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Positive FireflyHollow
(1 review)
On May 15, 2020, FireflyHollow Biglerville, PA wrote:

We purchase a large number of blueberry, aronia, and blackberry bushes from Dimeo Farms in the spring of 2020. We were able to pick up the order. Due to Covid 19 we contacted the farm asking them if we could pick up the order earlier than originally expected and the farm was very accommodating. We scheduled our appointment and arrived on time. We arrived with a large landscape trailer since we were coming from 2.5 hours away and concerned about the trip and loading plants on the back of an open trailer or pickup truck The owner was very welcoming and the workers loaded the order without a problem. We discussed planting the plants with the owner due to our soil conditions not being ideal for blueberry growth. We actually increased our order when we were there and they were able to accommodate that without a problem. We are looking at ordering more plants from them either in the fall or spring of next year. The plants are were in very good health and we followed the directions for planting and have not had any problems. All the plants have thrived and we are looking forward to our first blueberry crop this coming summer. I know this operation is not your conventional farm but if you call ahead and schedule an appointment and follow the signs and directions you should not have any problems. Yes they are cash only or check prior to pickup.

Positive jmoore3274
(1 review)
On Apr 19, 2019, jmoore3274 Hanover, PA wrote:

I have been buying mail ordered plants from Dimeo every spring for the last 2 springs. I have not had any contact with Anthony however he sounds like a typical NJ ass hat. However the lady I talked to over the phone was very nice. She even helped me with some tips on how to deal with clay soil. I have lost some plants however that was not due to poor quality plants it was due to PH issues in the soil. The plants that have lived and were potted grew like mad
once they were given the soil and PH they needed. All of the potted plants made it through the winter here in PA. The plants made It through several days of -10 deg weather.

The only thing I can tell people is that bare root cuttings take some time to get established. Watch your soil PH and don't use those 11 dollar chemical test kits at lowes. Buy a legit PH tester and test you soil like a lab would. You can easily find tutorials on how to do this. It isn't hard nor time consuming. Also be warned about watering with tap water. Tap water can mess up soil PH via the buffers (bicarbonates) water companies use to stabilize drinking water. You will have to compensate for this via sulfer or fertigation. Lastly watch your watering schedule. You can and will wreck a blueberry plant by not keeping the soil evenly watered especially during the hottest part of the year.

Let's also not forget that the vast majority of blueberry plants are bog plants that live in acidic and nutrient deprived soil. Blueberries have a very low tolerance for salt based chemical fertilizers.

In summary I have not had any issues with Dimeo farms plants. They will absolutely grow and flower if you give the plants what they need.

Positive BryanMarks
(1 review)
On May 13, 2018, BryanMarks Salisbury, NH wrote:

I bought 195 Blueberry bushes from Dimeo's they loaded up my truck and trailer perfectly, separated the 3 different verities I had bought. All plants looked healthy and were at least 3 Years old as advertised not all were the 4 foot tall ones they advertise but were as tall if not bigger than others sold at different farms, I bought these in spring I’m sure they would have been bigger if I got them later in the year since they had good vagarious growth. They made the 12 hour trip and they will have blueberries this year, lots of flowers and new growth. I have bought Blueberries before from others but they stopped shipping already was happy to find Dimeo’s Farm! Very satisfied, Thanks Tom!

Positive kyleprzy
(1 review)
On Apr 17, 2018, kyleprzy Pierz, MN wrote:

I ordered ten 3 year old blueberry plants in February and they arrived today 4/17/2018 which is good. The Plants look great. The buds look green and ready to pop. The packaging was great. Unfortunately the ground is snow covered and frozen yet, here in minnesota, so no planting just yet. I have nothing bad to say about Dimeo.

Positive charleymeckna
(1 review)
On Sep 29, 2015, charleymeckna Arbovale, WV wrote:

GREAT EXPERIENCE....We ordered 40, 3 year old plants back in June, 2015 We were told we had to wait for the hot season to end in order to send them to us. A soft spoken lady at DiMeo Farm kept in constant contact with us every few weeks updating us on the shipping date due to weather restrictions, We felt we were very much a part of this whole process with this special attention to update us as well the concern and knowledge DiMeo had not to send plants in extreme heat of the season. DiMeo called us and said when they will be shipped and we should receive them on a certain day, Just as they said it happened for us. We received them Mid Sept 2015. We are more than pleased, actually we are exuberant with the plants we received, So much so we stayed up planting them till 11 pm that day into the night making a nice arrangement of a courtyard area with them for how they are planted. These plants are very hardy and tall, most about waist height, full of leaves and great green color. We are planning on ordered a considerable amount more next year of both Blueberry and Aronia Berry plants. I would recommend DiMeo Farms to anyone interested in Berry plants. We have purchased several plants from their competitors over the past year and received very poor quality plants that died. Because of this bad experience of time and great money loss in the past, we were very concerned to even try agian to purchase berry plants, I can say DiMeo has won us over to show us they are honest people that do as they say they will of doing a Great business. Thanks DiMeo Farms for the Wonderful Plants and the Great Service ! Charley Meckna Family.

Positive MizFrizz
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On Jun 22, 2013, MizFrizz Absecon, NJ wrote:

We don't live far from the farms, so we decided to take a group blueberry picking while we purchased some trees for our own garden. Christine and Anthony couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. The kids had fun picking their own berries. This new portion of the farm is only a year old and it's beautiful. They are also in the process of opening an event location for receptions etc on the property. Anthony took time to personally help my husband select the best blueberry plants, and gave detailed instructions on how best to care for them. I did read all of the negative reviews before we went, but I'd heard from friends that it was a great place, and it is. I'm not sure why there has been so much trouble with shipping the plants, but going in person to pick them up is easy and helpful. The farm is tended by hand, not by machine, and is pristine. I will definitely go back for more in the future.

