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Negative Journeyhawk
(1 review)
On Jul 28, 2015, Journeyhawk Grants Pass, OR wrote:

I ordered CedarCide Pet Package on July 25th. I ordered the products because the web site said they were Organic. I wanted a safe shampoo I could use on my dog to prevent fleas. I was a little concerned when i did not see a list of ingredients on their web site for their products, but I ordered them anyway and that was MY mistake!
I was sent a confirmation when I placed my order but was NEVER notified that my order was shipped or even given a tracking number. I placed a call to them to ask them if there was Tea Tree Oil in their shampoo because it is toxic to dogs. I was not given a straight answer. I asked why there was no list of their product ingredients on their web site. Again, I was given no answer. I was sent an email with the listed ingredients of their cedar "flavored" shampoo. I am posting a copy of what I was sent here:
Sodium Laureth Sulfate,
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,
Cocamidopropyl Betaine,
Cocamide DIPA,
I did a Google search for the following ingredients: Cocamidopropyl Betaine and Cocamide DIPA

From the web site //, I found the following information on ingredients in dog shampoos to avoid:

Cocomide DEA or MEA

Notice this foam producing ingredient has the trendy ďCocoĒ prefix that some people would assume is coconut derived. That assumption would be right. But what the same people might not realize is that this substance is chemically altered to the point of being a moderate cancer causing ingredient, hormone and thyroid disruptor, and an organ toxin. Yikes.
Cocamidopropyl Betaine

This ingredient sounds like a coconut married a chemist. It is an environmental toxin that affects the immune system. Itís derived from coconut oil but the end product is anything but natural.

On doing research for the Cocamide DIPA, I found this web site with the following information: //

"Cocamide DEA, however, shows high irritation potential, especially to those with skin allergies."

My dog has sensitive skin and has numerous allergies. I called the company and told them I was refusing the package and that it was coming back to them. I had paid for my purchase through PayPal and decided to file a claim after I read all the negative comments on here regarding the way the company handles correspondence, returns, charging a restocking fee, etc. When I called them and ask them if I was going to be given a hard time when the package was returned, I was told no, but after reading all of the negative comments, I do not want a hassle.
I also suggested to them that it would be beneficial if they would list the ingredients of their products on their web site so that consumers could make informed decisions. I was told that they had material data sheets on their web site. I could not find them. I was also told that the ingredients in their products were "proprietary" but if someone asked for them, that they would be given them, which was the case for me.
I should have done more research before I ordered their products. I will make SURE I do this the next time!

Negative stcredzero
(1 review)
On Aug 11, 2013, stcredzero Alameda, CA wrote:

Some basic science knowledge and use of Google are all that's needed to determine what you need to know about this product.

In numerous places, CedarCide is described as refined cedar oil combined with "melted quartz." Quartz is just silicon in crystal form. In other words, it's the same material as glass. Melted quartz is molten glass, which melts at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. There's no way to combine a natural oil with molten glass. Sometimes con-men like to thumb their noses at their marks. Sometimes they deliberately make their pitch so transparently false so that they only have to deal with the most gullible part of the population.

Also, take a look at this:


Negative disgustedman
(1 review)
On Apr 9, 2013, disgustedman INCLINE VILLAGE, NV wrote:

I have a terrible mite infestation and it has been on-going for over three years. I have moved 4 times and have used this Cedarcide product for over a year with no results. This company refuses to reply to my requests as to why this product has done nothing to reduce mites. I have fogged my car over 50 times and apartment over 60 times with no reduction of the mite population over the year. All this product does is smell up the car and apartment with a cedar smell and leave a fine oil on the surfaces. The mite population actually increases and the biting increases with each application. I am disgusted with this company and it their products as advertised to kill mites should be banned and the company taken to court. Do not buy products from this company for the treatment of mites for it will do nothing and is a waste of time and money. This company lies on the phone and avoids all questions when you ask them how and why the products are not working on killing mites. Avoid these ripoff con artists. Cedarcide Best Yet treatment for mites is a ripoff and a scam.

Negative Thistlesmom
(1 review)
On Sep 6, 2012, Thistlesmom Salisbury, NC wrote:

I saw an ad in Mother Earth News for Best Yet by Cedarcide. I have tried numerous times to call the number on the ad which is the same phone number listed on their website.( I am very interested in natural flea control for my dogs.) I either get a fast busy signal, it rings and rings or get a message stating "the Sprint mailbox is full". Just not comfortable ordering from a company that cannot be contacted. They also do not have an email address listed either.

