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Positive debsplace47
(2 reviews)
On Jun 14, 2013, debsplace47 Plaistow, NH wrote:

Received my plant order in A++condition. Very healthy and very well packaged. Communication was excellent. I spoke with Cindy (owner) and she was very patient and kind. My order arrived in just Two days. I will be ordering from Hummingbird Farm again and again!! Very pleased.

Positive jakeofpk
(4 reviews)
On Jun 4, 2013, jakeofpk Exeland, WI wrote:

Based on GWD reviews, decided to order a clematis variety I was unable to find at local nurseries. The plants arrived in great condition even after spending the weekend in the rural Wisconsin post office (through no fault of Hummingbird Farm). The packaging protected the plants well and the soil was still very moist. I will be ordering more clematis from Hummingbird Farm.

Positive PHPaul
(1 review)
On May 15, 2013, PHPaul PROSPECT HARBOR, ME wrote:

Being a Mainer, I try to purchase from Maine companies whenever possible.

I'm very pleased with my purchase from Hummingbird Farm. I ordered two clematis. They were shipped precisely when I requested they be shipped, arrived right on schedule and in excellent condition.

I've purchase clematis from other sources and these were by far the largest, healthiest, most well-rooted plants I've ever received by mail.

As my flower gardens expand (I just retired recently) there will be more clematis and they WILL be coming from Hummingbird Farm.

Well Done!

Positive doahvalleyman
(2 reviews)
On May 11, 2013, doahvalleyman Rockbridge Baths, VA wrote:

Ordered fancy leaf geraniums and they are beautiful, full, healthy plants! Packed well, secure and arrived safely.
Great value for my money. Will definitely order again! Thanks!

Positive Lisalee1
(1 review)
On May 3, 2013, Lisalee1 Lynnwood, WA wrote:

I ordered two types of clematis from Hummingbird Farms. They explain on their web site that they are in Maine which has a slow start to their growing season. They have already sent me one of the clematis and told me the other would come later in May as it becomes ready to ship. They e-mailed me when the plants had been shipped and when they would arrive. They came on time and in good shape. I would order from them again.

Positive Pinetucky
(49 reviews)
On Apr 25, 2013, Pinetucky Swainsboro, GA (Zone 8b) wrote:

Posted on May 9, 2012, updated April 25, 2013
The two clematis plants I received were much larger than expected, healthy and well-rooted with multiple stems. Packing was excellent with no soil loss in transit. Plants were still quite moist. Communication is also excellent, as Cindy responded quickly to my email question, as well as sending shipping notification. I am extremely pleased with my order from Hummingbird Farm. This was the first time I had ordered from them, but it won't be the last.

On April 25th, 2013, Pinetucky added the following:

My latest order was not as positive as my previous one. The plants arrived quickly, but they were totally dry. The brown paper inside the plastic bag wasn't even moist. Plus dirt had spilled all inside the box. I knew this was not typical as my previous order had been packed to perfection. The plants themselves looked nice, with good healthy roots, so I felt certain they would recover without a problem.

Cindy was very apologetic when I emailed. There had been a little change in packing, but the results were proving to be unsatisfactory. So I am certain the problem has now been rectified. Cindy and Brian care about their plants and their customers. My plants are looking happy so this is still a positive rating. I will continue to use Hummingbird Farm as a source for great clematis plants.
Positive PatriceAK
(1 review)
On Apr 10, 2013, PatriceAK Campbell, CA wrote:

Got the first Two of my Four clematis vines order today & I am Wowwwed by the size of the root systems AND how quickly they arrived in Calif. from Maine. Only 3 days in transit. So very well packed, no damage at all, still moist. I immed. potted them up into one gallon pots & the roots barely fit. They perked up within an hour. I'm impressed. Very impressed. We were really hot today (85) so I have them in the shade. Looking forward to getting the next 2 plants and getting them all into the ground & blooming!

Positive hockeyfan
(2 reviews)
On Mar 23, 2013, hockeyfan Eau Claire, WI wrote:

Found Hummingbird Farms when searching for Clematis that are hardy for zone 4, disease resistant/ wilt resistant. This my first attempt at growing Clematis. Their website has great descriptions of the plants with photos. Plants are organized by groups/ characteristics which was very helpful for a beginner.

I ordered Madame Julia and Piilu last July, in the middle of a dry, hot summer. The plants arrived in excellent shape and grew well all summer/ fall. Both plants got blossoms. I was concerned about planting them during such a hot year, but watering them and planting where the roots would be cool did the trick. Can't wait to see how they do this year.

