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Companies with names that begin with P

464 companies found

P & J Greenhouses
P & P Seed Co. Jager & Sons Limited
P3 Gardening (Patio Pocket Planters)
Pacific Callas
Pacific Coast Hydroponics
Pacific Coast Maples
Pacific Coast Seed
Pacific Horticulture
Pacific Island Nursery
Pacific Orchid, Inc.
Pacific Paradise Orchids
Pacific Ponds Plus
Pacific Rim Native Plant Nursery
Pacific Western Lumber
Pacific Wire and Supply, Inc.( eTopiary, Pacific Filter , Pacific Wire & Supply)
Pacifica Restoration
Packer Nursery (
Packing Pearls
Paddock Plants
Page's Seeds
Pagoda Books
Paine's Christmas Trees
Painted Acres Farm
Paionia Peony Nursery
Paisley Pumpkin Farms Nursery
Palatine Fruit & Roses
Palm Hammock Orchid Estate (formerly Daisy Farm Inc.)
Palm Plantations of Australia
Palmaliget Bt.
Palms, Etc.
Pampered Plant Nursery
Pangea Seeds
Pantry Garden Herbs
Pap's Pretty Posies & Nursery
Papa Noel Christmas Trees
Papaya Seed Co.
Paradise Distributors (
Paradise Found Nursery
Paradise Garden
Paradise Gardens Rare Plant Nursery
Paradise Nursery
Paradise Robotics
Paradise Water Gardens, Ltd.
Paramount Orchids
Paramount Seeds Inc.
Park Beekeeping Supplies
Park Seed Company (aka Park's Gardens)
Park Seed Wholesale Growers
Park's Landscapes
Parkdale Gardens
Parkland Perennials
Parks Dahlias
Parkside Orchid Nursery
Parrot Plants
Parry's Tree Farm and Nursery
Pars Produce Co.
Partridge Hill Gardens
Pase Greenhouses
Passion Flower Seed Company
Pat Sayers' Old Whispering Hills
Pat's Patch
Pat's Patio Plants, Perennials, Pots and Ponds (formerly Sierra Gold Cactus & Succulents)
Pat's Pets
Patch Perfect Grass Seed (Fosdick Corporation)
Patchwork Nursery
Patio Garden Ponds Int'l
Patio Hearth Home and Garden Inc. (David Marketing Group)
Patio Living Furniture
Patio Plants
Patio (Botanical Growers Network)
Patrick Guidry's Daylily Garden
Patriot Products, Inc.
Patron Gardens
Pau Hana Farms
Paul Bromfield Aquatics
Paul Christian - Rare Plants
Paul Shirley Succulents
Paula's Herbs and Plants
Paulius Ciplijauskas Unique Gladioli Varieties
Paw Paw Everlast Label Company
Paxton Garden Company (Bulb Bopper®)
Paxton Greens
Paynes in the Grass Daylily Farm
Paz Growers
PDK Inc.
PDSI-Plants by Mail
Pea Ridge Forest Inc.
Peace of Mind Nursery
Peace On Earth Gardens
Peace Seeds
Peaceful Heritage Nursery
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply (
Peach Grove Nursery and Gardens
Peach Ridge Orchard Supply, Inc.
Peachland Daylily Garden
Peacock Perennials
Peas & Corn
Pebble & Coco World
Pebble Brook Gardens
Pecan Lake Farm
Peckerwood Gardens
Pedigreed Deerproof Heirloom Flowers
Pedricks Corner
Peekskill Nurseries
Peeters Enterprises
Pelco Fertilizers, Ltd.
Pell Farms
Pembroke Perennials
Peninsula Flowers Nursery (BonsaiBC.CA)
Penjing Iron Works
Penlan Perennials
Pennard Plants
Pennie's Lane to Vermicomposting (Red Wiggler Online)
Penny Seeds
Pennys Palms
Penobscot Evergreens
Penroc Seeds & Plants
Pense Nursery
Penya Seeds
Peonies Plus (Bannister Garden Center)
Peony Farm
Peony Garden
Peony Garden
Peony Garden (Frankford Nursery Peony Superstore)
Peony Meadows
Peony Passions
Peony Rainbows (formerly Tegn Peony)
Peony's Envy
PeonyLand (Ribbon Nursery)
People, Places & Plants
Pepiniere Fleurs du Sud
Pépinière Luc Lareault inc.
