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Negative neffwalker
(2 reviews)
On May 15, 2017, neffwalker Cayuga Heights, NY wrote:

In the past I have received good service and quality plants from OGW. This year I ordered early and requested a delivery period (as I travel for work). The shipping date was confirmed, the plants were not shipped. I followed up by e-mail and phone, we set a new date and again plants were not shipped when promised. In fact it became a bit humorous as I would talk to person and we would agree on what could be done then I would receive a auto-generated e-mail telling me something different. I did get the plants about four weeks after the initial delivery date (with a one day notice before arrival) and they were in good condition. I will point out when asking for earlier shipping I was told no hurry as the paw paws were dormant while the plants I received were in full leaf.

Negative david22
(1 review)
On May 25, 2016, david22 Fair Oaks, CA wrote:

After a month of trying to get a replacement for my dead plant............I am writing this review

After a month of trying to get my money or a plant back for the one that never leaved out, I am write this warning review. Yes, the check is in the mail story among other ones I have gotten over the phone. So many stories.............we cannot replace your plant because we will loose our licence. !!!!!! But they already sent me the illegal plant. So, if you have a problem, it will not be dealt with in a timely manner or not at all in my case. They keep giving me excuses and promises
May 16

***** BUYER BEWARE ******

Negative kmacel
(1 review)
On May 10, 2016, kmacel West Tisbury, MA wrote:

Ordered a pear tree & paid in full 4/11/2016. Contacted them 5/4/2016 to find out why I had not received my order yet - they replied that it was expected to ship out on 5/9/2016. On 5/10/2016 I got a phone call saying they ran out of the variety I ordered and did I want a substitute?

Would not have been an issue had they let me know in a timely manner but it had been a full MONTH since my order; if they were planning on running out of the tree I ordered perhaps they should have shipped in a more timely fashion. Poor form, OGW. Will not order from you again.

Negative Prendeville
(1 review)
On Feb 23, 2016, Prendeville Yamhill, OR wrote:

I placed a large order (33 trees and plants) to be picked up. I asked when would it work for them for me to pick up this order. One Green World called me stating my order was ready to pick up. I arrived Saturday morning prior to opening at 10am, facility opened 5-10 minutes after 10am and my order was not ready. So waited for 1.5 hours while my order was gathered. Not all plants were located. One tree I was told was available was no longer available. Got to watch other customers come and go with their orders or purchases made on the spot. Trees are of good quality, but customer service is HORRIBLE. Ten days after picking up my order and 20 after placing my order, it is STILL not complete. Three plants were shipped to me since they were not located while I waited. These were trimmed to fit into a box. I'd rather determine the trimming length than have the box dictate it. Still waiting on one more plant!!!! I sent email 2 days ago and have YET to receive a response. When I was waiting at the store, I was told that they'd "make it up to me" yet no action has been made to resolve the missing plant or resolve this error. I'll update this review once these issues are resolved or if I need to contact the Better Business Bureau.

Negative dlwade
(1 review)
On May 30, 2015, dlwade Saint Cloud, MN wrote:

I have dealt with OGW before with very mixed results. Last year on May21, 2014, I placed an order. They took the money, never sent plants, never responded to many phone and email request. I ended up calling a number listed on my visa account, which was a supplier., The supplier, very upset to be getting a call, one of many they said, contacted OGW on my behalf for a very late (months later) refund. No other response.
This year I took a deep breath, ordered in February. I waited, then in May they sent a note saying they sold out of the plant I ordered in February and wanted to send me something else instead. So I ended up after a year of trying to get a specific plant giving up, and got my changed order on May14th, 2015. The plants I got were actually very nice, but talk about a poorly run business with no customer service. I am done with OGW.
If you can buy locally, I would discourage you from patronizing this business.

