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Companies with names that begin with C

489 companies found

C & K Jones Roses
C & O Nursery
C and D Plants
C and T Iris Patch
C und R Zollinger
C.S. Lockyer's (Fuchsias)
Caches Valley Growers
Cackle Hatchery
Cactaceas Mexicanas
CactiMex (Plantas y Semillas Deserticas de Mexico)
Cactus Dean
Cactus Heaven
Cactus House
Cactus Joe's Blue Diamond Nursery
Cactus King
Cactus Limon
Cactus Museum
Cactus Store (
Cactusland Direct
Cactusshop - Westfield Cactus
Cadd's Beehive Iris Garden
Cal Cactus
Cal Dixie Iris Gardens
Cal Orchid
Cal Pacific Plant Farm, Inc.
Caladium Bulb Company
Caladium Bulbs 4 Less
Caladium World
Caladiums Florida
Caldwell Nursery
California Cactus Center (Cacti 101)
California Carnivores
California Daylilies
California Gardens
California Seed and Garden Company
California Tropical Fruit Tree Nursery
Callahan Seeds
Calumet Earth Farm
Calwest Orchid Supplies
Calypso Orchid Company
Camano Dahlias
Cambridge Agricultural (CobraHead LLC)
Camdol Nurseries Ltd.
Camellia Forest Nursery (The Camellia Shop)
Cameron & Rhoda McMaster's African Bulbs
Cameron Family Farm
Campbell River Garden Center
Campberry Farm
Canada Green
Canada's Bamboo World
Canadahalia Gardens
Canadian Gardening
CanAmaze Volcanic Rock Powder
Cannabiz (Cannas by Bernard Yorke)
Canning Daylily Gardens
Canning Perennials
Canpelkni Blooms
Canterbury Creek (Westlake Daylilies)
Cants of Colchester
Canyon Creek Nursery
Canyon Ridge Daylily Farm
Cape Cod Compost
Cape Cod Violetry
Cape Cod Weathervane Company
Cape Cod Worm Farm
Cape Flora
Cape Iris Gardens
Cape Lavender
Cape Oasis
Cape Seed & Bulb
Capital Gardens
Caprilands Herb Farm
Captive Exotics
CareFree Garden Center
Carefree Gardener
Caribbean Seeds
Carino Nurseries
Carlson's Gardens
Carmela Orchids
Carncairn Daffodils Ltd. (Kate Reade)
Carnivorous Plant Nursery
Caro Desert Nursery
Carol Wright Gifts
Carole's Garden Clematis Nursery
Carolina Biological
Carolina Daylilies (Tom Bruce)
Carolina Gourds and Seeds
Carolina Native Nursery
Carolina Rustica
Carolina Seeds
Carolino Palms
Carpenter's Tree Farm
Carter and Holmes Orchids
Carter's Cool Plants
Cartner Christmas Tree Farm
Casa de las Orquideas
Casa Rocca Daylilies
Cascade Bonsai Works
Cascade Bulb and Seed
Cascade Carnivores
Cascade Forestry Nursery
Cascade Sales
Casey's Heirloom Tomatoes of Airdrie
Casita Azul (
Cass Bonsai Gardens, LLC
Castle International Resources
Castlebury Daylilies (Pine Branch Daylily Garden)
Cat Orchids
Catalpa Ridge Farm
Catch A Drip LLC (
Cates Family Glads
Catfish Logic
Cathy's Crawly Composters
Catnip Acres Herb Nursery (Our Grandmother's Garden)
Catrina's Garden LLC
Cattail Creek Gardens
Cattail Gardens
Cavalier Daylily Gardens
Cavendish Perennials
Cayenne Arts Treasured Seeds
Cayeux, S.A.
Cayuga Garlic Farms
Cebe Farms
Cedar Creek Violets
Cedar Forest Inc.
Cedar Hollow Rose Farm
Cedar Knoll Farm Greenhouse
Cedar Ridge Dahlias
Cedar Ridge Farms
Cedar Ridge Gardens
Cedar Tree Gardens
Cedar-Built Greenhouses, a SpiritLiving Co. (Cedar
CedarCide Industries
Cedarthorn Gardens (North Country Tree Nursery, Inc.)
CedarWorks Furniture
Cedera Seed Inc.
CEG Nursery
Celestial Bonsai
Celestial Gardens (J.D. Stadler)
Celtic Farm
Celtic Oaks Farm
Center of the Webb
Central Coast Wilds
Central Florida Farms
Century Farm Orchards
Chadwick and Sons Orchids
Chailey Iris Garden
Chalybeate Gardens
Chamblee's Rose Nursery
Champion Acres Nursery
Champion Daylilies (Schumacher Farms, Inc.)
