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Positive delilahra
(1 review)
On Nov 10, 2017, delilahra Chattaroy, WA wrote:

I have ordered lots seeds from Cherry Gal over the years. I've been a customer since way back in the early eBay days! I have NEVER had any issues with her. Communication has been excellent, seeds have grown just fine, I love the beautiful website and attention to such a complete story on each variety. I am sorry to see so much negative feedback here. I have never experienced any of this. I'll be placing an order again this year, as usual. :)

Positive RareFruit2909
(9 reviews)
On Dec 27, 2015, RareFruit2909 Lebanon, OH wrote:

Wow. Had I read the reviews first, I'd not have ordered from them at all!!! However, I'm glad I did and have made several satisfactory large seed purchases from them this year. I see most of the reviews are old, so maybe they've addressed some of the issues? My order was also all seeds and contained no live plants, so I can't comment there. Still, I feel I got an excellent value on some hard-to-find varieties with a good amount of seed per pack, especially for the corn and beans. The seeds I've grown out so far from Cherrygal germinated just fine with a couple of the beans being huge producers for me. The Peruvian Morado corn seed must have also been fresh because it germinated readily and I managed to get a crop in Ohio which is a feat for a long-season tropical strain. In fact, I was happy enough with the quantity and quality of what I got that my final order was their 50 packs for $50 special which allows you to mix and match the varieties you want which comes out to a substantial discount of $1 each. Of course I can't speak for others' experiences, but based on mine, I'll order from them again.

Positive Aniela
(12 reviews)
On Feb 6, 2014, Aniela Garland, ME wrote:

I had seen the negative reviews but tried Cherry Gal anyway and am so glad I did! One type of corn grew shockingly large, 14 feet, 2 inches high, and another produced hugely, with five to nine ears coming from a single seed, and good eating, too. One hundred seeds of buckwheat produced ninety nine mature and producing plants. The pumpkins, a rare find in any search, produced a great supply of quality food. The beans produced far more than expected and we have been doing this a long time. All of our variety order did well and we are reordering again. Thank you again, Cherry Gal and we can hardly wait to plant again!

Positive Flyberry1
(1 review)
On Dec 10, 2013, Flyberry1 Fruita, CO wrote:

This will be my third year purchasing seeds from cherrygal.. After a very successful season I emailed cherrygal to let them know about my success. They responded with much gratitude. All of the seeds ordered were through the 50 dollar seed pack that offer leftover seeds for a decent price. No problems with shipping . Admittedly most of my seed packs were tomatoes and peppers.. All of the plants did extremely well and I didn't experience any of the seedlings to be weak or sluggish and I lost only one out of 30. The seedlings were beautiful dark green and stalky. The peppers grew well and the four of the 14 different varieties of tomatoes grew to well over 12ft. Scaling up over my 6ft fence and down into the nieghbors garden with lots of produce. I like them and recommend. Also good harvest of fava beans and peas.

Positive timdotconnel
(4 reviews)
On Dec 28, 2012, timdotconnel Oklahoma City, OK wrote:

I was nervous about my order after reading reviews here but I'm happy with my transaction. I had a short backorder on one pepper variety that she informed me of and kept me updated on. I can't comment on germination rates yet, but she was quick to keep me updated on my order status. I think the lower seed counts accompanied by lower prices is a great idea on certain types of plants (like peppers) were you don't really need 35 of the same plant in a home size garden.

Positive gardensquare
(1 review)
On Mar 5, 2012, gardensquare Trinity, NC (Zone 7a) wrote:

I always end up ordering something from "CherryGal" every year (for spring and/or fall). My orders are typically
>$100. She has always been good, with the exception of one time she forgot to fill my order and I had to call about it.
That was because I had placed to big orders & she didn't think the second order was intentional. She has also called me to ask what I wanted to do re: an item that she ran out of. I've always had good goings. I've even called her with questions & she is very helpful.

Positive crazyplantgirl
(1 review)
On Jan 7, 2012, crazyplantgirl wrote:

I have used cherry gal three years in a row now and have always been satisfied with the company. I haven't had a single seed fail as a matter of fact i had some seeds left over from last years order and wanted to see if they were still viable. A couple of habanero seeds that i intend to grow as bonsai, a few tomatoes, and some others. i used peat pots as usual and they all sprouted for me. I placed my 2012 order last night totaling $96.69. Thats alot of money for a mother who works in fast food, but i got overtime for working christmas day (plants are my meditation so-to-speak) and have never had any problems with this company. the first year i spent only $19.90 and had the seeds within the next week, next was $30 even. this year i have a yard. now i don't have to plant in containers lol. So i cannot wait to start planting the seeds from cherry gal, the best part of the company is that the packaging is very "landfill friendly" small envelopes with the seeds safely inside, and clearly labled on the front. i'de list the plants chosen for this year but there are 59 of them this time lol. tomatoes, peppers, herbs, flowers,pumpkins, and melons are about the jist of it.... choose chery gal, you won't be disappionted.

