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Neutral valleyfarmer
(1 review)
On Sep 23, 2011, valleyfarmer King of Prussia, PA wrote:

I was writing to thank your Forum and other poster's like Chunx and FOP Hammonton.

As of today's date this company has an F rating by the BBB. I actually called and they told me these are real complaints by real people.

I would not have done any of this research if it wasn't for your site and the people that posted. Thank you so much.

On Sep 23, 2011, Dimeo Blueberry Farms responded with:

"On Sep 25, 2011 2:48 PM, Dimeo Blueberry Farms responded with:

OUR COMPANY RESPONSE TO ABOVE POSTER: This “valleyfarmer” poster is just another accomplice poster that has been skillfully recruited to publicly support the fake “hater posters” who not only post fabricated horror stories about our farm-nursery, but often go totally off track and maliciously launch personal attacks or other non-related political attacks that have nothing to do with the higher quality of our well-known plants and products. The ONLY FACT in “valleyfarmers” above post is that as of today’s date our company does have an “F” BBB rating. The reason for this is quite simple. We had a “B+” BBB rating until just a about a month ago when a BBB membership rep called us and she stated that basically unless our family owned company paid a $500 fee to BBB and became a “BBB Accredited Member” that they were going to reduce our BBB rating down to a C. Of course, this did not go over well with us and we respectfully advised them to save everyone some time and just immediately give us an “F” rating and to not contact us anymore, because we were NOT going to pay a yearly fee to the BBB just to keep our rating up. Furthermore, we will not have the BBB advising us how to properly run our long-time family business. Nor do we need the BBB in order to be remain successful. In addition they even clarified on our BBB listing that the “business indicated that it will not work with BBB” and thus the current rating. However, for Dave’s Garden posters like “valleyfarmer” to try and maliciously make people think that our current BBB rating is a direct result of only issues with customers, is a total and complete deception and effort to mislead. If any customer has an issue they can deal with us directly in a fair and honest manner. We will always do what’s right and what’s fair and don’t need pay-to-play BBB advising us. Our family owned business does not see the value when it comes to the BBB, as there are so many other productive things a company can do to establish and retain trust with long-time customers. In our opinion, the BBB has outlived their usefulness. Even a top global brand like Google has an “unsatisfactory” rating with the BBB because they won’t pay-to-play and neither will our company.

Lastly, if the Dave’s Garden poster “valleyfarmer” was in fact a real farmer and was actually from “King of Prussia, PA” as his Dave’s Garden profile currently states (where there are no farms by the way – only malls, offices and commercial areas) then he could have VERY EASILY gotten in his car and taken the only 1 hour ride out here to the farm to PERSONALLY TOUR OUR OPERATION to see for himself that our plants are much bigger and higher quality than any others. Once again, these childish personal attacks or malicious hidden agendas of “hater posters” mean nothing…but the higher quality of our plants and products means everything! Come and see the difference for yourself and you will see who is actually telling the truth here on Dave’s Garden.

Positive BerryGoodness
(1 review)
On Sep 8, 2011, BerryGoodness Stone Harbor, NJ wrote:

I purchased 25 plants from this wonderful family farm about a year ago. They turned out to be a great investment. We planted them along a fence in my backyard. I expected the plants to be only about 2’ feet tall, but when they arrived they were over 4’ feet tall. Several were actually a bit taller than 4’ feet. They were packed very well and arrived in great condition. They grew a whole 18” the first growing season. All 25 are still healthy. I encourage others to purchase plants from this farm. From the moment I contacted them they were nothing but friendly and helpful in every way.

I have a large family and we all love berries. Now we have them in our own backyard. The kids love to watch them grow. From our experience with them I would recommend them since they provide "good old customer service" that is hard to find today and a GREAT VALUE in plants that are not only cheap, but high quality as well. When a company has a great product like this that is at a higher standard than what you normally can find, I think we should write and let others know about it.

I'm writing to let others know that I'm impressed with not only these plants and the "good old customer service" but the result of the 25 plant investment we made. When dealing with this farm, I would be confident that you made the right choice. I know we did.


Negative blueberry2
(1 review)
On Sep 6, 2011, blueberry2 Palatine, IL wrote:

Anthony was rude everytime I talked to him. I ordered 8 plants in mid-May and was told they'd ship when my check was received. They cashed my check on May 15th, and as of September 6th I still have not received the plants. I was told they would produce fruit for me this year. I left 4 messages requesting the status of my order. I was told in August that they only ship in the fall. That is basic information I should have been told when I placed the order. I would have found an alternative locally. I DO NOT recommend doing business with them. They don't care about their customers. They hide behind a 'company policy' of all sales are final. Since when do customers have no rights? Dimeo Farms is a disgrace.

On Sep 6, 2011, Dimeo Blueberry Farms responded with:

"On Oct 11, 2011 10:42 PM, Dimeo Blueberry Farms responded with:

We kindly advised you of the status of your order, but instead you continued to call 4 times to have us repeat ourselves again and again which was not necessary. We do care about our customers, and we don't hide behind a company policy, but yes our sales are final and that's a public fact. Common sense should also tell you that we did not ship the plants once the weather got hot because the plants would not ship well or transplant well, thus we held the order for a suitable shipping time; in the best interest of the customer as well as the plants. Thank you."

Positive dmularz
(1 review)
On Aug 14, 2011, dmularz Edison, NJ wrote:


I was looking for berry plants and mentioned it to a friend who in turn recommened that I check out this family farm in South Jersey. So I came online and took at look at the website... loved it. Then looked up the farm and came here to this website. After reading many of the positve experiences, I decided to take a ride down yesterday to pick up the plants. It was almost a 3 hour drive with traffic, but turned out to be well worth the drive down.

It was my first first time buying berry plants for my yard so I wanted some advice. When I arrived, I was greeted by a young lady who's name was Amber. She was very presonable and knowledgeable. She showed us their selection of unique berry plants, which was impressive and exquisite to say the least.

We ended up getting 10 blueberry plants, 2 raspberry plants and a new berry plant called Aronia that is super high in antioxidants. All of the plants were in big 3 gallon pots, multi-branched with dark green nice leaves, and I would say they were at least 4' tall. For $10 bucks each.. I think that's a hell of a great deal. The plants are healthy and strong enough to be planted in the ground this fall.

After being there myself yesterday, I can honestly say ... do not hesitate to buy from this nursery. Yes, I was impressed and it was well worth the drive down. I will now HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone who is wanting beautiful berry plants at a fair price.

Neutral chunx
(35 reviews)
On Aug 13, 2011, chunx San Diego, CA wrote:

Posted on March 15, 2011, updated August 13, 2011
Posted on March 15, 2011, updated March 15, 2011
I read this forum each day and find it quite amusing and a wealth of knowledge. As a moderator on another complaints and review board unrelated to gardening, I know shills when I see them, I know an owner that will go to any lengths (even if shady) to justify their actions and pump up their ratings. Mr. Dimeo has done just that but what he fails to realize is that each time he responds or has one of his shills do so, it just places him at the top of the search engines and brings this particular forum to light.

With most companies that have a less than stellar reputation, the owner has made many accusations that he's unable to prove, he's recruited numerous posters to falsely post, and has done so himself and been caught. This is quite the common ploy of these types of businesses that feel the need to boost their ratings because they have to. It doesn't work though and the average person can spot a desperate person a mile away. Making threats against the posters with legal action is one ploy, another is stating he has their IPs. That's impossible to obtain from a site such as this. This particular business seems to be going in the direction of Growquest in the way the owner responds and threatens. If you follow the forum, you'll soon realize what has happened to Growquest and it's many other names. It's failed.

To any of the posters that have and continually post a follow-up immediately after a negative is posted, it doesn't boost the rating. It simply makes it more obvious that the poster is an accomplice. My advice is that the buyer beware, play close attention to the demeanor of the owner's posts, and the overall reviews. You'll have your answer contained within all reasonable doubt.

On March 15th, 2011, chunx added the following:

Thank you, Mr. Dimeo for just proving my point and verifying everything I stated. I couldn't have personally handed you a shovel to bury yourself any deeper.
On August 13th, 2011, chunx added the following:

Well Mr. Dimeo, I see you're still quite busy planting shills to boost your ratings and some of them got caught again. I also challenge you to hold me accountable for anything I've posted and sue me. Possibly it will turn out like your other well publicized lawsuit which you lost. It's really not wise to threaten people especially when it can be proven that your positive ratings are mostly false.

