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Neutral Bob02478
(1 review)
On Apr 11, 2019, Bob02478 Belmont, MA wrote:

Been ordering from them for years. Here's the scoop:
Great selection
Good sized bulbs
Shipping charges are a profit center for them
Don't let them substitute - you will be disappointed
Bonus bulbs don't always come.

Neutral eyfng
(11 reviews)
On Jun 8, 2009, eyfng San Gabriel, CA wrote:

I placed an order of 5 lilies with B & D Lilies last October. Fast shipment, nice packing, gigantic bulbs, fast email response.

Among the 3 "little yellow kiss" asiatic lilies, only one is growing. It has produced 3 bubs, only 1 has opened, the other two have turned yellow and died.

All lilies are growing extremely slow. The plants and flowers are small. The plants are only 6" tall.

I have broken the stem of one "little kiss" accidentally. Bob told me that the bulbs will grow next year, but the plant will be smaller. Recently I have broken the stem of an Elodie lily from Michigan Bulb, it's growing back with some new leaves.

The lilies that I ordered from Dutch Gardens and Van Bourgondien this spring are already 1.5 feet tall with healthy leaves and flowers. They are planting in the same spot with the B & D lily bulbs.

Is that because bulbs plant in fall are difficult to break the dormancy? This happens to all my fall planted bulbs including iris.

I have learned a lesson that I will never plant bulbs in fall for summer growing plants. Also, I will think twice to place an order with nurseries that do NOT offer replacements.

Neutral elfeik
(32 reviews)
On Aug 21, 2007, elfeik Near Kansas City, MO (Zone 6a) wrote:

Kind of a let down compared to what I expected
After reading others glowing reviews and based on their prices I was expecting more than I got. Out of 7 bulbs 2 did good, 2 were OK(one flower), 2 grew but didn't bloom and one flopped(rotted). I planted them where I have grown other lilies and since they didn't include any special instructions I believe I did my part correctly.

On June 14th, 2008, elfeik added the following:

This year I planted 10 mixed orienpets and 5 white rubrum lilies, i got from John Scheepers for less than what I paid for B&D's 5-6 bulbs, in the same area and so far they are looking good. They haven't bloomed yet, but the plants look healthy & all have buds forming.

I supposed I should have complained more, but I was rather disgusted with the "dying swan" act B&D gave me the first time I contacted them and figured I didn't want to waste another season on a crap shoot
Neutral Badzoe
(3 reviews)
On Apr 19, 2007, Badzoe New Hope, PA wrote:

I was disappointed with this company. I placed an order in 12/06 for economy bags of bulbs. When I received the order confirmation, I noticed that full size bulbs were listed on my order, not economy bags. I contacted the company in 2/07 to find out that the economy bags were for a sale that ended in 4/05! I asked to cancel my order since the economy bags weren't available and the company agreed to do so. However, my order was not canceled, my credit card was not refunded and I was sent the full size bulbs. I contacted the company again and I was told to refuse the box and that my credit card would be credited that same day. I have been checking my account every day and my credit card still has not been credited and it has been almost a week.

On May 3rd, 2007, Badzoe changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I received my refund from the company as promised.
On Apr 19, 2007, B & D Lilies responded with:


On Apr 19, 2007 3:45 PM, B & D Lilies (Snow Creek Daylily Gardens™) added:

The original order was placed by this customer for sale bulbs offered in April of 2005 which were no longer available. The order came through as 3 full sized bulbs rather than 3 bags of 12 size 14/16 cm bulbs which "badzoe" questioned in an email. I explained that the sale was from over a year ago but offered to make good with size 16/18 cm bulbs if she wished at no extra chaged in an email to her on 2/9/07. We overlooked leaving the sale listing in the table of contents after the sale was over. It had been removed form the active pages of our web site but becuase it was still listed in the table of contents, I offered to make good to this customer on the original sale price with larger bulbs. A copy of my emailed offer to this customer is available if anyone wishes to see it. This customer then contacted our office after her order had been processed for 3 individual bulbs as ordered. She did not take my offer of the larger bulbs at the sale price. I told her it was not a problem in canceling the order and did so in the order computer. The order had already been printed out and was in the shipping line up and during the shipping rush the cancelation was missed and the order was shipped. This customer contacted us via email when she received her order and was told by Dianna to refuse the package so that it would be sent back and that she would process her refund that day which was Satudray 4/14/07. Before the refund was made that day, a serious family emergence came up and the refund of $21.10 was not made by Dianna on 4/14 but was processed today, 4/19/07. This was a simple oversite in shipping that was complicated by a medical emergency delaying the refund by 5 days. To this customer, I apologize. With Dianna being out of the office, I (Bob) have been running a few days behind on paperwork. As of yet, we have not received the bulbs back that we were told were going to be returned."

Neutral carolann
(2 reviews)
On Jul 9, 2002, carolann Auburn, NH wrote:

I adore this company! Have never received anything but top quality goods - both lilies and irises of all varieties! Snow Creek Gardens is always the first place I got when looking for a daylily, tiger lily or iris. This company deserves an A++++

On September 21st, 2002, carolann changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

Have had a couple of years of positive dealings with this company and have even left a positive review recently, but now have to revise to at least a neutral position. B&D lost my order placed in 6/02. It took several emails and non confirmation of receipt (despite my credit card being charged) to finally receive the plants this week. They look terrible. Very small and dry, not worth the price I paid. The Trahlyta daylily I bought from them in the spring also failed to even survive the summer - it too had arrived very small and dry. I realize poor weather all season is affecting many gardeners, but given what I have paid for my plants through this company I cannot help but to be so disappointed.