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Negative madhen
(3 reviews)
On Aug 14, 2020, madhen El Dorado, CA wrote:

I ordered two black walnut trees from this company. The trees cost $10 and the shipping was $23.50. When the trees arrived with no roots and completely dead (cambium was dark brown), I contacted the company and asked for a refund. They ignored my first email and only responded when I emailed a second time and told them I was going to contact PayPal for a refund. At that time, they refunded $10 but said their policy was to not refund shipping in the summer months. This policy did not appear anywhere on their website. When I pointed that out, I was referred to the home page, where, again, the policy is NOT listed. They also insinuated that I had somehow killed the trees, even though I told them the condition the trees were in upon arrival. I have requested a refund through PayPal and I have complained to the business about their unethical practice of making their profit on an unstated shipping policy, but I don't expect much. Lesson learned and I will not be using this nursery again ever. I will also make sure that the several gardening forums I am on know about this experience and shy clear. I hope it was worth the $23.50 to them.

Negative flowjock
(2 reviews)
On May 29, 2020, flowjock Snow Camp, NC wrote:

I ordered 4 American Persimmon trees - first (and last) time ordering from this company. When they arrived (dormant) I couldn't tell if they were viable or not but my experience made me doubtful - poor looking/minimal roots and a general poor look (I am an experienced grower). I gave the trees several months to show life and not a single one ever did. Poor quality plants

Negative peatfeat
(1 review)
On Apr 21, 2020, peatfeat Silverton, OR wrote:

Understand I have purchased trees from this company for years. Have always been impressed by their customer service, their quality, their shipping. Today I received 6 fruit trees. I can live with the peach tree having 3 branches broke off in shipping as pruning. But I was very disappointed in the VAN cherry tree. I realize it was the last one in stock but they really should have thrown it away or sold it as a scrub. Approx 3 foot stick with approx 1 foot withered root. $29 plus shipping for a second (or maybe even a third). We planted it immediately and gave it some vitamin B. Hoping some TLC will save it but so very disappointed in the fact they shipped this. They took full price for a very low quality item. I'm thinking new managment?

Negative M14Jackson
(2 reviews)
On Aug 20, 2019, M14Jackson Thayne, WY wrote:

I am leading an effort to establish a hardwood plantation in Wyoming and made Burnt Ridge Nursery a part of this effort with a $1400 order of Shagbark Hickory and Skookum and Sleeping Giant Chestnut seedlings.

I gave this order every chance. I wish I had done a detailed inspection of the seedlings upon pickup this past spring. I was expecting to pick up dormant seedlings from cold storage but instead all were well past bud break and quite leafy. All our other dormant stock from other suppliers was picked up well prior to bud break.

The shagbark hickory seedlings were quite a disappointment. All but 2 had the taproot cut between 4” and 6” below soil surface. The other 2 were J Roots. Of the 72 seedlings delivered, we have 11 surviving at this time. It looked like the roots had been cut for some time before pickup as they appeared to be aged cuts. The original order was for 150 of the seedlings. We were advised during the winter of crop failure and the inability to fulfill the original order. It is apparent why now. You just can’t sever the taproot that shallow and expect survival.

The various chestnut deliveries also were problematic. While the survival rate is much better than the hickory, around 50% of the seedlings had damaged terminal buds due to apparent deer browsing. As with the hickories, the chestnuts were for investment grade timber production and these damaged specimens were not suitable for this purpose.

All these trees were planted three days after pickup. We gave these specimens more care than our other species trying to increase the possibility of survival with far less success results.

When these issues were brought to the attention of Burnt Ridge all I was received was denials and then they went dark. This is not acceptable customer service. These seedlings were also not a quality product. Seek your product elsewhere. If you are in the Northwest area, get your stock from the University of Idaho Pitkin Nursery. We’ve received several thousand trees from them without issue. They are on top of everything! We just wish U of I worked with Shagbark Hickory and the Chestnut hybrids.

JJ Jackson, CEO
Star Valley Hardwood Plantation

Negative nvagarden
(1 review)
On Oct 17, 2018, nvagarden Great Falls, VA wrote:

Every plant I got were diseased. Got in March, already dying in May. Seller said they did not know why but plants would do better in fall, and would replace if they don't. Half are completely dead by September. Seller now said "our guarantee only covers plants that fail to leaf out in the spring they are received." Seller also advised me to fertilize the dead trees and told me they would "look better" next spring. I takes good care of my plants. I grow plants from other nurseries without issues : peach, persimmon, jujube, berries, etc. The trees I got from them were supposed to be very hardy: north star sour cherry and Chinese Hawtorn. The spring/summer 18 were uncommonly ideal for growing in our area. (mild with enough rain).