Care to take this person on (me) whom is not afraid of you and would be able to expose you for the fraud which you are? I'll be waiting but I won't be holding my breath.
On Aug 13, 2011, Dimeo Blueberry Farms responded with:

"On Mar 15, 2011 6:08 PM, Dimeo Blueberry Farms responded with:

OUR FARM RESPONSE TO ABOVE POSTER: We do in fact already have a stellar reputation proven by the many years of repeat business, almost constant referrals and countless satisfied customers (list available upon request). This poster “chunx” has made TOTALLY FALSE accusations that he is unable to prove. BOTTOM LINE: Our DG haters can’t stand when our REAL customers give us any kind of praise. It really “strikes a nerve” with them for some strange reason - just as it did with poster “chunx.” We don’t have to “pump up or boost our ratings” on Dave’s Garden, of all places. Our REAL customers know the quality of our plants. OUR ADVICE: If anyone doubts, then just make an appointment now and physically come to visit our farm-nursery to see for yourself. As many will tell you “Don’t believe the “childish haters” and “DBF competitors in disguise” here on Dave’s Garden.” What they fail to realize is that everyone can see how hard they try to constantly trash us here on DG. The truth always comes to light and we shall uncover (of course not all) but many of you and hold you fully accountable for all this libel you are posting."

Negative FOPhammontonTWN
(1 review)
On Aug 13, 2011, FOPhammontonTWN wrote:

THIS IS NOT A FAMILY FARM! it is only run by Anthony DiMeo III, who is using his deceased grandfather in the logo design to make it look like it was the same farm as his grandfather had, as well as posting video of other farms to make it look like his own! Even as a friend of the family, I know his grandfather is probably rolling over in his grave knowing about all the harassment and abuse he causes his family and customers, giving the rest of the family a BAD NAME since he is calling it a "family farm". I noticed on here that he even signs something as "M. DiMeo"! Like I said, as a friend of the family, the only M. DiMeo I know is Mildred DiMeo (the grandmother) and the poor woman has Alzheimer's and is incapable of even using the Internet or a computer for that matter! He farms on land that isn't even in his name and REFUSES to leave or even pay rent for the farm and living!! No wonder he acts like he's a rich snob that doesn't have the time of day for anyone (multiple opinions). All in all, this matter is under close investigation.

Positive Herbladi
(1 review)
On Aug 10, 2011, Herbladi Moriches, NY wrote:

My husband and I have owned a Nursery Business for Over twenty years...Our name is NorthStar Nursery located in Moriches,Long Island,NY. We set up an appointment with Anthony of Dimeo Farms on our way home from a trade show last week. It was such a pleasure to speak and deal with Anthony. He was very knowledgeable and patient.
Once you go and meet him, you will see how professional he can be.... The blueberry bushes were healthy and a good size for the price. We have no complaints at all and hope to do more business with Dimeo Farms in the future.
Rick and Colleen

Positive asa3rodriguez
(1 review)
On Aug 8, 2011, asa3rodriguez Paulsboro, NJ wrote:

Our experience was great! From the initial making of the appointment, Anthony DiMeo III was very helpful. He explained the different variety of the plants they have and what to expect when we arrived.

Once we arrived at our appointment, we were amazed at the actual size of the plants. You are getting a "bush" and not a branch/root from Gurney's or 4 Seasons. He was hospitable enought to allow my children to pick raspberries while i chose the plants that I wanted. He also explained to choose the ones that branch out more rather than the tallest.

Our overall experience was great and we gladly recommend them to anyone.

Negative Pitcom
(24 reviews)
On Aug 8, 2011, Pitcom Avondale, PA (Zone 6b) wrote:

Posted on August 8, 2011, updated August 8, 2011
Posted on May 10, 2011, updated August 8, 2011
Posted on April 16, 2011, updated May 10, 2011
I found Dimeo Farms after searching on the net, and like many of you watched their you tube videos. I ordered, and sent my check in the beginning of March with the understanding that my plants would ship at the end of the same month. The day i called, i spoke to a gentleman and he took at least 5 minutes of his time to talk to me about the plants. I ordered 13 blueberry bushes, 4 duke, 4 blue crop, 2 chandler, and 3 assorted heirloom varieties.

I called at the end of March since i had not heard anything from Dimeo fruit farms. They let me know that they received my check, and would be shipping very soon. We had some colder than usual weather the first week of April in the mid-atlantic so I was ok with them shipping a week or two later than expected. I received a phone call from them on Friday, April 8th letting me know they would be shipping my plants on the following Monday or Tuesday. I received them the following Thursday. I am not sure what more you could ask for, the company provided me with good communication.

The plants that came in were exactly what i expected. Think of the blueberries you see for sale at a place like Home Depot, that you regularly see for sale for $15. The ones from Dimeo were slightly taller, much greener, and most had a thicker stem. The Duke and Chandler varieties were the largest bushes (about 30-34" tall), with the thickest stem and branches compared to all the other varieties. The assorted heirlooms were the smallest (around 26"), and had a couple small sections of woody branches, which i will prune off after they have been in ground a bit. The rest of the bushes were 100% green and looked very healthy. I have heavy clay soil here in PA, so i amended my soil before hand, and planted with a mixture of 50% sphagnum peat and 50% organic soil. i then layered the top of my soil with a 3" mixture of pine needles, canadian peat moss, pine bark and organic soil. I am really looking forward to watching these guys grow.

Shipping is fairly costly, so if you live close, i would recommend picking the plants up to save yourself some money. Shipping comes out to roughly $4.00 per plant. The plants came with about a fist size of roots covered in some gel and wrapped in plastic. In comparison i just had 16 plants (including fig trees) shipped to me from another highly rated dave's garden farm, and the shipping only cost me $33.50, These plants were also shipped in 1/2 gallon containers.

I was not sure what to expect after reading all of the reviews here, but i was very satisfied with my experience here. I have tried to be thorough in my review to help any fellow gardeners who were on the fence concerning Dimeo fruit farms. I would most definitely order from Dimeo again, and was happy with my order.

On May 10th, 2011, Pitcom changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

These plants have not taken to the uprooting and shipping at all. Most of the plants look like barren sticks. It is now almost mid-may and all of my non-Dimeo blueberry bushes are showcasing beautiful foliage, where as the largest leaf on the Dimeo plants are no larger than a dime. ALL of the leaf buds that were on the plants that i received turned brown, and there has been no leaf growth. the two Chandler's i got look like they will all but die, they do not have 1 leaf anywhere on them. The 3 heirloom plants i got, also have about 3 leaves each on them. Four of the plants t, went to a friend, who added these to his existing blueberry garden. They as well look like sticks with 6 leaves being the most on any 1 plant. I just bought beautiful 4 foot bushes from Happy Valley in NJ, for 15$ and next to the Dimeo plants they look like filet compared to chopped liver. My soil sports a ph of 4.7 and my pre-existing early season blueberry bushes have wonderful foliage and berries on them. In all fairness I am going to leave my review as Neutral and give the plants a full growing season to see how the turn out. Two of the plants had 4-6 flowers on them, which i pulled off in hopes to encourage root growth. I will cross my fingers and hope for the best.
On August 8th, 2011, Pitcom changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

These turned out to be a horrible investment. Of the 13 blueberry bushes we planted, 3 actually look like they may be worth keeping. Many of the tops of the twigs turned black with rot, and the leaves have all remained very small with no new growth. However, all of these twigs are being replaced this fall. For anyone considering spending money at Dimeo, do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. The videos, and hype about "premium" blueberry bushes, that Dimeo portrays in his videos is a complete and total scam. I tried to be positive with my reviews, especially in my first comment stating i was happy with the process. However, I would sooner tape a picture of a blueberry bush to a stick and plant that in my garden than one of these "not so premium" sticks that Dimeo sends out. Buyer beware, that is all i can say.

And by the way, I've seen 2 foot of growth from some of the other bushes I've purchased from other highly rated vendors here. and the bushes i purchased from HV. I'm so glad I did not place my entire blueberry purchase with Dimeo Farms.
On August 8th, 2011, Pitcom added the following:

Here are pictures of the premium bushes i received from Dimeo.



Here is a photo of a "Non-premium" blueberry bush I got from another vendor.

Negative sjr10
(1 review)
On Aug 8, 2011, sjr10 State College, PA wrote:

Posted on May 11, 2011, updated August 8, 2011
I finally found the courage to send this review that I wrote last fall.