Negative DHolladay
(3 reviews)
On Mar 16, 2015, DHolladay Nampa, ID wrote:

I ordered a rather large order last summer & the order was shipped without notice in the fall early winter. I planted everything immediately. I ordered 4 pawpaw trees and know from experience how delicate they are. Most of my trees are in bloom now & I did the scratch test on the 4 pawpaws as well as all the other plants. All the pawpaw trees were brown. I emailed them & they told me I didn't scratch deep enough. I have over 300 trees and berry bushes on my property. I know what I'm doing. However they refused to do anything about it. Also there were a few plants left off my order & the order in their system showed that it was still pending so I assumed that they were going to send them this spring. When I once again email them to find out when they were going to ship them, they informed me that I had received them & that they have a triple check system so they know they were shipped. Whatever, I should have paid attention to the reviews previous to now.. I can't see myself using these people ever again.. There are many good companies out there that provide good service, I don't need to loose any sleep on those who don't care.

Negative Permi_Eden
(3 reviews)
On Jan 5, 2015, Permi_Eden Meadville, PA (Zone 5b) wrote:

I ordered from this company last year and the year before. Never again. I contacted them both times to see when my order would be shipped and got nothing but rude and snarky customer service. They certainly did not seem to care if they had my business or not. I would rather pay more somewhere else than have to deal with rude and condescending behavior when I am trying to spend my hard earned money.

Negative Gardenest
(1 review)
On Sep 6, 2014, Gardenest Salisbury, MD wrote:

Before buying, BE SURE to try and call them on the phone or contact them by email... so that you can see their customer service BEFORE they have your money.

I placed an order for a bunch of plants and paid them online. Having received nothing beyond the confirmation email (no plants, no ETA, no nothing...), I called them and left messages multiple times. I've also sent multiple emails.

So far, I've been totally unable to get anyone to either answer the phone or respond to my voicemails and emails. Now, I've got to go through the headaches of canceling the payment through Visa...

What a headache.

To the company: If you are so busy that you cannot mail the plants, respond to emails and voicemails from customers who have already paid you, or even answer the phone, then STOP TAKING ORDERS UNTIL YOU ARE CAUGHT UP.

To potential customers: Before sending them your money, see if you can get past their voicemail-hell.

Negative merrydancer
(7 reviews)
On Mar 29, 2014, merrydancer Vancouver, WA wrote:

Quite a few years ago bought a "comice" pear. (It was the only pear I bought that year.) figured out a few years later that is was definitely NOT a comice. Guessing it is a barlett. hmmm... this matches what another reviewer said about just changing tags if a customer wants what they don't have.

Negative olderfarmer
(1 review)
On Jun 21, 2013, olderfarmer wrote:

Their customer service is terrible. I informed them of a problem in May, and a month later no action has been taken. My emails haven't been returned, and they've taken no responsibility at all. I read aloud to the head of customer service a part of the guarantee they have printed in their catalog. It says "We will work with you to resolve any problems as quickly as possible." If only this were true.

Negative MattGibby
(2 reviews)
On Apr 24, 2013, MattGibby Roy, UT wrote:

I have a large order that was placed last fall. It was estimated that the shipping would occur around 04/01/13. I called on 04/10 and they said it would be shipped right away. When not received by 04/18, I called again. The rep said he didn't know why it hadn't yet shipped and would make sure it got right out. Today is 04/24 and I still don't have the order. I have to set aside time to get all of this planted. Called and talked to a manager (Scott). He could only say that they are doing the best that they can and he really can't say when it will ship. So if you need to have a general idea as to when you will receive your plants and trees, I would suggest ordering elsewhere.

Negative lysis
(4 reviews)
On May 5, 2012, lysis Scottsdale, AZ wrote:

Ordered an Asian pear in April. Took two weeks to ship and the plant that arrived had dry roots. It was essentially DOA and failed to leaf out. Other varieties of bare root Asian pears from Grandpa's Orchard and Raintree ordered at the same time did do well, however.

Negative Luft46
(1 review)
On May 30, 2011, Luft46 Hampton, VA wrote:

I have placed 2 orders with One Green World. I ordered 2 pawpaw trees from them (2009), and they were very well packed and they are growing well. I had nothing but praise for them and looked forward to placing many more orders with OGW.

