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Positive camazur
(1 review)
On Sep 24, 2009, camazur Fort Montgomery, NY wrote:

Great experience--fast communication--fast delivery. What more could you want? I ordered diatomaceous earth and it came carefully packaged so it wouldn't burst in the box. Thanks!!!

Positive RCollins
(1 review)
On Sep 23, 2009, RCollins Tawas City, MI wrote:

I ordered 120 potted strawberry plants from Garden Harvest Suppy, and they were great. I was looking for a new place to purchase items, and I will shop here again.


Positive rosesnpots
(8 reviews)
On Sep 21, 2009, rosesnpots Virginia Beach, VA wrote:

Highly Recommended!! Ordered a SunCalc from them. Great company! Price was one of the lowest of the online stores. Customer service was great as I had a question and they answered my email in record time and shipped and received order when promised. Love that I can order online and still pay by sending them a check. Will continue to do business with them. Now I wish the clouds would go away so I could use my new toy.

On Sep 21, 2009, Growjoy (formerly Garden Harvest Supply) responded with:

"On Sep 22, 2009 7:00 AM, Garden Harvest Supply responded with:

Thanks so much for our kind words about Garden Harvest Supply! We also hope the clouds go away for you soon. This product is very good for determining the areas with the correct light for the plant needs.


Positive richboy1
(1 review)
On Sep 15, 2009, richboy1 Snow Hill, MD wrote:

I ordered some fall strawberry plants. This is the first time I've attempted to plant a new patch in the fall so I was pleased to be able to find the plants. The arrived on time (as per my shipping request), and were healthy. I'll be planting them this afternoon and am looking forward to the spring.

Positive debtfree
(1 review)
On Sep 14, 2009, debtfree Chicago, IL wrote:

I looked everywhere in my area for Coconut Liners that fit my large 18 inch hanging baskets and I couldn't find them anywhere. So, I gave up and started looking on-line abd found Dave's garden! I called and the customer service was fantastic. I got my item a few days later and the liners were Fabulous! Thank You Dave's!

On Sep 14, 2009, Growjoy (formerly Garden Harvest Supply) responded with:

"On Sep 14, 2009 2:25 PM, Garden Harvest Supply responded with:

Thanks for being our customer! All of us at Garden Harvest Supply appreciate you kind words. Here is a link to our liners,"

Positive soullieren
(1 review)
On Sep 9, 2009, soullieren Brooklyn, MI wrote:

I ordered the food grade Diatamaceous Earth and it got here fast..I love this stuff..I use it for my animals in their feed for parisites. Thanks so much...

On Sep 9, 2009, Growjoy (formerly Garden Harvest Supply) responded with:

"On Sep 9, 2009 1:09 PM, Garden Harvest Supply responded with:

You are correct, it is wonderful stuff. Thanks for being our customer!"

Positive DadC
(1 review)
On Sep 8, 2009, DadC Willoughby, OH wrote:

This was my first time purchasing from Garden Harvest Supply, I am very impressed. My plants arrived sooner, were more robust, and cost less than where I usually get them from (Burpee's). I am currently planning next years garden and will definitely purchase from Garden Harvest again!

Positive MichelleM131
(2 reviews)
On Sep 2, 2009, MichelleM131 Faber, VA wrote:

I was very impressed with the speed of delivery, the packaging of the product and the quality of the product. We will definitely buy from this company again!

On September 11th, 2009, MichelleM131 added the following:

We made another purchase from Garden Harvest Supply and again the delivery was fast and the products are excellent quality. Thank you for a great service!
Positive ConnieKMG
(1 review)
On Sep 2, 2009, ConnieKMG Leesburg, VA wrote:

I found this web site and was thrilled to find exactly the fall vegetables that I had been searching for. The plants arrived today in perfact condition and I can't wait to get them in the ground and growing. Thank you for a great experience. I will be back in the future.