October 2010: Let me just say, I have no reason to write this other than to warn others what they may be in for when dealing with DiMeo Blueberry Farms, specifically the owner himself Anthony DiMeo. I have never met him and first heard of him when I searched online to purchase some blueberry bushes for my backyard – I am a mother of 4 kids and we love blueberries.
I sent an e-mail order to DiMeo Blueberry Farms in Sept 2010 for blueberry bushes and sent my check which was promptly cashed. Excited to begin planting, after 1 ½ weeks, I sent an e-mail asking when my plants would arrive. No answer. Two days later I decided to call to ask the same question. The man on the phone said, “I have 300 orders to go through, since we don’t do anything by computer, wait while I go through them.” Having no idea how long this would take, I asked if he would call me back, he said ‘No – just wait.” Several times when I tried to speak, he rudely cut me off with “Do you want me to help you or not!?” His tone was condescending and hostile so I asked if there was anyone else there I could speak with that could help me. He said, “I’m Anthony DiMeo the owner and I will NOT let you speak to anyone else!” He insisted I had an “issue”, and I was taking it out on him. Issue? Really? All I wanted to know was when my plants were being shipped. He then began quoting the number of minutes he had been on the phone with me (apparently this was taking too long for him.) Never once did I raise my voice to him – quite the opposite, I was fairly quiet, trying to wrap my mind around why he would be treating me so horribly.
Completely stunned that he was indeed the owner and could actually be THIS rude to customers, I became practically speechless. But when I tried to speak, he interrupted (never did listen to me) and insisted he was “trying to help me.” THREE separate times he reminded me how many minutes he had been on the phone with me. He also said the call was being recorded. Not sure why that mattered but it will be proof of the despicable manners of Mr. DiMeo. At this point, I was BEYOND SORRY I had even placed this order, and the only thing I could do think to do was to quietly ask for a refund.
He then began to quote his cancellation policy – no refund, period. (I now understand their “old-fashioned” way of doing business is actually that once they get your money, you’re at their mercy) Unbelievable. I sit here in disbelief that this farm could possibly still be in business after what I was put through on the phone. Finally, he said he would end the phone call since I didn’t want help. Well actually, I did want help, but I had endured quite enough of his verbal abuse and humiliation – all I wanted was to speak to someone who was kind and wouldn’t shout at me. I kept thinking of “Amanda”, who answered my initial e-mail – certainly she would be able to answer my question. But he would not have it. So, he hung up. All this in just about 5-6 minutes (oh believe me I know, he didn’t let me forget how many minutes of his day I was wasting!) Yes, in just 5 short minutes, Mr. DiMeo took me from an excited customer to one who would write this scathing review.
I went back and read the charming story of how the DiMeo farm was started years ago by a penniless hardworking man. This was part of the reason I chose to order from them – and also it’s proximity to my home. I can only assume this entrepreneur had a good reputation and a good name - Sad that this 4th generation “heir” will completely ruin it.
I truly regret ordering from them, and no matter what these plants look like, I’ll never do it again. I would gladly pay more to do business with a company that has some sense of common decency and respect for customers.
This one, clearly, does not.
Follow up May 2011: My plants did arrive a day after I called looking green and fine, but I noticed shipping was a mere $11 (they charged me $38 for s/h). I was disappointed that for my s/h charge, they didn't even label the plants.

On August 8th, 2011, sjr10 added the following:

Of the 10 plants I purchased 10 months ago, only 4 survived to produce green leaves this spring. Three had to be cut back and are barely 5 inches high now. Only one plant produced blueberries - a handful. The 5 dead ones were replaced with big bushy plants I bought at Lowes for half the price. So far, they are all doing quite well.
Negative Justsayinisall
(1 review)
On Jul 24, 2011, Justsayinisall Northampton, PA wrote:

Posted on July 24, 2011, updated July 24, 2011
We are novice gardeners and wanted to get some blueberries. An internet search led us to DiMeo farms.

As novices, DiMeo's self-billing was appealing: helpful - answering questions, giving planting advice, helping select varieties of plants, etc. Their website seems aimed at home growers and small-time pick-your-owns, and makes a point of how they go the extra mile to "set you up" - they're not just going to throw a few plants at you and push you out the door.
Perfect - exactly what we need! We were looking to start with about 10 bushes.

I called DiMeo and spoke with (I think) Anthony. A few questions in, it became obvious that he didn't want to spend time on the phone with me. He sounded very busy/ rushed, and suggested we set up an appt. I was sympathetic: owning a small business ourselves, we know that customers often call and want to ask 100 questions at the worst possible time. Anthony told me that during our APPOINTMENT, he'd be glad to take all the time needed to answer our questions. I set up an appt for 1pm, Saturday, a week or so hence. We live 3 hours away from DiMeo and planned an overnight stay in a hotel.

We had record heat the day of (and days leading up to) our appt.
Around 12:30 (about 30 minutes before our appt.), DiMeo called and asked how far away we were. I told him we should be on time. He said, "oh, you're going to show up in the middle of my lunch. Is there any way we could make it 2pm?" We killed an hour so he could have lunch, calling a few minutes before 2pm to let him know we'd arrived. He told us he was a mile up the road and would be there shortly.

He arrived and yelled to us that we should follow him, so I did. Oops - with the car. We pulled around and followed him to a parking place, parked and got out. Oops - no, don't park there. We finally got to the plants with our car where he was waiting, seeming annoyed.

"Ok, pick which ones you want."

Again, knowing nothing, I started with questions: what variety are these, how do I tell a good plant, what am I supposed to be looking for, etc.?

"Customers pick. Pick what you want."

Ok, so I start picking what look to be the healthiest/ biggest plants. At some point it came up that there are early, mid, and late-season plants. We decided we'd get 2 of each. Again, he seemed annoyed that we'd have to move to a different spot, but it was close.

While loading up the plants, he commented that "I don't normally do this - I have people that do this, but they all quit because of the heat."

My wife thought we should get a few raspberries, too. He said - again making no attempt to conceal his annoyance/ impatience - "the raspberries are all the way over THERE." Ok, so after another round of "follow me. NO - with your car!," we wound up at the raspberries and loaded up a few more plants.

I started again with questions - how do you plant these? "Same as the blueberries - here, I'll give you instructions." He handed me a piece of paper with some printed instructions.

It was incredibly obvious that we weren't going to get much in the way of help, answers, advice, etc., so I asked him what we owed: $100. As I handed him the cash, he must have sensed my disappointment, saying, "I'm sorry. I'd love to stand here for a half-hour and answer all your questions, but as hot as it is, and for $100 - it's not worth it."

In a few minutes, we were heading out for our three hour drive home. We were probably at DiMeo Farm for about 15 to 20 minutes in total.

Maybe I'm being a bit judgmental, but here's a few thoughts for DiMeo:
1. don't blow off callers by promising they'll have your attention during an appt when they won't.
2. come up with a better excuse than "interrupting your lunch" when re-scheduling a 20-minute long appt 30 minutes before it's supposed to commence.
3. learn to give explicit instruction as to where you want people to enter/ go/ park etc. I know you do this every day and know your policies - we don't.
4. try to hide your disdain for your customers and how much they 'inconvenience' you.
5. never, NEVER, tell a paying customer "you're not worth it."

The plants look great and the $10/ per price seemed like a really good deal. We'd seen much smaller, less robust plants for more money in Pennsylvania. I don't know if it's DiMeo or just that Jersey has so many blueberry farms that over-supply drives the price down.

Would I go to DiMeo again? Nope. For a six hours in the car to save a few bucks on some plants, while getting none of the promised advice, answers, service...'s not worth it.

On July 24th, 2011, Justsayinisall added the following:

Wow!! I hadn't read this before posting my review:

"" HATERS: In addition, our farm now has 2 online-based "mail order" plant competitors (and so far just one local plant competitor) who have, and continue to set up fake Dave's Garden profiles on this website in an intentional and malicious attempt to try to smear us with fake customer horror stories so they can have a chance at getting the business instead of our farm and nursery.

