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Negative Poklar
(1 review)
On Aug 13, 2017, Poklar Amherst, MA wrote:

I am looking for a good plant puller and the pullerbear looks like it might be a good product. I also usually like buying directly from small manufacturers because of the personal connection that often gets made. However, I am reluctant to make a purchase from a someone who is comfortable bullying and abusing anyone who has a problem with his products, who doesn't seem to care what he posts or how he demonstrates his disrespect for his customers because "there is no such thing as bad publicity." I am even reluctant to post this comment because I may become the target of Mr. Paisley's abuse but I think it's important to look at the business practices of a company I buy from and it appears to me that Pullerbear does not relate to its customers well.

On Aug 13, 2017, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller responded with:

"On Aug 13, 2017 6:06 PM, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller responded with:

This forum is for product reviews and "Poklar" is not a customer and has had no interactions with our company reps or our products.

On Aug 14, 2017 7:33 AM, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller added:

It's unfortunate that this site allows unverified, anonymous users to post defamatory and uninformed comments. Poklar is not a customer of ours, has no other comments or threads and joined Dave's Garden moments prior to posting his/her negative "Product" review. Readers can take it for what it's worth. Life goes on...

Just so you can't quit this site, all you can do is thank the positives and address the negatives.

On Aug 14, 2017 10:31 PM, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller added:

Michael Jorgensen sent us this text on August 4th... "Can't tell you how much I love this thing, last month at my Washington home I must have pulled no less than 200 broom plants out, what a snap. Can't believe I haven't seen more or heard more about this amazing tool. Thanks again, you have saved me a lot of work and money."
...Thanks Michael, our pleasure.

On Aug 23, 2017 9:00 PM, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller added:

I volunteer clearing over-gown parkland at one of our National Trust properties. We have a number of invasive plants that need to be managed – usually by cutting and then applying a noxious herbicide to kill the roots. This past week, I took delivery of my Pro XL 321, and hey presto, this is a tool that does what it says it will. I like the ease with which it changes for different sized stems, and despite some of the plants having tap roots up to two feet long, none could resist the Pullerbear. I bought it to help with some woodland reserve that we will be moving to later in the year this also has its share of invasives, and these will be dealt with easily with this tool. If anyone asks from Bermuda if this deals with Mexican or Brazilian pepper, fiddlewood, sage, Chinese fan palms, Surinam cherry and other similar plants, the answer is an emphatic yes. Well done. A great tool, with my name on it as well!

Thanks and best regards, Jonathan Clipper ordered through Joshua Bate Trading, Bermuda.

On Aug 23, 2017 9:01 PM, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller added:

Just wanted to drop you a line and say that I LOVE THIS TOOL Used it today for the first time and removed a huge patch of scotchbroom I had been trying to eradicate for the last year by using my stihl saws etc. The pullerbear is my new goto tool for removing invasives and scotchbroom.
Just wanted to say Thank You for creating such an awesome tool. You guys / gals rock!
Thanks again,
Dennis Gee

Bandon Oregon

On Aug 23, 2017 9:03 PM, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller added:

I'm so excited about this product of yours and I've forwarded your website on to a few trail building buddies of mine. It's going to be a great tool and just what I was looking for!

Lynn Willis

Banner Elk, NC.

On Aug 23, 2017 9:04 PM, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller added:

I just received my Pullerbear Pro XL and put it to work on countless, short buckthorn stumps. I am really impressed. I chose your product because I needed a puller that gripped short stumps. I've cut our
buckthorn for years with brush cutters and brush mowers which obviously leave a stump. I thought I would try the Pullerbear to achieve a more permanent solution. Buckthorn have a shallow root system so they are no match for the Pullerbear.

I only have about 100,000 stumps to go (slight exaggeration.)

Thanks for a great product

Mitch J.

Stillwater, MN

On Aug 23, 2017 9:06 PM, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller added:

I just ordered my second Pullerbear.
Please add Marie Evans to my order for the Pullerbear Cub XL
I ordered your Pullerbear Pro a couple of years ago. It is fantastic. I have cleared numerous volunteer trees from my yard and fenceline and from another property with small maple trees everywhere. I decided we needed a smaller one for some cramped spaces and shrubby weeds. Can't wait for my new Pullerbear.

Best tool ever.

Marie Evans

On Aug 24, 2017 9:15 AM, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller added:

August 23, 2017

Hey, Pullerbear,

The tool came a couple days ago, and it's terrific!


George Packard

On Aug 25, 2017 11:23 PM, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller added:

August 25, 2017

I picked up my pullerbear on Thursday. As you thought, it did arrive that day. I had long ago picked out the first sapling it would be used on and intended to take it for its trial run that first day, but I got caught up doing lots of other things and didn't fit it in. So, Friday morning, I took it down and photographed before and after. It was a somewhat small beech sapling. It loosened on the initial try, but once I could see where the root was running, I got it in a better position to yank it out. Time: maybe 30 seconds, tops.

