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Positive judyinmound
(18 reviews)
On Dec 27, 2015, judyinmound Mound, MN wrote:

I ordered in late September and forgot to put my review in. They had some nice selections to choose from, I was looking for gumplant in particular. The seeds came in paper packets and they contained the amount listed to a little over. Everything but the black-eyed susan vine had good germination rates.

Positive Heirloomgrower7
(1 review)
On Dec 22, 2015, Heirloomgrower7 Ellisville, MS (Zone 8a) wrote:

Posted on December 30, 2013, updated December 22, 2015
Posted on September 26, 2009, updated December 30, 2013
Concerining heirloomseeds in West Finley, Pa. I have had no problem with this company. My first time ordering seeds from the internet was with this company and it was in December 2008. I received the seeds about 3 weeks from the time I ordered. I received more tomato seeds per pack than the package stated. These were my first heirloom tomatoes and they were the best tasting tomatoes I ever ate. It took a lot of work to grow them organically but it was worth it. My heirloom squash were big and prolific. Everything turned out great. I ordered more seeds last Monday. I just received my seeds today, Saturday. 6 days is all it took to order and get my seeds. Now, that\'s fast! As with the last time I ordered, they gave me a free packet of seeds. You can\'t get any better than this! As for those complaining about taking a long time to get their seeds, don\'t wait till everyone in the country is ordering to put your order in.

On December 30th, 2013, Heirloomgrower7 added the following:

I\'ve been ordering here for 5 years and have been pleased ever since. My last order was placed on Nov. 29 this year. They took the money Dec 4 and I got my seeds a couple days later. My broccoli, cauliflower, onion, and carrots sprouted in 2 or 3 days. Thank you!
On December 22nd, 2015, Heirloomgrower7 added the following:

I placed an order Dec. 10, 2015. They withdrew the money Dec 17,2015. I got my seeds plus an extra pack today, Dec 22, 2015. I think that is pretty good service. Yall just don't wait till everyone else is ordering in Feb. before you order, is what I always say.
Positive lkpinette
(5 reviews)
On Mar 6, 2014, lkpinette Deerfield, MA (Zone 6a) wrote:

I used to order from this company every other year, mostly melons and cucumbers. (Also I think I've gotten carrots, corn, radishes, and pumpkins from them, though each time only once.) Though I only got fruit from one of their varieties (miniature white cucumber), plus radishes (radishes are always absurdly easy) I was the idiot trying to do square-foot gardening in partial shade with melons. The seeds germinated and grew fine, and even blossomed, and they always arrived in a timely manner.

Then one year they had a family emergency or something which lead to delayed shipping times, so I got my seeds elsewhere. Every year since then, it's been the same old story: "we're a small family-run company and won't be able to ship for almost a month." Meanwhile their shipping at $4.50, is the most expensive I've seen. I think some companies charge that for rush shipping (which doesn't do).

So yes, because of shipping time and costs, I'll probably never order from them again, which is too bad, because they have a pretty good selection and about half of their seeds come at the best price per seed I've ever seen. (Admittedly, based on the testimony of some other users, this might sometimes be negated by a poor germination rate. But not based on my own experience. I don't remember having issues with any of their seeds in terms of germination, and their melons and cucumbers always germinated in the 80% + range you'd expect, making them a good value.)

I'd also like to note that I *never* had powdery mildew problems with their seeds, and never even realized that was a problem until all the cucurbits in my garden were destroyed last year by powdery mildew that started on some winter squash from a major seed company. I strongly suspect came from the seeds of said squash, and it's amazing that a major company can't properly treat their seeds for fungus in a way that this company (despite their apparent organizational issues) seems to.

So yes, they're disorganized, dysfunctional, and have a website which doesn't seem to have been updated since the late 90's. But they're upfront about shipping times, their seeds are adequate, and their prices are generally quite good. If you have the time and patience to order from them, go for it.

Positive collards2013
(1 review)
On Jan 18, 2013, collards2013 Flemington, NJ wrote:

I don't know what the fuss is about. I ordered last year and they came in a timely fashion and the seeds grew. This year, I ordered from them along with two other companies and their's arrived first today.

If the man was sick, then have mercy. Things might have been overwhelming to them to make a living while their is a major problem in the family. I don't know them except that I have gotten great service two times in a row.

Positive Old_Gardener
(38 reviews)
On Mar 5, 2012, Old_Gardener Calabasas, CA wrote:

I placed an order for 11 types of tomatoes in November. Although the site warned that there would be a delay in shipping (due to a medical crisis), my order was shipped out in a very timely 6 days. I was so pleased with my order (nearly 100% germination across the board) that I went to their site today to order some heirloom veges. Unfortunately, their website states that they are not currently taking orders due to backlog/ongoing medical issues. I will consider ordering from them again when they are back up and running as their selection is great, their prices are great and they handled my order (at least) in a professional manner (well packed and prompt). I just wish others had the same positive experience that I have had...