FACT: When you drive or fly out to tour our our farm and nursery operation, within the first 90 seconds of your visit, you will know that 100% of the fake negatives below are totally and completely false. WE ONCE AGAIN INVITE YOU TO DRIVE (or fly out) TO PERSONALLY TOUR OUR IMPRESSIVE OPERATION AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOURSELF ""

I just want to say that I am not a "fake."


and also, "the farmer dost protest too much, methinks." ;)
Neutral kosteld
(1 review)
On Jul 22, 2011, kosteld Phillipsburg, NJ wrote:

Posted on November 17, 2010, updated July 22, 2011
After a lot of research and a few phone calls, I decided to give Dimeo Blueberry Farms a try. My friend and I drove 2.5 hours to the farm. I was delighted to see such healthy plants and to know that we could pick the 30 plants that we wanted was an extra treat. I have blueberry bushes already that I picked up at a box store for twice the price and had to nurse for two years to get them to be as nice as these plants. I was so impressed with the blueberry bushes that I picked up red raspberry and black raspberry plants while we were there. One of the workers dug them right in front of us and bagged them and brought them to us. Nice healthy plants that will add to my current berry rows.
We were given a planting and pruning talk to make sure that we understood exactly how to plant and how to treat them. We talked about the fertilizers to use. I could have stayed there for hours just walking and looking at the different stages of growth and the quality of the plants.
Don't waste your time at the box stores, take a drive to hammonton and buy plants that you'll be happy to own.
It's well worth the trip.
PS, the only thing missing was a few chickens walking around the yard. : )
Doug K

On July 22nd, 2011, kosteld added the following:

In reading some of these post I believe that they have the wrong company. I just finished my first season in northern new jersey. We fought off the deer and had the biggest berries I ever seen. I have other older plants and these plants are great along with the service we recieved from the first phone call to picking our own plants from hundreds that were avaialable. I have so many people who want plants this fall that we plan on loading two trucks. make sure you listen to the planing instructions and then have plenty of recipes ready to go. DK

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Positive Subversive
(2 reviews)
On Jul 11, 2011, Subversive Monson, MA wrote:

Posted on July 4, 2011, updated July 11, 2011
Posted on July 4, 2011, updated July 4, 2011
Ok, so the guy is hard-core New Jersey and shopping with him feels a bit like buying discount VCRs (stolen) from a van down by the docks--I can deal with that. He can't help where he comes from and the three blueberry plants I bought are large and healthy, which counts for a lot. But I was a bit put off by the fact that they were not labeled for variety, and now I think I know why. I was very clear that I wanted one Reka, one Chandler, and one Aurora (with three very different fruiting periods), and he was very clear that was exactly what he was giving me. But they all seem to be fruiting exactly the same, so I am suspecting that they are just some generic variety and the reason the plants are unlabeled is so that he can tell his customers they are whatever varieties they want them to be. I won't know for sure until I see the leaf colors in the fall, and I'll update my review then. It would be a shame if I had to rip these plants out of the ground and buy the varieties I selected from someone else. Like I said, the blueberries seem to be doing real well.

On July 4th, 2011, Subversive added the following:

Well, maybe they are different varieties. But they look sooo much like each other right now. These plants are said to be only 5-6 years old, and perhaps their youth combined with the shock of being planted forced them into an early fruiting cycle or something, as they are all three too early. Like I said, when I see the leaf colors, I will have a better idea. Reka, Chandler, and Aurora should have red/burgundy, wine/orange, and deepred/wine leaves, respectively. Once I know for sure, I will update my rating to positive or negative.
On July 11th, 2011, Subversive changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

For at least the time being, I am going to upgrade to positive, as although the plants all started fruiting at the same time, it does seem as if they are establishing different personalities now. I'll update again in the fall once I see the leaves. For now, I'm just going to enjoy the fresh blueberries.
Negative barrysales
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On Jul 9, 2011, barrysales Danville, PA wrote:

I called in late june asking if it is too late to order blueberries. The person that answered said "no we ship blueberry plants all summer long". I order blueberry plants and 2 weeks later had a call on my answering machine that said they will not ship plants until it is below 85degrees. I called up a week later and left a message. No return I called 4 days later and the person who answered was very rude and told me they decide when to send plants and no one else. I asked if Icould get my money back and he said no, we don't give money back!. Maybe in October when I get my berry plants I'll feel better about this but not now!!

Negative danvec
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On Jun 27, 2011, danvec Collings Lakes, NJ wrote:

BUYERS BEWARE!!! I am a real "dissatisfied" customer.......
Please do not purchase from this farm. There are other choices in New Jersey.. You don't really know how good someone’s service is until there is a problem. The people that post positive results are those that did not encounter any problems.. Read the comments and decide for yourself BEFORE you buy. This company has a great way of promoting themselves as the best, but do the research and you may choose differently.
Unfortunately I have to report a very bad experience with Dimeo Farms. My children decided to buy blueberry plants for me on Father’s Day. After reading the website of Dimeo Farms and their commitment to their customers success, my wife decided to have the children purchase the plants (you must buy 5) from Dimeo. The first phone call was unpleasant; however my daughter persisted and got the instructions about purchasing. My wife drove the children to Dimeo Farms on Thursday June 16th 2011. They picked out 5 blueberry bushes and brought them home. I received the plants on Father’s Day and was thrilled to finally have my own blueberry plants! We kept the plants in the pots they came in and kept them watered. Two of the plants died within the week. My wife called Dimeo Farms on Monday June 27th and explained the dilemma. Anthony DiMeo said "Ma’am you didn't water the plants". She explained that we have 5 plants and water them all the same. He repeated "ma’am you didn't water the plants". He then told her that he has a half a million plants, and do you know how many are dead? none..........HOW RUDE!!!!!!!!!! she asked him if he could replace the dead ones and he told her there are three signs on site that say no returns. My daughter looked up the website and the second choice in the search engine is "Dimeo Farms complaints" Coincident?? She read the feedback and realized we were having a lot of the same problems as others. So I decided to call them myself. I spoke directly with Anthony DiMeo III and explained that my wife spoke to him earlier and wanted to know if he could make good on the two dead plants. He told me he has signs outside that state the policy and he will read it to me. RUDE.. I told him that we read the web site and it gives the impression that this family farm is here to help us be successful and I wanted to give him the chance to make that true. I told him that there was no where I read about not standing behind what they sell. He said that the phone call is being recorded and that he is following all the company policies and that I needed to follow them too. He told me to go on the website and go to the tab on the right that says privacy policy and read him what it says.. I told him that he was being rude and not even giving me a chance to get a word in edgewise. He told me to SHUT UP and LISTEN.. I hung up and now I am trying to warn others. Email me and I can verify and show you the pictures.

Positive alilqtinvegas
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On Jun 19, 2011, alilqtinvegas Black River Falls, WI wrote:

Posted on May 1, 2011, updated June 19, 2011
I ordered plants from Dimeo and asked them to mix them up so that I would have all three season producers, spring, summer and fall. The plants were shipped at a bad time for me, but I placed them in 5 gallon buckets filled with wet peat moss from Canada. If you receive your plants and cannot plant them, you need to be prepared to be creative people! Dimeo can only ship by estimated frost dates and the rest is up to you!

I have to say the blueberry plants are by far the best I have ever ordered. These are not sticks, are live, healthy and already budding! Most of them are about 4 1/2 feet tall and are very sturdy.

After reading all the comments, I have to say I too, was concerned about placing an order. I didn't like that Dimeo could not process a credit/debit card, but with todays processing fees, Dimeo is actually being smart with that. Why should they give away their hard-earned cash to a company just for processing their orders? I own a business and can tell you that 2% fees on our credit card processing is astronomical!

The plants are reasonably priced for such a good quality. Yes, the shipping is a little high. I guess part of that is the handling, wrapping and processing/reading for shipping. Anyone who states here that they were ripped off should go buy Gurneys plants. I bought nine blueberry plants from Gurneys at $12 each and they are single sticks with no foliage whatsoever. YOU WILL be disappointed! I am so delighted with the plants I received from Dimeo that I will buy more in the future.

In regard to customer service... Mr. Dimeo has a deep voice that catches you off guard. However, after speaking with him for several minutes, I was honest with him about my concerns regarding the bad reviews. He assured me that they stake their reputation upon growing only the best and delivering exactly that to the customer. We spoke about his competitors comments here and on other websites as well. I can only tell you that I am NOT an exception, and that the plants I received were well worth the price. I am glad I ordered from Dimeo as this year, I will have blueberries!

Yes, I am a real customer. I live in Wisconsin and I created this membership around February or March when I ordered the plants from Dimeo. I wanted to be able to honestly review, no matter what the result would have been. I am thrilled I am able to give them a positive review.

On June 19th, 2011, alilqtinvegas added the following:

I am happy to report that I have beautiful blueberries growing on the blueberry bushes that I planted early last month. The berries are well formed and abundant for being transplanted just this spring. I did not lose a single plant after planting. Although I received them during an unexpected blizzard and freeze, I placed them in buckets of wet peat moss until I could plant them. Approximately two weeks passed before I could plant (due to two feet of snow fall). I would have to say the plants are very hardy! Customer service may not be the very best, but the plants are. I am ordering more for the fall.
Positive Jrawitz
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On Jun 19, 2011, Jrawitz Otis, MA wrote:

I decided I wanted to pick up my plants in person. I was driving to the farm on a friday afternoon and because of traffic I was an hour late. I know I was the last visitor of the day and was worried they might leave. Anthony was great. I was in constant contact with Anthony who told me no problem he would wait for me. When I arrived I called and he came right down and patiently walked me through all the choices. I asked a million questions and he was happy to answer. Despite the late hour he stayed and talked about the farm.

