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Companies with names that begin with M

426 companies found

M&R Durango Inc., Insectary
M&S Ponds and Supplies
M.P.Flower Gardens
MacArthur Water Gardens
Macevicius Farms
Machiela's Orchids
MacKenzie Nursery Supply Inc.
Macquarie Valley Violets
Madagascar Plants and Seeds
Made in Africa
Maestro-Gro, Inc.
Maggie's Herbs
Magic Garden
Magic Garden Seeds
Magic Garden® (New Tomorrow Inc.)
Magic Mushroom Garden Statuary
Magic Seeds Nursery
Magic Wings
Magic Worm Ranch
MagicFit Designs Inc.
Magma Grow LLC (Magma Grow™)
Maido Trading International Company (
Mail Order Hosta
Mail-Order Natives (Mail Order Natives)
Mailorder Pet Supplies (MOPS)
Main Street Orchids
Main Street Seed & Supply Co.
Maine Garden Products, Inc.
Maine Millstones
Maine Seed Saving Network
Maine Tomato Berry (Tomato Tom's Seed Supply)
MainFrame Direct
Mainly Amaryllids Garden
Mainly Bulbous Gems (formerly Baullosa Chilean Bulbs Seeds)
Majella Larochelle (formerly Seeds & Plants International)
Majestic Landscaping & Palms
Majestic Nursery & Gardens
Mak Lilies & Perennials Inc. (formerly Northwest Bulbs, LLC)
Malesiana Tropicals
Malevil Iris Gardens
Mallet Court Nursery
Mallett's Nurseries
Malora’s Grove
Mammoth Workwear
Man Eating Plants
MAN-O Products
Manatawny Creek Farm
Manchester Wildflower Seed Company
Manhattan Bonsai
Manitoba Gardener
Mann Lake Ltd.
Mann's Nursery
Mantis ComposT-Twin
Mantis Tools
Maple Creek Nursery
Maple Ridge Nursery
Maple Street Natives
Maple Valley Orchards
Maples By Design
Maples By Mail
Maples N More Nursery
Maples X Mail (Acer Spades Nursery)
Maplestone Ornamentals
Mapple Farm
Mar-Low Epi House
Maranatha Nursery and Landscape
Marble Branch Farms
Marcelle's Crinums
March Biological
Marcia's Vermiculture Composting
Marco Fransen Hostas (Hostakwekerij Fransen)
Marcus Farms
Margarita Punzó Semillería
Marianna's Heirloom Seeds (formerly Pomodori di Marianna)
Marietta Gardens
Maril Products Inc. (Physan 20)
Marilyn's Own
Mark of Excellence Roses
Mark Piette Epi Galleria
Market Hill
Marks Greenhouse
Marlboro Bulb Company
Marlow Orchids
Maroma Seeds
Marriott Orchids
Marshall Grain Company
Marshall's Nursery
Marshalls Seeds
Marshaus Flower Gardens
Marshland Herb Nursery
Martha By Mail (Martha Stewart)
Martha Stewart Living
Marthas Secrets
Marti's Poultry Farm
Martin & Kraus
Martin Davis
Marugg Company (Oldest Functioning Scythe Company)
Mary Lake-Thompson
Mary Mattison van Schaik Imported Dutch Bulbs
Mary's Garden
Mary's Garden Patch
Mary's Harvest Thyme Aprons
Mary's Heirloom Seeds
Mary's Plant Farm Nursery
Maryland Aquatic Nurseries (M-A-N)
Maryland China
Maryott's Gardens
Mason & Murray
Mason Hollow Nursery
Mass Spectrum Botanicals
Master Garden Products
Master Landscape Pro (Punch! Software, LLC)
Masterson's Aquatic Nursery & Water Garden Center
Matai Nurseries
Matatoa Tree & Shrub Centre
Matawhero Nursery (Native Garden Nursery Ltd.)
Matsu Momiji Bonsai Nursery
Matterhorn Nursery, Inc.
Matthews Iris Gardens
Mattocks Roses
Maui Plumeria Gardens
Mauna Kea Daylily Gardens
MAURO Seed Co.
Max & Minnie's Bulbs & Perennials
Maxwell Turf & Supply Company
May Tree Enterprises, LLC
May's Acres Daylilies
Maya Gardens, Inc.