Negative massageguy2012
(1 review)
On Aug 11, 2012, massageguy2012 North Providence, RI wrote:

I purchased the "Biting Insect Spray" and used it as recommended--it worked well up until the heat snap where we had temps in the 90's. then it was a flea nightmare. I sprayed my cat (shehates the smell btw) and i found the pungance of the spray to be almost unbearable till I watered it down a bit (1 to 3 mix).
Sprayed it on her fur and combed it in, sprayed it in various places (rugs mainly) and no avail, it just seemed to piss them off and make them hop on me.
Im glad people have had positive experiences with the stuff, but i did not. As I type now I can feel the little tiny baby ones hopping on me (bleah). I ended up getting my kitty the old reliable flea collar and sprayed the tv room with zodiac flea spray which seemed to do fine (closed the door and kept it closed with a towel under the door) bedroom is next.
Im really disgusted that i have to deal with this--alas they willl not have a returning customer (and Im heavy into herbal stuf too).
Oh and yes, the website is difficult to navigate and the contact info is hard to find. I havent bothered calling them, Im just going to use the stuff up (it does some good just not the degree of what it claimed.)

Negative Smacdona
(1 review)
On Feb 6, 2012, Smacdona Portland, OR wrote:

I purchased a bird mite kit from Cedarcide for $650 in a panic. I went to the dermatologist and received a scabies diagnosis and called to cancel my order within two hours. I was told the item had already shipped and I would not be able to receive a refund until they had received the product from UPS. I let UPS know I wanted to refuse the product. I received email notification from UPS when the item was shipped back to Cedarcide.

Months later, after several phone calls and receiving the runaround from Cedarcide, someone from their shipping dept. verified that they had received the merchandise and would check into my refund. I was told a manager would call me. Over a month later, mr refund was never processed so I called again and was told that the company now had a "No return" policy. This was never stated to me during my purchase, nor by the representative I spoke with merely hours after I had placed the order. I was told I needed to email their customer service dept. if I was inquiring about a refund.

I received an automatically generated email stating I would be contacted within 24 hours. I was never contacted. Finally, I filed a dispute with my credit card company. Cedarcide is now denying they received the return and now the onus of proof is on me to prove that they received it. I can prove it through UPS but will have to spend time on the phone, etc.

Cedarcide may have a great product. I have no idea. Unfortunately, they are an unethical company with atrocious customer service. I'm sure there are other companies that are more trustworthy and know how to treat their customers.

Negative rrronin
(1 review)
On Oct 19, 2011, rrronin Naperville, IL wrote:

Spend your time and money elsewhere! Used a full quart as directed to eliminate a bed bug problem, a waste of $34 + shipping. No improvement whatsoever, not to mention an exhorbitant cost and no guarantee to back the product. Very disappointed!

Negative aurizon
(1 review)
On Aug 10, 2011, aurizon Batavia, NY wrote:

I looked into this and discovered by testing some product from a friend's shipment that it had zero anti-flea activity unless the oil(which seems to be all it is) covered the flea. Now oil kills fleas by mechanical interference with their breathing, and you can use baby oil for a lot less than cedercide - if you can tolerate an oily cat for a few hours - wash the cat and do not use motor oil.
I suspect the entire cedarcide empire is fraudulently based and preys on people who are sold by their natural appeal. So look for other negative reviews here and there and save your $$.

By the way, the flea killers that you place on the neck of your pet are not toxic to your pet. They wreck the fleas natural cycle

Negative wnight
(1 review)
On May 26, 2011, wnight North Port, FL wrote:

I bought over $900 of Cedarcide Shield for my brand new fence and it did not do what it was suppose to do.It was suppose to stabilize my fence from expanding and contracting and to maintain the original color .It did not do any of it . I called the Better Business Bureau and The texas Attorney Generals office and also the attorney Generals office in Florida and they could not do anything about getting me a refund. They do not stand by any of there products .They will promise you all kinds of things until they get your money. Do not try to get your money back ,they will just blow you off with fancy words . Dave Glassel is the owner and he blew me off . They do not guarentee anything.

Negative Lazemaple
(1 review)
On May 9, 2010, Lazemaple Lansdowne ON,
Canada wrote:

Does it mention anywhere that the phenols and terpenes found in cedar is toxic to cats, ferrets and small rodents like hamsters?
Cats cannot metabolize these compounds and over time the poisons build up in their tissues until the cat is chronically ill, has cancer or renal failure. has documentation by a renown toxicologist and other experts on the feline and ferrets unique metabolism.

(1 review)
On May 5, 2010, CAVEATEMPTOR Alexandria, VA wrote:

I purchased one quart of Cedarcide's "Best Yet" flea killer on April 21. Two full weeks lapsed before I received this product. So, let me see, fleas drop 100 eggs every 72 hours; that would mean that I'd have approximately 4700 fleas in and on all inhabitants in my home if I decided not to purchase another product.

I contacted the company to return the product. They have a very onerous re-stocking fee of 25%. In my book, that's unconscionable. I fully understand the need to charge a restocking fee but the few businesses dumb enough to do it charge in the neighborhood of 10-12%.