He could have rushed me through quickly as I am sure he wanted to go home as well. It was the type of old fashioned customer service that makes a customer for life.

Finally, despite having clear planting instructions he spent plenty of time discussing soil and ph. Most importantly, I am extremely satisfied with my plants. I can't speak for the others but my experience was fantastic.

Negative Gardengnome22
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On Jun 17, 2011, Gardengnome22 Litchfield, OH wrote:

When dealing with the Dimeo's, I would be very careful. We ordered 100 blueberry bushes and twenty raspberry plants. We sent the check in full and received sad little twigs with very little root systems, wrapped in peat stuck in baggies, and never got the raspberry bushes. The plants were less than satisfactory and When we called the farm to complain we were told that we only paid for the blueberry bushes and that the raspberries were never figured in! Worst of all are shipping and handling costs were around 500.00 dollars. They were delivered by are regular mail carrier in two boxes that were about 3x bigger than a shoe box, with the shipping posted directly on the box which was around 38.00 dollars each. By handling they probably meant handling the money, laughing and sticking it in their pocket. Really do the math a couple handfuls of medium five dollars, plastic baggies ten dollars getting ripped off by Dimeo Blueberry farms PRICELESS!!! Oh and we also went through the same belittlement on the phone and talked to like little kids who were being punished. I am not a competitor but just another unsatisfied customer. Also think about this why would a successful business have a lawyer on speed dial and threaten customers with sueing them if they made any noise about being unsatisfied hmmm? Probably because the complaints are real and justifiable. Oh yeah and when we called back and wanted to ask specific instructions on caring for our tender plants we were asked, did you get the care instructions? We replied yes but(then cut off do you know how to read?) You got to be kidding me what ever happened to good old customer service?

Neutral yertle78
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On Jun 11, 2011, yertle78 Bethlehem, PA wrote:

As a very beginner gardener, I decided I wanted to plant blueberries. After researching for a company to buy blueberry plants from (and all about how to grow blueberries), I found Dimeo. I came here and read all of the negative comments about shipping and unfriendly customer service, but I wanted to form an opinion for myself. I scheduled an appointment to come and visit the farm to talk with them in person about growing blueberries. After my 2 hour trek from PA, I arrived at the farm a little early, and Anthony yelled to me from a window that he would be right down. About 10 minutes later, he yelled down to me again to "go find one of my guys." I looked around the farm and finally found Juan. I started to ask Juan all the questions I had about growing blueberries and the types of blueberries he would recommend. Juan told me to wait for Anthony. Finally Anthony came down and was very rude to me, ridiculing me for bringing "a competitor's chart." (I brought it so I could understand what they were talking about, but I never got to explain that because he went on to ridicule me some more about how I was like every other customer, wanting the same thing... ) He was very rude to me and did not want to spend time explaining anything to me. He told me that he would pick out some plants for me. He did help me choose 2 early, 2 mid season, and 1 late and showed me how beautiful the berries were. (They really are.) But he did not want to explain the varieties I had picked out. He did not want to answer any of my questions, saying that I wanted what everyone else wanted. (I really wanted to know how to grow them, how to protect them from the winter, how to prune it so it makes a hedge, what color the leaves will be in the fall, what color the flowers will be in the spring, which ones would be best suitable for the harsh winter, etc.) He did not have time to spend the time with me I had thought, especially after reading the description on here. He briefly explained how to plant them. (He was nice about that part.) However, I am a brand new gardener and have no idea what I am doing. I planted my blueberries in the garden today, and I am praying that they grow. I think that this company is good for people who know what they are doing, but how busy he must be, Anthony does not have time for novices like me. It is not like the family farm businesses I know, where you get a warm, welcoming, and caring feeling. I drove 2 hours to pick up these plants so I did buy 9 plants to make my time worthwhile, but I think if I would have to do it over again, I would buy from someone that could spend the time with me to explain things in detail to me. I was very excited about growing blueberry bushes, but the whole buying process was really disappointing, and who knows whether the plants themselves will stay as pretty as I bought them. If these plants actually make it, I want to go buy more because their plants are that gorgeous (and organic) but I am afraid to go back because of how Anthony treated me. Nobody should feel that way about a business. I just want others to be warned that this family owned business is very busy and does not want to deal with people who don't know anything about growing blueberries. But, if you know how to get their plants to grow, doing business with them would be worth it because their plants are so awesome!

Negative kittykooper
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On Jun 10, 2011, kittykooper San Diego, CA wrote:

Posted on June 10, 2011, updated June 10, 2011
Please, please do your research before doing business with DiMeo Farms in Hammonton, New Jersey. The premium blueberry plants they advertise on their website and sold to me were nothing more than little plant slips averaging 4 to 9 inches. I could buy a few plants and make my own slips. The owner is very difficult to deal with and does not back their DiMeo Farm blueberry products. I did find this concept to be quite interesting. Once the plants leave DiMeo Farm they are your responsibility, even if they shipped them. No exceptions. (Refer to website).

Shipping is very, very, very high for what you get. I did not question the shipping at time of placing my order because it was for many plants. I thought I would be receiving actual premium blueberry plants, shipped bare root, rather than the worthless little slips that DiMeo Farms actually shipped to me.

The shipping for my order breaks down as follows: 20% was actual postage and 80% was for handling and materials that included 1 plastic bag and 1 brand new medium size cardboard box (probably a $2.00 value at most). Again, shipping is covered on the website and you will most likely need to express your concern in writing should you have one.

There was no customer service after the sale. (Refer to website). Read the fine print on their website before ordering because that is where you will be referred to by the owner himself because he will probably not talk to you after the sale other than to tell you that he is recording the phone call because you are behaving in a threatening manner. He will most likely request you to put your problem or concern in writing and again, yep, you guessed it, refer you to the website.

Ordering is easy, satisfaction is not. Do yourself a favor and buy from a company who values your business and treats you with respect while providing a quality product. You work too hard for your money to expect anything less.

I encourage you to read the "real" posts on this site and other sites as well regarding this company.

As with any business you are not familiar with, check them out on the Better Business Bureau website in the city/town where the business is located using their zip code. If you have a bad experience that you are unable to resolve amicably, do your part and report it to the Better Business Bureau so that others will be better informed. The offending business will only get to rebut one case at a time instead of receiving free advertising on other’s websites and forums.

Unresolved consumer complaints affect a business's over all Better Business Bureau rating. A business does not have to be a member of the BBB in order for a consumer to file a complaint. For the record, DiMeo Farms currently has a B rating. Personally, I find that amazing.

I suspect there will be a glowing DiMeo Farms review posted shortly.

Happy blueberry planting!

On June 10th, 2011, kittykooper added the following:

Please visit my home page where you can view actual photo of DiMeo Blueberry Farm premium blueberry plants.
Positive LuckyJ
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On Jun 3, 2011, LuckyJ Moville, IA wrote:

Posted on May 12, 2011, updated June 3, 2011
Posted on April 28, 2011, updated May 12, 2011
Posted on April 28, 2011, updated April 28, 2011
Excellent customer service - I received my blueberries much faster than expected - beautiful large healthy plants - I appreciate doing business with people who are friendly and helpful. A personal thank you to the gentleman who expidited my order and answered my questions! Highly reccomend them to anyone looking to buy on-line!

On April 28th, 2011, LuckyJ added the following:

I just read the previous comment and find it very hard to believe - I purchased only 5 plants and was treated very well -My purchase with shipping happened to be $78.00 - but, I will be spending more of my hard earned dollars with this company - simply, because they earned my business.
On May 12th, 2011, LuckyJ added the following:

Just an update on the blueberry bushes I bought - they are absolutely awesome - they have taken root and growing extremely well. Lots and lots of flowers. I don't understand the negative comments on this site??? I will continue to update this post as the season progresses. So far... 100% satisfaction on this end.
On June 3rd, 2011, LuckyJ added the following:

Berries are starting to form on all of my blueberry bushes!!!!
Plants are healthy!!!! I still say this was a great investment and feel that all the negativity on this post is hard to believe.
Negative SnortPiggy
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On May 28, 2011, SnortPiggy wrote:

Everytime a Negative goes up a "positive" response or should I say advertisement goes up within 24 hours. I see he's been busted again trying to manipulate the ratings. Oh yeah "I'm a real customer" email me and I'll show you pictures. Like Dimeo couldn't do that. That same statement was used in a earlier positive response.
To justify my negative I want to let people know he hides his return policy which penalizes the customer and his shipping charges are outragious. He sends bare root twigs without identification and his verbal threats are way out of line.
There are many customer friendly farms out there who will back up their plants. Look for them under the index and check the number of reviews submitted by the reviewer. Also read some of their reviews to see if they are false. Like some of the 2 review positives that take the time to write a book about Dimeo and barely get a sentence out for the other review.