Positive keenmark
(2 reviews)
On Jun 22, 2011, keenmark wrote:

I have ordered from this company for 3 years and have been extremely satisfied with the quality of seeds. They are a small company and you need to have your order for tomato seeds in early. They never bill your credit card before the order ships and I have always received my products in time for planting. I love the convenience of their on-line catalog with wonderful description of the products. I plan to continue ordering in years to come. Love their tomato and pea seeds especially.

Positive subyz
(1 review)
On Feb 16, 2011, subyz Gwynn's Island, VA (Zone 7b) wrote:

I was reluctant to order from this company because of reports here. Then their website was not available for months at the end of 2010. When it was finally up, I felt I had to take a chance since they had varieties I was not able to find anywhere else. I first emailed the company and asked what the chance was that my order would not be here before the suitable sowing time. They were speedy with their response but repeated their warning that orders were taking a MINIMUM of 28 days to process. I took a chance and placed the order hoping to have it here by March. I was delighted when we returned from a trip and found that it had been received only 3 weeks after placing the order. I am quite satisfied and will not hesitate to order again.

Positive Gerbera12
(3 reviews)
On Mar 19, 2010, Gerbera12 Johnstown, PA wrote:

This is my first year planting an heirloom garden and I found Heirloom Seeds to be a wonderful source of information. I placed my order on Feb 9, 2010 and received it on March 19, 2010. Yes, the wait was agonizing but I knew beforehand that I was going to have to be a little patient. Great selection and good pricing. Thanks!

Positive suemar63
(2 reviews)
On Dec 16, 2009, suemar63 MANTON, MI (Zone 4b) wrote:

I placed a large order Dec 9, 2009 and received it Dec 16. Everything was there, it was nicely packaged, and also included a planting guide. The website was easy to navigate too. I'm very pleased with them and will order from them again!

Positive OlgaGarden
(8 reviews)
On Dec 11, 2009, OlgaGarden Littleton, CO wrote:

Great company, every packet I ordered was in the box and they even included 2 free seed packets. Shipped in one week, during the holidays that's very very good. No complaints, A+

Positive azmiakabbani
(2 reviews)
On Oct 10, 2009, azmiakabbani Lizella, GA wrote:

Good quality & good prices, tomatoes & peppers.
Quick service & good germination.

Positive jjsges1
(11 reviews)
On Jul 24, 2009, jjsges1 Bonners Ferry, ID wrote:

Great shipping. I ordered 40 pks. and everyone came plus a bonus .....I am very satisfied with this company they also have great planting instructions.

Thank you so much.

Positive Allwild
(5 reviews)
On Apr 7, 2009, Allwild North, TX wrote:

This was my first time ordering from Heirloom seeds and I was very happy with my order; it was completely accurate with all seeds that I had ordered and included some very nice and thoughtful free seed packets. It was obvious the free seeds were given with a personal touch, and even included some native flowers. Also included with my order is detailed planting instructions and schedule that is very helpful.

Although I was anxious to receive my seeds; I was aware of the 35 day wait time and decided that I wanted to wait. I am all for buying from a small family owned company, especially one that has been preserving heirloom seeds and offering these open pollinated varieties that have not been genetically altered in any way. The seed packet prices are excellent and shipping charges are very low compared to most of the other companies I was looking at.

Even though they did take longer, I will happily use them again. After ordering, I later sent them an email asking if they had a date for delivery. They proptly responded letting me know that it would be in the order received but offered to cancel my order. They did not charge my credit card until the date they filled my order.

Positive Sujiwan
(3 reviews)
On Mar 19, 2009, Sujiwan Westminster, MD wrote:

I have been ordering seeds from Heirloom for the past several years. I have always been satisfied with my order and the speed of delivery. This year is quite unusual in the seed delay. In the past, the company indicated that the orders were typically shipped out shortly after (within a couple days) the selections were made and paid for online. That had been my prior experience. This year, I made my usual early February order and the website claimed that the minimum wait this year is 40 days. I also note that a new message states that they will no longer be accepting spring orders. Did 1000's more people who don't frequent retail stores for seed buying suddenly decided to grow their own food? Or Heirloom may be having a hard time getting all the seeds from sources or filling the orders from their stock-- or else there are fewer family members now involved in the company helping to get orders out. I'm still waiting for my order to arrive and hope that I don't pass out of the seasonal window needed to start some of these items under lights to plant out...