Positive Hanovergal
(1 review)
On Aug 15, 2011, Hanovergal Mechanicsville, VA wrote:

CherryGal received my order on Saturday, 8/5/11 and I had my seeds by Saturday, 8/13/11. I received an email letting me know when my seeds were shipped and a tracking number to follow the shipment. I liked the packaging and was very pleased to get the seeds. There was a special 25 vegetable/herb seeds for $25.00. I was pleased and will order form CherryGal again.

Positive livinonfaith
(5 reviews)
On May 15, 2011, livinonfaith Fuquay Varina, NC wrote:

I decided to order from this company as an experiment. I had read some of the negative comments, but still wanted to try several different kinds of (mostly vegetables) plants without having to buy large quantities of seed that I might not like.

Since this is one of the few places you can do that, I decided to take a risk. I ordered late last season when there was a special on last years seeds and received about 50 varieties. I haven't planted them all yet, but out of the nine varieties of tomatoes, seven were 100% germination, one was 60% and one was 20%. Of the peppers, three varieties were 100% and one was 80%.

I usually order through Parks, and I've had about 95% germination with their tomato and pepper seeds over the last four years, so I feel like this was pretty good, except for that one tomato variety. (and, yes, I do think the problem was the seed, since I grew those in the same medium and same way as the others.) Her other seeds that I've tried have done fine, except for one, and as it is something I've never grown before, I can't say that I didn't do something wrong.

The one complaint that I do have is that while there is a lot of "fun" information on the site, there is often no real planting information. Things like planting dates, zone information, seed depth, size of plant, and spacing often aren't addressed in the descriptions and there is no information on the seed packets. Also, if a variety sells out, it is taken off the site, then I couldn't find a way to get to any information for that variety.

So perhaps this isn't the site to get your regular seeds, but it is a wonderful opportunity if you wish to experiment with lots of varieties of plants. I will definitely try them again, but I will order very very early!

Positive amberroses
(3 reviews)
On Sep 23, 2010, amberroses Largo, FL wrote:

Has a nice selection of seeds. I received my order quickly in the mail.

Positive ironduff
(1 review)
On Jul 22, 2010, ironduff Waynesville, NC wrote:

I have ordered from twice this year and have been impressed with how quickly the orders are filled, shipped, and received.

Both times I received my seeds within a week.

On the last order, I had a follow-up question I sent via email, and I received a very courteous and informative reply within the hour.

I am very pleased with this company and recommend them to heirloom seed seekers.

Positive greygoat100
(1 review)
On Jul 19, 2010, greygoat100 West Fork, AR wrote:

i orderd seeds from three seed companys, i bought seeds from cherry gal on wednesday i got them in the mail on monday. the other two companys are bigger and well known
i orderd from the two others before i orderd from cherry gal
i still dont have seeds from the other two yet. i am satisfied
with cherry gal service 100%


Positive daveman
(13 reviews)
On Jun 6, 2010, daveman Johnson City, TN wrote:

I ordered a packet of velvet red tomato seeds from this site because they had the best deal than other sites that had them available. I got the seeds a few weeks later, but was warned it could be while since it was the busy season. I received an email when the seeds were shipped and a confirmation number to track the order. The seeds arrived packaged well and I had a couple more seeds than what the packet numbered. I planted a few seeds already and all have sprouted and I can already see the silvery hairs on the first true leaves leading me to believe this is the correct variety. Positive for that above all else.

Positive Eric35
(1 review)
On Mar 30, 2010, Eric35 West Bloomfield, MI (Zone 5b) wrote:

This is the second year I have ordered from this company. They always send me an email when they are about to ship my order. They are very quick at getting your order to you. Cherygal has a great selection of seeds and information on how to grow. Everything I bought from them last year grew just fine. This year I bought some Anaheim chile pepper seeds and sowed them 3 days ago. One of them is already sprouting! I will definitely order from them again.

Positive girlgroupgirl
(16 reviews)
On Jan 22, 2010, girlgroupgirl wrote:

I have purchased seeds from Cherry Gal a few times. This week I ordered some more, and they arrived within the week! The quantities of seed are small, but she has some nice varieties. The service is fast and the website is friendly and filled with useful information.
I have always had pretty good germination from Cherry Gal Seeds. I would surely buy more seeds from her again.

