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Negative bartjestuin
(2 reviews)
On Mar 18, 2017, bartjestuin gieten,
Netherlands wrote:

i have bought for alot of money
i had clitoria seeds offer and i get lathyrus seeds
for this mistake the have give mine money back
but i have a lot of other seeds
and non of the seeds are germinate whe are two mounth behind and all the hibiscus seeds are not germinate and the other seeds not
only 3 other clitoria s seeds i have bought germinate
i have sent 2 emails and the dont react on mine mails
iam so dissepointed on this company
so i hope that no one buy here you are dissepointed if you buy here.

Negative 67gt500
(4 reviews)
On Sep 1, 2015, 67gt500 Federal Heights, CO wrote:

I have purchased 7 different species of Musa Banana seeds from Georgavines. I am experienced in the challenges of grow Bananas from seed. The issue I have with the seeds they sell in regards to the Banana seeds, since these are the only types of seed I have tried from Georgavines.
Not 1 of the seeds I purchased from them has ever sprouted. I am fully aware some varieties can take anywhere from a few weeks, to a year or more. Even the Banana seed varieties that I have purchased that should germinate in a month ever sprouted. The seeds in my opinion are not fresh at all. I have purchased Banana seeds from several sites on the the net. And have had good success with them germinating, and growing into health plants.
In closing I can tell a fresh Banana seed, from a non fresh seed. The Banana seeds Georgavines sells are not fresh.. I do not know anything about the quality of their other seeds they sell. Only my experience with the seeds I have covered.

Negative txaggiegal
(6 reviews)
On Jun 23, 2015, txaggiegal Belton, TX wrote:

What a SCAM and one of the worst Sham Businesses in a long time...I have ordered seed in the past and it has never sprouted so I 'chalked it up'...But this time, I ordered cuttings for a Research Project. They were not cheap at $50 plus shipping!

The ad/posting was very vague and I sent an email to Georgia Vines to inquire the length and request 8" cuttings for optimum rooting. Other sites offer 8-10" at same price structure -- and several pay shipping...

Two emails and No response from Georgia Vines.

Cuttings arrived and they were 3" to 4" long and many did NOT have nodes!...Additionally, the cuttings were simply thrown in a box and shipped in a medium flat rate...not an ounce of packing, information, not even a business card. I would be ashamed of them as well!!!

I sent an email to Georgia Vines with my issues as soon as the cuttings arrived...Again...No response.

Now, 40 days later...not one cutting from Georgia Vines has rooted, formed foliage or lived. I ordered cuttings from 4 other sites at the same time -- every one of them is well-rooted and thriving!...

Buy from Georgia Vines again at your own risk...I risked and I learned...

Negative sakapur
(2 reviews)
On May 5, 2015, sakapur San Jose, CA wrote:

I bought lychee plant from this business. The Lychee tree arrived and looked fine. I planted it in bigger pot and watered it regularly. After couple of weeks the lychee plant died. I contacted the business and explained them the issue. The business was very prompt in responding back and issued RMA. I sent back the tree as soon as I received the communication from business. After receiving back the package, the business responded back that they cannot refund the money because of following reasons :
- The original dirt in which plan was shipped was not included as part of RMA
- The original pot was not included
- It wasn't packaged the way business sent the pack

Well, if you have time please go through the process of RMA but I doubt the business will return the money. My advice is if you bought from this business and plant died just forgot about it. You will feel worst after sending the plant back !
I definitely don't plan to go back to this business not because plant died but their customer service is terrible.

Negative whoever
(1 review)
On Aug 29, 2013, whoever Frankfurt,
Germany wrote:

I ordered impatiens cyathiflora seeds from them. Seeds looked unripe (partially whitish, light brown) to me. No germination info, therefore I treated them like other wild impatiens seeds (stratification for 8 weeks at 5°C), but no sign of germination. Waste of money.

Negative Babzee
(1 review)
On Jul 2, 2013, Babzee LEABURG, OR (Zone 8b) wrote:

I ordered 4 different Impatiens glandulifera varieties from them. Depending on variety they had between 5-8 seeds and were over $5.00 per packet. Upon arrival I noticed that about 50% of the seeds were undeveloped (they looked like dust) and there was no way they would germinate but I really wanted the plants so I said what the heck even one would be great! What a waste of time and money! I'm a plant pathologist and used to work for seed company so I have some experience in germinating seeds thanks to my friends in seed germ lab. It is over 3 months later and nothing is happening. Just to let you know I received another variety of Impatient glandulifera from different source about week later and they are already transplanted into my garden doing very well.
As I mentioned before, I only ordered Impatients from this company so I hope you guys have better luck with other seeds. As far as Im concerned $20.25 later Im not going to be buying anything from them ever again

Negative Xeramtheum
(1 review)
On Mar 20, 2013, Xeramtheum Summerville, SC (Zone 8a) wrote:

Posted on March 8, 2013, updated March 20, 2013
Last year I ordered seeds from this company:

Chilean Jasmine
MG - Sepacuitensis
MGJ - Red Picotee

I sent off my money order and received an email a few weeks later saying they never got my payment. I did a trace on the MO and found that they had gotten it and cashed it. I sent them a copy of the trace report. They said sorry, guess we overlooked it.

