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Positive AsianArtsLLC
(1 review)
On May 31, 2010, AsianArtsLLC charlotte,
United States wrote:

Being a perfectionist my standards are high. I am delighted to say “Bayflora exceeded expectations”. I did my research on line and thanks to those before me who endorsed Bayflora I am proud of my Kaffir Lime Trees. As a gourmet cook who grows watercress and Asian herbs for Asian markets in my Japanese Garden with 16K gallons of water and Koi fish I have been searching for weeks for the best source of Kaffir Lime Trees.

PACKAGING: Unbelievable – Plants were tie wrapped and double staked both metal and bamboo; tie wrapped every inch or two to protect for the long trip from CA to NC. Plant soil was damp and topped with damp newspaper to keep a good eight inches of soil totally in tact with the roots growing well in a tall plastic pot. Finally the plants were individually bagged in plastic and placed in their own shipping box. Four boxes were taped together and these one year old “babies” were protected for safe shipping.

SHIPPING: Bayflora took my order Saturday, shipped Monday and delivered Wednesday. Bayflora shipped FedEx and emailed a link to follow the order from pick-up to delivery.

KAFFIR LIME TREES: Bayflora Kaffir Lime Trees have lush shiny green leaves and put out new growth in just days after receiving them. I have already repotted them, no wilt, not a single dropped leaf. I can’t wait for them to mature to begin harvesting my Kaffir Lime Leaves. I wouldn’t take a chance ordering from anyone other than Bayflora. Quality is Cheaper and Bayflor delivers Quality Products.

Positive anappleaday
(5 reviews)
On May 6, 2010, anappleaday Oakland, CA wrote:

This company does everything right--it tells you what size pot the plant will come in, when it will arrive, and what to expect in terms of size. My fig tree was actually bigger than the website description and had small figs on it. And the Trovita orange had over 100 flowers on it and barely fit inside the 4 foot tall box.

Positive shenza
(1 review)
On Mar 11, 2010, shenza Richmond, CA wrote:

A few years back I got a black beauty mulberry. Didn't do anything for the first year, but it really took off last year. I just got today one of the Chinese hawthorn trees and it has fat leaf buds and a sturdy trunk, nice roots.

Positive cherryguy
(5 reviews)
On Feb 5, 2010, cherryguy San Francisco, CA wrote:

I bought one of the pomegranates that were described as suitable for coastal climates. It was very helpful to read about which varieties would grow near the coast as opposed to dry inland areas. The plant is very well-developed and appropriately pruned, and arrived fast.

Positive Hortoscope
(3 reviews)
On Dec 8, 2009, Hortoscope Princeton Junction, NJ wrote:

Unbelievable quality. I have previously ordered citrus from other online growers with good results but decided to try out Bay Flora based on the reviews here. I am really glad I did because I received two trees that rewrote my expectations. The pricing seemed fair; I have certainly paid less, but I will tell you emphatically, that the quality of these trees and service was MORE than worth the price. I ordered one "moro" blood orange and one Washington naval orange. Let's start with the shipping: I placed my order on the Sunday night before the Thanksgiving holiday and received an email from Maureen that said that they had upgraded me to FedEx two day shipping at no extra charge. This was very considerate on Bay Flora's part and I very much appreciated the upgrade. The trees arrived on Wednesday as scheduled. Packaging: two trees, independently boxed but secured to each other so as to be delivered together. I opened up the box to find the trees snug as can be. Not a single branch, or leaf for that matter, out of place. As I unwrapped the trees I noticed some warmth on top of the pot. Bay Flora was kind enough to place heat packs on both of my citrus, free of charge! The trees: both trees are incredibly lush, over two feet tall, and literally beautiful to look at. I can't wait to see the new growth these put on in the spring and summer. I will certainly return to shop with them again. Thank you!

Positive jujubetexas
(7 reviews)
On Nov 5, 2009, jujubetexas San Marcos, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:

Top knotch. Shipping is a little above average but the plants are great and well packed. I will continue to purchase from them when I want good looking plants instead of cheapo stuff.

Positive pbk
(16 reviews)
On Oct 1, 2009, pbk Charleston, SC wrote:

I ordered 4 olive trees which were beautiful upon arrival. Packaging was excellent and shipping was expedient. I wish other West Coast nurseries would follow their lead for fast shipping at a reasonable price to the East Coast.

Positive sfeldman2005
(6 reviews)
On Sep 26, 2009, sfeldman2005 Santa Cruz, CA wrote:

I wanted to maximize my kaffir lime leaf harvest, so I bought the semi-dwarf kaffir lime. It was branching from about 2.5 feet from base and I wanted to make it branch lower for more leaves. So I emailed them and they said I could prune the entire tree down to about 2 feet. I was able to harvest all those leaves I cut off and now there are 3 new branches growing below the cut. I also have a dwarf kaffir lime and I've gotten more leaves out of this semi-dwarf. It's also blooming on the new branches, and my bigger dwarf has yet to bloom.