Cindy responded to my e-mail questions promptly and helped me figure out the best way to plant them in our acid, sandy soil. I took a big plastic pot, cut the bottom out of it, filled it with soil with added humus added and some lime to sweeten the soil. This helped me keep the roots moist in the sandy soil and a hot summer. Basically created a microclimate for the roots.

The price was the same as plants at the local greenhouse, but more selection, especially regarding disease/ wilt resistance. When you're looking for a special plant, it's worth the shipping cost. These types of Clematis are not available in our local greenhouses.

Last December we received a holiday greeting in the mail from Hummingbird Farm, to top off the personalized service they provide.

Looking for more spots to plant Clematis and I will order from Hummingbird Farm again!

Positive dsimpso5
(1 review)
On Jun 2, 2012, dsimpso5 Delray Beach, FL wrote:

I live in Florida but have a cabin in Maine. I called Cindy when I found they had sweet annie herb plants and had to then arrange shipment of the plants to my neighbor's PO Box in Maine since I have no postal service and was doing a "hit and run" visit. Cindy made sure they were packaged well and they arrived the day before I flew up so the seedlings were fresh and healthy. I am sooo looking forward to seeing them in the fall when I return to see if I found good places to plant them. Hummingbird Farm definately gives personalized service.

Positive janetrathbun
(1 review)
On Jun 2, 2012, janetrathbun Portland, ME wrote:

I ordered four clematis from Hummingbird Farm, after conferring with Cindy by email. Her emails were very prompt and helpful, and my plants arrived sooner than expected, well-packed and very healthy. We planted them exactly according to the Hummingbird Farm's instructions and they're doing well. I thought the selection, prices and service were excellent, and I'm looking forward to visiting the farm in person in the next month! I think it's a wonderful resource for people who love clematis and I can't wait to see their exotic geraniums.

Positive kvaughn
(1 review)
On May 20, 2012, kvaughn Geneva, NY wrote:

We had looked everywhere for a Betty Corning clematis, including several places online. Finally, I found Hummingbird Garden complete with a list for the clematis to ship in late May. I ordered and received an immediate response saying they had looked at the plants and found one ready to ship. The plant arrived quickly and in very good condition. A complete planting guide was included and the packaging had prevented any damage during shipping. We planted the clematis and it is already growing with no planting trauma at all. We were very happy with the friendly service and the quality plant.

Positive urbanimage5
(4 reviews)
On May 1, 2012, urbanimage5 Chicago, IL (Zone 6a) wrote:

Posted on June 27, 2011, updated May 1, 2012
I ordered 4 clematis a few weeks ago. Cindy sent me a shipping notice when they were on the way. The packages arrived when expected. The plants were very well packed, in excellent condition with well developed root systems.

Planting instructions were very detailed and thorough. I got all 4 planted within a week, following the instructions. All 4 are doing nicely and growing new leaves. I'm looking forward to seeing them bloom in future years.

On May 1st, 2012, urbanimage5 added the following:

One of last year's plants was accidentally crushed by a contractor. :( This spring I ordered a replacement. As with last year's order, shipping was fast, and the plant was well packaged and very healthy. I followed the same detailed planting instructions as last year. The new plant is settling in nicely and already putting on some new growth.

Last year's plants are growing extremely well this spring. The largest of the three (about 3' tall) looks like it's almost ready to show its first blooms. I've been very pleased and would definitely order from them again.
Positive glacierdawg
(1 review)
On Apr 27, 2012, glacierdawg Juneau, AK wrote:

Cindy and Brian really love what they do and it shows in their customer service and plants. Our order arrived in three days (Maine to Alaska!) in superb condition. The quality of the plants that we received is superior to any other clematis that I've ordered from other reputable growers. For selection, service and quality, Hummingbird Farms can't be beat! Thank you!!!

Positive limabean
(3 reviews)
On Apr 26, 2012, limabean Exeter, NH (Zone 5b) wrote:

Posted on April 26, 2012, updated April 26, 2012
Positive with a CAPITAL P which stands for PERFECT PLANTS, PERSONABLE, PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE. WOW did my 4 clematis look fantastic out of the box. Got them in 2 days and this owner went above and beyond to help me select.

On April 26th, 2012, limabean added the following:

Exeter, NH
Positive rbane
(5 reviews)
On Aug 10, 2011, rbane Virginia,
United States wrote:

I ordered some plants from Hummingbird farm quite late in the season. The plants arrived quickly, tall, green and very healthy. In fact the plants look more like gallon-sized plants

I am very impressed with the size of the plants they ship for an extremely reasonable price. I highly recommend this company.

