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Negative njalmon
(1 review)
On Jun 19, 2008, njalmon Wilmington, DE wrote:

I am on old gardener who has ordered many plants in my lifetime. I have never ordered and received more wretched, pitiful plnts in my life as I did from Roots and Rhisomes. On top of that, the woman who took my order was unknowledgeable and rather rude. What a disappointment and waste of money. I ordered eight plants of galiun odoratum (Sweet Woodruff) which were spindly and dry. I planted them anyway. Oh well.

Neutral daylilydazed
(7 reviews)
On Jun 16, 2008, daylilydazed Sewaren, NJ wrote:

I ordered from this company because I received a gift certificate. The daylilies were all single fans and come in a plastic bag with holes and wood shavings and some peat moss. They looked pathetic so rather than putting them directly into the garden I potted them up. Three out of 12 did not make it. I think being in plastic and if it is hot when they ship it causes condensation and rot. One actually had a mushy crown directly out of the bag. Contacted the company and they promptly sent out replacements. Also one of the ones I ordered was no longer available and they promptly sent a refund check.

Negative connor4
(1 review)
On Jun 7, 2008, connor4 Milton, DE wrote:

I ordered an Angelica,3 Princeton Silky daylillies, and 1 daylilly Welcome Mat. Only the Angelica and one of the Princeton Silky have survivied. All of the daylillies were extremely small and I am surprised that one has survived. I have been growing daylillies for 40+ years and have never had an experience like this. The catalog was quite nice but the product was very poor. They have seen the last of my money.

Positive gsd97jks
(1 review)
On Apr 18, 2008, gsd97jks Brooklyn, NY wrote:

I found these guys through a friend and ordered using their website (which by the way could definitely use some work, my one negative comment!).

Plants arrived about a month after I ordered them, well packaged and healthy all. There was no "warning email" that they were coming, but that was ok by me. So far they are doing well in my city garden. I thought the prices were quite good for the size and quality of plants I received.

Plus the addition of a bonus gift (a daylily) was a nice touch. I will gladly order from them again.

Positive Sootfoot5
(6 reviews)
On Apr 7, 2008, Sootfoot5 Mobile, AL (Zone 8b) wrote:

I have been a long time customer of Jung, but this is the first time I've ordered from R&R. I was not disappointed.

The plants arrived in excellent condition being packed exceedingly well. They were also surprisingly large for the price.

Another surprise was the free gift. Most companies offer a free gift as a "come on." This free gift was not mentioned when I ordered - it was just given, FREELY! (as it should be!) It is a lovely plant, a phlox, in very good shape, not a "second."

I will definetely order for R&R again, and I highly recommend them. Great bargains, and great product.

Positive jajtiii
(4 reviews)
On Mar 2, 2008, jajtiii Richmond, VA (Zone 7b) wrote:

I ordered from these folks in the Spring of 2007 and I believe it was a positive experience.

The plants were some of the most inexpensive plants that I had seen advertised, so I knew that I would be getting single tubers with not a lot of meat on them (I expect to get what I pay for and this seemed reasonable and acceptable.)

For the most part, the plants came in better health then expected and the one that was showing some rot was immediately replaced (I think there was a wait for the shipping, but the customer service rep was very friendly and squared me away immediately.)

It seems that the biggest thing to watch for with Daylily companies is them sending you some unnamed variety (and you don't know it til a couple of years go by, when the plant has had time to bloom.) Of the 9 daylilies that I ordered last year, 7 bloomed and all appeared to be the variety that I ordered.

I am going to order from them again (right now in fact.)

Negative gardenner
(1 review)
On Jan 26, 2008, gardenner Champaign, IL wrote:

I am delighted to have the opportunity to comment on Roots and Rhizomes. Several years ago I order the day lily Rose Crush. The description and picture in the catalog were great..."We can pick this one out in our fields a mile away, blah blah" Check out the pic and you have to admit, its outstanding. Well I ordered it, planted it and anxiously awaited its first bloom, Yuck! it was a muddy rose, unnoteworthy from even six feet away. Called the company, they said no complaints had been lodged before, sent me a replacement, same dirty color. I gave up and never ordered again. What prompts me to write is that even to this day they continue with the same BS and the same picture. I wonder how many have been let down in this way.

