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Comments regarding Boyd Nursery Company

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Neutral oscarkat01
(12 reviews)
On Aug 8, 2021, oscarkat01 Rochester, NY (Zone 6a) wrote:

Posted on August 8, 2021, updated August 8, 2021
I ordered some magnolias this spring that I never received. Iím shocked to see that I was never refunded my payment for the plants I never received. I donít trust a business that takes my money but doesnít deliver what was paid for and doesnít refund the money. Iím disputing it through payment method but I shouldnít have to chase this down.

On August 8th, 2021, oscarkat01 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Iím changing my rating to neutral because I was issued a refund quickly after disputing the charge for never receiving the plants I ordered. Here are my two lingering concerns:

I should not be required to track down a refund for plants I never received many months later. Any other nursery Iíve ordered from over the years refunds me automatically got any plants they donít ship. I donít see a good excuse for this oversight.

Secondly: What frustrates me is that the plants that I couldnít get delivered that I ordered for whatever reason are still listed for sale on the website. This is not unique to this nursery but if a business knows they donít have an item available, they should update their inventory to reflect that the item isnít available for purchase. I understand inventory is a moving target but failing to update known inventory issues leads to more problems later. Iíve had few nurseries that have done this to the point Iím hesitant to order from them.

I will say that I did get a plant from this nursery years ago from another retailer that was a great specimen of plant.
On Aug 8, 2021, Boyd Nursery Company responded with:

"On Aug 8, 2021 1:25 AM, Boyd Nursery Company responded with:

Sir, according to our records you money was refunded on 4/29/21. Please check your records and we will check our bank statements when the bookkeeper is back on duty. I know that I tried to contact you at the time the order was placed after I checked the inventory that we could not supply the cultivar you ordered. We never received any response back from you, so we refunded you payment. Please check your records and we will recheck ours.

Campbell Boyd

On Aug 8, 2021 1:30 AM, Boyd Nursery Company added:

Excuse me, I made a mistake the date your payment was refunded should be 4/28/21.

On Aug 8, 2021 10:04 AM, Boyd Nursery Company added:

Mr. Casey,

This is Justin Boyd. Let me shine some light on the situation. We stick cuttings for a multitude of different varieties every year. We update our website inventories in late October to reflect what we feel will ultimately survive the rooting process into spring. Sometimes our counts are off. This was the case for the Brackens Brown Beauties you ordered on the March 18. When we realized this was the case, my father placed two separate phone calls to the phone number you had listed on your order details. He attempted to communicate this information and offer you either an alternative magnolia cultivar or a refund in both voicemails. No phone calls were returned. By April 12, we felt we had waited for a phone response long enough; so, I personally emailed you explaining the same information. On April 28, we felt we had waited long enough for a response; so, I marked your order as refunded in our system. This action generated another email to your listed address where I wrote another personal message explaining the situation and our lack of feedback from your end. At this time, we thought the situation was concluded. I did not realize that the refund would not process automatically through PayPal, given that our website is integrated to automatically accept payments. Now, nearly 4 months later you leave us a review. This is your first communication with us, and it comes indirectly. I attempted to call and text an apology earlier today. I left you yet another voicemail. I have also checked your claims regarding the website inventory being shown for Brackens Brown Beauty. What you might not know based on your comments is that we leave the information concerning the plant (i.e. scientific information and description and former pricing) up on the site even once inventory is out of stock. This information, including the stock count, is visible on the page as we speak. We do this so others can read about the plant and join the waitlist if they wish for us to propagate it in the future. If enough people join the waitlist, we will produce the plant once more.

All of this to say, ultimately you placed an order from our company and then failed to respond to our multiple attempts to contact you regarding it. If you had but once called or emailed us back this could have been avoided; hence, why your refund was issued so quickly this morning. We had no idea that you had been slighted until you attempted to hurt our business using this medium. We strive to take care of each order as if we are buying it for ourselves. So once more, I am sorry your experience was not satisfactory. If you are open to it, we would like to send you some complementary plants. We do not have the Brackens Brown Beauty in stock, but we do still have some DD Blanchards if you are open to it - but here's the catch - you have to respond to my call, text, or email. :)"