On April 4th, 2009, Sujiwan added the following:

Update: I sent a query about my Feb 11 order and was told that this family owned company was working 7 days a week, 15 hours per day to fill orders and that my order would not be arriving before mid to late April. Apparently they haven't hired any additional people to assist (?) I was advised that I could cancel my order if desired. There was a February article for a Pittsburgh paper citing this company as "being up to their armpits" in seed orders that early--this economy has been good for them, they said.
On April 24th, 2009, Sujiwan changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I want to note that I received my order today with everything requested plus a small freebie gift.
Luckily (!) I had a lot of seed left over from last year so that the very early vegetables could be planted and I was able to be (mostly) resigned to getting my Heirloom order later. I do believe this company was overwhelmed this year and want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Still, I think that some kind of proactive feedback to waiting customers would be appropriate. I think this experience also points out that it is wise not to place all your orders in the same basket--so to speak--and if you are concerned to have a fall back position (like extra seeds or going to another company when deadlines to plant are rapidly upon you. ) Flexibility is necessary.
Positive eaglesgarden
(1 review)
On Feb 5, 2009, eaglesgarden Primos, PA wrote:

I had a great experience with the company. I ordered as soon as their website came back up from their move to a new location.

I am going with all heirloom varieties for the first time ever, so I wanted to stay away from the big name nurseries to make sure I only had open pollenated varieties.

Anyway, I bought a lot of varieties, and they came within 3 weeks (plenty of lead time given my zone) and sent along (to my complete surprise) a variety of seeds for free. I got a Pink Oxheart Tomato, Black Acorn Squash, Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin, and Bibb Lettuce. It was obvious that they took note of my planting preferences. I bought two different lettuces, two different pumpkins, two different squash (one winter, one zucchini) and four different tomatoes.

Needless to say, this free seed has forced me to reevaluate my plan for this summer. I need to find ways to try all the different varieties. I hope to find some new favorites with this order.

Positive Shanandoah
(3 reviews)
On Apr 5, 2008, Shanandoah Craigsville, VA wrote:

I have been ordering herb, flower, and vegetable seeds as well as gardening supplies from Heirloom Seeds for several years. The seeds are excellent, the variety is nearly overwhelming, and the information provided is clear and accurate. In addition to being an heirloom seed source, they offer a wide selection of their products as organically grown seed. Heirloom Seeds often includes a packet of complimentary seeds similar to those you have ordered.

Positive cannaqueen
(19 reviews)
On Mar 3, 2008, cannaqueen Mantua, OH (Zone 5a) wrote:

3/2/08....this company publishes a beautiful catalog with
heirloom seeds not found other places. Sent a small order
to this company and received my order later than usual.
When I did get the order, there was an apology with reason.
Extra seeds were sent with my order. Received refund
for out of stock item on my invoice. Great source of heirloom
vegetable seeds; limited flower seeds.

Positive glendalekid
(17 reviews)
On Jan 7, 2008, glendalekid Tuscaloosa, AL (Zone 7b) wrote:

Excellent source for vegetable seeds. They were shipped quickly and arrived quickly. Prices and shipping costs are very reasonable. In fact, the postage cost more than what I was charged for shipping. Also, sent a free packet of cantaloupe seeds -- yeaaa. Couldn't ask for more than this!

Positive LoriNY
(1 review)
On Jun 15, 2007, LoriNY Lyons, NY wrote:

This is our first time ordering from Heirloom Seeds. We have mixed reviews. The order arrived swiftly. The kale is wonderful and delicious! However, germination of the peas and beans was a big disappointment. We haven't contacted the company.

We also ordered from Seeds of Change for the first time this year as well. We have had fabulous results with Seeds of Change (organic). Excellent germination with superior results. Given the choice, while in no way affiliated except as satisfied customers, we'll go with Seeds of Change.

Positive gardenbumpkin
(7 reviews)
On May 11, 2007, gardenbumpkin San Francisco, CA wrote:

So far, I've got really positive experiences with them. I've gotten my orders very quickly with no errors. And they are much generous with their "free gift" seed pkts than other seed companies I purchased from.