However, another order I placed with them arrived slightly damaged - the top part was broken off. I took a photo and sent them an email right away (April), I never got a reply. By August the tree had started dying, I emailed them with no answer so I started phoning. After filling out a form (and I included photos), I was told I would have an answer in 7-10 days. I never received that email either, so I called them to ask about a resolution. I was told "maybe" there was a soil problem, or "maybe" the PH was wrong and my request for a refund or replacement was denied.. I have grown many of these trees in the exact same soil, water and sun

If they had made any sort of offer of meeting me halfway, half price on another tree, free shipping - anything, I would still be ordering from them today. So, for $10 or so, they have missed out on hundreds of dollars of future orders from me. That is too bad, I really would like to order more trees from them.

Negative GeoDro
(1 review)
On Apr 23, 2011, GeoDro Newark, DE wrote:

Just received my order, and I was disappointed, especially as my past orders with this company had been higher quality.

This time, however, I received what appeared to be a machine dug persimmon that had not much root (bare root, root chopped extremely short). The root was loosely packed with just wood chips that were barely moist, in a wrapped plastic bag with entirely dry newspaper holding the barely moistened chips.

Perhaps the management of this company is not as involved as it once was in maintaining quality control? I've planted the plant, so we'll see, but based on what I saw I'm not overly optimistic. It's disappointing, because the variety of plants they have to me has always seemed unmatched, but if the quality is no longer there what does it matter?

Negative SteveGubkin
(4 reviews)
On Apr 11, 2011, SteveGubkin Columbus, OH wrote:

I ordered 5 pawpaw trees, 3 honeyberries, and 2 bundles of alpine strawberries from OGW. I placed my order fall last year, and was told that they had the trees I was interested in (Susquehana, Allegheny, and KSU-Atwood) in stock. I called them back about a month ago, and they initially couldn't find my order (which freaked me out a little), but they found it eventually and got back to me. They said they wouldn't be able to ship out until early April, which I said was fine. April 8th I called them to see what was going on with my order, and they said they had already shipped it April 4th, and they gave me a tracking number. I had asked them to call me before shipping them out on my order form - I wanted to avoid being out of town when my order got to me. I checked the tracking number they gave me, and FedEx said the order was only 6 pounds. This seems pretty strange, because 5 potted trees, 3 bareroot bushes, and 10 potted strawberries should not weigh only 6 pounds. So I call OGW back and ask them why my order only weighs 6 pounds. They tell me that they ran out of pawpaws, so they canceled that part of my order. I was only ordering anything from them because I wanted the pawpaws, so I asked them to contact FedEx to have them take the rest of the order back. They say they can't do that - I will have to refuse the order in person. The FedEx guy knocked on my door the next morning, and by the time I got there he was already gone and I had a package of unwanted plants. To be fair, the plants I did get were in pretty good shape - well packaged and healthy looking. But I lost a whole year of growth because this company wasn't able to keep its inventory straight, which is just inexcusable. The fact that they didn't call me early is the worst part - I may have been able to order from another company if they had been honest with me. Instead I have a full quarter of my backyard dug out and prepared for a pawpaw patch, with no pawpaws to put in it. I will just take the next year to plant some cover crops there and try to improve the soil quality for next spring. I think I am going to get my pawpaws from Nolin Nut River instead.

