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Negative weedyweidenthal
(1 review)
On Mar 23, 2018, weedyweidenthal Bisbee, AZ wrote:

Less than half of my seeds germinated when I planted them indoors using a premium seed starting mix. I asked Heirloom Seeds what might have gone wrong and they responded saying that the acidity of Peat Moss is high so I might have to lower the pay using lime... Anybody who has taken a basic science class in high school could tell you that high acidity means the pH would be low and should be raised with lime. Their basic misunderstanding of simple terms that every home gardener, much less garden retailer, should be aware of makes me wonder how well taken care of their products are and if that has anything to do with so few of my seeds starting. I didnít have any issues getting seeds from other sources to start in the exact same conditions as these.

Negative kdlund
(1 review)
On Sep 8, 2017, kdlund Sheridan, MI wrote:

I ordered some seeds last spring, 2016, and none of them were what were on the packet. I planted them this spring and had orders for plants from several people and none of them were what I ordered. I wrote to them saying how disappointed I was and gave them the date that was on the package, and when they were ordered. Got an email saying they had no record of me ever ordering from them. Never will again that is for sure. When I ordered them I waited about 12 weeks to get the darn seeds in the first place and they I had all my plants in the ground by the time I got them. Terrible customer service. Terrible Follow through with orders. I wold never recommend them to anyone.

Negative shellywaskom
(1 review)
On Jun 26, 2017, shellywaskom Winnsboro, TX wrote:

I placed my first and only order with Heirloom Seeds back in January to prepare for my spring garden.
I ordered 9 seed packets. The ONLY things that grew were bush beans and purple hulls.
No squash, no tomatoes, no herbs, no peppers, and the cucumbers they sent me were labeled wrong. They did grow, but not at all what I wanted.
Of all the seeds we sowed, we got so little return. It's unfair to the consumer to put in time, money and effort for nothing. We had to go on to purchase plants after spending money on seeds. Ridiculous.
Heirloom seeds are trash. Don't waste your time or money.

Negative cheddarhead
(2 reviews)
On Apr 17, 2015, cheddarhead Mount Pleasant, MI wrote:

I had trouble ordering online with them. Wasn't sure if the order placed or not. Waited 3 days and did not receive a conformation of my order. So I placed the order again, and again was not sure if the order placed. Finally received an order confirmation and a few days later the seeds arrived. Very next day a second shipment, duplicate of the first, so my 1st order most have placed. Emailed the company and explained what happened. Their basic response was, you ordered them, you got them and we've got your money, to bad.
I'll never use them again.

Negative richardhenry200
(1 review)
On Dec 19, 2014, richardhenry200 Florence, MT wrote:

Customer service is nonexistant. You cannot call this company, nor can you expect to receive any email response from them to inquiries. Go elsewhere. I accidentally placed the wrong shipping address on my order and went in to change it two hours later. I could not, so I emailed them twice and then tried to call them. A week later, I have gotten no response.

Negative cindyrmac
(1 review)
On Apr 10, 2011, cindyrmac Rutland, VT wrote:

Right now I'm in the middle of a non-delivery battle against this ridiculous company. I have to tell you that I'm embarassed that I placed an order with them because I always try to do business with quality-reputable companies. I guess I bought into the "small family" business bit. Maybe it's true but it's no excuse for the horrendous customer service I have encountered. Understanding the long lead time, I inquired about the status of my order: Rude Response. I inquired about the actual ship date: Rude Response. I notified them that product has not been delivered: Rude and Ridiculous Response. They're now trying to tell me that I have to make a claim against the Post Office for my missing order. Absolutely 100% NOT true folks...they hired the PO, not me.
Really, I have been internet shopping since Amazon was a new company...and Heirloom Seeds is the most UNPROFESSIONAL company I have ever encountered. There are plenty of very nice companies out there who actually use the words Thank You for Your Business....don't waste your time with these jerks.

Negative rosseforp
(1 review)
On Mar 28, 2011, rosseforp Markle, IN wrote:

I have tried to order seeds from Heirloom Seeds for 2 years now. I had ordered from them in the past and had been very happy with their seeds, service and pricing. Last year (2010) in March they said they were overwhelmed with orders and weren't taking orders till the end of the month. I went elsewhere. This year (2011) I went to their website to order in February and they were again saying they were overwhelmed and would take orders again the end of March. I decided to be patient and wait. I just checked tonight and now, due to medical reasons, they do not know when they will be able to ship seeds again. As much as I loved their variety and prices, I do not want to have to go through this year after year. I understand having medical problems and such, but I don't understand not having someone to help them or simply closing their business. From reading other comments, I feel that I could not trust them in the future. :-(

Negative tepesridge
(10 reviews)
On Feb 28, 2011, tepesridge Catoosa, OK wrote:

Their customer service is horrible. I wrote them to tell them that none of their pimento seeds germinated (I purchased about 10 different varieties of peppers from them). What I received back was a canned email explaining how to start seeds. I responded with the fact that I am not a newby, I have been gardening for 40+ decades and have started my own (plus for friends and to sell) tomato and peppers for 20+ years and that I did NOT appreciate a canned email to my problem. That was over 10 days ago, not a word from their customer service since. I will never buy from them again, even if they are the only source for a seed, I'll do without!