Positive neal1961
(1 review)
On Jul 31, 2009, neal1961 Jacksonville, FL wrote:

I received my Olive tree order on Wednesday after a 2 day
wait! They were beautiful! Both were extremely healthy and full of olives. I am very impressed with the quality and service! Keep up the great work. It’s nice to see someone take pride in their product.
Neal A Barnhill
Jacksonville FL

Positive msminni
(4 reviews)
On Jul 9, 2009, msminni New York, NY wrote:

There are not enough good things to say about my experience with Bay Flora. From ordering online at their beautiful website to receiving the plants it has been absolutely perfect.
I ordered from them after reading the wonderful reviews they had here and they lived up to and surpassed them. Maureen is an absolute angel and so accommodating and responsive. It's been the best online ordering experience I've ever had.
I ordered a Pomegranate and Guava tree...and they are both absolutely beautiful...big and healthy and flowering...and so reasonably priced. This is the ONLY place to get your fruit trees. You will not be disappointed.

Positive StellysPapa
(26 reviews)
On Jun 6, 2009, StellysPapa Dothan, AL (Zone 8a) wrote:

I placed an order for a Sweet Pomegranate just last week and got it today. It was about 3 ft. high, with healthy leaves. The packing was very good, no broken limbs or leaf loss. I would most definitely order from them again and would recommend this nursery to others.

Positive eaglesfan63
(1 review)
On May 25, 2009, eaglesfan63 Philadelphia, PA wrote:

I ordered a Peter's Honey fig at the cheaper price in a grower's pot. That fig has a thick trunk and came in a 4' box, and there are little figs near the top of the tree. The Sharp Velvet pomegranate was also 4' tall. Each plant had growing instructions. Ordered a week ago Thursday and got my plants yesterday, so it was quick processing and shipping. Very satisfied.

Positive upst8gardener
(1 review)
On May 23, 2009, upst8gardener White Plains, NY wrote:

A long story with a happy ending-I waited till the last minute to order a calamondin tree for mother's day and asked at check-out if they could send it out on Monday, even tho I'd missed their Friday deadline.  Was pleasantly surprised by an email an hour or so later saying sure.  Got a tracking number and the fedex website said delivery would happen on Friday.  When Saturday came without the tree, I got suspicious and fired off a not very nice email asking where my buddha’s hand citron was and demanding a refund.  Got an apologetic email from bayflora, offering to put a tracer on the package which wasn't going to help me get the citron in time for mother's day. Then my neighbor came over with a huge box and it was my tree!  I opened it up and it was still healthy, gorgeous even with shiny leaves, very bushy with green fruit. The gift card inside was really cute it was a citrus tree in a pot. My neighbor had been on vacation and somehow fedex delivered my
package to her back porch while she was gone.  I can't imagine how they did this since she's on a corner and her address is a different street all together and we both have our numbers out front, very visible. But bayflora took responsibility and said they'd give me a refund on my credit card, which they did the next day.  That's service. So never believe companies who tell you it will take a month to process a refund.

Positive fruit4ever
(1 review)
On Apr 10, 2009, fruit4ever Emeryville, CA wrote:

This company has a lot of hard to find edibles. I ordered a Pakistani mulberry and an Angel Red pomegranate. The Paki mulberry was leafing out and it has amazing leaves. The top growth wasn't that huge, but the rootball was really big and beginning to grow out of the drainage holes. It's really taken off after two weeks in the ground. Likewise, the Angel Red pom came with a rootball that filled the 2 gal container and it's shooting out with new branches already. Very secure packaging. Came quickly, too.

Positive portlandsandy
(1 review)
On Jan 21, 2009, portlandsandy Portland,
United States wrote:

I got a big kaffir lime tree for the holidays. It filled up the tall box, which was strong enough to ship a bull, but easy to unpack with a removable piece of wood in the front. This is a huge tree and its leaves are making our living room smell really great. I got an email saying when the plant would ship, another one with a tracking number. Fast turnaround and this is one terrific tree.

Positive gourmetguy
(1 review)
On Jan 1, 2009, gourmetguy Albany, NY wrote:

I ordered 2 small Frantoios and a small Arbequina. Got a confirmation telling me when they would ship. The weather turned, but the plants shipped anyway and were protected with a heat pack and insulation. No charge for the extra packaging. These are really nice trees and survived the cold without any damage.

Positive freude
(1 review)
On Jun 16, 2008, freude Emeryville, CA wrote:

After years of ordering from this company (the lime, the satsuma, two varies of elderberries) and being satisfied by the products and service, the piece de resistance arrived yesterday: the contorted jujube. My anticipation was such that I tracked the tree on route. It arrived in perfect condition and sported a hugh root ball and a thick trunk. It is more beautiful than the description and photo. Given the quality and vibrancy of everything I've ordered, the prices are better than anywhere else.

Positive cutflowermama
(4 reviews)
On Apr 18, 2008, cutflowermama Oakland, CA wrote:

Just received my magnolia vine--came securely packed in a 3' tall box--this was a really well-established vine. And it's blooming, which is an unexpected plus. Great product & service.