Positive Ferraez
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On May 27, 2011, Ferraez Dunellen, NJ wrote:

After reading many many reviews, about countless blueberry mail order web sites, I decided to give DiMeo a shot. DiMeo had the most positive reviews and the negative ones were about customer service, for the most part, and not about the blueberry plants. Most of the other mail order companies’ negative reviews were about the product. After much research from various NJ state web sites, as well as many gardening websites, I was able to make the decision that blueberry plants would work in my area. I knew how much space I had and, based on the research I had done, knew how many plants I could plant. I also knew what kind of soil was preferred and what I would have to do to make soil close to the recommendations. So THEN I decided to call DiMeo Farms. The guy (Mr. DiMeo) answered the phone, I told him I was looking to come down to look at the farm and pick up some blueberry bushes. I was sure that after I told him how many I wanted that the tone of the conversation would change for the worse, but it didn’t. I told him I was looking for the minimum order (5) and he said no problem. We set a time for later that week. I arrived at DiMeo farms and Mr. DiMeo was in the field with a worker, he waived us over to the parking spot. He was very nice to my wife and myself and answered all questions we had, as this was our first planting we had ever done. In the time we were with Mr. DiMeo he must have had 5-6 phone calls from the web site, WHILE he was with us. Mr. DiMeo himself answers the phone as much as possible and tries to answers as many questions as he can while at the same time take care of the customer that is in front of him. That’s hard to do no matter who you are. I think this is where most of the “customer service” issues come from. But after being there and seeing what goes on from the other end of the phone, I give DiMeo credit for trying. The DiMeo family takes pride in their farm, and family, as is obvious by the farm itself. The place is very kid friendly (were planning a trip there with our 3 kids later this year). Old tractors that are restored for the kids to play on and a picking patch for kids with honey sticks just for them. What DiMeo farms is not is a Wal-Mart where the customer is always right no matter what. I really appreciate the fact that I got straight to the point answers, and a great product. I’ll take that over great customer service from a person that has very limited experience but a nice way about them any day. The DiMeo’s are farmers, not sales reps. Could he have been nicer sounding over the phone with longer more politically correct answers? Yes, but, Remember, this is New Jersey you are calling (no offence! Lol). I am from Mississippi and needless to say that people in NY, NJ are different, but that does not make them bad people, just different personality wise. I would highly recommend DiMeo farms to anyone. They genuinely care about their business and their first priority is the plants. We ended up getting 5 six year old blueberry bushes, 3 raspberry, 3 blackberry, 3 gooseberry even though we only came for 5 three year old blueberry plants. The place is great. I also find it very amusing that some of the Dave’s garden moderators think that because a review is positive and personal that something must be “shady”. I am a real customer, feel free to contact me and I’ll show you my new garden.

Neutral maland
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On May 24, 2011, maland Delaware City, DE wrote:

18 bushes and they are unbelievable. Thanks well worth the drive!!

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors...

It is the policy of the Watchdog that customers cannot publish multiple reviews under different usernames in order to manipulate a company's rating. The rating of this comment was written by the same user who posted as "mmaland" on March 3, 2011. Therefore, these reviews have been changed from a positive to neutral rating so they will not affect the overall ratings given by customers.
Neutral LikkaLogga
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On May 24, 2011, LikkaLogga Charleston, SC wrote:

Unfortunately I did not read the above reviews before purchasing from Dimeo Farms. I spoke with an individual at Dimeo Farms about how I was wanting to plant a Blueberry hedgerow in my back yard. I didn't really know how many plants I would need, but he told me that I should figure the spacing at 2' between plants, so I came up with 20 plants for my hedgerow. I asked him what types would be best for my area and asked about cross-pollination. He said they'd give me different varieties that are suited for my area.

He gave me a quote of $298.56...Ok... 20 plants x $10/plant= $200, so I was paying $98.56 for shipping, which I was ok with because I was expecting them to come in pots on a pallet. Well, about a week or so later I notice a box on the front porch about the size of 2 shoe boxes...I think no can't be! Yep...Dimeo Farms on the package and I notice it was delivered by the USPS.

Here's the kicker...the postage on the box was only $9.00! So, they made $90 just on shipping! Then...I hesitantly open the package and see 20 sticks bent over and stuffed into this little box. Not only that...none of the plants were labeled and they all seem to be the same variety. I was astonished! The roots were wrapped in plastic and tied up with rubber bands. Luckily I had my area ready to plant and the ph was perfect, so I thought...let's roll the dice and put these sticks in the ground.

About a month has gone by and the plants are still alive, but I still have no idea what variety they are and they all look pretty puny to me. I would not recommend this company, unless you can go by there and pick up your plants. People seem to have better experiences with that.

The only reason I didn't go with negative is because my sticks are still alive...

Positive dwang0725
(1 review)
On May 19, 2011, dwang0725 Ridgewood, NJ wrote:

My experience:

About a year ago (winter of 2009), I had an email correspondence with Anthony Dimeo about planting blueberry plants in my yard (4-5 total emails). He courteously answer all my questions, assuring me that the plants will do just fine in my region (Northern NJ) and that they would do well where I wanted to plant them in my yard (sloping ground).

Fast forward to this year. I emailed Dimeo Farms telling them that I wanted to buy their 3 year old Blueberry plants back in early April this year. Within 24 hrs, I received a reply back from Amanda Rizley, a customer service rep. In the email, she provided a total for the plants and roughly when they would be shipping for my region. She also explained that they only accept checks or money orders as they do not take credit cards. I sent out my check to them late April and eagerly awaited the plants. On the day my check cleared, I received a courtesy call from Amanda (Friday, May 6th). She told me that they received my payment and would be shipping out my plants mid week next week. She told me to prepare the area for planting as I should have the plants in the ground the day I receive them and to expect my delivery late in the week. On Saturday, May 14th, I received the plants. Plants were shipped via USPS, bare root. The root balls were carefully double wrapped in plastic wrap. Ice/gel was also evident. All the plants were at least 4 ft in height with plenty of leaves. The main stalks/stems were about 1/2" to 3/4" in diameter. These were better than any of the 3 year old plants I have seen in my local nursery! I am happy to say that after one week, the plants are thriving in my yard and are doing very well. No stress whatsoever. Leaves are full and have not fallen.

I would highly recommend buying from Dimeo Farms. None of my experience was anything like the negative reviews on here. Buy with confidence! Thank you Dimeo Farms!

Positive jennifer1221
(1 review)
On May 18, 2011, jennifer1221 Philadelphia, PA wrote:

An EXCELLENT farm and nursery -- nice family business!! Worth checking out! Beautiful berry plants.

This farm has been around for longer than I remember-- I am in my mid 40's and when I worked in Jersey in the late 70s/early 80's, this place was thriving back then. Nice farm, nice people and great selection of berry plants -- stuff you won't see in the bigger stores and believe me, MUCH better care is given to these plants. It is one of the last of the old time nurseries in the area. I am all for supporting our local businesses before the big box stores. I do not want to see one more nice family business go under because of the big guys-- the customer service is fantastic . .remember they specialize in plants. These farmers KNOW their stuff.

The selection of plants is excellent. When I suggest to others to go there in lieu of burning their precious gas & time to run to every major store to find certain organic berry plants, they are most appreciative. It is a cool place to find and pick out your own berry plants and they even have antique farm crates and boxes too, which my daughter just loved!!

