baby chicks next Monday. I hope these will live. I am very dissapointed because of how much I paid. I had no choice but to order 25 birds and after shipping and vaccines paid over $100 for my baby chiks. Thats a lot of money for almost half to die. All of my Silkies died. They are only replacing 2 of them. I have since ordered from Meyer Hatchery and they were very nice and hopefully their chicks will be in better condition. I think they should have a 3-4 day guarantee since so many die.

On March 24th, 2011, artathart changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

I have since received my second shipment from This hatchery. Out of the 25 birds i got, 16 died within 3 days. I contacted th hatchery and they are sending me out my THIRD replacement of rare breed chicks. I dealt with a awful women on the phone who I couldn't even speak to any more so I had to call back and talk to someone else because she was so rude and argumentative with me. Not friendly at all. Well guess what I found out? In my last order, they sent me out 10 straight run chicks to cover my loss and put in 15 cockerals as "Filler" to keep them warm. Seeinf as there is only a chance that in a straight run of 10 I would likely only get 3-5 hens. So they sent me a entire order of roosters and didnt even bother to tell me. Doesnt seem to matter since 16 have passed away. But What if my 3-5 hens died? Now I have all roosters. What a waste of money. How could they do something like this and not inform me? I ordered 17 chicks from Meyer hatchery and 3 days later I don't have a single loss. I will order from them from now on. I dont care how long MurrayMcmurray has been in business. This is not accaptable. Too many deaths.
On April 18th, 2011, artathart added the following:

All my VACCINATED birds from MurrayMcmurray have cocci. All were vaccinated for both Mareks and Coccidiosis. All my chicks are pooping blood, weak and dying. I found out on a forum there are other people who also had their birds vaccianted as well and theres got it to. I was given at least 4 different excuses for why my vaccinated birds have Coccidiosis. None were benificial. I was issued a full refund (Pending) and I will never order from them again. All my birds from Meyer hatchery were healthy and amazing so I will stick with them! Stay far, far away from Murray hatchery!!!
Negative pjandme
(1 review)
On Mar 10, 2011, pjandme Placerville, CA wrote:

We ordered the Heavy Breed Brown Egg Layer Assortment and specified no extra or free birds. Minimum order is 25 chicks but we received 27. Thinking that a few were awfully small and this was a way to insure a successful delivery. Of the 26 that survived, 11 were sex-linked chicks and 15 were various other breeds. After 4 months we discovered 5 roosters in our mix. 5 out of 15 is a 70% accuracy rate. When I complained to the company, their customer service was not apologetic and only after a second email asking about the status of our first email, I received a terse email that they were doing more than expected by refunding me the minimum cost of the roosters and nothing more. The customer service is less than helpful as far as I am concerned and when I posted a less than complimentary comment on their website, they didn't post it. Beware, only GOOD comments get posted. I love the chickens I have, but now I will have to purchase additional chicks, from a local feed store, to replace the roosters I GAVE away, after feeding and caring for them for four months!

Negative equineplanner
(2 reviews)
On Feb 15, 2011, equineplanner La Grange, KY wrote:

Ordered some 43 chicks of various breeds. They were all dead on arrival. Somehow it took 5 days to travel 300 miles. Turns out the chicks started their U.S.P.S. journey at 3:38 a.m. on a Saturday morning Minneapolis, sat in the postal facility in Indianapolis all of Sunday and into Monday, went through a time warp of some sort and arrived in Louisville (two hours from Indy), Wednesday.
McMurray's explanation is that the Postal Service says they will have more outbound opportunities if they ship on Saturday. What does that matter if they all arrive dead? Why not ship Monday through Wednesday like the rest of industry? I've ordered from half a dozen hatcheries over the last two years, some as far as California, and never had a mortality rate even close to this disaster.
Finally, how vital can your chicks be if you receive them when they are already five days old? I'm no poultry expert, but what I've read says they need to have food and water by the end of the third day to have a shot of developing into normal birds. Some will survive of course but how much has their growth been stunted?

Negative kaydevmom
(1 review)
On Mar 18, 2010, kaydevmom Patterson, MO wrote:

My daughter just joined 4H so this was our first experience in receiving poultry through the mail. We ordered ducks from McMurray and chickens from Cackle Hatchery. Our 4H leader got all the orders together, placed them, and had them shipped. The first arrival was my daughters ducks from McMurray. There were 15 animals in the box and only 4 lived and now a week later only 2 remain. We think the runner ducks had something wrong with them because 2 of the ducks just did not grow. McMurray didn't care the animals died.. they would just reship them. Each shipment took 4 days to arrive and the second shipment only 5 lived out of 15. I conisder that just cruel.
Our order from Cackle was much much larger, close too 100 chickens and I believe 2 died. I will never order from McMurray again. I think its cruel to put children through what my daughter went through.