On Sep 2, 2009, Growjoy (formerly Garden Harvest Supply) responded with:

"On Sep 4, 2009 3:13 PM, Garden Harvest Supply responded with:

Thanks for your kind words, here is a link to our vegetable plants,"

Positive medusa569
(1 review)
On Sep 1, 2009, medusa569 Washington, DC wrote:

I am a first timer with Garden Harvest Supply and my experience was everything I expect from a reputable company.
I had a shipping problem with my order and they rectified the problem immediately and quickly. You can't ask more than fair and square!

Positive donbenp
(1 review)
On Aug 28, 2009, donbenp Deland, FL wrote:


Positive drimmersk8
(1 review)
On Aug 28, 2009, drimmersk8 Kent, OH wrote:

I am an avid gardener, but my poor flowers have been battling the wind and rain all summer long here in northeast Ohio. I just purchased some 9-inch hoops from Garden Harvest to help support my heaven's gate coreopsis. The hoops are just wonderful--they do a terrific job and are sturdy and easy to install!! I could not find this size hoop (without a grid) in any of the "big box" stores. Also, they were delivered promptly as promised. I am extremely pleased and will order again from this company.

Positive g1ardener
(1 review)
On Aug 28, 2009, g1ardener Oklahoma City, OK wrote:

It's great to be able to buy tomato plants in July. A second chance at having fresh tomatos really makes a gardener happy. After a typical Oklahoma summer a lot of my plants are crispy. I plant my new tomatos the last week of July. You are the only internet supplier that I found with starter plants that late in the season--you're a life saver. Thanks so much.

On Aug 28, 2009, Growjoy (formerly Garden Harvest Supply) responded with:

"On Aug 28, 2009 2:51 PM, Garden Harvest Supply responded with:

You are most certainly welcome! Enjoy the tomatoes.

On Aug 28, 2009 2:51 PM, Garden Harvest Supply added:

You are most certainly welcome! Enjoy the tomatoes."

Positive U123324
(1 review)
On Aug 28, 2009, U123324 Land O Lakes, FL wrote:

First time purchase of some Mums. Was hesitant and a little anxious about placing mail order however, plants arrived as expected and the experience was a positive one. Will do it again.

Positive aliaka
(1 review)
On Aug 24, 2009, aliaka Honolulu, HI wrote:

I ordered diatomaceous earth which arrived in good time, but the bag had burst inside the shipping box. I e-mailed Garden Harvest Supply who quickly responded and sent a replacement the next day. I am very happy about the customer service and will order from them again.

On Aug 24, 2009, Growjoy (formerly Garden Harvest Supply) responded with:

"On Aug 24, 2009 9:38 AM, Garden Harvest Supply responded with:

We appreciate your understanding and your kind words. Thanks for being our customer!"

Positive altoria1
(1 review)
On Aug 18, 2009, altoria1 Montague, NJ wrote:

I recently ordered some mums for the autumn. They arrived in wonderful condition. They are both doing well. Both plants have buds. My experience with Garden Harvest Supply is perfect! Thanks.

Positive 5398cane
(1 review)
On Aug 17, 2009, 5398cane Lilburn, GA wrote:

Fantastic service, delivery was made with plants in outstanting condition. I have already placed a second order, im sure i will continue to use GH for quite a while.

Positive greenbird62
(1 review)
On Aug 15, 2009, greenbird62 Port Washington, NY wrote:

Order was delivered very quickly, and was as promised. Prices are excellent, and I would definitely order from this company again.

Positive karen324
(1 review)
On Aug 15, 2009, karen324 Tyrone, PA wrote:

Very nice plants, arrived quickly, well packed, & I am very pleased with their service. Will definately buy from again!

Positive winnieduke
(1 review)
On Aug 14, 2009, winnieduke Canonsburg, PA wrote:

plants arrived yesterday and looked super..much better than other mail ordering sites. packaged very well, right moisture. lovely

Positive okiegardener53
(1 review)
On Aug 11, 2009, okiegardener53 Jones, OK wrote:

Product was received promptly and was the product I expected when I ordered.
I will definitely do business with them again!