Thank you so much, you have a customer for life.

Positive sodbuster2
(1 review)
On Aug 1, 2011, sodbuster2 South Portland, ME wrote:

Posted on October 6, 2010, updated August 1, 2011
Hummingbird Farm is a great place to visit and LEARN!! Cindy Tibbetts knows so much about clematis and is so very willing to share that knowledge AND their plants are incrediblly healthy. I visited for the first time this summer and after much discussion and advice from Cindy, I bought 2 very healthy looking plants. Since then I have had multiple consults with Cindy over the phone and email. She is extremely patient and funny! I just received 4 plants the day after I ordered about speedy. They were very carefully packed and arrived in great condition. I cannot say enough positive things about this company and owner. I have already recommended them to many and will continue to do so.

On August 1st, 2011, sodbuster2 added the following:

Since my first post last year, I have recommended Hummingbird Farms to even more people and I have purchased more clematis this year. Cindy continues to be incredibly helpful (and humorous) and reassuring! Yes, I thought one of the beautifully shipped plants (new packaging?) had died. She advised me to be patient..and she was absolutely correct! It "came alive" and is growing wonderously. This is an amazing company with excellent products and service!
Positive sueocmga
(1 review)
On Jul 24, 2011, sueocmga Sherwood, WI wrote:

When order was placed by phone, I was able to get some good recommendations for clematis best suited for my needs. Plants arrived well-packed and healthy with helpful planting and care instructions.

Positive westtngal
(1 review)
On Jul 22, 2011, westtngal Brighton, TN (Zone 7a) wrote:

I ordered the shrubby clematis, tubulosa, and it arrived in great condition quickly. I will definitely refer my friends to this grower.

Positive bluelavendar
(4 reviews)
On Jun 16, 2011, bluelavendar Longmeadow, MA wrote:

I have ordered three clematis over the past two months, and they all arrived healthy and well-established. Plants arrived very quicklyand well packaged for the trip. Owners notified me by email when they had shipped, so no guessing when to expect them. Highly recommend.

Positive NHBabs
(6 reviews)
On Jun 3, 2011, NHBabs Concord, NH wrote:

Superb, personal customer service and easy to use website. Plants arrived promptly, well-packed, and healthy. Medium-sized clematis plants that are blooming this year from last year's order. My only wish is that they would update their website a bit sooner so that I can do all my clematis orders at the same time.

Positive quarteracre
(1 review)
On May 10, 2011, quarteracre Augusta, ME wrote:

Three clematis arrived the day BEFORE the expected mailing date. Big, fantastically healthy plants with huge root systems. Great planting instructions. Cindy and Brian are wonderful to talk with on the phone, too. They even put aside their LAST plant of a much desired variety special - even though they didn't know me. I wish I had more space for more clematis.....wait.....wait....I can find some - and I will definitely be ordering from Hummingbird again and again....!

Positive JCG
(2 reviews)
On Apr 30, 2011, JCG Anchorage, AK wrote:

From Maine to Alaska in 4 day's..GREAT Clematis with the largest roots I have seen from a mail-order Company..KUDOS to Cindy and HUMMINGBIRD FARM

Positive bryana
(72 reviews)
On Apr 16, 2011, bryana Albany, NY wrote:

I ordered four clematis vines. They arrived well wrapped and with large roots. They do not come in plastic pots like others I have ordered. This is more environmentally friendly, but you need to be a little more careful when unwrapping them to not damage the roots.
Good experience.

Positive campanulady
(1 review)
On Apr 10, 2011, campanulady Alfred Station, NY wrote:

My four plants arrived a few days after I ordered them well-packed and in excellent condition. Cindy was very kind and helpful in answering questions by email before I ordered. I highly recommend this company.

Positive bergernoir
(1 review)
On Oct 16, 2010, bergernoir Charlottesville, VA wrote:

My first order with Hummingbird farm was placed this spring, my second order last weekend. Cindy's patience, friendliness and knowledge made the experience a pleasant one. The plants arrived in excellent condition within a week.
I was impressed with the quality of the plants especially their magnificent roots. I will be happy to order again from Hummingbird farm if I do not run out of space first in my garden.

Positive Elinore
(1 review)
On Aug 18, 2010, Elinore Minocqua, WI (Zone 4a) wrote:

Hummingbird Farm is FANTASTIC!!! We ordered 2 clematis this spring, 'Huvi' and 'Viola'. We recieved wonderfully healthy plants, which were expertly shipped and arrived in beautiful condition. Now, just a few months later, they are both covered in gorgeous flowers! Excellent customer service. We will definitely be ordering from them again next spring!