Negative Joy9595
(1 review)
On Jan 28, 2018, Joy9595 Coburg, OR wrote:

I placed an order with Burnt Ridge this year. I ordered Paw Paw seedlings that were priced at $15 per gallon. A few days later I received an order confirmation that stated that I owed $10 on the order plus additional postage. They said that they had changed their mind on the price in the catalog after they printed it and decided to raise the price. I cancelled the order and requested that they refund my money.

Negative TA152H
(10 reviews)
On May 2, 2017, TA152H Stony Point, NY wrote:

I recently put in an order for a own-rooted Mulberry tree, and a few other items. One item they decided to charge me $5 more than was listed, a green gage plum.

One was an apple tree that had already broken dormancy and by the time I got it, already had leaves on it dying.

The worst was a "self-rooted" Illinois Mulberry tree that in the past was shipped in a pot. It was not in a pot, and was not self-rooted, as it had a clear bud joint. Not only that, the rootstock was badly damaged, with the cambium layer roughly half off right below where it had been budded.

I contacted Burnt Ridge, and they basically denied it, and told me to plant it, and like it. They offered no assistance, and no remorse for sending such a bad plant. Just denial, and we hope you like it. I didn't.

Negative windycold
(1 review)
On Apr 14, 2017, windycold Mountain Home, ID wrote:

I ordered raspberries, three grafted hazelnuts, two grafted cherries, and two grafted apples. The same year I ordered from Stark.

Two of the hazelnuts were own root, and one had two different tags on it identifying it as different kinds. The smaller trees died right away. The larger hazelnut caught some disease and died in the fall. Most of the raspberries died by this spring.

The Stark plants are doing fine.

When I call or write, no one knows what is going on and have a hard time figuring it out. Either these are the stupidest people on the planet, or they intentionally do not want to take responsibility.


At these prices, use a better nursery. Burnt Ridge will introduce disease to your soil. I spent all last summer picking individual sick leaves off my trees to prevent spread of possible fungal diseases. What a waste.

Negative geoffw
(1 review)
On Sep 30, 2016, geoffw Allen, TX wrote:

Out of 4 trees I ordered from them, one had graft failure within a few days, one died after a few months, one is struggling, and one is thriving. They refuse to replace the tree with graft failure. Too many variables, they say -- drifting herbicides and caterpillars that could run amok, you know.

There are other better nurseries out there who care if their plants survive and will ship you replacements if they don't because they care about return customers. Burnt Ridge has apparently chosen to focus on first time customers only.

Negative jagrogan
(8 reviews)
On Mar 25, 2016, jagrogan Somerset, KY (Zone 6b) wrote:

I've ordered about $400 worth of trees and shrubs from them since March 2015. The 2 almonds and 2 hazelnuts are 1 year later, still scragglely and one of the hazenuts had to be replaced. They agreed to either send one free if I split the difference in shipping or send one free if I ordered something else. So since I needed a 2nd American Chestnut as I I ordered one of those and the one they set was snapped in two to within six inches of the roots. Now the American Chestnut I bought from them last year is still alive but didn't grow much and I reckon the broken one they sent will survive too.

I also bought 2 Kiwis, Goojiberry, Honeyberry, Viking Aronia, Saskatoon, Izu Persimmon, Chandler Walnut, and Apricot and all are alive but mediocre or poor in performance so far except the 2 apricots and 1 walnut have been astounding well growing and look great. The persimmon I moved just yesterday to a sunnier spot and was surprised at how little, if any the roots had grown, the top didn't grow much either but more sun should help. The rest are in sunny locations with good or amended soil but then I know from past experience it typically takes 2 - 3 years before a plant will start to thrive in it's location so that's not unexpected.

The biggest disappoint was being told by their staff that the Hazelnut that needed replacement was my fault despite the fact that of about $1000 worth of fruit & nut trees, vines, shrubs, and brambles I've planted since May 2014 only the Hazelnut I told Burnt Ridge Nursery about failed.

So they would have gotten a neutral if not for their customer service blaming me for the failed plant. Honestly for the prices and shipping they charge a neutral is as good as you can give them for most of what they are selling. As I've yet to order from an online nursery that sends anything near what you can buy at the home improvement or discount stores, be prepared to wait 2 - 3 years before what you order is comparable to what you buy locally so that's expected and that's average and that's neutral.

And that neutral is relative to their nursery competition, I still think gardening is a positive hobby worth the costs but that in general applies to everybody.