Positive prentisspg
(4 reviews)
On Aug 6, 2009, prentisspg Baton Rouge, LA (Zone 8b) wrote:

On 8-01-09 I ordered 6 perennials from Garden Harvest. Three were 2 1/2" pots and 3 were 4" pots. I received an e-mail on 8-03 thanking me for my order and another e-mail on 8-04 that my order was complete. My plants arrived on 8-06 by UPS. The 2 1/2" pots were in a unique plastic tray that folded to enclose the pot in the bottom of the tray and the rest of the plant in the upper portion of the tray. The pots were also enclosed in a plastic bag held in place with a rubber band to keep the soil in the pot. The 4" pots were enclosed in a plastic bag and secured by a rubber band and then surrounded by a card board 3 sided sleeve and taped to further secure the plants. They were all then neatly packed in a cardboard box. All the plants were lush, green (with the exception of a few yellow leaves), and the soil was very moist. All the plants were 5" to 6" tall and wide with plenty of roots and even some blooms. One of the plants had and extra thick stem and had shifted in the pot, during transit , and may have broken but time will tell. I have ordered from a lot of mail order companies with terrible results and had pretty much decided to just buy local; but, Garden Harvest had so many plants, that I wanted, at such good prices I just had to give them a try. I am so glad I did. The plants look great, were larger than expected for the price, and the shipping charges were great (not excessive). I just wish they had a larger selection.

I highly recommend them and will be doing a lot of my shopping with them from now on.

Positive wustbucket
(1 review)
On Aug 5, 2009, wustbucket Cincinnati, OH wrote:

Products were as advertised. Best prices I found on internet. Shipping time was fast - less than 48 hours from time of order placement. Would strongly recommend!

Positive redalpha
(2 reviews)
On Jul 31, 2009, redalpha wrote:

My order was filled & shipped quickly, and I was very impressed with the packing. The hostas were true 1-gallon, beautiful plants, and they came through shipping without so much as a bent leaf.

Positive Natashamary
(1 review)
On Jul 29, 2009, Natashamary Fort Knox, KY wrote:

I ordered Heirloom Tomato Plants on Wednesday and my order arrived Thursday, I was very impressed with the fast shipping as well as the companies fast processing of my order. The plants arrived healthy and in one piece. I am very thrilled and will definately order from this company again as well as direct my friends to this site.

Positive Liveforsummer
(1 review)
On Jul 28, 2009, Liveforsummer Ranson, WV wrote:

I've been an organic gardener for 35 years and this is my new favorite organic gardening site! I purchased diatomaceous earth from GHS and it arrived SO fast! I can't wait to peruse everything else both sites have to offer.

Positive cs4grandma
(1 review)
On Jul 26, 2009, cs4grandma Denver, CO wrote:

I have gotten to like Calibrachoa in my hanging baskets and pots. I learned they could not be started from seed, so I did a search for them on google. That is when I discovered Dave's Garden. I was impressed with the variety and when I received the plants they were excellent. This has become one of my favorite sites for garden plants.

On Jul 26, 2009, Growjoy (formerly Garden Harvest Supply) responded with:

"On Jul 27, 2009 7:50 AM, Garden Harvest Supply responded with:

Thanks so much for your positive comments about Garden Harvest Supply. Thanks for being our customer and we look forward to having you stop by our site once again!

Joe Stutzman

Positive theallentodd
(1 review)
On Jul 23, 2009, theallentodd Moberly, MO wrote:

Thankful that this site has the product I needed. (Food Grade Diotomaceous Earth) Even though the shipping is understandably high, the product is so worth it. Effectively prevents/eliminates flea and ant problems in the house without any poison to worry about with the kids and pets around.