Positive veryzer
(5 reviews)
On Jun 28, 2010, veryzer Sycamore, IL wrote:

Healthy plant, shipped well.

Cindy talked me out of buying an additional clematis because she felt I wouldn't have enough room. That concern for the customer vs. the bottom line will lead back to Hummingbird Farm.

Positive JackieCd
(1 review)
On Jun 10, 2010, JackieCd Johnston, RI wrote:

Thank you so much for the quick delivery. The 2 clematis were in excellent, healthy condition. Also, my question was answered promply. Can't ask for more! Thanks again.

Positive papillion
(1 review)
On Jun 8, 2010, papillion Flushing,
United States wrote:

I ordered two fancy leaf geraniums (Velma Cox and Elanos Pink with Silver Leaf Geranium) from Humming Bird Farm because this was the only place I could find them available. Plants arrived very quickly. However, as soon as I opened the box, I was disappointed because one of the plants was damaged (But Velma Cox was excellent condition). So I emailed this company and explained about damaged one. Amazingly, I got an email right away from Cindy and Brian Tibbetts and they said that they will send a replacement plant at once. As they promised, I got my new VERY healthy and beautiful Elanos Pink silver leaf geranium. I was truly impressed with this company. This spring, I ordered many geraniums from several geranium online stores and Humming Bird Farm was one of them. (Actually, I have never ordered any plants from online store before.) But not many places have such a excellent customer care like humming bird farm. By the way, I had to cut almost all leaves and stems of a Elanos geranium, since it was damaged. And I decided to keep it away anyway. Amazingly, three days later I cut stems and leaves, many new beautiful leaves came out from all nodes. ( I think that the first Elanos geranium that I recieved was also healthy one, but it was just damaged on the way… ) I will order more Velma Cox and contrast geraniums very soon from Humming Bird Farm. I can’t wait to get them. :-)

Positive sdube60
(9 reviews)
On May 12, 2010, sdube60 Charlton, MA wrote:

I ordered Clematis "Summer Snow" which arrived virtually overnight. The plant was carefully packaged with an extremely large, healthy root system and much top growth. They included very detailed planting instructions, Their website is a wealth of info. for clematis growers and gardening in general. I will definitely order from this company in the future as I am very pleased with the quality of the plants and the outstanding service.

Positive labtea
(1 review)
On May 8, 2010, labtea East Peoria, IL wrote:

The true measure of a company is not when everything works perfectly, but when you think it may not have gone right and how they respond to it. Even though priority mail usually takes 2-3 days once it's on its way, I still hadn't received my clematis order by Friday ...the fourth shipping day. I called Cindy and she was very responsive, looking up the tracking number and locating the shipment for me. From what she could see, she felt sure it would be delivered on Saturday and it was. She also assured me that the plants would be fine the added days it took to reach my state. I do wish the postal service could get something from Maine to Illinois in less than 5 days when shipped priority mail. The plants looked fabulous and were packed well. I will definitely order from this company again!

Positive pocketgardener
(3 reviews)
On Apr 22, 2010, pocketgardener Tulsa, OK wrote:

I ordered 2 Summer Snow clematis....the only place I could find them available! They arrived as promised, expertly packed, and with a very healthy root system. Included planting instructions were clear and complete. E-mail communication before ordering was quickly answered and handled in a personal and caring manner. Very impressed with Cindy and Brian's company. I'll be a repeat customer!

Positive patriciaryan
(1 review)
On Apr 3, 2010, patriciaryan Boothbay, ME wrote:

Cindy and Brian Tibbetts run a hands-on first-rate operation. Their clematis are the healthiest I've ever encountered.

Positive Psalm42
(1 review)
On May 12, 2009, Psalm42 Natick, MA wrote:

Received 2 Viola clematis that were packed with obvious TLC and shipped as promised, very quickly. Plants are in excellent condition, have just ordered 2 more Rebeccas from them. Correspondence with Hummingbird Farm has been wonderful. I also subscribe to their newsletter.

Positive hankandcyn
(1 review)
On May 9, 2009, hankandcyn Darby, MT wrote:

I ordered 6 clematis plants from Hummingbird Farms and they arrived promptly, in good condition, and were very high quality plants. In addition, my email communications with them before purchasing were answered quickly and personally and in a very detailed manner. I believe they shipped the best mail-order plants I have ever received.

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