Positive Assorted
(7 reviews)
On Mar 22, 2008, Assorted Brownsville, TX wrote:

Ordered a Chilean guava. Shipping was decent. They plant was very very well packaged and was in great conidition. So far, from all the ones I ordered online, this is the best one.

Positive doctorbill
(1 review)
On Mar 1, 2008, doctorbill St Louis,
United States wrote:

I ordered a kumquat tree for lunar new year. They got back to me the same day to tell me that it was too cold to ship the tree in time for the holiday. Deeply appreciated being informed about the delay. Tree arrived last week and it has 6 golden fruit.

Positive p3rennial_luvr
(3 reviews)
On Jul 28, 2007, p3rennial_luvr Redmond,
United States wrote:

A great thing about Bay Flora is that they don't take your money until the plants are ready to ship (unlike a few nurseries we can all name). Plus, I got some fruiting elderberries that were actually bigger than advertised. Later I was going to buy Black Lace and Black Beauty elderberries too, but by the time I got around to those, they were sold out. Asked to be put on waiting list and just got a notice as to when I will be able to buy them. Much better procedure than ordering and paying for a plant that may not ship for months.

Positive trilliumfan72
(3 reviews)
On Jul 18, 2007, trilliumfan72 Orinda,
United States wrote:

When I ordered a Pendolino olive tree recently, I knew from the website that it would cost another $15 for expedited shipping during the summer. I appreciated getting an email asking me if I wanted to pay the charge or wait until the fall and avoid the extra fee. Tree arrived safely 4 days after placing order despite the heat wave in NYC and it's a beaut, nicely branched, 3 feet tall and no lost leaves or broken branches.

Highly recommended!

Positive racerjeff
(2 reviews)
On Jun 17, 2007, racerjeff Seattle,
United States wrote:

wow, i can honestly say this was one of the best experiences i've ever had with a nursery. when i was unsure whether an arbequina olive would work well in my garden (i live in seattle but the plant was for my vacation home in san diego), i phoned the company up and was able to speak with a real person who was extremely helpful. when the tree arrived, it was in perfect shape. i'll be ordering again soon.

Positive tinybubbles
(1 review)
On Jun 13, 2007, tinybubbles Portland,
United States wrote:

When I got my fig tree from Bay Flora, I couldn't have been more pleased! Not only was it in excellent condition, it was already bearing fruit. I'll certainly be ordering again.

Positive julie1974
(1 review)
On May 14, 2007, julie1974 Eugene, OR wrote:

got my elderberry plant and two arbequina olive trees from Bay Flora last week. very nice people to deal with, good selection and plants arrived in great shape. can't recommend Bay Flora enough!!!

Positive chickpeaz
(2 reviews)
On May 8, 2007, chickpeaz San Francisco, CA wrote:

I ordered two elderberry plants (Sambucus "black beauty") and a seed kit from Bay Flora, and couldn't be happier! The plants arrived in perfect condition. The company answered my questions about plant care within a day, and now they're thriving in my backyard.

Positive gardenguy78
(3 reviews)
On Dec 10, 2006, gardenguy78 Seattle,
United States wrote:

I bought a Frantoio olive and an Arbequina olive from Bay Flora. The Arbequina was a gift, which is the only reason I would have paid so much money and I was worried it was a ripoff. But my friend in Michigan got the olive in a terra cotta pot last week and it came through the winter storm and shipping just fine. She said it was packaged tightly in air bags and she was so happy with it, so I guess it was worth it at $75 plus shipping. She said there were a couple of fruit on the tree as well. She'll be keeping it in her kitchen for the winter. But for gardeners who want to plant in the ground, the other offerings in plain gallon containers are a pretty good deal. My Frantoio was three feet tall and had a hefty root ball to go with it. For $32.50 I thought it was a bargain, especially compared to the stick I got from Wayside for almost as much money. And I could designate a 10% donation to any group I wanted, so put down Habitat for Humanity in Tacoma. I like that idea.

Positive dogron
(1 review)
On Oct 30, 2006, dogron Swannanoa, NC wrote:

I recently ordered a Kaffir lime tree from this co. The post office mishandled it and Ms. Burke, one of the co.'s partners, immed. made arraignments to send me another plant!! She went way beyond what she was obligated to do and even apologized for the trouble the post office had caused. The tree is huge and healthy and so well packed that not a leaf was bruised. I can't say enough good things about this co. I have been ordering plants mail order for years - this was one of the most positive interactions with a co. I have ever had. Dr. Rita Ogron

Positive mapson06
(2 reviews)
On Sep 29, 2006, mapson06 berkeley, CA wrote:

I purchased a kaffir lime, an herbal wreath and a seedkit from Bay Flora. They're all great. I had a question about the plant and got an email response right away. For the top quality, they were also reasonably priced. The best part was that a percentage of all purchases go to the charity of your choice. For us, it ended up being a contribution of over $15 to our son's school!

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