On Jan 26, 2008, Roots and Rhizomes responded with:


On Jan 28, 2008 2:16 PM, Roots and Rhizomes added:

We're sorry 'gardenner' was disappoited with our Rose Crush daylily. We've sold hundreds of Rose Crush daylilies since its introduciotn in 1999 with many repeat orders and have had few, if any, complaints. We will review the picture of Rose Crush and take a new picture if necessary. We try very hard to make our catalog as factual as possible and will look into this customer's report. If any of our customers have a similar complaint, please contact our customer service department at [email protected] or 1-800-546-4399."

Positive carmin
(4 reviews)
On Dec 28, 2007, carmin Amherst, SD wrote:

I have ordered from R & R for the past 2 years and have been very happy with this company. There prices are good and there plants do well. I have had a couple of plants fail, but they were either replaced or refunded. There customer service was very helpful and friendly.

Negative grpphoto
(1 review)
On Oct 12, 2007, grpphoto Middletown, NJ wrote:

In spring of 2007, I ordered 3 Athyrium "lady in red", 1 Dicentra gold heart, 3 Reginae lady's slipper, 3 Turtleheads, 1 Monkshood pink sensation, 2 Common Monkshood, and 3 Black adder agastache. Of the bunch, the Dicentra came up and survived, though it's rather small (about palm size). Two of the lady's slippers also came up, but did not bloom. They were also bare-rooted, which usually means they were pirated from the wild.

The athyrium arrived potted, but disappeared. Nothing else showed up. Even if it had, I think the pirated lady's slippers would have convinced me not to buy from them again.

Positive fancypantsnancy
(2 reviews)
On Jul 11, 2007, fancypantsnancy Sandy, UT wrote:

I have bought dayliles, siberian iris and a potted penstemon. All but the penstemon has survived and i believe it was my fault it died.

Positive debincincy
(5 reviews)
On May 29, 2007, debincincy Cincinnati, OH (Zone 6a) wrote:

Well, I am going to give R&R a positive rating. I too received the nice catalog for the first time this year but I was cautious due to the ratings here. But this year I did a mail-order test of my own, ordered from Jungs, R&R, Gurneys, Audubon Workshop, using coupons, etc. So far the only company that has sent me EVERYTHING I ordered has been R&R. All the others I am still waiting on backorders. The plants from R&R were small, as expected but green and healthy. (no smaller than Bluestone). I kept them in the pots while it has been so hot the last few weeks and they are still fine. Planted some over the weekend.

Right after I ordered in February, I realized I did not get an email confirmation so I called and I talked to one of the nicest customer reps ever. Very pleasant and she verified my order was in the system.

At first I did think it took long to receive the plants, but they did come from Wisconsin and I'm in Ohio, but since they arrived healthy, that was OK.

Once I see how they do this summer, I may have to admit that I would order from them again, I would so far.

Neutral sweetstripes
(3 reviews)
On May 6, 2007, sweetstripes Portland, OR wrote:

Received a great catalog from Roots & Rhizomes (had never received one before). I ordered two Delphiniums. Had the holes already dug, anxiously awaiting, and I get a tiny box in the mail with two small plastic bags inside. Each bag contained a 1 - 1/2-in long root ball x about 1/4 in across. Paid 33.00 for this experience! I did plant them in pots and then tried to send an e-mail, but somehow the e-mail just wouldn't go through (surprise). I then sent a letter of complaint to the company and, to their credit, I did get a full refund from Jung seed (?). However, I will not order from this company again.

As for the two microscopic specimens I planted in pots - they never made it out of the soil.