Positive Marksmith
(1 review)
On Apr 18, 2013, Marksmith Dudley, MA wrote:

I want to go on record in support of Dimeo Farms. I purchased two dozen three-year-old blueberry plants of various varieties. The Dimeos were very flexible and accommodating even after several delays due to health issues in my family and a mechanical problem with my vehicle. When I finally picked up my plants I found the Dimeos very understanding and comforting. They stayed open late to allow me to pick my plants and even gave be an extra plant as an expression of sympathy for all my troubles. The plants are beautiful, full of buds and impressively large and healthy. I have read some of the critical reviews and believe most of the problems are with shipping. Perhaps shipping is not their strength, but their plants are top quality and in person the Dimeos were a pleasure to deal with.

Positive wnderwn
(1 review)
On Apr 5, 2013, wnderwn Clarks Green, PA wrote:

It is a shame that Dimeo Farms has gotten a bad rep.After seeing the reviews I was hesitant to purchase their plants but I called anyhow and spoke to someone there I am assuming is Mr. Dimeo.Granted he is no Mr. Personality and can appear to seem impatient I still proceeded to purchase their bushes.I purchased 2 of early,mid and late season varieties.The farm is 3 1/2 hrs from us but with the bad reviews pertaining mostly to shipping we decided to make the journey down and included in a mini vacation.The farm is huge with all kinds of berry plants including plum trees.Although Mr Dimeo was not around their workers were very accommodating and we were able to pick up earlier than originally planned. The plants are very healthy looking and although not 4 feet like it says on their website they are still cheaper at $10 a piece than as if I have gotten them at one of our local nurseries.Instructions on how to plant came along with purchase and you can email them with any questions at provided address.I will update my post when I am picking those luscious blueberries off their bushes.

Positive RecruiterHR
(1 review)
On Oct 1, 2012, RecruiterHR Kingston Springs, TN wrote:

Posted on August 25, 2012, updated October 1, 2012
I ordered 5 Black Raspberries from Dimeo Farms.
It was over 100 degree in my area at that time.
A Rep from Dimeo called every week to let me know it was too hot to remove plants and ship.
The heat wave finally broke and the Dimeo Rep was on the phone to let me know the plants are coming.
The plants were beautiful and healthy.
We had a spike in the heat again and as expected I am having some transplant shock. I e-mailed Dimeo a video of the plants status and got immeditae support with helpful directions.
It is good to work with people who care and are helpful.
Black Raspberries are not easy to get started as I have tried several times via seed catalogs with no success.
I have a healthy crop of many other types of berries including Chinese Gogi Berries.
Thanks again to the kind people at Dimeo Farms!

On October 1st, 2012, RecruiterHR added the following:

Recently re-ordered more plants from Dimeo Farms.
My order was a gift for my Father In-Law
Dimeo folks let me know they were behind but would stay on top of my order.
True to their word my Father In-Law received his berry plants and he got the call telling him the plants are on their way.
The plants were very healthy and beautiful.
The Dimeo folks made the job of making my Father In-Law happy a good experience.
Two thumbs up Dimeo Farms!
Positive joetheveteran
(1 review)
On Aug 29, 2012, joetheveteran Butler, PA,
USA Minor Outlying Islands wrote:

Picked up 10 blueberry plants to add to our patch Monday morning. We called a week ahead to schedule our pickup for 10am that day. We arrived a few minutes early. I called the main number and they sent a crew leader right out to open up the gate. I was very impressed with the selection and how healthy the plants were. The crew leader was awesome at helping us pick out 10 plants splitting them between mid and early season harvest. We were in and out in less then 20 minutes. When I got home I planted the 10 next to some plants I bought from an local nursery earlier this summer. There is no comparison, Dimeo's plants were much more healthy. I noticed a lot of negative comments on this blog as well as a bad rating with the BBB. I think Dimeo goes above and beyond to educate buyers through their website videos. They sell quality plants at a substantial discount to experienced growers. They don't pretend to be your "local" nursery that will spend 2 hours talking about what you need to do to plant your Blueberry Plants, and I think their videos clearly outline that fact. I think their "Jersey" matter of fact cut to the chase demeanor can be perceived as unfriendly. However, they are a business. Not your local gardening club. They are not looking to be your new best friend or gardening buddy. No matter where you buy your plants, transportation, handling, planting, location and soil conditions will determine your success. I walked the grounds for a few minutes after we loaded our plants and saw nothing but 100's of healthy plants. I cannot speak about how the plants are that they ship, but if you go the the Farm, pick out your plants, follow the correct planting advise, have good soil, a good location and keep them watered, I don't know how you can go wrong with the Dimeo plants? I plan on stopping by every August on our way back from our summer vacation in Avalon, NJ to pick up some Blueberry Plants from Dimeo and grow out Blueberry Patch.

Positive SassyShoreGirl
(1 review)
On Aug 20, 2012, SassyShoreGirl Beach Haven West, NJ wrote:

I recently purchased 5 Blueberry Plants -- Bluecrop & Duke and had a great customer experience. I placed my order on the phone, they told me to come at a certain time and they met me at the gate at the scheduled time. They helped me load my car. The farm is pretty and its a real nice, relaxing ride there. The website for this company is helpful as well --there are videos posted about planting and care of blueberry plants.

Positive m1652
(1 review)
On Jun 5, 2012, m1652 wrote:

recently purchased 100 potted blueberry bushes of mixed varieties and 20 aronia. traveled from upstate new york to pick them up. upon planting found each to have a well developed root system and healty foliage and fruit. looking forward to purchasing additional plants from dimeo farms

Positive hockey16
(1 review)
On Jun 4, 2012, hockey16 Mays Landing, NJ wrote:

We went to the farm with the intent of purchasing and gaining alot of knowledge about growing blueberries. We were greeted and openly recieved. Very impressed with the time spent and quality of the plants. Also very excited to venture into growing our "own" blueberries. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and eager to help. We did purchase 7 large plants and were given detailed instructions on the care. Very pleased with our experience and will return again for future purchases !