Negative hedgwytch
(3 reviews)
On Oct 19, 2009, hedgwytch Tulsa, OK wrote:

We ordered a batch of 25 Jumbo Cornish Broilers from MM hatchery. As it got closer to butchering time we realized that they were not growing like they should. We called the hatchery, sent pics and they agreed they had sent us the wrong birds. They had agreed to give us a store credit for the cost of chicks and shipping, only.

Today, we find out that they credited the credit card for less than the cost of the birds, and no shipping. They were gracious enough to offer us a 20% discount on our next order...which won't be happening!

We are waiting to hear from them about refunding the full purchase price plus shipping.

In the meantime, instead of having our own home-raised meat, we are stuck with 2 dozen roos that we can't do anything with.

The customer service has been less than helpful and the attitude of the place implied that it was our fault for not knowing sooner. This was our first time mail ordering chicks. We will not be ordering from McMurray ever again.

Also, they advertise a "Free Rare Chick" when you order 25 chicks. Ours was a red sex-link hybrid chicken. Not even a standard breed of chicken. I guess I was lucky it was a pullet, and not a rooster.

We are extremely upset by the way we have been treated by McMurray, and how long this is taking to resolve.

We are posting wherever there are reviews of McMurray. Hopefully enough people will see this and realize that they are not what they are cracked up to be.

Negative bexx
(1 review)
On Sep 22, 2009, bexx Streator, IL wrote:

I have been raising chickens for over 40 years, and have ordered fequently from MM over the last 30 years. I have regularly ordered butchering chickens and occasionally layers of asst. breeds. This year I ordered 25 Cornish, which turned out fine - no casualties and 12 Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, which were straight run. In the past, straight run has come out about even on the sexes, but not this year. They sent me 13 BLR Wyandottes, only 3 are pullets & 10 are roosters. I had tried their Silver Laced Wyandottes some years ago, but they were horrible quality. I would say buyer beware with this company - if you choose straight run of a rare variety, be prepared to get nearly all roosters. 3 pullets won't lay enough eggs to supply my needs. I called them and was basically told "it was my tough luck," not the best customer relations. I won't be sending my chick order to them next year, that's for sure!

Negative greekbecky
(2 reviews)
On Sep 12, 2009, greekbecky Pittsford, NY wrote:

I've never ordered from MM and I never will. They throw male chicks in a dumpster to suffocate as other males are piled on top of them. I like buy my chicks Sandhill Preservation. They don't sex them so you get an unknown ration of male/female chicks. If you get more males than you want, keep one to protect the flock and have someone "process" them for you. At Sandhill, they treat life with respect, not as a commodity.

Negative pinmania
(1 review)
On Jun 12, 2009, pinmania Chepachet, RI wrote:

I've ordered guinea eggs from them in the past, and they were fine. This year the chicken eggs they sent didn't hatch at all. We followed all directions and were careful about sanitation. The CS rep finally agreed to refund half of the money, but only after a battle. I ordered more eggs and an incubator. ( I emailed asking if these had shipped, and they said yes). Wrong. They sent the eggs but have no info on the tracking of the incubator, saying it should arrive next week. The CS message pretty much was "too bad". This company used to be reliable, but no more. Never again.

Negative booboo59
(2 reviews)
On May 13, 2009, booboo59 Wellington, AL wrote:

Received ten goslings from McMurray apprx three weeks ago. The birds have developed an illness that even a Professor at Auburn University can't figure out. One has died, and the others are going through the signs and symptoms. Called this company to tell them I had dying geese, and all the lady said was sorry....we don't have a vet on duty, can't help you. I can give you a name of a book. Big help! I really believe the birds came to me ill, since none of my other geese, ducks, chickens or turkeys are not displaying and signs of sickness. But of course, McMurray would not listen to me and cut me short. Buyer beware! I will not be using this company ever again!