Charing House Gardens
Charles Alford Plants
Charles Applegate Garden
Charley's Farm
Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Supply
Charlie Haywood
Chateau CharMarron Peony Gardens
Chattanooga Daylilies
Chauly’s Favorite Seeds
Cheap Hydroponics
Cheap Seeds
Chehalem Creek Nursery
Chehalem Gardens
Chem Free Lawns Inc.
Chengerian's Tree Land
Cherish Farm Peonies
Cherished Memories Daylilies
Cherokee Gardens
Cherokee Water Gardens
Cherry Blossom Gardens
Cherry Creek Daffodils
Cherry Gal (
Cheryl Daylilies
Chesterfield Orchid Company (formerly Chesterfield Dahlia Farm)
Chestnut Hill Tree Farm
Chicagoland Gardening
Chief River Nursery
Chile Pepper Institute (New Mexico State University)
Chilly Palm
Chiltern Seeds
China Gardening Nursery
Chocolate Flower Farm
Choice Bulb Farms
Choice Edibles
Chris Bowers & Sons Whispering Trees Nurseries
Chris' Topiary Nursery
Christie Farms
Christie's Daylilies (
Christies Alpine Nursery
Christmas Country
Christmas Forest
Christmas Tree Bazaar
Christmas Tree Express (
Christmas Tree Land
Christmas Tree Ranch
Christmas Trees Worldwide (Windblown Tree Plantation)
Christopher Weeks Peppers
Chub Lake Tree Farm
Chuck Chapman Iris
Chuck Plemmons Perennials
Chula Orchid Supplies
Chumley Cycads
Cider Hill Nursery
Cider House Hostas
Cindy's Louisiana Iris
Circle Dance Seeds
Circle G Farms and Nursery
Circle H Growers
Cistus Nursery
Citrus Trees Online
Clack's Dahlia Patch
Clackamas Orchids Inc.
Claines Canna Collection
Claire Austin Hardy Plants
Clara's Garden
Clarington Forge
Clarke Koi Ponds
Classic Caladiums
Classic Groundcovers, Inc.
Classic Viburnums
Classy Groundcovers
Clause Jardin
Clay Trout Pottery
Clean Air Gardening Company
Clear Creek Seeds
Clear Mountain Garden Treasures
Clear Ridge Nursery
Clearly Pretty
Clearview Dahlias
Clearview Hatchery
Clearwater Landscapes
Clematis by Mail
Clematis Choice
Clematis Cottage Nursery
Clematis Westphal
Clement Daylilies
Cliff Finch's Zoo (
Clifford's Perennials & Vine
Clifton Park Turf Supplies
Clifton Seed Company
Climbing Plants Direct (formerly Hardy Roses)
Clint's Dandy Digger
Clive Simms Nut Trees & Unusual Fruit for the Edible Garden
Clivia Creations Nursery (Michael Morri)
Clivia USA
Clivias from SAflora
Cloud Jungle Epiphytes
Cloud Mountain Farm Nursery
Cloud's Orchids
Cloudy Valley Nursery
Clover Roads Organic Farm
Clyde Robin Seed Company
Clyde's Garden Planner
CM Gamebird Farm and Hatchery
CMS Gardens (Keengardener Ltd)
CN Seeds
Coast Gardens by Milliways Nursery
Coastal Gardens & Nursery
Coble Metal Works (dba Southeastern Architectural Metals)
Coburg Planting Fields
Cochato Nursery
Cockadoodle DOO (Pure Barnyard Inc.)
Cocker's Roses (James Cocker & Sons Rose Specialists)
Cockhill Apiary
Coconut Bowls Hawaii
Coe's Comfrey
Coenosium Gardens
Cofer's Home & Garden Showplace
Coger's Sugar House Gardens of Vermont
Coiner Nursery
Cold Hardy Cactus
Cold Hardy Plants
Cold Stream Farm
Collections Etc.
Collector Palms
Collector's Nursery
Collier's Garden
Colllins' Rainbow Garden
Colombian Orchids
Colonial Creek Farm
Color Garden
Colorado Gardener
Colorado Hardy Plants
Colorado Zoysia (also dba Zoysia Agricultural Research Station, formerly The Zoysia Place)
Colorblends (Schipper & Co. USA)
Colourful WaterWise Gardening Software
Colvos Creek Nursery
Colwood Dahlias
Comanche Acres Iris Garden
Comfrey Girl Wormfeed
Commonwealth Nurseries (ComNur)
Commonwealth Plants, LLC (
Comox Valley Growers & Seed Savers
Companion Plants
Completely Clematis Specialty Nursery
Compost Air (Beckner & Beckner)
Compost Mania
Compost Sak (Root Control, Inc.®)
Compost Solution
Compost-Bin.Com (PilePro) (Reykur Associates)
Composter Connection (GREENCulture)
ComposTumbler (PBM Group) (Rivers Pacific Earthworms)
Comstock Seed
Comstock, Ferre & Co.