Negative chambma
(2 reviews)
On Apr 21, 2009, chambma Bath, NY (Zone 5a) wrote:

I placed an order with this company on Feb. 24th. At that time, their web site was indicating a 40-45 work day waiting period. I figured that would be OK and would still get my seeds here in time. After checking the mail the last few days, I decided to e-mail them to ask when my seeds would ship. They e-mailed back very promptly, but the news was extremely disappointing, as they indicated my seeds would not ship until late May. Around here, that is too late for some of the things I had ordered, like peas and broccoli. It is also much past 40-45 days.

I understand (as their e-mail mentioned) they are a small family-owned company and have had an extraordinary number of orders this year. But I don't see why they could not (especially in this economy) hire a few extra people to help them and get people's orders out in a reasonable time. They offered to cancel my order, but I don't want my order canceled, I just want my seeds, which I had carefully planned out and selected for their various attributes, and will have a hard time finding at my local garden center (especially the organic ones I had ordered). At the very least, you might think they would ship partial orders according to required planting dates. I can wait a bit for my bean seeds, for example, but not for the peas.

Anyway, I will most likely not order from them again next year.

Negative blueskyfd11
(8 reviews)
On Apr 8, 2009, blueskyfd11 Harrison Valley, PA (Zone 5a) wrote:

The address given here is slightly different than what is listed here. The "Heirloom Seeds" that I am very disatisfied with is in West Finley Pa. Do not believe there can be 2 of the same names for different co. side by side, same state and town close by, so now I am abit confused.
Jan. 28th 2009 I ordered 24 different variety of heirloom vegtable seeds. On the site it mentioned that they were behind on orders because of volume that it would take 3 weeks before shipment. End of Feb. I e-mailed asking if order was coming anytime soon. i recieved a VERY ANGRY e-mail back stating it would take 60 days to recieve and they claimed it was listed on the site as 60 days. It wasn't. i copied the page long before all this if I ever needed to review it again. They finally came and that isn't what upsets me, the e-mail I recieved from them was WAY out of line! My e-mail was a kind letter just asking. But when I did recieve my seeds, 80 days later, the extras that I heard they send, they sent me for southern growing climates! Ummmm, did they not realize I to am from Penna? Reguardless, this was a very bad experience and I do alot of internet shopping (gardening stuff) They truly have lost a customer. Will never do business with them again! I will do my best to stear people away from them as well.

On April 8th, 2009, blueskyfd11 added the following:

From all I have read here from you "happy customers" I believe come next year you might not be so happy...word of caution......if you plan to order from them again, do it in Oct! Good luck to ya! P.S. Don't send them an e-mail! LOL
Negative loriann1971
(3 reviews)
On Mar 19, 2009, loriann1971 Pittsburgh, PA wrote:

I ordered seeds at the end of January and still haven't received them. I placed a large order with this company and now my window for starting seeds has come to an end. I am very frustrated and forced to head to my local big box store for bedding plants. If they are so busy that it takes them more than a month to fulfill an order, you would think they are making enough money to hire a few helpers to package up orders. I will never use this company again.

Negative duchessdreams
(2 reviews)
On Feb 5, 2009, duchessdreams Reno, NV wrote:

I have not yet received my seeds from this company so I will edit this when I do. So far it's been a pretty bad experiance with this company.

I was given a gift certificate from this company for Christmas and it took over a month for them to mail the paper certificate. When I got it all they need for billing it is the Id number writen on the certificate. I would have been much happeir if they had e-mail the info. Esspecaily when this is a company that does not put out catologs in order to save on paper useage.

When I placed my order they essitmated 28 days to process. Their website now has that up to 35. In addition, for a completly web based company their website needs work. It is difficult to find items and there are very few images of plants.

All in all I will not be ordering from them again.

On March 5th, 2009, duchessdreams added the following:

The seeds where finaly delivered on March 3rd. I had to make several phone calls to this company to get them to ship the order.
I do not recomend this company.
Negative pumpkin_grower
(1 review)
On Jan 28, 2009, pumpkin_grower Sweet Valley, PA wrote:

My shopping experience with this company was unsatisfactory. I was looking for heirloom vegetable seeds in a search engine and came across this company. I started picking out seeds immediately and adding them to the shopping cart. When I was finished, I paid for my order in a hurry and waited. I later checked my mail and saw that their shipping was delayed for 28 days! (later updated to 35 days) I had asked if there was any way they'd be able to ship sooner and they came back with a "no" because it was their busy season. To be fair, they said they did have it posted on the website but I wasn't paying attention to it. I was concerned with just putting my order in and leaving. I don't mind the order being a little delayed, but 28-35 days is a ridiculous wait time!! I've never had to wait that long for seeds from any other company, busy season or not. I told them to keep my order this time, but I would not be returning again because they did offer to refund immediately. I told them their wait time was too long and that there were probably other customers like myself that didn't notice shipping wait times. They canceled my order with their next reply. I thought that was pretty ignorant of them when I was just pointing out their lack of customer service. Now, I'll be using Victory Seeds because they were excellent and shipped very fast last year at this time. All of their seeds were excellent too. I did feel a little bad about not using their company this year, but their seeds weren't coming in before I was putting and order in. I didn't think I came across as being that difficult of a customer. I guess you're not allowed to voice an opinion with this company. Reminds me of a certain Seinfeld episode, but this guy would say, "No seeds for you!"

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