Negative wa1049
(1 review)
On Mar 26, 2009, wa1049 Seattle, WA wrote:

I placed an order March of '09 and got the call from my PO on a Monday morning. MM had a real run on chicks this spring so I had to fill up my order with many breeds I didn't even want. One of the 'fillers' were Red Leghorns. They were out of so many breeds that I had to take 8 of these RL's. Right off the bat, one of the 8 was down in the shipping box and it didn't live for an hour after it was placed in the brooder. I called right away to inform MM that I had lost the one and they told me to wait 48 hrs and give a total of losses. I informed them that the rest appeared OK but the RL's did seem more listless than the others.

Now for the people on here that 'have never had a problem' and acting like those of us that got chicks that died were too stupid to show the chicks to food and water; I am in my 40's, have had animals of many different species all my life, I Work with animals in my career and have for the last 27 YEARS, so for you who posted comments assuming those of us who lost birds are idiots, all I can say is that you need to go through this yourself to fully experience what it feels like to get birds that fail to thrive NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! In the next 24 hours ALL of the RL's slowly gave up, laid down and died!

My Buff Minorcas, which I also didn't want, were happy, lively and thriving, eating and drinking and climbing all over the RL's who had to remain in the brooder for heat even though they were obviously dying, I didn't want to compound the suffering by removing them from the comfort of the heat lamp.

My Silver Gray Dorkings ALSO did Great! Stayed lively and happy, not near as hyper as the BM's but very happy and thriving. My Blue Cochins did great for two but one did try to die but I caught it in time and helped him to remember to eat. My Frizzles were doing great on night two, only for me to wake and find 2 dead and one dying! 2 others were doing great. I force fed the one who was trying to die and he lived in spite of himself but he is way behind in feather development from the two thrivers and I thought he may even have some defect in his crop. Who knows, he is alive today and nearing 2 weeks so I am sure he will be fine if he doesn't develop the 2 week disease.

Because they force you to take 25 birds whether you need them or not, it kind of forces you to go into the chicken selling business and to read that comment about the "2 weeks and dead" disease is very nerve racking and I Hope they figured out where that was coming from and were clear of the problem this year. I would not want people coming back to me telling me their chicks died.

Anyway, the remedy that MM wanted to give me was to ship out new chicks immediately. After having a brooder full of babies lined up in every stage of death, I just couldn't deal with more chicks and I felt that the survivors had been thru enough stress and that I would not invade them with either 25 more chicks or more dying chicks.

My big problem with MM is that IF I want to fill the order with more breeds that I would like to try, they will charge me full shipping! Otherwise, they will send males that I will either have to cull or to hold onto until I can find takers for them. I don't want to see another dead chick for as long as I live.

I also had a sneaking suspicion that since the birds dropped off by BREEDS instead of just run of the mill, I theorized that maybe it depended just where in the hatch they were born as opposed to the shipping time. I wondered if the RL's had been born very late, just before shipment, or else very early and had to wait longer than the rest to get to food and water. Of course MM would not say when each breed had hatched opposed to the other breeds.

So since I had 14 dead bodies, I can either get 11 roosters or if I want the extra breeds that I want, then I have to pay all shipping. To me, this is not fair since I paid shipping already for birds who had no life to ship. Why should I have to take birds that I may have to cull after experiencing that much loss already?

Negative gfaught
(1 review)
On Feb 12, 2009, gfaught Bell, FL wrote:

On Feburaby the 2nd we recived our first order of baby chicks from M&M. Was very happy and pleased to find all birds alive upon arrive. In the first 48 hours I lost 11 chicks and since has lost another 10 chicks. The little blue grayish ones seem the weakest and die first. I have called M&M and they agreed to replace the 11 birds that I had lost within the first 48 hours. They replaced them with another 17 chicks I recived on the 9th of February didnt get them till almost 5 pm. Because M&M had put 2 postal tags on the box 1 for me and the other for a lady in new york. Out of those 17 as of today the 11th of Febuary only 5 are alive. M&M has agreed to refund me the price of the few that died.Today the 11th of Febuary I recived a phone call from my post office to come pick up a box of chicks and they also informed me that they had peeked in the box and they were all dead. When I picked them up again the box had 2 postal tags on it 1 for me the other for the lady in new york. I called M&M to let them know about the ones of mine that died and of the ladys in New York that were all died. Asked them if they wanted me to ship them back to them and I was told to dispose of them. I didnt want a refund I want healthy chicks in the first place. I have bought 60 chicks this year from local backyard hatcherys with the loss of 2 chicks the other 58 are now on the ground very beautiful and healthy. In the future I will order from other companys, as my family and I decided that with todays economy that we need to go back to raising our own meat and veggies. P.S I found coustomer service to be un caring that so many chicks died and that 2 customers did not recieve what they should have due to neglegence.