For those wishing to shop there if they have something nobody else has I will order it there but if other nurseries have those items I will give those nurseries a try, for example, I received a beautiful American Witchhazel from Cold Stream Nursery this week. However, I probably will order that one special type of walnut I want from Burnt Ridge and a few not so popular shrubs from there.

Negative BeeBlessed
(1 review)
On Feb 6, 2016, BeeBlessed Johnson City, TN wrote:

Placed my fall order 11/3/15 for multiple shrubs and berry bushes. Received a confirmation email that expected ship month, November, but will be on a first come, first served manner. Ok, I get it. Its business. 3 days later, I get an email that it will be shipped in the spring, Feb or March. Well, not happy, but ok. I will wait. Fall is a better time frame to plant, but spring should be ok for shrubs. I then receive an email Jan 5, 2016 that they are out of half of my order. Really? They didnt know this 2 months ago when I could have ordered from a competitor. Never again!

Negative leo_leo_1
(1 review)
On Nov 2, 2015, leo_leo_1 Staten Island, NY wrote:

Will never ever order anything from this nursery again, very disappointed! The persimmon tree they sent (bare roots) died and never leaf out since the spring (I did everything possible to save it). For $18 they replace it following spring, but same thing happened to the new tree. The bare roots tree they sent almost had no roots at all :( I wrote several emails +sent pictures of their dead tree, and my receipt with the order#, Michel Dolan wrote me back first (wanted more pictures), and I sent more pictures, but then my last email was just ignored it and never answered. I'm very disappointed. The other nurseries I also order from: for example or raintreenursery, has an excellent service and about 20 trees that I ordered from them not even one tree died! People try to stay away from Burnt Ridge Nursery!

Negative b9cyst
(2 reviews)
On May 12, 2015, b9cyst Marengo, IN wrote:

I purchased 7 chestnut trees from burnt ridge. I received a confirmation pretty quickly after. I waited for around 2 weeks and called and was advised they would ship the following Monday. I got my confirmation on Tuesday so they were a day later then what i was told. Not that big of a deal except I live in Indiana, and it is a 5 day shipment so they were stuck in transit over the weekend.
So i get the package on Monday. I have my holes dug and I'm ready when ups arives. I open the package and i review the trees, and I have 1 tree that was supposed to be a graft, but was a seedling with a dead top. Also have another seedling that is not too healthy looking. I emailed and advised of the issue, and was told to take a picture of the tree. I did and waited a week. I then received another email saying the picture was not clear enough. I am now borrowing a better camera and resending pictures this weekend. So far this has not been a good experience.
The custer service rep advised that once they have the picture then can replace in the spring, but will be charged again for shipping. I find this practice a little silly, since this was clearly a mistake made entirely on their part. Not only is it a dead tree but the wrong dead tree. I will change this rating to a neutral rating if indeed they send me the proper trees to replace the dead ones. Still feel like paying shipping again is a raw deal in this case. I could understand if the tree arrived properly and died at some point, but again wrong tree in the first place. So I have 2 out of the seven that are dead and 1 that has yet to leaf out but appears to be okay. Will update as this plays out.

Negative grizz29
(1 review)
On Jul 7, 2014, grizz29 wrote:

I ordered six blueberry plants last year. The plants were not well packed, there was a mini heat wave and they took much longer to arrive than other growers.
Two were stone cold dead the others very stressed. I volunteered to try to work with the four stressed ones and asked and received replacements on the two.
. I am not a casual buyer , I have close to two hundred bushes in two locations. I've bought from Grovers, DeMeo, Nourse, berries Unl., Indiana Berry, Hartmann and iDeGrandchamps all gave good service(if different quality) and I've never lost a plant.
. In spite of a lot of skill and extra care the four did not make it through the winter. As a courtesy I sent the plants back (about 8 bucks).
I got a note from Mrs Dolan denying warranty. Most surprising, she said I should have ordered from an East Coast grower if I didn't want the plants spending inordinate time in transit.
I spent precious time trying to save those sickly things ...that's what annoys me most.

Negative sccrde
(1 review)
On May 7, 2014, sccrde Rochester, NY wrote:

I ordered 6 mix fruit plant last year and I am living in zone 5 and I have checked before order in their site for zone.

3 of them died this year and I called them they said they don't give any warranty like Home Depot or Laws. So whoever ordering from them, take your own risk as they really don't give any warranty.

The worst part is, I have called them for the issue and the first person does not feel any bad that my 3 plant died which was over $40. He even did not say I am sorry for that the plan died. What kind of customer service is that ? The next person whom I have talked was nice and explain me nice.

