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Negative punekari
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On Jun 14, 2015, punekari Great Neck Gardens, NY wrote:

I haven't posted much on Daves Garden before but I've found the resources here invaluable. I usually like to give small nurseries and small businesses the benefit of the doubt - but when it seems like the business really doesn't care about its customers then it has no reason to exist. No small business can run with poor customer service and "I don't care about it" attitude.
I had purchased a blueberry plant from Grovers blueberries last year and it went without a hitch. A nice sized plant that loved my garden and has grown nicely.
Pleased with last year's plant I decided to order 3 more blueberries this year from Grovers blueberries - I had specifically listed the varieties I had wanted. I received 3 completely different varieties (of a pretty small size) instead. I called and left messages. Their email customer service is non existent and their voice calling system is a crap shoot - you don't who you'll get and whether someone will actually get your message and Followup. Even though this was really frustrating, I requested they send me the 3 correct varieties. After apologizing and promising to "make things right", I still called and spoke with at least 2 different people before they sent me replacement plants to make sure I got the correct varieties.
They sent me 3 completely different and wrong varieties AGAIN. Once may be due to some operator error but twice after spending hours trying to fix their mistake is completely unacceptable in this day and age.
Sorry for the long post but I wanted to list my entire experience so readers can make their own judgement. I for one will never order anything from this company again. If they can mess up a simple 3 blueberry plant order, I'd hate to have more money on the line with this company.

Negative KYorchard
(2 reviews)
On Apr 30, 2015, KYorchard Richmond, KY wrote:

The experience below is almost the same as mine. I ordered three 4 year old Blue Crops and a 6 year old Extended Harvest order. I received three Blue Crops that appeared to be two year old plants, and three Northlands that are less than 30 inches tall. I have a couple of raggedy O'Neils that were end of season junk from the clearance aisle last year that were planted and subsequently moved, that survived the -32 degree winter blast we had and are bigger than anything I received from Grover's. The plants were completely desert dry when I received them, and I would be shocked if the roots survived. They were in some dry paper with plastic sheeting sort of loosely tied around it. As with the other review, these came from NC. I have contacted Grover's, but there has been no response. They advertise planting and care instructions included with every order (didn't need them), but there was nothing but the dried out plants in the box. I'm really disappointed... Hopefully they will make it right, and if they do, I will immediately report that.

Negative bugman57
(1 review)
On Apr 29, 2015, bugman57 Boonsboro, MD wrote:

I ordered the following items:
1 x 3 - 6 Year Old Extended Harvest Blueberry Bushes $65.00
1 x 3 - 3 Year Old Plants, Multiple Variety - Extended Season $29.95

The 6 yr plants according to the website were to be 40 inches tall. what was sent were 3 plants that were no more than 24 inches. I would have expected that for the 3yr plants but not the 6yr. I have sent an email to the company with no response. also the items sent to me came from North Carolina not NJ. I am very unhappy and do not recommend this company at all.

Negative snikpay
(2 reviews)
On May 14, 2014, snikpay Crystal, MN wrote:

1. I received 40 Blueberry plants. I had a negative experience on balance that altered my excitment level to start my blueberry grove.

I have ordered on line for decades and never had a single problem. I would be glad to document for anyone who needs more information just to stop this kind of behavior. So if you need more documentation or doubt my word , just email me [email protected] and I will send you my correspondence with them..

But to be brief

1. Quality plants (40 of them) was no problem. They were good.
2. So I ordered 10 Northland and 10 Bluecrop. But I also ordered 2 order of 10 each of 3 kind of blueberries, trying to get 6 different cultivars from those 20 plants 98 cultivar total). This is the wording right of my invoice.


This is my request on comment section of my order on 04/14/2014

""I have talked to customer service via telephone. So based on our conversation and of course at your own convenience, I would like to see the following cultivars in my mixed bag of 20 plants (2nd half of the order) . This of course assuming that they meet your blessing for MPLS area. Patriot and Jersey and Herbert are prime preferences and to a lesser degree Blue Ray or Blue Jay or other cultivar that you see as better fit for zone 4.

Instead I received 10 Late Blues and 10 Dukes. That is it! After 10+ email and 4-5 telephone conversation with the VP of Northern division!!, I had to just give up from pure exhaustion and the fact that I saw the start of a rude behavior.

I never received what I asked for. I thought it is illegal to do false advertising across state lines!

This company runs bush league with Inadequate ordering and inventory system . Since inventory system is subpar, they ended up shipping what they had, instead of what I asked and paid extra for.

To top it off, instead of quick apology, I had to put off with less than professional behavior. They tried to pass the blame to their customer, claiming that I have ordered twice, a balatant lie and bad business mannerism.

As long there is no problem , Grover Blueberries looks like any decent online outfit. But my order was screwed up by their system and result was a nightmare of calls and emails and in the end, as I mentioned I never received what I paid for. Now I realize that I might not be tough enough to do business with great folks in New Jersey!

Again, I am sure I will get bunch of lies as a response on the site. So if you in doubt, let me know and I will send you correspondence that shows I am telling the truth 100%. there is no interpretations.

PS. I ordered 500 strawberries at the same time from Nourse Farm. Vow such a fantstic outfit. Loved it.

Shahram Nikpay

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