Positive yukons_mom
(14 reviews)
On Dec 27, 2009, yukons_mom Boise, ID wrote:

Posted on May 20, 2009, updated December 26, 2009
Deborah filled my order in a timely fashion, notified me that she had the order and then notified me when the seeds shipped. I find no fault in this transaction. I will be dealing with her in the future!

On December 27th, 2009, yukons_mom added the following:

Thank you for another great order! I love wandering through pages of heirloom seed and deciding what I will be growing this year. I was totally pleased with the results last year and I am sure I will be pleased with the results this year.

Thank you and keep up good work!

On Dec 27, 2009, Cherry Gal ( responded with:

"On Aug 4, 2009 4:14 AM, Cherry Gal ( responded with:

Thanks so much for your favorable comment! We look forward to serving you in the future!"

Positive zoelegge
(1 review)
On Aug 5, 2009, zoelegge Arlington, VA wrote:

The bearded irises I bought from Cherrygal have had their second glorious growing season. The price was fair and I received my package quickly. I was happy with my Cherrygal experience and will use this company again.

Positive MonaP
(1 review)
On Aug 5, 2009, MonaP Carnegie, PA wrote:

I've ordered from Cherry Gal many many times. Her regular prices are completely affordable and make it much easier to purchase more varieties. (not to mention the terrific sale prices). The shipments are always quick and in time for the appropriate planting seasons. The service is exceptional; answers to questions are always prompt and very informative. I have always had excellent germination for everything. Will definitely continue to order from this company and recommend it to my family and friends!!

Positive markrs
(10 reviews)
On May 22, 2009, markrs San Carlos, CA (Zone 10a) wrote:

I really like the idea of this company--she sells all sorts of interesting seeds for extremely cheap. In some cases you don't get too many (10 seeds of Baby Blue Jade Corn don't go too far) but in many cases that really doesn't matter (presumably 25 broccoli seeds is enough for most people). However you know exactly what you are getting, and if you like it you can of course save some seeds or buy them in larger quantities from another company.

The success of this of course boils down to how good her seed suppliers are. I've ordered a very diverse set of seeds and got excellent germination with all of them.

The first time I ordered (in December) communication was great. The order was delayed for nine days because one of the seeds hadn't come in yet (this was mentioned in the catalog) and I received the seeds as expected. The second time, a couple weeks ago, my seeds were shipped about 10 days after I ordered them. I was notified when they were being sent, which is a plus. This wasn't a terribly long wait for seeds, but I would have appreciated being notified of this. It was only a minor annoyance, and I'll attribute it to the busy time of the year and I'll assume (and hope) that business is booming and she was a bit overwhelmed.

Small amounts of interesting seeds for very cheap is a really cool idea. I hope the company does well and is able to expand their already large selection even more. I will definitely be ordering from them again and I encourage others to check them out.

On May 22, 2009, Cherry Gal ( responded with:

"On Aug 4, 2009 4:13 AM, Cherry Gal ( responded with:

Thank you for your positive comments. Yes, we had quite a time of it this past spring - I believe the combination of concern over the economy and Mrs. Obama's White House garden provided a perfect storm of new gardeners. I spoke with many other small companies and they too were a bit overwhelmed. We have been shipping within 1-3 days since June and are gearing up for heavy sales in the 2010 season so we can respond quickly and efficiently should volume peak again, so hopefully no one will be frustrated by delays in the future. :o)"

Positive mom2goldens
(20 reviews)
On Mar 29, 2009, mom2goldens Carmel, IN (Zone 5b) wrote:

Cherrygal has a wonderful selection of heirloom flower and vegetable seeds. The seed packets are smaller and less expensive, thus allowing you to try many varieties at a reasonable cost. Communication was excellent, and they responded promptly and courteously to a question I had regarding shipping. Seeds were well packaged, although you must get planting information from their website (not included on seed packet). I would not hesitate to purchase from this company again.

On Mar 29, 2009, Cherry Gal ( responded with:

"On Aug 4, 2009 4:26 AM, Cherry Gal ( responded with:

Thanks so much for posting a positive review of It's true we don't have fancy packages -- if we did we would have to charge more for the seeds. What we do offer are fresh seeds with high germination rates, rare heirloom and vintage varieties that are often hard to find, at a price that will allow you to try many different varieties. Most seed packets from other companies have much more seed than you can possibly use in a season - does the average home gardener grow 100 cabbages in a season? No. That's why we size our packets accordingly, and also why are seeds are so fresh. We sell out every year. Currently running our 50/50 sale to clear out this year's inventory so come on by!"

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