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Negative Spideyandus
(1 review)
On Apr 28, 2017, Spideyandus Arlington, TN wrote:

False advertising. Paid $200 extra to get 6 foot palm tree. Trunk was one foot. Branches standing straight up were 6 feet. Pictures of 7 foot palm they use as example had 3+foot trunk. (Sent a birds of paradise free of charge, I think because they knew they were sending less than advertised). charmed me on phone and then blew me off. Will never order from again

Negative MarkWarwarick
(1 review)
On Aug 28, 2015, MarkWarwarick Vancouver,
Canada wrote:

Beautiful user-friendly website. But don't be fooled. On January 29, 2015 I ordered 2 small Foxtiail palms. The order was processed and they took my money. These were to be shipped to me in Vancouver, BC Canada, so they said they had to wait until temperatures were a bit warmer for shipping. Fine.
Then nothing. Emails got me nowhere and their full voice mail box was extremely annoying. Finally I got an email on June 5 from their Customer Service apologizing for not having followed through with the order. This person said they needed certain certificates to send to Canada, which they never said when they took my $300 and sent me a receipt for the order. The CS rep said " I will be forwarding this correspondence to my supervisor so that we may fulfill this order as soon as possible. I do apologize for the inconvenience and will sincerely do our best to make sure we make it up to you." As I said, that was June 5 and I have heard nothing else since.
I will do my best throughout the internet to warn people about companies like this. I have reported RealPalmtrees to the Better Business Bureau of SE Florida.

Negative lawguyIllinois
(1 review)
On Sep 28, 2014, lawguyIllinois Columbia, MD wrote:

Posted on September 28, 2014, updated September 28, 2014

1. As of 9/28/2014, the company has a VERY low rating on Better Business. Click here //

2. The number is ALWAYS busy when I called. Call it now, to verify. I have only ONCE gotten a hold of someone. He gave me the excuse that their inspector was gone, and that is why the package had not been sent. He said the order was processed, and I would get my plant by Friday. 1 Month Later. NO PLANT. NO RESPONSE. *The voice mail seemed to also always be full*

3. I have sent several e-mails, NOT a single one has been answered!

4. As mentioned, your credit card will be billed as Nevo Star. It is a college.

5. USE a credit card so you can have some level of recourse if this happens to you. Report that the charges on your card were made without your permission. This way, you don\'t have to argue quality of service

The above is stated as true, and as an attorney, I stand by my statement. Truth is an absolute defense. I am NOT afraid of people coming after me for bad-reviews.

On September 28th, 2014, lawguyIllinois added the following:


Just for those of you that think my case is isolated.
Negative crunch56
(1 review)
On Jul 21, 2014, crunch56 Roswell, GA wrote:

Last Sept.2013, I ordered a Washingtonia Robusta for my son Malcolm as a coming home present from the hospital. He had fractured his neck in a boating accident in July, and was confined to wearing a halo around his head and shoulders. He picked out the palm from Real Palm Trees .com, and I paid about $270.00 for the tree plus shipping.

When it arrived there were already some brown leaves on it, which was a concern to me, but we planted it none the less. Winter came around and I packed mulch around it, put a heating light on it, wrapped w/ Xmas tree lights, and covered w/ tarp. Unfortunately, it died.

My son initially contacted customer service at REAL PALM, told his story and they said someone would get back to him to work out a solution. He was heartbroken that his beloved palm had died. After a couple of months not hearing anything back, I contacted them again explaining the situation. They once again said someone would get back to me and to give my order number. I gave them the info, and once again haven't heard a thing. I tried to call them today to get connected to a full voice mail box.

Obviously, this business only exists to TAKE YOUR MONEY, and after that you're on your own....buyers beware, AS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED BY A VERY DISGRUNTLED "FORMER" CUSTOMER!

Negative stal533
(1 review)
On May 21, 2014, stal533 Grovetown, GA wrote:

I placed an order on the 1st and 2nd May 2014. Trying to get a person to talk to has proven to be difficult and e-mails go unanswered. When I did get someone on the line, I was told my order will ship in 24 hours. I was told this on three different occasions. I have still yet to receive my orders. They create or request a UPS label but do not ship the order. I have contacted FL Governor's office as well as other agencies to include my bank to get my money back. I will never again use this company. If you do use them, use Pay Pal to pay for the order.