Positive Russy
(1 review)
On Apr 24, 2007, Russy Harrisonville, MO wrote:

Hello, I ordered 4 cypripedium plants all came in good condition but a little dried. The adversment stated blooming sized plants for 70.00 each 65.00 if ordering 2 or more, what I recived was 2 to 3 year from blooming sized plants whitch sell for 25.00 each from Roberts Flowers, I was very very dissipointed. I called to complain but they told me my only choice was to send them back, they are all ready coming up and that would mean death to these rare plants. this is a case of false advertisement, and to those of you who ordered from there got riped off! I will never purtch from them again! I spent $280.00 with this company and you would think they would have offered me something in compansation!

On April 25th, 2007, Russy changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

A series of miscommunications lead to my last feedback comments but after better communications as of today, the situation has been resolved and I am a satisfied customer of Roots & Rhizomes once more. This is a hectic time for all of the ordering companies so try not to be as rash as I was and carefuly explain what is wrong, without getting too upset with the person on the other end, they are under stress as well!
Neutral iowegian
(2 reviews)
On Apr 14, 2007, iowegian Griswold, IA wrote:

Potted plants from R&R were very good. The free daylily was great. But I think they are a conglomerate of 5 different companies and the $15.00 Delphiniums were tiny and in the plastic bags. 5-6 plants in plastic and none were more than tiny rooted cuttings, too small to be called plants. None lived. But, I think these plants came from one of their other companies, as the same plants were listed by another co. in the same town. I won't order anything that isn't in a pot anymore. I hope the one's I've ordered this year (all potted) are nice healthy plants.

Negative northgrass
(3 reviews)
On Jan 27, 2007, northgrass West Chazy, NY (Zone 4b) wrote:

So much effort putting out such a gorgeous catalog with a nice selection of plants but failing so miserably by shipping sub-standard plants that generally did not even come up or died. It is a shame!

Neutral Jancee
(1 review)
On Nov 24, 2006, Jancee Salem, NH wrote:

I ordered plants in spring of '06, and when they came they were all healthy, (except for 1 daylily), albeit a little on the small side. Did not like packaging, which used plastic bags, which promotes moisture (which is OK-but may cause rotting). Since this was first time ordering plants through mail did not know if this was standard practice with other companies. Daylily was called in and re-ordered. Person who answered phone said it was too late in spring and couldn't replace. Did get replacement late summer and was OK. Checked growth at end of season and everything made it. Not sure if would order from them again. Jancee in NH

Positive erichle
(5 reviews)
On Oct 1, 2006, erichle Reedsburg, WI wrote:

I have been an addictive Gardner for over 9 years, and got to know many Garden Centers, but I need to tell you about an awesome Garden Center, right here in my State, WI !!!
"Roots & Rhizomes"
Somehow I contacted them or they send me a Catalog, either way I am sooooooooo happy they found me :)
There Catalog alone is truly awesome, and I proceeded to order lots of stuff !!
Almost everything arrived when it was supposed to, and the packing of the seedlings was perfect, because nothing was disturbed, or messed up, and the Seedlings were nice and large, which is rare with other Garden Centers !!
I planted everything and felt good about it , as I said, I never had to worry that the seedlings were to little and I had to watch them continuously.
Some stuff was back-ordered, they all arrived in perfect health also, and to this day, everthing is growing so well!!!
I did have 2 death, I wrote them, and with in 2 days I had the replacements, also in perfect health, and large seedlings again.
There were NO questions ask by them, nothing !!
I will for sure order plants from them from now on :)

A very happy Customer :)


Positive flyingms
(1 review)
On Aug 29, 2006, flyingms Morrisville, PA wrote:

I recently purchased 6 "Twilight Sunset" Big Sky Coneflowers from Roots and Rhizomes. They arrived two days later, packed well, and completely unscathed (amazingly un-ruffled). Though small (I didn't expect big plants, as these are new cultivars and very popular), they were obviously vigorous and happy. I had never ordered from Roots and Rhizomes before, and was very pleased both with their shipping (speed and packing) and quality of the plants.