Positive lackattack
(2 reviews)
On Apr 13, 2007, lackattack McKeesport, PA (Zone 6a) wrote:

This company is practically in my backyard and I never knew about them until I saw them mentioned by our gardening expert in the Post-Gazette. I ordered two boxes of organic fertilizers, several morning glories (blue and grandpa ott's)and sunflowers (torch and aztec sun), and also ordered some interesting certified organic tomato seeds (stupice, besser, cherokee purple) along with Red brandywine. Very reasonably priced. They arrived less than 2 full days after I ordered online. Customer service emailed me quickly when I inquired about a ship date. Seeds come with detailed planting instructions. A big box that cost over $7 to ship via USPS only cost me a flat $3!! That is a deal!! I also got some free bonus seeds, zinnia, skyscraper sunflower, moneymaker tomoto and rio grande tomato. I have no idea about those tomatoes but I am excited to see what they are like! Will be planting all these seeds soon and will check back to let you know how the germination rate is. Bottom line: reasonably priced products, a cheap $3 flat rate shipping charge, quick service, tons of selection, plus free seeds. You cannot go wrong here!!

Positive petit_potager
(29 reviews)
On Apr 7, 2007, petit_potager wrote:

Wonderful company! --- I have been purchasing from Heirloom Seeds for several seasons and they have established a consistent record of performance. Heirloom Seeds, along with one other vendor are at the top of my list for all-around excellence for domestic seed vendors.

There are several reasons for this:

They offer a tremendous selection. All the varieties of seeds they sell are open pollinated (non-hybrid) and untreated none of their seeds are genetically engineered.

Their customer service is responsive and efficient. They shipped my orders within 24-business hours and the orders arrive within the week.

They do not profit from shipping costs. (Some add as much as $25.00 for seed shipping) Their prices provide GREAT value at $1.25 to about $1.95 per packet. I dropped several reputable vendors due to their excessive prices and continuous price escalation that can become quite onerous in large multiples.

Heirloom has not short shipped, or back ordered any of my shipments; even when ordering 75 varieties at a time. The orders arrive quickly and in a readily accessible fashion to inventory upon arrival.

Lastly, their seeds are fresh with excellent germination rates! This is especially evident with root cubes, peat pellets and full trays of seedlings from numerous sources.

Yes, their web site is a bit visually challenged, but if the consequence of this is for them to remain one of the best values in the business; I will not complain too strenuously.

Positive AyUpPetal
(12 reviews)
On Mar 31, 2007, AyUpPetal West Mifflin, PA (Zone 6b) wrote:

I LOVE Heirloom Seeds! They have a great selection, including some organics, the prices are great, lots of helpful info, fast shipping and the seeds germinate with virtually no duds! Their selection of tomatoes is huge and they send free seeds with your order and base the selection on what you ordered and what they think you might like to try, so you know your order got individual attention. This is a spring must shop place for me.

Positive Juls123
(6 reviews)
On Mar 19, 2007, Juls123 Metro East, IL (Zone 6a) wrote:

Wonderful! Seeds were here in less than a week! They have some hard-to-find things and it's so fun to try these heirlooms. Can't wait til it's time to plant my garden.

Positive afghanshark
(1 review)
On Dec 16, 2006, afghanshark Austin, TX wrote:

I love Heirloom Seeds, they have been my main source for veggie seed for going on 8 years now. I have limited space and therefore mostly direct sow. Their germination rate is fantastic and they are always sending extras with your order - free seed, instructions, etc - all tailored to what you order.

Positive GardenHandsFeet
(4 reviews)
On Jul 3, 2006, GardenHandsFeet Winter Park, FL wrote:

Heirloom Seeds has been my vegetable garden choice for my church and personal garden for years. Every transaction that I have had with them has been very successful. When I order seeds, they get here in record time with some free seeds. Their seeds are top quality and have about a 98% sprouting outcome. The heirloom seeds help me support one of my personal missions of eco, historical and healthful action. I have taught many people and children about heirloom seeds. On-line Heirloom Seeds has the best historical and descriptive information on ALL of the plant seeds that they sell. They will always be my first choice for vegetable seeds.

Positive pinion
(2 reviews)
On Mar 7, 2006, pinion Eminence, KY wrote:

Ordered on a thursday after lunch. Order arrived monday. With after lunch orders on the same side of the coast it is rare that they ship the same day, so I was rather impressed by the speed. The order was for seeds only. The seeds were packaged well. The price was very reasonable and seed packets were of the expected size. Similar seed varieties at baker creek and sse would have been at least double the price as here and packets are of similar size. I ordered from baker creek and sse one week prior to this order and have not recieved their shipments yet. Also of note is that 6 free seed packets were included, the six packets were really cool varieties and not something common or generic. The 6 free packets, i figured were worth a couple of bucks a piece. Very satisfied, packaged well, fast shipping, free stuff, etc., etc.. If the seeds grow, and I expect them too, this transaction will be the best I have ever had.