Positive cabinover
(1 review)
On May 26, 2012, cabinover Fair Haven, VT wrote:

New here and rather new to blueberries with only 4 puny plants from a couple years ago. Found this site while searching for Dimeo Farms after sending them a check. Had a funny feeling and couldn't figure out why.

We ordered ten plants from them and sent a check as requested. A week went by and we're only two days away by mail. Guess that's when I found this review site. Started to get a sinking feeling in my stomach the more I read about folks trials with the Dimeo family. Would I be out my $146.00?

The following Tuesday I think after the check cleared the bank I was pleasantly surprised to come home to a box from Dimeos. In it were ten plants as promised. Not quite sure how they can be sans leaves when I'm more North and ours had already flowered but they were. Cold storage maybe?

I had thrown 5 bails of peat on the sandy bottom of what used to be a pool and tilled it into two rows. Planted the bushes, watered, and waited. It's been two weeks now and not only do every one of them have leaves and look promising, many had flowers before the leaves popped out. Odd but at least I'm very hopeful as to their making it.

I agree that it would have been cool to know exactly which plants I was sent but so long as my wife has blueberries all is well.

Consider me a happy camper and we'll probably order more next year. Sure hope the rest of you have much luck as we did.

Bob, Fair Haven, VT

Positive VecchioGarden
(1 review)
On May 5, 2012, VecchioGarden Folsom, NJ wrote:

We had a fantastic experience with DiMeo's. They were very quick to answer both emails and phone calls for me, despite that I only wanted a small amount of plants for a family garden. They were very patient with me while I asked questions both on the phone and in person... before, during and after purchase. They were prompt for my pick-up time & helped me load my plants into my vehicle.

When they ran into to me elsewhere I was recognized and asked how my plants were doing and how my children were enjoying them. They have also given back to the community. Our local school has put in gardens to help the younger children learn about gardening with environmentally friendly practices and healthy eating. DiMeo's, with their organic plants, made a generous donation to this project to help educate our children.

The plants... our plants are doing wonderfully. And you can't beat the price. They are healthy, sturdy plants, nothing like you find at many of the other places that sell such things for home gardeners that look little more than sticks (and charge the same amount if not more!) We have several varieties of the blueberries and the aronia and we will hopefully be going back soon for some blackberries this season as well and continue diversifying our garden with them next season.

Again, we are very happy with the product and the service and encourage other people to find out for themselves.

Positive Njgolfnutt
(1 review)
On Apr 17, 2012, Njgolfnutt Marlton, NJ wrote:

I happen to be fortunate enough to live about 30 miles from Dimeo Fruit Farms. I recently made a trip to pick up 12 blueberry plants. I ended up bringing home ten raspberry plants as well. My plants are growing like gang busters. Tremendous quality.

My purchase experience was great. Anthony Dimeo took the time to show me all of the different varieties that they have. His guys loaded my truck with my 20 plants and off I went.

I'll be back next year for more plants. If you live in the area, don't waste your time dealing with anyone else. Believe me, you will not get the quality that these folks have.

Positive pinksnpurples
(1 review)
On Mar 31, 2012, pinksnpurples North Star, DE wrote:

My husband and I almost gave up dealing with Dimeo after we were verbally bruised in two phone calls by an older-sounding man. But, when you have a kid with medical needs, you sometimes bite the bullet and forge ahead anyway. We did and I'm really relieved that we did. We requested labeling via email and received partial success on that front. We did local pick-up and the gentleman who helped us was exceptionally knowledgeable and forthcoming. The retail arm (sales to home-owners) is only about 2 years old and there is evidence that modifications are being made as buyers make their desires known. So teach them how to make you a happy customer! We ended up buying more than we had ordered and we'd do business again in a heartbeat.

Positive Hazel716
(1 review)
On Mar 27, 2012, Hazel716 Laurel Lake, NJ wrote:

We just bought 5 blueberry plants last week - a great deal at $10 each! The man on the phone was very helpful when I placed my order and my plants were ready when I went to pick them up. They are very nice, big plants and they loaded them up in my truck quickly. I was given planting instructions, and my husband planted them that night. I have known the family since I was a teenager when I worked for their blueberry farm - they are still as friendly as they were over 20 years ago! We're starting small this year with our berry garden, but we plan to go back next year and buy more blueberry plants and maybe even some raspberry and blackberry plants. Thank you so much for a great deal on really nice plants :)

Positive Kubileya
(2 reviews)
On Mar 22, 2012, Kubileya Laurel, DE (Zone 7a) wrote:

My dad, sister and drove up to New Jersey last spring to pick up blueberry bushes straight from the farm. We met with one of the owners and he was very knowledgeable and patient with answering my dad's questions. We came home with 60 blueberries and a number of aronias as well. My dad followed the DiMeo's planting instructions to a T, including mixing the planting soil with peat moss and applying sulphur to bring the soil ph down. The results have been fantastic. The bushes are extremely healthy and put on a very good sized crop last year. They all survived the first winter in the ground just fine and are growing by leaps and bounds. I expect this year's crop will be excellent. We were very satisfied with our experience and when my dad is ready to expand his blueberry plot, I expect he will be back for more.

Positive darrelice
(1 review)
On Jan 12, 2012, darrelice Forest, VA wrote:

I lived in South Jersey for 30 years and passed by Dimeo Farms many times. I now live in Virginia. I decided this year to start a small berry farm in my backyard. I bought some plants from a local nursery which were healthy and are doing well. I was on the internet and came across the Dimeo website. Their prices were 1/3 of what I paid here for younger, smaller plants. I placed an order for eight plants. They were delivered on time. I followed the directions regarding planting. They have been in the ground two months and are doing great. They are filled with buds and I am looking forward to this summer. I plan on buying more next year. This is a place that handles huge commercial orders, and small-time customers like me. I would not hesitate to recommend them - they know the business.