Negative hojn
(3 reviews)
On Aug 21, 2012, hojn Mount Pleasant Mills, PA wrote:

for the price, the trees were small and the grafts were not healed yet ,some of my trees grew, but below the graft .at 18 dollers for a mullbery that i hoped to youse for grafting wood .now i have a nother trash mullbery. my plumb trees were tiny for the cost . the trees i got from adams co. nursery were 3 times the size for less money and all the grafts were well healed over. i was going to buy some more trees of burnt ridge, stuff adans co. dosent have, but `when they didnt want to replace the mulbery tree. I told her to forget my order. they do have the best deal on hazel nut bushes though.good price on seedlings , i would forget any grafted stuff though!!!!

Negative BeeznBearz
(6 reviews)
On Jun 15, 2012, BeeznBearz Cottonwood, ID wrote:

Posted on May 10, 2012, updated June 15, 2012
Posted on May 1, 2012, updated May 10, 2012
I ordered three vines at the beginning of the month, one of which was to be a male for my female kiwis. In my order I explicitly said that they needed to be shipped 'ASAP.' Now I get a vague email stating that the plants will be shipped in 'April or May.' From the other reviews I'd read here I'd hoped to be able to rely on them for timely shipping. The flowers on my kiwis look ready to blossom any day now. So I have to choose; gamble on a plant which could come in anywhere from a week to month, or go to one of the more local nurseries for an expensive plant which will be made pointless (assuming the shipped plant will be good quality) when the order eventually arrives. To say that I am frustrated and disappointed is an understatement.

On May 10th, 2012, BeeznBearz added the following:

I'm still keeping this rating at a negative. The plants arrived today but they're not in the best of condition. The kiwi definitely will not flower this season, which means that I'll have to buy another male locally, if I can find it. The honeyberries only have barely burst buds on them. The number of live buds compared to the size of the plant are too few for comfort. Hopefully they'll improve given some kindness.
On June 15th, 2012, BeeznBearz added the following:

And now I am sincerely upset. The honeyberries recovered, though one has just one live bud to its name, and the kiwi proceeded to completely die within days of its receipt. I have two other kiwis bought locally which have thrived under my care, so I know it's the plant and not my efforts which are to blame. In all correspondence with them I have been very polite, I should add. When I first contacted Burnt Ridge, they told me to wait a few weeks to see if the unhealthy/dead plants would recover. I conceded that the honeyberries lived, though that is a generous statement with the one budded plant. I advised them of the state of the kiwi and asked when a replacement would be shipped. They sent the following email: "We can include a free replacement with any new order next spring."
Nowhere in their website do they indicate that you have to order more plants from them to get a replacement. They simply have a warranty that their plants will leaf out and grow in their 'ordering information'. This is a shoddy business practice at best, bordering on fraud. I will tell them this and offer them a chance to refund the monies instead. If they do not respond professionally, I will report them to the BBB. As merchants, this practice breaches the warranty they include on their website as well as the 'warranty of merchantability' inherent in transactions with professional merchants. The money isn't really the issue. I primarily want this merchant, and others to be forthcoming in their policies.
Negative topwaterpro
(1 review)
On May 29, 2012, topwaterpro Vashon, WA wrote:

I placed a order with Burnt Ridge on 04/28/2012 for 18 Oregon Grapes, 4 Pilgrim Cranberries, 4 Kinnikinnick, 4 Raspberries. I received an email on the 29th and 30th that they will have my order ready and would be shipped in May. I then received this email on May 2nd,

Thank you for your order. Unfortunately, this year we are unable to supply your
4 Kinnickinnicks in the size that you requested. I substituted the next closest
size (Gallon) for $4 each.If this is not ok, please let us know within a week

Then on the 3rd I received this email,

Thank you for your order. Unfortunately, this year we are unable to supply your
4 Kinnikinnicks in the size that you requested. I substituted the next closest
size (Gallon) for $10 each. If this is not ok, please let us know within a week
so that it does not delay the processing of your order. We also have a lovely
website that you can review for alternate choices at //www.burntridgen....
Please make update/changes to your order through email or phone.

So much for a deal on $4 for the gallon plant. It sounded as if my order was ready and they were waiting on me to O.K. the change before they shipped it.

I responded on the 3rd


The substitution of the 1 Gal Kinnikinnicks for the 4" size is fine. Any idea on shipping date?

Thank you,

I didn't receive any response so I sent the email again on May 7th.

