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Neutral shoyourite
(1 review)
On Nov 5, 2014, shoyourite Avera, GA wrote:

Before reading the reviews on this site I decided to purchases three separate orders of trees from summerstone Oct 12 2014 / Oct 23 2014 & Oct 29 2014
On 11/4/14 my first order arrived it consist of 6 butternut trees 1 plum tree & 1 grape tree. Needless to say all the trees arrived a bit skinny but looked to be in good
Shape, after soaking the trees for a few hours I potted them into large well drained containers until next spring. I plan on taking the trees to Georgia in 2015 to be replanted
There (I live in Miami).I'm Neutral for now but I will update on all three orders in due time.

Neutral chris67mustang
(1 review)
On Apr 28, 2014, chris67mustang Emerson, NE wrote:

I had no idea that Summerstone Nursery was a scam. I just ordered trees from them. I will be on the watch as it is too late to discontinue my order now. I placed the order Friday 4/25/14. Now I am worried.

Neutral Cymbelina
(6 reviews)
On Oct 9, 2013, Cymbelina Prattville, AL (Zone 8a) wrote:

Just wanted to update everyone on this company. I just received a catalog from them this week and having learned my lesson from buying without checking here first, I checked on Garden Watchdog. The catalog listed Summerstone Nursery, P.O. Box 274, Morrison TN as the address. I typed in the name and got a "No companies found!" response. So I typed in the zip code to see if it was maybe had another company with a similar luck. So then I went to find their website and googled it and got a review page from Garden Watchdog on the same name. Well, the address is different but the name and state, etc. are the same. It's pretty apparent that they have just gotten a P.O. Box so they could keep scamming. I'm so glad I wasn't suckered in by their low prices and I found this page on Garden Watchdog. How can we list this so it comes up under the search because I'm not the only one they're mailing to, I'm sure. Thanks Dave and thanks GW!

Neutral sped0716
(1 review)
On Oct 3, 2013, sped0716 Newport, TN wrote:

I ordered a Pink Dogwood tree and got a Pear tree for free. The dogwood was DOA. The pear tree lasted a couple days. I contacted them, and they sent me a request form for new plants. I sent it to the address on the form and it was sent back to me as no such address. I finally found the correct address online. I am suppose to be receiving my duplicate trees this month. It was for my mother for mother's day, so it will only 5 months late.

Neutral makenice
(1 review)
On May 12, 2011, makenice Greenwood, IN wrote:

Okay, now i'm a little scared! On May 7th I just ordered a big order that included some trees and various flowers. They did have a huge discount compared to other sites and I thought, well it's a nursery, surely it will be good. But I didn't do my homework, I never would have taken a chance with so many negative reviews. I received a confirmation of my order but what made me a little suspicious is no dates were listed for shipping ect... Also words were spelled wrong (petty I know, but supposed to be a professional site.) and I started looking for reviews. I will let everyone know if I ever receive my order and if it's good shape. Fingers crossed! I will only anticipate the best at this point but i'm scared. It was a lot of money to lose out on.

Neutral lawNorder
(1 review)
On Feb 18, 2011, lawNorder Lafayette, LA wrote:

Posted on February 18, 2011, updated February 18, 2011
Didn't this company get a cease and desist order from the TN Attorney General? I can't believe they would still be allowed to be in business after the years of negative reviews and the the legal action that was taken against them by the State of TN. I heard the heat got put to them so much that they even filled for BANKRUPTCY last year, to try and avoid legal action. Don't believe their website full of lies and trickery read the following links before ever considering doing business with them. The following link is direct to the TN Govner's Office of Consumer Affairs . If you have been ripped off by this company or Autumn Ridge I would suggest you take a number and call the TN Govenor's Office, someday justice should be done.