Negative shroomdaddy
(3 reviews)
On Aug 22, 2010, shroomdaddy Junction City, WI wrote:

I wish that I had checked with this Watchdog page before being suckered into their beautiful webpage that has seems to offer tremendous variety and potential. Despite their high prices for most varieties I splurged in 2009 and placed an $800+ order with high hopes to expand the varieties in both my nursery and orchards in WI. At the same time I also placed orders with 5 other mailorder nurseries and staggered their deliveries over two weeks so they'd all get planted promptly. What arrived for the most part looked very good except for some of the smallest bareroots ie.kiwis but usually I've had good luck with even the smallest if given enough attention. Bottomline only one of 8 apples survived the summer despite plentiful rain, weedmat and woodchip mulching. and plenty of supplimental watering by my college workers, and a very good growing season for everything else i planted or had already in place. 3 of 6 honeyberries are flourishing this year at 3-4' tall but the other 3 never leafed out just like the apples the first growing season. Only 3 of 9 kiwis grew. Aian pears, persimmon, and 1/2 of the mountain ash had a few leaves the first summer but dead this spring. I called last September to report my concern and then this April (to keep it under 1 year) and they gave me the old scratch and look for green which I did on those brown trunks off the apples and went back and forth on the phone until they stopped calling. So I called to ask what their head horticulturalist (the owner)had decided and I was blown away when told that Wisconsin has too harsh of a climate for their plants and that they were winterkilled. BS as all ordered were rated for my zone and the fact of the matter was that most just NEVER LEAFED OUT while at the very same time Stark brothers, Oikos, Woodstock, St. Lawrence Nursery, Hartmans,etc orders did very well. An e-mail to them in which I made my final rebuttal to the owner herself was unanswered two months ago. The only worse customer service which I've come across is from Direct Gardening mailorder which I next write about. For the amount of $ and time lost I should have contacted my credit card company for a partial refund but didn't.

Negative frejaman
(1 review)
On Jun 22, 2010, frejaman Hillsboro, OR wrote:

This company does not stand behind their product. Often their stock are too small for field trans-planting and die. I lost hundreds of dollars of stock dying the first year after a cold winter. I figured at least they would replace a paw paw tree that is supposed to be hardy. When you call in they ask you lots of questions to find that one excuse why they will not replace your stock. I will never buy again!

Negative ecofarmer1
(1 review)
On Jun 11, 2010, ecofarmer1 Beaverton, OR wrote:

STAY AWAY!! I am good friends with a former higher management employee, and I bought a European Pear from this company and I Constantly had problems with it - season after season it would lose its leaves and the pears would rot before ever ripening - my friend finally admitted that OGW's "mother block" (where they get all their cuttings/starts from) has been knowingly infected with Pear Blister Disease. AND that's not all, the Figs they propagate and sell are known to have Mosaic Virus, which can ruin an entire fig farm if infected. This employee also told me that he had been ordered by THE OWNERS (!!!) that if someone wanted a particular variety and it was out of stock to simply take a different variety and change the tag on it because "only about a quarter of people will ever even figure out they have the wrong one". He told me there was a lot of other circumstances but wouldn't elaborate. I can't even imagine a company purposely swindling their own customers. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

Negative collinsm65
(2 reviews)
On Jun 5, 2010, collinsm65 Smithsburg, MD wrote:

I placed an order for three items. One Gogi plant, one Chinese Haw tree and one Asian Pear. The Gogi was in a small pot...a bit smaller than expected but in good shape otherwise.

For the two trees, I expected bare root and dormant, but what I got were bare root STICKS. Not one branch. Cliped entirely down to the stick. The web page says pruned to fit. This wasn't pruned, it was MAULED!!!

I tried to work something out with them, but they are uncooperative. Additionally, FedX left it in front of the house on a 95 degree day in full sun against brick, where temperatures soar to 110 easily. They said there was nothing they could do and it's my problem with FedX.

Not knowing yet what to do, I kept them indoors where it was cool, waiting on someone to call me back. They said "no manager was available. Yeah...3pm their time. Sure. They said the supervisor "just stepped out" when I asked for that. Complete B.S.. I asked for a call-back. So far still waiting. While the trees were indoors, I discovered also that the stuff they sent them in was loaded with ants. WTF?

Um...well...I worked in the catalog industry too, and can tell you it's the shipper's responsibility to get an order to you in satisfactory condition. This was anything but satisfactory, and I will also be filing a BBB complaint as well as one on as well.