Maynell Cottage Plants
MBT Nursery Sales (Miracle Bush Tomatoes)
McBean's Orchids
McClure & Zimmerman Quality Flowerbulb Brokers
McConnell's Plantland - Perche Creek Gardens
McCracken's Nursery
McCrory's Sunny Hill Nursery
McDonald's Aquatic Nurseries
McFadden & Hukill (Agri-Gold)
McGinnis Tree and Seed Company
McGlauflin's Perennials
McGregor Fence Company - Small Animal Control
McKay Nursery Company
McKenzie Farms Nursery
McLellan Botanicals
MCM Orchids
McRae's Hilltop Garden
Mea Nursery
Meadow View Farms
Meadowbrook Gardens
Meadowview Biological Research Station
Meads Daylily Gardens
MEAS (Mid East Agricultural Service)
Med Pest & Supply
Medicinal Herb Plants Nursery
Medwyn's of Anglesey
Meehan's Bonsai Tool and Supply
Meehan's Miniatures
Meert Tree Farms, Inc.
Meija Outdoors
Meke Aloha Orchids
Melissa's Seeds
Melva's Garden
Melvin Worley Nursery
Mendle Nursery
Mendocino Coast Bonsai
Mendocino Heirloom Roses
Mendocino Maples Nursery
Mentha Nurseries Ltd.
Mercers' Garden
Merebrook Pond Plants
Mericlone Labs
Meridian Gardens
Merkle's Orchids
Merle's Daylily Patch
Merlin's Watergardens
Merrifield Garden Center
Merrill's Poultry Compost
MerryGro Farms
Merrymeeting Daylilies
Merwine Farms & Nursery
Mesa Garden
Messelaar Bulb Co.
Messiah Bridgeworks (division of Birddog Distributing, Inc.)
Methow Natives Nursery
Metzer Farms Duck and Goose Hatchery
Meyer Hatchery
Meyer Seed International, Inc.
MG Gardenfaerie
Michael Jay Beekeeping Supplies
Michael Schembs Hostas
Michael's Bromeliads
Michael's Nursery
Michele's Home & Garden
Michigan Bamboo Company
Michigan Bulb
Michigan Gardener Magazine
Michigan Native Butterfly Farm
Michigan Wildflower Farm
Michigander Pots
Mickfield Hostas
Mickfield Watergarden Centre
Micro Hydroponics
Micro Organics International (division of Houston Tropicare Inc.)
Mid Atlantic Bamboo
Mid Atlantic Natives (formerly Superior Nursery)
Mid City Nursery
Mid Produce Company
Mid-America Garden
Mid-Pacific Orchids
Midlothian, Inc.
Midnight Gardens Daylilies
Midwest Aquatics and Exotics
Midwest Cactus
Midwest Chileheads
Midwest Chili Peppers
Midwest Hostas
Midwest Hydroponic Supplies
Midwest Vineyard Supply, Inc.
Mighty Fine Gardens Inc.
Mike Park Books Limited
Mike the Gardener Enterprises (
Mike's Magic Moths (Michael Soroka)
Milaeger's Gardens
Miles' To Go
Milewide Nursery
Milk Ranch Specialty Potatoes, LLC
Millais Nurseries Rhododendrons
Millcraft Outdoor Furniture
Miller Nurseries
Miller's Tropicals of Texas
Millington Seed Co.
Mills Magic Rose Mix (Beaty Fertilizer Company)
Millstone Meadows Daylily Farm
Milo Bali Adelaide Orchids
Milov's Miracle Fruit Hut
Mingione's Farm (
Mingus Dahlias
Mini Crape Myrtles
Mini Forests by Sky
Mini Greenhouse Kits
Miniature Bulbs - The Warren Estate
Miniature Gardening
Miniature Plant Kingdom
Minnie and Moon
Miranda Orchids
Mischel's Greenhouse, Ltd.
Misho Bonsai
Miss Becky's Lily Farm
Mission Hills Nursery
Mississippi GARDENER
Missouri Wildflowers Nursery
Mister Honeysuckle, ltd -The Honeysuckle Popper
Mister Landscaper Microsprinkler & Drip Irrigation
Mistletoe-Carter (formerly Carter Seeds)
Misty Acres Nursery
Misty Hill Farms
Misty Valley Farm
Mitchie's Roses & More
Miyama Asian Maples
Mobilegro (
Modern Artisans
Mohawk Dahlia Gardens
MoistEarth (a division of HICorp)
Moldovan's Gardens
Mole Control Made Easy
Momi Greene
Momiji Nursery
Monarch Landing Nursery and Gardens
Monarch Seeds
Monarch Watch
Mondo (
Mondus Distinction
Monika Gottschalk (Engeltrumpetenrärïtaten)
Monroe Works
Montauk Daylily Garden
Montburg Gardens
Monterey Lawn and Garden Products, Inc.