Negative hepzabah
(4 reviews)
On Jun 25, 2006, hepzabah Royal Oak, MI wrote:

I ordered four plants from this company in April. It took an extended time, over a month, for the bare roots to arrive. When they finally arrived two of them were in bags that had a label a different plant than the label inside the bag. To make matters worse neither of those two plants were what I ordered. Additionally, I order two Geranium Sinense the bare roots were in bags with no labels and in very poor shape. I complained to the company with no feedback or help from them. Both of the Geranium Sinense failed to thrive and of course now the company is out of stock. I am a Master Gardner and have never had such poor product and customer service from a nursery before. I wish I had known read about this company before I ordered. I am a Master Gardner and have never had such poor product and customer service from a nursery before.

Negative sneezepac
(2 reviews)
On May 28, 2006, sneezepac Elkview, WV (Zone 6b) wrote:

I ordered 3 day lillies and a hosta from this company and paid a high price for them. When I got them I was definately unimpressed. All of the plants, though alive, were very small for the price I paid. I ordered from them mainly as I saw one variety of day lilly I really liked, but wish I had come to WatchDog first. I would not have ordered. I've gotten much bigger and healthier plants at other mail order nurseries for less money.

Positive Live2garden
(6 reviews)
On May 15, 2006, Live2garden Waterford, WI (Zone 5b) wrote:

I placed my first order with this company a few months ago. I received the plants this Saturday. They are all in excellent condition, well packed and shipped safely. I am very pleased with the condition of the plants - both the size and vitality. In fact the size of the hostas are very impressive - no microscope is needed to see this guy! I will be ordering from them again. The only "bad" thing I could say is that an email to notify me that the plants were shipped would have been nice, but I am learning that not many companies provide this service. Maybe in the future there will be a way to link a shipment with an order and it can automatically send an email like the brand name pharmacies do. But this is a minor problem as far as I am concerned.

Negative Memon
(1 review)
On May 4, 2006, Memon Fort Worth, TX wrote:

I placed a substantial order to Roots and Rhizomes on April 28, 2006. I received a confirmation on the order but never received noitification that the order had been shipped. I called today (May 6, 2006) to inquire on the status of shipping. I was told that the order would be shipped next week. I explained to the young lady that I had a problem with that due to having to having to go overseas for 2 1/2 weeks and wanted the plants in the ground in ample time to make sure they were watered and tended properly before departing. She could not assure me of that due to some of the plants being on backorder, which I was never notified about. I had no alternative bu to cancel the order and ask for a refund. She could not offer any information of when the refund would be made. If I had been notified about the backorder status, I would have made other arrangements.

Positive hugeposiepatch
(12 reviews)
On Apr 14, 2006, hugeposiepatch Clearfield, PA (Zone 5a) wrote:

I received plants from this company today and they were in fairly good condition. I received a Corydalis elata--it was potted--a little dry--but still a nice plant. The other 2 I received were in bags--not much top growth but still both had good roots. I have planted them and will see if they grow or not. From what I saw today--I would order from this company again.

Negative irishflowergal
(2 reviews)
On Feb 21, 2006, irishflowergal Clawson, MI wrote:

It appears some of the photos in the catalog have been enhanced or altered and are not a true reprsentative of the actual Red October and Queen Josephine Hostas. 2006 Catalog. May be others as well.

On Feb 21, 2006, Roots and Rhizomes responded with:


On Mar 17, 2006 2:00 PM, Roots and Rhizomes added:

On Feb. 21, 2006 at 2:14pm I emailed irishflowergal the following:

We are sorry you didn't contact us to ask about this before posting in a public forum. The picture of Red October came from our vendor, the picture was not a very high resolution so maybe that is why you think there is a problem. The Queen Josephine picture was taken right here in our growing area. That picture was taken in shade, so maybe it appears dark to you? If you have any other questions about our pictures or any thing else, please feel free to contact me.


As of today March 17, 2006 I have recieved no reply.

Negative Dawn457
(3 reviews)
On Feb 15, 2006, Dawn457 Cross River, NY wrote:

Nice catalog. However, plants always arrive in poor condition due to poor packaging. About 50% are always dead on arrival or shortly thereafter. Life is too short for such grief.