Pepper Joe's Inc.
Perennial Marketplace
Perennial Mart (Techni-growers Greenhouses, Inc)
Perennial Obsessions Nursery
Perennial Patch
Perennial Place
Perennial Plants Nursery
Perennial Pleasures Nursery
Perennial Pottery
Perennial Vegetable Seed Company
Perennial World at Fir Tree Farm Nursery
Perfect Perennials Daylily Nursery (
Perfect Plant, LLC
Perfect Plants Nursery
Period Plants
Permaculture Magazine
PermaStake Garden Marker (Wyndvale Heights Farm)
Pernell Gerver
Perry's Fruit and Nut Nursery
Perry's Water Garden
Personal Creations (formerly Silvo Home & Garden)
Pest Control Products
Pest Products Online
Petals & Buds Nursery
Petals from the Past, Inc.
Peter & Lynn Markham
Peter Beales Classic Roses
Peter C. Nijssen
Peter Pauls Nurseries
Peter Salonius
Peterson Pawpaws
Peterson's Country Gardens
Pflanzenversand Hans-Günter Röpke (Riverbend Orchids)
Pharm Solutions Inc.
Phedar Nursery
Phelps Farm Orchids
Phil's Place Nursery
Philip Sons Nursery (
Phoenix Desert Nursery
Phoenix Garlic Farm
Phoenix Orchids
Phoenix Tears Nursery
Phuphaman Orchids Ltd
PhytoTechnology Laboratories
Piccadilly Farm
Pickering Nurseries
Pictorial Meadows
Piedmont Farm and Garden
Pietro's Pawpaws
Pike Lake Greenhouses
Pike's Peak Nurseries
Pine Cottage Plants
Pine Forest Gardens
Pine Hollow Primitives
Pine Island Nursery
Pine Knot Farms
Pine Lake Palms
Pine Mountain Nursery
Pine Nook Daylilies
Pine Ridge Gardens
Pine Ridge Orchids
Pine Ridge Perennials
Pine Straw Direct
Pineberry Farm
Pinecliffe Gardens Daylilies and Hostas (formerly Daylily Discounters &
Pinecrest Tree Farm
Pinegarden Daylilies
Pinelands Direct
Pinetree Garden Seeds
Pinetum Products
Pinewood Gardens
Piney Hills Gardens & Nursery
Pinky's Seed Company
Pinoy Plants
Pintoy Seeds, LLC
Pioneer Nurseries
Piper Mountain Christmas Trees
Piping Rock Orchids
Piping Tree Gardens & Nursery
Pistils Nursery
Pitspone Farm
Pittsgrove Farms
Pivoines Capano
Pixies Gardens
Planet Alive
Planet Desert
Planet Natural
Planet Sunshine Daylilies
plangarden Garden Design Software
Plant Addicts
Plant and Gnome
Plant Attraction (
Plant City Nursery
Plant Creations Inc.
Plant Delights Nursery
Plant Factory Garden Center
Plant Group Hawaii
Plant Group Siam Mariposa (formerly Siam Mariposa)
Plant It Hawaii
Plant Me Green
Plant Oddities
Plant Oregon
Plant Ranch
Plant Safari
Plant Signs
Plant Stand Company
Plant Warrior (AGulent Agronomics, LLC)
Plant World
Plant World Seeds
Plant Zero 2006 Ltd
Plant' It Earth
Plant'It Earth
Plant-o-gram Inc.
Plantags (Professional Services)
Plantaholic Nursery
Plantasia Cactus Gardens
Plantation Gardens
Plantation Products, Inc.
PlanTea, Inc.
Planted Palette
PlantenTuin Esveld
Planters Paradise
PlantGlo (Evidia Ltd.)
Planting Justice Nursery formerly Rolling River Nursery
PlantingTree™ Online Garden Center
Plantlighting Hydroponics (formerly
PlantMakers (
Plants 4 Presents
Plants and Trees Online
Plants Beautiful Nursery & Christmas Tree Farm
Plants Can Live
Plants for Kids
Plants in the Mail (associated w/Patron Gardens)
Plants in Time
Plants of Distinction
Plants of Perfection
Plants of the Southwest
Plants of the Wild
Plants That Please
Plants, Trees & Seeds
Plantsman's Seeds (Rocket Computer Services)
Plantworld Seeds
Plastic Flamingos
Pleasance Herb Seeds
Pleasant Avenue Nursery
Pleasant Garden Seeds And Plants Inc.