They responded on May 9th with this,

We got your email concerning your shipment date. Orders are shipped out on a
first come first serve basis. At this time there are a few orders ahead of
yours. Your trees are being kept fully dormant in our coolers and we'll ship it
out as soon as we can.

Funny, I didn't order any trees? I found this to be a generic message send out to anyone who questions shipping. This is when I began to feel a little uneasy about the purchase.

Sad part about it is that these plants are native and very common to Washington State. You would figure that they would have hundreds of them instock and wouldn't have to keep them in a cooler waiting shipment...

Nine business days or 2 weeks went by with no response no plants

So on the 22nd of May I sent them this email,


We have decided we would like to cancel our order. We were hoping to get them 2 weeks ago. We are no longer willing to wait for them. If you would confirm our cancellation of our order we are going to put stop payment on our credit card.

Did They respond?

I resent that email again. adding that its going on 4 weeks of waiting.


So Today May 29th I sent them this email,

Since you haven't responded to our last email 7 days ago, We take it that our order must be cancelled. It's too bad you folks at Burnt Ridge don't have the courtesy to respond to your customers. Your service as gone from A+ when I ordered from your business a few years back to F-. HORRIBLE! It's to bad I used to recommend your company but now I wouldn't recommend you to anyone! VERY SAD!

with that Email I got a response all most instantly

This is a confirmation that your order has been cancelled per your request. We
apologize for you not receiving the email on the 22nd. It accidentally got sent
to the letter print outs I have here by mistake instead of in the form of an
email notification.

If we can help you in the future, please do not hesitate to call.


Burnt Ridge Staff

Another funny, I didn't receive that letter in the mail that they said they printed out. It sounds like it is still sitting on someone desk.

You may see me as unreasonable about waiting, But I have talked to others and read others posts that have said there service and plant quality has gone down hill. It's to bad because out of 75 plus plants I've ordered from them a few years ago all but the dozen or so I've Culled have thrived.

Maybe you might have better luck if you call them or if your in Washington go to the farmers market and give that a try. I like a paper trail just for this reason that is why I placed the order on line.

Maybe you might be a person that doesn't mind to wait and likes to plant bare root plants in the summer.

What ever the case if you decide to buy from them. I wish you better luck than this experience I had with Burnt Ridge.

Negative lysis
(4 reviews)
On Apr 11, 2012, lysis Scottsdale, AZ wrote:

Received 1/4 inch whip apple with barely any roots, which replaces a 3/4" Dave Wilson bare root from Bay Laurel that was destroyed by gophers. Both the whip and the 3/4" tree were the same price. Forced to use this nursery as the majority of mail order firms are done for the season. I'm not impressed in the slightest about the quality of their trees.

Negative magnaastra
(49 reviews)
On Jul 7, 2011, magnaastra Charleston, IL (Zone 6a) wrote:

Posted on May 9, 2011, updated July 7, 2011
Very uneven quality. The blueberries were just superb, some of the most fantastic root systems I've ever seen, and quite reasonably priced for this kind of quality. The fruit trees were okay, as were the cranberries, again, especially for the price. But the seaberries! There was some confusion about this part of my order; I made several changes, and they were really good-humored about keeping up, but in the process one cultivar was mistakenly deleted. They cheerfully re-added it after I enquired...but now I sort of wish they hadn't. It's labeled as a "one gallon specimen," but it's pathetically small and weak-looking with practically no roots: literally, I think they scraped the bottom of the barrel to come up with this poor little thing. I'll plant it, and nurse it along, and see how it goes. Not holding out a lot of hope for it, tho. Also, they could "only supply one out of two plants" of another cultivar although I ordered them a few months ago. Bottom line, I'd use them again if I can't find particular plants I'm looking for anywhere else, and really, those blueberries were marvelous...but I'm going to stay away from their seaberries FOR SURE!

On July 7th, 2011, magnaastra changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

Well, it's official: the little seaberry is being pronounced DOA. Poor little plant never showed ANY signs of life despite the best of care. It's my opinion that it was shoved into my order just to 'shut me up,' if you will, with no thought whatsoever to quality...only to quantity. Despite their lovely blueberries, I'm changing this to the big N, since, to me, this was awful customer service to the Nth degree. Great product equals zero without the OTHER side of the equation...which, of course, is CUSTOMER SERVICE.
Negative jeainky
(3 reviews)
On Apr 20, 2011, jeainky Georgetown, KY wrote:

Posted on February 14, 2011, updated April 20, 2011
Posted on October 15, 2010, updated February 14, 2011
Well I thought I had hit the jackpot. These guys have everything. The ratings here were outstanding. I ordered and spent very little and seemed to have gotten a lot. The customer service was top notch, calling me when they needed to replace something on my order.