Negative chickenqueen
(1 review)
On Dec 28, 2008, chickenqueen Lebanon, IN wrote:

ok in my opinion, this hatchery is great for buying layers and/or yard ornaments !! i have bought many many chicks from here but only as layers. Please do not buy birds from here for showing or a 4-h project. These are NOT anything close to show quality birds. I breed SHOW quality silkies,japanese bantams,buff brahmas, and rosecombs and have had chickens since i was 2 years old. The birds that they breed have very poor blood lines and i would definately Not recomend them for show!!! Also my dad bought a few cornish/rock crosses for meat 13/20 of the birds died of typhoid by the time of slaghter!!! However, i do recommend the birds for layers but , please pay the x-tra $.14 each for the 2 shots to get them vaccanated. If you get them vaccanated these 2 diseases wont't happen.( maraks and typhoid) One last thing is i have NEVER received a dead chick from murray mcmurray!

Negative EggFarmer
(1 review)
On Dec 3, 2008, EggFarmer Corning, CA wrote:

I operate a small, faith based, poultry concern - as a part of our ministry we teach youngsters from many local Churches on all aspects of our farming operation whilst providing good stewardship of our land and birds following sound Biblical principles.
Late last year we ordered 300 baby chicks from McMurray Hatchery. It was a cold day in November when they arrived - most of them dead or dying. It was a horrible experience for our young students. After contacting McMurray it was decided upon to re-send the birds, this time spread over three shipments over 4 or 5 months (to avoid further deaths from the cold). Each shipment resulted in several bird fatalities, so much so, that both the Postmaster and I resorted to taking pictures immediately upon arrival. On the last shipment once again many birds were appears that they (McMurray Hatcheries) filled the box with anything and everything they could lay their hands on....roosters, white leghorns, bantams everything in fact - except what we had specifically ordered- and already paid for (belps). To sum it all up the whole saga ended with us receiving just 249 live birds (of which over 50 turned out to be roosters, or bantams or an assortment of white chickens (white egg layers). I tried, several times, to resolve our issues with McMurray Hatcheries and they finally sent me a curt email stating "because you emailed us instead of calling us you didn't make your claim in a timely fashion"....bear in mind that with our time difference (I'm in northern California) every time I called them they had closed for the day AND THEY DON'T GIVE YOU AN OPTION TO LEAVE A only recourse then was to simply email them (the last time I heard emails were legally considered the same as telephone calls). I feel that McMurray took advantage of us knowing that, again due to our Christian beliefs, we cannot sue and also (incorrectly) thinking we wouldn't complain. I believe that they treated us very shabbily and, I am sorry to say, based on the poor customer service that I experienced, I cannot recommend this company.

Negative Ravyn74
(2 reviews)
On Jul 11, 2008, Ravyn74 Fordland, MO wrote:

If you want cross bred chickens then order from McMurray. I ordered 25 Light Brahma pullets a year ago. Upon opening the box to check out my new chicks. Right off the bat I noticed there was something not right about these very dark mostly black chicks. NOT Light Brahmas. We called and emailed pictures of these so called light brahmas. McMurray said they don't have any cross breeds and said my pictures were to dark to really tell. Which was not true. They ended up sending us 25 more and once again little dark chicks is what I recieved.

Now I'm stuck with year old hens that are lightly feather legged, speckled all over, some even have dark legs(Light Brahmas have yellow legs). I ordered these chicks for my kids to show in 4-H, so you can imagine the disappointment that they went threw. There is no way I could enter ANY of these birds in a show. I can't even sell them as light brahmas, because all they are is a light brahma CROSS.

I recently sent another email with pictures of what they look like today. I wrote in my email that I don't want a refund or more chicks. I just wanted them to respond to me and tell me what these birds are crossed with or admit that they have awful breeding stock. It's been months since I sent that email and you guessed it NO RESPONSE.

I even sent pictures to different Brahma Breeders of show quality birds and they all responded and said my birds have to be a crossbreed (to much black, tail carriage is all wrong, leg color is wrong and body lines are wrong) and to show them in a utility class which is a crossbreed class. I didn't pay for these over priced birds to show in a utility class.

As you can tell I'm very frustrated with all this. Needless to say I will NEVER order from Murray McMurray again.