This company should be avoided like the plauge!!!

Negative Vestia
(4 reviews)
On Mar 11, 2010, Vestia San Francisco, CA wrote:

I have ordered from this nursery in the past, both as a retail and wholesale customer, and had been satisfied. Last week I ordered about $200 of fruit trees, the plants arrived today. All but one were beautiful, big and clearly healthy. All were well-packed and arrived promptly and in good condition, except the one. All were potted, or had been recently unpotted, and had good roots, except that darn one. The one was a rooted cutting, where all the others were potted plants that were well-established. The wood of the one was dried out and had no live buds. Weird. All the other plants were great; big and promising with swelling buds or healthy leaves.

I called immediately, and asked what they might do to rectify the situation. I was told to plant it and that they "stand behind their plants" and they were sure it would make good growth. I can tell you, after growing plants and fruit trees for 40-some years, this plant was not going to make good growth. Still, they gave me the company patter about their "love of plants", and said wait and see. After going around a few times and realizing I was not going to get a replacement or a refund. I decided to take it up with my credit card company. This prompted a return call from a supervisor who at first said they did not guarantee their plants, and then, finally, gave me a refund. What an ordeal. I had offered to return the plant, more than once, BTW. Wacky company; use at your own risk.

Negative safetyjoe
(2 reviews)
On Aug 10, 2009, safetyjoe Eugene, OR wrote:

I ordered a wolfberry plant five years ago from One Green World, and it has never flowered or fruited. I recently asked for a replacement, since a friend's plant had berries the second year. OGW informed me that I bought a seedling which takes 3-6 years to fruit. I told them I did not buy a seedling, that it was a cultivar. No way were they to accept responsibility. I live within an hour or so from their nursery and I have bought kiwis and guavas from local plant fairs and local nurseries that stock their plants. None of their kiwis have fruited, although the Chilean Guavas will fruit this fall. I've had some good conversations with Jim, owner and president, and he strikes me as very rigid and he doesn't flex an inch over a plant issue that is his nursery's responsibility.

I am a nursery owner and have been a horticulturist for almost 40 years. I know how to grow plants, and I know about good customer service. I treat my customers with utmost respect, .even though I don't always give them what they want. However, I treat them fairly, and if their loss is a fault of mine, I make it right. I rarely, rarely have a customer complain about their plant purchase because I sell healthy, disease and pest-free plants.

As nursery owners we need to look at the big picture. I am self-employed by my customers, the people who buy plants from me. That's just how it is!

Kenan Rowlett
Artistic Gardener Nursery & Design

Negative sfeldman2005
(6 reviews)
On Aug 6, 2009, sfeldman2005 Santa Cruz, CA wrote:

I ordered a gojiberry last spring and was worried when I opened the box. The leaves were covered with white spots and they said not to worry. And their website doesn't offer any information on possible disease for this plant. Now this shrub is completely covered with mildew--I've never seen a plant so susceptible. I'll probably have to remove it and would never have bought it if I'd been told about this possibility in the first place. Apparently this is a very common problem for gojiberry plants, and who wants to use a fungicide on a fruiting plant you're growing for its health benefits? Very frustrating to grow a plant that could infect the entire garden with mildew, and to not be told of that possibility.

Negative beckyham
(1 review)
On Jul 16, 2009, beckyham Houston, TX wrote:

one big green negative.I ordered over 300.00 worth of plants half died.( the ones i wanted were honey berries) order 8 plants -6 died and were delivered under 3 inches.i read honeyberrys that are small usually do not make it ,contacted company.told them 2 of he plants were over 12 inches on delivery,and the small ones died and i had read that was not uncommon.also told them it has been hot i planted in shade as instructed, and the large ones survied.all i wanted was one more plant for excellent pollenation and was told all the plants were 18 inches and they died from heat.well i told them it was hot and some are still alive-called me a lier and would not honor sending out ONE measelly plant after all i had spent $329.07 i have gardened for over 30 yrs made me go out and scratch a dead 2 inch stem just to insult me and say the head gardener said they were all sent out over 12 inches.i should of spent the 329.07 on him some new glasses!