On my way back up to the cabin to get ready to leave for work, I decided to give my new pullerbear another test and latched onto a large sapling (close to fully opened, so about 3") and about 20' tall. I wouldn't have been able to budge it by hand (in fact, although I'm an expert sapling-puller, I wouldn't have even tried something that size). Well, I pulled and worked it a bit and within a minute, it was completely out. Then I took the little sapling beside it too (maybe 5 seconds), before heading back up the hill.

To say the least, I am fully convinced that I have made a wise purchase. I thank you very much for a superb product.

Deanne S.
New Hampshire"

Negative LDLemon
(1 review)
On Sep 1, 2013, LDLemon Conway, AR wrote:

Posted on August 29, 2013, updated September 1, 2013

Before you buy a Pullerbear (or any other similar tool) read the warranty.

After I purchased a Pullerbear (Grip XL) on 11 June 2013, I received a E-Mail from Bradi Paisley thanking me for my purchase and stating in all caps that “BENDING ANY PART OF A PULLERBEAR IS NOT COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY – IF YOU THINK YOU CAN BEND OR BREAK ANY PART OF A PULLERBEAR – PLEASE DON'T BUY ONE!”

The Pullerbear (Grip XL) has two major problems:

1. The jaws will shear off small plants.
2. The tool bends easy.

Anything smaller that ¾ inch has a tendency to shear off instead to being pulled. I was able to pull out the roots on only about 20% of my attempts. Look at the jaw details on their homepage and you can see why.

When the jaw is open fully the front jaw brace will bend when trying to pull larger items. I’m 62 years old, weight 190 lbs, and recently retired from an office job. I did not put my full weight on the Pullerbear and I bent it. I DID NOT use a extension pipe or cheater.

ProQuo Services Canada did offer to refund the cost of the Pullerbear ONLY. The US Postal wanted sixty dollars ($60.00) to ship it to Canada and refused to ship until I had the entire tool in a box (it's 54 inches from end to end). After I obtained a suitable box, ProQuo Services withdrew it's offer stating that they assumed that I got all for my work done. I own a 160 acres farm in eastern Kansas. My brush control work will not be done until I'm 6 feet down.

I would gladly accept a FULL refund from ProQuo Services or accept a replacement (if they add additional support to the front jaw brace).


On September 1st, 2013, LDLemon added the following:

I would like to provide followup comments to my posting on 29 August 2013.

The home page as of 1 September 2013 clearly states: “Lifetime Structural Warranty”. I guess that is true are long as Mr. Paisley does not consider you to be "over weight". Mr. Paisley do you know how tall I am?

The FAQ page under “Is there a warranty?” states that: “We welcome the return of any Pullerbear that is defective or fails to do what we claim it will do”. I guess that is true as long as Mr. Paisley does not consider you a “terrorists or extortionists”. My secondary point is that as part of their accommodating customer service they will also send you E-Mail(s) with numerous personal attacks.

The tubular steel I bent fits inside a larger tubular steel tube (with tight clearance). Once that smaller tube is bent the tool becomes useless. It was bent out, not down – as a result of the powerful jaw bite he is so proud of. I would estimate it only took about 150 pounds of downward pressure to bend the jaw out.

Mr. Palmer also states that a fellow in Connecticut returned one that was bent to hell then later he states that “we have yet to have even one returned to us”. Which is it?

What we do agree on is:

The “official” warrant is not provided until after the purchase.

If you think you can bend or break any part of a Pullerbear – Please don't buy one.

ProQuo Services will not cover any bending or breaking of any parts.

I was duped (Mr. Palmer words – not mine) into buying there product.

Owner of one broke Pullerbear

On Sep 1, 2013, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller responded with:

"On Aug 31, 2013 6:14 PM, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller responded with:

Larry Lemon was offered a refund for the purchase price of his Pullerbear of $149.99. We shipped it to him free of charge. He bent it and notified us, of that, on August 5th. Even though, as he states in his synopsis that, we do not warranty any bending of the tool. The tools are made with Grade A U.S.A. and Canadian made steel and the part that Mr Lemon bent is the thickest walled 1" by 1" tubular steel available. His issue should be with the steel manufacturer not with us as we have no control over the tensile strength of U.S. and Canadian made steel. That's why we warranty the craftsmanship not the materials. It's clear by Mr. Lemon's comments that he has no issues with the craftsmanship just the steel and the all to powerful bite of the jaws of his Pullerbear.

That brings me to his other point regarding the jaws of his Pullerbear... the Pullerbears, by far and away, have the most aggressive, non-slip, deepest biting jaws and teeth of any other "tree" puller in the world and if you attempt to pull celery-like plants with the Pullerbear it probably will bite them off. The picture he refers to on our home page shows the Pullerbear pulling a "tree", not celery.