Furthermore, the business does not have any return policy on their website. That begs the question: Is it in their legal purview to charge this when they have not taken any steps to warn customers?

Obviously, this company is not cognizant that this draconian fee and their business practice in general seriously hurts their business because bad publicity causes them to lose thousands of potential customers. But, have it your way, cedarcide. Just be aware that I'm going on the blogosphere to warn other potential customers.

Negative g68
(1 review)
On Aug 5, 2009, g68 Edmond, OK wrote:

My complaint is regarding Cedarcide's pestigator system, and more importantly the lack of customer response that I've received. I am actually one of five neighbors in Edmond, OK (Oklahoma City suburb) that purchased the pestigator units at the same time for our yards last May (2008). I had my professional yard company install the pestigator originally and it did not work right off the bat. We found that the backcheck valve was faulty and bought a new valve (on my own dime). We then found that we were going through the cedar oil concentrate way too fast and had to adjust the meter way below its lowest setting. I lost the whole summer last year tinkering with it. We winterized it before the winter came and when I went to start it up this year, we found another valve broken. So right now I feel like a sucker having spent $1400 for a piece of equipment that never has worked properly (not to mention the extra money for the valve and the labor for installation and maintenance by my local irrigation company). In addition, Iíve not had good customer service to date. I've been calling and trying to talk to someone for over two months now and have not heard back. If Iím not able to get some sort of positive feedback, then Iím just going to give up on the stuff after I go through what Iíve got manually.

The lesson that I've learned regarding a mosquito control system, is to go with someone local that maintains responsibility for it until it works properly.

Negative classact
(1 review)
On Jul 11, 2009, classact Nashville, TN wrote:

We were led to the Cedarcide products primarily because of problems with chiggers, and secondarily to control fleas on our two dogs.

First, a comment on the Cedarcide website. It is very difficult to navigate, and finding complete information on specific products offered and information on how to use them is a challenge. The site is amateurish at best. However we were very intererested in the notion of using an all natural product to combat our chigger problem, so we overlooked the awkward website.

We purchased the Best Yet for the pets (and us), four bags of the "granules" (which is in fact simply cedar sawdust), and the PCO concentrate to spray on the lawn and exterior structures.

We began by spreading a healthy amount of "granules" over our entire yard, concentrating on the borders and areas will taller vegetation. Then we mixed the PCO DOUBLE the required strength for chiggers (as listed on the product) and commenced to spraying the entire lawn, all building and fence surfaces, etc. We followed up with the same treatment several days later, once again spraying the ENTIRE lawn. To be safe, we sprayed the entire lawn at the increased dosage a third time.
After all these treatments, both my wife and I have gotten NUMEROUS chigger bites. My wife has even gotten chigger bites simply walking out to the back yard and back. (we have an immaculately manicured unkempt areas).
During this time we also kept our two small dogs sprayed daily with the Best Yet.
I can see absolutely no improvement whatsoever for our chigger problem. As for fleas, I honestly can't say. Our two dogs are scratching as much as they were before, however we haven't spotted any fleas. Whatever it is that is causing *them* to itch is clearly still present.
I would also add that after spraying our yard with the multiple treatments, I still see numerous ants. But I think the thing that really convinced me that the product simply doesn't work was when, after spraying my arms and legs UNTIL SHINY WET with the Best Yet, I looked down and saw two mosquitos biting me.
We just wasted $400 on a product that simply does not work. And we WANTED this to work in the biggest way. But as it is, our search for an effective pesticide to kill chiggers remains.

Perhaps (?) the product will solve your flea problem. I can say though, withought question, that it will NOT solve your chigger problem, or help with mosquitos.

Negative iyababa
(1 review)
On Apr 15, 2009, iyababa Great Barrington, MA wrote:

I ws excited to find a "100% natural" product. But I am sensitive to some substances and this is one of them. I'm sorry to say I'm EXTREMELY disappointed with the response from Cedarcide when I told them I want to return the quart I bought. They were rude, dismissive, and ignored the fact that I have a negative reaction to their product. After a bit of research, I found I'm not the only person dissatisfied. The state of New York found that "CedarCide caused or allowed the sale of 1,350 containers of CedarCide pesticides that were misbranded" Check for yourself:


It makes me wonder: what's actually in the bottle and what am I reacting to?

They demanded a 25% restocking fee on top of the $8 shipping it will cost me (and this in spite of the fact that they already charged $17 shipping, more than double the shipping cost). Nevertheless I will return the product because I can't use it.

Cedarcide products may be good for you; they are not good for me. If it's good for you, enjoy it, but in case it's not I recommend you buy the smallest spray bottle and test it out.

It was a $37 mistake to deal with these people. It's a mistake you don't have to make.

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