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Negative John147
(2 reviews)
On Oct 1, 2000, John147 wrote:

They could not believe that my three daylilies did not grow, and required a soil sample before reluctantly refunding my money! Talk about the Spanish Inquisition!

Negative kaysasmom
(1 review)
On Apr 1, 2000, kaysasmom wrote:

I am a new gardener. I excitedly ordered 50 different daylilies and 100 daffodils from White Flower Farm in September. I was told they would arrive by October 15. I called on the 20th when they still hadn't arrived, and was told they were being shipped that week. I heard this story every week, until I finally called to cancel in disgust on NOVEMBER 30!!!!!! Funny, once I cancelled the order, I had my plants 5 days later. Of course, at this point it was December and FREEZING here in Delaware. I refused the shipment, and am still trying to get my money back. STEER CLEAR OF WHITE FLOWER FARMS!

Negative robertalearner
(1 review)
On Nov 1, 1999, robertalearner wrote:

Alas, I had a very disappointing experience ordering (for the first time) from White Flower Farm. My order arrived several weeks later than expected and two items were not enclosed. When I called them, they reported that one type of allium I had ordered was "sold out" and that I'd get a refund. No one contacted me to inquire if another item could be substituted for them. Another item, 50 narcissus bulbs , were also not shipped and when I inquired about them, I was told they'd be shipped the next week. Guess what??? They never arrived either and I, once again, had to call THEM to find out what had happened. Now I was told I would not be receiving those bulbs at all and that I'd get another refund. But, again, no one called or E-mailed me to ask if I wanted to make a substitution. Well, I won't go back there again. The worse on-line service I have received to date.

Negative perismith
(1 review)
On May 1, 1999, perismith wrote:

I had the very same experience with double bloodroot - no more White Flower Farm.

Negative Marthamcg
(3 reviews)
On Feb 1, 1999, Marthamcg wrote:

I also had trouble with White Flower Farm's customer service. I'd ordered a Phlomis plant, and a plant was indeed shipped to me. The only problem was that when it bloomed months later (that same year), it was a tall spike withsmall yellow flowers on it, not a stem with whorls of yellow flowers. It basically looked NOTHING like a Phlomis blossom. When I called WFF customer service, they said I must have been mistaken, that, according to their records, they'd sent me a Phlomis plant. I insisted that the blossom was a spike, not a whorl, and that I had photos to prove it. They asked me tosend them one of the photos, and if they deemed it was not a Phlomis plant, then they would return my money. I was in a good mood, did what they said, and a few weeks later received aletter from WFF with my photo enclosed. They said my photo was of a common Mullein, and that I must have killed the Phlomis plant they'd sent and that the Mullein plant was a weed that had sprouted and grown close to where I'd planted the Phlomis. OH PLEASE!!!!! Gimme a break!!! I'm an experienced gardener in southeastern North Carolina, and had not once seen Mullein in or near my gardens. Besides, I know my garden well, and that was the exact same plant they'd sent me, not an imposter weed! When I called WFF back to get a refund, I mentioned that I'd never seen Mullein growing in my area, but that I appreciated them identifying the plant in the photo for me. Interestingly enough, the customer service rep who was helping me remarked that they had a lot of it growing in the fieldsnear WFF. I just kept my trap shut, accepted my "store credit", and silently vowed never to order from White Flower Farm again. Gee, I wonder if the WFF horticulturalist who wrote that "encouraging" note to me ever considered that Mullein seed from THEIR area might have gotten in with their plants and sprouted. Both plants have "fuzzy" leaves, so it's a shame I had to wait till it blossomed before I figured out the mix up. Otherwise, I might have been able to get my credit card reimbursed instead of receiving "store credit". Sorry, y'all - I'll have to agree with the opinion that dealing with some of WFF's reps is sort of like being put through the Inquisition!

Negative qpacific
(1 review)
On Feb 1, 1999, qpacific wrote:

As a novice gardener, I have enjoyed hearing feedback on WFF before using them for the first time. Sticking with bulbs, they were wonderful, as advertised. I am interested in trying roses this spring. My primary issue with WFF is their website - it times-out frequently. Every time I go on-line to order, their website cannot be located, is timed-out, or (when it finally appears) loads very slowly. I HATE this and it frustrates me enough to look elsewhere since I know what I want and plants are commodities.