On March 7th, 2006, pinion added the following:

I forgot to mentiion something important. They included instructions. Several pages. One for tomato and pepper germination, one general sheet for vegetables one for flowers, and someone took the time to highlight the varieties I had selected from the charts they provided. I think that is almost unbelievable and wonderful.
Positive giardiniere58
(3 reviews)
On Jan 31, 2006, giardiniere58 Pittsburg, KS (Zone 6a) wrote:

I ordered from Heirloom Seeds for the first time this year. I placed my order on Monday, and received my shipment on Saturday, and I live half-way across the country. I will definitely order again next year. Love their selection and prompt service.

Positive johngaltnh
(5 reviews)
On Jan 25, 2006, johngaltnh wrote:

I've ordered a number of times from Heirloom Seeds in recent years. Not only is the service prompt and the packaging solid but - most importantly - the seeds are of second-to-none quality. They include a free packet of seeds and their selection of the free packet seems to be based on what they can figure out about your interests based upon what you have ordered. In other words, these folks give individualized attention to each order. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Positive goatster
(19 reviews)
On Aug 24, 2005, goatster Pine Mt, GA (Zone 7b) wrote:

My 6 year old daughter and I planted some seeds indoors in peat pots on a Sunday, on Tuesday I took a peek and some were already starting to sprout! I was very pleased with the order and the speed in which I got my seeds. I know I will order from this company again in the Spring.

Positive hurono
(1 review)
On Jun 3, 2005, hurono Troy, OH wrote:

Received seeds very quickly. Germination was over 85% on over 100 tomato seeds. They continue to do well after transplanting. Easy to deal with, good prices, and terrific seeds.

Positive meauxclark
(2 reviews)
On Apr 22, 2005, meauxclark wrote:

II love these seeds. I have ordered from them for the last two years and been incredibly pleased. The seeds arrived quickley, the germination and planting information on their website was helpful to me, their prices were reasonable and I think their overall selection is the best I've found.

My only complaint would be the outrageously successful germination and growth of the tomato seeds. I ended up with so many healthy seedlings last year I had to take plants to local community gardens to find homes for them all!

Positive Lettuceman
(4 reviews)
On Apr 12, 2005, Lettuceman Dayton, WA wrote:

I ordered lots of lettuce seed from this company this Spring and all performed well except the Salad Bowl variety which simply refused to germinate. I explained my problem to Heirloom Seeds and they were back to me in a matter of hours. They promptly sent another Salad Bowl packet plus another lettuce variety. This second packet turned out to be no better than the first one. I contacted them again to let them know about the bad seed, explaining that I thought they had done all that I could expect of them. Within a few days, I received a packet of a different lettuce seed from them in the mail. Their customer service is the fastest I've seen yet, and they genuinely cared about my problem. They've definetly got my business from here on out!

Positive RoseyQ
(8 reviews)
On Mar 12, 2005, RoseyQ Pueblo West, CO (Zone 5b) wrote:

Fast service, very good selection, and reasonable prices on all their seeds. Received free packets of seed with my order.

Baker Creek, Select Seeds, Seeds of Change, and Park Seeds all have sent me free packets of seeds with my orders. Also, The Fragrant Path has sent free seeds with my order for years. A very nice company to do business with. Although I don't expect it, I really appreciate this added bonus by these companies.

Johnny's and Cook's Garden did not send free packets.

Positive naturemitch
(4 reviews)
On Jan 30, 2005, naturemitch Stevens Point, WI wrote:

Great service! Ordering was a breeze on the order was verified and shipped within days. Could not be faster!!

I ordered a variety of tomato and pepper seeds, and I choose Heirloom Seeds because of what I read here and their great selection of varities.

And I got a couple of free packs of seeds....tomato and pepper seeds seemed tailored to what I ordered...I like that.

thanx for a great experience...they have 2 thumbs up from me:)

Positive LooneyLinda
(36 reviews)
On Jan 28, 2005, LooneyLinda Mantua, UT (Zone 4b) wrote:

Great selection of seeds, good prices and the seeds arrived in less than a week. I will definitely order again.

Positive skunkster
(8 reviews)
On Jan 17, 2005, skunkster Moscow, ID (Zone 6a) wrote:

Great selection of tomato seeds!!

Positive Big_Red
(11 reviews)
On Dec 19, 2004, Big_Red Bethelridge, KY (Zone 6a) wrote:

My second year ordering from this company. Got my seeds in about a week, same as last year. Great selection of hard to find heirloom tomato seeds, and germination rate is very high. Highly recommend.

Positive trifunov
(7 reviews)
On Sep 26, 2004, trifunov Brandon, MS (Zone 8a) wrote:

Great selection and price. Seeds are nicely packaged and labelled with clear growing instructions. Order arrived fast.

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