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Negative Sarmistha
(5 reviews)
On Jun 25, 2021, Sarmistha Richmond, VA wrote:

This nursery is only good as long as you dont get a bad plant. If you get a bad plant they will say things like 'We stand by our plants' but will not replace nor refund the bad plants. There are several other trustworthy nurseries you can get the same plants, and also cheaper.

Negative Torched
(2 reviews)
On Apr 19, 2021, Torched Greenville, SC wrote:

Last year I bought 5 plants from Wilson Brothers in McDonough Georgia. These 5 different plants came from 5 different plant families. Altogether, I ordered two evergreens, two deciduous shrubs and a vine.

Some of these plants had been repotted into much larger pots before shipping, but that kind of fraud is trivial compared to the fact that 4 of my 5 different plants had fungal leaf spot disease.

I've been gardening for 50 years, but I had never encountered fungal leaf spot disease before.

This fungus disease does not kill the plants, it just ruins the looks of the foliage. Furthermore, this fungus disease spreads to neighboring plants. Imagine my horror, when I noticed similar spots on my beloved plants that were growing next to these newer plants from Wilson Brothers.

I've been working on this garden for over 30 years. Wilson Brothers plants were in my garden for a few months and left an indelible ugly disease that is spreading across my beloved collection.

The bottom line is that I gave Wilson Brothers money to infect my plant collection and to waste a tremendous amount of my time.

I dug up the diseased plants I received from Wilson Brothers and threw them in the GARBAGE. I'm pruning off the spotted leaves that my older plants developed, and I will now have to maintain a scrupulously clean garden area, quickly removing every fallen leaf for the rest of my life to avoid spreading this leaf spot fungus.


I've bought plants from far more than 50 different nurseries during my years of gardening, but none of those nurseries have disappointed me anywhere near as much as Wilson Brothers. There is nothing they can do to rectify this situation they caused. I've paid dearly for this education. I will never have another plant from Wilson Brothers in my garden.

How many folks never realize their plants have disease? How many of their neighbor's plants have been infected? How long will it take before every gardener must battle this disease?

A nursery that ships diseased plants to their customers must think their customers are idiots ....and they are getting away with it because after dealing with the disaster the victim doesn't have time nor the desire to waste time communicating with the source of the problem who could care less about the problems they caused ...otherwise, why would they sell diseased plants?

Negative JoeHolt
(1 review)
On Mar 30, 2021, JoeHolt Norman, AR wrote:

I purchased 5 trees from this company. One showed up burnt and half dead, three were grafts (and amateur grafts at that) and only one was what I paid for. The trees in the larger pots are just as small as the smaller pots so you are getting charged double price because they spent pennies on a larger plastic pot. You've been warned! Your money is certainly better spent elsewhere.

Negative chriscyy
(2 reviews)
On Mar 6, 2021, chriscyy Mercer Island, WA wrote:

Posted on March 6, 2021, updated March 6, 2021
Posted on May 23, 2020, updated March 6, 2021
excellent packaging. You will rest assured plants will arrived not damaged. The size of plant is exactly like their website described. I have shopped with them 4 years in a row and have never been disappointed! Will keep buying from them.

On March 6th, 2021, chriscyy changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

The plants are getting smaller and smaller. Got a 3 gallon Camellia and they simply stuffs 2 10 inches plans into a 3 gallon pot. The bloom color turned out to be not what the website described. Was told by customer service that even a 5 gallon plant is considered young and therefore can be small. The reply is just simply an insult to experienced gardener. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.
On March 6th, 2021, chriscyy added the following:

The plants are getting smaller and smaller. Got a 3 gallon Camellia and they simply stuffs 2 10 inches plans into a 3 gallon pot. The bloom color turned out to be not what the website described. Was told by customer service that even a 5 gallon plant is considered young and therefore can be small. The reply is just simply an insult to experienced gardener. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.
Negative colejusmc
(1 review)
On Oct 12, 2020, colejusmc Fredericksburg, VA wrote:

Since becoming a Wilson Bros customer in Feb 2020, I've made 10 orders of multiple plants each totaling approx $800. I have been a satisfied customer until my latest order.

Wilson Bros has a "Healthy Plants Guarantee" that states:
"Healthy Plants Guaranteed - When you place an order with Wilson Bros Gardens, we guarantee that you will receive healthy, container-grown, landscape-ready plants of retail nursery quality".

As you'll see from the posted pictures, I received two center piece viburnums that did not live up to this Guarantee.

One arrived with exposed roots, and was completely unanchored to its container. I can live with that as a matter of poor packing for the shipping it underwent.

The other was shipped as a diseased plant. Probably a fungus.

I have done everything possible to make Wilson Bros aware of my surprise and displeasure with this situation. Their response has been totally unsatisfactory.

Regarding the diseased plant, their customer service rep told me that the leaves would soon be falling off and would be replaced by healthy ones. What a ridiculous assertion. First of all, anyone who knows plants can recognize a diseased plant - especially one with a plant fungus. Second, no one would buy such a plant from a reputable nursery. Third, such a plant is NOT 'landscape ready'.

If you are thinking of buying plants sight unseen from an expensive mail-order company like Wilson Bros, think again. They readily foist DISEASED plants on their customers. And, they DO NOT live up to their published guarantee.

Negative cachegardener
(1 review)
On Jun 29, 2020, cachegardener Logan, UT wrote:

I ordered for the first time from Wilson Bros at the end of May as reliable Forestfarm was out of the variety I wanted. My order was for three 3-gallon potted flowering quince "Cameo" (semi-double, peach/pink blooms) as I had had a well-loved Cameo quince for 20 plus years at my previous house. The plants arrived well packed but the few old blossoms remaining were strikingly orange red (not peach) and the foliage/form was also quite different from my previous Cameo (smaller, duller leaves, less compact stems). I was finally ready to plant them this past week but noticed one of them had put out some new buds-- also very red. I waited until the four or so flowers opened. They were definitely red/orange red and single blooms-- not peach/pink, semi-double. I took photos and attached them to the email on the Wilson Bros contact form saying they had sent me the wrong variety of flowering quince and I couldn't plant them. I asked what they would do to rectify the problem. The service manager called today and agreed that the one plant with the red flowers was not Cameo and I would have to return it for any refund. I asked him why since it was clear that it was not the variety that I had ordered. He replied that ANY plant shipped had to be returned for a refund. Thus, because there was no way he could know whether the other two were ALSO not Cameo, he said I would have to plant them and wait until spring when they bloomed IF they weren't Cameo for any refund. So I was faced with shipping twice-- at my expense--once now and again, digging up the plants if I planted them-- in the spring!. In all the years I have ordered from online plant companies, I have never been sent the wrong variety. Moreover, I am astounded at such inflexible, unreasonable customer service and failure to take responsibility for their error, especially when I provided clear evidence that the shipment was different from the variety I ordered. They are keeping the full amount of my order ($179.46) for plants I can't plant. At a minimum, an offer to refund at least the one photographed plant would have been a gracious response. Buyer beware! I have given all three plants to my neighbor as a gift and will never order from Wilson Bros Gardens again.

Negative whaisname
(4 reviews)
On May 11, 2020, whaisname Oyster Bay, NY wrote:

Purchased a three gallon Florida anise which arrived Saturday. Planted on Sunday. My three gallon is really a one gallon. The rootball was placed on top of the larger potís soil. Tried calling the company both yesterday and today leaving messages and also an email. I had placed another order because the plant is lovely, but if is a three gallon price and a one gallon plant I donít want it. Oh yes the original plant is wilting a bit. Too much top for to little root structure?

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