Con and Carol's Daylilies
Concepts LeCault Inc.
Concord Nurseries
Cone Trellis
Conifer Gardens Nursery
Conifer Kingdom
Conifers Garden
Conklin Tree Farms
Conley's Garden Center
Connor Bamboo
Cono's Paradise
Conservation Seed
Conservation Seeding & Restoration, Inc.
Contagious Cacti
Container Dahlias
Contech Electronics
Contrary Mary's Plants & Designs
Control Wizard Products
Conway's Clivias
Cook's Carnivorous Plants
Cooklane Dahlias (Dahlias Online)
Cool Garden Things
Cool Roses (Bennett & Daughters Daylily Nursery)
Cooley's Strawberry Nursery
Cooltonagh Irish Sweet Peas
Coombland Nursery
Cooper Seeds
Copacabana Gardens Landscape
Copper Garden Art
Copper Kettle Garlic
Copperhead North
Corn Creek Greenhouse
Corn Hill Nursery
Cornerstone Garlic Farm
Corns (Carl Barnes)
Cornucopia Garden Seeds
Cornucopia Seeds and Plants
Corona Clipper
CoronaCactus Nursery, LLC
Corralitos Gardens
Correia Chestnut Farm
Cosmo's Red Worms
Costco Wholesale
Cotswold Garden Flowers
Cottage Farms
Cottage Garden Plants
Cottage Garden Seeds
Cottage Gardens
Cottage Trail Gardens
Cottage-in-the-Meadow Gardens: Amana Heritage Seed Bank
Cottontail Gardens
Country Boy Gardens
Country Care Roses
Country Casual
Country Cottage
Country Creek Acres
Country Delights Iris
Country Fields
Country Flower Garden
Country Garden
Country Garden Concepts
Country Garden Nursery
Country Gardens, Inc.
Country Green
Country Hatchery
Country Home Country Gardens
Country Home Products (also dba DR Chipper and DR Field and Brush Mower)
Country Lane Daylilies
Country Lane Gazebos
Country Lane Herbs & Dried Flowers
Country Livin' Creations
Country Road Enterprises
Country Road Plant Farm and Gift Shop
Country Store
Countryman Peony Farm
Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Countryside Orchids
Countryside Organics (formerly Countryside Natural Products)
Countryside Roses
Courtil du Jardin Nursery
Covered Bridge Organic, Inc.
Cowlitz River Dahlias
Cox's Begonia World
Coyote Creek (formerly Cherokee Rose)
Crabgrass Alert Company
Crafty Gardener
Crafty Plants - UK Tillandsia Airplant Nursery
Cranberry Creations
Cranborne Manor Garden
Crape Myrtles Inc. (also dba Crape Myrtle Farms and
Crazy Dahlia Lady
Creative Enterprises
Creative Garden Ideas
Creative Gardens
Creekside Dahlia Farm
Creekside Gardens
Crestview MGMT LLC dba  Deer Fence USA
Cricket Hill Garden Peony Heaven
Crimson Sage Nursery
Crintonic Gardens
Critter Creations, LLC
Critter Creek Farm
Critterfence Deer Grates
Critz Farms
Crochet Daylily Garden
Crockett's Tropical Plants limited
Crosman's Seeds
Cross Border Daylilies
Cross Country Nurseries (
Cross View Gardens
Crossview Gardens
Croston Cactus (John L. Henshaw)
Crow Dog Native Ferns and Gardens
Crowders Online
Crown Asparagus
Crown Bees
Crownsville Nursery
Crug Farm Plants
Crystal Creek Pond Supply (formerly Pagoda Koi and Pond Supply, LLC)
CS Bonsai
CSI Hobby Greenhouses (Carol Close)
CT Daylily
Cubit's Organics
Cucumber Shop
Culm View Nursery
Culshaws Redwoods
Cultivariable Seeds
Culver Farm Daylilies
Cummins Nursery
Cupkie's Christmas Village
Curry's Greenhouses
Custom Engraving Services
Custom Water Gardens
Cutler's Pheasant & Poultry Supply, Inc.
Cutting Edge Packaging Products
Cutting Edge Plants
Cyberlily Gardens
CyberNiche Software (Seed Program)
Cycad Gardens
Cycad International (Cycad Gardens Nursery)
Cycad Jungle
Cycad Seedling (
Cycads And Seeds
Cyclone Rake (Woodland Power Products, Inc.)
Cymbidium Orchids in Australia
Cymbidium Tropical Plants
Cymron Cottage
Cynthia's Iris Garden
Cypripedium Haven

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