I will say one thing, the chicks did arrive alive and healthy. The free exotic ended up being a Buff Cochin and he was beautiful and true to breed.

Negative chickens91
(1 review)
On Jun 24, 2008, chickens91 New Tazewell, TN wrote:

Every Time I have ordered from Mcmurray Hatchery they have always messed up some way. My frist time they sent dead chicks and one who be was crossed over the other side (he was my favorit he sat on my shoulder he died in a bad storm).The second time I ordered blue silkies they turned buff. So I called back and they sent me more (they were blue this time) 2 were black the only promblem is they sent the blue ones dead and one was sick so I just gave up.
My favorit hatchery is DUNLAP HATCHERY
DUNLAPHATCHERY.NET They are very nice and sent me real healthy brids( gave me 5 free ordered 55 they sent 50 extras they were all alive till about october and the nebories dog got in the pen)

Negative x3ashleymae
(1 review)
On May 25, 2008, x3ashleymae Hays, KS wrote:

We have been ordering large amounts of chicks for years from McMurray Hatchery, and normally would not have a problem, besides the fact that we would occasionally get a bird that we could not identify, and seemed to be a mixed breed, but we bought our birds for show. This would mostly happen if we would purchase the "package" type of deals from the hatchery...go figure. Well this last year we ordered 5 pullets of a few breeds, and upon their arrival we were informed we would not be getting one of the breeds we had ordered, and that WE would need to inquire about a refund. Lovely. Most of those chickens ended up dying, when we had never had a death rate like that any year before. I now have almost no show birds for this years fair. We are not sure why they died, but I have a feeling it must be the disease they had going around that a man had talked about in an earlier review.
We normally have no problems with the hatchery (just beware if you get one of their 'package deals'...we always received some mixed breeds with the lot). This may have just been an off year for them, but I don't think I'll be ordering from there in a while. Not to mention, their birds and eggs are pricey, which is funny because I know of other hatcheries that sell their eggs for about half the price, or can give you a better deal, etc.
Thanks for your time!

Negative MonikaRiney
(1 review)
On Apr 24, 2008, MonikaRiney Winthrop, ME (Zone 4b) wrote:

MM cancelled my order without contacting me after encountering a problem w/ payment processing.
A very rude young woman, Macy, in MM's customer service department informed me that I was a day too late to have my order re-instated for the original shipping date. She said MM's had left a message with my young son informing him that the order would be cancelled. Now I have no birds for the customers I have promised chicks to for resale.

One should NEVER leave a business message with a child.

Negative MNKris
(1 review)
On Mar 30, 2008, MNKris Long Prairie, MN wrote:

My family and I had been customers of McMurray for over 30 years, probably longer. We had been pleased with the quality in the past.

I ordered over 100 chicks from MM to be picked up at the hatchery on 2/9/08. The chicks appeared healthy but 5 of the 11 breeds started to die off at about 2 weeks of age. Although I was a very experienced chick raiser, these breeds were new to me and I contacted the hatchery for advice. I was told that I was raising the chicks wrong and the customer service person was rather rude. Two days later, I called back again and got a much better customer service rep that agreed to replace the sick chicks. I also added an additional 12 to the order for 3/1/08 to also be picked up. These 50 chicks appeared very healthy at first. Again at 2 weeks of age, the chicks started to get sick and die. McMurray would not acknowledge they had a problem at their hatchery, but offered to replace the chicks again. I demanded my money returned and they did give me a full refund.

The problem is this...I didn't know what was wrong with the chicks so I had them tested at the University of MN diagnostics lab. I was concerned for my existing flock that was not part of the MM order. It turns out McMurray had a flock borne illness called Avian Encephalomyelitis, a virus that has affected thousands of McMurray chicks across the United States and Canada where the virus is primarily passed from the hen to the egg. This could not have been a situation I created. My veterinarian contacted MM and let them know of their problem. I spent the money, and it was NOT inexpensive, to have them tested, and I drove over 135 miles away from my home to deliver the chicks to the Lab. I fed infected chicks for two weeks before they died, and although it didn't affect my other chickens, it certainly could have. I have had the unpleasant task of destroying infected chicks that have not fully recovered.

