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Companies with names that begin with R

297 companies found

R & E Nursery
R.A. Scamp Quality Daffodils
R.E.W. Ritchie Seed Potato Grower
R.F. Orchids
R.H. Shumway Seeds
R.V. Roger Ltd.
Rabbit Ridge Nursery
Rabbit Ridge Nursery
Rabbit Scram
Rabbit Shadow Farm
Rabbits, etc.
Raccoon Creek Farm
Rachel's Robin Backyard Birding (GregRobert Enterprises, LLC)
Rachel's Tomato Seed Supply (Rachel's Pepper Seed Supply)
Raden's Garden Seeds & Stuff
Raemelton Farm
Rain Barrel Depot
Rain Barrels and More
Rain Chains Direct
Rain Forest Nurseries Inc.
Rain Tank Depot
Rainbow Acres
Rainbow Acres Mount Home Daylily Farm
Rainbow Caladium Bulb Company
Rainbow Caladiums (
Rainbow Chili Seeds
Rainbow Daylily Garden
Rainbow Eucalyptus (Aroidia Research)
Rainbow Gardens Bookshop
Rainbow Iris Farms
Rainbow Lily Seed (
Rainbow Live Baits
Rainbow Mealworms
Rainbow Organic Farms
Rainbow Reflections Daylily Garden
Rainbow Water Gardens (also dba Violets by Valerie)
Rainbow's End Garden
RainbowViolets Nursery
Rainforest Flora, Inc.
Rainforest Mushroom Spawn
Rainforest Seed Company
Rainier Seeds Inc.
Rainswood Gardens Daylily Nursery
Raintree Nursery
Raised Bed Gardens (IP Woody's Creative Woodworks)
Raising Rarities
Raku Bonsai
Ramona Gardens
Rancho La Orquidea
Randall Burkey Company
Randolph's Greenhouses
Randy's Perennials & Water Gardens
Rara växter
Rare Bamboo Sale
Rare Plant Research
Rare Roots
Rare Succulents
Rare Tropical
RareBird Nursery
Rarefind Nursery (Rare Find Nursery)
Ratcliffe Orchids Ltd.
Ratcliffe Orchids, LLC
Rawlinson Garden Seed
Ray's Supply Company
Rayburn's Plugs and Liners
Razorback Koi
Real Flora (aka Botanical Growers)
Real Palm Trees (
Really Wild Flowers (H.V. Horticulture Ltd)
Reath's Nursery
Rebecca's Bird Gardens
Rebecca's Garden
Reblooming Beauties
Recluse Gardens
Recycled Eden
Red Dragon Leisure Products
Red Earth Worms
Red Gate Garlic
Red Hawk Dahlias
Red Hill General Store
Red Lane Gardens
Red Ox Machines (PBM Group)
Red Rock Nursery
Red Rock Ranch
Red Worm Composting (
Redbud Lane Iris Garden
Redfearn's Nursery
Redland Nursery
Redrock Farm
Redwood City Seed
Redwood Garden Bridges
Redwood Seeds
RedWorms for a Green Earth
Reed's Greenhouse
Reeseville Ridge Nursery
Refining Fire Chiles
Reflections In Water
Regal Daylilies
Regan Nursery
Reich Poultry Farms, Inc
Reilly Daylily Gardens
Reimer Seeds
Relaxing Decor (Asla Group, Inc.)
Renaissance Acres Organic Herb Farm
Renaissance Conservatories
Renaissance Garden
Renee's Garden Seeds
Repel Products (Deer Guard)
Resilient Seeds
Restore your Landscape Colors
Revlar Farms
Rex's Seed Co.
Rhapis Gardens
Rhocurt Distributors
Rhododendron Species Foundation
Rhododendrons Direct
Rhora's Nut Farm & Nursery
Ric-A-Tee Daylily Gardens
Rich Farm Garden Supply
Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery
Richard Owen Nursery / Exciting Gardens
Richard Page
Richard Woodie Tree Farms
Richards Christmas Tree Farm
Richbourg Nursery, Inc. (
Richland Farm, Inc.
Richstine's Lawn Ornaments
Richter's Herb Specialists
Rick's Custom Nursery
Ridaught Daylily Farm
Ridgway Hatchery
Rimag Garden and Ormar garage
Ringhaddy Daffodils
Rinkland Daylilies
Rio Grande Cacti
Rio Grande Nursery
Rio Rancho Nursery
Rion Innovative Plastic Solutions
Ripley County Farms
Rippingale Nursery