Negative RichardStrouse
(2 reviews)
On Feb 1, 1999, RichardStrouse wrote:

I have periodically ordered plants from WFF. Nothing I've ordered has ever done well; much never even came up. WFF customer service made me feel like the problems with the plants were all my fault. I've been gardening here for nearly10 years, have ordered from numerous nurseries and have rarely had problems. The WFF catalogue is attractive, but so are many others. I won't be ordering from them again.

Negative markmoore
(1 review)
On Oct 1, 1998, markmoore wrote:

Check out my postings in for the full story. Do not order Amaryllis from WWF unless you enjoy the challenge of Red Spot. They regularly ship diseased Amaryllis and admit doing so. They have done it to me with two different orders over in the last two years. Every one of the four plants I received has been infected. I have finally learned my lesson. I will not do business with them again.

Negative LauraCooper
(2 reviews)
On Feb 1, 1998, LauraCooper wrote:

I "signed up" to receive their catalog because of their GREAT pictures. I've kept every single one of them over the last 4 years and evenordered plants and bulbs. The daffodil bulbs I received were almost as big as baseballs and the tulip bulbs weren't far behind, but I sure didhave to pay for them! The bareroot plants I ordered came way too early in the spring. They sent about 10 bareroot plants to me in EARLY April, shipped to Zone 6. I'm in Zone 5. It's really not that hard to look on the "Chart" and figure out what Zone people are in. C'mon WWF!!! Anyway, what was I going to do with about $150.00 worth of plants until I could plant them? I thought of a few creative things Ishould've done, but decided to be nice. I called and complained to the WWF Customer Service department, but they wouldn't replace the plants because they were still alive. Ok, I can play that game. I called again AFTER they died and was treated like an idiot, like I was the first person EVER to call WWF and ask for replacements! Evidently that just isn't done! It's not worth the extra price or the customer NONservice! I'll stick to local nurseries and the few reliable mail-order sources I have who replace without the hassle. However, I will still keep their catalogs because those pictures are really the best!

Negative ShawnRiley
(2 reviews)
On Feb 1, 1998, ShawnRiley wrote:

I don't find their bulbs as "healthy" and large as Daffodil Mart (which they imply is their source!) Prefer to order from Daffodil Mart

Negative donnachase
(1 review)
On Apr 1, 1997, donnachase wrote:

Pretty pictures don't make up for poor customer service. I suggest you catalog lovers buy a book-- White Flower Farm has really let me down. I thought my plants were a little small last year, but this year they shipped during 20 degree temps. A cell-pack sized plant had fallen from a 3" pot; the roots were totally dried out. When I called to complain about the quality and condition of the shipment, it was suggested that I stick the plant in the ground and let it go at that. The gal in customer service didn't even agree to note my records until I explained that I am a Master Gardener with the Hardin County Extension Service. She finally decided that I just might know what I'm talking about. I'm still supposed to wait for a couple of weeks to see if the plant recovers -- then they'll decide what to do. I assure you, if it does recover, the plant will certainly not be able to leave the protected environment of the greenhouse anytime soon. Argh! I don't pay their prices to get this type of service. No more!

Negative DuncanMcAlpine
(2 reviews)
On Feb 1, 1997, DuncanMcAlpine wrote:

In the past, I have been pleased with the root stock which has been sent from White Flower Farm. In 1996 I order Adenophora confusa for ~$7.00 and received a 4 inch pot. I was not pleased. I expected a bare root cutting for this cost.

Negative CynthiaMGund
(3 reviews)
On Sep 1, 1996, CynthiaMGund wrote:

I ordered a few annuals from White Flower Farm and was unimpressed with what I received, especially considering the price of these items.

Negative JanetNancyYang
(2 reviews)
On Sep 1, 1996, JanetNancyYang wrote:

White Flower Farm sold me plants that are NOT true-to-name! After purchasing Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red', I discovered that the leaves were green, not the characteristic red. According to the Perennial Plant Association, green plants are the result of seed propagation. 'Husker Red' should be vegetatively propagated to get the real thing. After several phone calls and letters back and forth, one of which included a sample of the "Husker Green" leaves, WFF said they couldn't give me a refund unless I could produce my original invoice. Of course, that was long gone. Refund aside, why are they selling seed-propagated plants under the cultivar name? I understand that they do not grow all their own plants. They clearly need to raise their own standards before they palm off inferior plants on a trusting public.

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