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Neutral trishmcd86
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On Oct 21, 2012, trishmcd86 Conway, SC wrote:

Posted on September 27, 2012, updated October 21, 2012
I purchased 175 chicks for 9/19/12. They arrived at 5am 9/20/12! i was shocked how quickly it came. When i got to the post office, i opened up the boxes to do a check. There was one little biddy that was very weak and ended up dying before i got home. Other than that all the rest were in good health.

When i got home, i did a count and all of them were there, and they even threw in an extra of each breed. I actually ordered 125 chicks, and recieved 50 free cockerals! I made a special request to get at least one Silver Laced Wyandotte roo and one Light Brahma roo mixed in the free batch to go with my hens. They sent me two of the SL Wyandotts and 20 Light Brahma, as well as some barred plymouth rock and rir cockerals. Im very pleased. I even got a random americana eater egger pullet thrown in the mix. That was a pleasant suprise.

Negatives: I have lost a barred rock roo who had a deformed leg and kept getting picked on, and a rir roo... not a clue what happened with him. He just started having trouble breathing on day three and died by morning of day 4. I also have one of my Light Brahma roos that has a SEVERLY deformed left foot. All of his toes curl to the left and the leg is bent. The Light Brahmas have very inconsistent leg feathering, so im glad i got so many. I will be choosing only the best from the group to keep. Many of the silver laced and golden laced wyandotts are too black, and probably wont have good lacing when they are adults.

All of the buff orphingtons look awesome, and even considering the downfalls, i still rate this as a postitive experience as i knew going into this that purchasing hatchery stock is not the same as buying from a breeder that you can see the stock the bird comes from and choose accordingly.

This was my first time ordering from a hatchery instead of a breeder, and every time i called and had 1000 questions, the people were always very happy to help me. All in all, i was very please with the chicks i ordered and the service. It does say on the website that the 25 free chicks that come every purchase of 50 chicks will most likely be cockerals, but you can request not to get certain breeds as i did not want any buff orphington roos, and they didnt send any.

i will definatly be ordering from them in the future, i just wish they had a larger selection of birds. They didnt have any cochins or bantams, so i had to get some from another hatchery... very mixed reviews on that one, so lets see how that goes. Those chicks are coming 10/10/12

On October 21st, 2012, trishmcd86 changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

update* my chicks from Mt. Healthy are now 4 1/2 weeks old. I did lose two of my chicks to respiratory issues by the end of the first week, as well as another one that had a broken leg. The rest of them are relatively healthy. There is a HUGE inconsistancy in the size of the chicks. I have some Light Brahmas that are the same size as my 2 week old cochins i got from another hatchery. The same goes for some of my wyandotts. The leg feathering is terrible on most of them, and on about 1/10 of them it is descent. The lacing on most of the silver laced wyandotts is... well, not lacing. All of the golden laced wyandotts have near perfect lacing. I also ordered 50 Light Brahma pullets, and they gave me 24 free light brahma cockerals. Well, two weeks in, i noticed that litterally half of my LB pullets looked like roosters. When i questions Mt. Healthy about this, they said that it was impossible to tell at two weeks the difference between a pullet and a cockeral. they said that i should wait till they are at least 8 weeks old and then call them. They said they would refund the difference in the price if my "opinion" turned out to be accurate. Problem is... i have to feed all those birds to end up with over 50 cockerals and 25 pullets. im pretty good about telling the sex of a bird once they hit two weeks, and my "opinion" is holding true so far. I am going to be very upset if i end up with 50+ LB cockerals. Oh, and one last note, i did have one of my LB free cockerals that had toes and feet that are so malformed that im suprised he can walk. My overall experience with this company is turning south as these birds get older.

I have raised chickens for many many years now, and this was my first purchase from a hatchery. I RARELY have any problems with my chicks, but this batch has just been a mess.
Neutral poultry5024
(1 review)
On Jul 4, 2010, poultry5024 Meadville, PA wrote:

This spring I orderd 15 arucana pullets from Mt. Healthy Hatcheries, Inc. for a 4-H project. My chicks arrived right on time. When I opened the box in the car I noticed that they had sent 1 extra chick. I also noticed that one of the chicks had a very bad splayed leg wich is nearly impossibol to treat. We named the chick Lucky and some how it lived, which is very uncommon. When my chicks started to feather out we noticed that the chicks where not arucana's because these chicks had tail feathers and arucana's have no tail feathers. This led me to believe that the chicks might be americana's which are a breed that are commenly confused with arucana's. Just to be sure I asked my 4-H leader to come over and take a look at my birds to see exactly what they where. My 4-H leader told me that the birds that I had bought where neither arucana's or americana's but mongrol easter egg chickens that can not be shown at the fair and that might not even lay green eggs which is the main reason that I bought them. This is the first time I have ever orderd from this hatchery and I realy do not know what there other birds are like. They could be a lot better than my mongrol easter egg chickens.

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