I recommend to won't be disappointed!! :)

Negative StaceyMAYNE
(1 review)
On May 17, 2011, StaceyMAYNE Thurmont, MD wrote:

Posted on May 17, 2011, updated May 17, 2011
Posted on May 17, 2011, updated May 17, 2011
We purchased on 4/6/2011 5 Jaclyn red raspberry plants form DiMeo Farms. When we received them they looked to us as if they were blueberry bushes and even came with blueberry planting instructions. We called April 14th when we received them and expressed our concern. We were told that they were defiantly raspberry bushes. We planted them as if they were raspberry bushes and now they are blooming and the fruit is clearly blueberries. One May 16th we tried to call and get this resolved and whoever answered the phone told us we have to ship them back at our cost and they would send out the right ones according to DiMeo policy. And that it is only "fair" that I dig them up and send them back at my cost to get the correct plants. Nowhere does it say if DiMeo sends the wrong plants we have to eat the shipping to get the correct product. I have no issues with digging them up and returning them, but I didn't find it "fair" that I have to pay to ship them back. When I questioned the "fairness" of this matter and how I was trying to conduct a good business relationship, the person on the phone from Dimeo Farms (whom I am assuming in Anthony Dimeo III) became VERY RUDE and IRATE. He told me I could keep the blueberry bushes because he didn't like my "attitude" and he didn't want to do business with me. Sad thing is I wasn't the one with the attitude. On top of that the entire time I was speaking with him he kept asking me if I could "hear him" speaking to me as if I was 10 and being very rude and not treating me as a businessman who cared about his customers would. He questioned where I was at because he heard commotion in the back if he had a right to know that, but I told him I was at work. After getting irate about the "fairness" of the matter, he told me I needed to get back to work and I shouldn't have been calling him while I was working!!! I told him I was on my break....little does he know I run the RETAIL STORE!!!! I told him he had no right to tell me what to do in my personal life....he continued to tell me to get back to work. Later my husband tried to call him Mr. DiMeo just told him that our issue had to be put in writing and that all the calls were being recorded. My husband asked him several times (calmly) if he what he was saying was that he wouldn't speak to him about the issue. All Mr. DiMeo kept yelling was "you need to put your issue in writing." Then Mr. Dimeo hung up on my husband.....AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! My husband called back to get his name and Mr. DiMeo answered and said "put it in writing" and hung up on him again. All my husband wanted was his name!!! We put our issue in writing and emailed them on their website and are awaiting a response that I am sure we will not get. (Also their website says that you can email them, but their preferred method of contact is by phone....hmmm really?!?!?!?)

Obviously Mr. DiMeo has a VERY ILL and SHORT TEMPER and has had issues like this happen before or else he wouldn't get so defensive when he is questioned about his business tactics. I do not recommend anyone purchasing ANYTHING from the DiMeo farm purely because of the unprofessional way they handle matters. Mr. Dimeo has VERY POOR customer service and social skills. Please spear yourselves the money and headache and purchase your products somewhere else. AVOID THIS SCAM ARTIST SO YOU TOO DON'T LOSE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!!

On May 17th, 2011, StaceyMAYNE added the following:

I am sorry for the previous comment"Scam Artist" and retract my statement made about Mr. DiMeo, I was speaking out of the frustration of the situation. Please disregard this statement. Thank you.
On May 17th, 2011, StaceyMAYNE added the following:

As it is only an opinion and not a "true" statement
Positive paperdoll53
(1 review)
On May 16, 2011, paperdoll53 Hudson Falls, NY wrote:

About 2 weeks ago, I started searching the internet for ORGANIC blueberry bushes. Organic is very important to me so that part is vital. I found numerous sites but was attracted to Dimeo Blueberry Farms because of the extensive information about their plants with videos, etc. I emailed them and told them where I lived and that I had no clue on what type to buy. I received a phone call that very day which surprised me. They were very helpful. Gave me a price for the plants I wanted. I sent a check the next day and once they received the check, I got another call, telling me they had received the check and that the plants would be shipped out the following Wed. I received them this past Friday. In the rain, on Sat., I planted them after following their enclosed instructions, including taking a soil sample down to one of my local nursaries to test for the Ph level.
The plants looked fine and so far, so good. Yes, I know it's only been a couple of days...
I was very happy with their customer service. This happens to be field in which I work so this is also very important to me.

Positive skidbump
(1 review)
On May 16, 2011, skidbump Hyde Park, NY wrote:

I contacted Via email and he called me the next night.He responded within 2 days Via email with prices and shipping.We spoke 3 time on the phone before i sent my check and he shipped about a week after he got my check.
When plants "1.5 yr old cuttings" arrived they where in good shape .Bare roots were still wet.

My only criticism would be that a email for shipping confirmation would be great.
Also USPS is ok but maybe offer overnite or 2nd day at buyer expense.
I bought 50 duke nad 50 bluecrop all were as advertised.
Would highly recommend him for a supplier/seller.

Positive jldoddy
(1 review)
On May 15, 2011, jldoddy Saylorsburg, PA wrote:

I want to say how delighted I was when I received my blueberry plants. I ordered eight plants and when they arrived they were with blossom and very healthy. My experience on the whole with the DiMeo group was excellent. They guaranteed my plants and I was told to call if I had any concerns. They were patient with my many questions and returned my emails and call in a very timely manner. I look forward to the maturing of my new plants and with delight to future purchases from the DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Nursery.

Positive Deervalleyfarm
(1 review)
On May 14, 2011, Deervalleyfarm East Durham, NY (Zone 5a) wrote:

I have been gardening fruits, berrys and veggies for about 40 years. My grandfather grew all his own and taught me all about growing and processing your own food...He never had blueberry plants tough. I started planting them about 10 years ago.. I bought blueberry plants from just about everbody over the years(50+) for about $15 each and today I have only 3 very small plants to show for all my effert....
I did allot of searching online to find the best blueberry plants for sale.I found them at Dimeo Blueberry Farm..I watched all the vidios on thier webpage..They show the plants you will get,tell you how to plant them,and keep them producing for years to come...I got 9 3year old blueberry plants and 5 red rasberry(also a+)($10 each) that were flowered and now have blueberrys on them.I planted them as they instructed and can tell everybody that they are the best blueberry plants I have ever planted..I am considering planting a 1acre patch and will definetly order from this family of hard workers with the highest quality plants...
Allot of good comes out of this farm.....

Positive eimaj
(1 review)
On May 12, 2011, eimaj Cherry Hill, NJ wrote:

We had a great time buying our blueberry plants. My kids enjoyed free honey sticks as well as climbing on beautiful, red farm tractors. I am not yet much of a gardener, but I look forward to enjoying the fruit of the blueberry plants. The directions are easy to follow and all information is on the website. It seems pretty simple to do.

The farm is located in a beautiful part of NJ and I encourage people to make the trip to pick up plants. It is a great family outing to go to DiMeo Farm and then visit other local farms as well, for other types of plants and such.

Negative love_my_garden2
(1 review)
On May 12, 2011, love_my_garden2 Andover, NJ wrote:

Negative doesn't even describe how bad my experience has been with this company. I am not one to leave reviews or bad mouth anyone, especially a family owned business in this economy! The farm itself may be a wonderful place, although I wouldn't support them after the way I was treated. The main reason I am providing this review is to inform others who are planning on having plants shipped to them and may have to deal with the owner himself! This was my experience from last spring, please be careful if you plan to order from this company!

Here is my complaint to the BBB (it is a shortened summary of what happened):
I received a quote via e-mail 4/13 for 5 Duke Blueberry Plants, 5 Bluecrop Blueberry Plants, 5 Organic Raspberry Plants. The total was $198.56, $150 plants, $10.50 tax, $38.06 shipping. I sent check on 4/15 cashed 4/20. 4/26 I received a box with 11 plants, 3 Duke, 3 Bluecrop and 5 Raspberry. The instruction sheet included listed the plants as exactly that, 4 plants were missing. I called and left a message. That evening I got a call from Anthony, who asked if I had planted the plants yet. I said we hadn't because some were missing. He said because I hadn't that I was in violation of our agreement. He went on about how he has spoken with a lawyer and because I hadn't planted them there wasn't anything he could do. After 15 minutes of arguing he finally said that he spoke to the woman who shipped them and that she sent the right amount. I offered to e-mail the sheet where it was written. He told me we could have an hour conference call the next day with the woman who shipped them, I agreed. When I e-mailed him the instruction sheet I told him that I was upset and that I would like to speak with someone else. I heard nothing on the 27th, the 28th I e-mailed asking for a resolution. He e-mailed the 29th and in summary said his shipping dept is good and that I was just trying to get some free plants, but to send him my address and he would make sure they were sent the next day (4/30). I sent my address and hoped that was the end. I waited a week and had not received them so I e-mailed on 5/7 asking for tracking or shipping info so I could take it up with the shipping company. Someone named Amanda responded and said the plants had been shipped and I should receive them any day, that they keep receipts of every package they ship. So I waited 5 more days and on 5/12 I e-mailed again asking for shipment info and to know the exact date they were shipped since they are a live product and if they were in a box for that long they were surely going to arrive dead. I have yet to hear back from anyone.

This was their response:
RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : Bottom line in this case is that the customer (my name) is not being honest, as there are two (2) people in our shipping department that can verify that the correct number of plants that were sent at the time her shipent went out.

It's both unfortunate and sad that even after all this time we have invested with "my name", she is still trying to get free plants from us, when in fact she was sent the proper amount of plants. If oral testimony needs to be given by our witnesses and records, then we will firmly stand behind such evidence.