I am not upset that MM had a biosecurity problem, it could have happened to any hatchery. I am very angry that they put the burden on me to find out what their problem was. McMurray is supposed to be one of the best hatcheries in the business. I am a lowly backyard flock owner. I also have issue with the fact that they have done nothing to remedy my financial burden when I am the one that told them what was wrong with their flock. I didn't even get a thank you, nothing except "we will replace your sick chicks" that will probably die again anyway. Although their catalog and website clearly state they won't refund above the price of the chicks, I feel this case is extraordinary and unusual. An aknowledgment would have been nice.

Perhaps the company should spend more time and money on quality chicks that are bio-secured and less on their fancy catalog. I will never order from the McMurray again and certainly will not recommend them to any of my friends.

Negative Tammy
(4 reviews)
On Mar 22, 2008, Tammy somewhere, PA wrote:

We ordered 32 chicks of various breeds and got 3 free ones in with the order. They arrived Mar 3. We lost 4 the first day, 4 the next day (8 in 48hrs) and 2 more since. They are three weeks old and several look rather sickly.

This is my first experience with mail order and it was very difficult emotionally.

MMH did refund us for the first 8 that died in 48.

Negative triathing
(1 review)
On Feb 24, 2008, triathing East Dover, VT wrote:

I bought 50 chickens from McMurray last year. They did OK but not spectacular -- about 20 percent died over a year. I tried them again this year. The first batch of 25 arrived -- all dead. Every last one. I called and asked them to send more.

They sent the second batch to the wrong post office over a long holiday weekend. I don't know how many of them lived, because they went missing between the time the post office called and the time I got there (a 30-minute drive). I called McMurray and told them I'd blown three hours of work and a half-tank of gas, and I still didn't have any chickens.

I told them they'd have to work a little harder to make this right -- two bad deliveries in a row had wasted too much of my time and money to be happy with just a refund or another order. I was thinking something along the lines of 10 percent off my next order, five free chickens, some modest gesture for my time. They were completely uninterested in doing anything above and beyond a refund or third delivery. I told them I'd take the basic refund and that they'd lost a good and potentially steady customer. Didn't concern them at all.

Which is OK with me. I suspect their chickens are inbred as hell, and the deformity rate is higher than other hatcheries. I've gotten chicks from other hatcheries, and they're usually a very diverse bunch, even though they're the same breed. They're also a lot more chicken-like in their behavior, with much more scratching and socializing.

Bottom line: I'd go with Cackle or Stromberg.

Negative dmcreynolds
(1 review)
On Feb 20, 2008, dmcreynolds Thousand Oaks, CA wrote:

I received my shipment of chcks from McMurray's today.
Yesterday was a Federal Holiday. Post Office was closed.
In my box of 26 chicks were 13 dead at the bottom of the box and 13 chicks standing atop the former. By evening today I lost another 2. Down to 11. I rang the company straight away, once I returned from the Post. They were very apologetic. Informed me that they guarantee the birds for 48 hours from arrival. Sad thing is that the wee birds died. I believe that they will honor the purchase. Just don't know if I want them to ship anymore to me. Cut my loses and take a refund. I can not trust that the next box will have all live birds.

Negative TheQueenBee
(4 reviews)
On Jan 31, 2008, TheQueenBee Momence, IL wrote:

In March of 2007 I ordered Rhode Island Reds and Americaunas from Murray McMurrays. They arrived at the post office on a Sunday and the PO is closed on Sundays. A P.O worker called me and said she stopped by to pick something up and heard the crying, and that she would wait for me to pick them up if I wanted. I did pick them up. The Americaunas started dying right off the bat. In 2 days I lost 5. The RIR's looked fine. I sent photos and called McMurrays right away and was told I had a credit for the dead birds. Weeks after their arrival I noticed one of the pullets had a leg that was turned sideways from the hip. I didn't know what that was from then, and still don't. Now, I made another purchase of 25 RIR's from them, and they were delivered in November 2007. There was no record of the last dead birds from the first order, but she took my word for it and gave me the credit. ( I still had the pics on a floppy) Upon opening the box I found a smashed chick on the bottom of the box. The rest were fine. Then weeks later I notice the same thing again, I have 2 pullets with a leg turned sideways from the hip and they're crippled like the first one from the first order. What is this? Something genetically wrong with their RIR stock? The eggs from my first batch of March 2007 pullets are mixed colors. Some of the browns are dark and gorgeous, and some are so light they're almost white! I get lot's of deformed eggs also with wrinkles and knots on them! Well, I just ordered new breeding stock from Ideal Poultry and will be culling the McMurray birds once these new ones come into lay. I wasted a whole year raising inferior stock, and now I have to wait another year to get large NORMAL eggs! I should mention that I'd also purchased 50 birds from Marti Poultry the same month in 2007, and they all grew up fine. Marti's just didn't send my white egg layers!