Negative Thescann
(9 reviews)
On May 19, 2014, Thescann Eastlake, OH wrote:

Placed an order for an acai palm. Received shipping notice next day but the item didn't actually ship for weeks. I had to call and inquire about when it would actually ship. I also asked them to let me know when it really did ship, which they did not. My real complaint is that they sent this delicate, ultra tropical palm over the weekend and at the slowest speed mail. It took 6 days to arrive, although it was delayed one day. They palm didn't have a chance. It arrived weak and shocked and continued to decline it my 15,000 sq ft conservatory under part shade. I've ordered thousands worth of plants from Florida mail order this year and this was the slowest to be shipped, with the longest shipping time. I contacted the company, but have not received a response.

Negative NorthSC
(10 reviews)
On Apr 9, 2014, NorthSC North, SC (Zone 8a) wrote:

Posted on July 23, 2013, updated April 9, 2014
Purchased a 4 footer Bismarckia nobilis from and it was shipped to me and arrived in perfect shape as it seemed, but no matter how well I took care of it, it dried up and died within weeks. So, after some negotiations and waiting, I paid the shipping charge again and they shipped me a replacement, which seemed fine as well, but after planting it in the ground (very carefully, not disturbing a single root) and watering appropriately and applying root growth stimulator all as per their instructions, it started drying as well and several months later after turning all brown and dry it's spear finally pulled out = dead. Almost $300 wasted. I believe what they do is they severe the roots after growing them in the ground and place these palms in quite small pots for shipping and these palms never like their roots disturbed even a bit, so they die. I'm also growing these from seed and they got no problems growing here. I believe they sent me both palms with extremely disturbed roots and those palms had no chance to survive... If reads this post I hope they contact me and send me yet another Bismarckia nobilis that is carefully handled and with roots undisturbed.

On April 9th, 2014, NorthSC changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

Hard, very very hard to have them follow up or respond to the email and to keep the promise. This spring 2014 I wanted to buy 43000 worth of palm trees from them and inquired them to send me photos of the palms before I order the palms. They responded to give them a moment and they will email me the photos same day. Not a chance. Almost a month and a few emails later, nothing, no photos no response, no sale, It's OK! I will buy elsewhere! Never buy from these people again! My mistake to ever lower myself to bother contacting these idiots! I am now growing all my palms from seed and never buying from "professional" "nurseries". Never ever again I will buy from a dealer. I will always grow my own! Save money and save the frustration! Stay away from "real " palm trees. Not recommended. They are a joke.
Negative smithgn
(3 reviews)
On Feb 19, 2014, smithgn Irmo, SC wrote:

I placed an order with Real Palm Trees in late December of last year. I still have yet to receive the seeds that I ordered. As with many other of the negative feedbacks, I placed many e-mails and phone calls. Some of the e-mails were answered and seemed sincere, but when I responded back to further inquiry there was no answer, particularly from one person that works there named Jeff. At one point, they said they had to repackage my order because the seeds they provided were not of good quality. Then, they said that their telephone lines were down (for a week?!). I finally got through to a nice lady and she packaged and labeled my seeds for shipment starting on the 10th of February. I'm actually calling now to find out why they haven't been shipped out yet, as it has yet to reach a UPS facility. Typical. This company seems to be hit or miss from the reviews I'm reading. On the website, they get you with all the nice pictures, photographs and claim customer service and quality as a top priority. So far for me, it has miserably failed in that department. I will never place an order with Real Palm Trees ever again. Be weary, if you do and stay on them every day after you place the order.

Negative stanr
(1 review)
On Jan 14, 2014, stanr Mannville,
Canada wrote:

I ordered palm trees. And paid over $750 for two trees. 2 months after placing the order I contacted them as I still had not recieved them. They said that there was a problem with shipping and they were going to resend them. They never did and I have been contacting them for over 6 months and they do not respond to emails or call back when I leave them a phone message. If they do answer they tell me that I need to talk to JOE and they just keep me on hold but no one ever answers. The one time I did talk to someone they said that they were going to refund my money and said that they had refunded my money but gave me a fake confirmation number. And never refunded my money.