When I got the plants, they didn't really look all that hot. They kind of looked like they had been yanked out of the ground instead of dug. The paper had gotten dry in shipping and shipping seemed to take forever.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt and planted them. I planted 5 raspberries, 2 blackberries, 2 Taiwanese Raspberries and a cranberry. Only one raspberry ever sent out green shoots. I nursed the hell out of that plant and it died about a month later. I am meticulous about how I plant my plants. I've been doing this for a while.

I contacted them and so far, it took a week for them to get back to me and so far they seem kind of dodgy and adversarial. I asked for not a refund but new plants that actually survive. If that happens I will revise this.

On February 14th, 2011, jeainky added the following:

Well I ended up sending pictures which showed the plants were very much dead. I described my situation and how I tried to nurse these plants with daily care but to no avail.

The response I got was rather terse. They are at least attempting to replace the blackberries but refused to replace anything else (despite pictures) because, and I quote - "They didn't have any other problems." Well its pretty obvious that the statement is not true since others have rated after mine.

Literally if they had made more of an effort to replace the plants I would have moved this to at least neutral. Hell, if the two blackberries they send me actually live, I might be tempted.

On April 20th, 2011, jeainky added the following:

Update: The rating stays negative.

I'm willing to assume I killed off everything but the raspberries and blackberries. I'm irritated that they would not send replacement raspberries unless I placed another order. I was still willing to work with them. I received my blackberries and planted them. They had no hair roots WHATSOEVER. This was the same condition of the blackberries and raspberries I received last spring. Until someone quits jerking these plants from the ground none are going to take.

I ordered from Nourse and the difference side by side between a Nourse raspberry and a BR blackberry or raspberry is day and night.

I'm very disappointed in the response I got, in the replacements and in Burnt Ridge in general.
Negative sce_77
(1 review)
On Jan 15, 2011, sce_77 Bartlesville, OK wrote:

Posted on November 2, 2010, updated January 15, 2011
Purchased 6 trees this past spring. 2 figs, 2 cherries, 2 apples. So far, the 2 brown turkey figs have turned out to be a completely different variety than what I ordered. This makes me wonder it they bothered to send me the correct cherry and apple varieties.
Only certain apples and cherries do well in my area, so if they've ripped me off and sent something else, there's a good chance I'll never get good crops.
I'll be contacting their customer service and will update this if they actually own up to and fix their mistakes.

On January 15th, 2011, sce_77 added the following:

UPDATE: I emailed Burnt Ridge with my complaint that the figs were the wrong variety. They said they don't send the wrong variety on purpose, and asked me to send pictures and the color painted on the stems. I did so about a month ago, and still have not heard back from them. Clearly they are not interested in fixing their mistakes.
Negative sweetmelon
(1 review)
On Jan 14, 2011, sweetmelon Lawrenceville, GA wrote:

I got three filbert plants from Burnt Ridge in 2009. They call them "trees", but in reality they are just sticks with maybe some roots on them if you are lucky. Which is all right for the price (at the time, now they doubled the prices).

Out of the three I got one didn't have any roots to speak of and so of course didn't make it. Couldn't get them to replace it. OK no big deal as I still have two that are supposed to cross pollinate.

The ones that are still going are Tonda di Giffoni and Gem. When choosing the varieties they told me those and the Yamhill that didn't make would be a good match for pollination. But now I'm reading that in reality Gem doesn't pollinate Tonda di Giffoni. Serves me well for believing whatever I'm told without double checking.

So now I can only get hazelnuts from the Gem tree if any at all. And Gem was meant to be the pollinator for the other two, as its nuts are not that great.

Will try another nursery next time.

Negative kc00037
(4 reviews)
On Jun 30, 2010, kc00037 Belchertown, MA wrote:

Posted on May 26, 2010, updated June 30, 2010
I was very excited about my order with Burnt Ridge... until I got it. It spent over a week in transit, and when I opened the box, I found that they had not sent 3 of my plants, and had not informed me OR sent replacements. The plants I did recieve were small, and obviously in bad shape from the trip. I planted the pawpaws I did recieve, and as I read the literature they included, I found that if you do not have a named variety, you will likely not get fruit. Well, the named viarieties I ordered weren't sent. I had to pay twice as much to buy one from someone else.
Also, I ordered 3 Sassafras trees. They are about as big as matchsticks and were covered in black mold when I got them. I haven't even planted them yet, I am waiting for them to show signs of life.
The only saving grace were the serviceberries, which were sent bare root, were totally bleached out from the week in the box, but I planted them and watered them and they are now leafing out nicely.
I sent them an email with my concerns over a week ago and have not gotten a response. I will not order from them again.