Negative fireprookie
(1 review)
On Jan 8, 2008, fireprookie Rock Island, TN wrote:

Hello, I have been ordering chickens from murray mcmurray for the past 5 years.. I ordered chickens this year and my order was outrageous for 25 chicks it was going to cost me 68.00 . I also ordered 15 turkeys last year that cost me over 150.00 I only have three left which is going to set me back a year in my buisness. (I couldn't afford to order 15 more so they credit my account which I praised. However, I was discouraged with the disease and loss they all developed after having them 3 days fat faces and all

Negative TritonsFarm
(2 reviews)
On Dec 1, 2007, TritonsFarm Beverly, WA (Zone 5b) wrote:

Ordered 50 chicks. 15 were dead on arrival. This may have been from the post office, but even if it was McMurray hatchery didn't respond very well. I had to send two emails and no one ever contacted me back. They did credit my account, but wouldn't it be a good idea to send an email to the customer? I won't order from them again. I like ideal hatchery much more. They have great customer service and chicks arrived very healthy and active.

Negative deadchickens
(1 review)
On Jul 3, 2007, deadchickens Rochester, NY wrote:

We ordered 25 day old chicks. These birds were shipped on a Saturday (standard practice from Mcmurray despite postal regulations prohibiting animal shipments that may arrive on a Sunday). We waited, Monday- Tuesday, Wednesday - we called Mucmurray repeatedly, they assured us the birds were on their way but because they only ship priority (not express) there was no way for the USPS to track the shipment. Finally, Thursday afternoon (6 days in transit!)we got a call from the Post Office. There were a few birds still alive, the rest were dead and maggots were crawling around on them. We did our best to save the live birds but over a few days my 10 yr old was treated to the sight of the chicks he had dreamed about die one by one. We contacted McMurray and they sent a replacement batch of chicks. I begged them to send them express, at my cost- no dice. However they did insure this bunch (I guess that way if these died the Post Office pays the full retail value and Mcmurray doesn't lose $- tough luck for the chicks but hey that's business). We got the second order Tuesday afternoon - (4 days in transit) one dead already and a few more in the afternoon.
As I understand it Mcmurray hatchery has been around since 1919 and employs about 75 people. I'm sure that most of these people are decent hardworking folks, but in my opinion the company is making decisions that result in very inhumane treatment of their animals. I will never buy from this company again - and wether you want broilers or pets I would strongly encourage that you avoid purchasing live animals from Mcmurray.

Negative macfarms
(1 review)
On Jun 13, 2007, macfarms Dexter, NY wrote:

I ordered 30 pheasants from McMurray. When I received them they were extremely small and frail. After 5 days I had only 13 of the 30 left. I called them and they agreed to send me 15 replacements, but I had to pay for another 15 since thier minmum order was 30 chicks. I reluctantly decided to do so, and the second shipment was even worse. 2 dead at the post office, and 13 dead in the first four days. I will never order from them again. I have since purchased some pheasant chicks locally, and have not lost a single chick.

Negative Leva
(1 review)
On Jun 11, 2007, Leva Bethel, NY wrote:

Beware: even if you paid them it doesn't mean you are going to get it!

I have placed an order for Ornamental Pheasant Chicks with the hatchery more than six months ago. We have spent all this time preparing: building a coop, aviary, setting up automatic waterers, feeders, etc. The delivery during the week of May 29 ,2007 as we expect never happens. We start calling the company around May 31 and spent the next seven days calling. And they spend these days saying that one day old chicks are still en-route to our home. (Imagine us, adults, frustrated) Finally, we get a hold of the manager, 'Brad', who says the chicks were lost (imagine our kids crying) and promised that the chicks would be shipped the next day, that is Wednesday June 6. Indeed the chicks arrive to our local post-office on June 8. Four or five dead on arrival (again, imagine my kids crying). The chicks were so tiny, they must have been an hour old when they got into the US Postal Service box! The following two days are an agony: they just keep dying unable to eat, drink or even get under the heat lamps - they are just too weak. (At this point, the kids have no tears left, and adults are dramatically moved by what happened) By June 11 we have half an order dead with 13 chicks doing O.K. We get on the phone with the hatchery explaining that 50% of the order is dead and asking for replacement. Alas, the lady on the other end of the line, Marilyn, does not want to consider anything but credit. We explain the waiting, the thousands of dollars we spent on proper facilities, the aggravation, and the willingness to pay extra for an overnight delivery - nothing works. At the end, we are getting a credit for half the order, but no satisfaction. Now, how does this $100 credit can make us happy after having spent six months waiting and almost two weeks horrifies? What's mostly upsetting is that the Hatchery had absolutely no feelings of compassion or remorse. They felt sorry for teh chicks, but didn't even once apologize to us.