Pleasant Hill African Violets
Pleasant Valley Gardens
Pleasant Valley Glads & Dahlias
Pleasant Valley Tree Farm
Pleasant Valley Tree Farm
Pleasant View Tree Farm
Pleasant Vista Daylilies
Pleasants Valley Iris Farm
Pleasantview Orchids
Pleasure Iris Gardens
Plimoth Plantation Museum Shops
Plow & Hearth
Plum Hill Farm Daylilies
Plumeria Kingdom (
Plumeria Paradise (
Plumeria People (Botanic Treasures)
Plumeria Thai (Lilavadee Trading Ltd.)
Plumeria.Info (Da Little Coffee Shack)
Plumerias UK
Poker Hill Gardens
Polish Organic Tomatoes (Polish Tomatoes in America)
Pollie's Daylilies and Daylily Nursery
Pollinator Nation
Polymers, Inc.
Pond Appeal, LLC
Pond Armor
Pond Megastore
Pond Merchant
Pond Plants Direct
Pond Plants for Sale
Ponder's Plant Services (Blithestone Waterscapes LLC) by Unit Liner Company
Ponds & Gardens of Limekiln
Ponds n Things
Ponds, Plants and More
PondTechnology (Resource Conservation Technology Inc.)
Pony Creek Nursery
POOpeas / Natural Nutrient Solutions
Poppy Heads Ltd.
PoppySeed Dreams (
Populuxe Seed Bank
Porches & Yards
Porcupine Hollow Farm
Port Jeff Agway
Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys
Porterbrook Native Plants
Porterhowse Farms
Portland Palms and Exotics
Possess The Land Nursery
Possibility Place Nursery
Possum Creek Herb Farm
Possum Ridge Farm and Gardens
Post Office Farm Nursery
Pot Sock-It™
Potash Nursery
Potato Rock Nursery
PotLifter, Inc
Pots & Planters (
Potter's Island
Pottertons Nursery (formerly Potterton & Martin)
Potting Bench Creations
Potting Shed Creations, Ltd.
Potting Solutions LLC
Powell's Gardens
Poyntzfield Herb Nursery
Practical Gardener
Practically Wholesale Plants (div. of Arnat Corp.)
Prairie Frontier, LLC
Prairie Garden Seeds
Prairie Habitats
Prairie Hill Wildflowers (Wild Rose Greenhouse & Nursery)
Prairie Lace Gardens
Prairie Land Management
Prairie Legacy Inc
Prairie Moon Nursery
Prairie Nursery Inc.
Prairie Oak Publishing (formerly Prairie Oak Seeds)
Prairie Originals
Prairie Plant Systems
Prairie Ridge Nursery
Prairie Road Organic Seed
Prairie Seed Source
Predatory Plants
Prejean's Nursery
Premier Ponds LLC
Premium Elephant Ears
Premium Organic Growing Products, LLC
Presidio Garden Products
Primary Products
Prime Palm
Prime Seed
Primeval Gardens
Primitive Planters
Princeton Garden Center
Privett Hatchery
Pro Garden Supply
Pro Time Lawn Seed (formerly Hobbs & Hopkins Ltd.)
Pro-Zyme International (
Productive Gardens
Proven Winners
Provence Nursery
PT Lawn Seed
Publishers Clearing House
Puddle and Pond
Pullerbear Tree, Shrub, Brush and Weed Puller
Pumpkin Nook (Premier Star Company)
Puna Orchids
Pure Air Native Seed
Pure Food Hydroponics
Pure Garden Organics
Pure Land Ethnobotanicals
Pure Manure
Pure Peonies
Pure Prairie Ornamental Grasses (William Moore Farms Ltd.)
Pure Water Products, LLC
Purely Poultry
PurLec Hydroculture
Purple Haze Lavender Ltd.
Purposeful Plants
PuRRfect Plants
Pushepetappa Gardens (formerly C&T Nursery) Verkkokauppa
Puutarhaliike Helle OY

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