Monticello Garden Shop: Twinleaf Catalog
Montoso Gardens
Montreal Plants (Cappadocia & Page Landscape Designers)
Monty's Joy Juice (Monty's Plant Food Co.)
Monty's Plant Food
Moo Doo (Vermont Natural Ag Products Inc.)
Mooarhill Farm & Greenhouse
Moon - Sun Cactus & Koi Gardens
Moon's Farm Daylilies
Moongate Nursery
Moonridge Farms
Moonshadow Gardens
Moonshine Designs Nursery
Moore Tree Farm, LLC
Moore Water Gardens
Moosa Valley Nursery
Moose Tubers
Morgan County Seeds
Moringa Farms Inc
Morning Glory Farm
Morning Glory Seed Company
Morning Sky Greenery
Morning Star Daylilies
Morningside Gardens
Morningsun Herb Farm
Morris Nursery
Morse Nursery
Morton's Horticultural Products, Inc.
Moscarillo's Garden Shoppe
Moss Acres
Mosser Lee
Mosswood Home and Garden
Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries
Mostly Texas Natives Nursery
Motes Orchids
Mother Earth News
Motion Scarecrows Inc.
Mount Venus Nursery
Mountain Brook Primroses
Mountain Crest Gardens
Mountain Gardens
Mountain Mead Chirstmas Tree Farm
Mountain Meadow Seeds
Mountain Mist Nursery
Mountain Orchids
Mountain Rose Herbs
Mountain Star Farms
Mountain Top Farms
Mountain Valley Dahlia Company
Mountain Valley Garlic
Mountain Valley Growers
Mountain Valley Seed
Mountain Valley Seed, Inc.
Mountain View Daylily Gardens
Mountain View Iris Gardens
Mountaintop Gardens
MountainView Tropicals
Mow's Garden (Doris Mow)
Moyer's Chicks
Mr Fancy Plants Nursery
Mr Fothergill's Seeds and Bulbs
Mr Seeds
Mr Tomatohead (
Mr. Drip
Mr. Fothergill's Seeds, Canada (TWD Lawn & Garden Products)
Mr. Fothergills' Seeds
Mr. G Tree and Nursery
Mr. Madan Tamang
Mr. Soaker Hose LLC
Mr. Wiggleworm's
MRC Seeds (formerly Harvext and Floragreen)
MrMaple (Nichol's Nursery)
Mrs. Strep Streps
Mt. Beenak Orchids
Mt. Healthy Hatcheries, Inc.
Mt. Mist Ornamental
Mt. Pleasant Iris Farm
MTBobbins Daylilies
Muck and Stuff
Muck Boots
Muck Boots Outlet
MudArt (Jacobson Plastics, LLC)
Muddy Boots Mercantile
Muddy Waters Aquatic Nursery
Mulberry Woods Nursery
Muleshoe Metal Art (formerly Sandhill Metal Works)
Muller's Smart Carts
Mullet River Garlic Farm
Mulligan Seeds
Multiflora Enterprises
Mums By Paschke
Munchkin Nursery and Gardens, LLC
Muncy's Organics
Muncy's Rose Emporium
Murphy's Seed Potatoes
Murray McMurray Hatchery
Muscle and Arm Farm
Mushroom Adventures
Mushroom Mountain
Musser Forests, Inc.
My Amaryllis
My Carnivore
My Dad's Garlic
My Garden Colors
My Garden Gifts
My Garden Journal (Upper Shores Software)
My Green Obsession
My Growing Gardenbook (Cove Connections)
My Handy Tools Co., Ltd.
My Mother's Garden
My Patriot Supply Company
My Pet Chicken
My Plumeria Sticks
My Wild Iris Rows
Myco Cultures
Myco Supply Company, Inc.
Mycoflor Inc.
mySEASONS Garden Solutions
Mystic Meadows Daylily Farm

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