Negative chicken615
(1 review)
On Jun 5, 2007, chicken615 Kingsland, GA wrote:

I ordered 20+ Top Hat special, 15 were egg yolks when we cracked them open on the 26th day I thought that was long enough in the incubator. 2 others were dead, the ones that did hatch on the 21st. day were crippled they flopped around on their wings, their legs were turned in so bad, all they did was fall on their face.When I called McMurray Hatchery, the woman told me it was my fault and they don't guarantt the eggs, a bad hatch was my fault because of humidity. and it also stated that in the catalog. I ordered from McMurray because all I saw was [ satisfaction guaranteed } BUT they will give me half of my money back which comes to $24.00....I will never buy from them AGAIN, I would like to add that we have been raising chickens for five years and I never had a crippled chick..I never want to see that again...

Negative morasco
(1 review)
On May 10, 2007, morasco Granite City, IL wrote:

I ordered mallards, cayugas, pekins, and hybrid ducks from Murray Mcmurray hatchery. The minimum order is 10, so that is what I ordered the first shipment. The package came priority instead of express, which had taken two days to reach me. I live in St. Louis by the way. Four of the ten ducks were dead upon arrival, and three more died within 20 minutes after receiving the ducks. They died in my hands. I was so upset that I started to cry. I felt helpless as to why these ducks were dying. I have raised ducks in the past and have never seen this type of death. Anyway, I took pictures of the dead baby ducks and sent them to Murray Mcmurray. I also called them to explain what had happened. They asked me if I wanted a refund or another shipment. I was hesitant, but I said "another shipment" (big mistake). I received the last shipment 2 weeks later. They only shipped 8 ducks. I thought the minimum order to keep ducks warm was 10 ducks according to the Murray catalog. Three ducks died out of the 8 ducks sent in the last shipment. When the ducks reached the post office the package didn't state "live animals", had the wrong contact phone number, and was shipped priority mail again. The post office manager was very angry when I picked up the ducks from the post office. He told me that this is very unusual, and that this hatchery "dropped the ball", and "they should not be sending live animals priority mail". My family has ordered from Murray twice before and had received dead bantams and chicks, in which they received a credit. I will only buy from local hatcheries from now on, never lost one yet when buying locally. ;)

Negative sineck
(1 review)
On May 1, 2007, sineck Coupland, TX wrote:

that's nothing.
we ordered some ducklings just a few weeks ago and they all looked great and healthy and vigorous for a few days, until a duckling went lame. it couldn't walk, it's legs were like noodles, completely helpless. obviously, if it can't move around, it can't eat or drink and finally death. i was heartbroken and completely clueless, a sweet wonderful innocent little life. then a second and third go lame just 2 days later, then a 4th. the second and third die, two more are lame days later, the 4th one dies, but 2 more go down lame, then a 5th which dies just hours after going lame. so here we are 5 dead ducklings and 4 more that may never recover but are still hanging in thee out of an order of 30. mcmuray ducklings are a poor, poor, choice to order. in fact, NOBODY SHOULD EVER EVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM MURRAY EVER EVER EVER AGAIN!!!!!! WE ARE SHOCKED AND FURIOUS OVER GENETICALLY INFERIOR STOCK, GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT YOU MAY BE ORDERING THAT ISN'T AS OVERT AS LAME DUCKLINGS THAT CAN'T EVEN STAND. GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT ELSE THEY BREED THAT'S OBVIOUSLY AS INFERIOR. NEXT TIME YOU THINK ABOUT WASTING YOUR MONEY WITH MURRAY, THINK ABOUT HELPLESS DUCKLINGS STARVING TO DEATH BECAUSE THEIR GENETICS BLESS THEM WITH NOODLES FOR LEGS. I HOPE THIS KIND OF KARMA GOES BACK TO FIND ANY OR ALL OF THEIR EMPLOYEES. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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