Positive J_Ander1560
(2 reviews)
On Dec 9, 2011, J_Ander1560 GLEN MILLS, PA wrote:

This is another trusted company that I have a great deal of respect for. I’ve been ordering from this company for about the past 3 years. Lots of great options for my garden. Always a great selection. Shipping was great and fast.

Lots of other companies are more expensive but I think their shipping and handling costs were more than fair considering what you get. We ordered 45 plants to make a hedge row in our back garden. All of the plants were over 5’ foot tall and the leaves were green and large multi-branched plants with root systems that were larger than I had expected. Like my other suppliers, they added helpful planting instructions and gave us advice when we needed it. Once I called them on a Friday night at 5:30 and they said they were closing, but the owner stayed on the phone with me until almost 6:30 pm just to answer our questions.

This is another great mail order business that has earned my business. They too deserve high marks and hats off for delivering a product that we get to admire every day in our back yard. Out of all the plants we have purchased from them over the years, I would say that 100% have survived and are looking great.

A great source of plants for your garden. Always enjoy my experience. Well spoken customer service that has always taken the time with us. Would definitely buy from them again.

Positive fizzled
(1 review)
On Nov 14, 2011, fizzled Collingswood, NJ wrote:

Perfect A+++ internet experience with this company.

I ordered 25 plants and had them shipped to my girlfriend in Ohio. Their telephone ordering process was very easy. She received confirmation immediately before they shipped and called me the very next day to thank me for the plants. She said they were gorgeous and that she would order more from them in the Spring.

Even when we had questions, and called back again, they took the time to answer our questions quite easily. Friendly customer service by a young lady who was very plesant.

Would highly recommend them to anyone.

Positive mrkrbrtsn79
(1 review)
On Oct 30, 2011, mrkrbrtsn79 Philadelphia, PA wrote:

I recently received by first order from this company. I had ordered back in the early summer, but they delayed shipping because of the hot weather. Of course, I can understand tht. Both my daughter and I were more than greatly impressed not only with the quality of their plant rootstock, but also with their packaging and easy to understand planting instructions. They all had exceptionally large healthy roots, thick green branches and were at least 4' tall. Impressive big plants for the price! I could never find anything local like this for $10 dollars -- a great buy!

The 10 plants were labeled and packaged very well. Each of them arrived indivually wrapped and each had just the right amount of moisture to sustain the plants during shipment. Even if we had to hold them for a brief storage they had enough to hold nicely. In addition, the owner even put in a hand written note thanking us for the business and one of the staff even followed up with a phone call, which we thought was such a nice touch. Besides the fact that they called us before the order was shipped just to let us know that we should be prepared.

My only mistake was not ordered more plants, because if I had known they would be this nice, I would have gotten more for my other daughter who now wants some for her family as well. We have them all planted and they look great. I think I'm going to take the family out to pick next summer and visit the country. I will have no problem ordering from this company in the future.

This supplier has my highest recommendation to all. Very impressed with product.

Thanks again.

Positive 300_lb_Tomato
(2 reviews)
On Oct 13, 2011, 300_lb_Tomato Fair Lawn, NJ wrote:

Posted on May 29, 2011, updated October 13, 2011
Posted on March 6, 2011, updated May 29, 2011
Posted on February 26, 2011, updated March 6, 2011
Many years ago, I had established up to six berry plants in my parent's tiny (20 ft x 20 ft) urban backyard garden in Union City, NJ. However, 3 years ago, the neighbor built a new five story concrete condo right up to the property line and during construction ripped out all of my berry plants. All those years of work lost.

In the past, for my tiny urban garden, I had purchased berry plants from several different local nurseries (not mail order). Although those plants looked healthy with lots of flowers on purchase, the plants did have canker and witches broom on some stems, and it appeared that some stems had been pruned by the nursery to remove this. Although when planted they had great yields, just about each year one of the six plants would die from these diseases and I would have to replace it with a new plant.

Last year I purchased my first home in suburban Fair Lawn, NJ. with my fiancée. We have a much larger plot of land for growing and recognize that there is no greater waste of space than the ubiquitous lawn. We desire to return the 65 foot by 100 foot property into as much of a small farm as is possible. Our first season (2010), we successfully established 300 strawberry plants and 5 peach trees as well as a large 7 ft by 40 ft vegetable garden.

This year Blueberries!

This time, wanting to get a much larger number of plants and finally disease free, I did much online searching for the perfect source.

I came upon the extensive impressive YouTube videos and DiMeo website. I was so excited to learn that they were in New Jersey and only 110 miles away. 110 miles is just a short hop down the block when you are in quest of the perfect berry plants!

I was impressed by how robust the plants were in the videos and most importantly these plants were being grown by real farmers who had been in business for over one hundred years. And the price of $10 for three year old 3 gallon potted plants dug from the soil of their farm (not grown in a lab) was unheard of. And according to the videos they also sold fully mature 10 year old 6 foot high plants! Ya can't get that from your local nursery.

I immediately sent an e-mail to them and quickly got a response. Because the family has big blueberry growing operations in New Jersey, I was so surprised that they would be willing to sell to a small home gardener like me. I had indicated in my initial e-mail that I was only interested in about 15-20 plants. After several question and prompt answer e-mail exchanges I called them to arrange for pickup.

Last Saturday morning my fiancée and I made the road trip down to the farm. It was a part of New Jersey we had never been to...the heart of blueberry country. We had never seen a real blueberry farm before and although it was February and all the plants were dormant, it was amazing to see berry plants as far as the eye can see. By seeing this farm in person, I learned how big established plants should get, how far apart they are spaced, how the drainage works and how they are irrigated for a commercial farm operation. I will use this as a guide for my home farm operation.