On February 18th, 2011, lawNorder added the following:
Neutral flowerchild1959
(1 review)
On Aug 30, 2010, flowerchild1959 Painesville, OH wrote:

I bought 3 peonies from summerstone. I was very excited about getting them. they were suppose to be Honey Gold, Gold crown, and Primavera. Memorial day week end. I have no idea what the plants are. I just know they are not peonies.
They have big fat leaves and are short to the ground. I emailed 3 time with no respond after several calls of them not answering. The man I finally got a hold of said the girl was out sick and would take care of it the next day. Ya right. Well long story short. I just called my credit card company and they are now handling it. so if you can't get help from them GET YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY INVOLVED.
That's why I love DISCOVER!!! I know they will get it right for me.

Neutral lauraja
(5 reviews)
On Jul 19, 2010, lauraja Madison, WI wrote:

Posted on May 11, 2010, updated July 19, 2010
Posted on May 4, 2010, updated May 11, 2010
Posted on May 3, 2010, updated May 4, 2010
Wow, I wish I had checked here beforing ordering from Summerstone. I was excited about a new kind of rose(s) {"Drift" roses} I hadn't heard of before, that I somehow ran across on Summerstone's site, searching for something else. The price was pretty good and I attributed it to (probably) small, young plants, which I don't mind starting with. I am not ready to rate the transaction yet, because there may be more developments to come. I know roses (and Altheas) are often are sent 'dormant' by vendors, but wow. This look like pretty lifeless sticks. We'll see...

On May 4th, 2010, lauraja added the following:

Checking on all the plants again this evening, I am nearly certain at least two of them (roses) are completely dead; have hope for the 3rd rose, that looks desiccated, but at least greenish. (I don't know if the Althea is dead or just very dormant - anyway it was a 'free selection' that came with the rose order). I was going to send back the dead roses (trying to decide how long to wait to see if the 3rd comes out of dormancy), but reading the comments here, am thinking I might just cut my losses - has anyone successfully returned dead plants to Summerstone and gotten healthy replacements?
On May 20th, 2010, lauraja added the following:

Still haven't been able to get through to Summerstone. I don't know if they are overwhelmed and can't keep up with the business, or what. In fairness, I don't know that they intentionally sent me dead plants. The plants came wrapped in newspaper, with chunks of this weird gel I haven't encountered before, that presumably was suppposed to keep them moist and alive (it didn't work, though). It is clear at this point, I believe, that the plants are truly dead, not dormant or ever coming out of dormancy. Taking a cue partly from some comments on this forum, I finally contacted my credit card company about challenging the charge for the plants. Not sure how the process will come out, if Summerstone doesn't respond to them either...
On July 19th, 2010, lauraja added the following:

I am adding to my post(s) below. The three plants I ordered, which arrived dead, never did come out of "dormancy" (not really dormancy, death). There is a company I can give a positive review of, though. Not that I am rah-rah over major banks or anything, but I have had "citicard" credit cards, probably for over a decade, and have been very pleased with their programs and service. I rarely have had to challenge a charge or anything, but anyway, I challenged the charges from Summerstone, after I couldn't reach them about returning the dead plants. I just receive notification that the conditional credit Citi made to my account while investigating has become final. (Yeah Citicards!) I feel grateful, they have bailed me out of the mistake I made ordering from this place (Summerstone Nursery)!!!
Neutral habs24
(1 review)
On Jun 2, 2010, habs24 Newport, VT wrote:

Posted on May 28, 2010, updated June 2, 2010
Found Summerstone on line in mid February 2010, wanted to start a little apple orchard up in northern Vermont. As all other comments noted on Garden Watchdog, no answer when calling and no return e-mails ( I wish I had seen Garden Watchdog prior to placing order). In any case May 13 I placed small order for 15 bare root apple trees and selected my 6 free plants with order and selected the 72 hour delivery. On May 18 I received e-mail confirming my order had been shipped. It is now May 28, no trees have arrived. Also I stumbled upon Garden Watchdog today and read all of the comments, Oh Boy Looks Like I've been taken!!!!