On June 30th, 2010, kc00037 added the following:

While I am not changing my rating, and I never got a response to my original complaint email, I did request a refund for 5 plants that never leafed out, and they did respond almost immediately and refunded my money, no questions asked. So, still crappy plants, crappy shipping, but I give the customer service a D instead of the original F.
Negative dayinthegarden
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On Jun 7, 2010, dayinthegarden Occidental, CA wrote:

This nursery should be avoided at all costs. I received a citrus tree that was malnourished and leafless; in response to my email comparing this specimen to others I have ordered from Four Winds, the nursery said "I am sure that Four Winds nursery sends out healthy, dark green, bushy citrus plants since they are a California nursery that has heated greenhouses and specializes in citrus. We are a Washington state nursery that carries a broad range of edibles and have no heated greenhouses, except when the sun comes out." Why sell citrus trees and so many other non-WA state natives then, at full price? They offered a refund if it did not leaf out (it hasn't), but would not pay for shipping costs. They don't mention their lack of adequate facilities to keep them healthy on their website, nor that they are willing to send out such poor specimens expecting customers to nurse them to health. They also sent me a dead Chinese wolfberry and did not respond to my request for a refund. So unless you want poorly cared for plants that only grow in Washington state when the sun shines and no responsible customer service, don't order from this nursery.

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On Mar 12, 2010, AZPHATMAN Mesa, AZ wrote:

Posted on March 9, 2010, updated March 12, 2010
Order placed on the 6th day of February 2010. At the time of order I requested they be shipped ASAP.

The trees were shipped 23 days later on the 1st day of March 2010.
The trees arrived the 4th day of March 27 days after I placed the order.
The order to delivery time is about average but there are nurseries that do much better.

1 METHLEY PLUM $ 16.00
1 BEAUTY PLUM $ 16.00
SHIPPING $ 16.50

Pre-arrival Burnt Ridge’s customer service was very good. The order confirmation was fast. They also emailed me a shipping confirmation and tracking number once the trees shipped. The box was adequate for the size of the trees and the price for shipping was more than reasonable. The roots were well packaged in wet newspaper and wrapped in a black garbage bag. Nothing fancy but it does the job as well as any.

The Trees……

Methley Plum; For such a small tree the root system was exceptionally large. However the tree was just barely ½" caliper which is on the small side. This tree had previously been topped at 30” which is not something I would do neither would I have purchased this tree if I had known.

Beauty Plum; This tree had an adequate root system for a small tree. The tree however was barely ½" caliper.

Lapins Cherry; The tree is 3/8”-½” caliper grafted whip. The root system is small even for a whip. The tree was shipped DISEASED. There is a lot of fungus on the graft union and coming through the graft union on its other side. It appears obvious that the graft union had previously been planted below the soil line and the fungus had eaten into the wood.

Large Grafted Illinois Everbearing Mulberry; This tree is a ¼” caliper whip. I do not know what a Small Grafted tree is to this company but I do not intend to find out.

I had no idea I would be receiving such small trees from the descriptions or from anything I read at Burnt Ridge. I read the reviews on this site and most said they had received average to large trees from this company. There is no way I would have purchased any of these trees if I had been given even a semi-accurate idea of what to expect.

I emailed Burnt Ridge my complaint at precisely 11:59 AM on March 5th. As of yet I have not received a reply.

I’m giving them a negative review because they………

1) Sent a obviously diseased tree.

2) They sent two whips without describing them as such.

3) Two of the trees had small-very small root systems.

4) One of the trees had been previously topped to 30” and was not described as such.

5) Their descriptions do not include tree size. That in itself is not the problem. The problem is they appear to be using this omission to sell whips at a slightly lower price ($ 1.99 lower) than other nurseries sell 5/8”-¾” caliper trees.

And last but not least but most importantly. I believe any company can have a bad day or bad order but good companies make it good.


I planted the trees to keep them alive in case Burnt Ridge offered a refund and wanted them back. At this time I have ordered replacement trees from another nursery. When the replacements arrive I will pull these trees as I have no use for them.

On March 12th, 2010, AZPHATMAN added the following:

Today I received an email from Burnt Ridge. It was very civil and courteous and sign by one Michael Dolan. He did check out a thread I have on another garden site and looked at the pictures. He feels there is nothing BR has to apologize for and no refund or credit will be given. He said what I think is fungus on the Lapins may be paint.
I am not fond of any of these trees and would never have purchased any of them if I had seen them first. However the trees are still alive and still under warranty so I have decided to try and keep them all alive in smaller pots as their size does not warrant the 25 gallon pots I had put them in.