At the entrance to the farm, thousands of three year old plants were potted and ready for sale. The fully mature 10 year old plants were also on display. The grandson, Anthony came out to greet us, and allowed us to pick and choose any of the plants we wanted. Among countless other varieties, they had the varieties Duke (early season) and Elliot (late season). Perfect.

I examined the fully dormant three year old plants. They were large and healthy, with strong wood stem development, with most branches much larger than the thickness of a pencil. Dormant maximum stem heights ranged from 1 1/2 feet to 4 feet high. I looked for any evidence of the much dreaded canker on the branches or fungus or any other evidence of sickly branches that may have been pruned away for concealment. I saw none. In fact not a single plant had any pruning cuts. Each and every branch had a plethora of large healthy buds waiting to burst out of dormancy. These plants were clearly very healthy and healthy throughout their three year growing period from the start. I decided to pick up 26 plants (13 Duke and 13 Elliot).

Anthony (the grandson) was a cordial person readily answering my questions about the best way to orient the rows of plants, how to stagger the varieties in the rows and the soil requirements. He provided us with a flyer and detailed growing instructions. And he helped us load up the truck!

If you live anywhere in the region, I strongly urge you to visit this farm and nursery and see for yourself. The berry plants now await planting on our property. Because of my job work schedule, it may be many weeks before I will be able to get them in the ground. I hope they will not undergo too much shock when I finally do get them in, because by that time, they will certainly no longer be in dormancy. As the season progresses, I will update the progress on this site. If the yields are high and the health continues I will certainly be back to this farm for more berry plants. Next season (2012) perhaps I'll take out those useless ornamental hedges bordering my property with the neighbor and try planting 30 or so of those large healthy beautiful fully mature 6 foot high 10 year old plants from DiMeo.

On March 6th, 2011, 300_lb_Tomato added the following:

Yesterday I began preparing my garden for the new berry plants as per DiMeo's instructions. My soil did need to be amended just a little bit. Luckly, the detailed planting instructions that DiMeo gave me during my plant pick-up at their farm gave me precise easy instructions on how I can quickly amend it to the perfect range preferred by the plants. This was so much easier than I thought it would be. Thanks DBF!

Next is to get the plants in the ground. They are still looking great. We had a couple of days of warm weather here in New Jersey, and the plant buds are getting ready to burst! I look foward to my next visit to DiMeo's as it was indeed a great experience. They are good people.

All my questions have been answered and the farm staff has been very nice and always helpful. I will recommend this family-run farm to anyone who wants some nice berry plants for their backyard.

On May 29th, 2011, 300_lb_Tomato added the following:

I finally got my blueberry bushes in the ground today!

Because of my teaching work schedule, I could not do it sooner. Since purchasing the 13 Duke and 13 Elliot bushes in February, the plants have come out of dormancy
and have already grown 1' in the pots! They are completely free of insect pests too.

These plants are clearly healthy, robust, now almost 5' foot plants. They have flowered, beautiful white wedding-bell type flowers and are now loaded full of big berries! When I say BIG BLUEBERRIES, I mean REALLY BIG berries. The plants have suffered absolutely no transplanting shock despite my planting on a hot 85 F sunny day.

I have never seen such healthy plants transplant so well. Okay, Dimeo's, you now have friendly berry production competition coming from Northern New Jersey, and its coming from 300_lb_Tomato!

Always a pleasure doing business with a family business like yours. Know that you are still being highly recommended to my co-workers and friends.

Good luck with this year's 2011 berry season!

On October 13th, 2011, 300_lb_Tomato added the following:

I'm very happy. What a great growing season! What incredible yields! What nice huge berries! ...Fall is upon us, leaves are starting to turn, nights are getting cold, and I am just reminiscing about my first season of growing berries from the plants I bought at this farm.

I know you are supposed to remove berries from plants in your first year of planting, so that the energy of the plant goes into root and plant growth to help the plants become established...

...But I just couldn't.

The plants were so healthy, large and robust when I purchased them, and they transplanted so well, that I made the decision that I just had to have berries my first year! Even though the farmer said it wasn't the best idea.

And yes, I had countless loads of enormous 3/4 inch diameter super sweet berries.

The plants became established so quickly and the growth was unfazed by the large yields. I can't believe the plants could have grown so much in just one season.

The trunk, and yes I use the word "trunk", on each plant had grown to larger than an inch in size at the base.

All plants are robust and upright taller than 5' feet tall, with many new larger-than-pencil-thick wood branches, which next spring are destined to produce a plethora of white flowers.

And that was just the first season. I can't wait till next year.

I definitely am going to make the pilgrimage back to this farm again next spring. They have always been helpful and answered my many questions when I needed them most.

This time going to try out blackberries and maybe some cranberries!

Thanks again!

On Oct 13, 2011, Dimeo Blueberry Farms responded with:

"On Mar 7, 2011 11:43 PM, Dimeo Blueberry Farms responded with:

Thank you Joe, we value your business and thank you for your kind words. Looking foward to your next farm visit."

Positive jnmclark
(1 review)
On Sep 26, 2011, jnmclark WESTTOWN,
United States wrote:

I live in Westtown, Pa and purchased 20 blueberry plants from Dimeo Blueberry Farm. The plants were healthy and taller than what I have found from local garden centers. I was running late to pick up the blueberry plants and still was accomodated by the farm to pick up late on a Saturday afternoon. Thanks for great plant and I will let you know how they do after next spring.