Positive VA_MTNMAN
(1 review)
On Jul 18, 2009, VA_MTNMAN Pembroke, VA wrote:

I ordered 20 Jersey Knight Asparagus plants which arrived in 3 days along with several weeks of rain on my days off. I ended up keeping the roots in the refrigerator for 3 weeks before I could get them in the ground. Followed the directions sent and very happy to report all root crowns now have nice ferns growing (including the 1 extra sent!). I was surprised they grew after having them in the refrigerator for so long. Thanks Garden Harvest Supply for sending quality root crowns and an extra one to boot!

Positive tangogal
(1 review)
On Jul 17, 2009, tangogal Trumbull, CT wrote:

I was searching for a specific plant. Garden Harvest Supply had a much better price than anywhere else I had looked. The plants were delivered in just a few days and appeared in very good shape. They had been packed very well. I would definitely order from this company again.

Positive PBFC
(1 review)
On Jul 16, 2009, PBFC Princeton, NJ wrote:

Items arrived in less than two days! Ordering was quick and easy. Will order again!

Positive butterfly28
(1 review)
On Jul 15, 2009, butterfly28 Zion, IL wrote:

This is the first time I have ordered from this company. I was looking for a specific plant, and a link to their website came up after doing a search. This company is amazing!! I placed my order and it was on my doorstep the very next day!! On top of such fast delivery, the plants were in incredible shape! Big and healthy in 1 gallon pots. I will order from this company again whenever they have what it is I am looking for. Give them a try!

Positive Micca
(1 review)
On Jul 11, 2009, Micca Ozark, MO wrote:

I ordered a 5 lb bag of D.E. to use to help me get rid of fleas on my dogs and in my house. It was received quickly and without any problems. The D.E. (fossil shell flour) is great and the fleas are under control.

Positive Winemaker1942
(1 review)
On Jul 9, 2009, Winemaker1942 West Jefferson, NC wrote:

Garden Harvest Supply is probably the best garden supply place I've dealt with..Reasonable prices and outstanding service,,I placed an order on7/06/2009 and it was at my front door on 7/08..The product was better value than anywhere else I tried.. J.R. Tipton (Winemaker1942) West Jefferson,NC

Positive ackerlaw
(1 review)
On Jul 9, 2009, ackerlaw Fontana, WI wrote:

Plants arrived in great condition!

Positive luv2flygirl
(1 review)
On Jul 3, 2009, luv2flygirl Sheridan, IN wrote:

The tomato plants arrived at the time I was promised and in excellent condition. They've been growing for a few weeks now and are thriving. Garden Harvest Supply is an excellent company to do business with.

Positive jl0804
(1 review)
On Jul 3, 2009, jl0804 Brooklyn, NY wrote:

My first-time experience with Garden Harvest Supply was a positive one. I ordered several bags of Pro-Mix Organic and Container Potting Mix on a Wednesday afternoon and received it that following Monday via UPS. I was very pleased with how quickly the company processed and shipped out my order. I also appreciated their e-mailing me the UPS tracking number so that I knew exactly when I was to receive the package. I would definitely order from this company again!

Positive smallbones
(1 review)
On Jul 2, 2009, smallbones New Boston, MI wrote:

superfast shipping/great prices/very good communication.

Positive 97MACHZ
(1 review)
On Jun 30, 2009, 97MACHZ Grass Lake, MI wrote:

I purchased 12 Gardeneer's Red Tomato Trays and 2, 5# bags of Espoma Tomato-tone.
I have heard alot of good thing about these products and decided to give them a try.
So far so good. the trays were easy to put on my plants and I opened up the area around the plant stem because I installed my 1-1/ x 1-1/2 wooden stakes before the trays arrived and got them to close to the plants but they hold water just fine.
I really like the fact that I can put the Espoma Tomato -tone in the 4 pockets that are in each corner. No problems getting the Tomato-tone on the plant its self, just where it needs to be, I'm sure I can get at least 2-3 seasons out of them, maybe more.
Thanks for the inovative products!

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