Neutral dirtyharry
(23 reviews)
On Jan 25, 2006, dirtyharry Aurora, CO (Zone 5a) wrote:

I would recommend that anyone thinking of purchasing daylilies from this company, think again. Buy daylilies from growers who specialize in daylilies. Go to the American Hemerocallis Society website // and click on Daylily Sources.

Positive zechickadee
(1 review)
On Jan 24, 2006, zechickadee Philadelphia, PA wrote:

I'd never order daylilies from anyone but Oakes, but R&R's Siberian irises arrived large and healthy to me. Perennials were lower-priced than the "big-name" catalogs, and no smaller than Bluestone's, for example... and perfectly healthy. Online ordering is easy, too. As with any plant, prices are often fairer at local nurseries, but R&R has certain items I can't find nearby, even at the notable nurseries in my area. My orders were more recent than most of the negative comments here, so maybe the company is working to improve.

Negative flowerlady70ks
(3 reviews)
On Feb 21, 2005, flowerlady70ks Dodge City, KS wrote:

They have a lovely catalog and thats all they've got. The plants were all small and most of them dead when they arrived. The replacements weren't any better.

Negative threepools
(6 reviews)
On Feb 19, 2005, threepools Springfield, MA wrote:

The daylily fans were very tiny. Perenials were very tiny. They were very poorly packed and fell out of their packing into a muddle. I called Roots and Rhizomes and complained. They were very accomodating, but the replacements they sent were equally small and equally poorly packed.

Negative kapakahi
(1 review)
On Jan 5, 2005, kapakahi Auburn, MA wrote:

I ordered from R&R for the first time in the spring of 2004. By the beginning of June my order had not arrived and I phoned to ask about it. I was told that they had been doing some construction and that their orders were thus going out later than usual. I eventually got the order in late June, which is too late for Massachusetts when the plants arrive as small as these were. They were in o.k. shape, just very small. I planted them out but many were still quite small (for example the blue corydalis) in September when we had a hard frost. I am doubtful that some have survived but will wait and see. If a company has a problem with getting orders out within a reasonable amount of time for spring planting, I would expect that company to take the trouble to contact me, not the other way around. I am very tempted by the wealth of offerings to try again this year, only perhaps on a more modest scale. Reading all the comments makes me wonder if I would be wise to try elsewhere????

Negative lego_brickster
(14 reviews)
On Sep 3, 2004, lego_brickster Lawrenceville, PA (Zone 5b) wrote:

I ordered from Roots &Rhizomes in spring 2002 and 2003, and was disappointed both times. In both cases, I ordered varied perennials (nothing too difficult).
First, they were out of stock on several of my selections. Those that did arrive were undersized, and in many cases the plants were DOA.
While R&R did replace the lost plants, these arrived later in the season in the same condition - undersized and dead or dying.
I found through later research that one of the perrenials I was ordering was actually an annual - misinformation in their catalog.
Between the original plants and the replacements, I have had about a 20% survivability over a single year of growth.

I finally located some of the same varieties at a local nursury this year. They're doing fine. :) Beware of this company.

Positive nancur
(3 reviews)
On Jul 23, 2004, nancur wrote:

I've ordered several times from R&R and never had any problems with their daylillies, hostas or other plants. This year I faxed my order from work and within an hour someone called to let me know that one of the plants I ordered would probably not be available and she offered me suggestions as substitutions. Very nice of them.
The plants I received arrived in good condition and at the right planting time. All are doing well so far. Their plants and bareroot lillies and hostas are small when they arrive. It may take a year or two for them to grow to their full size. This year all my lillies and hostas that I have purchased from them in past years are gorgeous and some will need to be
divided in the fall. Their prices to me are very reasonable, their variety is great and the service is also very good.

Neutral msanjelpie
(54 reviews)
On Jun 17, 2004, msanjelpie Meridian, ID wrote:

ordered daylily Siloam Jim Cooper and hosta on 10/7/02. Hosta is doing well... Daylily has still not bloomed. I have high hopes that this summer may be the one... ??