Positive BerryGoodness
(1 review)
On Sep 8, 2011, BerryGoodness Stone Harbor, NJ wrote:

I purchased 25 plants from this wonderful family farm about a year ago. They turned out to be a great investment. We planted them along a fence in my backyard. I expected the plants to be only about 2’ feet tall, but when they arrived they were over 4’ feet tall. Several were actually a bit taller than 4’ feet. They were packed very well and arrived in great condition. They grew a whole 18” the first growing season. All 25 are still healthy. I encourage others to purchase plants from this farm. From the moment I contacted them they were nothing but friendly and helpful in every way.

I have a large family and we all love berries. Now we have them in our own backyard. The kids love to watch them grow. From our experience with them I would recommend them since they provide "good old customer service" that is hard to find today and a GREAT VALUE in plants that are not only cheap, but high quality as well. When a company has a great product like this that is at a higher standard than what you normally can find, I think we should write and let others know about it.

I'm writing to let others know that I'm impressed with not only these plants and the "good old customer service" but the result of the 25 plant investment we made. When dealing with this farm, I would be confident that you made the right choice. I know we did.


Positive dmularz
(1 review)
On Aug 14, 2011, dmularz Edison, NJ wrote:


I was looking for berry plants and mentioned it to a friend who in turn recommened that I check out this family farm in South Jersey. So I came online and took at look at the website... loved it. Then looked up the farm and came here to this website. After reading many of the positve experiences, I decided to take a ride down yesterday to pick up the plants. It was almost a 3 hour drive with traffic, but turned out to be well worth the drive down.

It was my first first time buying berry plants for my yard so I wanted some advice. When I arrived, I was greeted by a young lady who's name was Amber. She was very presonable and knowledgeable. She showed us their selection of unique berry plants, which was impressive and exquisite to say the least.

We ended up getting 10 blueberry plants, 2 raspberry plants and a new berry plant called Aronia that is super high in antioxidants. All of the plants were in big 3 gallon pots, multi-branched with dark green nice leaves, and I would say they were at least 4' tall. For $10 bucks each.. I think that's a hell of a great deal. The plants are healthy and strong enough to be planted in the ground this fall.

After being there myself yesterday, I can honestly say ... do not hesitate to buy from this nursery. Yes, I was impressed and it was well worth the drive down. I will now HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone who is wanting beautiful berry plants at a fair price.

Positive Herbladi
(1 review)
On Aug 10, 2011, Herbladi Moriches, NY wrote:

My husband and I have owned a Nursery Business for Over twenty years...Our name is NorthStar Nursery located in Moriches,Long Island,NY. We set up an appointment with Anthony of Dimeo Farms on our way home from a trade show last week. It was such a pleasure to speak and deal with Anthony. He was very knowledgeable and patient.
Once you go and meet him, you will see how professional he can be.... The blueberry bushes were healthy and a good size for the price. We have no complaints at all and hope to do more business with Dimeo Farms in the future.
Rick and Colleen

Positive asa3rodriguez
(1 review)
On Aug 8, 2011, asa3rodriguez Paulsboro, NJ wrote:

Our experience was great! From the initial making of the appointment, Anthony DiMeo III was very helpful. He explained the different variety of the plants they have and what to expect when we arrived.

Once we arrived at our appointment, we were amazed at the actual size of the plants. You are getting a "bush" and not a branch/root from Gurney's or 4 Seasons. He was hospitable enought to allow my children to pick raspberries while i chose the plants that I wanted. He also explained to choose the ones that branch out more rather than the tallest.

Our overall experience was great and we gladly recommend them to anyone.

Positive Subversive
(2 reviews)
On Jul 11, 2011, Subversive Monson, MA wrote:

Posted on July 4, 2011, updated July 11, 2011
Posted on July 4, 2011, updated July 4, 2011
Ok, so the guy is hard-core New Jersey and shopping with him feels a bit like buying discount VCRs (stolen) from a van down by the docks--I can deal with that. He can't help where he comes from and the three blueberry plants I bought are large and healthy, which counts for a lot. But I was a bit put off by the fact that they were not labeled for variety, and now I think I know why. I was very clear that I wanted one Reka, one Chandler, and one Aurora (with three very different fruiting periods), and he was very clear that was exactly what he was giving me. But they all seem to be fruiting exactly the same, so I am suspecting that they are just some generic variety and the reason the plants are unlabeled is so that he can tell his customers they are whatever varieties they want them to be. I won't know for sure until I see the leaf colors in the fall, and I'll update my review then. It would be a shame if I had to rip these plants out of the ground and buy the varieties I selected from someone else. Like I said, the blueberries seem to be doing real well.

On July 4th, 2011, Subversive added the following:

Well, maybe they are different varieties. But they look sooo much like each other right now. These plants are said to be only 5-6 years old, and perhaps their youth combined with the shock of being planted forced them into an early fruiting cycle or something, as they are all three too early. Like I said, when I see the leaf colors, I will have a better idea. Reka, Chandler, and Aurora should have red/burgundy, wine/orange, and deepred/wine leaves, respectively. Once I know for sure, I will update my rating to positive or negative.
On July 11th, 2011, Subversive changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

For at least the time being, I am going to upgrade to positive, as although the plants all started fruiting at the same time, it does seem as if they are establishing different personalities now. I'll update again in the fall once I see the leaves. For now, I'm just going to enjoy the fresh blueberries.
Positive alilqtinvegas
(1 review)
On Jun 19, 2011, alilqtinvegas Black River Falls, WI wrote:

Posted on May 1, 2011, updated June 19, 2011
I ordered plants from Dimeo and asked them to mix them up so that I would have all three season producers, spring, summer and fall. The plants were shipped at a bad time for me, but I placed them in 5 gallon buckets filled with wet peat moss from Canada. If you receive your plants and cannot plant them, you need to be prepared to be creative people! Dimeo can only ship by estimated frost dates and the rest is up to you!