BBB REVIEWS CONSUMER REBUTTAL TO BUSINESS RESPONSE (my response to bbb) : I have a copy of the instructions they sent which clearly state the exact number of each type of plant I received. I also have copies of the e-mails that were sent between us showing that from the beginning Anthony has dismissed my issues and went as far as to call me dishonest. I have asked repeatedly for some type of shipping info on the second shipment they supposedly sent and they have offered none. I don't understand how this case is closed when again they are getting away with calling me a liar and providing no substantial proof that they actually sent what I paid for. I have pictures of the box I received that I took the night I received the plants. I will gladly e-mail all of this to whoever is in charge of this complaint. My husband will gladly give an oral statement as well pertaining to what we received and how upset I was after the first phone conversation and the e-mails that followed.

RECEIVED BUSINESS' REBUTTAL RESPONSE (their response) : According to our detailed records and clear verbal statements from our staff members within our shipping department, the customer was in fact sent exactly what she paid for. We are NOT calling her a "liar" but have reason to believe that she is being dishonest in an effort to obtain free extra plants.

She provides us with no clear and convincing evidence that she was not sent the plants, when in fact we have the proof and witnesses, who can testify verbally to any BBB official who wishes to call us directly and arrange a conference call to discuss in further detail.

The customer did in fact "hold the plants" and did not plant them immediately upon receipt as per our written instructions. She admits in writing that she "hadn't" planted the plants yet and she was holding them instead.

Amanda has invested time with this customer and so have our other staff members. This customer has claimed that her husband will give oral statemenets, well so will our staff give oral statements of what exactly was shipped.

We request at this time that this case be once again closed. Thank you.

This was the e-mail that was sent where it was initially pointed out that I was being "dishonest":

"My name",

You are hearing back from us in a timely manner via. this e-mail communication. Out of all due respect, I do not mean to insult, but I highly doubt you were missing as many plants as you state. Our shipping department is very good and I think that you are just trying to get some free plants out of us.

However, kindly respond with your complete mailing address and number of replacement plant and I will see that they are sent out tomorrow (Friday)

Awaiting your prompt and detailed reply.
A. DiMeo

Of course the plants were never sent. I just can't believe that a family owned business would treat their customers in this way (ESPECIALLY the owner) and think that their business will continue to prosper. I do believe in Karma and I just feel very badly for the family members who have put their heart and soul into this business and actually did at one point in time care about the customers.

I was threatened with lawyers, calls being taped, etc similiar to complaints above (even though I did nothing wrong nor implied I was going to sue, etc). How or why another blueberry farm could or would make these things up (as inferred by company's rebuttals to these reviews) is beyond me.

Please just be careful, don't think "family business" equals "good business practices" like I did.

Sorry this is so LONG! In the end, only 1 of the plants survived total and I would never again buy from a company that ships with bare roots. I still have the picture of what the plants (aka sticks) looked like when they arrived (all 11 of them....). They look nothing like the pics on the website of what you're supposed to get. I didn't even complain about the crappy looking plants, I just wanted to get the number of crappy plants I paid for!

Positive sspinney
(1 review)
On May 10, 2011, sspinney Reading, MA wrote:

I researched the internet for a long time trying to find the best quality blueberry plants that I could use for replacing my damaged plants from our previous winter. I found DiMeo Farms online and decided to call and talk with them about there plants. When I called I talked with Anthony DiMeo live and he was very helpful in suggesting what type of plants I should use for my area in Massachusetts. After watching a few you tube videos I saw the the quality of the mature blueberry plants and called back and spoke to Anthony about ordering these mature plants.
I sent my check into DiMeo farms and made arrangements for one of my own drivers to pick up the six blueberry plants 2 of each variety that Anthony recommended. I ordered 2 Duke which are early and,2 Bluecrop mid and 2 Jersey late season blueberry plants. It took a few weeks to arrange for one of my driver's to pick up the blueberry plants and Anthony called me to reconfirm when I was picking up my plants. Once my driver picked up the plants from DiMeo Farms Anthony had my driver loaded in and out of the site in just a few minutes. His crew was so professional and helpful that driver had to tell me all about them. My driver asked if they could palletize and shrinkwrap the plants for him so he could move them around in his truck since he had other stops to make. I met my driver and was totally blown away by the size and health of these plants. They were packed so carefully in burlap and carefully tied to prevent any damages during transportation. I let the plants sit for a couple of days before I could plant them and was amazed they were still damp and fresh like they were just dug up. My wife and I followed the instructions Anthony gave to us to plant the blueberry plants and they have done very well since then. The plants never went into shock after planting and the root system was so healthy when unpacked for the first time. I must say each plant must have weighted over 70lbs each with the dirt and root system attached in the burlap. If you ever want healthy mature blueberry plants/bushes order them from DiMeo Fruit Farms you will not regret it and you can't beat the price of there mature plants. I looked for a long time and this was the best price anywhere, even at my local nursery 3-4 year old plants were selling for $40.00 and the quality was no where near as good as DiMeo Farm's plants. I would buy again from such a professional outfit and I am not sure why anyone would bad mouth such a business. Thanks Scott

Positive foobar1946
(1 review)
On May 5, 2011, foobar1946 Thorofare, NJ wrote:

Posted on February 16, 2011, updated May 5, 2011


I have done business with this family for at least the past 10 years. They are good farmers, good people and very hard workers. Last year my wife and I took a ride out to the farm to check out the nursery operation. We were very impressed as it's a big operation and all family run. They had tractors and hay wagons everywhere. It's a beautiful farm. We were wamly greeted by Nancy who works there at the farm. She helped us with loading plants and processed our pick up order.

All of the plants were big and beautiful. They were huge plants with nice root systems. They gave us planting instructions and were very helpful overall with our order. We plan to visit the farm again this spring and stop by the nursery to look at more plants.

I highly recommend this farm and nursery. BIG PLANTS. GREAT PRICES. GOOD PEOPLE. A++

On May 5th, 2011, foobar1946 added the following:


This farm is simply THE BEST. I just mail ordered 5 thornless raspberry plants. They just arrived and we were so impressed once again. They are multi-branched, have nice thick established cane, a huge hair ball of healthy well covered and protected roots and the farm also put detailed planting instructions and farmer tips in with our plants. DiMeo continues to go way beyond and above any expectations.

We will definitely be ordering from you all again. Great friendly customer service and well worth the price we paid. We once again HIGHLY RECOMMEND this operation. A+++
Negative Newfarmer001
(1 review)
On May 5, 2011, Newfarmer001 Eudora, KS wrote:

Posted on May 5, 2011, updated May 5, 2011
Very rude. No guarantee or insurance or your order. High hidden costs for shipping and handling. My plants weren't labelled. And the roots were not protected properly with sawdust or newpaper. All the root protection during shipment was plastice bags around the root held with a rubber bands. I am very unhappy with my order.

On May 5th, 2011, Newfarmer001 added the following:

The postman left my plant orders in the open sun, which didn't help. But I have ordered many times from companies online and my orders have been guaranteed. When I called Dimeo farms they didn't take any responsibility for it and the order wasn't insured. I felt I paid a high price for shipping and handling that it should have been insured.
Positive cycloneet
(1 review)
On May 4, 2011, cycloneet Rocky Point,
United States wrote:

DiMeo Blueberry Farm

I am an organic micro farmer from Long Island, New York. I recently purchased fifteen blueberry plants from DiMeo farm. After many years of attempting to grow Blueberries from plants purchased from various nurseries and berry farms I contacted DiMeo for advise. . Based on those early telephone conversations which included soil, plant and growing recommendations I made the 200+ mile trip to DiMeo's. farm to purchase plants. At the farm the staff was extremely helpful in identifying my potential soil problems and again recommend the proper soil and ideal growing conditions for my plants. The plants I received were far superior then any other plant I received in the past from so called berry nurseries. I was surprised at the plant size, root structure and overall condition of the plants. I am happy to report that all the plants are in the ground and all are doing well. I am very happy with the quality of the plants and the service. I intend on purchasing additional plants in the future and highly recommend anyone contemplating growing Blueberries call DiMeo Farm.
Tom Ryan
Long Island, New York

Negative lukesteckel
(1 review)
On May 4, 2011, lukesteckel Sparks Glencoe, MD wrote:

I bought twenty plants last fall and the company said they would ship when they were ready to plant. they arrived way to early in the season and the week I put them in was 90+ degrees. Like required on their website, I emailed within the three days of reciept with my concern. Multiple emails were not returned. The plants burned despite constant attention, but i waited till now to see if the root structure saved them. 20 plants, 4 survived. When I called to explain, the rude man read off the website about no guarantee for live plants, blah, blah, blah. We run an organic farm and have never had a plant supplier not replace plants, no questions asked. We are not rookies at planting. We knew they were to early and this company won't honor that mistake on their part. Strongly do not recommend the bad practices of this company.

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