Negative gramush
(3 reviews)
On May 31, 2004, gramush wrote:

Ordered Two Daylilies from them paid top dollar. Plants arrived in plastic bag, very small rooted 1 fan tissue culture plants. Will take at least 3 years to bloom, before I even find out if they are what I ordered.
I have ordered from them in the past with good plants, and results, but I will never order from them again as there are far better nursuries out there.
I actualy felt cheated and nobody ever gets a second chance to do that.
I do not know what happened to this company but it has changed for the worse.

On July 30th, 2004, gramush added the following:

Follow up. One of the daylilies died, I called costomer service and a replacement was sent. This also was a small plant packaged in a sealed plastic bag. I planted it, and it never showed any life. I have purchased many daylilies from mail order nursuries before with no problems. The tiny plants that Roots & Rhizomes send are a joke by industry standards.
If plants even grow you will need three years for them to get to blooming size. You will do way better with some of the better rated nursuries, much larger plants, at simular prices. Never again for me!
Neutral Annis
(2 reviews)
On May 24, 2004, Annis Saint Paul, MN wrote:

In general, I have been satisfied with this company but only for their fleshy-rooted material. Last year I ordered several Siberian Iris. Two of them have come up this spring with 5 or more fans. All survived. My experience with these, and with daylilies, has been completely satisfactory. The neutral rating is based on my extremely disappointing experience with their bareroot hardy geraniums. None survived. I would never trust them with anything except the above-named varieties.

Negative Jeanellen
(1 review)
On May 13, 2004, Jeanellen Sylva, NC wrote:

This company listed a plant I have been searching for(Verbascum Helen Johnson' and the catalog is nice,but what a flop! All of my first order did not sprout -- I had also order other plants, but I thought I may have set them out too early. Some companies think that all of my state is zone 8 and we live in zone 6 mountains. So I gave R & R the benefit of the doubt and just asked for verbascum replacements. They were sent promptly. But alas, they too were DOA.

Wish I had researched Garden Watchdog BEFORE I ordered.

Positive KDePetrillo
(15 reviews)
On Apr 16, 2004, KDePetrillo North Scituate, RI (Zone 6a) wrote:

I received an order of several plants (and was surprised they were sent in plastic bags!). The verbascum was rotted, and I sent an e-mail complaint. They responded quickly and sent another plant within a few days. So far, so good: now I'll see if the plants respond to planting.

Positive nlschultz
(1 review)
On Mar 30, 2004, nlschultz wrote:

This is my second year of ordering - the first(last year)
there were a few problems but they were resolved by the friendly customer service department. Because of the way things were handled, I decided to try again. My order of daylilies (a variety of 12) arrived awhile ago and tho some were extremely small, they all looked very strong and healthy. They have been planted only a short time but I have every reason to believe that they will be a great asset to my garden. They have such a wonderful variety of potted and bareroot - I prefer potted and the pots that were received were in good condition and well packed. Of the 6 bareroots that were ordered, 5 were in good condition and 1 was mush - but there again, with one
quick call, that was taken care of. Overall, my experience with the company has been good and I would order again. I am always looking for something that is a little bit different and they seem to have what I am looking for.

Neutral WUVIE
(21 reviews)
On Feb 26, 2004, WUVIE Hulbert, OK (Zone 7a) wrote:

Thank you all for your posts.
Today I cancelled an order I'd placed with them for
not one, but two daylily collections.

While there may be a lucky few who get a good order,
the price I was about to pay for "I hope I'm one of the few" was not worth it to me.

Though this saddens me to see, I am rather surprised
as well. Such wonderful presentation, such wonderful
pictures and catalog. I was charged $20.00 for a book
which with shipping only came to $10.40, so will have
to await proof of a refund before making a comment about

So very sad. However, I must say it taught me to
get my little behind in here to check the Garden
Watchdog. Thank you so much, everyone.
You've saved me a couple hundred dollars!

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