I have to say the blueberry plants are by far the best I have ever ordered. These are not sticks, are live, healthy and already budding! Most of them are about 4 1/2 feet tall and are very sturdy.

After reading all the comments, I have to say I too, was concerned about placing an order. I didn't like that Dimeo could not process a credit/debit card, but with todays processing fees, Dimeo is actually being smart with that. Why should they give away their hard-earned cash to a company just for processing their orders? I own a business and can tell you that 2% fees on our credit card processing is astronomical!

The plants are reasonably priced for such a good quality. Yes, the shipping is a little high. I guess part of that is the handling, wrapping and processing/reading for shipping. Anyone who states here that they were ripped off should go buy Gurneys plants. I bought nine blueberry plants from Gurneys at $12 each and they are single sticks with no foliage whatsoever. YOU WILL be disappointed! I am so delighted with the plants I received from Dimeo that I will buy more in the future.

In regard to customer service... Mr. Dimeo has a deep voice that catches you off guard. However, after speaking with him for several minutes, I was honest with him about my concerns regarding the bad reviews. He assured me that they stake their reputation upon growing only the best and delivering exactly that to the customer. We spoke about his competitors comments here and on other websites as well. I can only tell you that I am NOT an exception, and that the plants I received were well worth the price. I am glad I ordered from Dimeo as this year, I will have blueberries!

Yes, I am a real customer. I live in Wisconsin and I created this membership around February or March when I ordered the plants from Dimeo. I wanted to be able to honestly review, no matter what the result would have been. I am thrilled I am able to give them a positive review.

On June 19th, 2011, alilqtinvegas added the following:

I am happy to report that I have beautiful blueberries growing on the blueberry bushes that I planted early last month. The berries are well formed and abundant for being transplanted just this spring. I did not lose a single plant after planting. Although I received them during an unexpected blizzard and freeze, I placed them in buckets of wet peat moss until I could plant them. Approximately two weeks passed before I could plant (due to two feet of snow fall). I would have to say the plants are very hardy! Customer service may not be the very best, but the plants are. I am ordering more for the fall.
Positive Jrawitz
(1 review)
On Jun 19, 2011, Jrawitz Otis, MA wrote:

I decided I wanted to pick up my plants in person. I was driving to the farm on a friday afternoon and because of traffic I was an hour late. I know I was the last visitor of the day and was worried they might leave. Anthony was great. I was in constant contact with Anthony who told me no problem he would wait for me. When I arrived I called and he came right down and patiently walked me through all the choices. I asked a million questions and he was happy to answer. Despite the late hour he stayed and talked about the farm.

He could have rushed me through quickly as I am sure he wanted to go home as well. It was the type of old fashioned customer service that makes a customer for life.

Finally, despite having clear planting instructions he spent plenty of time discussing soil and ph. Most importantly, I am extremely satisfied with my plants. I can't speak for the others but my experience was fantastic.

Positive LuckyJ
(1 review)
On Jun 3, 2011, LuckyJ Moville, IA wrote:

Posted on May 12, 2011, updated June 3, 2011
Posted on April 28, 2011, updated May 12, 2011
Posted on April 28, 2011, updated April 28, 2011
Excellent customer service - I received my blueberries much faster than expected - beautiful large healthy plants - I appreciate doing business with people who are friendly and helpful. A personal thank you to the gentleman who expidited my order and answered my questions! Highly reccomend them to anyone looking to buy on-line!

On April 28th, 2011, LuckyJ added the following:

I just read the previous comment and find it very hard to believe - I purchased only 5 plants and was treated very well -My purchase with shipping happened to be $78.00 - but, I will be spending more of my hard earned dollars with this company - simply, because they earned my business.
On May 12th, 2011, LuckyJ added the following:

Just an update on the blueberry bushes I bought - they are absolutely awesome - they have taken root and growing extremely well. Lots and lots of flowers. I don't understand the negative comments on this site??? I will continue to update this post as the season progresses. So far... 100% satisfaction on this end.
On June 3rd, 2011, LuckyJ added the following:

Berries are starting to form on all of my blueberry bushes!!!!
Plants are healthy!!!! I still say this was a great investment and feel that all the negativity on this post is hard to believe.
Positive Ferraez
(1 review)
On May 27, 2011, Ferraez Dunellen, NJ wrote:

After reading many many reviews, about countless blueberry mail order web sites, I decided to give DiMeo a shot. DiMeo had the most positive reviews and the negative ones were about customer service, for the most part, and not about the blueberry plants. Most of the other mail order companies’ negative reviews were about the product. After much research from various NJ state web sites, as well as many gardening websites, I was able to make the decision that blueberry plants would work in my area. I knew how much space I had and, based on the research I had done, knew how many plants I could plant. I also knew what kind of soil was preferred and what I would have to do to make soil close to the recommendations. So THEN I decided to call DiMeo Farms. The guy (Mr. DiMeo) answered the phone, I told him I was looking to come down to look at the farm and pick up some blueberry bushes. I was sure that after I told him how many I wanted that the tone of the conversation would change for the worse, but it didn’t. I told him I was looking for the minimum order (5) and he said no problem. We set a time for later that week. I arrived at DiMeo farms and Mr. DiMeo was in the field with a worker, he waived us over to the parking spot. He was very nice to my wife and myself and answered all questions we had, as this was our first planting we had ever done. In the time we were with Mr. DiMeo he must have had 5-6 phone calls from the web site, WHILE he was with us. Mr. DiMeo himself answers the phone as much as possible and tries to answers as many questions as he can while at the same time take care of the customer that is in front of him. That’s hard to do no matter who you are. I think this is where most of the “customer service” issues come from. But after being there and seeing what goes on from the other end of the phone, I give DiMeo credit for trying. The DiMeo family takes pride in their farm, and family, as is obvious by the farm itself. The place is very kid friendly (were planning a trip there with our 3 kids later this year). Old tractors that are restored for the kids to play on and a picking patch for kids with honey sticks just for them. What DiMeo farms is not is a Wal-Mart where the customer is always right no matter what. I really appreciate the fact that I got straight to the point answers, and a great product. I’ll take that over great customer service from a person that has very limited experience but a nice way about them any day. The DiMeo’s are farmers, not sales reps. Could he have been nicer sounding over the phone with longer more politically correct answers? Yes, but, Remember, this is New Jersey you are calling (no offence! Lol). I am from Mississippi and needless to say that people in NY, NJ are different, but that does not make them bad people, just different personality wise. I would highly recommend DiMeo farms to anyone. They genuinely care about their business and their first priority is the plants. We ended up getting 5 six year old blueberry bushes, 3 raspberry, 3 blackberry, 3 gooseberry even though we only came for 5 three year old blueberry plants. The place is great. I also find it very amusing that some of the Dave’s garden moderators think that because a review is positive and personal that something must be “shady”. I am a real customer, feel free to contact me and I’ll show you my new garden.