Negative permaculturejo
(1 review)
On Apr 5, 2009, permaculturejo Portland, OR wrote:

I am a new customer to one green world and since I lived about 12 miles away, I chose to pick up the plant locally. I spent a little over three hundred dollars on my puchase and visited them twice. Though their customer service was great, I am very dissappointed by the quality of their trees and plant I have purchased. Since you don't get to pick the best looking plant like you would at a garden centre. You pretty much have to accept what was given to you by their staff at time of purchase. Most of my trees were small and one of my akebia vine looks so sick that I am just speechless. Especially when I visited a local nursery garden a day later and saw what a healthy selection they have.
I went back a second time for some almond trees and filbert trees and again was given stick that were barely 18 inches tall.
I decided to visit the the local nursery center the next day and bought some almond tree and fibert trees from them with almost the same price but are much bigger and healthy trees that stand aleast 6 feet tall. It was then become clear that I have make a mistake by shopping at one green world.
When I got home , I throw the one green world cataloge in the recycle bin and deleted their website from my favorite list. I do not think I will buy from them again.

Negative gardener_galore
(2 reviews)
On Apr 1, 2009, gardener_galore Pleasant Hill, OR wrote:

I was very excited about ordering from One Green World as they have a wonderful selection of plants, were local, and I liked their environmental practices. This year alone I have spent around $500 at their business and a couple other businesses on trees. I had planned on spending around $300 to $600 exclusively at One Green World next year but will not because of how they mishandled my order.

Their customer service agent took down my order wrong by phone for two of my trees. I did not notice this until after their two week return guarantee (4 weeks total). Trying to get this resolved resulted in much run-around on my part. Despite the fact that the error started with them (and one would think this was clear .. the order date was also entered as 10 months in the future), I was repeatedly told there was nothing they would do. I wasn't trying to be unreasonable or cheat them. A partial refund and returning the trees .. anything would have balanced things out.

I was told on the phone when I made my order that if my fruit trees didn't bloom out they would replace them. However, in a later discussion with a manager I was told that once I had the trees two weeks there was nothing they would do. Period. Since One Green World ships out trees in late winter/early spring well before any of them will bud out, the "guarantee" they provide is apparently worthless.

If they had just fixed their mistake in the first place I would have been one of their biggest fans.

Negative ovocny
(1 review)
On Nov 9, 2007, ovocny Tacoma, WA wrote:

This is the request I sent to OGW-
(I have not had the apple tree for more than one growing season, and the grafts have failed.)

"Last year I got a 3 way apple. It looked fine through the summer, no disease, grew well.
Then within 2 months - first one, then another, leader fell off at the graft union.
There was no mechanical damage. The grafts were not good. The defect was inherent in the plant. I have lost a year of growth towards having a productive tree.
I would like a replacement with a single variety disease resistant apple."

This is OGW exact response-
"We do apologize though we do not offer free replacements this far out. Our policy covers items that are damaged upon arrival and those that fail to come out of dormancy and we do ask that you contact us in regards to these matters right away."

One Green World did not admit that the graft failure was their problem. Just because the tree took some time to fall apart does not change that fact that it was defective. I am completely dissatisfied and will not order from them again.

Negative chediak
(1 review)
On Jul 15, 2007, chediak Portland, OR wrote:

I used to be a real fan of One Green World for both their selection and environmental practices, but now I don't know.

This yearI received item #8416 Early Cordifolia hardy kiwi with no buds on it at the time of delivery, along with another kiwi that looked great. I immediately reported this to customer support and was told to scratch the bark and see if it was green underneath. It was. I was then asked to simply plant it and be patient.

I waited for a month or two and nothing happened to the Early Cordifolia while the other kiwi sent at the same time was thriving. I called again and was told the same thing. It's now mid-July and the plant never did bud in any way, shape or form, and the scratch test is no longer green. The plant is as dead as a doornail.