Rising Mist Organic Farm
Rita van der Zalm
Rivenrock Gardens (
River Bend Gardens (
River Bluff Gardens, Ltd.
River Garden Nurseries
River Ridge Farms Inc.
River Road Farms (
River Rock Nursery
River Valley Orchids
River View Herbs (Maitland Greenhouses)
River's Dahlia
River's Source Botanicals
Riverbend Gardens
Riverbend Gardens & Nursery
Riverdale Iris Gardens
Riveredge Farms
Riverfield Gardens
Rivergate Gardens
Rivers End Nursery and Farm
Riverside Aquatics
Riverside Fuchsias
Riverside Gardens
Riverside Native Trees and Nursery, LLC
RJ-Fountains & Ponds
Road's End Farm, LLC
Rob's Rare and Giant Seeds (
Robert Bedard Horticulture
Robert Marvel Plastic Mulch
Robert Scott Cacti
Robert's Blooms
Roberta's Unique Gardens (formerly Roberta's Inc.)
Roberts Flower Supply (
Roberts Tree Farm
Robin Meadow Farm
Roblyn Eyrie Farm
RoboReel by GreatStuff Inc.
Robrick Nursery
Robyns Gardens
Rochester Hatchery
Rock Bridge Trees
Rock Dust Soil Solutions
Rock Island Wildflowers
Rock Oak Gardens
Rock Spray Nursery
Rocket Sprayer (Taraco Enterprises)
Rockhaven Daylilies
Rockin' Rooster Ranch
Rockin'Jaw Rabbits
Rockwood Gardens
Rocky Knob Christmas Tree Farm
Rocky Mountain Pond (
Rocky Mountain Rare Plants
Rockytop Gardens
Rodale Press
Rodex Sales and Service LLC
Roger Anderson's Callie's Beaux Jardins (also dba Intersectional Peonies)
Roger Parsons Sweet Peas
Roger's Fernleaf Peony Farm
Rogers Custom Greenhouse Mfg.
Rogue Valley Roses
Rohde's Nursery & Nature Store
Rohrer Seeds
Roji Pottery Studio
Roll 'n Grow (
Roll Out Flowers (Garden Innovations, LLC)
Roller Feeder
Rolling Green Nursery
Rolling Prairies Acres
Rolling Thunder Nursery
RollingAcres Native Landscape Nursery LLC
Rollingwood Gardens (Daylilies by Jeff & Elizabeth Salter)
Romancing the Woods, Inc.
Romence Gardens & Greenhouses
Ronda's Flowers
Ronniger Potato Farm LLC
Root Naturally
Roots and Rhizomes
Roots, Inc. (Novozymes Biologicals, Inc.)
Rootstown Organic Farm
Roraima Nursery
Rose Acres
Rose City Wholesale
Rose Fire, Ltd.
Rose Franklin's Perennials & Herbs (Butterfly
Rose Meadow Nursery
Rose Story Farm
Rose Tweed Nursery (C. Gregory Roses)
Rosebuddies (Bill LeGrice Roses) (Agri-Turf Supplies, Inc.)
Roseland Nursery
Rosemary House and Gardens, Inc
Rosengärtnerei Kalbus
Rosepond Aquatics
Roseraies Guillot
Roses inc. Tulsa
Roses of Yesterday and Today
Roses Online
Roses Unlimited
Ross Roses
Rosy Dawn Gardens
Rotherview Nursery (Coghurst Camellias)
Rott'n Apple Worm Farm
Rougham Hall Nurseries
Round Butte Seed Growers
Round Mountain Gardens
Roundstone Native Seed
Row 7 Seed Company
Roxanne's Nursery (Roxanne Duncan)
Roxbury Farm & Garden Center
Royal Anne Organics Garlic Seed
Royal Colors (
Royal Dutch
Royal Orchid Club
Roycroft Daylily Nursery
Royston Petrie Seeds Pty Ltd.
Rozanski Orchid House
RSI Growers
Ruben in Orchids
Ruby's Garden Secrets
Ruetenik Farms
Ruff's Christmas Trees
Rugged Country Plants
Ruibal's Topiary Systems & Ironworks
Rumwood Nurseries
Rupp Seeds
Rural Roots Gardens
Rush Industries Inc.
Russ & Nancy's Tall Bearded Iris Collection
Russell's Bromeliads
Russian River Rose Company
Russo Power Equipment
Rusty Mangrum Nursery
Ruth's Garden Shop
Rutherford Gardens (Point Beacon Internet Sales)
Rux Gardens
Rühlemann's Kräuter & Duftpflanzen

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