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Negative lexus2004
(3 reviews)
On Apr 2, 2009, lexus2004 Oxford, NC wrote:

when i read the review about their being small , overpriced and dying within a few days, i did not believe it . but the same thing has happened to me. i believe it now. the story is also true about customer service. i left my plant in the original container because the weather was too bad and much too cold to plant it outside.
after about four days i went to plant it the plant had died and the one little just fell in my hand. i contacted the company and yinger told me that i needed to do research on his plants before ordering them and that there is nothing wrong with his plants. omg! i am not smart enough to buy his plants. i did some research and i have decided not order from this company again! i was not asked to return the plant or anything like that. my only advice was to do research. by the way the plant cost $36.00 which is not the point. good customer service means a lot.

On Apr 2, 2009, Asiatica Int'l Rare Plant Resource responded with:

"On Apr 3, 2009 6:10 AM, Asiatica Int'l Rare Plant Resource responded with:

Ms. Ruth Henderson ordered two plants: Cypripedium debile and Liparis kumokiri, both very rare terrestrial orchids from Japan. Both plants have specialized requirements. Ms. Henderson did not ask any questions about the plants she ordered. The Cypripedium debile never gets more than 3" tall. It was shipped with a flower bud as a completely mature adult plant. It doesn't get any bigger than the plant she received. The Liparis is also a small plant that is never more than a few inches tall. She received a dormant blooming size plant as a bulb in pot. At this time of the year there is no growth, but growth will start soon. I selected and packed the plants for Ms. Henderson. Both plants were alive and well when shipped. From her email to me, it was clear that she knows almost nothing about the plants she ordered and received. Her comments about how small the plants are reveals her ignorance. If she wanted big plants, she should have ordered plants that grow big. Omg, Ms. Henderson is an idiot, and omg I hope that she bestows her patronage on someone else's nursery.

Barry Yinger


Negative plant_collector
(19 reviews)
On Mar 17, 2008, plant_collector Oak Ridge, TN wrote:

In the Spring of 2006, I sent my first (and last) order to this nursery. The order included a Helwingia jap. 'Gold Boat' shrub for which I paid $36.00 plus shipping. When the order arrived, I was stunned to find my $36 got me a 3" rooted cutting - which immediately died when planted out. Several of the other plants I received were also very small and died within weeks. I emailed Barry and he suggested I should send the Helwingia back (at my expense, of course) but it had already been planted out. I believe, NO MATTER HOW RARE THE PLANT MAY BE, if you are selling 3" plants for $36 by mail order you should so state their size in your catalog. I used to mail order a lot of plants but I have now almost stopped completely in large part because sending tiny plants (I don't care what size the container is, folks) at inflated prices has become way too common.

On March 19th, 2008, plant_collector added the following:

I would just like to add a though in response to the company representative's comment to say that I am not "obsessed" about anything here. I added ratings (with orders sent at various times in the past ) for several companies recently. Each reflected my overall view of the experience I had with them and in Asiatica's case contained a little more info than the short email I sent them at the time.
On Mar 17, 2008, Asiatica Int'l Rare Plant Resource responded with:


On Mar 18, 2008 4:32 PM, Asiatica Int'l Rare Plant Resource added:

I have reviewed Mr. Mitckes’ order of March 12, 2006. Mr. Mitckes ordered a plant in its first year of introduction (Helwingia japonica ‘Gold Boat’), so it was not reasonable to expect a large plant. He received a one year old plant from a rooted cutting. I offered him a refund for the plant, but he would not return it. Because the plant was not defective, it was his responsibility to return it if he did not want it. I also shop on line, and that is what I do if I receive an item that is not what I expected. I also recommended to him some excellent nurseries that sell large plants, but that did not suit him either.

There were five other plants on his order, all shade perennials. All were shipped as blooming size plants, so if he thinks they were too small, he does not understand the plants that he ordered. He has never complained about those plants, although he now says that he finds them unsatisfactory.

We work hard to provide the newest and rarest plants and good service, and nearly all of our customers are extremely pleased. I think that Mr. Mitckes should think about why he is still obsessed about this plant two years after the transaction. In any case, I think it is better for both him and Asiatica that he has found other sources for his plants.

On Mar 19, 2008 5:13 AM, Asiatica Int'l Rare Plant Resource added:

A customer has some responsibilities, including the responsibility to understand the terms of business of the company he is ordering from, and to inform the company of problems before posting complaints publicly two years after a transaction about matters that were not discussed with the company. To expand on his "short email" to us in this forum without having bothered to present his complaints to the company is vindictive, and to me, more than a little obsessive. I think he
should try to get on with his life."

Negative cloverhill
(6 reviews)
On Feb 4, 2006, cloverhill Katoomba,
Australia wrote:

Plants were very,very small. plus we have found them most rude, we ( a group of people) were going to order from this nursery again, but because of the rude attitude from the owner, we got our plants for somewhere else. $6,000 usa worth.
gardening is meant to be fun and give us pleasure not pain.

On Feb 4, 2006, Asiatica Int'l Rare Plant Resource responded with:


On Feb 5, 2006 12:53 PM, Asiatica Int'l Rare Plant Resource added:

I agree that gardening should be fun, which is why I suggested to this customer that she should patronize another nursery. This customer did not accept our policy that plants cannot be reserved without payment. I explained our policy, but received several argumentive emails with the implied threat that she would shop elsewhere if I did not give her special treatment. I responded as I always do to such demands: I suggested that we would both be happier if she dealt with another nursery. I do not reject business lightly, but her current comments only reaffirm to me that I made the right decision. This exchange happened at least a year ago. I have moved on, and I hope that "cloverhill" can do the same. She should be grateful that I have saved her from wasting $6000 on any more "very very small" plants, plants that once delighted her but, strangely enough, she still resents not being able to buy again. To be fair to the rest of the staff, I am the only rude person here. Barry Yinger"

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