Negative wagmaneh
(1 review)
On Jul 23, 2013, wagmaneh Feather Sound, FL wrote:

I would love to give a thorough review of the plant my girlfriend has badly wanted and I ordered for her birthday, but after being assured through MULTIPLE emails that it would be delivered on her special day, it didn't show up. I took off work to be here to get it and plant it properly for her but it was all for naught. And they would have never even told me or emailed me that there was a delay if I hadn't called them to get an update. I was assured an email to track the shipment - which I have still not received - and naturally that never showed up. What makes this particularly disappointing is that I emailed with "customer service" - oxymoron - multiple times so I could get a guarantee of the delivery date. What a disappointment and if you're reading this I would suggest you avoid this from happening to you.

Negative gecko26
(1 review)
On Jul 3, 2013, gecko26 East Patchogue, NY wrote:

There aren't enough characters to explain all the trouble I have had and my friend has had with this company. My friend purchased a gift cert for me for my bday and the problems started there and continued for the next 2 months. They do not call you back. They do not always respond to emails. They make promises and do not keep them and I don't know how healthy the tree they sent me is. I've NEVER worked with a company so unprofessional before. I can't imagine how they're still in business. I've had issue after issue with them and they do not care. My next step is the BBB. I would be very cautious in dealing so these people. They're TERRIBLE! I'm sick over my experience with them.

Negative cal3100
(1 review)
On Jun 27, 2013, cal3100 Springfield, IL wrote:

Placed an order for a small plant on 6/10. Received an e-mail on 6/13 that package had been shipped. I constantly tracked package and there was no movement for nearly a week. 6/18 E-mailed company for status on package. After receiving NO response on 6/19 E-mailed company again to complain about poor customer service and to let them know I noticed that the plant was FINALLY on its way.
Package was finally received 6/24, 2 weeks to the day after paying $30 to ship a $60 plant. Plant was received in OK condition, but not great packaging for the price you pay. It has now been 9 days since my first attempt to contact them and 7 days since the second. Needless to say I feel as though this company’s services is TERRIBLE. I will not order from them again nor would I ever think about recommending them. I will tell people to find an alternative source of purchasing instead of using them.

Horrible service, sub standard shipping and handling, OK product. I would grade Real Palm Trees a D-.
Only order if you have NO other alternatives!

Negative slave041379
(2 reviews)
On Sep 10, 2009, slave041379 Santa Clarita, CA wrote:

I purchased 2 phoenix sylvester palm trees (5ft) from The ordering was easy, but at times the site does slow way down. Ultimately I bought the palms from them b/c I couldn't find any sylvesters in California (and they actually ship here, where many others don't ship here).

So the reason this review isn't positive is that when I received the palms they were dried out and both were partially dead (I brought them around as soon as they were delivered, so don't think that they dried out on my porch). I watered them immediately and put them in a shaded area until I could get them planted (later that same day). After planting I really thought that I'd definitely lose the 1 that was the most dead. I had never mail ordered palms before so I figured this was the most logical course of action, to give the palms a chance to recover.

I decided to look at to review the return policy and it wasn't very friendly. I believe you were to call them in an unreasonable amount of time and you have to pay to ship back the dead palm. When I read this I was already on the cusp of the return cut-off. Nevermind that you have to destroy the box to get the palm out of it (getting popcorn all over my yard), therefore you have to not only be inconvenienced shipping a dead tree back, but you have to pay to ship it, and pay for a new box! How's about I send a picture of the dead palm and you send me another?

I was going to review this site neutral, but after reviewing the ordeal I really think they deserve a negative. To conclude: The palm that was less damaged actually recovered after I cleaned up all the dead leaves and the totally dead branches. I had to cut the other tree down to hardly anything (I definitely thought I was going to lose it) and the tree made it, but it really bothers me that I paid premium prices for a 5 ft tree that I had to cut down to hardly anything (putting it's growth considerably behind the other tree's growth). I considered the neutral rating b/c the trees ultimately made it, but decided negative b/c of how bad things were when I received them.

I mean buyer beware, take your chances b/c others have rated this site highly, however, I would search locally first before you buy from them, and only go to them if you can't find it locally. They do have a very large selection of trees, they sent food with the plants (which I liked), and certificates of authenticity (for what that's worth).

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