I will keep Garden Watchdog posted regarding my order!!!!!

On June 2nd, 2010, habs24 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Received my trees on 6/1 and my free plants, they do not look too bad I will plant and hope for best. I will keep posted

Neutral nightshade777
(2 reviews)
On Apr 21, 2010, nightshade777 Philadelphia, PA wrote:

I was almost tempted to give this company a positive rating but felt that would be a wee bit too generous by community standards. Basically I ordered a bunch of plants from them, and most of them were healthy enough to survive. Their prices are the lowest by far, but it seems that with online gardening, you do get what you pay for.

There were several dried out "dormant" heucheras and echinaceas which I soaked and planted and kept my fingers crossed. They actually sent extras of these, and extra daylilies. Apparently they know that some of their plants won't survive so they try to stack the odds with numbers.

One of 4 clematises I bought died soon after planting, the others seem to be thriving. They cost less than half what any other vendor is charging, so I have to be somewhat happy about that. I just hope they're the cultivars that were advertised. We shall see.

If you don't mind gambling, you might get some bargain buys. But if you've planned out your garden space carefully and want guaranteed results when you do your Spring planting, you'd be better off going with a higher priced nursery.

Neutral shawnacypurvis
(2 reviews)
On Feb 24, 2010, shawnacypurvis Purvis, MS wrote:

Posted on February 17, 2010, updated February 24, 2010
I placed an order with them about a week ago. Just got in touch with them by calling the autum nursery number. The lady was very nice and explained that my order was delayed because of the snow storm and also told me that they had just recieved the roses friday of last week so they would still be good and fresh because they are coming as bareroot. We will see when the order gets here and I will repost on how the trees look. Since they are in a dormant state, I imagine they will look pretty pitiful. I hope that they are the roses I requested, but only time will tell and I have bought bareroot roses from my local flower nurseries only to find out later that they were not the correct rose. So, we shall see. I wish I would have found this website before I placed the order, but then again, for 9$ a rose bush, I don't think it is a total bust considering that I have paid up to 30$ a peice for them only to have them die or be the wrong ones.

On February 24th, 2010, shawnacypurvis added the following:

Okay, recieved the order yesterday. Honestly, the plants looked really good. They were much larger than i thought they would be and the root system was adequate. I am interested to see what type of flowers pop out as by the size of the plant, they should bloom this year. I will post more when I find out which type of rose bush I was sent. Could still be talking to the BBB, but we shall see.
Neutral Geoffrey_79
(5 reviews)
On Dec 11, 2009, Geoffrey_79 Gautier, MS wrote:

After reading all of the negative on this site I still decided to roll the dice and ordered 1 tree from them just to see for myself. I ordered a rainer cherry tree. it was 10 bucks. They sent a walnut tree with the order. all together with shipping it was $16.45. As soon as I hit order I logged onto my bank and they had already placed a charge for it. No email saying they received the order or anything. Never any email. I was pretty sure I had been ripped off but one week later I had a box on my doorstep. I opened it up and had two trees in there wrapped up in black plastic and wet newspaper that were alot bigger than expected, 3 feet root to tip. Each tree had a flag on it marking which was which. I popped a bud back to see underneath and it was still green and the roots looked a little rough but not too bad. I put them both in a pitcher of pond water overnight and when I got home from work the next day I planted them in containers to see if they make it before I go digging a hole. I'm not an expert but I've got 32 fruit trees and I couldn't tell where the graft was on this one. Could be there. Either way. For 10 bucks. If it grows up to be a cherry tree and can at least pollinate the others it'll work. I'll be let down and annoyed if it isn't a rainer but I'll be happy with watching it grow from this little stick into a tree anyway. I could end up with a one of a kind sweet cherry. So far I am pleased with the product. bumped down to neutral because of the poor communication or at least the complete absence of.