The only seeds that came out right was the Chilean Jasmine and I only got 1 plant out of 5 seeds planted. The Red Picotee clearly was NOT Red Picotee and the Sepacuitensis always rotted before it could get out of the seed coat and it's doing the same thing this year no matter what I try. I was told that they would contact their supplier of the Red Picotee and let them know.

I emailed them back letting them know that I was an experienced seed starter and that the failures were were not due to me but the quality of the seeds. In return they sent me two more packets of Red Picotee. By then it was too late in the season to start them.

This year I planted 6 of the Red Picotee and so far only one has come up and it's not a very healthy seedling. Four other seeds apparently composted themselves and one other got a root out of the seed coat and promptly shriveled up and died.

I want to add that I've also started 30 other MG seeds this year and they are all happily growing in my greenhouse as I write this.

The quality of their seeds is very poor in my opinion.

On March 20th, 2013, Xeramtheum added the following:


Just wanted to add that as of today, on my 3rd attempt to get a viable seedling of the Red Picotee MG, not even 1 out of 10 MG seeds I've planted have come up. They all rotted.
Negative Tropicman
(9 reviews)
On Jan 9, 2013, Tropicman Bushland, TX (Zone 6a) wrote:

Received E-mail from Georgia Vines,saying a flat $5 off my order,ordered seeds couldn't get there coupon to work at the time I ordered my seeds,so I sent them a e-mail ,to let them know there coupon wasn't working on there web site,they answered me they would give me a $5 certificate,then they wrote back saying they would just give me a refund,either way I was happy,with that and told them I wanted to order more seeds,so I needed either the certificate or refund,so I could make my order,and told them what my order would be,on there web site,they say they will do anything possible to make there customers happy,well,been several days and haven't heard a word from them,my seed order arrived and they billed my credit card account,but no word on my certificate or refund.They no longer will answer my e-mails,so buyer beware!

Negative SmallGardener
(2 reviews)
On Jul 18, 2012, SmallGardener Newtonville, MA (Zone 6b) wrote:

I've ordered twice from Georgia Vines, and each time, the plants were delivered in tiny pots, barely 2" in size. The first set of vines I ordered (last summer) hardly grew at all. The vine that arrived today has no sign of new growth and holes in the leaves. I would be surprised if this most recent shipment survives, and would be shocked if it thrives.

Negative oak_tree_01
(2 reviews)
On Mar 21, 2011, oak_tree_01 upstate NY, NY (Zone 5a) wrote:

I would be very hesitant to seeds from this company. I had sent a few emails to Georgia Vines to ask questions about their passiflora seeds. They carry so many varieties of passiflora and sell seeds as well as plants, so I wanted to be sure that they were not allowing their passifloras to hybridize. I asked if the seeds were ones that they saved themselves, and what steps they’d taken to isolate the varieties. I’d hate to buy seeds, go to the trouble of getting them to germinate (passifloras are notoriously difficult to get to germinate unless they are extremely fresh), grow them for years and then discover when they bloom that they are not the variety I wanted but some sort of hybrid. I had to email and then email again several times before I got answers to my questions that were remotely clear. Initially I got the response of:
“Maybe you should buy them from somebody else. They are our own and we don't care if they hybridize themselves. I guess that is bad business in your eyes. We just like to garden. Sorry we are not going to do business with you. -Travis”
Then I got a message from him saying:
“That last email was suppose to be for someone else. ...We have a greenhouse full of Passifloras and if they cross polinate then we won't know until May or so what we have. Some of the seeds we buy from dealers and some we have from our own plants. -Travis”

“... Most of the plants we have were bought in plant form not by seed.  We do not physically transfer pollen. They are all planted on the outside edges of the greenhouse. Many of them bloom at different times. We take pictures of them every year and none have seemed to change in color or leaf. If they have been hybridized we wouldn't be able to tell so far. Maybe we will have seeds this year that will produce some? There is no isolation as you can see because we are limited in space and protection. We are planning to build more greenhouses in the future. I hope you forgive me for being rude. I can give you some crappy excuse but there is not one that would matter and I do apologize for being short. I will be willing to discount you on a purchase for my stupidity. 

Perfectly likable people, and since their plants are produced from cuttings, they’re probably fine, but I would be skeptical about their seeds. It just doesn’t sound to me like they are taking care to insure that their seeds will produce true to type. If they’re selling hybridized seed, they ought to tell people about it openly.

On Mar 21, 2011, Georgia Vines responded with:

"On Mar 22, 2011 6:01 AM, Georgia Vines responded with:

Oh No, I'm so sorry about my son's response in these emails. There certainly is no excuse for this and I apologize for his unexcusable behavior. I had no idea about these emails. I recently asked him to help me with the business and now see he has been not doing things the way they should be done. I appreciate you letting me know about this and will certainly make changes. Again, please accept my apology.

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