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Comments regarding Boyd Nursery Company

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Negative kay18fan
(3 reviews)
On Mar 2, 2015, kay18fan Santa Fe, TX (Zone 9a) wrote:

Unfortunately, I never received my order. I am very disappointed, because i really wanted these plants. In the two months since my payment was processed, I contacted Boyd's twice with inquiries, and a third time with a refund request. The first was responded to in several days with a promise to get my plants out the next week. The next inquiry, a couple of weeks later, was unanswered. Thankfully, when I requested a refund, it was granted. I am sure these are nice folks, but if you actually are interested in receiving your order, check elsewhere.

On Mar 2, 2015, Boyd Nursery Company responded with:

"On Mar 10, 2015 7:46 AM, Boyd Nursery Company responded with:

I would like to respond to your rating. I wish that I could have all the plants that I have advertised available 100% of the time, but a nursery has to work with Mother Nature at all times or the plants (and our reputation) will suffer. When our nursery sends plants out, we try to do so under conditions that provide the best chance of survival and continued good growth. It is my fault that I was not able to ship your order in a timely fashion. Your order was placed on 1/8/2015. At that time, I only had the tree seedling portion of your order in our barn. Because we were having weather conditions that would prove detrimental to plant survival, we could not safely dig the plants necessary to complete your order immediately. Due to a temporary health problem, I was unable to utilize the few days of suitable weather before the ice storms and extended freeze hit our area. This extreme cold affected a good portion of the United States, and it was my fault that I did not properly communicate to you how it could affect your order. The first Ice storm took down our electric service at our office. The extreme cold meant that any orders shipped would have likely frozen and perished in transit. When we finely had our power restored, we saw your request for order cancellation and refund. We promptly refunded your payment. I also called and explained this to your husband since you were not available.