At this time I’m not real happy about it and not likely to change the negative rating any time soon. However if the trees all thrive I may one day change the negative to a neutral. I can't ever see changing the rating to a positive. To me two branchless whips, one of which was only a 1/4" caliper and a tree previously topped to 30" without mention in the descriptions to me is way out of line.
Burnt Ridge however feels that this is normal variation in size. What is normal variation to them means the largest tree out of four they sent me is smaller than the smallest tree I have ever received from an online nursery. Keep in mind I have only been buying trees online for five years and my experience only cover the purchased of sixty some trees. Also keep in mind though that I have never purchased a whip from a nursery before which explains this in part.
However also keep in mind that there was nothing in the descriptions or other BR site information that I could find that would have led me to believe any of the trees I purchased would be so small or previously topped at 30”. This being an acceptable business practice to them speaks volumes to me about their company and as Forrest Gump says: "And I don't have anymore to say about that."
Negative justajoe
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On Sep 23, 2009, justajoe Seattle, WA wrote:

I ordered blueberry plants from the website and it stated size and price for them. When I got the blueberry plants they were not as large as what was stated on the website and the price was more than what was listed on the website also. I spoke to a person on the phone and she confirmed the price of the website and what I was supposed to be charged but the invoice was higher for them. I emailed the company and still never received a response back regarding the over charge and why the plants were not the size that was listed on the website. Won't purchase from this company again.

Negative TBill
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On Apr 3, 2008, TBill Dayton, OH wrote:

Placed an order for a couple of varieties of honeyberries which they had since they are not available many places and the prices were OK too. They sent me an email that the ones I wanted were not in stock and to pick a couple of others. I did, and I my 2nd choices were never confirmed. So, I emailed them asking for some sort of confirmation since the order was still up in the air. Never got a response to my request for a response. Finally I called them and got their answering machine, so I left a message. They didn't call back, so I called again (next day) and got the answering machine again. Emailed them again and told them I had emailed already as well as had phoned and asked if they would please let me know what was going on with the order. No response. Called a 3rd time and finally got a person who told me that my 2nd choices were not available either, and was asked if I would like some others. I said OK, whatever you have at this point, and they wanted to know if it was planting season here (Ohio) yet (April) of if maybe the ground was still frozen! Well, I hope so! This isn't Ankorage.
I wouldn't recommend dealing with this company since they ignore your communication whether by phone or email and act like they're doing you a favor to take your call (and your $$).

Negative brusich
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On May 30, 2007, brusich Seattle, WA wrote:

I ordered a Northern Pecan tree (bareroot) from them. The tree arrived in seemingly good shape. However, I noticed there was very few small roots, only one large taproot. After planting according to directions, nothing happened. The tree never leafed out. I called them for a refund and the person I talked to was negative. She promised the manager would call back but it never happened. I would not deal again with a company that does not stand behind their products or their promises.

Negative maderaroja
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On Jan 10, 2006, maderaroja Salem, MO wrote:

First, I called them in September to confer with the owner on the trees that I wanted to order. He assured me that I could have everything that I wanted. So, I sent them a completed order form with a check. I indicated, on the order form, that I wished to have the trees sent by USPS because the UPS and the Fedex do not deliver to me. It seems that they do not like to come down the dirt road to my farm. Anything that is sent by either UPS or Fedex has to be picked up at their depot; a 110 mile round trip.
I received a notice from Burnt Ridge Nursery that they did not normally do business with the post office and that my postage would have to be about double the cost of shipping by UPS. I agreed.
Then, in November, I received a notice from them that one of the trees that I had ordered, they did not carry and that they had a "similar" substitute. I agreed.
In, December I received a notice that they did not have one another of the trees that I had ordered. I asked for a refund for that tree.
Now, it is January and time to begin shipping my trees. Well, guess what? Today, I received a notice that they did not have another of the trees that I ordered. The notice stated that, if I did not contact them within one week, they would ship a substitute. The notice was more than one week old, by the time that I received it.
I called immediately and checked to see if they had shipped to me yet. They had not. I cancelled my entire order and asked for a refund. I hope that they send it.
Needless to say, I will never do business with them again.
The reason that I ordered from them in the beginning can best be explained by the fact that I really have had good results with stock from Dave Wilson Wholesale Nursery. Well, the Burnt Ridge Nursery advertises that it carries Dave Wilson nursery stock. So, I was tempted to order from them.

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