Mr. Lemon, clearly, investigated our product prior to purchasing it, he knew of the warranty as it pertained to bending, as we sent him an email, the same day he purchased it, with the warranty information included and in bold type that we do not warranty the bending of any part of the tool, and he still went ahead with the purchase. We are very accommodating company and when a customer makes a mistake with their tool we have provided free replacement parts as a result even though we state in our warranty that bending is not covered. The following is the very first message Mr. Lemon sent to us on August 5th...

I bought the Pullerbear based on the reviews I read on the internet.

I plan on leaving the following review on 12 August 2013 to the various websites I used.

Sorry but I was not happy with the product.

Larry Lemon

This was our response, 13 hours later, on August the 6th because he made no mention of wanting a replacement part...

Hi Larry,

Return it to us and we will refund the purchase.

Ship via courier to 2741 Gibson Place, Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada V0R 2W0

You will notice the specific instructions given to Mr. Lemon regarding shipping and it was to be via courier. No mention of USPS. Couriers aren't as fussy and are usually less expensive. Also, we've shipped over 10,000 Pullerbears and not one of them was in a box.

It took him over 3 weeks to reply to our offer which would have been plenty of time for him to finish up what ever land clearing project he had bought his Pullerbear for. We have had a scam, similar to this, pulled on us just once before by a fellow in Connecticut and we aren't going to get burned again. That guy took a picture of the Pullerbear when it looked relatively new and by the time we got it back it was beat to hell. We don't consider that a return, it went into our We Were Scammed File.

We have sold over 10,000 units in the US, Canada and around the world and we have yet to have even one returned to us. We are very good at building them and even better at customer service,, but when a customer "plans" (not "going to", but "plans") to leave a negative comment by a certain date (August 12th) it implies that his "plan" could change if ?????? He is an extortionist and we don't negotiate with terrorists or extortionists.

So we're taking this Lemon and we're making lemonade!

Thanks Larry and there is no way a 62 year old, out of shape, over weight, former office worker bent a Pullerbear all by himself. You tried to hard to convince us how weak you are. And one more thing Larry... the reviews you read on the internet regarding the Pullerbears are not our reviews, they are the reviews of satisfied customers. They "duped" you in to buying our product, not us.

Shaking my head,

Randy Paisley

Owner of ProQuo Services Canada Ltd and the craftsman who made Larry Lemon's Pullerbear.

On Sep 1, 2013 8:32 AM, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller added:

On Sep 1, 2013 8:42 AM, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller added:

Update to Larry Lemon's response to our rebuttal...

"I was duped (Mr. Palmer words – not mine) into buying there product."

Who is Mr. Palmer? Can I suggest that you actually review what you send before you post it?

I was going to respond to several of your inaccuracies, but once I saw that you can't even get my name right... What's the point?

We track where our customers come from and since you posted your original message it has generated a half dozen sales.

There is no such thing as bad publicity.



Negative BorisBauer
(7 reviews)
On Oct 31, 2010, BorisBauer Easley, SC wrote:

You get what you pay for is the usual comment and this applies to the Pullerbear. I have compared smaller brush removal versions of the Pullerbear, WeedWrench, and Extractigator. With no exception, the Pullerbear was the least effective. Because of personal experience, I rather suspect Pullerbear reviews.

On Oct 31, 2010, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller responded with:

"On Oct 31, 2010 10:45 AM, Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller responded with:

Finally, Boris Bauer has finally mustered up the courage to post his diatribe in a forum we can respond to. Mr. Boris Bauer usually posts his comments about our tools on other pages where we can't respond. Now that he has given us the means to respond.... he is a shill - (definition:A shill is a person who helps another person or organization to sell goods or services without disclosing that he or she has a close relationship with the seller. The shill pretends to have no association with the seller/group and gives onlookers the impression that he or she is an enthusiastic independent customer. )

Mr. Boris Bauer bought one of our tools a couple of years ago and immediately upon receiving it he began his work as a shill. We do have to give him some credit for actually purchasing a product prior to negatively ranting about it. Most shills don't go to that much trouble.

We have offered Mr. Boris Bauer a full refund including the shipping costs to return it to us and he has refused. It seems Boris Bauer can't part with his Pullerbear Cub.

Sorry for the somewhat annoying full name references to Mr. Boris Bauer, but the more times we mention his full name - Mr. Boris Bauer - the easier it is for Google robots to pick it up and index it. Hopefully, one day when someone is vetting Mr. Boris Bauer they will read this and be aware of who and what he is. Unfortunately, sellers don't usually check out potential customers prior to selling them something but if you are one - DON'T SELL ANYTHING TO MR. BORIS BAUER.

Of course, Mr. Boris Bauer being a shill is just our opinion, but you be the judge. He bought one of our tools, says it is worthless and then refuses a 100% refund.

Thanks Mr. Boris Bauer - now get back to pulling your rhodos you shill!"