Neutral DianneinLA
(1 review)
On Mar 26, 2009, DianneinLA Jonesboro, LA wrote:

I ordered over $52 worth of roses and other plants through Summerstone Nursery's online web site on 3-13-09. Their web site looked nice, the plants healthy and at a reasonable price. I wanted a red Mirandy Rose for my 81 year old mother and couldn't seem to find them here. I typed on a search for them and the Summerstone ad came up. So I ordered those plus a few more roses and plants. The ad and the email I received stated 72 hour shipment. I called them this morning, March 23, 09,10 days later, and was told the order had not been shipped yet. When I told him I had tried to email them and their email address was invalid, the guy made no comment about that. They don't even have a toll free order number. After reading the many negative reviews about this particular nursery, which I wish I'd done first, before my order was placed, I wonder if I will be another victim, and not get what I ordered or if it will be alive or live after I get them here and plant them. At this stage, I guess I'll just have to wait and see what and when I get my order.

Neutral 4girlsrmyheart
(1 review)
On Jun 3, 2008, 4girlsrmyheart Brunswick, OH wrote:

I was very nervous after I placed this order and after NOT receiving my plants in 72 hrs. I found this website. I e-mailed Summerstone 2 x but found that calling is the best method for getting results. It had been over 2 weeks since I ordered. I spoke to a friendly representative who told me that they are really behind on getting orders out. She got my order # and told me she will have it shipped. The next day or 2 I received an e-mail for my shipment. It took about 5 days to receive the tube. Everything looked o.k. except I was missing a shrub. I called and let them know that I was missing part of my order and she wanted the initials on the tube which I had already thrown out. So it would be a good idea to keep the tube if you need to call to report a problem. 2 days later I got an e-mail saying my order has been shipped. I am not sure if I will order from any on-line nursery again but I was glad to have gotten the products I ordered and for the friendly receptionist.

Neutral deadhead9
(1 review)
On May 27, 2008, deadhead9 Shawnee Mission, KS wrote:

Ordered 2 Royal Empress trees, Both were reasonable damp when received, planted in same size pot, same growing medium, placed side-by-side, both get same water etc. One leafed out app 2 weeks sooner than the other, it is much larger, leaves 3-4 times as large. Other one has very small leaves, but a lot of them, do not hardly look like the same tree. Called cust service, was told give the one with small leaves that looks dwarfed a little fertilizer, give it time. They 'buy all their trees from the same group of growers,' but these might have come from different growers. Give it time and keep the faith.
Told them this is not giving me a warm fuzzy feeling!!!

Neutral CO_Gardener
(9 reviews)
On May 12, 2008, CO_Gardener Broomfield, CO wrote:

I placed an order with Summer Stone Nursery prior to finding this site, but only minutes before. Minutes after placing my order, I emailed them and told them to cancel my order. Although my order, 3 clematis and a trumpeter vine, only totaled $25, I prefer to shop at reputable places. They obviously fail to read or regard correspondences because a few days later I received an email stating my order had shipped. I called them for a tracking number. I was informed that "tracking numbers do not exist for general mail shipments". This order shipped on a Thursday from Tenessee to Colorado - normally 4 days for USPS, adding another day for Sunday. Surprised that a functioning mail order plant business would ship so slow, I inquired about this. I was told that the plants are dormant and packaged "really well" for the trip. When the tube arrived, it was very hot, but all plants seem dormant. Only the trumpeter vine had any sort if liquid material on the roots. The clematis were in plastic baggies. The trumpeter vine looks dead but the clematis' roots feel like moisture exits in them. The planting directions are horrible - very generic. I placed them in pots and will see if any grow. In the past the plants I purchased mail order arrived in pots and shipped very quickly, minimizing the stress to the plants. I could accept "bare root" with faster shipping. Even if these plants sprout, to who knows what type of vines, I will not order from this comapny again. I should've paid a bit more to receive a lot more in return.

Neutral troman1973
(8 reviews)
On Mar 29, 2008, troman1973 Bellwood, NE (Zone 5a) wrote:


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