Positive dwang0725
(1 review)
On May 19, 2011, dwang0725 Ridgewood, NJ wrote:

My experience:

About a year ago (winter of 2009), I had an email correspondence with Anthony Dimeo about planting blueberry plants in my yard (4-5 total emails). He courteously answer all my questions, assuring me that the plants will do just fine in my region (Northern NJ) and that they would do well where I wanted to plant them in my yard (sloping ground).

Fast forward to this year. I emailed Dimeo Farms telling them that I wanted to buy their 3 year old Blueberry plants back in early April this year. Within 24 hrs, I received a reply back from Amanda Rizley, a customer service rep. In the email, she provided a total for the plants and roughly when they would be shipping for my region. She also explained that they only accept checks or money orders as they do not take credit cards. I sent out my check to them late April and eagerly awaited the plants. On the day my check cleared, I received a courtesy call from Amanda (Friday, May 6th). She told me that they received my payment and would be shipping out my plants mid week next week. She told me to prepare the area for planting as I should have the plants in the ground the day I receive them and to expect my delivery late in the week. On Saturday, May 14th, I received the plants. Plants were shipped via USPS, bare root. The root balls were carefully double wrapped in plastic wrap. Ice/gel was also evident. All the plants were at least 4 ft in height with plenty of leaves. The main stalks/stems were about 1/2" to 3/4" in diameter. These were better than any of the 3 year old plants I have seen in my local nursery! I am happy to say that after one week, the plants are thriving in my yard and are doing very well. No stress whatsoever. Leaves are full and have not fallen.

I would highly recommend buying from Dimeo Farms. None of my experience was anything like the negative reviews on here. Buy with confidence! Thank you Dimeo Farms!

Positive jennifer1221
(1 review)
On May 18, 2011, jennifer1221 Philadelphia, PA wrote:

An EXCELLENT farm and nursery -- nice family business!! Worth checking out! Beautiful berry plants.

This farm has been around for longer than I remember-- I am in my mid 40's and when I worked in Jersey in the late 70s/early 80's, this place was thriving back then. Nice farm, nice people and great selection of berry plants -- stuff you won't see in the bigger stores and believe me, MUCH better care is given to these plants. It is one of the last of the old time nurseries in the area. I am all for supporting our local businesses before the big box stores. I do not want to see one more nice family business go under because of the big guys-- the customer service is fantastic . .remember they specialize in plants. These farmers KNOW their stuff.

The selection of plants is excellent. When I suggest to others to go there in lieu of burning their precious gas & time to run to every major store to find certain organic berry plants, they are most appreciative. It is a cool place to find and pick out your own berry plants and they even have antique farm crates and boxes too, which my daughter just loved!!

I recommend to won't be disappointed!! :)

Positive paperdoll53
(1 review)
On May 16, 2011, paperdoll53 Hudson Falls, NY wrote:

About 2 weeks ago, I started searching the internet for ORGANIC blueberry bushes. Organic is very important to me so that part is vital. I found numerous sites but was attracted to Dimeo Blueberry Farms because of the extensive information about their plants with videos, etc. I emailed them and told them where I lived and that I had no clue on what type to buy. I received a phone call that very day which surprised me. They were very helpful. Gave me a price for the plants I wanted. I sent a check the next day and once they received the check, I got another call, telling me they had received the check and that the plants would be shipped out the following Wed. I received them this past Friday. In the rain, on Sat., I planted them after following their enclosed instructions, including taking a soil sample down to one of my local nursaries to test for the Ph level.
The plants looked fine and so far, so good. Yes, I know it's only been a couple of days...
I was very happy with their customer service. This happens to be field in which I work so this is also very important to me.

Positive skidbump
(1 review)
On May 16, 2011, skidbump Hyde Park, NY wrote:

I contacted Via email and he called me the next night.He responded within 2 days Via email with prices and shipping.We spoke 3 time on the phone before i sent my check and he shipped about a week after he got my check.
When plants "1.5 yr old cuttings" arrived they where in good shape .Bare roots were still wet.

My only criticism would be that a email for shipping confirmation would be great.
Also USPS is ok but maybe offer overnite or 2nd day at buyer expense.
I bought 50 duke nad 50 bluecrop all were as advertised.
Would highly recommend him for a supplier/seller.

Positive jldoddy
(1 review)
On May 15, 2011, jldoddy Saylorsburg, PA wrote:

I want to say how delighted I was when I received my blueberry plants. I ordered eight plants and when they arrived they were with blossom and very healthy. My experience on the whole with the DiMeo group was excellent. They guaranteed my plants and I was told to call if I had any concerns. They were patient with my many questions and returned my emails and call in a very timely manner. I look forward to the maturing of my new plants and with delight to future purchases from the DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Nursery.

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