I'd like a refund on this plant or a replacement, but their website appears not to be up any longer and the office is closed for the season. What really bothers me is that I repeatedly called and told the staff that this plant really seemed unusually poor at the time of delivery. I've gotten dozens of bare-root plants and this one really looked sick, but now I'm reading on the packing slip that they can no longer offer free replacements? What sort of quality control is that?

Call me frustrated.

Negative tallaway
(2 reviews)
On Apr 17, 2006, tallaway Crescent City, CA wrote:

I ordered from this company last year, because although I usually order from Raintree, this company seemed to have a better selection of the plant varieties that I was interested in and that I knew would grow in this sometimes difficult climate. The pants wer also a little bit less expensive than Raintree, but I guess you get what you pay for!(if that) I ended up ordering also from Raintree, so I was able to compare both company's plants as well as service. The plants all arrived as I had specified, but some were in very poor shape. They weren't in transit all that long to my place in the very north of CaIifornia, so I don't think shipping time is to blame. Was aware of their two week only replacement guarentee, but assumed they would replace anything that was obviously sickly to begin with, boy was I wrong! I do have to give them credit for refunding the price of the Alpine Strawberries, most of which never grew and which were very apparently last year's plants, rather than the new plants I received from Raintree. I had also started some of my own, which were comparable in size to the ones from Raintree. I can't imagine why anyone would have sent such poor plants to begin with, they didn't replace them like I asked and neither did they credit any shipping.

About the other plants: they were three kiwis and a maypop passiflora, all in gallon pots, all of which I have seen growing here. BTW, I am a Master Gardener and the one everyone nearby comes to for advice on their plants and gardens. When I wrote to the company I told them this and also told them that the plants above either never came out of dormancy, or if they did growth was very weak until the plant died a few weeks after starting growth. The plant that did come out of dormancy did so nearly a month after I had received it, so I kept hoping the others would eventually, perhaps along the lines of Persimmons, which can take until fall to leaf out sometimes after transplanting. The plants were all planted as soon as I got them into the beds I had prepared for them and I grew them as taught in the in-depth Kiwi handbook from Raintree. I already have other Passifloras. All of the plants could have been more cheaply shipped, because none of them had very many roots to speak of. The company refused replacement or refund, stating in their letter to me that since the two-week time period had passed I needed to find other cultivars that would do better for me, and /or to seek the advice of someone who know what grows here(!) - pretty sneaky way to get out of your responsibilities! I have since reordered the same plants from Raintree (this year) and they are all doing very well; they all had large full rootballs.

One Green World states in their catalog the they will work with the customer; but if not admitting they sent inferior plants and being inflexible is what they really mean, then I don't need any part of it and will not do business with them again.

Negative emlaxus
(1 review)
On Apr 8, 2006, emlaxus Richmond, VA wrote:

Last year we ordered 3 seaberrys which their catalog described as "extremely hardy and tough" and planted them according to the instructions. When 2 died we were told they would not be replaced because they had grown for a year. The guarantee in the catalog is different from the one you receive with your plants which has an added sentence which says "we can no longer offer free replacements". So when they say "We will work with you to resolve any problems as quickly as possible", don't believe it.

Negative Fidleir
(1 review)
On Aug 15, 2003, Fidleir Washington, DC wrote:

This Spring I ordered a pomegranate and a fig. They both arrived in fine condition, but when the fig leafed out it showed strong symptoms of mosaic virus. I emailed the company to warn them that their stock was infected, but have never received a reply, or offer for a replacement. Their other plants may be okay, but the company has lost the respect I once had for them. It should be illegal for nurseries to be shipping diseased plants.

On May 2nd, 2006, Fidleir added the following:

I just came across this web diary today of someone who had worked at this nursery and it actually mentions Northwoods knowingly selling figs infected with fig mosaic virus -- as I observed in the plant that I received in 2003. What else is there to say.

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